Computer codes are algorithms that are shaping the way we live, and not in a good way.

Google is a company who uses algorithms to collect data to take advantage of it in some way to generate profits.

An algorithm is a set of guidelines that describe how to perform a task.

So why did they buy FitBit?

They needed data to fill the data sets to run their algorithms before the enter the healthcare sector of the economy to cheat the public using code.

Medical algorithms are all code based and are being used to set up “evidence based guidelines”  Why is this a problem?

Can an algorithms contain evidence based guidelines if the evidence used to build the data base is flawed toward a centralized controller who does not have health as their only outcome?

The implications might be worse than that ^^^^^.

Even within computer science, machine learning is notably ‘opaque’.  Do you want something opaque ruining your treatment?  How can the doctor understand something he cannot read or see?  Healthcare algorithms are now increasingly central to the ways that we treat, making it all the more important to disperse that fog. Part of the issue, though, is that machine-learning algorithms are effectively programming themselves, meaning that they can sometimes be unpredictable, or even slightly alien. THE DOCTOR HAS NO CONTROL OVER HOW THEY EVOLVE.  That means you are being treated by something with no medical training.  Moreover, the operations algorithms contain are sometimes obscure even to those who originally created them!  This means a physician needs to understand the problems with coding if they are able to stop a bad effect.  Do you think physicians were trained for this?

No, they were not.

GOOGLE and Apple are part of the industrial healthcare complex and they have an “algorithm playbook” for medicine to eliminate physicians and nurses from the equations to gain control of the decision making tree to save a corporation money during the decision process……..but these computer based guidelines are not the one’s doctors would use to make decisions for your care.  They are done because they drive profit and lower costs.

They help many companies in the Big tech industry to help create illnesses using technology and then they create algorithms based solutions for these said sickness and they win profits for the share holders.  This is why they are the highest valued companies in the world today.  They use centralized control of data to get the outcome that suits them best.  It is very much how a slot machine works for a casino.

We got manipulated, my fellow doctors by “a technocratic oath” we were all sold in medical school and residency. The government helped sell this drama to us.  We screwed ourselves first, and as patients got screwed as collateral damage. From Google to Apple to 23andMe, many major tech companies are getting into the health research space over the last 20 years while doctors are being replaced by midlevel providers without MD degrees.  GUESS WHY?

You do not need a physician when you input data science into centralized medical algorithms. In fact this is how you transfer money from physicians to Big Tech via the centralized arm of the industrial healthcare complex.  The government and Big tech want you replaced by their machine learning.  Wise physicians must learn how to decentralize their practices at once.

Where are the physicians today that understand this linkage???  They are all employed by the industrial-healthcare complex.  They can be found pushing the narrative of their bosses on social media helping Big Tech perform this task to hundreds of thousands of doctors who have no idea their profession is being stolen from them by a centralized system.  Physicians have always had a patient’s best interest in mind and this kept them free of centralized ideas in the hospital or healthcare.  Therefore, it should make sense decentralized gatekeepers should provide the research as a care ancillary at the point of care.  Decentralized treatment options offer the freedoms to implement thoughtful control to benefit our patients well being and improve health outcomes.  Do you want to see a picture that makes the point clear?

The chicken on the left mimics patients and physicians who are forced into the hospital cages and the care programs the industrial healthcare complex offers today.


Is a system of centralized control mechanisms run by algorithm data grabs by the technocratic support staff (google).  The use of medical algorithms was not an attempt to solve complex healthcare problems at its core. Hubris and funding without contextual knowledge are a dangerous combination. Why do physiicans keep waiting to get invited to this party when we should be the ones hosting it and driving the discussion, for our patient’s benefit?  It is time for doctors to opt out and become fully decentralized if patients are to be helped escape chronic disease epidemics.

Big tech has done a lousy job of solving healthcare problems because they miss the fundamental point you just made about the doctor-patient relationship.

Today, health guidelines are built by centralized Big tech companies using algorithm as their prescription pad.   

Moreover, you do not know what the code in them says or how it is programmed to harm health, you’ll never understand how your healthcare is as manipulated the stock market moves. It becomes a casino game where hospitals and centralized supply chains control how care is delivered. This is why decentralized finance programs are being built on decentralized blockchains in finance to cut down the influence and costs in the financial world. We need to stop allowing the industrial-healthcare complex to control how health care is delivered because they use centralized algorithms which cheat the public and doctors using code in those algorithms to do the job in stealth fashion. These centralized algorithms then take the ‘care’ out of health’care’.

Centralized algorithms act as gate keepers in a network and this drives inefficiency in time and value. This is decentralized blockchain systems were innovated. If there are gate keepers, they will attempt to control free markets for their own manipulation.  This is why health guidelines and screening programs fail the public’s health.

As a result, today’s health guidelines on treatment and screening are mine fields. They were designed to ‘allegedly’ keep us healthy, when in reality, the companies who controlled the code, used it to enrich the profit and loss sheets of the industrial-healthcare complex.  This environment resists change and keeps vested interests entrenched while the public’s health outcomes show up in a myriad of modern epidemics with no cures.

The industrial-healthcare complex is the entertainment division for the owners of centralized medical algorithms. The initial programming begins in medical school and continues on your entire career and it tries to hide itself from your everyday life.  This is why cheating with code is so successful.

If you want to know why Big tech is trying to support the use of physician assistant (PA’s) and nurse practioners (NP’s = mid-level care) it is becase big tech has foster thinking in the industrial healthcare complex they can ‘harness” big data to predict the healthcare decisions through pattern identification using medical algorithms. They have not done this yet, because it cannot work.

In this new centralized system of medical algorithms, the industrial health care complex believe humans only deserve midlevel care because the code in algorithms can replace the thinking of physicians. Their logic is that most things in healthcare can be delievered by coding mechanisms according to the latest ICD code. A midlevel person is all one needs to input the data to the algorithm and disease should vanish.  Under this system diseases have exploded while the industrial healthcare complex profits have exploded.  All one has to do is check out their stock prices to see this effect.  

They believe, that only the few chosen diseases/patient will deserve real (thinking) doctors in the new code based system.

U.S. healthcare cost is $3.5 trillion centralized, and they want to keep the gravy train running by using centralized algorithms to generate profit, not healthcare results for you.

Science is too delicate for technocratic forces to govern. It turns clinicians and scientists into salesman for the industrial healthcare complex.  

The secrets of this earth are not for all people to see, but only for those who will seek them. That is the real job of a physician who is not biased by his master’s ideology.

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