CPC #56: DHA, information theory, thermodynamics, semiconduction


Selfish DHA created the link for living things between thermodynamics and information theory.

DHA was innovated 50 million years before the Cambrian explosion in plankton via photosynthesis.  It made the ocean a hard drive of information waiting to be used in eukaryotes.

DHA provides massive amounts of electrons to the cell.  This allowed life to use more light.  More light = more information in the system to build complexity.

This situation mimics when Shannon was first at Bell Labs:  they had tons of information buried in their messages but had no way to mine or collect the information to make the data useful.  Shannon thought about the problem and wrote a paper in 1948 about using mathematics to data-mine.

The paper was called, “A Mathematical Theory of Communication”. This paper is really what DHA does for eukaryotes and it represents the ideas buried in my Quantum thermodynamics thesis on my Patreon blog.

Once Shannon connected these dots mathematically, it opened the door to signal processing, compression and converting messages into an algorithm code to transmit them digitally.  It gave rise to the Cambrian revolution in computers.

DHA did the same for cells.

…over 600 million years animal genomes underwent countless mutations with enormous variation in protein composition and structures. We suggest that DHA…[is] the master of DNA since the beginning of animal evolution. Proteins are selected to function with the constancy of DHA and it massive pi-electron clouds: it was the ‘‘selfish DHA’’ not DNA that ruled the evolution of vision and the brain.

In other words, once evolution arrived at DHA 600 million years ago, the molecule proved so useful that it ran the show from then on, and it never changed as all proteins around it evolved endlessly to better suit its needs.

Every 150 million years, the Sun loses roughly the mass of Earth due to the solar wind, or about 30 Earth masses over the entire lifetime of the Sun so far. The entire living history of Earth over 4.6 billion years consumed just 30 Earth masses. This volume shows just how much information is buried in sunlight.  It also shows you DHA was critical in tapping the information in the light to make it useful.  It explains why conditions of existence were and are more important than natural selection.  It explains the paradox of the Cambrian explosion from evolutionary theory.  Light completes Darwin’s ideas; DNA and genes do not.  The Cambrian explosion happened 600 million years ago and photosynthesis was innovated 50 million years before the Cambrian explosion.  When you divide 650 million years by 4.6 billion years you will see that complex life found on Earth has only used 22% of the those 30 Earth masses of sunlight.  That is around 6 masses of Earth created everything humans have ever known about life.  This amount of light should stun you.  It shows us definitively how much more important light is than anything else.  But to use this small amount of light photosynthesis had to innovate DHA to make the light of the sun useful 600 million years ago.   This shows you just how powerful the electromagnetic force is.  It has unlimited range and power.  DHA was and is the master of DNA since the beginning of animal evolution because it made light useful from an information theory.

That’s why DHA has been conserved in living organisms since the dawn of the Cambrian explosion, which filled the planet with multi-celled creatures.

The Earth is a spaceship which goes around the sun collecting energy and information for the central nervous system.  Brains have evolved because DHA selected for certain characteristics coded for in proteins to build a computer that has evolved over 600 million years.  That evolution went from analogy to digital to optical.  Humans use optical photonic signal processing in quantum computing fashion.  Hydrated DHA is the key to its operation.  

Earth is a spaceship for that has evolved quantum computers built in human skulls to become optimized to evolve increasingly intelligent neural networks using light, water, and magnetism.

I have been connecting the dots of optical signal processing (OAM) in biological semiconductors, to show how the fidelity of signaling is created, maintained, and compressed optically to give rise to a quantum biologic revolution in medicine.

Shannon asked in his paper what was the minimum requirement needed to create a message that could still be deciphered well. In 1948, he ended up with an equation that looks identical to Boltzmann’s equation for entropy.    In the digital world, this linked Information links to thermodynamics.  At the Cambrian explosion, DHA did the same for biology.

In 1877, Boltzman gave us the statistical explanation of the second law of thermodynamics. In 1877 he provided the current definition of entropy as seen below.  Shannon’s papers gave us an identical answer for information.  See the second picture.

Shannon realized that the quantity of the message had ZERO to do with its true meaning.  No one yet realizes the same thing is true in humans.

Shannon found just using a “one and zero” is all it took to solve Bell labs’ problems around understanding information = where the word “bit” comes from.

Physicist John Wheeler gave us the idea Everything is information.” = it from bit……..

Wheeler tells us every particle in the universe emanates from the information locked inside it.

This idea has massive implications for mitochondrion who deal exclusively with light, electrons, and protons in cells.

DHA was the first step life used in linking information to energy.  Information is the essential unit of the universe.

My work unifies Shannon’s work with Crawford’s on DHA and coordinates special relativity (1905) with the Landauer Principle (1961) to explain how cells use light to communicate.

Landauer predicted that erasing even one bit of information would release a tiny amount of heat, a figure which he calculated = mtDNA is a heat engine.

If information is energy as Wheeler has told us, Information, once created has to “finite and quantifiable mass.”

This connects information theory directly to energy.   E-mc^2.

This is the idea I had in the blog EMF #2: Einstein, Meet Leptin

My work has uncovered an optical code in mitochondria: the living system uses optical coding of orbital angular momentum to create negative entropy to make eukaryotic cells dissipative structures for energy and information.

That code involved the electrons and protons in mitochondria and how their signals are handled using their quantum numbers.

In atomic physics, the spin quantum number adds all 4 quantum numbers.  The quantum spin # describes the intrinsic angular momentum.


Their quantum spin state mimics the 1’s and 0’s bits of Claude Shannon.  This gives us the Qubit mitochondrial code of life.  How did just 6 Earth masses worth of sunlight create complex life?   This is biology’s Rosetta stone, in my opinion.

The qubits in a quantum computer are like bits in a classical computer, but with a crucial difference. Unlike bits, which can be either 0 or 1, qubits, made from subatomic particles, can be 0, 1, or a “linear combination” of both.

Learn more in this video: https://youtube.com/watch?v=jHoEjvuPoB8

The spins of electrons/protons are not only manipulated by magnetic fields (ATPase of mitochondria) but also by electrical fields (proteins side chains) and can be used to collect and store information optically from electrons or the photons they carry.

The spins of these particles control the redox state of mitochondria by controlling the amount of melatonin in that tissue. Melatonin levels control the two informational control programs in mtDNA called autophagy and apoptosis.

All magnetic drives use spintronics today to magnetically store data on hard drives on digital computers.  Mitochondria do the same to RNA/DNA.

Proteins like melatonin were created to support DHA’s semiconductive ability to turns chaotic waves into useful information.

This raises the obvious question: what’s so astoundingly vital about DHA that makes it the fundamental, unchangeable molecule of intelligent life?

Crawford’s work asserts that DHA is nothing less than a natural semiconductor loaded with qubits, with a unique ability to accurately and coherently transmit signals via quantum mechanical processes.

That’s why it is concentrated in the eyes, SCN, and brain of animals for 600 million years and has never been replaced once by evolution. Each protein is essentially a signal processor. Melatonin is an early protein innovation  in signal processing.  This idea remains vital to this very day as it controls the change programs contained in mitochondria everywhere in the body.  For the eyes, the signal is more or less direct. For the brain, it is modulated by optical photonics messaging, as a semiconductor modulates an electrical signal to compute and store memory.  DHA appears to selected for the creation and use of melatonin as a time crystal in cells that also tells things on Earth where the position of the source of light is and when growth and metabolism can up or down regulated.


This means as you read, understand, and remember this thread, it’s no exaggeration to say DHA is the primary framework that supports that reading, understanding, and remembering.

The unique molecular structure of DHA allows for … the cohesive organized neural signaling which characterizes higher intelligence.

DHA is such a fundamental molecule that evolution built-in two recycling pathways.  One is in the central retinal pathway and the other is in the liver and gut.  Because light easily oxidizes DHA, and DHA is so valuable to information processing the body built its own recycling plant in us.   A life lived in nnEMF pollution ruins the loops named after Bazan, so the body will need an ongoing fresh supply to function optimally when the light environment varies otherwise information is lost.  DHA and melatonin are the mass that is lost when life begins to get ill.



Where are we now with respect to the vaccines in COVID?

This is also holding up remarkably well right now:


Geert used to work for Solvay Pharma in the vaccine division.

YOU HAVE TO ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS NOW TO DOCTORS AND PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICIALS.  If you do not you will be fed like meat into their sausage making algorithms around COVID policies.

We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty.” -Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

What if it turns out that vaccines are killing and crippling millions of people around the world, but that those harmed are just well enough spread out that almost nobody saw sufficient signals to build an intuition about the problem? And what if the agency most responsible for examining safety signals defines their algorithm using a nonsensical mathematical formula that hides nearly all serious problems?

YOU MUST LEARN ABOUT VAERS because this is where the earliest signs of Adverse Events and Safety Signals will show up.

During the past few months, many people outside of medicine have learned for the first time about the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) where health care workers and patients can submit adverse events (AEs) suffered post-vaccination.

Without much fanfare, the CDC published a document on January 29, 2021 entitled Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Standard Operating Procedures for COVID-19. There is a lot to talk about in this document, but let us focus on Section 2.2, which begins on page 14. Here, the CDC states that, “A series of tables will be generated using the VAERS automated data,” and that these, “will be refreshed daily for internal use,” but “not for public release”. One might wonder why the CDC would not want additional outside eyeballs on such data—particularly since it took them two full months to figure out that myocarditis was an issue with the vaccines despite Israel warning about it two full months before the CDCs scheduled, delayed, and finally held meeting in late June. Maybe the CDC should hire somebody to read the pertinent current events unfolding in countries like Israel who began jabbing their population months before we did?  Israel could be our canary in the coal mine if the system is working as it should, no?  That does not appear to to be the CDC goal.

When you get to section 2.3, and this is where things get really concerning for me as a physician. This is where signals (for assessing safety/danger of the vaccines) get defined. Subsection 2.3.1 begins (emphasis mine),

CDC will perform PRR data mining on a weekly basis or as needed. PRRs compare the proportion of a specific AE following a specific vaccine versus the proportion of the same AE following receipt of another vaccine (see equation below Table 4). A safety signal is defined as a PRR of at least 2, chi-squared statistic of at least 4, and 3 or more cases of the AE following receipt of the specific vaccine of interest.

Only a real dork would emphasize the word ‘and’, right? A logic dork, mind you, but we’ll get to that…

First, note that PRR is the proportional reporting ratio, and these PRR numbers are the outputs of a function defined by the CDC based on four variables (which they list in a table as capital letters, then apply in a function as lower-case letters, which always makes me a little uncomfortable as I rarely see such sloppy transition from definitions to application in scientific papers, and somehow they always seem to come from government documentation where I worry about ass covering and plausible deniability.  It also is a sign of flawed methodology and usually invalidates the paper as a resource we can trust.

Why would they do this?  To hide the real impact of injuries to continue the vaccine roll out?  This might be tied to lowering vaccine injury rewards.  It is a big clue all is not what it seems with adverse events and these vaccines.  I believe in time we will see the bad outcomes expand.

Why do I say this?  I remember taking advance mathematics classes in college and learning that mathematician, everything depends on definitions. Whatever they state mathematically, the definitions of the terms we use should be traceable back to the axioms of the field they’re working in.  The recent changes to VAERS tell us that definitions have become opaque and I think the reason is to hide the adverse outcomes from these therapies.  What I am specificially referring to so you can examine it for yourself at the CDC site or the VAERS database?  I believe the PRR function is designed to hide signals of unsafe vaccines, not to identify them based on the changes the CDC recently made.

I believe the reason for this is because we now have well defined Ro and IFR numbers for COVID and because this is not a deadly virus for most, the low death rate highlights that we should have a LOW TOLERANCE for adverse outcomes as time evolves in this pandemic.  This is why caution needs to be used in unapproved vaccines.  The threshold for recall due to adverse events seems to already have been exceeded based on the Swine flu epidemic of 1976.

COVID 2021:  Where are we now? We are at the beginning of the surveillance state I warned about in the BTC series of blogs.

This video is more relevant in 2021during COVID than when it was said in 2016.

Many people will be looking to report you to authorities soon over your vaccine status.

1) Delta has an Ro of about 8, about 3x that of the Alpha (ref- CDC).  With these leaky vaccines, if we were to have 100% vaccine uptake and perfect mask use we cannot stop the spread of Delta with any measures (ref- CDC).

To understand why Janet above is correct you need to read the slide below carefully.  the vaccinated will be the source of the carnival of variants from this point forward.  This is why developing natural immunity as soon as you can is wise.  If you do not understand the point that it is the vaccinated that will drive evolution of vaccine escape mutants.  Ergo- select for escape you will always be lead astray by the media reports and the public health experts.

A recent study led by Fred Hutch & Emory investigators shows SARS-CoV-2 infected patients have broad, effective, durable, and possibly long-term immunity.  The WHO, CDC, MSM are trying to bury this news.   Guess why?  They are all incentivized to vaccination of mankind.

2) the current vaccines provide about 50-60% efficacy in protection from infection.  They are not fully protective.  It appears to wane at 3-4 months post inject.  This is why many public health experts want to push boosters.  Why is a booster a collateral problem?  If you understand that the vaccinated are driving the variant creation this pandemic will never end.  This, in my opinion is the goal of world governments to get us to an economic reset.

If you do not believe this look at the meme’s buried in the CDC propaganda that is being spread to the public below.

3) We need regular antigen testing coupled with medical protocols like FLCCC protocol below.We need to adapt not react because the jab does not provide durable immunity.  Drugs have to close that hole to end this global shit show.   Natural cell mediate immunity for the unvaccinated should be their target.  That can be tested with IgM and IgG antibodies below.

4) if you are vaccinated and then become infected, your risk of transmitting virus to someone else is quite high – remember, the Ro measures how likely you are to transmit the virus.  I expect the Ro to vary in countries who use different vaccines.

Ro, pronounced “R naught,” is a mathematical term that indicates how contagious an infectious disease is. It’s also referred to as the reproduction number. As an infection is transmitted to new people, it reproduces itself.

R0 tells you the average number of people who will contract a contagious disease from one person with that disease. It specifically applies to a population of people who were previously free of infection and haven’t been vaccinated.

For example, if a disease has an R0 of 18, a person who has the disease will transmit it to an average of 18 other people. That replication will continue if no one has been vaccinated against the disease or is already immune to it in their community.

The Infection Fatality Ratio (IFR) parameter is something that will vary as a pandemic changes over time.  We should affect the IFR to really change after therapies with efficacy are given to the general population.

Currently the published IFR number we know from CDC data in the US is that Delta has a IFR or 2.5.  In the UK the Delta IFR is lower and I have a sense it is because they used different vaccines than the USA did.  The UK has 5-fold lower IFR with Delta (0.2). If you are in the high risk group you might be wise to ask the question, why would I want to take the Pfizer or Modern vaccine if the IFR is lower in the UK and they use other vaccines?  I bet you did not hear that from your US doctors!


Look at the variant expansion in the USA since the jabs have been given.  It is obvious what the jab has done and why many more people are sick now.  So this means that the vaccinated are more dangerous to the unvaccinated.  This is something that is not well relayed by doctors, scientists, or media.

5) if you are vaccinated and then become infected, your risk of developing severe disease or dying is less than if you were not vaccinated and then become infected with Delta.  This is where the real efficacy of the jab comes from.  Variants are not unique to COVID because all coronavirus’s do this. In fact, all respiratory viruses mutate. The variants are so minutely different from each other that a competent immune system will recognize them and protect us.  The question few are asking now, post-vaccine is the human immune system competent?  Considering there are reports out there with spike proteins jamming up monocytes and other organs, it is a real scientific question now without an answer.  The competent human immune system acts like your friend wearing a cap. Can you still recognize him? In the same way, your immune system also recognizes the variants?  We do not know this because the FDA never studied it.  How much longer should we let those variants haunt us, given what we know right now?  It is a really good question if you are not in the high risk group.   Right now the entire paradigm wants to paint the unvaxxed as the source of the problem.  Statistically and scientifically this is unlikely as the data above shows.

I am not anti-vaccine.  I’m of the opinion that people have the right to decide whether to accept a vaccine or not, especially since these are experimental vaccines.  I want to educate the public to the fact the vaccines are not formally approved but instead being administered under Emergency Use Authorization.  I know what happened during the Cutter Incident and the Pandemrix Incident and why being cautious is wise at this time.  The word “check” has several different meanings. Fact checking did not exist on social media until the truth started leaking out.  Moreover, the people they hire are part of the agenda.  They’re not verifying facts; they’re blocking the progress of facts.

Now you need to know how to apply #5 into wisdom and behavior.

All this being said one group of people should consider the jab based on what we know today.  Who?

If you are elderly or high risk- these vaccines might save your life.  The data is clear.  If you are elderly, obese, and have a low Vitamin D level, your risk of dying from COVID is 230 times that of a young adult in August of 2021.   I believe people are smart enough to figure out the risk/benefit ratios and vaccination based on this new data.

6) Therefore, if you are vaccinated and then become infected, you MAY have a higher risk of becoming a “superspreader” because you are less likely to show disease.  This has not been measured, but it should be by the FDA before full approval.

7)  The list of viral tyrannical red flags the public should be made aware of by their gov’t but aren’t

A. Waning immunity in Israel, Iceland, UK

B. developing VAEDR

C. Unusual high unvaxxed hospitalization rates in the US from vaxxed created variants

D. Antibody Dependent Enhancement developing in vaxxed

E. the real reasons for the  vax moratorium:  they create more variants as the Geert video showed.

F.  Any deaths should have mandatory autopsy.  Why?  HYPERLINK


^^^^^This is a case of myocarditis.  Often this is due to ADE and variant creation.

Some of you might be asking what is VAEDR:  Vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory (VAERD) disease refers to disease with predominant involvement of the lower respiratory tract. Classic examples of VAERD are atypical measles and enhanced respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) occurring after administration of inactivated vaccine for these pathogens.  Right now most of the kids in hospitals have RSV infections and not COVID infections.  The media wants you to believe otherwise to suit the agenda of the advertisers who buy ads to pay the media bills.  Bill Gates has figured out to push his vaccine business forward.

Bill Gates and his friends at the WEF are interested in reducing the planet’s carbon footprint.  He thinks you have a role to play.

G. So to recap, the early vaccines data appear to have  * caused the delta strain * cannot prevent its spread * may exacerbate asymptomatic spread with conventional measures used in the initial treatment of coronavirus.   The people who get delta after the jab are more difficult to treat in the hospital.  If you reading comprehension skills are good, you might ask yourself this question now:  Perhaps the proposed vaccine passports should actually be restricting the vaccinated?  

Uncle Jack is not the only one warning you about this.  So are some Nobel Prize winners.  

H.  If you are young (below 70) and healthy with a high vitamin D level with good redox potential (-200mV–400mV) this data might lead you to conclude hanging out with vaxxed people might solve the problem.  The problem with this technique is it may not suffice for employer and corporate mandates.  Some people in the business community feel the personal choices of others are selfish and need to be regulated by their mandates.  What is really selfish is expecting others to surrender their liberties so you and your business can enjoy a false sense of security.  Any business that mandates vaccines should be boycotted.

I. I guess the question that you need to ask yourself,  is do we care about cases or deaths in the world.  The people in the control group are very concerned about long term illness now.  If you are in the control group and immunocompetent, you may view the continued cases as a good thing because it will give you durable natural cell mediated immunity.  This maybe the ideal path to avoid mandates.

See section 3a of the EUA guidance for COVID vaccines.  It must be at or above 50% efficacy.  Guess where we are now?  Not at 50%.  This is a big problem for mandate folks because the FDA is not likely to mandate the jab until the data improves.  HYPERLINK

If positive cases lead to few deaths, this path will get society to herd immunity quicker as it appears to have done in Sweden.

What should you consider post vaccination or post hospitalization based on what we know now?  See below.

For people who are full members of my website kruseatdestin.com you will begin to understand why I am not too worried about my tribe when it comes to risk.  You already have the information how to do things correctly.  For some of you Patrons who do not get my full advice during out Q & A’s about this topic the answer to best how to build cell mediated immunity follows the Leptin Rx shown below.


You are being lied to in many ways about COVID and politics from you government.  The government and many employed centralized physicians are not being transparent with us about what those risks are.  The height of absurdity was when they asked us to believe that a synthetically generated “piece” of the virus (mRNA) could somehow trigger “better” immunity than exposure to the entire thing.   The WHO just released this idea on social media this week.  The WHO is a WEF and CCP supporter.  They cannot be trusted with anything related to COVID in my opinion.  Here is the picture they shared on social media

Why is the WHO position statement dangerous on social media:  All social media platforms take the WHO’s word as gospel.  Implications:  So anyone/scientist/politician/journalist who posts counter to this WHO narrative can now be labelled as a “dis-informer” and attacked by fact checkers. Think about that.

Thankfully, Washington U in St Louis, the Cleveland Clinic, Rockefeller U, Emory U and just yesterday CSH, BMJ and Yale have studies that lead to the opposite conclusion.  Recovery from Covid confers broader and more durable protection. The WHO post is misinformation and PSEUDOSCIENTIFIC.  I had to write this post to explain it to you so I would not get deplatformed.

This longitudinal analysis shows durable and broad immune memory after SARS-CoV-2 infection with persisting antibody responses and memory B and T cells = durable cell mediated immunity.

Israel, who has vaccinated 95% of their population reached VERY different conclusions than the CDC and WHO: In Israel, coronavirus patients who recovered from the virus were far less likely to become infected during the latest wave of the pandemic than people who were vaccinated against COVID, according to numbers presented to the Israeli Health Ministry.

Health Ministry data on the wave of COVID outbreaks which began this May show that Israelis with immunity from natural infection were far less likely to become infected again in comparison to Israelis who only had immunity via vaccination.

More than 7,700 new cases of the virus have been detected during the most recent wave starting in May, but just 72 of the confirmed cases were reported in people who were known to have been infected previously – that is, less than 1% of the new cases.

With a total of 835,792 Israelis known to have recovered from the virus, the 72 instances of reinfection amount to 0.0086% of people who were already infected with COVID.

By contrast, Israelis who were vaccinated were 6.72 times more likely to get infected after the shot than after natural infection, with over 3,000 of the 5,193,499, or 0.0578%, of Israelis who were vaccinated getting infected in the latest wave.

In the USA, people who are unvaccinated and not immune to COVID-19 have been demonized by society, and it’s unfounded scientifically, because those who are unvaccinated pose NO risk to the vaccinated beyond that of a common cold at this point based on the IFR and Ro numbers.

These numbers above also help us predict that this Delta variant uptick should peak in late August and early September.  So if you can try to load up on sun in August and September and laugh at the people on Twitter who call you selfish as I do.

I am very worried about those of you who do not understand just how bad the propaganda is coming out of our governments.  Why have I decided to cancel my members event in October and do an event next week in El Salvador?  I am looking for an escape hatch from the tyranny we are now facing out of Biden’s Homeland Security service.

Say hello to Big Brother when you read this hyperlink. It was written one day after Biden got in office.   We all know government “always” acts in your best interest, of course.  This Direction establishes inspection procedures and enforcement policies for the COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard, 29 CFR §1910.502, and 29 CFR § 1910.504.

They recently introduced a house resolution to Nancy Pelosi called HR 4980– To direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to ensure that any individual traveling on a flight that departs from or arrives to an airport inside the USA or a territory of the USA is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and for other purposes.  This means you might have to take the jab to travel if you do not have proof of durable immunity.  I have been inundated with requests for help in documenting this for my tribe but right now I can only offer those services to people who are Kruse Longevity Center clients because to do so there must be a doctor patient relationship to get it done.

What is the target of a Black Swan mitochondriac now with regards to COVID?  

Avoid ‘compassionate‘ centralized physicians like this:

Hire DECENTRALIZED physicians like me, that respect your right to choose your therapies and help you navigate the post COVID world

And prove you have this:

To avoid this:

The observations of Yuri Bezmenov, a KGB officer or defected to the West, are worth keeping in mind these days.












Humans are astonishingly bad at setting goals.  We consistently establish targets that invite manipulation.  THREAD: A mental model on goal setting and unintended consequences:

Goodhart’s Law is a simple mental model:  When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.  If a measure of performance becomes a stated goal, humans tend to optimize for it, regardless of any associated consequences.  The measure loses its value as a measure!

Goodhart’s Law is named after British economist Charles Goodhart, who referenced the concept in a 1975 article on British monetary policy.  Goodhart wrote that, “Any observed statistical regularity will tend to collapse once pressure is placed upon it for control purposes.”

But the concept was popularized by anthropologist Marilyn Strathern.  In a 1997 paper, she generalized the thinking and called it Goodhart’s Law.  “When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.”  It became a mental model with considerable practical relevance…

The phenomenon has been observed throughout history.  Humans consistently establish targets that invite manipulation.  Indian Cobras & Soviet Nails.  Let’s quickly cover each situation:

The Cobra Effect

The term “cobra effect” is used to describe a situation where the solution to a given problem makes the problem worse.  It is commonly used when talking about the unintended negative consequences of government policies.  Well-intentioned solutions may make matters worse.

There were too many cobras in India, so the British colonists started offering bounties for cobra heads.  Locals began breeding cobras, killing them, and turning in the heads to earn bounties.  Many cobras were released, increasing the population of cobras.

The British measure of cobra elimination (cobra heads) became an explicit target, and thus ceased to be a good measure.  Humans optimized for a goal, in spite of the clear negative consequences.

Soviet Nails  Soviet factories set goals based on the number of nails produced.  The workers Soviet Soviet Nails

Soviet factories set goals based on the number of nails produced.  The workers produced thousands of tiny nails.  The factories changed to goals based on the weight of nails produced.  The workers produced a few massive nails.  In both cases, the nails were useless.

The Soviet measure of nail production (quantity or weight) became an explicit target, and thus ceased to be a good measure.  Humans optimized for it, in spite of the clear negative consequences.  So those are from history, but where do we see Goodhart’s Law in action today?

In Education?

Traditional education has lost its way.  Measures such as standardized test scores and graduation rates became targets, so humans optimized around them.  The result?  An assembly line system that fails to promote creativity and critical thinking in our children.

We can do better, but it will require rethinking our measures of success and leveraging technology to scale new models such that no child is left behind.  Innovation is coming.

In Business?

You’ve seen this movie before…  Wells Fargo opening fake accounts to hit new account quotas.  Amazon managers hiring to fire to hit internal turnover goals.  CEOs managing to short-term stock goals.  Measures become targets and humans begin manipulating them.

In Politics?

Approval ratings are a classic measure of the performance of politicians.  But when approval ratings become the goal, they cease to be a good measure.  Bad, short-term decision making to manipulate approval ratings becomes the norm.  Long-term progress stalls.

Goodhart’s Law becomes a mental model that you can’t unsee.  Once you internalize it, you observe it all around you.  It will force you to think carefully about measures, goal setting, and the potential for unintended consequences from the human desire to game the system.

2008 Bailouts?

When the government bails out a corporation, it presumably does so with good intentions (to save jobs, etc.).  But the bailouts may have unintended consequences if other executives perceive themselves to be “playing with house money” with a government backstop.

Executives are compensated on the basis of shareholder returns. Increased risk amplifies returns. Why not take on additional risk if Uncle Sam has your back?  The seemingly well-intentioned government action may lead to more risk-taking and an increase in business collapses.

Monetary & Fiscal Policy?

Aggressive, stimulative monetary and fiscal policy is undertaken in an effort to stimulate a struggling economy.  But the typical government actions – lowering interest rates, QE, and direct stimulus – may have painful unintended consequences.

Low risk-free rates and the “Fed put” may lead to rampant speculative bubbles and painful bursts.  The Cantillon Effect may appear, as the flow path of new money through the economy disproportionately benefits the wealthy, furthering inequality.

Cantillon Effect 101:

With the recent money printing activity and an expanding wealth inequality problem, talk of the “Cantillon Effect” has taken center stage.  But what is the Cantillon Effect and how does it work?  Here’s Cantillon Effect 101!

While published 265 years ago, the essay has many insights that remain relevant today.  He posited that the early recipients of new money entering an economy will enjoy a much higher standard of living than those it trickles down to.  The “flow path” of new money matters!

Let’s use a simple story to illustrate his point.  Imagine you live in a small, simple island society.  One morning, you find a package has been delivered to your doorstep from your long lost Uncle FEDerico (who lives in a far away land). The package has $1 million in it.

No one else knows you have received this package. You now secretly have $1 million.  So naturally, you start spending it and investing it very quickly. Prices are still low, because no one knows these new dollars exist yet!  Your standard of living improves rapidly.

You buy yourself the nicest house, the most beautiful clothes, tons of land, and still have some money left over.  But now, people are aware that new money is flowing through the system.  Prices begin to rise as supply has yet to “catch up” to the new demand.

So while the money allowed you to invest, spend, and dramatically improve your lifestyle, it did not benefit others in the society in the same way.  The sellers of the goods, who received your cash, now face rising prices when they want to consume.  The flow path mattered!

This is an ultra-simplified example, but gets at the essence of what the Cantillon Effect describes.  Those receiving the new money injected in an economy first are generally much better off than those receiving it via the trickle down.  This may lead to inequality.

The Cantillon Effect is often discussed when examining the impact of “money printing” of Central Banks globally.  With an injection point of the “new money” at the top, asset owners benefit while the working class may experiencing rising prices for everyday goods like food.

It appears we are seeing some of this today.  For example, global food prices rose in July for the 6th consecutive month, hurting workers.  Meanwhile, prices of assets like homes and stocks continued to climb, benefiting asset owners.

Congress is pushing through an infrastructure bill now to further fiscal support (designed to be more bottoms-up) and the Fed is weighing further actions as inflation expands.  Developing a view on Cantillon’s observations on the distributional consequences of the flow path of money is essential for understanding it all.

COVID variant carnival is very likely affect the Cantillion effect when lockdowns favor those rich in digital assets like technology companies.

No matter how institutions like the Fed try to create fictitious economic conditions, market realities will ultimately prevail.
Even more insidious is how loose monetary policies generate inequality. In recent decades, the Fed’s actions have largely been directed towards propping up assets such as stocks, bonds, and real estate. As a result, these assets rise in price, while regular consumers who hold money get the short end of the stick. This is due to the reduced purchasing power of money that is brought about by generalized inflation. In essence, asset holders get rich at the expense of everyday money holders.


In May 2021, the US just hit a 13 year high inflation rate. This was unexpected by policymakers and economists. To an individual of average intelligence, it was entirely intuitive given the massive money printing (stimulus) that happened since COVID.

Economists/central banks argue that the inflation we’re seeing could be temporary, that its just an a supply shortage.  This idea is generalized in the WEF idea of the “Great Reset” in their writings.


This situation is where the idea of a great economic reset .  COVID can and has been used as a compliance test to offset the risks the central bank has done to taxpayers.  The WEF and their globalists friends at Davos have committed to COVID political policies to get us to the next economic system without a war.  Politics is a messy process and you are living in that world right now in August 2021.   COVID is not based on biological science; it is political science gone awry.  This is why politicians demands and decree make no sense to us today.  The potential for legislation to reform society, let alone, abolish central banking, almost seems like a fleeting prospect at this juncture.

Today’s cryptographer’s are attempting the same task using Bitcoin.   This is far less chaotic.  It is your choice which world you want to participate in today.  Choices are the hinges of destiny.

The WEF definitely wants to limit carbon emissions and their many pathway of doing it is not via their ESG iniatives.  They want to limit carbon based life by pushing veganism and blocking of sunlight.  They will use corporate governance to drive their goals.  Today you see it in vaccine mandates.

Eventually, the party the Fed has created for Wall Street will come to an end after businesses recognize they made errors in their investments and have to readjust their business models according to prevailing market conditions. Regular consumers will be compelled to tighten their fiat belts in the correction phase. No part of this process is pretty in a fiat denominated world. It will require great sacrifices and readjustments in economic activities of people who live fiat lives.


The Fed has continued its on autopilot. I don’t think there’s been any discussion within the Fed about solving their debt problem any other way then what the WEF has put forward.  The Fed is just afraid to change because they don’t want it to be seen as a form of taking their foot off the pedal.  Bitcoin is another option that the Fed is ignoring at your peril.


Now for my favorite part of this blog…………………

Satoshi turned money into information code and did exactly the same thing Shannon did to data to create information theory.  Code is information theory which is made of letters and numbers, and letters and numbers are a form of speech.  Satoshi just showed the world that money is fundamentally speech.  In the USA, speech is protected by the Constitution.  These links will ultimately end the era of the Federal Reserve.  

The entire computer world is based on Shannon information theory.  Bitcoin was created using Shannon’s ideas.  Shannon’s ideas link directly to Boltzman’s thermodynamics.  This means Bitcoin and biology are fundamentally linked. 

Nature’s codes are buried in biological systems and are adjacent to the Shanon limit in information theory.

Bitcoin takes money closer to the Shanon limit  in cryptography than any manufactured code has to date.  

Bitcoin is a measurement tool for value.  Goodhart’s law says, when a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.  Satoshi seemed to understand this and he created Bitcoin not to be a target that government would aim at.  This is why movement of the goal posts is a feature of Bitcoin in how mathematics are used to solve block equations.  Bitcoin information flow is unidirectional and this makes it immutable in terms of information flow.  This is what decentralization is all about.  Few people understand how information in Bitcoin and biologic systems link information flow to entropy.  Below is Boltzman’s equation for entropy.

Below is Shannon’s law for what is the minimum amount of information that can be in message without losing the fidelity of the message.  Do you see anything striking between the two pictures?

Shannon equation and Boltzman’s equation for entropy are identical.


There is no way for matter to transmit the information or energy to light to reverse the flow of information transfer because of this primordial ratiofound in the universe of a billion to one and the unlimited orbital angular momentum (OAM) in light compared to electrons and protons. Shannon told us that infomation has a speed limit and we know Einstein said the same thing about light.  This means information and light share some symmetry with entropy and the second law of thermodynamics.  Very few people in Bitcoin realize this relationship.  I think this blog is the first time you’ll read about it.  This is the fundamental manner in how health and wealth are linked.

This implies that atoms made up of these electrons and protons are the hardware of the computer and light is the software that runs the computer. Don’t computers have two types of memory? RAM and disc drive? Bitcoin runs on these computers.  This is where memory is stored on computers.  Bitcoin stores its information on blockchains.

In biology, is memory stored in the OAM of electrons, protons, and light in our condensed matter? YEP

The implications of this situation mean information and energy move from light to matter all of the time in one direction because of the second law of thermodynamics and what it says about entropy. Boltzman is who created the formula for entropy pre- Alan Turing and pre Claude Shannon.

Why did Mother Nature choose light for our memory source?

Light is the ONLY particle that seems to have an unlimited amount of OAM, and OAM = information quanta.

That is not true about electrons or protons. OAM of both is limited in these particles of matter.
Information can create order from chaos only when we store information about light in our memory (water). What is the physical basis of this?

With elapsed time, just as RAM or a hard drive becomes full, light information will fill the capacity of water’s hydogen bonding network and fill up all the possible memory, and memory will then become a drag on function and life will decline.  The samething is true in stars.  As they die their masses can collide and become a black hole where information seems to be lost and mass has to be recycled.  This seems to be how spacetime re-seeds the universe.

How did life change this phenomenon? It innovated sleep. Sleep is fundamental to creating order from chaos and that means those who sleep well will be more creative. Think about Micheal Jackson now. As a kid when he could sleep he was massively creative. What did he really do after 1984 when his sleep went awry from his blue-lit nnEMF lifestyle? He lost his creativity.

Sleep is when we prune our memory in light and in water. Information can only be useful on an ongoing basis if it is useful and used over and over and deemed critical, or until it is deemed useless and the memory mechanism in cells deletes information contained in light or water from our stores. When this happens it balances the second law of thermodynamics. It appears life breaks the law but she never does because she return useless information back to the environment she no longer needs to build order and the living state.

This means there really is no free lunch in living things. How did life do this? Evolution built sleep to be mandatory. This is where memory in water is being deleted diurnally so that we can continue to use the information to order our cells while we live.

The routine erasure of information during sleep is what drives entropy increases over time in the living system. This is a consequence of having 1 billion light photons to one atom ratio in the universe.  

If so how wise is it to place life inside a microwave and surrounded by antenna’s because this is what the banking world is doing to us now.  The WEF is executing this plan for the bankers.


Bitcoin was conceived of as a replacement of the monetary system, but it could also be used as a store of value if it was taxed as property and not handled as a currency.  This feature was built into the design.  Whether it was on purpose or not, I doubt will will every know, but I do know this feature destroys Goodhart’s law with respect to Bitcoin.

Moving the goalposts is an informal fallacy in which evidence presented in response to a specific claim is dismissed and some other (often greater) evidence is demanded. That is what governments are doing to Bitcoin right now with regulation.  That is, after an attempt has been made to score a goal, the goalposts are moved to exclude the attempt.

Consensus is a villian to truth and real science.

Consensus in monetary theory is also pseudoscientific. Bitcoin is the best example I can think of as an example.  Bitcoin does not require governmental or regulatory compliance because of how it was conceived by Satoshi.

The good news for you today is that markets find ways to solve many of the problems people face on a daily basis. The question of monetary policy is now being addressed through the private taxpayer due to the rise of Bitcoin and other digital currencies on the free market.   These innovations are anathema to central banking policies.  Indeed, digital currencies are still in their infancy but they are providing valuable lessons to millions across the globe on how money works.

Namely, money can emerge in private markets, and when left to operate freely, it can serve as an alternative to state-controlled currencies. A depoliticized money enables the restoration of economic liberties and can correct many of the deleterious effects of government intervention.


Central banking in developed economies like the U.S. has a signature– market intervention through credit expansion and manipulation of interest rates.  The enactment of low-interest rates encourages the accumulation of unproductive debt, excessive consumer spending, and discourages productive savings.

Considering how fiscally reckless the U.S. has become, the country could be staring at a sovereign debt crisis in the not too distant future. At that point, there will be a strong incentive for the government to debase its currency in a desperate attempt to pay off the debt with depreciated dollars. This favors the probability of hyperinflation before a deflationary spiral develops.  Under such circumstances, Americans will inevitably be subject to a wholesale reduction of their standard of living.   Bitcoin on your balance sheet will fix this.  Like a black hole in space-time does to energy, bitcoin will recycle monetary energy fairly among its users.

Bitcoin is omnivorous as the picture above shows: it is eating every other store of value the Fed has ever created.  The fact that the US government tried to harpoon Bitcoin in the infrastructure bill last week with a poison pill amendment, it says way more about the government than it does about Bitcoin.  Bitcoin restores taxpayer value and modern monetary theory is usurping it.  We are being ruled and abused by tyrants.  The US Congress is worse than any King was in in the 1770s.




Documentary Movie:  The Bit Player on the life of Claude Shannon  https://thebitplayer.com

Documentary movie Cryptopia:  https://www.amazon.com/Cryptopia-Bitcoin-Blockchains-Future-Internet/dp/B08HSLGR29

BTC # 31: What do the leptin receptor and BTC have in common?

Humans’ most scarce resource — is time. Mitochondrial redox and BTC are the only two things I know of that cause time dilation on earth. People value time, because it is the ultimate scarce resource.  

Time is the scarcity, and it’s the commodity we can’t create any more of.

The human leptin receptor is a quantum thermostat that uses stochastic calculus to accurately assess photons in an open decentralized system that measures energy & time at a quantum scale.

Circadian Rhythm disruption from days to dark & nights to bright = hormone disruption via the central retinal pathways that connect the eye to the pituitary gland to the leptin receptors in the hypothalamus.

Growth hormone, melatonin, cortisol, leptin, ghrelin are all sculpted by the light you live within. It is not about the fuels you use.  https://lnkd.in/eDDKZjH

This is how we can get leptin resistance in the brain, liver, and muscle levels and this is why each one of these situations was given its very own blog in the original leptin series. We had Leptin 1, Leptin Part Deux, and Why is Oprah still fat. These posts describe what happens when the quantum timing is off on the cytochrome proteins, but do not mention it specifically on purpose, because you had to know QED was involved a priori. That is way too complex a topic for any beginner, especially an obesity researcher whose dogma blinds them to an inconvenient truth of Nature buried in the photoelectric effect. When the cytochrome timing is off you can bet timing at Kreb’s bicycle will be off due to the amount of deuterium let into the matrix via UCP-2 and as a result, you’ll be redox shifted (low NAD+) back to older metabolic pathways (glycolysis) not as dependent upon the movement of electrons and protons in the mitochondria by light photons.

Moreover, When you begin to understand the complexity of the optical lattice clock management and how they are all tied to environmental signals to tell time on a quantum level their control mechanism becomes paramount. I’ve written many a blog post giving you a birdseye view of how the photoelectric effect actually works independently of RNA or DNA in humans. Remember, I told you in EMF 3 about the origin of life? At its outset, there was no DNA or RNA. What did I say was present? There were huge amounts of EMF and the “pieces of life” were suspended in the ocean water at sea vents. Photosynthesis, either directly or indirectly, is the source of all life on this planet.

To this very day, it forms the basis of the entire food web. The only exception to this rule is on the seafloor when sunlight is transformed by thorium in the mantle to liberate heat that rises up in the water. The exceptions are chemoautotrophs that live in rocks under the seabed that turn the chemicals evacuated from the vents into energy by forming simple organic and inorganic chemicals that are suspended in water. They replace oxygen as the terminal electron acceptor in their cells. I then explained to you how the primordial pieces and parts came together in that blog post. Review those blogs at jackkruse.com


Most of life is lived in the tail of a bell curve and not under the curve. The same is true with BTC. Most of its price movement is linked to the honey pot in the halving cycle. What happens when institutions enter a halving cycle asymmetrically? Non-linear things begin to occur in price discovery. That is where we are in June of 2021 in financial markets.  This offends common wisdom and that is why it invokes the Dunning Kruger effect for many. The effect appears quite random on the very short time scales used in biology or BTC Quantative Analysis charting. 

In biology, this process happens on the inner mitochondrial membrane where quantum tunneling acts.  People think that time is linear in biology and in BTC pricing, but it is not.

Neils Bohr wrote early in the 20th century that all life is complimentary. Light sculpts life and it can and must be thought of in two ways, one based upon a particle form and another based upon a waveform. It seems counter-intuitive, but that is precisely what Quantum mechanics requires of nature’s laws. 

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”  That is the implication of this blog.

Why are nnEMF/blue light and a diet low in DHA a problem in a technology drive world?  You chronically decrease DHA in human membranes and this ruins the fidelity of optical signaling in the CNS and PNS leading to chaos we call inflammation = more protons vs electrons = disease https://pic.twitter.com/T4yVBmp8pE

Nature is 100% decentralized as is BTC.  The science that underpins nature is 100% quantum mechanical. Quantum mechanics tells us there is no cause and effect.  Everything is based on probability and everything is relative, especially timing.  Cause and effect is based on the idea of an independent linear flow of time. But time is actually something we perceptually “do” in our brain as a recreation of reality using light.  People often forget light photons are timeless.  This is why space was a timeless realm until light showed up 380,000 years after the big bang.  This has huge implications in the BTC ecosystem and in biology at the mitochondrial level.  


Melatonin controls mitochondrial DNA via autophagy and apoptosis efficiency,  and dopamine creation from light and amino acids in the eye and brain controls how we decipher and sense time between the inside and outside world.  Creating melatonin in the eye is the most critical surface for humans.  Melatonin controls all regeneration of the photoreceptors in man except the Muller cells in the eye.  Both of these chemical molecules are made by sunlight as it collides with aromatic amino acids in our eye to slow light down.  That is how they link to one another and how they work in a cell.

The same elements in the sun’s light that emit its spectrum are the same elements used in living tissues. This is strong physical evidence of molecular resonance at work. When our bodies have ample supplies of electrons from DHA and protons from food and water it is infinitely more healthy to go out in the sunlight where high-intensity visible photons control the electric structure of the living body in cells by creating it and replenishing it wirelessly using proteins as light antenna’s. This is how the light of the sun programs atoms in is to do the things required of life on planet Earth. That energy and information are buried in the frequencies of the visible spectrum between 250nm-780nm and IMPRINTED onto electrons protons and light using Orbital Angular Momentum.  I spoke about this in the Quantum Thermodynamics series here on Patreon.  You might want to re-read that soon.

Why should this make you curious today when reading this blog in the BTC series? Do you know all the pieces Nature uses to construct time? Do you know how they fit into your cells and into the algorithm Satoshi created?  Is there more information that living things are capable of getting from the suns light that you are unaware of? Is it because life and BTC are organized in a decentralized format?  Yep.

Does the sun provide us with a “light friction”? It does. The sun gives us a “light massage” with frequencies as a message to our skin and eyes. How so? Every 5 minutes the sun breathes in and out just as you do and the plant does. The sun respires by shifting and broadening its spectral lines. A spectral line is a dark or bright line in an otherwise uniform and continuous spectrum, resulting from emission or absorption of light in a narrow frequency range, compared with the nearby frequencies. Spectral lines are often used to identify atoms and molecules in the sun.  atoms are where the solar spectrum comes from and why sunlight is unpolarized and does not flicker.

This motion of the spectral lines provides living things with information via OAM of light and as it does the proof that it occurs is that astrophysicists have seen shifts through the spectrum in the Fraunhofer lines as this process occurs over 5 minutes. The Fraunhofer lines ability to shift is actually is communicating information about “many broadening effects” in the sun’s light on the “breathing frequency” of the sun to things here on Earth.

This information transferred to living systems via a molecular resonance effect. These lines are the sun’s barcode for life. I will remind you that light, photons, are called the force carrier for the electromagnetic force. This force carrier is how information is transferred between things made of matter everywhere in the universe. This includes trees, bacteria, and animals. Food is an electromagnetic barcode of sunlight codified by photosynthesis at every point on Earth by chlorophyll.  This makes food quantum density relative to the location on Earth.  That breathing frequency seems important in ways we don’t yet understand.

Currently, biology and all of the branches of science have no idea what it might link to, but I have an idea what connection might be. I think it is the way circadian cycles are linked to the golden ratio in sunlight and are subsequently imprinted in the addition or subtraction of electrons and protons interacting with aqueous proteins of all living things. It provides living things with the fractal reality of nature which everything relies upon. Anytime molecular resonance is engaged some method has to include this fractal element to link to the fabric of nature. The fractal elements of Nature are the fingerprints of evolution/God, in my humble opinion.

The molecular resonace power in sunlight tells our mitochondria and cells what is natural EMF from a solar source and it tells cells what is not natural EMF.  This explains why sunlight can make a special type of water (DDW) at cytochrome c oxidase from the 4 frequencies in the IR-A visible spectrum of sunlight but all other parts of the spectrum seem to diminish the amount of water made or changes its physical characteristics. This is one reason why I a leery of manmade light effects from tech devices.

I think there is a lot more than meets “the eye” in this story for cells. This is important for signaling flows of information and energy. Our cells are attuned deeply to nature and not to alien light sources that do not use a circadian coupling to control waveforms. This is the basis of “Phi”, “the golden ratio”, and “Fibonacci’s sequence”, in all things, in nature in my humble opinion.


Satoshi’s major improvement over other cryptocurrencies was his idea to link timing to his algorithm.  In this way, he followed Nature’s lead which I laid out above.  

With BTC algorithm, the difficulty adjustment is ingenious because hard money has to be costly over time and energy usage. In this way, it mimics the situation on the inner mitochondrial membrane I mentioned above and in the leptin receptor of the hypothalamus. 

Just linking money or an SoV to energy alone is not enough to create scarcity since energy improvements using new technology can allow us to create more money. BTC uses the difficulty adjustment to add time to the energy proposition because humans are incapable of creating any more time at this point in their evolutionary history.  Because they do not have this technologic advantage, it makes BTC algorithm quite rare.   And in doing so,  that makes BTC unique compared to other forms of money. It creates a layer of money that has never been seen before in human history.  BTC coding mimics Nature’s decentralization that occurs on the inner mitochondrial membrane.

I am putting on a live BTC/biology event for August 2021 at my Longevity Center.  If you are interested in attending as a non-member reach us at info@Kruseatdestin.com for pricing details. https://pic.twitter.com/0O0TAeWm6p