HERE IS THE TAKE HOME LESSON:  Red light and purple frequencies in sunlight slow time down below the cell level. Cold temperatures are capable of also slowing time too but far less effective than UV/IRA light. Blue light speeds up time and your life is lived like a blue straggler star in galaxies. Blue star exists in a “quick and bright” way. They are the rock star of the cosmos; they burn brightly initially and die quickly. Over supplemented or medicated by a paradigm comes from being undereducated about light. I try to be a rainbow in people’s clouds, but I can’t solve their climate of understanding………..only they can when they come to my level of understanding. This is why I will never dumb down my thinking for anyone.  When they ask for it I will continue to ignore or block them. They need to elevate their game by coming to my level if they truly want to win.

Cytochrome 1 makes superoxide free radicals and H202 is made by cytochrome 2. Incident EMF from the sun makes both…….melanin quenches one free radical and catalase quenches the other in mitochondria.  Liberated retinal, the aldehyde, destroys all human photoreceptors to lead to abnormal photonic signals around the quantum spin state of electrons, protons, and photons.   Melanopsin dysfunction destroys the circadian feedback control arm of the cytochromes and free radicals. My Quantum Thermodynamics #25 blog on Patreon tells you just how damaging this small effect is………If defines what a non-linear effect really is.  

If you are a Black Swan you’ll read into the wisdom given to you for free in this podcast. If you are a skeptic you’ll choose to remain in the dark believing your false narratives around food.

When setting out on a journey of understanding you should never rely on advice from those who have not yet left home. If you are still tethered to old ideas that keep you grounded in the wrong paradigm of thought you will get results that most of the public will get.  Black swans are not interested in average ORDINARY results.  They are interested in extraordinary changes to do things others believe is impossible.

The difference in ordinary and extraordinary is the EXTRA you put into understanding how nature is operating inside your mitochondria.  Being considered crazy is a complement to a Black swan because it points out how your critics have remained victims of the cultural conditioning of their education. It is a profound compliment and a badge I enjoy displaying on social media.

The beliefs of modern man have become the batteries that make them fuel for the matrix in which they live.  Few realize how toxic that fuel really is for them.   It is in the pauses, the intervals, the spaces between the words, that the meaning of what you are saying that sinks in. To listen to a good talk, whether from a pulpit or a podium, whether off-the-cuff or seared into memory, is to hear a kind of music, not just in the register, the lilt, the cadence and the rhythm, but in those moments when there are no words to be heard, when all you can hear is the enveloping silence.  It is like being in a sensory deprivation tank when you are trying to regain your health.  The same is true with cells…..sounds are like sunlight and the silence is found in the darkness of night. The real music of life is found at night when light SHOULD BE absent. This is why ALAN, called artificial light at night is so dangerous to humans.

ALAN destroys the free radical signals in you and lead to mitochondrial diseases that are the basis of ALL modern disease epidemics.  

The modern disease epidemics began after 1879 when the light bulb was discovered.   A few years later in 1893 Tesla gave the world the AC power grid.  This gave man the power to destroy himself with his own innovation because it ruined how sunlight creates the binary code of life.   

I am here to tell you that our modern disease epidemics all come from the electromagnetic environment we’ve help build and sustain with our choices because of how these seeminglu innocuous things change the free radical signals a mitochondria can generate from the oxygen and incident light we live under.  These two stimuli allow us to change the binary code of quantum spin states in subatomic particles in our body.  

In this way, living within nature mimics the reasons why an isolation float tank works so well in modern humans. 

The visible spectrum of light from our sun lowers the sensory inputs to mitochondria to decrease power consumption in the defective colony of mitochondria.    UVA and UVB light in sunlight slow electron chain current, while the IR-A light allows the ATPase to spin faster to make ATP, while limiting oxygen consumption to control the free radical creation in a mitochondria.  

No one sees this perspective because they do not understand energy production in mitochondria and how it uses electron, proton, and photon spin numbers to make matter from light. The incident EMF a mitochondria sense inside cells is the key to understanding the mysteries around all our disease epidemics.  This picture below should stun you.  The sun is the best medicine a Black swan will ever receive.

It also explains why all cause mortality and morbidity decrease as we approach equatorial environments where the VISIBLE spectrum of light hardly varies any day on this planet. If you restore the cells major EMF input to solar EMF the damaging free radical signal is lessened and the normal free radical signals are restored.

People in MODERN biology have no idea that all free radicals have unpaired electrons and understanding the quantum spin state of those free radicals is the key to the puzzle of why now mitochondrial diseases are now explosive in our modern blue lit, microwaved world.



Black Swan mitochondriacs are unique because they see and sense the same things as everyone else, but they are capable of thinking what no one else has thought about what they have observed. This is why their perspective OFTEN diverges from the crowds and paradigms. Black swans are taught at Kruse Longevity Center how to see the invisible effects in nature before anyone else has an inkling how important they are to everyday life. It turns out the 21st century toxin you cannot see, hear, smell, taste, or fell is the key to understanding the mistake we made in biochemistry and nutrition science.


Life has a remedy for a lack of energy when it finds a new environmental niche. It is called QED innovation of light and water to make water liquid crystalline.

In the sea, plants first evolved in the photic zone, using nothing but light and water to create energy. They were simple life forms. Plants from the sea slowly adapted to land and still were able to use photosynthesis in air and out of water. In fact, most modern plants have morphed and mutated to become “vegetables”. Animals reversed the photosynthetic process and created their “sea within” using sunlight as the stimulus. What was their key to this innovation? Incorporating DHA into all cell membranes with the exception of the inner mitochondrial membrane and using oxygen as the only terminal electron acceptor in mitochondria. When the animal cell did this it created a sea of EZ water inside of every cell. Man has further shaped and co-opted plant evolution for his own devices by domesticating them. 

(Vegan marketer selling people a load of shit about algal DHA^^^^)

Grasses like wheat (C3 plant) and corm being the best examples. They are loaded with deuterium by design to stimulate animal growth/fat who eat them.  In essence, vegetables morphed into versions of wild plants which have a significantly higher amount of nutrition because they have more solar frequencies exciting the electrons that make up the vegetable, while also having a higher deuterium content to slow mitochondrial respiration down to stimulate the animal to get larger.  Eating vegetables chronically, however in a poor solar environment, is a poor way to capture certain light frequencies from the sun. This is the vegan model in humans. This affects the colony of mitochondria in you capable of releasing the information and energy of the sun into your gut cells, via your microbiome and the mitochondria in your enterocytes locally. If you bury the solar frequencies as a vegan it leads to massive issues.  Since Southern India has become their version of Silicon Valley in the last 15 years, and most of their vegans live there what might the Black Swan predict would happen? 

India and China are now learning this lesson because their populations are getting massive amounts of type 1,2, and 3 diabetes in the vegan regions that westernizing with more techology, clothing, and less sun. The paper above was from 2015. What does India look like now in 2018 for vegans and technology?

I hate to tell you, I told ya’ so………BUT I DID. Notice where all the light is today? It is in Southern India where their 5G cities and vegan live. Are you beginning to see why they are getting diabetes?

Vegans in a 5G world destroy their BAZAN effect and both loops are needed to replace DHA in their cell membranes. If you wont eat seafood and will only take the aldehyde type of algal DHA that is non SN-2 you are shit out of luck.


When the Bazan effect is broken DHA cannot be added back to cell membranes well at all.  It is already hard to do as a vegan, but are their other collateral effects?  

Yes, photoreceptors are destroyed.  Cytochromes and B12 are some examples.  Vegans are know to have very B12/folate levels.  When you add in 5G what would a black swan expect to happen based upon what we know today?  

BRAIN DAMAGE?  Is this hyperbolic?  NOPE 


The microbiome is made of bacteria which have this unusual ability to release light from their cells. Eukaryotes like us, can’t do this well as bacteria can. So the bacteria in our microbiome releases light it captured from the sun. Our enterocytes are deuterium collectors from foods protecting the liver mitochondria. This is why enterocytes turnover and divide every 24-48 hours. We need to get rid of the deuterium payloads they contain so the liver is not filled with this version of hydrogen. If it gets to the liver this is called fatty liver.  This is processed by mitochondria locally and unlocks the solar energy and information for your enterocytes to sense in their mitochondria. Enterocytes become a giant movie screen for light. These cells act like a photon detector because its cell membranes have DHA in them. DHA has 22 carbons with a massive array of pi-electrons. 

Lignoceric acid is made by the PPP, pool of NADPH. The H in NADPH must be H+ and not deuterium to make this lipid. If deuterium fills the NADPH all cell membrane function decreases. This lowers DHA in the lipids and there is less electrons in the cell membrane for sunlight to interact with via the photoelectric effect. Light only interacts with electrons via QED laws. 

DHA is the only lipid in 600 million years of eukaryotic evolution that can turn light into a DC electric current, or a DC current back to light. That current is what gets rid of our bad mitochondrial engines filled with deuterium to make new ones every day.  Eating vegetables is a poor man’s way of gaining solar power, unless you live inside the tropics.  THIS MEANS IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE VEGAN YOU BETTER BE TROPICAL AND HAVE NO TECHNOLOGY AROUND YOU.   It works well enough there because of the chronic power density of the sunlight, if you live a connected and coupled life in nature. It is a death sentence the further you get away from the equator. A high latitude poor solar environment is what hurts humans on a vegan dogma. 

This is why they all have to take DHA, B12, and Vitamin D3. If you add to this situation and live in a modern blue lit, microwaved, disconnected world, you will suffer major consequences because you will destroy your cell membrane biology because of deuterium influx into the NADH and NADPH pools. This is why tropical fish have the lower DHA content than fish in colder high latitude waters. DHA is the ultimate evolutionary creation for “harnessing “solar power; it allowed eukaryotes to become fully capable of providing a larger margin of safety, because they could capture more energy from the solar environment. Eating animal fat is the ideal way to build a massive sea of water (DDW) inside of every cell capable of storing massive amounts of solar energy. DDW becomes EZ and the larger the EZ gets the higher the redox power of the cell becomes. It also means that cell membrane biology is optimized in the lipid rafts. The ECS helps maintain these functions when things go awry. It needs to the sun to do these repairs via POMC creation in the retina and brain. This energy was used to raise the redox potential of the cell, and this is what built eukaryotic complexity compared to the other domains of life. That solar stimulus inside of water allowed eukaryotes to develop more complex animals capable of more fully disconnecting from Earth’s magnetic field, light, and water chemistry to live life. DHA turns sunlight into a DC electric current using water as its battery. That healing current allows a cell a myriad of ways to use solar energy in thousands of different ways, by virtue of the laws of physics of light which act in nonlinear fashion to do extraordinary things. The type of light plasma you use to live your life determines the diseases you get. You are optimized to solar EMF’s and nothing else as the pictures below show.

IS CICO A CORECT PARADIGM?  Let me lay the argument out now that you understand quantum thermodynamics. Your body is not a bomb calorimeter, but modern food science keeps pushing the narrative that a calorie is a calorie. It turns out when you understand biophysics it is laughable to claim this. Why? From a metabolic perspective, not a weight management/bariatirc perspective, calories cannot be equal because all foods are made up of electrons and protons. Each one has a different quantum number. When a calorie is discussed in physics, it is done within a framework of classical thermodynamics. Does a mitochondria work with classical thermodynamics or does it use a quantum thermodynamics since it uses electrons and protons? A calorie is a unit in classical thermodynamics. It defines how much energy you have to ADD to a gram of water to raise its temperature one degree C. Our tissues are not bomb calorimeters. Thermodynamics requires them to be closed systems to be called this. Mitochondria, cells, and tissues are all open quantum thermodynamic systems. The biophysical levers are the controllers of the biochemical reactions in cells that work via a resonance phenomena using light frequencies. Mitochondria really are the most specialize quantum heat engines every invented.  They work via Carnot theorem. 

The food industry measure calories at our mouth, yet the business end of food happens at the mitochondrial level where Kreb’s bicycle is. What our hypothalamus cares about is how is the engines in our cells handling the energy and information foods can bring to the powerplants and if the power plants need upgrading or recycling. Sometimes caloies we eat are sidetracked by the microbiome. We never even get to sense them. So how could a calorie every matter when there is 100 trillion bugs between you and the food you just ate? It is preposterous when you actually think about it carefully.  It get more bizarre. 

Deuterium controls the metabolic rate in mitochondria by controlling the flux of Kreb’s bicycle.  It does this because its proton and neutron nucleon is coupled to a quantum  spin number of 1. This gives a stronger nuclear attraction and lowers the kinetic flux of any cycle it is involved in.  H+, the lighter version of hydrogen, has a spin state of 1/2.  This makes it highly mobile for cycle reactions and it is one of the many reasons both chloroplasts and mitochondria favor it over deuterium.  Different foods are metabolized different rates by different tissues. This is determined by the metabolic and respiratory rates of different tissues. It is also controlled by the carburetors of mitochondria. One such protein is UCP-2 that alters the amount of deuterium into the mitochondrial region around Kreb’s bicycle which acts to slow the rate of metabolism.  I did a whole webinar on this single topic to explode the quantum biology of the process.  

This means the settings in the power plants are far more important than the fuels we are adding to them. This is why feeding a person with high heteroplastic mitochondria ARE incapable of apoptosis that could lead to destruction and renewal of the bad engines. Instead you get stuck with them. Fats provide massive amounts of electrons and protons to a matrix and if the engine is broken how can it handle this massive payload? This underscores why ketosis should be carefully chosen for anylife style 24/7. The reality of the situation is that cells have to invest information and energy into the system to turn food into ATP via the ATPase. When you understand this process well, you begin to see cell actually lose energy in the process but appear to gain information as it occurs. That is the trade off cells are making when the environment electromagnetic signals vary.  

Moreover, since we are losing energy in this process, there is a net energy loss compared to carbohydrates, so from a calorie perspective, if you just measure this process in a bomb calorimeter as the food industry and researchers do, they generate the same amount of heat, but this process does not have anything to do with ATP, or Carnot theorem which controls your heat engine efficiency or how ATP is made. Carbohydrates make less water in the matrix of mitochondria compared to fat, while raising insulin levels and shuttling fat into cells.

^^^^^this is why vegans struggle with their diets so often. They make 50% less DDW than fat burners. This is why the slide below exists.

The situation is even worse when you consider this: Mitochondria can vary how much heat they release because of how they can vary the permeability of uncoupling proteinsto proton spin and due to haplotype variation with SNPs/SAPs. None of these things are linked to the calories in foods.  It is farce when you realize it.

The last comment I made to Bart in the video is expanded below:

At Kruse Longevity Center we will not only be teaching our members quantum biology, but we will be showing them how test cases at large corporations taught in business schools can further the understanding of what is going on in any living system below the cell level in order to understand the magic nature put in living systems. John Ott did this with his video above for the visual learner. We plan on adding several layers to the onion to see the invisible happening right in front of your nose. For example, consider Bell Labs of the 1960s. Their example helped me understand mitochondria over 15 years ago for the first time in my professional life. It sounds crazy until you see it all laid out. In the 1960’s Bell Labs was struggling with their telephone business. 

Every day they transmitted unbelievable amounts of electronic information globally. They had no idea of how to control it or use it. This is exactly what the state of affairs is today in medicine. We have no idea how the sun communicates to the nuclear genome or the mitochondrial genome to make sense of waves in the environment to control highly ordered living process in us. Bell Labs has no way how to even measure this information properly back then. Today, in medicine, we have no way to measure the information running from outside in, or from mitochondria to nucleus either. This is why doctors are impotent in solving modern disease epidemics. 

Bell Labs could not even quantify the information. The same thing is true in medicine presently. How do we quantify redox potential today in clinical medicine? We don’t so the paradigm just shrugs its shoulders and goes down other biologic pathways of thinking while humans get more ill and die sooner. In short, Bell Labs entire business in the 1960s was built on something they just did not understand at all. It is amazing when you think about it. You can amass billions of dollars, yet still be completely clueless. This sounds like medicine and Big Technology positions today. Their customers are paying the price of this Dunning Kruger effect in time and disease. How did Bell Labs repair this gaping hole in their business model? They turned to a Black swan in their company named Claude Shannon. 

He was able to solve the problem by seeing the invisible before anyone else could. In a way, our Center is a lot like Dr. Shannon. Shannon gave Bell Labs the proper ass kicking when he wrote a paper about using mathematics to control data. The paper, “A Mathematical Theory of Communication” really is what our Quantum thermodynamics thesis is on Patreon. 

Nobody really understands these parallels today because no one seems to realize that Quantum thermodynamics is the mathematics that dictates how nature processes energy and information in living systems. In his paper, Shannon took the vague concepts of information and he pinned it down to what its essence was all about. He did this by actually figuring out how to measure the information in the messages. At Kruse Longevity Farm, we’ve done the same thing with mitochondrial biology, yet the world is sleeping on us. Shannon realized that the quantity of the message had ZERO to do with its meaning. Instead, it wholly related to how unusual the message was. He came up with a way to quantify this using a pattern of numbers. One and zero to solve Bell labs problems. This was how the binary code was discovered for digital computing. 

At Kruse Longevity Center we’ve discovered a similar code. That code involved the electrons and protons in mitochondria and how their signals are handled using their quantum spin state. Their spin state mimics the 1’s and 0’s of Claude Shannon. The quantum spin state of electrons/protons are not only manipulated by magnetic fields (ATPase of mitochondria) but also by electrical fields (proteins side chains) and can be used to collect and store information from electrons or the photons they carry. All magnetic drives use spintronics today to magnetically store data on hard drives on digital computers. 

At our center, we’ve uncovered how mitochondria do this with spin. You might want to pay attention to us………we think we’re going to change the world of medicine just like Claude Shannon changed the digital age. Understanding business test cases can help you become a Black Swan mitochondriac. Small examples below in pictures of what the world of Big tech is doing to all of you below your perception.


If you are interesting in this I suggest you become a member now.  You have two weeks left.






It is in the pauses, the intervals, the spaces between the words, that the meaning of what you are saying sinks in. To listen to a good talk, whether from a pulpit or a podium, whether off-the-cuff or seared into memory, is to hear a kind of music, not just in the register, the lilt, the cadence and the rhythm, but in those moments when there are no words to be heard, when all you can hear is the enveloping silence. The same is true with cells…..sounds are like sunlight and the silence is found in the darkness of night. The real music of life is found at night when light is absent. This is why ALAN, called artificial light at night is so dangerous to humans. Feedback coupling has many facades and few in science realize it. Below are just a few examples. Broken photoacoustic coupling is how the flicker effect of light or going to a Nine Inch Nails concert at night can cause you long term damage. Who papers taught us this first? Alan Turing did in 1951.

The natural world is deeply, profoundly unpredictible because of the chaos that light introduces to matter. The very same things that make it unpredictible also allow nature to create patterns, cycles, and structure from matter. Sunlight creates an order in cells, while ALAN is wholly destructive to the pattern, cycles, and structure of cells. Order and chaos are deeply linked in nature than it appears to linear thinking.

Turing first became famous for being able to crack the German naval codes using math equation in WW2 saved thousands of lives.  Code breaking was just one aspect of Turing’s genius.  The paper below was the first paper that showed us how feedback loops organized chaos in light to build circadian biology using waves.  It required no complexity and is a feature of self organization found in nature.  All it requires is a feedback loop to operate.  Turing was the first to crack the key biologic code of life.  

He was able to see invisible patterns before any were published in a text book.  He was a Black swan because of this ability.  For Turing, the natural biologic world offered up the ultimate code to crack.  When I read the paper above for the first time, it was then that I realized how nature created life below the cell level.  This paper lead me to Belusov in chemistry, Lorenz in climate science, and May in animal biology and made cracking nature’s code easy.  Seeing the invisible recipes in nature before anyone else is a fundamental tenet of how nature HAS to operate its self organizing behavior.  It begins in morphogenesis, but becomes spectualarlly effective in circadian cycle control.  She has to hide her feedback controls so as not to violate the quantum zeno effect.    

Turing, Belusov, Lorenz, and May all showed us the many facets of this idea in their work on the topic.  Above is the first time any one explained how order and chaos are organized using a simple equation.  Yet, still most do not see the entanglement of theses thinkers ideas to modern biology. Very few understand how the choice of light bulbs can be among one of the most dangerous choices the smartest primate evolution has created could make. Anything that ruins a feedback loop is inherently dangerous. 

Order and chaos emerge on their own in circadian biology as long as the system as a simple feedback loop present. If the feedback loop is perturbed at all, then the control of order or chaos is lost in a cell. This is why so many linear thinkers cannot fathom why I am right about how dangerous exogenous suppelements and drugs are. They all ruin the feedback loops that control order and chaos in a cell. Blue light at night and nnEMF all day long have the same effect on how cells self organize as the picture above shows.

The interesting thing about self organizing systems, like life, once chaos and order are tightly coupled complexity becomes possible.  This complexity can then be selected for or against.  This is how evolution funnels into these ideas too.  Evolution can precede bidirectionally if the balance of order and chaos is perturbed.  Those processes that effect these dynamics are in themselves feedback loops too.  The entire Darwinian scheme is linked to Turing’s 1951 paper on morphogenesis and few people understand the connection to feedback control.  You do not need thinking or consciousness to derive feedback control.  It comes from small stimuli that control patterns and cycles in cells that do it.

The evidence is everywhere for the non-linear thinker, but unfortunately the world is dominated by humans who have been taught how to think only in a linear fashion. Black Swans are different. They look for the link and then piece together the data to discover is this relationship confusing because the small stimulus present is the KEY cause of a loss of feedback in the system. Once they answer in the affirmative, they see the power of a small stimulus in a system to amplify massive changes in life from feedback disruption. This is why taking oral or IV gluthathione, NAD+analogs, and ALAN have very similar risks for cells in biology. This is the secret life of order and chaos in you as the picture below shows.

For example, let us use musical waves to mimic the point about light waves in our environment to hammer home this point. The great American jazzman Miles Davis once said that silence is the real music; the notes that surround it are merely the frame. You can hear this – or more accurately, you can sense it – most explicitly on a track called ‘What You Say’, from his On the Corner album. You can experience this yourself if you go to a rock concert at night with a large LED light show at night. (Below Chester Bennington of LinkinPark DEAD of suicide)

When you leave the concert you’ll be craving darkness and quiet…….You’d think these musicians would realize this and understand why so many musician die by their own hand so often because of how blue light and nnEMF at night cause their low dopamine state anddepression because of how they make their living but few of them every get the message. I hope you finally do.

Many have have called me crazy………I like that. It shows you just how far in front of their understanding I really am. 

When setting out on journey of understanding you should never rely on advice from those who have not yet left home. Being considered crazy is a complement to a Black swan because it points out just how your critics have remained vicitims/prisoners of their education and cultural conditioning. It is a profound compliment and a badge I enjoy because it undresses their linear thinking.





Time is basically an illusion created by the mind to aid in our sense of temporal presence in the vast ocean of space. This space is filled with currents that connect things and change things in ways few of us realize. Those electrical current vary electron clouds in us to allow our cells to perceive time by creating it. Light comes to us in a timeless fashion and few of us realize it. To see the past we must slow light down by observing it in some way. Without our cells to slow light down to create a virtual perception from these waves, the past and the future based on all our experiences, there is no actual existence of the past and the future. All that there is, is the present. As crazy as this seems, the reality is, time is always standing still because light photons are timeless; we are only changing because the things in us slowly light down and then time emerges for us to perceive. It is an illusion of our mind built by nature because of quantum weirdness.



Why does time perception vary between young and old animals in a species? The ability of a hyper-sensitive atomic lattice clock filled with time crystals is used and built by nature to determine small differences in light or in altitude is based on Einstein’s predictions in General and Special relativity. Protein crystals tick every time they are hit with light. It turns out the tock varies with the type frequency in the spectrum. In this way, time varies with the power of light ticking the crystalline protein. When it is Xrays or cosmic rays time moves faster than if the light is in the infrared when the proteins are coded for by DNA.



These universal laws predict that the farther one gets from the center of an attractor (like Earth), the faster time moves. Blue light spreads the cytochrome proteins further apart because freed Vitamin A destroys them, and this results in a non-linear collateral effect that changes matter in us. This occurs by making variable ROS/RNS, and as a result, time clicks faster in the proteins of our eye clock. The faster time moves, the older a living thing becomes. The slower the click is the younger something will remain. This showed us for the first time in human history that time truly was universally relative, but, it also shows how time relies on gravity to manifest. Gravity manifests when atoms come together and condense into something with a mass. What physics does not realize yet, that electromagnetic radiation that is highly powered can generate electric charge in matter and the resultant charge can draw matter together. Gravity is a mechanism to do this, but it is a flimsy force. The electromagnetic force draws matter together this way to innovate life. This is why MORE cosmic rays penetrate Earth more when the sun’s magnetic field drops.

This allows more cosmic radiation to enter the ionosphere to make clouds and cool Earth while making more water. Gravity is not needed in this cycle at all. In a sense, time, gravity, and the weather are all emergent properties of matter as different frequencies of light hit particles of matter in our environment!  It sounds hard to believe but it is true.



The orbit of Earth around the sun and the tilt of Earth create this unique electromagnetic anomaly to your common sense. The Earth orbit around the sun is not round, it is an ellipse. This means that it will be closer and further away in its travel around the sun in a year. This is called the perihelion. Currently, the Earth is closest to the sun in January. In fact, in January the Earth gets 7% more solar radiation because of this effect, but the Earth temperatures remain colder. Why does this anomaly exist? Well, the reason for this apparent anomaly is there is a second more powerful factor at work that changes the dynamics of the system as it turns out. In January the northern hemisphere, where most of the Earth’s landmass is is point away from the sun, even thought it is closer.

This tilts reduces the amount of solar radiation to the Northern hemisphere by close to 50% of the expected irradiation caused by the perihelion.

You should know that the perihelion is not set in stone on Earth either. The month it shows up varies over time. In fact, this determines when ice ages can occur and when they cannot. Right now the location of the perihelion is perfect for an ice age, but the other two cycles are not optimized to generate this effect. The angle of the Earth today is at 23.4 degrees, but the tilt must be at it most shallow number at 22 degrees when an ice age becomes possible. The thrid cycle that controls ice ages is linked to the shape of the Earth orbit. The ellipitcal shape varies in our path around the sun. When the orbit is at it most ellipitcal shape an ice age is more likely. All three cycles must be in phase for an ice age to occur. Today we are in a mid way position of our oval shape so an ice age is unlikely. This cycle is controlled by the cycles I wrote about in my book. We are about 60,000 years away from all 3 cycles being in alignment for the next ice age to begin.



The tilt of a planet is what creates circadian time in living systems and that circadian time is what codes for hydrated protein time crystals that will be useful on a particular planet. This helps explain why there is 500 known amino acids in biology, but on Earth life only uses 20 of them. Only our DNA codes for 20 of 500. have you ever stopped to ask yourself why?

It turns out how the sun’s electromagnetic spectrum varies as the solar system travels through space around the galaxy. Not even that variable is set in stone. The amount of cosmic radiation in space that our spiral arm in the Milky way sense where our solar system exists varies its power density as we speed through space. These things all have non-linear collateral effects on the living things on Earth, and the physics possible on the planet.

Even the tilt of Earth has massive implications for circaditan timing. When you see time this way, you begin to see just how relative time is on Earth, compared to other locations in the universe. This is the pathway of the Black Swan.




When gamma rays hit neutrons, new matter can be made.  This is how light matter interactions can create new reality.  Does this process happen in Earth?  Yes, it does…..clouds are made when cosmic rays from space hit things in our ionosphere and that collision causes electrostatic binding of particles in the ionsophere to form and they can become the initial seed needed to make a cloud.  This experiment was done and reproduced at CERN.  High energy light forms clouds that is the basis of the hydroglogy cycle on Earth.  This paper below from 1997 in Denmark is where it all began.



Svenmark noted the following when studying the sun as pictured below. When you superimposed the solar magnetic flux over ambient cosmic radiation you see almost a complete match. This means as sunspots go away, the sun’s magnetic field lowers its power, Earth gets bombarded by more cosmic radiation. It is also why the magnetic poles on Earth begin to vary. Today, this is happening in your own lifetime.



This implies as the sun’s magnetic field power drops clouds form in the ionsophere of the Earth and those clouds block terrestrial sunlight and this is what cools the planet.  It is also what condenses clouds over our oceans.  As hot water in the oceans rises the water vapor seeks to bond to the particles made by the cosmic radiation impacts on atmospheric gases.  If too many particles are created by the interaction of cosmic radiation with the gas atoms in the atmosphere clouds will be made but not enough water molecules will bind to these “water seeds” in the atmosphere and no rain will fall.  At the same time the planet will really cool tremendously.

Conversely if just the right amount of cosmic radiation makes it through to the Earth, particle amounts will be optimized and allow many evaporated water molecules to join the “water seeds” so they get heavy enough to fall to earth as rain. Rain occurs via electrostatic changes in the ionosphere.  This is why high latitude regions have more clouds but release less rain and why tropical zones have clouds that release a lot of rain.

The reason this happens shocks people.  What if I told you thunderstorm clouds are nature’s version of Chernobyl or Fukishima on Earth to make clouds?  Would you believe it?  It is true.  This radiation has benefits for living system who rely on the hydrology cycle of Earth.

Thunderclouds can unleash many types of radiation from the electromagnetic spectrum. One type of light they emit is X-rays.  Did you know that?   It’s the same type of radiation that I use as a surgeon in spine surgery to peek inside the body.  A related form of ionizing radiation, gamma radiation, can be hundreds of times or more energetic than X-rays. Most gamma rays in the universe come from solar flares, black holes or the explosive death of stars. But occasionally, “earthly thunderstorms” unleash a monster explosion of gamma rays in our atmosphere.

The discovery of these terrestrial gamma-ray flashes — or TGFs — initially caught scientists by surprise. Earth-orbiting spacecraft accidentally spotted some of these flashes in the 1990’s. At the time, those satellites had been looking for gamma rays from traditional sources outside the solar system when we found this little surprise.

TGFs flash roughly 1,100 times a day, according to recent estimates. Each lasts a mere fraction of a millisecond. But the energy released in that short flash is huge. It’s equal to the power needed to light more than 10 million 100-watt incandescent light bulbs.



Indeed, gamma-ray flashes are so big and spectacular that scientists had assumed only certain types of thunderstorms could trigger them. But at a recent 2014 meeting, researchers from the University of Alabama, in Huntsville, showed data that seem to disprove this.

They used a gamma-ray space telescope along with ground-based lightning detectors. With this duo, the researchers identified 24 coastal thunderstorms that produced TGFs. These storms had rumbled through Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Puerto Rico and Guam. With help from weather radars, the scientists studied features of each storm as it developed.  This is part of the reason I track weather radar for TGF’s and spikes in RF when 5G pulses turn on in a city.  I believe TGF’s will be more common in 5G areas based on the things I have been tracking.  The TGF’s seem to vary with solar magnetic effects tied to sunspots.  When sunspots are not present these storms in subtropics and tropical areas seem to get worse and rain increases tremendously.  We’ve seen this effect all over the Southeast this year as 5G was turned on.

Surprisingly, a thunderstorm’s intensity doesn’t seem to matter in the the generation of gamma rays.  I have a sense 5G will be capable of stimulating these non linear events too.  The researchers found all kinds of storms gave rise to TGFs.  This is why I fully expected the switch for 5G might do the same.  It appears my educated guess was correct.  Even thunderstorms so weak that a weather forecaster wouldn’t look twice at them triggered gamma rays in these weather studies.  Once I realized this in 2014 I began to really watch 5G cities and gamma ray bursts.  I saw a link with solar changes in magnetic flux.  The events over Santa Rosa California several years ago was eye opening example of this mechanism for me.  I believe, all these things were in play to start this electromagnetic chain of events.


The more one flies in the subtropics the more gamma rays and Xrays you are likely to experience.  This means flying in them carries larger biologic risks than most of us think.  It also means flying about 5 G cities or in between 5G cities might be one of the more risky things one can do in a 5G world.

Considering that lightning strikes Earth about four million times each day, though, even if only 1 in 100 produced gamma rays, it means a massive array of radiation is unleashed in the ionopshere as we travel in it.


Could we learn more?  It appears researchers and NASA think so because that is exactly what an research team did in 2015.

They took a commercial aircraft — a real one — equipped it with many different sensors and sent it right into a thunderstorm.  This program was sponsored by the Dutch national aerospace laboratory.  They developed a special monitoring system for the plane. They installed it on an Airbus A380. That’s the world’s largest passenger plane that was built by a consortium of EU countries. The system detected lightning strikes on the plane as it flew in the storms. It also assessed the strikes’ impacts on the aircraft as it rumbled through the skies. Other detectors and sensors aboard this plane measured X-rays and gamma rays emitted to the plane.

The plane’s crew endured more than five hours of severe turbulence on one flight as it steered the aircraft from southern France to northern Italy in 2015. In this daring flight, twenty lightning bolts struck the plane in this first-of-its-kind experiment. Another 42 bolts struck during four additional days of stormy travel.

The Airbus didn’t catch any TGF’s. However, this study was the first to measure X-rays in thunderclouds are REAL phenomena.  This has huge implications for the real causes of diseases in frequently fliers and the routes they commonly take.  I was always worried about circumpolar routes but I realized in 2015 that flights between 0-28 degree N or S latitude is now a big issue in a 5G world.


The amount of cosmic radiation that enters the polar regions and the equatorial regions is not equivalent either as the picture below shows.  It turns out the tilt of the Earth and the perihelion of the sun and Earth determine these effects.  The perihelion of the sun and Earth is also a dynamic variable on Earth.  The perihelion is how close Earth is to the sun as we revolve around the sun in our ellipitcal orbit.  Right now the Earth is closest to the sun in January and furthest from the sun in June based upon the cycles that control this process.  These process are all linked to circadian biology of our mitochondria in ways you might not realize.  The picture below shows you how heat at the poles varies as tilt varies during these cycles.  The tilt of our planet is also not fixed.  Your mitochondrial biology is built for these variations, and you do not even know it.  Tilt is the basis of how circadian biology was built on planet Earth.  I covered this topic in my book, The Epi-paleo Rx.



Could the tilt of the Earth lead to hot spots or migration of the magnetic poles on Earth?  Yes they can.  They can vary and occassional make hot spots at polar regions because of how tilt varies with heat dissipation at the poles.  HYPERLINK

Did you know that all circadian biology links back to the tilt of the Earth? Is the tilt at the poles constant? Does the tilt of the planet somehow relate to the sun in ways we fail to account for? Did you know that tilt varies in many ways that create non-linear relationships? What might the collateral effects before our species as they vary? Are the position of the sun at the tropics and the presence of the sun within the Arctic circle linked in ways that we have not yet connected to things that are alive?  Is this relationship related to other living things too in the polar regions? Is this why trees cannot exist above a certain latitude on Earth? If trees are not here what does this mean for oxygen in these areas?  Since oxygen is the terminal electron acceptor of mitochondria what does this mean for animals?   Is this why humans have trouble at these places? Is this why humans have troble living in abandoned bunkers doing biohacks?   Is this why there is a spot under Antarctica that is now real hot that science is impotent to explain? Might the evidence of this effect be found in your brain cells right now? Is this why ‘an Ancient Pathway’ in mammals exists because of varying radiation present on Earth?  Is this why Jack wrote about these anomalies years ago?

Could all this be why I wrote the Cold Thermogenesis 4 and 6 blogs?  Are those blogs like the “rings of tree”?  Are they able to tell us something about the quantum biology of the brain as the environment varies its radiation profile in mitochondria?  Radiation is not something to fear, it is something to understand when you are Black Swan.

Radiation = a form of light = and light a form of EMF right?   Well what does this picture now mean to you as a black swan in training?   



Radiation changes the matter in us……..and that matter changes reality.  That reality is called evolution in process.  This is how life really changes biology.  Darwin was really missing a lot when he made his leap of faith.


How varying radiation affects the hydrated protein time crystals in our cells teaches us a deep lesson about the risks we are going to face in a 5G world.  5G will bring us a new form of radiation to deal with.  How will it change these variables mentioned above?

So I linked a post about a hot spot under Antartica above…….what do you think might be causing it?

The linear thinker would be lead to quickly respond to the answer was a geothermal volcano. But a Black Swan would never assume this because it is too linear and easy. Nature never uses Occam’s razor in her recipes. There is nothing parsimonious about the photoelectric effect or the mass equivalence equation, is there? So what would be your guess is causing this “odd phenomenon” under our Southern Continent?

Human thinking is fools gold, when it comes to light. It falls prey to linear thinking and relationships far too often. Nothing about light or nature is linear.  For example, we’ve long assumed in our solar system that planets are formed outside stars in planetary discs “for the ‘obvious’ reason linked to our observations as humans – that’s where we find them.” in our telescopes. But then we forget about the similar relationship of creation found in our own species. Namely, we humans, equally ‘obviously,’ are outside our mothers as we live our lives – yet we did not start there!

We never stop to see this blind spot of linear thinking. We have observed the beginning of human life all the time in our own life as an internal process of fertilization and development  that becomes external at birth. With the planets in our solar system, since humans did not observe their creation, why do we assume how they are today are best explained by their current position?  Might the easy guess be wrong?  Might the tilt of planets offer us a clue on what the answer might be?

I do not think there is a geothermal unit under Antartica now at all. I think it is an electromagnetic effect tied to four variable effects of the Earth’s tilt between 21.5 and 24.4-degrees.  I think the fourth variable is the addition of electromagnetic pollution man has added to the the ionosphere that we are not accounting for in our models.  I believe the radiation on Earth connects us to the sun via the solar plasma.  I think the sun is able to sense these changes and the cycles might begin to show variations we did not expect.  Might this be why we have seen an unusual sunspot season recently?  Is this why there is a weird hotspot under the magnetic south pole?  I  believe this hot pocket varies as the tilt and the electromagnetic relationship of the sun the Earth varies.  We have strong recent data of massive migration of both the magnetic North and South Pole today in the current solar cycle. We also see the sun is now no longer on its normal 11 year cycle.  It looks like it is lengthening out to 13 years since 2005.  What do you think about all these things?

How do you think? Have you ever thought of how you think and how it affects your beliefs and perceptions? Are you a convergent or divergent thinker?

What drives your perspectives and perceptions about things you observe? What data holds your thoughts and imagination captive?

Now let me go deeper down this rabitt hole of light radiation with you.

The tilt of Earth creates a latitude map.  This map is geometric.  The tilt of our planet creates our seasons.  At the equator, were we evolved, the sun varies very little.  The further we go from the equator light varies greatly.  How is this situation coded for by our mitochondria?  How do plant chloroplasts handle this?

Your latitude determines the dose of terrestrial sunlight and radiation your colony of mitochondria receives.  This location affects your colony of mitochondria and this is codified in their electromagnetic footprint to create very specific chemicals as EMF’s vary.  The incident EMF they sense leads to a specific response in your cells.



Is this electromagnetic fingerprint buried in your skin color, your haplotype and SNP patterns? It turns out it is………….Look at the haplotype map below.



Note that were humans come from is firmly in the tropical zones. This means for 4-6 million years human ancestors have become used to a tropical climate. We left Africa about 70,000 years ago and this is when haplotype variations and skin changes occured.



It looks like all these things began to matter in us as we moved away from the equator.  It appears variation in humans might have become the way of life today just because of the tilt of Earth, doesn’t it???


Type one diabetes is growing by leap and bounds and it felt to be an “autoimmune” disease.  Is it really, or are all autoimmune conditions due to defects in solar radiation?

A plot of the incidence of type 1 diabetes vs. latitude demonstrated an impressive U-shaped curve. Children younger than 14 y during 1990–1994 in 51 regions worldwide demonstrated a 10–15 fold increase in risk for developing type 1 diabetes if they were born in far Northern and Southern latitudes



Although the exact mechanisms by which solar irradiation may reduce risk for autoimmune diseases are not fully understood we do know that vitamin D plays an important role in cellular immunity based on the copious papers in the literature.  Inactivated T- and B-lymphocytes are unable to respond to 1,25(OH)2D because they lack a VDR. Most physicians do not even know that our key immune cells do not have a VITAMIN D receptor.  However when they become activated BY SOLAR IRRADIATION, it is then they express a VDR and are now responsive to the immunomodulatory activity of 1,25(OH)2D.  So if you wear clothes, sunglasses and live indoors you should expect to get an autoimmune condition based on what we know………WHY ISN’T ANYONE TOLD THIS?



In B-cells 1,25(OH)2D downregulates immunoglobulin synthesis and B-cell memory. Thus by doing so, it REDUCES production of autoantibodies responsible for causing autoimmune diseases.   Anyone with pathologic antibodies needs more sun to turn off the process.  Why don’t the functional medicine guys labbing people up to the tune of thousands of dollars a month tell people this?  Planned obsolesce is my guess.

1,25(OH)2D also has a multitude of functions in activated T cells.  Did you know the skin of humans, where sunlight is supposed to hit, is where our largest colony of T-cells are located?  This means the sun has to program these cells.  If blue light does the coding guess what you get?  You get branded with an autoimmune condition.   This hormone decreases T cell proliferation as well as the number of Th1-Th17 lymphocytes while increasing T-regulatory lymphocytes by increasing the production of Th2-Th3 lymphocytes.  Isn’t it amazing how we work, and isn’t amazing how poorly clinicians know the basics?  1,25(OH)2D also directly influences the expression and synthesis of several immunomodulatory cytokines.  It activates close to 3-6% of the human genome.

Why is Sardinia an outlier here on my picture?  Might it be they are very tech addicted and have been early adopters of technology? 

^^^^This is BIG TIME warning for 5G radiation environment.  We will see 5G changing the solar redox maps for disease generation.  This is already happening in the USA with zipcodes and tech use and we are seeing it in hospital data for close to ten years now and no one seems to know why.  A Black Swan does see it. If your skin is not in nature’s game you should expect an autoimmune condition.

Its a huge deal when you consider that with any exogenous microwave use as 5G technology requires.  These waves of light will create manufactured storms in our local environments to make everything that is an insultor or a conductor far more conductive than normal.  This collateral non-linear effect makes jump conduction an even bigger problem for our skin.  5G adds microwaves to pulsed RF radiations to operate.  It turns out with pulse modulated signals will then be able to ride on all sorts of surfaces of living things like our skin and the ground itself to cause major problems. I have measured RF riding on the Mississippi River edge where the local homeless live and at the ocean shore break of all places during one of these electrical storms.   these homeless people have begun to all get autoimmune conditions, skin problems, and many allergic reactions according the local EMS and NOPD I have spoken too.  I know why it is happening now.  They don’t.  I have told the homeless to avoid this area.  I used my meters to convince them of the conduction from the local high tension electrical wires that run at the rivers edge.

Bouillon et al. summarized that 1,25(OH)2D downregulates pro-inflammatory cytokines and interleukins (IL) such as IL-2, IL-4, IL-8, IL-12, tumor necrosis factor-α, and interferon-γ and upregulates anti-inflammatory interleukins such as IL-10.



At high latitudes the shifting solar radiation is greatest and it appears our brain works poorly when the sun radiation varies most. This points out two key factors, namely, rebuilding wellness should always follow the path of solar redox as the first step. The human brain is our species energy hog. It needs the skin in the game all the time to make sure enough solar power is present to feed its addiction for sunlight. It suffers most when energy is dwindling from our surfaces. 5G will cause topologic collapse because of how this radiation affects surfaces. The effect will be great in the skin in brain in a 5G world. Our blood plasma rise toward our skin when the sun irradiates us. 40-60% of our blood volume increases with solar irradiation. The skin absorbs what the brain needs.



Our brain requires 20% of our cardiac output, yet only makes us 1% of our mass. No other intervention should ever get in the way treatment wise of solar redox when you understand these mitochondrial relationships. Anyone who puts detox of redox should be eliminated from your panel of experts in healthcare.



Is this why living things with complex brains have issues at these latitudes? Is this why trees do not grow above the 50th latitude? Is this why people at high latitudes get more mental illness than normal?

During exposure to sunlight after previtamin D3 is produced it will absorb solar UVB radiation and isomerize into two major photoproducts, lumisterol and tachysterol. Neither affect calcium metabolism, but both effect the immune system. In fact, nature built the skin so that we cannot overdose on UVB light but we can overdose on Vitamin D3 supplements.

When human skin is exposed to sunlight it can only convert approximately 15% of 7-dehydrocholesterol to previtamin D3. Any further exposure will result in a photoequilibrium whereby previtamin D3 is converted into lumisterol and tachysterol as well as revert back to 7-dehydrocholesterol. In addition when vitamin D3 is made from previtamin D3 in the skin if it is exposed to solar UVB radiation it will absorb UVB radiation and be converted into several suprasterols and 5,6-trans-vitamin D3. These chemicals all have health effects in humans they cannot get if they do not have their skin in the game. In addition previtamin D3 can also be converted to several toxisterols. Therefore no matter how much sun a human is exposed to vitamin D intoxication will not occur because any excess previtamin D3 and active vitamin D3 is photodegraded into products that have no calcemic activity!!!

These chemicals are how we control the microbiome of the skin that can lead to other diseases.

These myriad of photoproducts have other biologic effects that might interest you, such as regulating epidermal cell growth and reducing risk of skin cancer. This is how sun exposure reduces skin cancers by controling bacteria and by improving apoptosis. One product, lumisterol, if converted to 1,25-dihydroxylumisterol has anti-tumor effects in the skin microbiome. Some of the suprasterols also have antiproliferative activity in cultured human keratinocytes and immune cells. Therefore sensible sun exposure to produce previtamin D3, vitamin D3 and its photoproducts has some additional benefits above and beyond simply taking a vitamin D3 supplement or ingesting vitamin D3 from dietary sources. this is why where you live and how much skin you have in the game matters in a 5G world.

Is latitude a solar electromagnetic fingerprint of a “quantum code” created in the immune system to allow for certain bacteria in you, on you or in the soil that allows you and a tree to stand up tall in the Taiga? What happens at the top and bottom of the world in polar regions in darkness for months at a time when UV and IR light are ABSENT?

Bacteria can help or harm us. If you match your latitude and skin properly bacteria that help you prevent skin cancer manifest. See the picture below to see the relationship. Now we have documented proof of what I have taught my tribe of black swans for over a decade now. We now have proof the same thing is true on the human female breast, with respect to breast cancer flora too. This is why all of your skin must be in the game when you are out of the polar regions. These regions are the ones that have the most bizarre light effects and this is why life is sparse above the Arctic and Antarctic circles.

Naturally occurring bacteria on our skin affects by light we live under helps protect against skin cancer – This is more fuel to the fire to avoid stripping your skin of its natural bacteria with scrub brushes, soaps, oils, and beauty products. Covering your skin chronically in areas sets the tone for the cancer microbiome. It also means being indoors under fake light might be the real problem with skin cancers.



This picture below mimics one of my patient’s skin on her breast to make the point. After she had cancer on pale breast skin she got the message, she needed to have all her skin in nature’s game to control her bacterial flora.



The same effect happens to your microbiome in your gut too, with resepct to light.  If I am invited back to Vermont in 2019 I plan on blowing their mind yet again.

Our DNA genes are not as important as our daily light habits in our environment are in determining our gut microbiome. The Black Swan Mitochondriac wisdom has been gaining more proof that light environment controls our genes and those of our microbiome. This story is congruent with Jeff Leach’s work published this year on the Hazda in equatorial Africa. I wonder when researchers will gain the insight of how our ambient light environment controls most processes in us where the microbiome interacts with our surfaces?  even the Journal of Nature is waking up.   




Jeff Leach paper’s showed us all in 2017 that people who live in equatorial zones can eat anything and their microbiome does not change.  It appears their bacteria remain constant because the sun at the equator is constant.  So do we have any more people who criticized me flipping their story about food to light now?  Yes we do.

Why DIETS/nutrition data really stump “experts”?

Kessler states:

“The obesity problem is worse than we’ve thought. It creates a kind of metabolic chaos…And we are clueless. We have no idea what interventions work.”

Could this be that is because it is the light environment that dictates what is wise to eat and not what is available by modern standards.  This is what programs the mitochondrial nanomachines called cytochromes.

One of my readers put it wisely, “Ex-commissioner Kessler was saying, in a sugar-coated way, that the public at large is fucked by bad information. Being dependent on being told what is right and what is wrong has led most into a state of disease and subserviency. Dr. Nestle is beyond clueless and has succumbed to the Koolaid she’s been drinking for years. Most don’t realize that there is a choice. You can take the blue pill (laws of man) or the red pill (laws of nature). The truth is available to anyone who chooses to look. If you choose not to look then ye shall reap what ye sow.”



Now, let us go deeper………..what happens when cells are KEPT from the “invisible part” of the visible spectrum?  You do remember that our retina is blinded to UV and IR light didn’t you? What happens when that terrestrial solar light is physically absent on Earth because of the tilt of Earth?  The tilt of the Earth varies in cycles that traverse 41,000 years.  You do know that the further you go away from the equator the shorter days are right?   Do your eyes and skin become nonoperational in these cases? Is this why living things tend not to be fond of these locations because of how light varies so much?

I just gave a talk days ago in Mexico to a large audience of eye doctors and I used this video to explain how non-linear effects of light we do not see help improve the balance of power in the ateries of the retina and RPE to make it impossible to get a cataract or acute macular degeneration.  In the video, the wolf was the predator that changed the rivers in Yellowstone in a non-linear fashion.   Ask yourself what was the predator in my example for my audience of eye docs to show how we can improve the rivers of arteries filled with blood in the retina from the ophthalmic artery of the sick patients? It turns out it is the light we are blind to that does it.  If we saw it and observed it, this effect would never happen.   UVA and IRA light from AM sunlight transition is the “light predator” that the human eye must have to maintain its optimal health matrix.  What happens if you live in a place or make choices where you never see this transition?



This juxtaposition stunned the eye doctors because all of them were taught to believe, as I was in med school, that UV light was a predator stimulus like the wolf was thought to be in Yellowstone. It turns out this linear thinking was dead wrong when it was examined closely when unleashed in nature. Moreover, when I showed them the effect of how a “hidden light predator” from AM light could ‘tame” the retinal vessels and heal them because of the non-linear effects of UV and IR light our retina does not see on the fovea…….silence filled the room. When you know better, you can do better and think about your environment is a non-linear behavior I teach my tribe of misfits. UV and IR light act using a different meatbolism to do their dirty work too.  The fovea of the retina has to use a Warburg metabolism because there is no retinal arteries there.  UVA light is critical in this area of the retina to create nitric oxide which sharpens camera vision improves the eye clock functioning and reduces the chance that cataracts form. They key is understanding where this transition occurs in your own life based on your light choices. No two eyes are the same.

What happens if the non linear part of the spectrum are absent because of the tilt of the Earth since you live above the arctic circle?  or you work indoors because you work when the UVA/IRA transition happens?

You get AMD, glaucoma, and cataracts.

Why are no trees above the 59th latitude on Earth? Might it be why the hot spot exists in Antarctica today? It appears life can transmit energy and information well………but can it originate it? The hot spot and the mystery of the 59th latitude is a big hint that light is the key to the mystery.

My speculation is simple and linked to photosynthesis.  If the invisible part of visible light is absent for too long a period of time a chloroplast cannot use water with CO2 to make sugar or the wood a tree trunk makes.  Conversely, a mitochondria cannot break food down to CO2 or water if light is absent too long either.  Therefore life is wholly dependent on the light our retina is blind too. It turns out the quirks of the tilt of the Earth lead me to this belief.  Life cannot exist without these frequencies of light.

Just as a tree cannot make wood in its trunk without light, life cannot make water in their mitochondria to sustain metabolic proteins that need a specific type of water.  Life makes water from light using the mitochondrial matrix…….and it is the UV and IR light that DOES THIS for complex life…….but plants need CO2 and light to ignite the life from abiotic atoms via its organizational power tied to energy and information. More proof/fuel for the fire that food gurus have absolutely no clue that a broken mitochondrial engine at the cytochrome level is a far bigger deal than food macronutrients are????  I think so.

When cytochrome one in the matrix is defective, diabetes is just ONE of the possible diseases that manifest in humans. Where the damage occurs determines the disease phenotype. Excessive blue light exposure and nnEMF can cause this effect MOST FREQUENTLY. Cytochrome 1 is made from the NAD+/NADH couple.
NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase (complex I) plays a central role in the respiratory electron transport chain by coupling the transfer of electrons stripped from carbohydrate foods. This occurs when the food electrons are passed to NADH and onto ubiquinone (CoEnQ10). This helps create the proton gradient across the mitochondrial membrane matrix necessary for ATP synthesis via the proton channel in the ATPase. Understanding the atomistic details of the electronic wiring of all Fe/S clusters in complex I have been revealed by using the tunneling current theory and computer simulations.
It turns out both density functional theory and semiempirical electronic structure methods have been used to examine antiferromagnetically coupled spin states and corresponding tunneling wave functions to understand how variations in electrons are handled by cytochrome 1.
Distinct electron tunneling pathways between neighboring Fe/S clusters have been identified; the pathways primarily consist of two cysteine ligands and one additional key residue.
Internal water between protein subunits is identified as an “essential mediator” enhancing the overall electron transfer rate by almost three orders of magnitude to achieve a physiologically significant value. That water is made by cytochrome 4 = cytochrome C oxidase and it is deuterium depleted by design to allow for these key quantum interactions.

These key cysteine residues were further characterized by sensitivity of electron transfer rates to their mutations, examined in simulations, and their conservation among complex I homologs.
The unusual “electronic structure properties” of Fe4S4 clusters in complex I EXPLAIN their remarkable efficiency of electron transfer.  Moreover, it is NOT THE FOOD that one eats that determine the atomic interaction at all. Foods are just substrates of electrons and protons in the molecular machines and not the key actors. It is about time we wake up to these realities because now researchers can examine them.

In the early days of biochemistry, science was blinded to these actions, so it was natural to “GUESS” food mattered. Today, we know better but this information has yet to have a clinical impact or made the textbooks. There is nothing special about food electrons but there is something very sensitive and specific (quantized) about how the cysteine residues act electronically in the cytochromes.  they appear to be built to work in a highly specific way to vary electric charge in the rings of carbons of cysteine.  This electronic signature is why cytochrome q  makes superoxide in ways that it does. The pulse of superoxide is quenched and controlled by another chromophore protein called melanin. Melanin is a UV absorbing protein made of the aromatic amino acid tyrosine which also has a submolecular elctronic fingerprint.

It is remarkable that the most fundamental energy-generating machinery in atomic lattice of the cytochromes in MITOCHONDRIA is based on the WAVE properties of electrons and protons.  This allows for an efficient electronic transport of energy-carrying particles along the chain of redox cofactors toward molecular oxygen via quantum tunneling. What is even more striking is that both electrons and protons also use tilt (spin) in this process as they move and that is life’s fractal nature making its appearance in this blog. Melted water at the pole is tied to tilt and light in non linear ways that most won’t even coming close to guessing. They’ll always guess the hot spot is caused by a volcano.

Without photosynthesis possible at polar regions is there any food web? Nope. Without a source of electrons can a mitochondria move protons? Nope. Is this why sun light is needed for light?  Does this mean that cells are really perpetual motion machines for electrons and protons?  Yes.   Is this why the varying light at our poles link to planetary tile to teach us something very fundamental about life that we’ve missed in biology?

I think so.


If you focus on the fuel, food, and neglect the fidelity of the engine you’ll never understand how biology operates electronically. Tilt of the axis of Earth is the source of all the quirkiness in circadian biology. This non-linear relationship should astound you. When you think about it…….really think about it as I have done for 15 years you begin to see how the process links the environment to cellular processes.

Circadian rhythms provide a selective advantage by anticipating organismal cyclic needs and guaranteeing optimal metabolic capacity during active hours when the sun is out. It is wholly dependent on the invisible parts of the terrestrial spectrum of the sun. If those hours are in the sun the clocks work differently if they are in the darkness and nocturnal. Impairment of circadian rhythms is associated with increased risk of type 2 diabetes and emerging evidence suggests that metabolic diseases are linked to perturbed clock machinery and not the fuel source at cytochrome 1.

It appears the certain fuels operate the matrix better when cytochrome 1 is defective. That is it should not be carte blanche to vilify foods, as most LCHF people do. It should be the reason you learn more about the cytochrome engines that are defective because of a broken circadian mechanism. When you realize this is all tied to our planet’s tilt, you just fall back into a chair. This is the Black swan perspective. The circadian clock regulates many transcriptional–translational processes influencing whole cell metabolism and particularly mitochondrial activity.  It uses light variations to get the job done.


Most people have no Earthly idea these non-linear effects of light really affected how life was built from foundation blocks of matter found on Earth too.  Consider a pyrimidine base found in DNA.  If they look at a pyrimidine base in DNA they would see the pyridine ring is made of 5 equally charged carbon atoms and a single nitrogen atom that has a relative postive charge to the neutral carbons as the picture below shows.



The varying electric charge tells us that each atom in the base ring of this molecule experiences time differently when light radiation interacts with it but few of us realize it. The positive charge of nitrogen causes the ring to develop a dynamic positive valency of all the solo atoms in the pyridine ring. It turns out this change in nitrogen is important in the formation of clouds from cosmic radiation too. Nitrogen in the atmosphere is triple bonded. Cosmic radiation is capble of breaking it up and in that collision, the electricity created in the collision creates the electrostatic binding that makes the “water seeds” needed to allow rain to be made to allow photosynthesis on Earth to occur. Remember that the ring structure of life also uses nitrogen too in its core. Might this be how sunlight is first changed into life’s first electric signal allowing atoms to become biotic?



You need to look at the whole of the ring of pyrimidine over the atoms to see what nature is really up to, as she creates the arrow of time in the living state. It is not what most people think. Photons from our star or from space come to our pyridine rings in a TIMELESS state. Why?

Photons do not experience time. They are packets of energy that have no mass and must constantly move. Photons interact with electrons in matter. All parts of the spectrum interact with matter differently. This allows for different changes in matter that a cell can use.



Once the photon interacts with the electrons ring time manifests and it manifests in a way tied to how this charge is distributed in the DNA base ring. The classic formula and 2-D drawing of the pyrimidine chemical ring above gives you an idea of shape and chemistry it never reveals why or how nature is really using it. This is why medicine is fundamentally blind to the actions of light in most things in biology.

The 2-D formula tells and predicts the dipole moment of the ring but the atomic diagram gives every chemical a personality and profile that has a high degree of specificiity and sensitivity we call its quantization. A molecule ability to be quantized and coherently controlled by our sun is what makes life possible. Atoms grouped together in this way begin to behave collectively and coherently in ways that examining the parts would never reveal……..this is why nature is a mystery to modern science. They have no idea how the changing charge of atoms alters atomic structure to make abiotic atoms behavior collectively to become biotic and assume a time stamp as the light that programs matter slows. It is only when light slows that the arrow of time appears.



It turns out how the electric charge is made and varies is the key to understanding what nature is doing inside of cells.

Thunderstorms and 5G can alter the charge in cells therefore they all have biologic effects.  One does not need ionization to change life’ trajectory.  The entire spectrum has different ways to change the gear shifts in cells.  It is time we wake up to it.

This is why the NTP study showed 2G RF radiations could cause cancer in nocturnal animals.  This is our wake up call……..will we get it?



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