Science gets interesting when you link it to life.  Recently on my Patreon blog, I have been linking a story of how deuterium links to life to make a difference in the reality we observe.  Deuterium is not a bad thing all the time.  In fact, when it comes to receptor biology, drug effect, neurotransmitter release, fecundity you begin to see there is no shortage of ways in which an extra neutron perturbs and helps life by altering the lifespan of a molecule.

This is why life is incredibly complex.  How a small simple change in a proton can really change many things we take for granted that bio-chemistry believes is true.  When you add a neutron to protons many things change in biochemistry in ways we fail to account for.  A two-fold mass gain decreases the bond length and increases bond strength. We fail to realize that temperature affects how hydrogen reacts hydrogen bonding networks suspended in an aqueous environment.

This ultimately changes a number of physical and chemical properties, including molar volume, polarity, electron donation, Van der Waal’s forces, dipolar moment, and lipophilicity. For example, deuterated caffeine is known to elute faster in the lab on a gas chromatograph mass spectrometer. This means this kind of coffee and can a much larger effect of caffeine on its adenosine receptors in the brain.  



This means deuterium in the wrong or right place in a molecule can change the reality of what could happen.



It appears the body has a tight quality assurance control program for how it uses and does not use deuterium over H+.  A coffee bean is a seed of the coffee plant and the source for coffee. Coffee is a C3 plant.  This means it has the most deuterium content based upon how photosynthesis parses deuterium using chloroplasts. Despite the classification as C3, coffee plants may display some interesting features concerning leaf anatomy and photosynthetic rates.  It is the pit inside the red or purple fruit often referred to as a cherry. Just like ordinary cherries, the coffee fruit is also a so-called stone fruit.  Fruits of plants are loaded with deuterium to control the growth of an immature plant into the adult form.

With deuterium laced coffee, a biohacker might even imagine trying to capture nature’s most elusive super buzz by drinking it and then turn around and sell that to an unassuming market to create a super addicting product.  The same is true for pills, Rx, and supplements and foods. In fact, depending on which of caffeine’s methyl groups were originally deuterated by the manufacturer’s processing, the cytochrome 450 enzymes that kick off its transformation in your liver (ultimately to formaldehyde) would likely balk at the enzymatically more resistant C-D bonds. This will delay the formation of some metabolites, creating a relative preponderance of others leading to effects that one would not see with standard non-deuterium laced coffee.  The coming age of quantum biology holds a cornucopia of effects we ignore today that have massive effects.  These effects can defy common intuition and common sense.



Did you know adenosine is the key signal for the human brain to enter the sleep phases where heteroplasmy rates are lowered? Did you know that heteroplasmy rates are lowered when we deuterium deplete our tissues? Did you know that deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen??? Do you know that the molecular formula for adenosine is: C10H13N5O4 Guess what happens if those 13 hydrogens are more deuterium and less H+?

You cannot sleep……..and the more of those hydrogens that are dueterium the closer you get to INSOMNIA and no ability to regenerate your tissues? You’ll believe you need a supplement pills the more deuterium you collect and you’ll get worse if you listen to them. Did you know warm water collected deuterium because of its kinetic isotope effect? Did you know coffee has caffeine in it? Did you know caffeine reduces sleep pressure (which is supposed to start low in the morning and peak shortly after sunset) and delays melatonin onset (Burke et al., 2015). Did you know caffeine is an adenosine antagonist? This means it ruins sleep! Could it be that caffeine in warm water increases deuterium content in the water you’re drinking while adding more adenosine molecules in your body ruining sleep? Could this be why people who drink a lot of coffee can’t sleep and think they need melatonin supplements to sleep too?

Just because you did coffee before without any issues matters little because you body has never faced the coming onslaught of 5G. That is why what you’ve done before as a mitochondriac might have to be completely retooled soon.



Did you know that the accumulation of adenosine loaded with protium and not deuterium in the brain throughout the day is thought to be a chemical mediator of sleep pressure? Did you know that caffeine use also delays and reduces melatonin action? Did you know melatonin pills augment the glycemic response in cells driving insulin higher and increase ubiqutin levels and leads to mitochondrial swelling? Did you know when mitochondria swell in your eyes because of the pills that it thins your retina? Did you know that in the AM nature says we’re supposed to have SUNLIGHT and FOOD not MELATONIN pills because the pills thin our retina and sunlight and protein thicken it and keep it normal?



Did you know a high protein AM meal optimizes the Vitamin A cycle in the retina? Did you know all opsin in the eye are bound to an retinol (Vitamin A)?  Did you know Vitamin A defects are associated with all diseases linked to a broken circadian mechanism?  Coffee is often associated with the development of adrenal fatigue by functional medicine docs on an adrenal stress index from a 0G-4G world.  How does this happen?  Adrenal fatigue links to the paraventricular nucleus in the brain (PVN). The PVN increases the sympathetic stress response.

Deuterium depletion is enhanced by the effects of high altitude and colder temperatures to stimulate heat release in mitochondria making high altitude (5000m >) glacier water some of the most naturally deuterium depleted waters in the world, with concentration levels between approximately 15-60 PPM.

You’ll notice when you embrace cold in your environment higher amounts of saliva produced after cold water immersion. Does it have anything to do with deuterium depletion or the autonomic nervous system? Yes, it does. With cold exposure you will urinate more.  If you checked the urine with a mass spectrometer you would see it had a lot of deuterium in it.  Why?  Urination is another parasympathetic process (vagal) because it facilitates heat release from mitochondria under cold exposure.   Heat stimulate cells to use H+ in their environments over deuterium.  The parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system functions with actions that do not require immediate reaction. A useful mnemonic to summarize the functions of the parasympathetic nervous system is SSLUDD (sexual arousal, salivation, lacrimation, urination, digestion, and defecation)

Sympathetic activation by using coffee can cause deuterium assimilation in the cytosol and matrix to affect the urea cycle and the TCA flux rate.

Light information is captured exclusively by the skin and eyes using specialized retinal photoreceptors and transduced directly to the SCN via a dedicated neural pathway, the retinohypothalamic tract (RHT).  The skin and retina use the same opsins to signal light information to the brain.  Each day the light-dark cycle resets the internal clock, which in turn synchronizes the physiology and behavior controlled by the clock.

The major biochemical correlate of the light/dark cycle is provided by the pineal melatonin rhythm. Under normal light-dark conditions, melatonin is produced only during the night, by using sunlight captured in biogenic amines during bright sunlight during the day to power the effect while ridding us of deuterium. Moreover, it provides an internal representation of the environmental photoperiod, specifically night length.

This pathways in the retina and skin also helps yoke the Vitamin A cycle in the photoreceptors to the environment in this way. Vitamin A and the B vitamins thiamine, niacin, and riboflavin are strongly fluorescent under UV light. This is why the B vitamins are used in the TCA cycle where NADH/NAD+ is a 340 nm fluorophore protein. These two cycles (Vitamin A and D) in the brain and skin become coupled correlated substrates that allow the brain to predict the future by trendsetting or ‘thin slicing’ light frequencies using photochemical cycles in out tissues.  It does this by ordering hydrogen into its quantum spin state.  Deuterium has a different spin number and magnetic moment and this is why it is handled differently than H+ under the power of sunlight.

Did you know coffee and melatonin pills ruin this coupling of melanopsin and Vitamin A in the retina and skin/fat?  Did you know it affects the neuropsin UVA receptor in your cornea and skin that link to Vitamin A?   Did you know a low melatonin level also cause an increase in heteroplasmy rate in the colony of mitochondria in you? Did you know the lower your melatonin levels the more you need sleep and AM sunlight exposure ? Did you know in the PM, if you have not experienced at least 8 hours of melatonin action on your mtDNA to lower heteroplasmy system wide, that more insulin MUST BE MADE? Did you know that excess insulin is not enough to maintain normal blood sugars? Do you think that is risk free?


The risk benefit ratio for coffee is going to change in a 5G world.  In a 0G-4G world coffee could be thought of as a potential benefit.  In a 5G world it might be deadly because of the changes that a ruined circadian mechanism has on deuterium fractions in your mitochondria.  You need to consider that as the technology networks change around you. 

Today, coffee alone is a major cause of a circadian phase delay in humans. This should get you to realize that in today’s modern blue lit 4G environments that most of us should be avoiding a plant with high deuterium content.  Few of us live under the power of the SUN.  the sun depletes us of deuterium and blue light causes us to assimilate it.  Coffee has a positive vibe to it in our world.   Have you every realized that because of all of the above,  maybe why we think we need that coffee?  That need and desire is tied to how you use blue light and nnEMF to excess in your life.  5G is going to exacerbate this effect and not lesson it.

If you were wise,  you’d back off of coffee now before you are combating 5G in your hacks.






The Bohr effect hinges around the electromagnetic allosteric interactions between the heme molecules of the hemoglobin tetramer.  The Bohr effect a decrease in the amount of oxygen associated with hemoglobin and other respiratory compounds in the inner mitochondrial membrane in the cristae in response to a lowered blood pH resulting from an increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood.  Recall that in humans, CO2 levels, and not oxygenation stimulate breathing rhythms in the brain.

This effect is tied to a lowered blood pH (more acid = higher H+ or deuterium) resulting from an increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood.  As the exclusion zone (EZ) is built by the collision of sunlight with the water in blood plasma and in our cells, H+ is excluded from the quasicrystal lattice of the EZ,  and this increases CO2 to create headaches and cognitive decline in people.  This is why these symptoms are exploding now.  Most people live a life where too little sunlight is assimilated and this means the pH in the blood is no longer optimal.  The less sun you get the better your breathing mechanics must be to remain far from equilibrium.  This makes our cells act like a dissipative quantum structure.


The higher the power density of nnEMF/blue light is the more dominant the Bohr effect becomes.  As the Bohr effect becomes more dominant, it becomes the key etiology for keto- adaptation.  This is a false narrative.   Fat oxidation from a dietary change results in the creation of water and CO2 in cells and the blood.  We forget this basic physiologic fact of life.  So, when you go ketogenic by fat burning, it massively raises CO2 levels.  Those levels stimulate breathing more optimally.  This means if there is not a resultant CO2 spike in your blood with a dietary change you know you have a serious heteroplasmy rate issue in your mitochondria.



Cold exposure raises CO2 levels normally if mitochondrial function is decent.  If mitochondrial function is not optimized or you hack this in blue light you will notice higher spikes of glucose in your blood.   Moreover, the experience of the astronauts living in space, has taught us big time lessons.  In this environment,  nnEMF power densities is off the charts, it also raises metabolism of both fat and glucose simultaneously.  Blood tensions of CO2 are affected by the cardio pulmonary system or when mitochondrial metabolism is decreased and altered.  This is associated with an altered phosphate/oxygen ratio (P/O) and a lowered voltage on the inner mitochondrial membrane (called delta psi).  Since carbon dioxide reacts with water to form carbonic acid, an increase in CO2 results in a decrease in blood pH.  This results in hemoglobin proteins releasing their load of oxygen. Conversely, a decrease in carbon dioxide provokes an increase in pH, which results in hemoglobin picking up more oxygen.

H+ is hydrogen proton with its electron stripped.  Deuterium is a proton with a neutron in the nucleon with its electron stripped.  Both can act as a metal plasma in this state without their electrons.  The key difference between both is their magnetic moment.  We now know from research that the relaxation rate of water protons in a given tissue may become dependent on the interactions that ANY metal complex is able to set up with other substrates.   This is why we use gadolinium metals as contrast agents in MRI.  It turns out that deuterium can also act as a contrast agent in T1 imaging because of its kinetic isotope effect in hemoglobin.  This implies that deuterium content in our blood plasma may have a dramatic effect on how hemoglobin can operate to deliver oxygen and CO2 properly in humans.  Heavy deuteration from nnEMF power density would simulate pseudohypoxia in tissues in space or on Earth in environments loaded with nnEMF.  David Sinclair paper in December of 2013 linked pseudohypoxia to low NAD+ states and all diseases of aging.  This is consistent with what astronauts have experienced in space with regards to their health.  They all seem to age faster in space than Einstein’s law’s or relativity suggests.

The magnitude of the Bohr effect is usually given by the formula Δ log (P50)/ΔpH.  Hemoglobin can bind to oxygen and to protons as the video above shows.  What the video missed is the effect of deuterium replacement with hydrogen in their cartoons.  Why?  Deuterium has a much higher binding affinity to hemoglobin and to oxygen than light hydrogen does due to its kinetic isotope effect.


This means that the fractionation of H+/deuterium becomes very important. Recall that in space the an increased power density of nnEMF favors deuterium assimilation in our tissues over H+ assimilation for many reasons.



This will have a huge effect on how metabolism in mitochondria work and it will also effect temperature changes in the blood necessary for a proper melatonin cycle and cortisol cycle in astronauts.  These are the key features of why space travel is so dangerous to humans.

Here, P50 refers to the partial pressure of oxygen when 50% of hemoglobin’s binding sites are occupied. The formula is obtained by plotting the logarithm of this measurement on a graph at various pH levels, yielding a line with slope equal to Δlog(P50)/ ΔpH

Interestingly, Bohr effect strength exhibits an inverse relationship with the size of an organism: the magnitude of the Bohr effect increases as size and weight decreases (mass increase).  This has massive implications for humans with more mass from a higher deuterium fraction in their bodies compared on a relative basis with light hydrogen.


For example, mice possess a very strong Bohr effect, with a Δlog(P50)/ΔpH = value of 0.96, which requires relatively minor changes in H+ or CO2 concentrations to cause seismic physiologic changes, while elephants require much larger changes in concentration to achieve a much weaker effect  Δlog(P50)/ΔpH = 0.38.  This means mice will not tolerate space or high power density environments well, but fatter larger animals will.  Could this be why the obesity epidemic is really happening?  Might it be a protective mechanism to the amount of nnEMF we are using for communication?



The key point to understand is that any tissue or animal with a higher metabolic rate will be subject to the effect of deuterium to a much larger degree than we would expect.  This is why Scott Kelly had so many issues with cognitive function in space when his CO2 levels were pushed to the limit by the CO2 scrubbers used in the ISS.  It also underpins why his return to Earth has not gone well.

The Bohr effect is tightly coupled to metabolic scaling laws of Kleiber (mito matrix kinetics) but animals that eat a ton of DHA PUFA who inhabit cold environments tend to break these quantum rules we have seen in the literature.  So far NASA does not seem to realize the benefits of seafood for human space travel due to the power density effect on the Bohr effect.


An exception to the otherwise well-supported link between animal body size and the sensitivity of its hemoglobin to changes in pH was discovered in 1961 in sea mammals.  Based on their size and weight, many marine mammals were hypothesized to have a very low, almost negligible Bohr effect. However, when their blood was examined, this was not the case.  This allows them to get rid of all their oxygen when they dive deep in water when oxygen is not present.  We know water is a natural Faraday cage and it transfer heat 24 times more than air does so this likely causes them to be the exception rather than the rule.  The cold anoxic environment are stimulating physiologic changes to make their hemoglobin hold onto oxygen with more affinity than would happen in air.  Cite 3 below goes into the complex chemistry why this happens.   This is why humans might want to keep a body of water close to them in a 5G world while doing their hacks or exercise.  They can use this effect as 5G takes hold.

Another special case of the Bohr effect occurs when carbon monoxide is present in the environment or tissues. This molecule serves as a competitive inhibitor for oxygen, and binds to hemoglobin to form carboxyhemoglobin. hemoglobin’s affinity for CO is about 250 times stronger than its affinity for O2, meaning that it is very unlikely to dissociate from Hb, and once bound, it blocks the binding of O2 to that subunit.  Methylene blue is very helpful in carbon monoxide poisoning just as it is helpful in heavy deuteration in the mitochondrial matrix.  CO acts with O2 in a very similar way that deuterium does with oxygen via its kinetic isotope effect.  D-O bond is 10.6 times stronger than the H+-O bond.

How does cold improve immune regulation??? One fallacy I’d like to slay from the Internet is that it is brought on by breathing pattern. This is a false narrative built by Wim Hoff. It works on a bio-physical mechanism within the WBC’s which are normally loaded with deuterium to help boost immune response. This means that WBC have more deuterium in them to raise temperature to affect immune function and proton flows.  So today I’d like to give you education on both sides of the equation. I truly like Wim Hoff and I love that he brings humans back to nature in the cold I just am not in love that he has no earthly idea why what he does works.

Wim apparently doesn’t know:  that heavy “in and out breathing”, as he teaches is beneficial.  It is not.  This method significantly reduces carbon dioxide in the blood making blood more alkaline and that hemoglobin in alkaline blood has a harder time releasing oxygen to the tissues than in normal blood (which is slightly alkaline).

Due to the Bohr Effect, hypocapnia causes cerebral hypoxia which sounds dangerous and opposite to what Wim Hof states in his classes. It causes headaches and cognitive haze that submariners and astronauts get.  Just two parts per million increase in CO2 can cause this in space.  NASA uses 2 ppm for its CO2 scrubbers and cosmonauts use 6 ppm for their scrubber’s causing problems for astronauts who return from the ISS in a Soyuz space capsule like Scott Kelly did last year.  This is why cosmonauts use much less water during re entry and take a ton of salt instead.  Astronauts drink a ton more water with salt but they need to rely on wearing a diaper during re entry because of the fluid shifts that occur when they come back into gravity and inside the magnetosphere from the vaccum of space.  Ironically, this difference in technique between space workers in Russia and the USA is a big tell why some people urinate too much at night and those who do not.  Wim’s breathing technique resembles what Kelly faced in his space return and also sounds similar to the childhood fainting game that aims to create euphoria or giddiness.

In humans, the primary urge to breathe comes from CO2 receptors in the brain when they sense that there is too much CO2 in the blood.  We are very sensitive to this and become more sensitive to CO2 when our cell membranes are DHA deficient.  It turns out we know that deuterium also cause massive turnover of cell membranes and depletes of DHA as well.  This maybe the key reason why seafood is irreplaceable in a 5G world.   It also maybe why NASA is now pushing its astronauts to take DHA supplements with them into space.  So far the supplements have not helped and I have a sneaking suspicion why is related to the deuterium content of the fish oil when it was manufactured.    Wim happens to be a vegetarian and a smoker.  Therefore he has little DHA and lots of CO in him.  This state is not the state of most of his clients and not too many of them know it.  This is why I would never go train with him.  I choose to do it the way nature built us to work.  But it does point out one great thing.  Cold is massive helpful to humans living on Earth surface now in a 4G world.  Wim gets this one very correct.


Therefore, being able to maintain a long breath-hold after heavy “in and out breathing” doesn’t mean that the body has been flooded with oxygen; instead the ability to have a long breath-hold is primarily because the urge to breathe has been lessened due to low CO2 signal in the blood. How cold immunity works is linked to deuterium motions between immune cells and blood plasma.  Moreover, it is related to the fact that immunogenic proteins in us are reacting to the power density of the environment around us, and this is what activates epitopes inside of us to increase immunity or decrease immunity.  This is why the power density increases of today are linked to autoimmunity and to autism in my humble opinion.

When you know better, you can begin to do better.





Scott Kelly.  “Endurance”. My one year in space.  2017.






I have a sense when 5 G is released this blog will be the most important one people will search.  Why?  In it has most of the key mito-hacks that one will need to consider to offset electromagnetic diseases linked to 5G exposure.

Blood is magnetohydrodynamic fluid. What does this mean to the ‘mitochondria’??  Oxygenated blood is repelled by the magnets.  This means oxygenated blood is diamagnetic within the hemoglobin molecule.



Diamagnetic materials are repelled by a magnetic field; an applied magnetic field creates an induced magnetic field in them in the opposite direction, causing a repulsive force.  You saw this visually above.  Water is a diamagnetic material.  It makes up 93% of blood.  Superconductors are considered perfect diamagnets (χv = −1), because they expel all fields (except in a thin surface layer) due to the Meissner effect.  When water ‘gains the ability‘ to absorb more electric or magnetic flux from sunlight it becomes like a superconductor.  This helps man when he steps barefooted on Earth and when his surfaces are exposed to the sun.  The result is always seen in the shape of the curve of his cortisol and melatonin curves on an adrenal stress index.

People in medicine now know that children have an innate advantage to remain healthy and young because their blood is MORE magnetically sensitive to sunlight and to a connection with the planet.  This makes it more able to bond to oxygen and deliver oxygen to mitochondria. This is the basis of all parabiotic studies.  Blood transfusions from younger people are beneficial for oxygen delivery.  These abilities are linked to size and shape changes in red blood cells (RBC’s) that have specific names tied to altered cell membrane changes.

Shape variations of RBC’s are known to occur upon exposure to various drugs (MB) or under diseased conditions. The commonly observed shapes are called discocytic, echinocytic, and stomatocytic.

Echinocytes in human biology, refers to a form of red blood cell that has an abnormal cell membrane characterized by many small, evenly spaced thorny projections as the arrows below show.



Echinocytes in human biology and medicine, refers to a form of red blood cell that has an abnormal cell membrane characterized by many small, evenly spaced thorny projections. The liver is the organ Dr. Doug Wallace has likened to the sun inside the human system because it is a giant hydrogen fuel source. Echinocytes are found in hyperlipidemia caused by liver dysfunction, because the lipids themselves do not integrate into the membrane. It appears the electromagnetic foot print of the environment is magnetic stored in the HDL/LDL level of the blood plasma. High HDL levels tell us that our liver and blood can harness more magnetic flux from the sun via the sun by way of the skin and eyes. IT appears that cell surface receptors on the red blood cells bind with HDL cholesterol which induces the shape change of echinocytes.

These cells have been also shown to develop in vivo during human hemodialysis. They disappear immediately at the end of the procedure. The level of echinocytosis appeared to be related to the increase in blood viscosity that occurs during hemodialysis. This tells us that dialysis at its core is an electromagnetic treatment. Most nephrologists appear to be unaware of this. A quantum clinician should be aware of it. Dialysis might be a key treatment in a 5G world. Adding a teenager blood during the treatment will extend the effect.



The formation of echinocytes is seriously determined by electric field pulses from the environment.  Why do I have a deep disdain for Tesla?  AC current are devastating to blood cells and this is why the power grid exposures are linked to so many leukemia’s and lymphoma’s.  This was the basis of Dr. Judy Wertheimer’s studies mentioned in Dr. Becker’s books.  Alternating electric current produces modifications in the membranes of red blood cells, attributed to a higher permeability to water and a decreased tonicity, leading to the transformation into echinocytes.  This is why excessive use of salt, and DDW water might be a key strategy in a 5G world.



The discocytic RBC’s can be transformed to echinocytic or stomatocytic shape under different electromagnetic conditions in the environment.  This has huge implication to the quantum clinician.  We can see the evidence of redox changes in mitochondria in patients by knowing what to look for in their RBC’s morphology.  This is evidence of a change in their redox potential and the zeta potential in their blood.  Right now only dark field microscopy has made a presence in medicine, but this is a very crude way to tell the clinician about changes in the viscosity of blood and changes in the electromagnetic potential of platelets and RBC’s in the circulatory system.  There is a better way to examine blood that I believe will become imperative in a 5G blue lit world.  The use of Raman spectroscopy will become very popular in future virtual private hospitals run by quantum clinicians because of the information in this blog.

The Raman spectra of the three major shape variations, namely discocyte, echinocyte, and stomatocyte, of RBCs were studied while subjecting the cells to oxygenated and deoxygenated conditions. Analysis of the recorded spectra I’ve examined has suggested to me that an increased level of hemoglobin (Hb)-oxygen affinity is present for the echinocytic RBC’s. Also, some level of Hb degradation can be noticed for the deoxygenated echinocytes that develop in an environment with high power density. The effects may arise from a reduced level of intracellular adenosine triphosphate in echinocytic cells and an increased fraction of submembrane Hb.  This tells us that electromagnetic power density is being sensed via our blood cells and water in our blood.

Metabolism in a tissue creates a change in the magnetic flux in tissues.  This is the quantum clue that blood uses to operate in us to bring sunlight and oxygen to mitochondria struggling to breathe.  As metabolic rate rises more oxygen is needed and the ATPase must spin fastest.  This means oxygen tensions and deuterium fractions in the mitochondrial matrix are quantized to solar exposure of our skin and eyes.  This metabolic increase in our tissues will require additional oxygen. Therefore, there will be an increase in oxygenated blood flow (oxyhemoglobin) to the local brain area that is active. Oxyhemoglobin differs in it’s magnetic properties from deoxyhemoglobin. Oxyhemoglobin is diamagnetic like water and cellular tissue.It seeks out mitochondria with lower magnetic strength.  This means the ATPase Fo head is not spinning enough to make enough ATP.  This lowers the P/O ratio and draws oxygen rich blood to tissues with diminished mitochondrial function.  These mitochondria would be described as pseudohypoxic.  Pseudohypoxia is a phenomena that expands in natural aging as mitochondrial function declines.  As this happens NAD+ decreases compared to NADH levels at cytochrome 1 because not enough protons are being moved from the matrix to the outer membrane space in mitochondria as the Fo head spin rate slows for any reason (ie:deuterium fractions increased).  De-oxygenated blood attracts the magnet.  This means that de-oxy hemoglobin is more paramagnetic in blood returning to the heart. As blood loses its electromagnetic capabilities the results are seen in our arterial walls and the levels of nitric oxide we release.




Ask yourself why nature would build life this way? Where are the magnets to draw venous like blood? Those magnetic fields are in the mitochondria of the heart. The most mitochondria in any tissue is located in the heart. Second most common density is found in the brain. Oxygen comes to us from our lungs. Oxygen is paramagnetic atom on the periodic table. The reason that it is paramagnetic is because the oxygen molecule has two unpaired electrons in its valence shell. This means de-oxy blood has this atomic arrangement in hemoglobin. Electrons not only go around the atom in their orbitals, they also spin (quantum spin), which creates a magnetic field. Unpaired electrons spin in the same direction as each other, which increases the magnetic field effect. We use this effect in neurosurgery when we use a test called BOLD for functional MRI scanning. BOLD is a contrast we use to develop proton images in MRI. Deoxyhemoglobin is due to 4 unpaired electrons at each iron center.



The presence of paramagnetic deoxyhemoglobin within red blood cells creates local magnetic field distortions (susceptibility gradients) in and around blood vessels that create electric and magnetic fields within the blood vessel to provide and electromagnetic stimulus that precedes physiologic changes in the circulatory system. As the cell membrane changes in RBC’s so does the quantum actions in the pi-electron cloud of DHA in the RBC membrane. This underpins the size and shape changes in RBC’s in animals.




Under physiological conditions, a normal human RBC assumes a biconcave discoid (discocyte) shape ≈8 μm in diameter. It has been known for more than 62 years that a variety of agents can modify this shape systematically and reversibly at constant area and volume.

One set of agents, including anionic amphipaths, high salt, high pH, ATP depletion, cholesterol enrichment, and proximity to a glass surface (hydrophilic), induces a series of crenated shapes, called echinocytes, characterized by convex rounded protrusions or spicules. Under further loading, the spicules become smaller and more numerous and eventually (in a process that we shall not discuss further here) bud off irreversibly, forming extracellular vesicles composed of plasma membrane materials and leaving behind a more or less spherical body with reduced area and volume (the spheroechinocyte).

Another set of agents, including cationic amphipaths, low salt, low pH, and cholesterol depletion, induces concave shapes called stomatocytes. On further loading, multiple concave invaginations are produced, which eventually bud off to form interior vesicles and leave a spherostomatocyte.

This “main sequence” is universal in the animal kingdom in blood in the sense that the shapes seen and their order of appearance do not depend on which echinocytogenic or stomatocytogenic agent is used. Other shapes outside of this main sequence are also seen under certain conditions related to the electromagnetic environment.  More than likely these initial electromagnetic changes are likely precursors to methylation changes in DNA and RNA we’ve now see in astronauts twins. (Scott Kelly)







Ponder  E., (1948) Hemolysis and Related Phenomena (Grune & Stratton, New York)

Cut Footage from Unbound – Part 1

View February 2018 Webinar


This video is one of 4 filmed in March of 2015 in New Orleans for the movie Unbound. My part in the movie was cut down to about 15 minutes so we have lots of footage left over. I asked the movie patron, Ruben to release to me some of the footage so I could share it with you as webinar events. He agreed. Here is the first we got. It shows us heading to my spot on the Mississippi River levee just before sunrise in March. Ben Smith was the movie maker and some of the images in this clip as the sun is moving across the sky and on the church were spectacular.


When light is slowed down we can then use processes in nature to make things with mass with its energy. This is exactly what photosynthesis does.



Most modern technology works electronically by using light to make electrons do the things we want them to do on semiconductors.  All electronic semiconductor circuits work on the basic idea that any given electrons can influence the control of other electrons and holes adjacent to those electrons using light frequencies.  This implies that we can use light or the current in a light’s waves to control another current in a specific way we want to engineer to gain an effect.  That is what a transitor gave mankind in the technology revolution.  650 million years ago life harnessed this control using chloroplasts to make the entire food web.  This is what me and ruben were discussing as we left my house and headed toward the River.  Without capturing the sunlight’s power and turning it into mass, life could do little physiologic work.  This is why for 3.8 billion years life was somple in two domains.

Once light was captured in things with mass the food webs were born. C02 and water were brought together using the sunpower in a chloroplast to make foods.  Foods are sunlight coded for in a mass form.

It took us 50 million years for the living system to reverse the photosynthetic reaction.  Here we took the energy and information in food mass and turned it back into energy.  Our mitochondrial matrix turns glucose and fat back into CO2 and water.

WATER:  Captures both electric and magnetic fields from light to power life.  The key for water is its location not its quantity or quality.

Most people wrongly assume the Earth is a water filled planet but that is a big misnomer.  Earth is an oxymoron.  It is an ocean planet that is bone dry.  The oceans have an average depth of 4 kilometers and they hold enough water to fill a sphere more than 1300 kilometers across.  That is it.  2/3 of Earth is covered by water from a space view, but many people are surprised to find out that all of this water only forms 0.02 % of the mass of Earth.  For analogy purposes, if our planet was a 300,000 kilogram Boeing 777, then all the ocean water’s mass would equal would be the mass of one passenger on this plane.  That is how rare water really is on Earth.  What fools us to this reality is the location of water.  It is on the surface where we can perceive it, giving us the facade that water is abundant.  It is not.  But its location is the key to why Earth can foster life using sunlight.  Water forms our skin on this planets’ microbiome.  Freshwater is mainly locked up in the polar icecaps, clouds, lakes, soils, and the Earth’s biota only makes up a tiny fraction of this total.  That is how rare your water supply is.  The one made in your mitochondria is even more rare because of how it is made.


Ideas can change everything about us when they are focused on things that matter to nature.

In the video Ruben asks me about different philosophies and how they tie to my ideas.  I mention to him immediately it is akin to how light collides into matter to make new things entirely.  I am not so sure he understood what I meant but I laid that thesis out completely in my Vermont 2017 youtube video.  Remember this footage was done long before that meeting.


Can be done by things using light as its “middle man” because light is all energy and not encumbered by mass.  This means it is the point source of how matter changes by non linear mechanisms.  That a small stimulus packs a large punch to cause creation of things we can rarely fathom.

For example sunlight drives viral amplification in the seas, and that amplification drove evolution by amplifying the genome.  This could not occur if the sea was buried in the mantle.  It could occur because the sea water was on the surface where light could collide with it.

Viral genomes crafted in seawater can permanently colonize living systems who consume these particles.  The viral genes can enter their hosts genomes, adding data and information to host lineages. Sunlight hitting the sea every AM is capable of this quantum mechanism and no one appears to see it, but science knows it happens everyday the sun rises.  Some living systems will see massive alterations to their sturcture because of the infection, and its effect will be reflected in their ancestors genomes.  This is seen in our haplotypes as we migrated around the Earth by waterways.  What variable in water varies by latitude and solar exposure?  Deuterium content of the water that living systems use is what causes variation.

Most viruses are co-apatative and adaptive to a new environment and now that we are in the era of genomics, we have definitive proof that viral imprints and remnants are present all over the human genome. They are present in all domains of life and the past evidence of viral colonization is the baseline of life and not an exception.  Why do ignore it?  Change without change.  We do not appreciate that sunlight frequencies drove these changes in water as we moved across the planet.

All living things are built to be susceptible to viral elements for a quantum reason.  Change without change is the reason behind this effect. This mechanism blinds us to what is happen at the smallest scales in our cells.  It becomes the “casino dealer” inside of every cell for environmental changes that have occurred on this Epi-paleo blue dot.

The genome is an ‘organ of the cell’, not its dictator.  The matrix thermodynamic abilities during this migration set how much energy the living system could make from foodstuffs, water, and sunlight as we moved.

Genes don’t have this free will. Something must have forced them to misbehave:  altered light frequencies were the prime mover of change.

The gene does not lead, it follows. What does it follow? The electromagnetic force of the universe in that part of the environment the disturbance occurs in .

Today, treatment guidelines are often based on outdated evidence, turning evidence into harm.  Doing no present harm is what should drive consensus as man has altered his environment, but this though never occurs to our species because we are ignorant to how we came to be.

Wisdom allows great people to become small, to understand nature’s complexity.  Nature hides her best recipes from us because the laws of quantum mechanics dictates she must.

When water is heated water under goes a blue shift.  The more water is heated the more deuterium it acquires because the DDW is evaporated.  When water is cooled water undergoes a red shift and its density and viscosity shift changing its magnetic and electric abilities.   This gives water a doppler effect with respect to temperature, to determine flow and direction.  This is why all living systems have heat that flows from hot to cold even though there is no universal law that predicts this flow pattern.

Water molecules can surround the ions in solution and effectively neutralize charges just like the magnetosphere does to sunlight on Earth.  This makes water in living systems a type of magnetohydrodynamic plasma.  This plasma can carry more electric and magnetic energy from sunlight when deuterium is removed from the water.  So sunlight needs to use the cells in blood and the 93% water it contains to carry electric field and magnetic field energy to keep us healthy. The parabiotic studies of transfusion of blood from young to old mammals is even more intresting.  I believe the reason why young blood favors youthful presence in the redox potential of tissues is because it is more deuterium depleted.  The quantum mechanism built into this process work better with blood cells that are younger because they are more efficient at turning sunlight into electric and magnetic flux in cells.

Then the quantum dance gets more interesting:  Our blood plasma is designed to be infused with the rapture of solar plasma that never shows clinicians what is really changing in it fundamentally into something that keeps us young.  If our labs did allow this observation, it would never occur because of the Zeno effect.  So nature, keeps us “in the dark” by design, as ithe sun burns wellness into you, for your tissues,  while an audience of people and physicians are watching it all unfold but have no clue at what is really happening.  What is the observer in our living state?    The amount of deuterium on the surface of our DNA and RNA is the observer of this effect.  The amount of deuterium and its location is critical in deciphering the optical data.



DNA decreases the hydrogen bonding network in cell water freeing up deuterium from RNA and DNA surfaces.  UV light orders the water molecules by increasing the hydrogen bonds in water and creating a larger exclusion zone.  This water excludes everything above the size a proton (H+).  This is how the body rids itself of deuterium.  Might the reason all cells release ELF-UV light is this is the core mechanism of how we free up deuterium for removal from our tissues?  Yep.

I’ll never tell you what to do, but I will always remind you of what you already know, and help you reconnect to that wild intelligence that resides in your DNA/RNA.  We know from experiment that nucleic acids liberate ELF-UV light.

Dermatology and Ophthalmology riddle: If UV light is so horrible for biology and cells ask your skin and eye doctors to explain how DNA has been shown in thousands of experiments to have a spectrum of fluorescence peak at 350 nm? That peak is 100% in the UV range, FYI. Then ask them why the two proteins that are tightly associated with DNA, histones and chromatin, both have been found by experiment to delay this UV light release in DNA in all normal cells?  So this means when DNA/RNA are unwound to be transcribed, ELF-UV light is liberated.  Why would nature do this? Is this how she sheds her excess atomic mass?

Nucleic acids, like DNA/RNA have chiral centers. The only amino acid that is achiral is glycine. For example, in DNA the atoms C1′, C3′, and C4′ are chiral, while RNA has an additional chiral center at C2′. Chirality is central to all molecular interactions in biological systems. It turns out this chirality is also key to where a cell will put deuterium on a carbon in nucleic acids.  It turns out it is not a random event as Darwin wanted us all to believe.  It is quite specific and calculated by the power density in solar rays.  This process is quantized.   A simple experiment demonstrates the principle: try to shake someone’s left hand with your right. It cannot be done because of this structural specificity. All DNA/RNA absorbs light but scatters most of the energy in it. This means RNA and DNA dissipates light energy too and we fail to account for it.



The key is transforming the environmental energies to something different and new using the light of the sun……….We are all made up of carefully broken pieces of carbon mass from the food webs and out mitochondria are the glue that make life work by using energy to make “these masses” operate in the environment our cell senses. This is why I call a cell a playground for photons. Cells have to get information from the incident EMF light ray to know what kind of signal to make with it. This is why certain free radicals are made by certain light frequencies and not others.



Now lets have a look at what happens when we move deuterium around in our nucleic acids……..Are all the positions in the ribose ring equivalent from an energy basis? Nope.






Where deuterium is in RNA and DNA tells us how much light energy can be dissipated by the nucleic acid as the pictures above show you. The position on the ribose backbone is not equivalent for any carbon in that ring. This follows the idea that the amount of deuterium in the matrix determines how much energy is available to the living system at any particular time……….that is what heteroplasmy is in a nutshell.

When you have a relationship with a friend, a lover, family member, whenever you sample their ELF-UV light from their touch, DNA, or their face or skin you can sample the degree of entanglement to know something deeper about that person. The more your particles are entangled with theirs, using light photons coming from your bio-molecules the more connected you become to them in ways you cannot fathom. That is the essence of the Quantum Zeno effect. You are not meant to observe how we all connect to other things in nature. This light also links all of our colonies of mitochondria in our tissues together to work as a team.

When you are going through something hard in life, like illness, and wondering where Nature is in the process, remember the teacher is always quiet during the test ……that is the essence of understanding the quantum zeno effect. What are the missing keys to humans? The teachers who remain quiet to us: the Sun, cold, grounding, and proper Schumann signaling in the ionosphere.



Each one forms the basis of the circadian mechanism in your life that allows you to collect the proper EMF’s from the Earth and Sun and avoid the collection of deuterium from the non native EMF’s on this planet.  The better the connection the more wellness we get.  That fidelity is the reality of how the system works. This raises an interesting point as you watch the video:  What is evolution to a mitochondriac?


It does not mean random

It does not mean to improve

It does not mean morphing during a lifetime

It does not mean abiogenesis

It does not mean the origins of the universe

It does not mean social Darwinism

It does not mean amoral

It does not address theologic claims

It does not mean atheism, communism, racism or any ideology

Evolution means change over time brought about by environmental change

You may not perceive it with your rudimentary senses but your mitochondria does.

If you deny that things: The universe, change over time, then you deny reality.

That theory of biological evolution attempts to explain the facts and connect the data that indicate that life on earth is related through a common descent and has been changing for a long time.

Ask yourself this:  what are the implications of a decline in viral ERV integration in our species’ genome over the millennia?   The placental ERV allows a child to sample his mother’s blood and do it safely by guaranteeing pregnancy has a Th-1 immune response. When you lose that ability then the zygote is at an energy deficit and it increases their % heteroplasmy right off that bat and you can ruin the imprinting of the epi-genetic marks (deuterium in methyl or acyl groups) that were present in the mother’s germ line for generations.


No, they are not the same because they do not have the same goals.  Biology tells us that a RCT is the gold standard when the laws of physics tells us the opposite.  Things do not happen over and over again when an environemnt varies.  This is why RCT’s in medicine are wholly a waste of resources.  It follows that undrstanding how energy flows in a system is the only way to understanding true cause and effect in a living system.

In other words, cellular organization is the most critical part of life, not the fuels we put into it. The environment the cell is in, is sensed by our mitochondria, and this determines the organization of the cell. This makes our mitochondrial physiology a mirror image of the present environment and how much energy the cell can make right now.  In today’s microwaved blue lit environment, that ability has altered our mito-chondria to “cyberchondria“.  Cells cannot make the energy needed when the ionosphere is now chronically overpowered with other parts of the light spectrum.

SPHINXING:  Early March in NOLA we can make Vitamin D at 8:17 AM at 28 North latitude.

1965 Noble Prize: Schwinger vs Feymann both got because somebody else proved both explanations were identical using math.

Coherent domains in water :  lack of deuterium = water a plasma

Light has massive amount of frequencies to control the 100,000 biomolecules that act per second in a cell.  Solar light is used to power up electrons and move protons and these electrons have to get assigned a quantum spin number in mitochondria. It turns out mitochondria favor the quantum spin number of protons from nature too.  So light acts as the currency in the compound pharmacy in our pituitary and circulatory system every day to make things we need from light. If you understand factorial math, that means within our single octave of the visible spectrum that retinal cells, skin cells, and water in our circulatory system that control bio-chemicals can handle 8,683,317,618,811,886,495,518,194,401,280,000,000 different frequencies.  That is how many are present in our tissues optical windows from 250nm-780nm.  Each frequencies is coded for each codon present in our nucleic acids and in bio-molecules in cells.  This number shows you how solar light offers cells a staggering level of power and control. So when you open up any biochemistry book and realize that biochemistry only uses 100,000 substrates in reactions per second you realize light can control them all with easy. When you factor in that light light works photoelectrically, and that the photoelectric effect acts instantaneously, with no time delay, then you begin to see how 100,000 biochemical reactions can occur per second using light frequencies from the visible spectrum easily.  These frequencies also are what build the coherent domains and redox pile of electrons that control life’s Jablonski diagram.

Coherent domains in water’s hydrogen bonding network are pieces of matter with specific masses that effects energy and it conversion. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It just changes shape. Energy and mass are both one and the same thing……….the field around them dictate their state and conversion = mass equivalence of Einstein.

Coherent domains in water = instantaneous changes in size and shape of water molecules to incident light, electric fields, its magnetic field, or nnEMF or blue light.  With technology, we’re waltzing with the wrecking ball today, because this creates waveforms in our mitochondrial matrix that feel like we are no longer on our home planet anymore.  The more deuterium we get into our CSF the more depressed we get.  Isn’t it funny how every plant in the solar system has a different deuterium footprint in its crust?  Do you think this atomic signal was not important in building a mitochondria at some level?

Coherent water = exclusion zone (EZ).  EZ’s can vary in size and shape depending upon the substance and the amount of light entering the water.   Liquid water is therefore a multi-fluid system in a cell.  It is very dynamic because light frequencies dictate that is how it must work.   It is in its bulk state with deuterium) when it is not touching hydrophilic proteins and not in light. This is similar in analogy with superfluid helium in cold or heat. Bulk water consists of a coherent phase which is about 40 percent of total volume at room temperature and an incoherent phase 60%.  I believe it is not 100% because of the effect of deuterium in this volume of water.   In the coherent phase only, the water molecules oscillate between two electronic configurations in phase with a resonating solar EMF.  I believe coherent water is essentially DDW or devoid of it in some cases.   In nature, that incident EMF should be the sun and/or the Schumann depending upon the presence or absence of light during the day.



The common frequency of the EMF and the electronic oscillation of the coherent phase being 0.26 eV; whereas the energy difference of the two electronic configuration of the coherent phase is 12.06 eV, which gives the wavelength of 1000 A (100 nm) of the coherence domain. The remaining 60 percent of the incoherent phase is extracted by thermal fluctuations (eddies) from the coherent phase. So the types of EMF’s can really mess with water composition inside of living systems and show how big a chameleon water really is when it changes by the power density in light. The two phases have widely different dielectric constants: Bulk water is 78. Coherent water is WAY higher (160). This is why electrons and photons from the sun make water supercharged when it is DDW and irradiated between 250nm-780nm. The coherent phase is 160, due to the high polarizability of the coherently aligned water molecules that are oscillating in concert; while the dielectric constant of the incoherent state is about 15. 160 +15 = 175. Divide by two and you approximate 78 which is what you see published………on bulk water. Nobody breaks it down like this because no one sees water as I do………it is life’s version of a superconductive superfluid on Earth like hydrogen is in th esun or helium is in a MRI machine.

Coherent water = EZ = magnetohydrodynamic fluid of immense ability to make quantum computing possible. Most of our brain is water.  IT is surrounded by water in the form of CSF which is DDW as well.  The externally applied electric fields are only felt in the non-coherent phase because sunlight can affect the 40% coherent phase to alter the 60 % depending upon the environments our choices make. This is why the DC electric current is operational in wakefulness and vanishes at night. Just when you think you know water…………you begin to realize you don’t know it all.  This is why medicine struggles to explain life. Not only is water stranger than we think, it is stranger than we can think about it. I personally think nature’s imagination with respect to water’s abilities is much greater than our own imagination.  This is why I mentioned the water researchers in the video and compared them to the two sceintists who shared the 1965 Nobel Prize.  Nature is never going to let us relax because of how she shape shifts hydrogen in water to create life’s magic using light and magnetic flux.

Any time light changes to mass certain specific things happen quantum mechanically. Anytime this happens biologically you can bet the Warburg metabolism is also present for a deep physical reason that is contrary to the paradigm belief.   Any cell that loses sensory confinement must exhibit this specific form of metabolism because this form of metabolism because of how light released best by a eukaryotic cell to be transformed into matter or transform the atomic mass in our tissues.  This becomes a huge deal when our deuterium fractions are higher.   Dr. Vander Heiden’s lab is now pursuing a more comprehensive understanding of how the Warburg effect may help cells reproduce.  This lab is very close to Ruben in Boston.   The lab is trying to refocuses the question, on whether the redox shift in out matrix is truly pathologic or due to changes in dynamic energy flux in the environment the matrix senses via water networks. It isn’t necessarily about how the Warburg effect helps cells put glucose into cell mass, but more about why does glucose-to-lactate conversion help cells use amino acids to build more cells that might be key. I think he will find it is all related to controlling proton spin numbers in the matrix to match up to the environments thermodymaics to the tissues ability to make energy in this environment. I am guessing what he will find………mitochondria have chosen to use red light or heat for one physical reason……..it confines light in a cell’s water. This is wht water has a massive heat capacity. ELF-UV light to be used specifically because UV light offers non linear stimulus to cells. I believe ELF-UV light is how we remove deuterium from the cells, blood plasma, and CSF at night.



UV and IR light and cold are a medical solution for medical reversals.

Cold water immersion at 14°C increased metabolic rate by 350%, norepinephrine by 530% & dopamine by 250%. Wow. How did it occur? Cold selects for protium and we urinate out deuterium. This is exactly how a ketogenic diet works in cold environments and protects us from mitochondrial disease and the effect of the increased atomic mass in our matrix. It is in fact, how Gleevac,a cancer drug,  mechanistically works in Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia. Most clinicians have no idea why though it can happen. It all ties back to the coulomb interactions (charges) in our tissues and inside the mitochondrial matrix.  Charges always link back to light and temperature changes in tissues.  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10751106/



Cold also depletes us of deuterium.  You do know cold increases magnetic flux because of the Curie temperature relationship right??  Might this be the missing link for how magnetic field strength could help clear our tissues of deuterium?  Is this why Jack tries to lure us to the crater every NYE in Mexico?  IS he trying to show us how nature really works without telling us so we begin to understand how the Quantum Zeno effect is operating like the wizrd behind the curtain in us?

When you lose ELF-UV, you are losing your life force because more deuterium remains in the system and as result, our mitochondrial swells and we release light from cells. this causes the mitochondria to swell and shape change and increase volume which is the main stimulus a cell need to generate a chronic pro-growth bias to lead to cancer. Pressure builds heat = why free diving works in poorly function mitochondria to a degree.
Heat expands most things in the universe but one thing it does not at small scale. And we all need it to live. Cell water from the matrix. I believe this is why mitochondria have chosen to release heat dynamically via our haplotypes for one reason……………because heat shrinks DDW and shrinking water around your ECT breaks nature symmetry by shortening the distance of the respiratory proteins on ECT. This increases energy production from ECT and the amount of H+ over deuterium in the matrix to make energy………this is why fish swim below ice, and why icebergs float on liquid water, and how and why mitochondria make DDW and heat to confine light using the electric and magnetic charge in them. Kruse Science 101.

These where the ideas I was trying to get through to Ruben on that March morning at the River.  When you read my words and juxtapose them over this edit cut……..what do you see now, you missed before?

Parting shot:  5G will be the worse thing to hit Earth since the asteroid 65 million years ago hit Mexico. Contemplate that now.