CPC #21: Why will Myasthenia Gravis explode in a 5G world


This autoimmune disease is linked to a POOR connection the sun and Earth.  This is tied to your choices and lifestyle.  It may be an unpleasant message for some to hear but before you can get well you must know the things you control and can change to get a reversal.  Read this hyperlink if you think it is not true.




^^^^this is wise if you have MG.



^^^^do not be this type of primate if you have MG or want to avoid it in a 5G world.


Over two-thirds of all patients with myasthenia gravis (MG) begin with symptoms relating to their vision. Overall, the ratio of affected females to males in generalized MG is 3:2 or higher. In ocular myasthenia, men are more frequently affected, especially after the age of 40. In addition, the average age of onset for generalized myasthenia is 33 years, while that of ocular MG is 38 years. The ocular motor system may be especially vulnerable to MG since it cannot adapt rapidly to variable weakness. The most common symptoms seen in patients with ocular MG are diplopia (double vision), ptosis (droopy eyelids), and incomplete eye closure. Compared to other involved skeletal muscles, only slight weakness of the extraocular muscle may cause diplopia and visual disturbances to occur. These symptoms occur due to the weakness of the muscle that controls eyeball and eyelid movement. Light sensitivity due to sluggish pupils may occur in some patients. Symptoms are frequently influenced by environmental, emotional, and physical factors. Some of these factors include bright sunlight, extreme temperature, emotional stress, illness, surgery, menstruation, and pregnancy, among others. Symptoms tend to be worse at the end of the day because of mitochondrial fatigue.


Diplopia or double vision results when the eyes cannot be focused as desired due to the weakness of one or more of the extraocular muscles which control eye movement. This most often occurs when looking up or to the side. To compensate for the weakness, the patient may tilt his/her head or turn their face to allow the stronger eye to work. For example, if the muscle which allows the eye to look upward is weak, the patient could tilt their head back to look up. Ptosis (to-sis) is the drooping of one or both eyelids, also due to muscle weakness. Fluttering or twitching of the eyelid may occasionally be seen. If both eyelids are droopy, one may be worse than the other.

Nystagmus or constant involuntary repeated movement of the eyeball in any direction may also occur in one or both eyes.


The edrophonium (Tensilon) test is the first-line test for diagnosis of MG. The Tensilon test consists of injecting a small amount of medication edrophonium intravenously. If the patient has MG the ocular muscle weakness, the ptosis, and general muscle weakness and/or nystagmus will improve dramatically for a short period of time. In recent years an ice test is being more widely used. This is when ice is applied to the eyes, after a short period of time; the eyes will have an improvement of ocular symptoms. Usually, a blood test called acetylcholine receptor antibody titer (AChR Ab) is ordered as well. Additional blood work may include other antibody studies, thyroid profile, and a sedimentation rate.


A test to check for fatigue and weakness of the eye muscle which may be done by the examining doctor includes attempting to open the eyes while the patient tries to hold them shut, sometimes called a “peek sign”. This may result in one or both eyes opened, and the patient appears to “peek” at the examiner.

The “sleep test”, which is based on the tendency for MG symptoms to improve following rest, may be used in small children and patients who have allergies or sensitivity to anticholinesterase drugs such as Tensilon. The patient is placed in a quiet, darkened room and instructed to close their eyes for 30 minutes. The patient is photographed and eye movement is measured before and after the rest. The test is considered positive if there is an improvement in the ptosis and/or eye movement (motility) following the 30 minute rest period.

The morning/evening comparison test is similar in concept to the sleep test. The patient is photographed, and the ptosis and ocular motility are compared at different times during the day. Old photos are very helpful to determine how long the patient has had drooping of the upper eyelid.

The “Ice Test” is a simple test for ocular MG in patients who have ptosis. A surgical glove filled with ice is held against the droopy eyelid for several minutes. In ocular MG the patient can open his/her eye normally for a short period after the ice is removed. This shows the clinician this disease is related to inflammation/deuterium fraction (low pH of cell water), poor semiconductive currents in the electron tunneling along the inner mitochondrial membrane.

Electromagnetic radiation in the environment is capable of driving the disease.

”A significant change in pH of water (0.5-1.5 unit) was induced by a 30-irradiation at a frequency of 49, 50.3, 51.8, or 53 GHz, when the initial pH value was 6.0 or 8.0, but not 7.5. These results indicate the changes in the properties of water and its role in the effects of EMI of extremely high frequency. ”

The dielectric properties of water make it a sponge for electromagnetic radiation; particularly in microwave frequency range because of matching resonance. This link to nnEMF is rarely made in MG cases by clinicians. Anytime someone gets a new diagnosis I always ask them how much he or she use his or her cell phone for work and pleasure and if they hold it up to the side of their eyes. I also ask if they live close to an airport, TV or radio stations, or a Doppler radar installation. I also ask about military bases or HAARP installation in the area. It is well known that certain portions of the spectrum of light outside of the visible spectrum of light cause acidification of water. This is true in the atmosphere, oceans, and in our cells. We seem to be oblivious to these links.

“The absorption of electromagnetic radiation by water depends on the state of the water. The absorption in the gas phase occurs in three regions of the spectrum. Rotational transitions are responsible for absorption in the microwave and far-infrared, vibrational transitions in the mid-infrared and near-infrared. Vibrational bands have rotational fine structure. Electronic transitions occur in the ultraviolet regions. Liquid water has no rotational spectrum but does absorb deeply in the microwave region. Many mystery illnesses are due to the changing proton concentration in cells. We need to realize often this begins way before we meet the diagnostic criteria for most of these immune activated diseases. The reason it is missed is that allopathic and functional medicine are poor at understanding how the dielectric constant of water changes as the environment varies.




”Another simple test for ptosis is the “fatigue” test. This consists of having the patient look at an object held up by the examiner in front of the patient. After a short period of time, the eyelid(s) will droop in the person with ocular MG.

An MRI or CT scan of the head is often done to rule out other possible causes of the patient’s symptoms. Additional testing may also be needed to confirm the diagnosis. Myasthenia Gravis 101: The adenine nucleotide transporter 1 (Ant1) gene encodes an inner mitochondrial membrane protein that transports ADP into mitochondria and ATP from mitochondria to the cytosol. Mutations within Ant 1 have been shown to produce a syndrome of chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia (CPEO) in humans. Myesthenia, however, appears more related to ANT 2 defects. extraocular muscles have much higher levels of ANT 2 mRNA compared to the limb muscles. ANT 2 is a nonskeletal muscle isoform previously described in the human heart. Its presence in the extraocular muscles may explain the lack of effects of ANT 1 loss, and it was the first documented difference between extraocular muscle and limb muscle mitochondria in the literature. Many textbooks blame MG on the release of acetylcholine into the synaptic cleft of skeletal muscles but they seem to forget that this process is electrically controlled by charged subatomic particles that control the release of calcium in mitochondrion that is the foundation of neurotransmitter release. Things like deuterium, fluoride, and bromine inside of cells doing things to mitochondria ruin the protein and light communication inside of cells because it disrupts the dielectric constant of cell water.  Things inside our mitochondria have to move fast and these things slow reactions down because there is not enough energy in the mitochondria of muscle afflicted by MG.  Below is an example how deuterium is tightly controlled by the location of substrates in the matrix.

Sunlight connects with mitochondria wirelessly via the blood.  People with MG need to understand you can develop symptoms of this disease with a lack of sunlight or a problem inside your mitochondria because the first steps in porphyrin synthesis occur inside mitochondria. Myasthenia gravis with thymoma has been associated with pure red blood cell aplasia.  This is a complete knockout, but I have a sense that porphyrin synthesis is very slowed in MG patients.  This is why many people with MG have other connective tissue disorders linked to and cannot tolerate some drugs.  It is also why many people are photosensitive to light and they stay out of the sun.  I believe this sense is linked to something in the skin that increases thermal sensitivity tied to dopamine creation in the muscle and skin.  That link is to defects in tyrosine kinase receptors in the skin that affects dopamine synthesis because of an excessive antibody load in the blood plasma.  The key defect in MG is the antibody production by B cells, and its collection in the blood, but these antibodies cause collateral damage few clinicians seem to be linking together even today.

The porphyrias are genetic disorders of heme metabolism, caused by a defect in an enzyme responsible for the synthesis of the heme molecule, which in turn is necessary for the production of hemoglobin, myoglobin, and cytochromes in the matrix. MG gravis can have a version of this disease but it is cause post translationally by things like deuterium/halogens in the mitochondrial matrix that ruin water flows and heme synthesis.  Heme is an oxygen carrier, and is essential for aerobic respiration and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production via the electron transport chain. Cytochrome production is necessary for the metabolism of multiple drugs within the body, most notably through the cytochrome P450 system, and also mediates the removal of some toxic substances which is why some with MG cannot tolerate some drugs.   Muscles have heme requiring proteins in myoglobin, hemoglobin and the cytochromes in their mitochondria.  The heme biosynthetic pathway starts in the mitochondria, with the production of d-aminolevulinic acid from glycine and succinyl-CoA, which is catalyzed by the pyridoxine-dependent enzyme d-aminolevulinic acid synthase (ALAS). This is the rate-limiting step in heme production and is the site of feedback inhibition, with inhibition of ALAS by heme, the end product of this pathway.

So if these steps of heme synthesis are slowed or sticky inside of mitochondria FOR ANY reason, your red blood cells will not be able to turn over as fast, your P450 system used for detox, and your myoglobin in muscles can be affected.  Hemoglobin is a heme porphyrin and it is a light ferry that brings oxygen and light to mitochondria.  If RBC’s is defective because of poor heme synthesis they should and may not carry as much oxygen and light from your skin to the muscles with MG.  There is no one cause of this autoimmune condition.  Many physicians overlook the connection of MG to RBCs diseases.  When people do poorly in sunlight they should be tested for porphyrin issues because this links it to poor mitochondrial function in these MG patients.  I believe it is a lot more common than people realize because there is a STRONG link of MG to low vitamin D levels and poor oxygen delivery to muscles.  Vitamin D levels control how immune cells can function and this can affect the number of antibodies made to the Acetylcholine receptor and tyrosine kinase receptors in muscles.  Sunlight is normally a tyrosine kinase inhibitor.



This implies that MG can act as another severe allergy to nnEMF that impairs the release of acetylcholine in skeletal muscle. I fully expect MG and CPEO to increase DRAMATICALLY in incidence and prevalence in a 5G world which will use RF/microwaves to generate massive electric fields on the surfaces of things in the ionosphere and on the Earth’s surface. People live in this environment today and it will increase as technologic “progress” is fueled by the economy. Clinicians need to be ready for these expectations.



The ability of muscles to perform aerobic work depends on their mitochondrial volume density, with the assumption that the composition of these organelles is fairly constant across muscle types and mammalian species. One of these components is the electron transport chain, a series of multimeric complexes (complexes I–IV, plus the ATP synthase which is sometimes called complex V) in the inner mitochondrial membrane responsible for most of the aerobic ATP generation. Recently, it was found that the extraocular muscle mitochondria have lower content or lower activity of some enzyme complexes of the electron transport system, causing them to respire at slower rates. This means that the EOM have a lower basal metabolic rate than most other tissues in the body. This is puzzling given that the extraocular muscles are constantly active and aerobic capacity was predicted to be elevated, given their high mitochondrial content. This is an important teaching point. Longevity and health are tied to lower basal metabolic rates. Deuterium in the matrix or cytosol is capable of altering the metabolic rate of tissues.

These findings are not explained by differences in the ultrastructure of extraocular muscle mitochondria: the surface area of their inner membrane is comparable to values reported for other skeletal muscle. Furthermore, the differences are not generalized or systematic: complex II content and activity, and complex III content are similar in mitochondria from triceps surae (a limb skeletal muscle) and extraocular muscle. Complexes I and IV give a more puzzling result: their activities are lower, but their content is higher in the extraocular muscle mitochondria. These are multimeric protein complexes, and differential expression of isoforms of some subunits has been described in skeletal muscle and other tissues. Therefore, the content of some electron transport chain complexes (I, IV, and V) and the subunit composition of some others (I and IV) may not be the same in the extraocular muscles compared to limb muscles and may explain why these muscles are damaged preferentially in autoimmune diseases.

This demonstrates that the metabolic divergence between extraocular and limb muscles includes major differences in the composition and basic function of their respective mitochondrial populations. Intrinsic differences in mitochondrial structure and function may explain the susceptibility of the extraocular muscles to some hereditary and acquired mitochondrial myopathies such as MG and CPEO and related syndromes. For example, the extraocular muscles present the most severe age-dependent loss of mitochondrial respiratory complex activity among muscles. There is a significant increase in the number of fibers with cytochrome c oxidase defects in the extraocular muscles of humans and other primates, even when compared to other highly aerobic muscles such as the diaphragm and heart. This can be at least partially explained by mitochondrial DNA mutations, presumably due to reactive oxygen species generated during elevated mitochondrial respiration or present as part of a more generalized cellular oxidative stress.


Reconnect with Nature!!!

Both ocular and generalized myasthenia gravis patients tend to have remissions and exacerbations at regular intervals, so that the medications that are used for treatment may need to be changed accordingly. Medications may include cholinesterase inhibitors such as Mestinon, steroids such as Prednisone, or other immunosuppressants used alone or in combination.In addition to medications, other options which may be used are plasmapheresis or IVIG therapy. These treatments offer only a temporary improvement and repeated treatments are necessary to sustain the effect. While thymectomy (removal of the thymus gland) is often recommended for patients with generalized MG, it is rarely used in purely ocular MG unless a thymoma is suspected.

In those people whose ocular myasthenia is not adequately controlled by medicine, several aids are available. In many patients, simply wearing a patch over one eye will eliminate the double vision. The patient may alternate the eye patch from one eye to the other to avoid eye strain. Another method is wearing one contact lens which is opaque (can’t be seen through). This may also be changed periodically from one eye to the other. Ask the ophthalmologist how often this should be done. Special prism glasses may also help to correct double vision in some cases.

When both eyelids droop, taping one eyelid open may improve vision. The use of non-allergenic tape such as paper tape is suggested. Once again, alternating eyelids is recommended to prevent eye strain. Another way to hold one or both eyelids open is to have ptosis bars or eyelid crutches attached to the eyeglasses. These are thin, flexible wires which attach at the bridge of the nose and are free-floating at the other end or attached to the frame near the hinges. The wires rest against the eye socket and hold the eyelid open like a brace or crutch. These devices must be carefully fitted and adjusted by an ophthalmologist. Most patients report that the eyes adjust to the bars after a period of time. And they are much more convenient than taping the lids open. Since the eyes can’t blink normally, dryness and irritation may result. It is important to remove the glasses frequently to allow the eyes to close so that they can be moistened. Some MG patients have advised that every ten minutes or so is a good guideline. Artificial tear drops and forced blinking may also help. If the patient has double vision in addition to drooping eyelids, one eye should be allowed to close and the other be held up by the ptosis bar.

Remember this wisdom does not grow in every clinicians garden.  You need to think differently about this disease if you have it and want to avoid it.  Mitochondriacs do not settle for half truths on any disease.











Just listen to the video above…….If you don’t understand how important this video is to share just leave this page as soon as you can.

We just had several unusual behaviors occur in cities already testing 5G networks. We had the Santa Rosa fires, the Austin bomber, and a rookie NFL reciever have a psychotic break in Los Angeles. Many people will not see the connection because they do not understand the science behind it. I lay out this science every day on my Dr. Jack Kruse facebook page, my Patreon blog, and on my website forum.

That is not what this post is about. This post if about teaching and sharing wisdom about technology networks that are going to be unleashed on large portions of our country. I expect a massive change in the health of many people in places where 5G is first operational.



We are close to the 5G tipping point.

What is a tipping point?

The Tipping Point explains how ideas spread like epidemics and which few elements need to come together to help an idea reach the point of critical mass, where its viral effect becomes unstoppable.



Mitochondriacs need to begin to step up to the plate and stop talking a good game and do something about it now.

Three kinds of people are responsible for getting ideas to tip:

Malcolm Gladwell specifically points out in his book, Tipping Point,  three kinds of people that turn ideas into epidemics:

  1. Connectors – they have a massive social network, with many acquaintances and allow ideas to spread from one social group to the next.
  2. Salesmen  – the boast about ideas they love and their incredibly positive energy is contagious.
  3. Mavens  – they hoard information, in order to be a source of great tips to their network, the people of which they greatly influence with their advice.

If you want your idea to go viral, getting it in the hands of a few of these key players is crucial to hit critical mass.  I am hoping this video is shared with everyone who you EVEN think might be a person like this.  If you want to help becoming a facilitator of tipping this 5G message is huge.  I am asking you to do something you might not have ever done.  Why I am asking you to do this?  Because all of us are at risk and if your neighbors do not understand how radiation works their use and over use wll get you and your family sick.

If you thought secondary smoke was risky you have no idea how bad electromagnetic pollution is for your mitochondria and health.



Genius always strives to answer questions the ordinary forgot to pose. Each one of you have genius in you put there by nature. It is time for you to stop ignoring it and engage.

Focus on your genius. Genius is the recovery of the connection to nature at will. The mediocrity of modern man knows nothing higher than itself because it drunk on the money tied to technolgy; but talent of nature instantly recognizes genius. Curiosity fuels action which builds wisdom through the collateral damage of discovery.

I’m now begging for your help. I cannot do this alone.

Delegate as much as you can that is not your core genius to someone else who can help, and take concrete steps toward the attainment of your goals.

I am doing my part right here right now.

It’s not for the lack of study, or data, or evidence, but simply a lack of discernment about who we trust, before embracing new evolutions in technology. The head of FB just sold 50 million of its users information to weaponize propaganda.



Space X, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, Linkedin, Yelp—the whole field is built on the idea that an individual’s data is a commodity to be mined, without regulation, like bauxite or titanium for profit of the 1%.

Do not think school boards and churchs are not in the business of doing the exact same thing to you and your kids without your consent. Here is a picture of a church steeple in an American city. Your kids are being irradiated everyday in school and teachers now are getting rid of books for latops and ipads because of the wishes of the 1% who run these companies. The Internet of things needs 5G to operate and it is the most serious viral infection man has ever faced. It is affecting 7 billion people on Earth. No virus has had that infective power to harm people.



Silicon Valley clings to the conviction that “free speech” means that host corporations have no responsibility for the consequential falsehoods, threats, or exploitative images published on their profit-making platforms; that the vast wealth generated by these ventures can be concentrated in the hands of a tiny technocratic elite; and that these companies and their satellites are justified in incorporating in tax havens to protect themselves from even the minimal civic responsibilities incumbent on ordinary businesses. The liberal facade of the tech industry on social issues masks broader rapacious betrayals of the broader social contract with the public.

This situation with 5G is the perfect application of the “boiling frogs” analogy. We are drowning in our ignorance, and gullibility and we are allowing it to happen to us. If people refuse to question, what authorities, government, trusted institutions, and especially the media are selling us, we will surely meet our end. Not as helpless victims who never had a chance or a choice, but as willing participants, who would rather obediently, and orderly march to our doom, than confront the reality of the lies we are sold daily, as truth and fact.

The natural quantum synergies between light frequencies and chemicals, including heavy metals, and radiation, including that emitted by electricity, WiFi, cell towers, cordless phones, cell phones, wireless everything in total will lead to collateral damages few will predict in a 5G world.


Adaptation is not hard at all for those who learn to properly think.  Infact, I am going to tell you the single most important part of “Optimal Health for a mitochondriac” before you change a thing about your diet or exercise program, you must learn to cultivate your mind.  The world is a comedy to those that think really well because they can spot bullshit dogma a mile away; it becomes a tragedy to those that feel they know the answers without really doing the due diligence.

You have to wake up the sleeping people around you what is really going on in California’s technology abyss.

I hope you all realize that one of the things that have me concerned about the AC power grid in combination with the power density is jump conduction.   This means waves forms with unusual topology and frequencies can jump from the 5G network directly on to conductors like the power grid.  Now we have hardcore data that we can find the fingerprints of the 50-60Hz global power grid in the entire ionosphere.  I can only imagine what we will find in our ionosphere in a 5G world.  Just flying in a plane might be a death sentence.   Instead of “Death by a 1000 Papercuts,” the nnEMF issue could be described a bit more like “Death by 1000 Points of Light humans built but have never faced before in evolutionary history” There will be many conversations soon where a person will making an argument that one phone’s RF/microwave beam isn’t going to be a problem for health or the environment. 5G is going to be a lot worse than second-hand smoke risks.  So we can now open up Pandora’s Box to make it clear that the entire planet now pulses with 50 and 60 hertz frequencies due to our power grid, and this wasn’t happening at all just 150 years ago. You can be sure the skeptic response was “so what.” Our responses will be, “yeah, those Van Allen belts don’t have any influence on life, do they?”

They do and here is the proof:    LINK

I am asking for your help now.

If you put a limit on what you will do, you put a limit on what you can do.

Most people really don’t want the truth, they just want constant reassurance that what they believe is the truth.  My mouth is not a bakery.  I don’t sugarcoat anything.  If you ask me my opinion I’m going to tell you the truth, no matter what you want to hear.  That is how you help people who remain unaware of what they don’t know is the most important part of the recipe.

That tipping point is here.  Technology using 5G hurts our entire species in ways most of you may not understand.  Understanding now is not important.  We just need you to share the Congressman video above to get the message out we’ve been lied to by the government that technology has no downsides.

Today, we got confirmation that the government NTP toxcity study on 2G and 3G networks that showed tumors in mice was confirmed on a larger scale tonight.


Federal scientists released partial findings in May 2015 from a $25-million animal study that tested the possibility of links between cancer and chronic exposure to the type of radiation emitted from cell phones and wireless devices. The findings, which chronicle an unprecedented number of rodents subjected to a lifetime of electromagnetic radiation starting in utero, present some of the strongest evidence to date that such exposure is associated with the formation of rare cancers in at least two cell types in the brains and hearts of rats. The results, which were posted on a prepublication Web site run by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, are poised to reignite controversy about how such everyday exposure might affect human health.

Researchers at the National Toxicology Program (NTP), a federal interagency group under the National Institutes of Health, led the study. They chronically exposed rodents to carefully calibrated radio-frequency (RF) radiation levels designed to roughly emulate what humans with heavy cell phone use or exposure could theoretically experience in their daily lives. The animals were placed in specially built chambers that dosed their whole bodies with varying amounts and types of this radiation for approximately nine hours per day throughout their two-year life spans. “This is by far—far and away—the most carefully done cell phone bioassay, a biological assessment. This is a classic study that is done for trying to understand cancers in humans,” says Christopher Portier, a retired head of the NTP who helped launch the study and still sometimes works for the federal government as a consultant scientist. “There will have to be a lot of work after this to assess if it causes problems in humans, but the fact that you can do it in rats will be a big issue. This study has been the first that has actually concerned experts and it should scare the hell out of the non-expert.  This is the largest biologic experiment ever put on the human race. More than 90 percent of American adults use cell phones. Relatively little is known about their safety, however, because current exposure guidelines are based largely on knowledge about acute injury from thermal effects, not long-term, low-level exposure as the congreeman mentions in the above video. The International Agency for Research on Cancer in 2011 classified RF radiation as a possible human carcinogen. But data from human studies has been “inconsistent,”  The only reason it is considered inconsistent s because the wireless carriers have hired scientists to create studies that create doubt to the true effects of electromagnetic fields.  If you read my page you already know how powerful these fields are on cells. The researchers found damning findings in this study that as the thousands of rats in the new study were exposed to greater intensities of RF radiation, more of them developed rare forms of brain and heart cancer that could not be easily explained away, exhibiting a direct dose-response relationship. Overall, the incidence of these rare tumors was still relatively low, which would be expected with rare tumors in general, but the incidence grew with greater levels of exposure to the radiation. Some of the rats had glioma—a tumor of the glial cells in the brain—or schwannoma of the heart. Furthering concern about the findings: In prior epidemiological studies of humans and cell phone exposure, both types of tumors have also cropped up as associations.

The part that should send chills down all your backs?  In contrast, NONE of the control rats—those not exposed to the radiation—developed such tumors. For me the smoking gun was that findings were mixed across sexes: I would expect this because of the difference of myelination patterns in nocturnal mice and how their retinae are built to sense radiation.  More such lesions were found in male rats than in female rats.  This implies in diurnal mammals like humans more females would be expected.  This is a clue why females have higher autoimmune conditions in our modern world.  I expect the association to only grow stronger from here.  Cell phones are exponentially worse than cigarettes and I expect the settlement to dwarf big tobacco.  If you continue to ignore the melody of the research of nnEMF you too will be touched by one of these diseases.   HYPERLINK TO NTP

Now we have a big study confirming the NTP toxicity report results released tonight.  This a big deal here folks.  HYPERLINK

Before the truth can set you free, you need to identify which lie is holding you hostage. 



How can a physician help patients far outside their clinic?   Don’t hate the health/medical media; become the health media by speaking truths of nature online about public health issues that affect us all.  Distribute natural laws yourself to the masses who are starving the truth. Today, readership is highly dependent upon format and distribution as much as it is on content.  Where are you? Where do you ‘need’ to be? Distribution of health information is the direction where things are going in medicine.  The paradigm mocks this distribution as pseudoscientific. That ignorance is a huge advantage to people like me.  PEER review journals are old media in medicine.  Their rules are no longer my rules.  If you want to change the world you take that change directly to the masses with illness and sickness who are getting Rx’s over truth.  You, just reading and sharing this blog, could make a difference to others.  Distribution takes things from where they are now, to where they are needed for others.   Talents, gifts, and abilities are distributed to us. We are supplied with them and it is our responsibility to stir up those gifts, to fan the flames of those gifts.  So where are you now?

Please help by sharing this blog to everyone you can think of.

Thank you in advance,

Jack Kruse




Solar storms bring space weather to the surface of the Earth.  The space environment cause humans a lot of problems.  For those who do not believe this just take a look at a human who spent a year in space and has an identical twin.  It is proof what nnEMF from the sun can do to us.  Scott and Mark Kelly are identical twin brothers — at least, they were until Scott spent a year living in space.

When Scott Kelly returned to Earth after a 340-day voyage aboard the International Space Station (ISS) two years ago, he was 2 inches taller than he’d been when he left. His body mass had decreased, his gut bacteria were completely different, and — according to preliminary findings from NASA researchers — his genetic code had changed significantly because his methylation pattern changed. Interestingly, Scott Kelly has since shrunk back down to his initial prespaceflight height. but it took close to 6 months to occur.


Could this effect mimic what humans might face in a 5G world?  We’ll get a chance to see that this weekend.

Researchers indicate that changes in Space Weather may have a negative impact on human health and physiological state through the influence of Geomagnetic Disturbances on the human brain’s functional state. The video above also gives you several more cites that show this effect is real.

A G1 (Kp=5) storm watch is in effect for March 14 & 15th in 2018! The aurora possibly visible at high latitudes due to the arrival of a co-rotating interactive region (fast solar wind catching up with slow) and a coronal hole producing fast solar wind.  People at these higher latitudes might see geomagnetic effects in humans.



Studies conducted in different places on the globe (Russia, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Poland, Azerbaijan, Israel, Lithuania, etc.) show the correlations between high Solar and Geomagnetic Activity and increased Traffic Accidents.

In terms of effects, I found the following factors definitely influenced by Earth’s geomagnetic activity (GMA). There are probably many more effects yet to be documented in the coming 5G world:

Higher hospital cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accident mortality

A higher number of deaths of outpatients from acute myocardial infarction (heart attack)

Higher diastolic blood pressure in healthy blood donors and hypertensive patients

A higher number of blood platelets, prothrombin index, and platelet aggregation (risk of coronary thrombosis)

Greater human blood plasma viscosity (also risk of clotting with flights and inside the power grid)

More bone loss in younger patients without any risk factors.

Hormone panel collapse due to pregnenolone syndrome.

Massive infertility in both sexes

Sleep disorders will skyrocket

I fully expect altered levels of human prolactin and 17-ketosteroid levels with the geomagnetic stressors from alien magnetic fields in a 5G world.  In some people the levels will be raised and in others they will be crashed.  The environments varying magnetic flux will be a huge clue to clinicians who are wise that the cause is a varying magnetic field in the patients house/job/school.

The urinary 17ketosteroids have been shown to be derivatives of testicular and adrenal cortical precursors in humans.   The measurement of urinary 17ketosteroids should serve as a rough index of the secretory activity of the testis and adrenal cortex and as an aid in the diagnosis of certain endocrinopathies caused by altered magnetic field from 5G.  Usually the amount of 17-ketosteroids were increased (0G-3G world) in diseases in which there is hyperfunction of the adrenal cortex due to tumor or hyperplasia, and decreased in lesions that impair the function of the adrenal cortex. Other conditions where we saw the alteration of the excretion of these hormone prior to 2005 were myxedema, eunuchism, gout, and arthritis.  In a 4G and 5G world we have begun to lose this linkage when you look for it clinically.  This explains why physicians are beginning to see lab values that make no sense to some.  The conditions of existence in cities is no longer stable because of electromagnetic pollution.

In females we have already seen many unusual reports of early puberty associated with early periods and persistent early infertility. During adrenarche the adrenal cortex secretes increased levels of androgens such as DHEA and DHEAS, but without simultaneous increased cortisol levels.  Cortisol levels are linked to ACTH levels.  ACTH levels are linked to pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC) levels made in the retina and brain.

Early bleeding and infertility has made fertility doctors quite rich and I expect women to become worse and not better in a 5G world.  The reason why is tied to how 17-ketosteroids are controlled by magnetic flux.  As women matures, her tissues expand their ability to make more ATP as she grows, and the spinning Fo head of the ATPase increases its spin rate and this in turn, increases her endogenous magnetic fields.  This occurs as she sheds deuterium, and her matrix begins to favor DDW in her matrix as she matures.  This magnetic change has been noted in MEG data in women going through puberty.

Adrenal 17-ketosteroid secretion gradually begins during midchildhood as a result of adrenarche. Adrenarche is characterized by a change in the pattern of the adrenal secretory response to ACTH.  ACTH is released from POMC.   POMC is a precursor polypeptide with 241 amino acid residues.   POMC is cleaved to give rise to multiple peptide hormones in humans. Each of these peptides is packaged in large dense-core vesicles that are released from the cells by exocytosis in response to appropriate stimulation:

  • α-MSH produced by neurons in the arcuate nucleus has important roles in the regulation of appetite.  POMC neuron stimulation results in satiety.   The leptin melanocortin pathway I wrote about in the Cold Thermogenesis 6 blog is linked to alpha MSH/POMC.  Alpha MSH is also tied to sexual behavior, while α-MSH secreted from the intermediate lobe of the pituitary regulates the production of melanin in human skin.  This makes links the skin to the brain.
  • ACTH is a peptide hormone that regulates the secretion of glucocorticoids from the adrenal cortex.  This ties it to flat lined cortisol curves in adrenal stress testing.
  • β-Endorphin and Met-enkephalin are endogenous opioid peptides with widespread actions in the brain related to mood and behavior.  Nature has built humans to be addicted to nature.  5G counteracts these effects.
  • Prior to adrenarche, ACTH elicits only cortisol secretion; with the commencement of adrenarche, ACTH elicits both cortisol and 17-ketosteroid secretion.
  • There are marked increases in 17-hydroxypregnenolone and DHEA production that lead to DHEA-sulfate (DHEAS, the sulfated derivative of DHEA) becoming the predominant androgen secreted by the adrenal gland.

These adrenarchal changes are associated with the development of the zona reticularis of the adrenal cortex, the adrenal zone that produces large amounts of DHEA and DHEAS

Dopamine is made by AM sunlight and it inhibits the release of prolactin. Prolactin normally increases in dark. Prolactin secretion seems to regulate the pro-opiomelanocortin gene’s expression.  This expression seems to make the retina very sensitive to AM sunlight.  Night time is when cells “feel” the higher magnetic flux of the Earth.  During daytime magnetic flux decreases and electric fields predominate.  Our hormone cycles are linked to these diurnal variations.  The surge of prolactin is normally quite large in normal darkness but is significantly diminished in artificially lit environments after sunset because of melanopsin. This has big implications for modern humans who have built a world filled with fake light at night.

The reason is that prolactin release is coordinated with sleep cycles where autophagy is at its highest efficiency and where Growth Hormone is released between 12AM-3AM.  If this is diminished for any reason, we generally see lower DHEA levels clinically and higher IL-6 levels on cytokine arrays. Remember when we see lowered DHEA levels this sends a signal to our gut flora that something is amiss and this allows LPS to get across the brush border. It allows more permeability of our intestinal brush border to inflammation that destroys signaling in the liver and brain.


“Magnetite is an excellent absorber of ultraviolet radiation and is also good at transmitting visible light. This may mean that magnetite uses these light frequencies in cellular signaling as well.”  QED works in ways most cannot fathom.  HYPERLINK



This picture and link above says a lot.  Magnetite can change hydrogen bonding networks in the CSF and this information can be shared with the blood because CSF reenters at the blood at the arachnoid granulations adjacent to the venous sinus in the dura and skull.


17-ketosteroids are a group of compounds derived from complex steroids produced by the adrenal cortex, testis, or ovary. Usually, the amount is increased in diseases in which there is hyperfunction of the adrenal cortex due to tumor or hyperplasia and decreased in lesions that impair the function of the adrenal cortex.

Other conditions such as panhypopituitarism, myxedema, eunuchism, gout, and arthritis may alter the excretion of the 17-ketosteroids.

Higher levels of human growth hormone.

More severe migraine headaches

Significantly more frequent heart rhythm disturbances – supraventricular and ventricular extrasystoles as detected with the electrocardiogram (ECG)

A higher number of sudden cardiovascular deaths (follows from previous factors)

A greater involvement of the inferior wall of the heart than the anterior wall in acute myocardial infarction

The anterior/inferior wall ratio increases with the level of the GMA.

This is quite a list. I have also remarked on the noted increase in car accidents and in hospitalizations due to psychiatric disturbances.

So there is no question these solar storms do affect us, probably more than we realize.  It appears when alien non native magnetic fields are around our bodies we react badly to this.  In a 5G world these antenna system arrays will give these signatures so you should learn how to use a gaussmeter to search for these alien fields when they go live in your environment.

When people begin to act in bizarre fashion around you consistently, if you are wise, do chalk it up to coincidence.  Remember this blog.  The sun’s magnetic field can cause human behavioral change and I fully expect manmade magnetic fields will do the same.


If you don’t believe me explain why Google has this patent?

Monopoles can separate neutrino flavors in sunlight FYI.  My members already heard my ideas tied to this in my April 2016 webinar.  You Patrons might want to listen to that bad boy.  It is EPIC.  I believe neutrinos are the key to unleashing the energy in a proton (H+) in the matrix.  And Google knows that 5G is going to induce magnetic disease so making an artificial monopole will offset their tech risks.  This patent proves my intuition is pretty solid.



In a 5G world with jump conduction, the power grid, gas pipes, and water lines will conduct abnormal magnetic flux to affect our biology.  We may turn out just like Scott Kelly.  I do not expect anyone labs to make sense in a 5G world.  You need to be aware that doing labs might really confuse your experts and they likely will have no idea why.  Now you do.









EDIT:  This post was deleted by all social media platforms I posted it on in Early March 2018.  So I decided it was so important that I wanted my members and patrons to read it fully.


Yep, gov’t won’t come to save us… here is an Ultra-powerful blog by Dr. Andrew Marino that should resonate with every mitochondriac I teach!

“Thirty years ago I published this editorial (Where is the EPA’s sense of decency?, Journal of Bioelectricity 3(12):1–2, 1984).

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was founded in 1970 “to protect and enhance our environment today and for future generations.” During the next decade, it earned a reputation as one of the more respected federal agencies. Its decisions were generally well-reasoned and occupied the middle ground. In 1980 Ronald Reagan appointed Ann Gorsuch as Administrator of the EPA, a choice widely criticized at the time as being based on political grounds. During the next several years there was an exodus of key professionals, and the EPA became a demoralized, do-nothing Agency. Following the Superfund scandal, William Ruckleshaus was appointed to head the EPA. He was supposed to replace politics with science as the basis for EPA decisions and set the Agency moving again. Under his leadership, however, things did not improve significantly.



After examining the way the EPA responded to evidence of formaldehyde’s carcinogenicity, an MIT professor reported in Science (222, 894, 1983) that the Agency’s actions revealed “the interplay between politics and science policy in regulatory determinations. In some cases, there were significant and unjustified departures from reasoned decision-making.” The Agency’s decision was, basically, to do nothing. An EPA official delivered essentially the same message to a national conference on toxics in ground-water: “We don’t have any quick fixes. This is going to be a long-term problem.” Much the same thing occurred in the area of lead poisoning. A 1979 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that children with high lead levels scored lower on IQ tests. The EPA then assembled what official of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health called a “hanging jury” (Science, 222, 907, 1983) which strongly attacked the study, thereby destroying the main argument for holding lead pollution to low levels—that is, the main argument for EPA to take action.


The situation reached a new low with the efforts of the EPA in the matter of safety limits for environmental exposure to electromagnetic fields. In its Draft Study, the Agency’s staff arbitrarily adopted the approach that only thermal effects need be considered. But since there are no significant thermal-level exposures in the environment, the conclusion pregnant in the Draft was that there is no need for action to protect the public health. Ruckleshaus himself appointed a panel to review the Draft which consisted almost exclusively of individuals well known for their thermal-effects-only viewpoint. The majority view among scientists world-wide—that there exist biological effects due to non-thermal electromagnetic fields—was virtually unrepresented. It was not surprising when this newest “hanging jury” largely endorsed the staff’s approach. Worse still, was the avowed purpose of the EPA which is to issue so-called guidance to the twenty or so Federal Agencies that have a role in regulating the electromagnetic spectrum, and not to enact regulations pursuant to its broad congressional mandate. The EPA intends to palm off its responsibility to other federal agencies that have vastly less expertise and that are even more certain not to act.



The EPA was created by Congress to protect Americans from risks and threats against which the individual is almost completely defenseless. The public expects the EPA to be honest and fair, and to make decisions that protect the health of the American people. Instead, the EPA’s recent performance has been woefully reminiscent of what occurred at the McCarthy hearings 30 years ago when attorney Joe Welch, in complete revulsion of the Senator’s performance, said ‘You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last have you left no sense of decency?’


During the halcyon days of the early 1970s, I was a young scientist, a young lawyer, and still under the influence of the philosophical outlook I had learned from the Jesuits, especially the idea of pursuing the common good. When I wrote the editorial, I interpreted the descent of the EPA into mediocrity as a transient aberration wrought by political leaders who had chosen to remain perpetually ignorant of science because that perspective served and fueled their notion of personal freedom that was so outlandish as to be antithetical to the common good. But in the twilight of my still-active career in science, I have a deeper understanding regarding the distinction between the natural trajectories of federal agencies whose primary mission is to protect the public, like the EPA and the FDA, in distinction to federal agencies whose primary mission is to set the rules whereby human beings can function as warring atoms of self-interest, like the FCC and the SEC. I see now that the fate of all protective federal agencies is to sink into mediocrity because they are inherently at war with powerful interests that promote extreme personal liberty. These agencies avoid operating on a war footing, which is dangerous and unstable, by always seeking a middle ground between common sense and rational science on one hand, and the fervent desires of radical pro-personal-freedom constituencies, whether motivated by money, philosophy, or religion. Thus mediocrity was in the EPA’s genes, and it should not be criticized as harshly as I did in the editorial.

My error back then—and I was not the only one who committed it—was to assume that federal agencies operated primarily on behalf of the public good. They do not. They are primarily arbiters of the eternal war between the Jesuit concept of the public good and the Ayn Rand concept of the private good. What I had perceived in 1980 as a Reagan-led transient period in the EPA’s evolution was actually the end of the transient period between the high hopes we had in 1970, and the attractor of mediocrity that appeared in 1980.

Independent thinking and reasoning was another equally important principle I learned from the Jesuits. If you adopt that perspective and make an effort to acquire information about the world rather than simply dwelling on the content of your own mind or the vividness of your own beliefs, you will arrive at the notion of personal responsibility. Everyone gets sick and dies. The only salient questions are how long before those processes develop, and what the quality of life will be when they do. If your primary goal is to optimize life and health, the information needed to do so is available, not like an apple to be reflexively picked and eaten, but like something to be discovered after a proper effort. 

You have the responsibility to seek that information. It would be foolish to expect the government to keep you healthy and lengthen your life. If you choose not to make the effort, then you can still hope that there will be a pill or an operation that will fix your problem.”   —–Dr. Marino



You are only as good as your daily routine.  That routine must contain a date with the sunrise every AM.





It’s really sad people can’t find their way out of the maze!  But they cannot by how the system designed its methodology to study the etiology of our problems today.  The light from technology was a major blow to cells and now 5G might be “the kill shot” for many with a poor redox.  Money cannot and does not buy human happiness. We may wish the ‘corporatocracy’ understood that because they keep throwing us and our health under the bus for profit.  It will not end until you put an end to the cycle.

Yes, the natural way is a good life. No doctor is a Moses, instead, they should act like Noah for their patients.  This should cause a collective ‘Gulp’ from mankind, but is it???? We keep buying technology upgrades all the time.  Do you follow crowds?  What if the crowd is going in the wrong direction off a cliff?  That’s profound insight in a 5G world.



With respect to the government and nnEMF/5G/blue lit screens: Talk from the government scientists at the NIH is cheap and people who talk and don’t do are easily detectable by the public because they are too good at talking bullshit.  What is Skin in the Game? The phrase is often mistaken for one-sided incentives: the promise of a bonus will make someone work harder for you than you can do for yourself.  If you are not good enough for yourself, you are good for no one.   For the central attribute is symmetry: the balancing of incentives and disincentives, people should also be penalized if something for which they are responsible goes wrong and hurts others: he or she who wants a share of the benefits needs to also share some of the risks.

The mitochondriac argument for “skin in the game”  is that there is an essential aspect: filtering and the facilitation of evolution. Skin in the game –is really a filter –is the central pillar for a new sightline the organic functioning of systems, whether humans or natural. Unless consequential decisions are taken by people who pay for the consequences, the world would be vulnerable to total systemic collapse.  You must have skin in your own game folks…………..no one is coming to save you.    The NIH funds all research via the government.  They want no one studying the effects of the spectrum of light for communications because it is the cornerstone of the US economy now.  Our biggest corporations in technology, along with the “people’s government” has elevated a few experts they have selected for a specific purpose.  These  “educated” but cosmetic experts have no skin in the game and will never learn from their mistakes, whether individually or, more dangerously, collectively.  And they were chosen by the paradigm precisely for this reason.  

Their job is to lead you to a cliff.  

Your job is to see it before it’s too late.  

Will you?  



Conversations with Barry Murray and Mayuri. 2014-2018.



Nassim Nicholas Taleb.  Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets. 2008

Nassim Nicholas Taleb.  Incerto includes The Black Swan (2007–2010), The Bed of Procrustes (2010–2016), Antifragile (2012), and Skin in the Game (2018).




Many trauma patients require implantable hardware for treatment of their spinal and bone injuries. One of the concerns patients frequently raise is whether this may cause a problem at TSA airport screening checkpoints (Transportation Safety Administration).

The answer in the past was probably “yes” because screening used more metal detection and less RF scanners.  If you travel into a country like Mexico regularly as I do, metal detection is still the defacto screen because it is cheaper than the new RF scanners used in the USA and EU.   Papers have shown in a 2G-3G dominated world in the mid 2000’s  that approximately half of implants can trigger the metal detectors.  Once triggered the patient is slowed down and subject to a pat down search.  I’ve even had patients tell me that the TSA agents have asked about their scars. Many patients ask me for letters about their surgery but I inform them that letters from me won’t help.  I have a few TSA agents as patients and they told me do not bother writting these letters.  They are trained not to pay any attention to them.   It turns out that overall, 38% are detected when the scanner is set to low sensitivity and 52% at high sensitivity.  I have found certain airports vary their settings often based upon flight origination and the type of people on the flight register.



Here is a more detailed breakdown:

  • Lower extremity hardware is detected 10 times more often than upper extremity or spine implants
  • Older spinal implants are more easily found because of their bulk but not the type of metal used by the implant makers.  If it is a multi-level fusion detection is more likely.
  • 90% of total knee and total hip replacements are detected
  • Upper extremity implants such as shoulder, wrist and radial head replacements are rarely detected
  • Plates, screws, IM nails, and wires usually escape detection because they are smaller.
  • Cobalt-chromium and titanium implants trigger alarms more often than stainless steel.  This one surprised me because older implants are often made of stainless steel.  The newer implants use the transition metals and this usage is likely going to cause patients a bigger problem in a 5G world because of how RF/microwaves interact with the D shell electrons of these metals.

I am a bit concerned about this topic because it is one aspect of medicine that most physicians will not link to the new 5G networks and their patients content of metal.  Why do I say this?

Recently, the FDA is requiring a new class warning and other safety measures for all gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs) for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) concerning gadolinium remaining in patients’ bodies, including the brain, for months to years after receiving these drugs. This warning also makes me very concerned about retain metal nanoparticles in the skin via tattoo’s.  The image below shows the metal partcoles reacting the the RF pulses and magnetic field of the 1.0 Tesla magnet in one of my patients.  You can see the shielding effect on the L4-5 and L5-S1 disc adjacent to the metal particles embedded in her skin as a result.  The surface topology effect of metal in a 5G world is going to be serious risk.



Most metal implants are left in our patients post operatively so they act as a reservoir of metal.  In the most recent FDA release on Gadolinium retention, the gadolinium has not been directly linked to adverse health effects in patients with normal kidney function, and FDA has concluded that the benefit of all approved GBCA’s continues to outweigh any potential risks.  This warning was made in a 3G/4G world.  I am concerned that the same will not be true in a 5G world.



If any patient knows that their implant triggers the detectors, they have two options:  request a patdown search (smartest move), or volunteer to go through the full body millimeter wave scanner with its own risks for the surfaces. This device uses RF radiation to look at everything from the skin outwards, and will not “see” the implant deeply embedded and is probably the preferred choice.  There are reports that this RF radiation can cause DNA breaks and its attendant problems.

If they choose to go through the metal detector and trigger it, they are required to have a patdown in most locations. Choosing to go through the body scanner after setting off the detector is no longer an allowed option according to the TSA in 2018.

Spinal implants of the older type (screws and rods) are almost always a trigger to metal detectors and now we have new data that these implants can be a point source of heavy metal leakage into tissues.  This really concerns me in a 5G world and it is why this CPC is being released to you now 12 months before 5G becomes operationally globally.  Airports already are operating in 5G mode so this is why I focus in on travelers and it is also why I hate traveling now internationally.    For this reason I have told many of my older fusion patients if they want hardware removal as we go into a 4G/5G world I will now consider it for them.  I did not believe in previous years that the risk benefit ration favored patients but now I do.

These are mito-hacks few people consider today, but I have a sense in a 5G world they will become popular.  I believe it will be quite hard to find physicians willing to remove metal implants because they will not understand the bio-physical risks versus the medical bio-mechanical risks of the patient.  This means the patient will have to do their due diligence and make their own decisions that may be incongruent with their surgeons.

Internal metals likely will act as an antenna for the highly powered 5G waves.  I believe these patients might experience more autoimmune conversion, cancers, and electro-hypersensitivity.   The beauty of life resides deeply in bio-physics of materials and their interaction with light frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum.

The secrets of life lies in the extent which seemingly complex and unrelated phenomena can be explained and correlated through a high level of abstraction by a set of laws which are amazing in their simplicity. Those laws are viewable to eyes who observe MRI’s daily; the wonders of the universe and of life are present in every image.  The key is learning to see what you observe in that picture or paying attention to patient complaints around their metal implants when 5G is operational.

We now have some data that placing a long titanium or metal pin down through the middle of a bone to stabilize it is linked with a much higher increase in the amount of metal ions found in the bloodstream. Chromium seems to have the highest levels reported for these intramedullary nails. Intramedullary titanium nails also increase the amount of titanium found in blood samples, but not as much as chromium. Evidently, the large surface area of the intramedullary nail exposes the bone to more titanium, thus the higher levels of serum (blood) metal. As a spine surgeon I used to never worry about this topic……now I do in a 5G world because if implanted metals leach inot the blood the radiation will affect the metal ions in our blood. I think the jury is still out on this but it is an area I am monitoring as network power density rises.

These 5G waves also have a topology that is very alien to humans and I have a sense that the topology and metals inside of us will lead to more mitochondrial diseases as time spent in these networks.  I go over that in both of the hyperlinks above.  Have a listen to them when you have a chance.  When you realize that 5G jump conducts to any conductor of electric or magnetic fields you will soon understand that this will make the time spent in the AC power grid is an added risk of metal implants in a 5G world.


Detection of orthopaedic implants in vivo by enhanced-sensitivity, walk-through metal detectors. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2007 Apr;89(4):742-6.




David G. Dennison, MD. Distal Radius Fractures and Titanium Volar Plates: Should We Take the Plates Out? In The Journal of Hand Surgery. January 2010. Vol. 35A. No. 1. Pp. 141-143.