Why is seafood part of the solar callus blog here on Patreon? Simple biophysical reasons that were covered awfully in that blog years ago according to this paper in NATURE. When you know better you do better. Do you know this info?



All aromatic amino acids have rings in them that absorb UV light radiation.  The picture above was from my talk in Vermont 2017 and while it is not clear here, the bottom amino acid is histidine.  When sunlight hits histidine, our skin makes urocanic acid that is a UV filter that protects us from erythema and skin damage by way of another chemical called Urocanic acid which has a massive array of histidine in it.  Seafood has a lot of histidine in it and it also creates massive amounts of urocanic acid in the skin.  Did you know this?  When you learn about this chemical in seafood you can use it to help regenerate many/ALL skin diseases with the help of DHA from seafood.  Why?

DHA from seafood controls the inflammatory mediators of photooxidation to control the pH of the local environment.    I’ve known about it for some time.  I used it to build my own solar callus 15 years ago.  DHA under the power of sunlight becomes maresins, resolvins, and protectins that control how protons can operate in the skin.   Have you ever heard of the Bazan effect?  You might want to join my Patreon blog then.

Urocanic acid comes in several isotopic and isomer forms.  This is important in the story of protons.  We have three hydrogen isotopes on Earth but biology favors two of them.  This is something the marketers from deuterium depletion centers never tell you because they know diddly squat about light and biophysics.  They know a very small part of the story of how we work in total.  Be wary of who you are letting pack your parachute.   YOU MIGHT WANT TO READ THAT SOLAR ALLUS BLOG ON PATREON ASAP.  

To understand how the two isomers of urocanic acid are linked to protons you need to positive charges and the electromagnetic force.  This is important because light is the force carrier for the electromagnetic force.  It only deals with charged particles.  This is something few biochemists take into account much less fully understand.   This includes the deuterium experts too…………

For example, one isomer, trans-urocanic acid ” appears to be a helpful HUMAN sunscreen of the skin” and the cis-version is linked to cancer progression and ROS formation in the skin in the dermatology literature.  I think this might be a false narrative.  Why do I say this?   What is the key to pH formation in humans in nature?  Sunlight creates a biophysical change in water in the skin in sunlight that differs when the light has a non terrestrial spectrum.  This is a big deal when you real how humans create their redox power as the picture below shows.  You must have your skin in the game.


This difference changes the exclusion zone which excludes PROTONS!!! Maybe there is a deeper reason for how urocanic acid (UCA) really works with sunlight and not with man-made light?

I’ve asked Gerry Pollack to redo his WATER experiments because of this one mitohack I did 15 years ago.  I think if he did he might put the sunscreen business out of business but so far he has declined.  He needs $$$$ to redo them.  How about some of you contact him and convince him to check out this effect.  It might help ALL OF MANKIND.

The Black Swan who has been a member of my site has known for years that the pH of the local environment is controlled by the DHA content of the skin and brain and it is the key to which isomer forms to make urocanic acid.  This links it to the redox potential of the local tissue from how much water a mitochondrion makes from sunlight.  When you know better you do better.

You don’t need DDW from any center, you need the wisdom of nature to make you wiser.  In a blue-lit 5G world evolution is going to favor the survival of the wisest and not the fittest………..



How wise are you experts given this OLD advice from me?



The food versus light lesson…….not to be missed.



FOOD/DIET argument taken to the next level:

Recently one of my former members who is a practing clinician in Australia wrote this publically.  I want to share his perspective and then parse out why I think his view point is missing the key ingredients of Light.

Josh said, “A vast majority of the research speaks of macronutrients, the fats, proteins, and carbohydrates that are ultimately converted to ATP. Some of the latest research suggests a reduction in these macronutrients leads to increased mitochondrial performance and reduction in aging and age-related degenerative diseases.

The presumption is that all nutrients are created equally, e.g., that calories are calories and no matter the origins of those calories, the end result will be ATP. Indeed, from the

mitochondrial perspective, each fuel, no matter its origins, will be broken down into its carbon skeleton, and through series of reactions the final output will be ATP—cellular

energy. In that sense, the fuel source makes little difference: the net result will always be ATP. However, and this is a big however, what this perspective fails to recognize is that to get from fats, proteins, or carbohydrates to ATP, there is an entire factory of enzymatic reactions that absolutely require noncaloric micronutrients—vitamins and minerals—to function properly. Mitochondria cannot process the dietary fuel into cellular fuel without the accompanying micronutrients.

Simply reducing the macronutrients, while it mayreduce the ultimate processing demand on mitochondria, thereby eliciting favorable compensatory reactions and allowing the enzymes to “catch up,” does nothing to address what is likely the core problem–that the enzyme machinery within the mitochondria are starving, and because they are starving, not only are they incapable of meeting the processing demands to maintain homeostasis, but also they are initiating a number of compensatory reactions that induce damage and many of the disease processes we see in modern medicine.

Non-Native EMF has been shown experimentally to up-regulate glucose metabolism (AMPk too) in the brain (Volkow 2011) This occurs by means of a “stimulus-response” process, whereby the brain tissue is excited by a high frequency field, thus caling for an increase in local metabolism to meet these demands. Over a period of long term exposure, one can quickly see that the nutrients required for the “machinery” to produce ATP will be rapidly depleted with each stimuli, requiring more and more in order to preserve vital basic function in energy production.

The same is true of high-caloric processed foods, which deliver the motherlode of energy substrate, without the necessary components required of the cell to run the machinery.

In this regard, simply “intermittent fasting,” or “caloric restriction-ing” is of little use, as is exercise or other means of “using what you dont have.”

What is needed is nourishment – from highly nutritious foods with an array of vitamins and minerals (which is nowdays hard to obtain. Industrial agricultural practices, for example, have depleted crop nutrients significantly, and thus dietary nutrient availability. Nutrient composition

of conventionally grown fruits and vegetables provide up to 38% less vitamin and mineral content than they did just a few generations ago, and the difference between

conventionally grown versus organically grown produce is even more striking. Today’s crops, bred for appearance and pesticide resistance rather than nutrition, carry 95% less

genetic variety, produce 200,000 fewer metabolites, are grown in topsoils almost completely depleted of minerals (65%–85% depleted in most Western countries), and are sprayed with microbiome and mitochondrial-damaging chemicals. In other words, conventionally grown fruits and vegetables provide fewer raw nutrients and more toxicant exposures than in previous generations. The toxicant exposures in particular have been deemed carcinogenic by the World Health Organization via multiple mechanisms including provoking oxidative damage in the kidneys and liver.

Nourishment does not just pertain to food. Nourishment also also comes in the form of tapping into the “constants” in life. that is, those biological signals that are our baseline benchmarks – sun rise/sun set, local native electromagnetic fields (grounding) etc. WIth so many alien/non native signals exciting our cells constantly, a return to the native forces that shaped us is paramount.”

This ended his rant about why food matters…………Here is the Black Swan response below linked to many blogs I have written over the years.



The light response to the food guru: Blue light and nnEMF liberate Vitamin A and when it is free it becomes an aldehyde that destroys the small molecule modulators of the mammalian circadian mechanism. Once the molecular clock goes awry the implications for many neolithic diseases spiral out of control. What are some of the Vitamin A proteins involved in this downward spiral? They are called retinoic acid receptor-related orphan nuclear receptors or RORs for short. The RORs have several isoforms too called RORα-γ. These proteins are also under the transcriptional control of CLOCK/BMAL1 heterodimers. CLOCK and BMAL1 are positive regulators of circadian gene expression, and PER and CRY are the negative regulators that operate under day and night cycles.



SIRT1 regulates the activity of BMAL1 and CLOCK, two circadian transcription factors, which target NAMPT, an enzyme that synthesizes NAD. And in a curious feed-forward mechanism, CLOCK and BMAL1 enhance SIRT1 expression… genetic deletion of any of these players induces insulin resistance.



Sunlight is a calcium channel blocker that alters the firing rate of voltage-gated channels on cells. This alters the free radical signal in mitochondria. This is done in a few ways with sunlight. UVA light = NO release from arteries to improve the microcirculation and INHIBIT CCO = lowers BP and slows ECT transort simulataneously decreasing the NEED for foodstuffs. More critically, nature mandates by terrestrial sunlight construction that the blue light in sun balanced by red light also stimulates melanopsin relaxation of the arterioles in our skin as another simulataneous collateral effect. This one reason why just going outside in the sun and clean air reduces depression and anxiety because sunlight slows breathing and improves oxygenation for mitochondrial function. When this quantize aspect is off because the lighting is man made things that normally go on in the mitochondria do not irrespective of the food stuff consumed.





The three slides above give three different perspectives of what is happening simultaneously in a colony of mitochondria under attack from altered light frequencies in the environment. None of these are adequately addressed in the commentary made by Josh above.

BREATHING IS QUANTIZED TO YOUR COLONY DYNAMICS = THE TERMINAL ELECTRON ACCEPTOR IS OXYGEN = this links things to free radical creation and the amount of ELF-UV created in your colony.

Breathing indoors requires us to use suboptimal air which is not moving or mixing with the wind or interacting with the sun so its charge is lower. This poor oxygen level = pseudohypoxia = NAD+ drops = you age faster = More PVN firing = less vagal tone = you get sick quicker indoors. SIRT 1 lowers with INDOOR living. People like Josh who do not have spectorsocopes do not seem to recognize that just living behind glass indoors blocks most UVA light and all UVB light and 30=50-% of IR-A light has a massive effect on mitochondrial biology and its output in signaling irrespective of the food fed into the system.




Why is this a big deal to a Black Swan and not a food guru?

NAD+ is one of the more immediate players in cytochrome 1 that is a huge driver of circadian biology in humans. It is the coenzyme called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). It participates in a variety of redox reactions in the matrix that help generate DDW from CCO = cytochrome c oxidase. CCO makes less water from carbohydrates than it does from fat.  This implies food choices in a varying seasonal year have massive implications for mitochondrial biology.  Food creation is also controlled by PHOTOSYNTHESIS.  Photosynthesis is a solar phenema.

NAD+ is made from tryptophan and aromatic amino acid which must be programmed by sunlight to operate properly.  The slide below should be instructive why blue light and nnEMF are devasting to NAD+ levels irresepctive of the foods eaten.



Solar exposure and fasting work with light frequencies to slow ECT flow and this can increase the intracellular NAD/NADH ratio if the light environment is dominated by sunlight. It won’t do this with artificial light. Artificial light always lowers NAD+ levels at cytochrome 1 making the eating of carbohydrates a relative contraindications to humans abusing their light choices. This fact is LOST on Josh above and most other food gurus.

This is what sets off a cascade of circadian events that can destroy tissues because they involve epigenetics and the regulation of growth and metabolism of man. LIGHT DOES THIS. NOT the FOOD OR FUELS we consume. The chemical and nuclear cycles of metabolism are designed BY NATURE to run well indefinitely without additional substrates as long as the quantum thermodynamics givens in the environment are maintained and water is made at cytochrome C oxidase (CCO). Carbohydrates are generally plentiful only when the sun is plentiful by photosynthetic laws.



This is why ubiquitination is designed to be quiescent in terrestrial sunlight and so is the nuclear genome when these lighting conditions are maintained.  This is why the human animal is an omnivore and can eat shit on a shingle if their light environment is optimized. The mitochondrial signals are what turn on and off the epigenetic software and this software program in cells is entirely controlled by incident light we live under. We can use any food stuff to replenish what we need in the process of living when the environment falls in range of natures givens. Today that environment has changed because humans now live indoors behind glass and out of the sun.  What does this living condition of existence imply to our colony of mitochondria?

SUN + fasting -> NAD+ -> SIRT1 -> BMAL1/CLOCK -> NAMPT -> NAD+

NAD+ MOST major effect is to activate the sirtuins as the reaction above shows.  See the picture above too.   This is a family of deacetylase enzymes. When you understand what UV and IR light are doing to the mitochondrial matrix, especially at CCO,  you can see why fasting could potentially be seen as a circadian reset biohack. It won’t work in fake light when ALAN is present.

SIRT1 also activates PGC1a in liver (Rehan et al., 2014), which enhances fatty acid oxidation, at a time when HUMANS require it during sleep in the absence of ALL light at night.

This is why you better be careful who packs your parachute.  Some of my older ex-members are not as wise as they think.

To survive in a 1G-5G world you need to be wise.  Survival of the wisest will trump survival of the fittest in a world where the light of evolution in terrestrial light has been radically altered by man.






The lesson of the day: LCHF/keto food gurus think the two chemicals below are identical and cause the same problems. (Their Dunning Kruger moment) I pulled this picture off a prominent MD’s twitter account to make a point that the food gurus are not aware of what they do not know.



Black Swan Mitochondriacs know they are quite different and they lead to different problems, some with good outcomes, and others with bad ones, depending upon the environment and season.


Do you know why this is true?



ANSWER: Fruit juice glucose and fructose levels are controlled by the photosynthetic process dictated by the sun, water, and photosynthetic pathways used, (C3, C4, CAM). Fructose in soda is controlled by man. Most of it is HCFS and that is made in a lab with NO hydrogen isotopic control. So this is why SODA is WORSE than fruit juice 100% of the time. I am a bit shocked that none of you smart guys knew this, but it is VERY COMMON knowledge. In fact, if on sending often 100% fruit juice to the lab and soda you will find that fruits ten to have 145-155 deuterium in ppm. Soda goes from 155-200 ppm in testing. The deuterium (D) abundance of the carbon‐bound hydrogen atoms of photosynthetically formed carbohydrates is influenced by the D abundance of the water taken up by the plant, which depends on the climate, and by Deuterium isotope discrimination within the plant.

HFCS is not a REGULAR plant. In fact, most HCFS is now made synthetically in a lab with NO PHOTOSYNTHETIC CONTROL in place.

This is why the deuterium content can rise above seawater levels.   In plants, the latter can occur during evapotranspiration or by deuterium isotope effects of metabolic reactions. The D abundance of plant material could, therefore, give information about the physiological response of plants to changing environmental conditions, and could serve as a climate indicator to the colony of mitochondria who consume the plant product.


1. Sternberg L. & DeNiro M.J. (1983) Isotopic composition of cellulose from C3, C4, and CAM plants growing near one another. Science 220, 947–949.



What was the take home from the Polish Health Summit and from #Flowfest2019 in Germany from the Black Swan viewpoint?

Survival of the “wisest” always trumps survival of the fittest.

This especially true in our blue lit and microwaved world. It’s the questions we can’t answer that teach us the most. They teach us how to think.

DO YOU FULLY VALUE how you think, when you are being irradiated by blue light and nnEMF 24/7? 

It’s the questions we can’t answer that teach us the most. They teach us how to think.

Consider the following situation:  If you give a person an answer, all he gains is a little fact and no wisdom. But give him a question and he’ll look for his own answers and become more wise for it.  This skill set becomes CRITICAL in combating 5G diseases and protecting your mitochondrial colony from 5G damage.

This is how 5G is changing how we should look at our lives now differently.  Life is no longer strictly about survival of the fittest.  One can be physically fit and be filled with a horrendous colony of engines that leads to disease and death.  

What should the wise consider first?  

Think to prevent the demise in the first place.  The first choice you make might be the choice that determines your survival.

Modern life in a 5G is about the survival of the WISEST.



I wanted to drop a few words and ideas about my recent trip to Europe. I was invited to come to Europe by three separate organizers to come to Europe in 2019 about the topic of health and wellness. Two of the groups wanted me to talk about something specific related to today’s current events in our modern world. The other event “initially” wanted me to become a lightning rod of controversy for other topics in the world of biohacking and health optimization The third group actually sent a delegate (Dasha Maximov) to my member’s event in Mexico in December of 2018 to convince me to come to the London event later in 2019. I committed to all three events early in 2019 for different reasons initially.



In July of 2019, I took a leap of faith and went to the first-ever Polish Health Summit in Krutyn, Poland. Sebastian Kilichowski and Mateusz Ostręga (above) are the two leaders of the Polish Health Summit. In this three hour car ride above I convinced both men to get new twitter handles and brand their names so the lay public could find them easier world wide. One will be the Polish Enigma and the other will be the Polish Health Engineer. These guys are wonderful people. Below is the day of my arrival in Krutyan, stopping on the road side to see the sunset.



A few days later I committed to going to Germany for Flowfest 2019. Max Gotzler is the event organizer for Flowfest. They are now in year three of their festival and Max works with his great friend Mark to organize this event. I had previous contact with Max Gotzler in 2015 at the London Biohacker Event. Below Max on stage getting ready to give me a welcome gift.



When I met Max I found him to be a man of high character and values. He was also a genuine authentic person. When he extended me the invite he told me he would like to also invite Dr. Alexander Wunsch to the event so that both of us could meet and entangle in person for the first time. I have always admired Dr. Wunsch work and his commitment to teaching the public and healthcare providers about the details around light in Germany. A visit to his website and slide presentations will show you the value he can bring anyone with an open mind. Below Alexander getting ready to deliver a new talk to his arsenal.



I had tried several times myself to get Dr. Wunsch to come to America to speak at events I was slated to speak at. This never occurred. I jumped at the chance to meet Dr. Wunsch when Max offered to fly me to Flowfest 2019 in Munich. Below, me trying on one of Dr. Wunsch’s new glasses based on my color frequency personalit test I took with his wife Doris at Flowfest.



One of my members, then suggested that I extend my European visit and add another speaking gig in Poland. I had never been to Poland and I was intrigued at the chance. Early in 2019 I connected with one of the Polish organizers ( Mateusz) and did a podcast with him and it was a good experience. I quickly agreed to come to Poland to see what Mateusz and Sebastian had up their sleeve for their event. Sebastian and I below.



I was very surprised to learn that they had zero conditions on my speaking topics and just wanted me to come and help the new and inexperienced hacking community in Poland out. It also helped that Poland did not have 5G at this point.

I spoke to Max several times early in 2019 to work out what Max wanted me to bring to Germany in July and we settled on the topic of telling people what they need to consider most in a blue-lit and 5G world. Max was concerned that 5G was recently unleashed in Europe and many people in Germany wanted to know more about what the risks were and what we should be the first best moves of any person facing these risks in their environment. Max surprised me further when he told me he wanted me to deliver the message in 15 minutes in a TED-style talk about a week before the event. He then wanted to open up the next 45 minutes to a Q & A format. I trust Max because I know he is a solid person with good values so I agreed to do this.




Was London calling?

In April and May of 2019, there was radio silence from the London organizers for their event scheduled in August of 2019. This was surprising to me, because I had sent my March 2019 webinar to Tim, the event planner, and allowed him to listen to the webinar because it was going to form the basis of the opinion and talk I was planning on doing in London on 5G. London has already rolled out 5G and the effects of this have been present in the current events and many of my UK members were concerned about the risks. They were very happy I was coming to tell them what they should consider.  Many of my European members bought event tickets because I was coming to speak. Sarah and Lilly (below) were two examples who came to Germany to see me speak.




The same thing was true in Poland and Germany.  I found out in April of 2019 that the date had been changed to mid-September 2019 via backdoor channels. I knew at this point I could not attend the London event because the Kruse Longevity Center already had Farm members scheduled to meet me at the new date and time. No one else but those Farm members knew this. In June of 2019, I was informed that the health optimization event in London was no longer interested in me speaking in September because three speakers (food & supplement gurus) threatened to pull out of the event if I came to speak as scheduled. I also found out that some people speaking on the quantum effects of hydrogen isotopes in water were also excluded from the event. One happens to be a member of mine from Australia pictured below on the beach at Munich the day before my speech.



I have come to learn there were some other “financial pressures” brought about by sponsors and speakers that also were part of this decision making process. I was surprised that any new event organizer would cave to the demands of speakers and sponsors. I was informed by Tim (his belief mind you) that the audience of Europe was not ready to receive the message of the warnings of 5G. I was stunned at the arrogance of this response. Who was this event organizer who could make the decision for the people of London on their behalf?

Was he a physician, clinician, or insurance actuary? No, he was an entrepreneur event organizer. Let that sink in for a moment………… this a guy you want packing your parachute?




In Germany on July 7th, 2019, I met this event organizer (Tim G) and we chatted about the situation. The meeting was set up by one of my members (below) who told me Tim wanted to talk with me about the situation live. He stated his case, and I stated mine. I told him flatly I rejected his premise, and that no one should be muzzled by food gurus and supplement sellers on topics related to nnEMF when this is not in their expertise. Moreover, if the same gurus viewed these topics as controversial or adversarial to their profits. The irony in all this I had just given two talks on the 5G rollout that were smashing successes and generated a ton of interested. Tim, in fact, heard the 5G talk in Germany live. No exhibitor marketer was skewered by the message I delievered there at all, just as I warned him when I graciously gave him my 3 hours March webinar for free months earlier. I put my character and values on the line and delivered for the people of Europe.



Both in Poland and in Munich, these two event organizers chose not to cave to anyone’s ridiculous demands of steering clear of controversy and watering down the message regardless of the issue. The free sharing of ideas is what science is all about. When the message is muzzled to suit an agenda we have a pure marketing event. This should be made clear to the public buying the tickets. The first thing that suffers in marketing driven events is the TRUTH. The discussion with Tim reminded me of this quote below.



One last thing that really bothered me about the character and values of the London group, specifically Tim, was that several of my members who bought London tickets because I was speaking were not offered refunds once the invitation was pulled by Tim. They told me this in Poland and Germany at the two events. Sometimes we need to burn bridges to protect our tribe.




^^^^^People above not offered refunds because of Tim’s decision to choose money over the truth.

Tim here is some advice for you from me: When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.



RELENTLESS CHAOS…………….. defines the new Jack of 2019

Did my blueprint talk go off as planned in Poland or Germany? No, it did not. In Poland, I decided with one of my members (Matt Maruca) to put them on stage with me and talk about the mitohacking I had done on them for the last 4 years and how it changed their personal life and altered their business and educational choices. I wanted people in Poland new to the game of hacking to see how hacking should start before one considers the use of any gadgets or supplements.



Since the Polish Health Summit was a new event I thought showing a person’s journey to them would act as a canvas to show them how to learn to create their own masterpiece by first learning how to stretch the canvas before they put any paint on their palate or their brushes. Then I wanted to show them how painting and creating one’s health best initially is to use Nature and her laws to help reset their biology. Two days before the event, chaos visited my plans when the member I was scheduled to use as the model in my talked backed out of the event because of some family issues that developed and could not be changed.



One thing that remained, however, was a slide this member had made for me for his biohack on the stage from a new piece of art I had bought 3 days before the event. That one slide became the seed I needed to deal with the chaos of destruction settling into this talk. (Pictured below) This one slide dominated all my actions and words in Europe.



If one views the life of seed in Nature it only exists to be destroyed, yet when it is, the result can be a magnificent tree that can benefit animals, a forest, and humans for hundreds of years to come.  That perspective helped me reformat my plan. I decided to invite two other back up people who I could use to replace my member on stage and use that slide to guide me.

Immediately, I knew I was in trouble because one of the two replacements, a physician, could not make it on short notice because of his job. The second person, a nurse,  could make it because she works for me, but she became a bit apprehensive about having her personal story aired in two public venues live. That person did come with me to Europe along with a VIP physician I had invited and that one slide (pictured below on left).



The chaos of situation sooned turned toward my advantage but in a most unlikely way.

In Poland I had met two men named David and one man named Sean. David from Poland is know as Dawid pictured below.



The other David was from the UK living in Poland with his girlfriend and the other UK man was Sean W. pictured below with three sausages on his stick on the left.



My two guests and I spent a lot of time with the David from the UK and we had some serious discussions about music and things linking them to my past that were tied to embracing chaos and why it was important to do on the road to becoming a Black Swan. I told them all about a situation I dealt with in my early twenties that I have kept hidden about for a long time and how it has fueled my own journey. UK David is picture on left with his thumb up!



We listened to masive amounts of NIN and Pink Floyd during this night and the next AM don’t you think the Universe rewarded us with a double thick Rainbow over the grounds of the Polish Health Summit!



Polish Dawid (Dawid Dobropolski of  got up to speak at the Polish Health Summit in delivered his talk in English. This was not his native tongue and his talk was about things in his own life he feared and how fears can shape our choices. It was clear to all, Dawid was troubled by something, and he decided to jump off the cliff without wings and share his story, but during his talk, he fell short of really telling the audience about what was going on in his own life and how it was sculpting his life. I saw him in chaos and he did not embrace it and then my spark of insight occurred.


My talk was next up in Poland and I decided to embrace the chaos of not having Matt present, and my nurse not feeling comfortable talking about her publicly, so I decided to do something at that moment, off the cuff, and totally unscripted because of what happened with both David’s during my time in Poland.



I decided to share my own story about chaos and fear that I had buried for 30 years and I used the one slide Matt had prepared for me for his live member biohack.  Since he canceled at the last minute I figured I could still use the slide to deliver a message. I decided to use that present chaos to show both UK David and Polish Dawid’s how a Black Swan might use chaos to their advantage to bring order to their life and how it can be used to create the first best step in combating 5G.



The audience in Poland had no idea what I was going to do in this moment as I paused to upload the slide to my talk. I looked at the broken pieces of their lives, my own life, and my own current speaking situation and add my own personal heat to the mix to melt the broken pieces of my plan to create something brand new to deliver a very lesson about life and 5G mitigation. It was two hours of deeply felt passion about what we must do to mitigate 5G in the most counterintuitive way.

When I was done, I think I stunned everyone based upon the responses I got. Sebastian, the Polish event organizer, made a comment on my Dr. Kruse FB page and said the talk was “a timeless speech” on how to begin to change our lives. Another one of my UK members summed it up best (Del Henderson pic below).



He said the masses of biohackers are worried about the survival of the fittest narrative we have accepted from biology when the real issue at hand with nnEMF and 5G should be “survival of the wisest”.



The most wise will be those who protect their colony of mitochondria in their brain over the ones that are present in the muscle skeletal systems of people. Those who will survive the gauntlet of 5G won’t be well muscled but will be those who think best. The first decision one makes in a 5G environment will be the one that determines whether you will live or die to a mitochondrial illness.

In this talk, I told both audiences what my first decision has been. 2019 was the year I decided to prune and de-weed my circle of six and put new people around me to help me pack my parachute when I needed to make new tough decisions I would have to face in the coming years.



I told the audience I had let this part of my life fall apart because I became too dependent upon myself as the only person who could pack my parachute to my own standards. Since 5G presents many HIDDEN, non-linear aspects around the spectrum of light, the smartest and wisest decision is to put 6 people with 12 eyeballs and 6 good brains around me to help me navigate a world built to destroy me. I need to find clues everywhere I can to protect myself and my tribe. I had to find and create a group of six quickly and I told the audience the mistake I made over the last 5 years was that my circle was down to two people. And that just having two people currently in my circle of six was not good enough.



I showed them my failure and why it would hurt me in a 5G world and I shared with them what I was doing to fix that problem immediately. It began in April of 2018 but it had picked up a lot of steam in early December 2018. The idea was fully developed in March of 2019 and this idea was the idea I had shared with Tim G, the London event organizer I mentioned above. How I unleashed these ideas in Poland were a beginner’s blueprint that every human needs to consider in their battle in fighting 5G.



Polish Dawid gave me the idea 5 minutes before my talk. Ideas are worthless with actions. Actions come via choices. I decided in a moment to embrace the chaos around this talk and use the chaos David experienced and deliver a very new kind of Uncle Jack talk. Ideation without execution leads to deletion of every good idea or choice. I knew as soon as I finished that I executed on the plan. Many people came up to me after the talk and praised me for jumping off my own cliff to teach and extend the lesson Polish Dawid tried to deliver before me.

One of the key moments for me was right after my speech. My VIP physician Stephanie (below said to me, “Jack, you need to deliver more talks like this on this topic for the world to hear and really listen too.”  This statement came from a very quiet introvert. Her statement stunned me. I had no idea of what the impact of this talk was on me or my audience until that moment.



Then Sean W. and David from the UK came to ask me more about my own personal chaos from way back and we had an epic talk around a fire and pig roast.



.……..and from there I met another amazing man from the Czech Republic who came with his young family. He told me that talk might just have changed his life as we awaited the sunrise on July 4th in 40 F weather.



Polish Dawid said likewise and many of the young new Polish biohackers reinforced this message to me. All of them encouraged me to do this talk in different ways for different audiences. The next two days were very emotional and spent in the solitude of thinking about their ideas in my own head as I made new friends in the mobile sauna the two Polish Summit leaders had built for me beside the rivers of Krutyan. I did an epic hack of an Australian Russian lady in that sauna that got my juices flowing further before I went in the frigid waters of the river that night before bed. I needed to sleep in solitude to come up with a new plan for Germany.



The organizers and people I met in Poland were some of the most authentic people I have ever met (above). Polish Dawid might have changed my life because of his talk. I realize this now as I type this on my computer as I fly home from Germany to New Orleans now. Sebastian and Mateusz are people of high character and values. They set their event up in an EMF free environment, the event was done outside, and they made a mobile sauna for the event and parked it right next to the river which was 50F. They had read my Jetlag Rx blog and knew after flying for 12 hours and driving another 3 hours to their remote location I would be whipped by circadian disruption. In that sauna, I met some amazing people from all over the globe. Three people from Australia, Cyprus, Greece, London, Holland, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Scotland, South America, Czech Republic, Italy, and America. I was stunned at where they all came from…………..for a brand new event just to hear me speak. We even has someone bring their EMF protection dog! James Lech did it from South Africa by way of Amsterdam.



The next stunning event was checking into the Mazur owned by a keeper named Marek. His daughter also was an amazing part of the summit and helped organize and prepare the food. Marek prepared every single room and removed the light fixtures and replaced them all with red lights.



Everyone at the event had this done. I was amazed at his graciousness. The food was the best I have ever had at any conference and Marek’s team and family have to be commended.


His daughter is pictured below. She was amazing with the food and event planning.



Marek even set up a river trip and he had blazing firepits of logs placed in the river so that we could listen to music and cook Polish sausage he made while we were on the River. There were even white and Black swans present on the River! You had to see this to believe it!



They even made home made Polish vodka. It smelled like jetful! I do not drink liquor so I passed but not many else did and they label was epic!



Many of the speakers at this event did great jobs on their topics despite their inexperience and doing their talks in English their non-native language. Marek gave me a nice gift (book of recipes and pictures of his estate) for coming to Poland to help this event out and grow but I think I was the one filled with gratitude for coming to meet such a wonderful place. I could not help but think the entire time I drove three hours back to Warsaw how wonderful a lesson embracing chaos was at this talk. I realized 24 hours later that Polish Dawid brought me to own cliff and UK David and words and demeanor got me to consider climbing up the cliff further by giving more of my story to a young man named Sean from the UK. I decided to jump off the cliff to steepen the angle to increase my chaos further……



Just taking the chance to talk about this publically with total strangers was like going up in a plane and letting anyone pack my parachute. I realized this choice of living in the now, took away my ability to pack my own parachute this time…….I did it without my usual diligence and now have to get my own wings on the way down.

The next 24 hours I spent entangling with many of my old and new friends was going to change my life forever. I made a decision right there that I had to go further down this rabitt hole and embrace the most chaos I could imagine creating.



It began 3 decades earlier and shared those ideas with my friends at some restaurant in Munich over seabass and tomahawk steak. At this dinner I let our waiter order for us (pic below) and I told him if he chose well, I would reward him. He had no way of knowing I was going to pay things forward no matter what the food was like because I was feeling very intuitive and strong this night.


I felt my life changing rapidly and I noticed a bud beginning on my thorax……….it was my wings beginning to sprout as I began free fell in front them all as my lips moved too late into that night. I realized I was living my life with my eyes closed for 30 years and it had to stop. My VIP physician kept her silent pressure on me and continued to tell me to stay on this topic.



All the people at the table that night were at the Poland event, except one. And that one person was an old friend who thought they knew all there was to know about me, and that was true until it wasn’t. UK David and Sean W got me comfortable with the idea of jumping further the night before around the fire, so I did it again the next night except for this time I jumped further out from the cliff. This jump was different. It was more dangerous and chaotic for me. I told people something I have told no one before about me.

That night I decided I needed to spend the next day at the beach in Munich. I did not know they had one, but this one was a river bed of stones on the bed of a river filled with Alpine water from the Alps that was about 55F.



I found a place where I could sit in the summer sun and do CT while being grounded on river rock. I told everyone that night the next day we would spend on that beach and I would cater a picnic for a group. We made plans on how to execute this plan the day before Flowfest. I made a conscious decision to entangle ONLY with my old members who were becoming Black Swans because their choices where fueling their new lives.



I went to the hotel and I slept well and had an amazing dream about my last 30 years of life. The dream was filled with a lot of the music riffs we listened to on the River we floated on in Poland. It also had a snake in the dream.



In the picture above, the man doesn’t know that there is a snake underneath.
The woman doesn’t know that there is a stone crushing the man.
The woman thinks: “I am going to fall! and I can’t climb because the snake is going to bite me! Why can’t the man use a little more strengh and pull me up!”
The man thinks: “I am in so much pain! Yet I’m still pulling you as much as I can! why don’t you try and climb a little harder?!” The moral of this picture is this: You can’t see the pressure the other person is under, and the other person can’t see pain that you’re in.
This is life, no matter whether it’s with work, family, feelings or friends we should try to understand each other by accepting the perspective as their reality and not your own.  No one really knows your reality unless you share it.  Some of us have not.
This should cause us to learn to think differently, perhaps more clearly and communicate better to help one another.  This lesson is critical to get in a 5G driven world.
A little thought and patience goes a long way if you have the right circle of six and misfits around you.

Can a dream foreshadow the future?

The next morning I woke up and I found inspiration where it wasn’t supposed to be. It was right in front of that began to talk sense to me. I knew what I had to say at Flowfest at that very moment and I was struggling badly with how to unleash such a personal dragon to make a deep point about 5G mitigation. At breakfast, we all congregated and one member brought Iberico ham and a bunch of wine and told me about her own dream about a snake that followed her and her luggage. As the snake closed in her the snake dropped scientific papers and Roman numerals that one would see on the face of clocks. The dream resonated loudly with me because for six months one of my best friends and I were having very similar dreams. My member had no way of knowing this detail and my intuition strongly told me I had to go further.



I made the group separate into those who went to Poland and those who did not. That left my old member from Spain and me to go buy all the food for the picnic for 12. We spent close to 90 minutes doing this and it was a magical 90 minutes where we recounted her dream and I went deeper into my own story with her. We bought chacutterie at an Italian deli and went to buy ice for the wine, and anyone who thinks buying ice in Europe is easy should it sometime. We walked into four stores including supermarkets and there was none to be found. We had to go to a gas station to get some and in the gas station I inadvertently left my phone and I was three blocks away and we heard a German woman chasing after us and telling me the phone was left in the store. I felt it was the Universe paying me back for paying it forward the night before. We ran back to the store to get the phone, and by this time we had blown an hour from the Italian deli trying to find ice. When we returned to the Deli these guys were still cutting up salami and ham so we drank some water and had a coffee and we talked deeper about the night before and all the cliff jumping I was doing.



We had so many things that the shop owner agreed to help us carry all the food and drink to the River and during our walk, I unleashed my power on him and did a consult on him in impromptu fashion when he asked me about what I do and informed me of his issues. In that ten minute walk back to the River he told my member that I gave him goosebumps with my words. I was feeling it big time at this point.



When we got back to the River there was more of my misfits but there was a new person who was hired by one of my members banned from the London event. His name was Ricardo (pic above second from left) and he was 23, a strapping young man and quite good looking. His energy, however, was exceptional and he and I began vibrating all day long. We hit it off and the conversation was deep. When this conversation deepened one of my Scottish members began to talk about why thinking and being wise was more critical than carrying a massive amount of muscle around. This got the well-muscled Ricardo’s attention and then we began to talk about vanity, diets, supplements, politics, and sex. It was then, the group began to get their own skin in the game, so to speak. We went deep.



When we got to sex, the conversation in the River got even more serious. At that moment, one of the ladies suggested someone raise this question at the Q & A that was to be live after my talk the next day. My VIP physician decided she was going to do it because she felt she needed to work on her delivery of tough subjects in a public forum. I think this was her biohack of learning how to jump off a baby cliff before she attempted a big one. Our beach picnic ended at 5 PM and I had to head to Flowfest for a VIP dinner.



I got there and met some of the people and saw Max Gotzler live for the first time since 2015. It was quite enjoyable. I ate something that did not quite agree with me and I had to leave the event. I got a bad case of diarrhea and had to get an IV. I had a chance to meet some more people that night who came from all the world to meet me and hear my words. I went to bed and was hopeful the next day would be better. That next AM I was in rough shape, but I did an amazing consult on Doris a member from Europe. She is below far left.



It was so powerful that it changed how I was looking at the day unfolding. She had no idea how her response to my fire breathing motivated me to jump further in front of the German audience that night at 6PM.



It was the day I was supposed to speak and I felt bad before speaking to Doris. I told Max I was not bouncing back well. Max immediately took down to lay down in Dr. Alexander Wunsch’s new light and sound-bed to feel better. It worked well because within two minutes I was asleep and quite relaxed and felt a lot better.



It allowed me to go back upstairs and hear Max’s opening remarks. During his opening remarks, Max shocked me with a gift made by an artist who heard about the biohack I gave Max on his podcast several years ago. This picture will be hanging up in my clinic because it represents what a person must do when they have to go ALL IN to remain in a high latitude.



The next eight hours I spent in the sun sleeping and hanging with many of my misfits. I think everyone was a bit worried about me and my talk because of how I felt. I knew otherwise. I knew exactly what I was going to say and do and I knew I needed more sun time in Munich to get over this. I met a real cool guy from the UK who asked me some great questions on the beach as I rested and I told him to ask them during the Q & A. He is pictured below.



I started feeling my energy and passion rising around 5PM 30 minutes before Matt Maruca’s talk. I went to change from my bathing suit into a speaking dress and my fancy jacket from Muse in New Orleans. I attended Matt’s talk and I left his talk and headed directly to the Main stage where I found the room very hot and packed with people. As I waited, in the back, even more, people entered and they put on my wireless mic and as the last speaker ended his talk my inner voices began to talk to my whispering eyes. I felt a larger surge of energy and I became very passionate. My mind wandered as I walked through the crowd to the stage for an introduction to the things I said in Poland to both David’s and to Sean and all the things I had said to Ricardo, Mitch, and Del. As soon as my foot hit the stage I was ready for Max to get off the stage and get to getting my point across about 5G in 15 minutes that one would get in a TED talk. Matt Maruca had a timer and hit it as soon as a started and 14 minutes and ten seconds later I delivered a gem.



The Q & A was to begin right after this talk so they had to arrange the stage so as they did I decided to add more slides to the talk as they worked and talk more about the implications of 5G and the people in the audience moved up in the chairs and began snapping pics of all my slides. In the Q & A, several things happened from my perspective. The most important thing to me was that the TED-style talk delivered the message and it did. Most of the questions asked were directed at me and not the two other panel members.



During the Q & A, I caught fire because of the discussion amongst the panelists. One of the panelists, who sat closest to me just gave off a bad vibe to me immediately and I did not know why. I was asked to sit and I declined. It was intuition at work in me. I found out later, that the panelist was someone I had banned on social media 3.5 years earlier and to be quite honest I do not know the details of why I had banned her. I did not recognize her because he profile pic on her Facebook page and her live appearance are no longer congruent. I realize later where the Universe was working with me telling me to remaining standing. I have a standing rule that if I ban you on social media the ban extends to real life too.

The Universe was not done helping me out during the Q & A. I had made the point in my talk that your circle of six must be filled with people, who refuse to settle for a B, C, D when an A is available. Energy vampires usually will try to get you to accept a B, C, or D and sell you something to keep you too comfortable in an environment you need to escape from. The longer she spoke, the more she put the exclamation point on my 15 minutes TED-style talk that she is not someone you need in your circle of six.  I made this point using this picture below on my Instagram account for people who were not there.  



She was a living example on stage of someone you do not want packing your parachute. That message resonated with many people in the audience based upon the immediate feedback I got right after exiting the stage. It continued into the next day too. It really affected my VIP physician member who felt so strongly about it that she addressed her concerns to the panel member the next day. at the VIP brunch.



My concern was different at this point. I wanted to get some alone time with Dr. Wunsch, the other panel member to share with him my 30,000-foot plan to take down the blue-lit and 5G world.

After the Q & A was over I was mobbed by people with more questions and we had to move from the hall to the beach where I answered all the questions I got. I was also interviewed by the Flowfest film crew and the interview was electric. At this point, I knew I had to leave to make sure I would continue to feel well. I retired to the hotel with 5 close friends and we did a post mortem of TED STYLE talk and the day’s events during the panel and beach Q & A. I expected some harsh criticism but I got none of it from them.



What I heard told me I need to continue to cliff dive into chaos. My VIP physician was very forceful in this opinion and my Spanish member who went shopping with me for the picnic was very thoughtful and powerful. She thought this was the best talk I had ever given. She said my delivery and demeanor was a “new version of Jack” she did not know existed. She was told by the others that this version of Jack was unleashed in the Polish Health summit three days before. Del closed my night by telling me that all the biohacking events and paleo events cater to the survival of the fittest and in doing this, they are setting people up for failure because thriving in 5G will require being a thinker. He coined the term “survival of the wisest” after hearing my talk. Immediately I sensed he had jumped into my circle of six because his ideas and eyes were paying attention to details that were important to the message I delivered on both stages in Europe. He was there for both and he kept reminding me of the essence of his message.


I went to bed and had a very physical dream about the snake again with Mother Nature. I woke up the next AM saw the sunrise and packed my bags for Bavaria where I was to meet personally with Dr. Wunsch to give him and Max’s family my 30,000-foot view of 5G and what my plan was to deal with it in the USA. That morning we had a buffet-style breakfast and Max made sure we had oysters and deuterium depleted water from the German Alps. I had close to eight hours to entangle with many of the VIP’s, meet guest, answer more questions, and hear how my talk resonated. The feedback was quite good and especially good from the physicians who were in attendance. They really talked with me this day. Ricardo told me in 48 hours I might have changed his life and Mitchell S. from Australia seemed to soak up every word I spoke for a week. Mitch is below.



I got an invitation to speak in Davos Switzerland during this breakfast and entangled with a couple from Idia who were fascinated by the data on my slide about India and how it links to technology abuse.



One of the things I was most grateful for during the VIP event was to have a private meeting with Max and his two brothers. During this time I did mini consults with Max and his brother who was a trauma surgeon. The words I spoke to both became prominent features in the talks we had over dinner with Max’s parents and his friends.



Matt Maruca tried to mend a bridge between myself and Tim at the VIP brunch. Tim G is the London organizer of the health optimization summit scheduled to go off in Sept 2019 in 5G London. He bought a ticket to Flowfest to see how the competition with their event to learn what he could. The discussion we had was cordial but highly unproductive for me. I came away believing my intuition and gut were right about him and his core values and character. They just do not mesh with mine at any level. I listened carefully to what was said to me but as soon as I heard it all I remarked, “I have listened carefully, and I reject your premise.”



Anyone who tells me Europe, especially 5G London, is not ready for this talk is just incredibly arrogant and very ignorant. I even introduced Tim to Ricardo with the hopes of allowing Tim to see his own Dunning Kruger effect to remedy it. I told Tim, Ricardo knew nothing much about the science I teach, he just spent his initial 48 hours with me, and he is 23 years European and the target market for the London event. I walked away and let them two talk it out hoping Ricardo would show Tim what he is missing.

It was about this time I asked Mitch to take a photo of a gentlemen who was at this VIP brunch chatting up with Tim for quite sometime. I had overheard the guy was going to the London event. The guy had sunglasses on, was on his cell phone, smoking a cigarette. I guess Tim’s target market might align with his beliefs. I do not cater to a low dopamine crowd because I want to elevate them from a B, C, or D, to an A. I hope the people who attend his event give him an earful. No one should steer information flow from people. Present both sides of the argument and let them decide after doing their due diligence who is right, science or marketer.


Watering down a message eliminates the unique perspective. Being a unique thinker allows you to think differently so you can attack problems from alternative viewpoints. It stops you from allowing your past to bleed into your future. Thinking uniquely is a synonym for thinking more wisely. It allows us to become a habitual rule-breaker with our hacks to find out where your passion resides. You might shock yourself and unlock some of nature’s deepest secrets about life to improve it. I do not see how this is controversial at all.



Ricardo gave me his take on Tim and Matt spoke with Tim about his perspective. Tim told Matt he felt good about his discussion with me. I’m glad he felt this way. I have no idea why he felt this way because I felt Tim lost more ground with me after it. Matt found this out in our car ride to Bavaria to meet Dr. Wunsch. I came away feeling the hole Tim was in with me was far deeper now that it ever was. I do not believe Tim felt this way at all. I think he thought things between us were better. Matt soon learned why I felt as I did on that two-hour drive to Bavaria to the Alps.



Mark, Max’s partner in Flowfest drove us from the VIP event to Bavaria to spend the night in the Alps and meet Max’s parents and friends. During the drive up, I spent 2 hours doing one of my better consults on Matt. You might ask him about it someday. I was brutally honest and held nothing back. I think it gave him a lot to think about. During the trip up, Mark was mostly silent but he listened well. Later that night he opened up and I found him to be a great guy who also has strong character and values like Max. It is no surprise they are business partners in Flowfest.



When we arrived in Bavaria we checked into a new resort called AJA and it was spectacular. We changed clothes went to the home of Max’s parents and as soon as I entered I got a glass of wine and head to speak to Alexander Wunsch. I got to spend close to 30 minutes with Dr. Wunsch and we had a wonderful conversation where I gave him some serious details of my future plans and my ideas of how I’d like to work with him going forward.

Max’s parents greeted us and we met and entangled with them. They are wonderfully warm people and authentic. I got a tour of their amazing house built around 1560 and recently renovated. I got to share some concerns with Max’s family about potential risks for Max’s younger brother, a trauma surgeon. I know a lot about his risks because I had all of the same risks for 25 years and it almost killed me until I adapted my life. Packing your own parachute was tough 15 years ago when I began to do it, and now today in our blue-lit 24/7 nnEMF world it is damn near impossible to do it without your friends and family. I shared the concerns and I told Max he had to use his eyes to carefully watch his brother as he aged for changes tied to the risks of practicing medicine now in a hospital under blue light and 24/7 exposure to nnEMF. Immediately after this, we went hiking into the “magic forest” on the property and we were told story’s about Ancient folklore and about the energy in the forest. It is now a hotbed location for energy healers according to Max. The hike and tour were enchanting and we spent it in Nature during the last hour of sun. Our last stop in the forest was to visit a cave where we climbed through it to gain good luck if you touched both sides of the walls as we moved through it. It was a lot of fun and we took a lot of cool group pictures to time stamp the day in our lives.

We returned to the house where we had a spectacular Bavarian dinner prepared by Eva Gotzler and I think I went overboard on the mustard. I hate a whole tube of it with my meat selection. The food was great but the company was better. It was a long day and I tapped out for an early bed because the next day we had to drive to Salzberg Austria to begin the journey home to New Orleans. Currently, I have been writing this blog for 5 hours on the plane and I am up to 7,000 words. I think I’ll tap out here because I’ve been on this screen in this plane long enough but I thought you guys might like to hear what really went down in Europe last week.



My take home from Europe:

“When you have a good friend that really cares for you and tries to stick in there with you, you treat them like nothing. Learn to be a good friend because one day you’re gonna look up and say I lost a good friend. Learn how to be respectful to your friends, don’t just start arguments with them and don’t tell them the reason, always remember your friends will be there quicker than your family. Learn to remember you got great friends, don’t forget that and they will always care for you no matter what. Always remember to smile and look up at what you got in life.”
Marilyn Monroe

Make sure your circle of six is fully loaded with great people to help you navigate your environment.  

Thanks for reading.

Jack Kruse