Confined placental mosaicism is where patches of the placenta have genomes that don’t match up with that of the fetus, yet the fetus develops naturally even when prenatal testing shows genetic dystopia.  Owning #BTC as an SoV operates the same way allowing us to avoid many dystopian gov’t issues when BTC is on our own profit and loss statement.  This is another way how health and wealth are linked.  BTC acts as a placental filter for dystopia.

It is capable of fixing design problems in money that no one has thought of yet.  How does it do this? The human placentas are filled with 98% HERV viral parts and it routinely consists of a quilt of different genotypes, and this strange heterogeneity plays a role in protecting the fetus from genetic harm.  The placenta provides genetic value for the fetus by subtracting our genetic errors for the fetus. Placental evolution is a master idea of the decentralized web Nature provided =  its presence is an addition by subtraction.

Nature’s placental innovations rely on spare viral parts and UV light. This is how nature use viruses as a business could use Bitcoin in its operations.

Viruses change bacterial cells/mitochondria/chloroplast and eukaryotic cells massively and they do it quickly. I believe this idea is buried in the evolution of the human placenta.  This evolution in mammals began 90 million years ago.  Viruses modulate things by changing deuterium fraction in tissues to alter metabolic rates by controling the flow of resources in metabolic pathways.

Dead hosts can still make viral particles and the dead virus can also make more virus using the host to change more hosts. I have a sense that the viral part of the nuclear genome was critical in sculpting the mitochondrial genome to work with the nuclear genome after the Cambrian explosion. I believe this idea had to be worked out first in the placenta before it could be used in fetal development in mammals.

This makes viruses unique in biology, and it also points out why the “enemy of an enemy is often our friend”. All the viral parts in humans really act like ‘dark matter’ capable of harnessing dark energy to innovate solutions to queer environments. The dark matter of the genome is non-coding DNA and RNA and deuterium is its fuel. What ignites this fuel? Full-spectrum sunlight does because of the non-linear effects of UV light on deuterium pulsing in our arteries. This is why young life is affected massively by deuterium levels and why drinking DDW is not always a wise choice in all parts of your life as your heteroplasmy rate vary. You have to know when to use things by understanding the biophysics and biochemistry at the submolecular level. Few do

During those crucial first weeks, when a single genetic defect could derail the pregnancy, the placenta may also act as a “dumping ground” for aberrations. During early development, when some of the dividing cells randomly develop genetic abnormalities, they might get earmarked for the placenta instead of the fetus.  The earlier you adopt BTC the fewer monetary defects you can expect in your life.

The placenta is not constrained by the necessity to successfully produce an organ that’s going to live for 85 years.   The placenta likely does not have the same genetic checks and balances that other human cells do because of its inherent transience.

Initially, the placenta must outpace the growth of the fetus for the first 16 weeks of human pregnancy, so evolution maybe telegraphing that racking up mutations as it balloons inside the uterus is a benefit. The placenta mimics a blue star in this way, it can “live fast and die young while the fetus mimics the red giant where it is thermodynamically efficient so it can live 70-100 years.

The faster the placental divides relatively to the fetus is a selection feature of evolution.  It is how Nature shrinks time in morphology and in growth.  Since the placenta grows uber-fast it can select the correct cells to amplify in the fetus.  In this way, the placenta is a quantum computer that is a cell selector for the fetus.  Science today believes it is genes that define us but we now have data that refutes this idea.

With the completion of the human genome project now behind us we can really examine the real differences in our molecular biology. At our gene level there is no clarity of what separates us because we share 99.5% of the same coding DNA between primates and humans.  This implied that our differences would not be found in our DNA.  What the placenta does for us maybe the key to understanding our primate tree.

There is radical changes in the X and Y chromosomes of humans. The Y chromosome genes code for few new things yet have a massive expansion of retroposons on it,  and there is one in particular, that made the primate clade more susceptible to latent or persistent infections that were innocuous to our immune systems.  This was called the HERV K virus.  The acronym HERV, stands for human endogenous retrovirus.

You might be asking, what do HERV K do for us?  It is a gene that allows light to sculpt cells.

Evolution made the decision to tote this virus in primate and human genome now for 30 million years, so ask yourself this instead, how might HERV be actually good for us?

This is where thinking like a neurosurgeon paid off for me.  I began to accept their presence and explain it.  HERV K remnants in humans are expressed in massive amounts in pregnant women!  They are specifically tied to the placenta’s energy production and leptin.  This is how energy is transformed from one generation to the next and it uses the light environment to changes the genome from generation to generation.  HERV elements seem to allow women to produce defective viral particles, proteins, and genes, that are apparently incapable of passing to another human host for some reason.  This implied they did not cause any disease but were ‘taxi’d’  through time in our genome for some reason.  That reason is that it can sculpt time and space to control morphology.  Anything that can transform energy is useful to new life forms.

Above are some examples of decentralized networks in Nature.

Now look at the human placenta below.

Doesn’t it look similar?  Nature’s decentralized networks always rhyme because of their fractal design.

Viruses and BTC can shrink time quickly in their ecosystems.  This is why they are favored in the decentralize networks.  Nature and BTC are fully decentralized.

Viruses can evolve so quickly, evolutionary genetic changes are observed during the short duration of individual infections. Viruses clearly represent the leading edge of all evolving biological entities. It would stand to reason than since the fossil record established our presence from ape in record time, that maybe we co-apted this leading edge technology from these retrovirus’s and we used the gut microbiota as a redox agent of change agent in the cause.

After all in life,  a baby co-apts its life form two organisms doesn’t it?  Bacteria gain antibiotic resistance very quickly from epigenetic data and bacteriophage reconstruction of their own genome, so why couldn’t apes do the same?  They had the capability because New World monkeys were chronically infected with HERV K viral parts.

You should infect your finances with BTC for the same reason.  When BTC infects your balance sheet you have acquired term life insurance for your valued assets.  Fiat depreciation causes inflation in fiat premiums, while collapsing the purchasing power of your money.  In finance, the value of your money is your most valuable asset.  I see a brighter bitcoin-powered future for the billions who depend on the BTC  insurance industry.

For evolution no asset is more valuable than a fetus and this is why it relies on the placenta.  This links the function of the human placenta to BTC.


Regardless of the placenta’s role, the newly uncovered heterogeneity underscores just how miraculous it is that the placenta can evade detection and destruction by the maternal immune system.   #BTC  is miraculous in a monetary network in the same way in how it has avoided destruction by the Federal Reserve.

You would think that the variant genes in the placenta, which differ from the maternal genome, would be recognized by the maternal immune system and be destroyed.  BTC has avoided destruction in the same way.

Many have noted similarities between cancers and the placenta — in how they evade the immune system, their invasion tactics, and the set of chemical tags on their cells’ DNA that direct the activity of their genes. The two behave alike, too.  Bitcoin mimics this in its own ecosystem as well.  It is immune to many of the cancers that altcoins can do to a balance sheet.

For a successful pregnancy, the placenta must invade the uterine lining of the mother, tap into the mother’s blood supply and create its own network of blood vessels — all of which cancerous cells do as well.  BTC creates its own existence in the very same way once you own it in your life.



How are health and wealth linked in other bizarre ways?  Isnt that the topic of this series?

How to solve a 2000 year old problem………….

Byzantine Generals’ Problem: How do you make sure that multiple entities, which are separated by distance, are in absolute full agreement before an action is taken?

In other words, how can individual parties find a way to guarantee full consensus?

A Byzantine fault is any failure in the system that presents different symptoms to different observers. It implies no restrictions and makes no assumptions about the kind of behavior a node can have (e.g. a node can generate any kind of arbitrary data while posing as an honest actor).

In the Byzantine General’s Problem, coordination or lack thereof determines the outcome of a situation.

The actual occurrences and taxonomy of Byzantine faults in different systems is a complex and extended topic. However, it’s defined in such a way that results in a formal definition of Byzantine fault tolerance (BFT).

Note that Byzantine faults are the most severe and difficult to deal with. Byzantine fault tolerance has been needed in airplane engine systems, nuclear power plants, and pretty much any system whose actions depend on the results of a large number of sensors.

It turns out it is also used in cells and the use of the circadian mechanism solved the issue for biology eons ago.

Satoshi solved it for money with the BTC algorithm about 13 years ago.

The Byzantine Generals’ Problem is the analogy most often used to illustrate the requirement for consensus for distributed ledger technology (DLT).

The nodes in the distributed system must all agree on a certain set of rules, and be able to move forward by agreeing on a particular assessment of a transaction before it is added to the database.

This is not easy, especially where thousands of nodes exist. In addition to that, each one must agree on the validity of new information to be added, thus preventing bad actors from sabotaging the ledger and rewriting history.

A specific type of consensus algorithm must be adopted to achieve this, enabling the nodes to work together to update the ledger securely.

When a cell’s circadian mechanism is destroyed the end result is catastrophic tissue/organ failure because bad actors influence mitochondrial redox and tissue function.  Before the complete failure occurs, malfunctions exist.  In biology, we call those things illness.

Without proper clock timing set by sunlight, time in your cells is no longer operational and the Byzantine General problem is your main problem in disease.

97 percent of vitamin D comes from the sun striking your skin. It produces a compound that goes to the liver and then it goes to the kidneys. To produce that 97 percent you need that healthy sun from being outside during the appropriate time of day. You also need a healthy liver and healthy kidneys. Sadly blue light, nnEMF, and alien magnetic fields destroy the ability of your liver and kidney to make Vitamin D. Sometimes just going out in the sun is not enough until you realize that your mitochondrial redox in your liver and kidneys must return before you can make and utilize Vitamin D again. This is Black Swan Wisdom.  BTC is like the sun for money.

The sun is the key to wellness in health.

Circadian biology provides the consensus life needs to operate well. In this way, BTC and your cells are linked.  Yet again, more proof that wealth and health are linked in ways most do not understand.

BTC #23: Quantum Zeno effect of money = TIME


The quantum Zeno effect is a general Rx of nature since it describes the situation in which the time evolution of any quantum system can be slowed by sufficiently frequent “observations.”

The quantum Zeno effect was first proposed as a thought experiment by the British scientist Alan Turing in 1958, although it wasn’t rigorously described until 1977 or observed in the laboratory until 1989.

The link between health and wealth can be described  in this analogy:

Silicon-based technology is a slave to time,  while cells made of hydrate carbon semiconductors allow us to deconstruct time via a decentralized network of proteins that use excitons to slow time down to get the effect that cells need to live.

AKA:  Fiat money is to BTC money as silicon to topologic insulators of carbon.

BTC as an excellent store of value provides freedom to slow time down to use and monetize it.  Fiat uses the anti-Quantum Zeno effect and decreases the value of money quickly.

You’ve probably heard about Schrödinger’s cat, which famously is trapped in a box with a mechanism that is activated if a radioactive atom decays, releasing radiation. The act of looking in the box collapses the atom’s wave function — the mathematical description of its state — from a “superposition” of states to a definite state, which either kills the cat or lets it live another day.

But did you know that if you peek into the cat box frequently — thousands of times a second — you can either delay the fateful choice or, conversely, accelerate it? The delay is known as the quantum Zeno effect and the acceleration as the quantum anti-Zeno effect.

The quantum Zeno effect was named by analogy with the arrow paradox conceived by the Greek philosopher Zeno: At any given instant of time, an arrow in flight is motionless; how then can it move? Similarly, if an atom could be continually measured to see if it is still in its initial state, it would always be found to be in that state.

Both the Zeno and the anti-Zeno effects are real and happen to real atoms. But how does this work?


My current belief is that all biologic topologic insulators in cells, especially the one buried in mitochondria, are very tiny Maxwell demons that can skirt the second law of thermodynamics by constantly observing the quantum state inside of cells to slow time down giving cells an advantage that have to use the second law of thermodynamics to exist.  They do this by making the “energy ledge” in cells larger in a relative way by shrinking time down using the Quantum Zeno effect.  This effect is something we do not observe, but the things in our cells do the observation for us to slow time down to get the job of living done.

This occurs because of the scale of the changes that increase this energy ledge are much smaller than the macroscopic objects that human can process with their senses.  Recently physicists are now beginning to realize that small quantum systems do not act like a cup of hot cup of coffee or a star in space.  Two recent studies are now aligning with many of the things I teach my members.


Your mitochondria and a chlorophyll molecule  are a lot smaller than a cup of coffee and a star


The second recent study in H-theorem was written that also supports my beliefs.


Excitons form when sunlight hits chlorophyll or RBCs.  Light creates a quantum hole in both organelles and that hole moves inside the organelle while constantly being observed.  This slows time down inside a cell.

Biology is solely based upon putting these two equations to work in hydrated proteins. If one studies proteins sans the water, the results will not be equivalent.  The study of regular biochemistry in most books is based upon the subtraction of water to study the proteins in isolation.  In science today, this bio-chemical paradigm is being replaced by the new science of topology.  In October of 2016, the Nobel Prize for physics was given for the science of topology.  Molecular biology is really the study of the physics of organisms and how cell organization puts quantum weirdness to work to build life.

It also turns out that the remarkable efficiency of photosynthesis in algae where DHA first Photosynthesis appeared on Earth 650 million years ago,  and their evolutionary descendants plants,  also deploy quantum superposition so that energy can simultaneously travel along all possible paths of the bridging maze of chlorophyll to reach the reaction center.  In fact, experiments have now shown that the exciton always gets to the reaction center before time expires.  In other words, it never fails in experiment because it always slows time down.

This is why it is a basic LAW of nature and quantum mechanics.  It is difficult to accept until your comprehend what Nature is up to.

Excitons can explore all paths to the reaction center, simultaneously,  without any time delay ever occurring.  This trick has also been found in bacteria like Chlorobium tedium.  Science knows bacteria where here before plants and eukaryotes.  It appears this quantum trick has been used by life from genesis 3.8 billion years ago.

It is so exciting because it clearly has now raised the spectre to modern cell biologists that animals, like humans, also can use the very same process in many cell systems.  Biology has yet to realize this, but the new field of quantum biology has found much evidence for the effects in many skin and blood systems.  I believe this process occurs in the skin’s melanin and eumelanin.  It also happens in carotenoids and in the cells suspended in blood.  Once the excitons are collected by these reaction centers the energy is transfered to water where protons tunneling transfers the signal at the speed of light to mitochondria at cytochrome 1.  Here it enters the Q-cycle to affect cytochrome c and the ATPasewhich are both red light chromophores and both tied to ATP production.  Water is also a red light chromophore.  I believe the phosphorus in our skin, proteins, and blood cells is critical to charge separating water into protons cables to transfer the energy and information from our surfaces to the mitochondria below.  This process occurs just as it does in leaves.  The difference is the distance and reaction center in animal cells are the Q-cycle and the the last two cytochromes.

Erwin Schrodinger told us in his 1944 book that life seemed somehow to skirt the second law of thermodynamics.  This flummoxed him because the 2nd law of thermodynamics is axiomatic in its truth.  He was confused by this skirting issue because he also said, despite life’s uncertainty, life is clearly stable or it could not exist.  That is the truth in the reality of life.  Nature uses a decentralized network to create excitons that get constantly observed in the chlorophyll antenna to suspend time before the energy on the electron is thermalized to water in a leaf.

Understanding reality means we have to accept “holes in reality” actually exist in Nature.  Moreover,  there are new things that excitons create that life makes use of.

Life is capable of reproducing offspring who are stable and they appear to transmit their moving subatomic particles in a reliable way to create functional offspring.  In this sense, life appears to skirt the second law by using the subatomic weirdness in leaves, RBCs, and our colony of mitochondria to create a perpetual motion machine for electrons and protons and it all driven by incident sunlight.  He also remarked in his book that in order for life to maintain its stability and sustain the living state without throwing its future into chaos it had to control the flow of heat from hot to cold and cold to hot by being much larger than its constituent parts of atoms and subatomic parts.

Life has to be built on a scale that would hide all these weird quantum effects from our 5 senses.  Life & BTC appears to use the Quantum Zeno effect to hide the truth in Nature from our 5 main sensory receptors that feed data from environmental waves to our thalamus.  The main effect of BTC is not observable because it is buried in the coding of the Satoshi’s algorithm.  When this is hidden, a new reality can exist.  When we observe these quantum effects on a continuous basis time is slowed.

When you realize it only two things in the universe are absolutely scarce – time and bitcoin.  It turns out time is scarce because it is also created by quantum algorithm and its effects can be stretched or slowed down.  Slowing down time is extremely rare in the macroscopic world.  The BTC algorithm is the only situation where a man made algorithm can slow time down to create massive value.  Every thing of value requires humans expend time to get it.  Bitcoin is the first human invention that seems to break this relationship in finance to mimic what nature does in cells.  The shrinkage of time to obtain value defines what economize really means.  Bitcoin is expert at maximizing time by creating value, just as circadian biology is at using dark and light cycles to create health.

Scarcity is the starting point of all economics.  The quantum zeno effect in cells is how Mother Nature slows time to create health.  In the white paper of Satoshi, buried deep inside the algorithm that created Bitcoin was a mechanism that mimics the Quantum Zeno effect to shrink time down to create value. The algorithm does this by constantly observing the hashrate to create the difficulty adjustment. The act of constant observation mimics the Quantum Zeno effect in cells.  This gives Bitcoin its inherent circadian mechanism and it creates its own circadian cycle, of scarcity that manifests in the halving cycles.   In this way, Bitcoin and health are linked by how they slow time down and add value back to the system quickly to create a new reality, health and wealth.

The human allotment of time in our life is a function of our health.  Time & health are as scarce as our lifespan is limited. Interpersonally, time scarcity manifests as the total time we can collectively allocate towards serving one another; whether we are making goods, providing services, or gaining knowledge/wisdom from one another — we have but a finite quantity of hours to commit towards our efforts. In this sense, time scarcity is the immortal quantum tyrant subjugating all of us. Only through cooperative action of constant observation can we break free of the restraints time scarcity clasps upon us.

Schrodinger was fascinated by the size of the first gene extracted from fruit flies in the 1940s.  He guessed that a gene would behave to larger than biologists expected in the 1940s to bury the quantum effects.  The biologists who found the fruit flies ’ gene’s found them to contain only a couple of hundred atoms in diameter and later those genes would be found not exceed a few million atoms in length.  Schrodinger was right in his guess,  but wrong in his reasoning.

He knew that cells had to be much bigger than the genes that controlled them to work on large enough scales to avoid the downsides of quantum theory.  Scale, after all, is the key metric that allows quantum mechanics to perform the queer tasks it does.  However, it never occurred to him, before he died, that the upside of quantum weirdness might actually be quite useful to life.  Photons hit semiconductive proteins to make “holes in reality” that create life using the most counterintuitive parts of quantum theory to create reality and life.

This knowledge must force medicine to change its opinion of how biology operates.  Zeno propounded that knowledge can be attained through the use of reasonTruth can be distinguished from fallacy—even if, in practice, only an approximation can be made. According to the teaching of Zeno, the senses constantly receive sensations: pulsations that pass from objects through the senses to the mind, where they leave an impression in the imagination (phantasiai) In this way, the impression can and should be thought of as a quantum processing effect in the unconscious decentralized network of the neuronal pool, manifesting and arising from the mind was called a phantasm.  That phantasm is a hole a reality called a thought that we can use to change reality.  BTC is a new thought that can be used to change your life. 

The mind has the ability to judge (συγκατάθεσις, synkatathesis)—approve or reject—an impression, enabling it to distinguish a true representation of reality from one that is false. It can process what an exciton means.  Some “quantum impressions” can be assented to immediately, but others can achieve only varying degrees of hesitant approval, which can be labeled belief or opinion (doxa).

In life, we believe it is only through reason that we gain clear comprehension and conviction (katalepsis). Certain and true knowledge (episteme), achievable by the thinking sage, can be attained only by verifying the conviction with the expertise of one’s peers and the collective judgment of humankind.  This verification is best made when the thinking mind is connected to the decentralized network called Nature.