You can’t be good enough for everybody, but you’ll always be the best for the one who deserves you.

Everything in life can teach you a lesson, you just have to be willing to learn.

To teach someone a real skill in 2021, teach them how to take risk and fail. Teach them how a hero is really made.  They will never learn this in school. That is how you get skin in your own game.

The moment of impact is when entanglement occurs between people. The moment of impact in life is amazing. The moment of impact proves potential for change. It has ripple effects far beyond what we can predict or imagine. That impact can send some of our particles crashing together. This reduces space and increases time, making the closer than before. The impact is capable of sending others spinning off into great ventures. Landing them where you’ve never thought you’ve found them. That’s the thing about moments like the present. You can’t, no matter how hard you try, controlling how it’s going affect you. You just must let the colliding part goes where they may and embrace their chaos. With chaos, it forces us to wait for the next collision and domino to fall. Then a new plan can emerge.

Begin to write your new chapter today.

Those mistakes I’ve made along the way aren’t failures, they’re lessons.

I’ve stumbled and fallen more times than I can count, yet I’m still standing..

I’ll not stop dreaming of where I am going to go.

I’ll never be defined by my disappointments, I’m forged by the fires of what I’ve overcome.

I’m more than a survivor,

Much more than a dreamer.

I’m an achiever.

If you want success in life, become a problem solver. Not a fixer.

Reinventing myself doesn’t have an expiration and dreams don’t have deadlines.

Yes, I’ve had a rough time lately and some days, I don’t even want to get out of bed to see the sun.  But I do it.  Sometimes I decide to do somethings with a flare.  I embrace audacious.

Those are the difficult times that I take a deep breath and remember that I have deep purpose,

That I’m meant for more than where I’ve been.  I need to dig up passion in my environment.

I don’t have it all figured out, in fact, I don’t always see the next step ahead.  But I trust I will find my way when I am entangled in nature connected to people who get me.

But that’s okay, I don’t have to know my whole story or even the next chapter,

As long as I pick up the pen and start writing………

I’m a beautiful flawed, unique and strong soul growing through this journey called life. I want to collect misfits, like myself along the way.

That’s the thing about journeys, you don’t have to know the whole story or even the destination, so long as you keep moving forward.  Eyes wide open looking for new tribe members.

I know there’s going to be rough days and hard weeks, but I can handle anything because I know that my future self is cheering me on every step of the way.

I know that no matter what, I’ll get there, where I’m meant to go.  I know that some won’t be coming on the coming journey with me, but I am resolute in knowing there are new people out there for me to mine.

I’ll fight for my dreams with fiery passion and a hardy spirit, because I refuse to settle for leas than I deserve.

And that’s what is most important –

Always remembering that I’m worth it.

I’ll never listen to the doubters and nonbelievers because they’re not walking my path,

They don’t know the person that I am.  They do not think like I do.

That’s just the thing- they don’t have to.

I’m fierce, I’m bold and I won’t be denied what I know I deserve.

This is my story and my dream.

I’m writing a new chapter in my life right now and sharing it with world, turning my setbacks into a comeback.  I want to be audacious.

With fire in my heart and love in my soul and Bitcoin in my pocket,

I’ll always find my way in 2021…..I hope you do too.

1. My New Year’s resolution is to make it OK for people to describe identity politics as what it is: the new racism.  Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn’t matter which color does the hating. It’s just plain wrong.

2. A 4G network on the moon is bad news for radio astronomy but good for humans on Earth. http://dlvr.it/RpQrHs  Risk happens in the future, but with Nature you get punished in real time. Turn off all wireless in NYC and we could help millions learn how to help stem the disease creation in American cities. Somebody needs to say it…….in 2021.  If not me, who?  I am looking for those people this year

3. Let us hope the Arecibo RF antenna in Puerto Rico does not get finding for its repair either.   https://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=301674

Most people know what a voyeur is but few people know what an arbitor is.

Are you an arbitrageur? What is this, you might ask?

This is when we choose to take advantage of of difference in the prices of something so that we can make a risk free profit.

A Black Swan mitochondriac is a health arbitrageur. We use Nature to right build our redox power in our colony of mitochondria to offset the need and cost of expensive allopathic medical care and testing that often is impotent to give us the outcome we want for the life we are living. We refuse to be treated by algoithms.

This allows us to save our insurance premiums to spend it on things we should want to do, like buying BTC so we can spending time on the beach in Mexico or buying a beach house in Florida, or coming to see and be educated by a clinician who embraces Nature’s recipes to help humans remain free or conventional wisdom sick care. It unlocks you from the paradigm and prison holding you hostage.

4. Continue to teach COVIDIDIOTS that Mother Nature teaches you the hard lesson when you push pseudoscience and keep people from the sun and optimal levels of dopamine creation and POMC that people will still die of other things.  Life is meant to be lived outside not inside.  The Great Facade hides a difficult truth.  The pandemic lowers US life expectancies. That bolsters HMOs and all its algorithms. They know they can deny more care and let the pandemic cover up their profit motivated obstructions. Natural disease promotes their “data driven” corporate greed and they’ll lobby Congress for more control of what they induce. Biden will feed this medical army with blue checks to harm you.

5. Tell those with an open mind the truth behind BTC and quantum biology and how both link to their life raft

6. Get people in the sun to vaccinate them.  We have known for months what UV light does to CV…but Fauci kept it under wraps for Pfizer and Moderna options……..he benefits from  https://www.newsweek.com/uv-lamp-coronavirus-japan-1533559

7. Continue to teach this:  No one outside ourselves can rule us inwardly. When we know this, we become free.

8. Teach others the difference between fiat and BTC:  BTC took “fiat money” and is now adding a lot of value to it conceptually. Think of ETH 2.0 as another concept…..The idea of what value is must constantly evolve. ETH2.0 will take something that already exists, namely BTC, and it will add something “Avante Garde” to it. People will flow to it eventually because neither crypto coins follow established rules. As concepts, both are fearless and they are removing the barriers to what is fashionable about value and money.

9. The best relationships are often complicated. If you accept life in all its fullness and ambiguity, it’s not complicated; it’s only complicated if you don’t accept it. Get out of your own way. Don’t be the one to complicate your own life.  This is why not all friends or lovers are equivalent and why your circle of six needs a revolving door.

10. Get others in the sun to keep them from Big Pharma customer rolls.  Sulfated D3 and cholesterol sulfate are the key anions in the blood that work with the deuterium optical switch. Sunlight is the cathode ray in this quantum dance. The photoelectric charge required for this reaction to take place likely comes from the solar power of the sun. That energy is transformed from light energy to mechanical energy which changes the hydrogen bonding network in water which enables the growth of the exclusion zone of water. As the EZ grows in blood plasma that in turn can transfer its energy back into RBCs, which supports the charging of RBCs that are suspended in it.

11. Teach you why deuterium depletion is still a mitochondrial story.  Uncoupling proteins (UCPs) can dissipate the gradient to produce heat or regulate metabolite flux in the TCA and urea cycle. UCP-mediated proton currents require fatty acids (FA) substrates to operate.  The downstream effects of this action are all better than any pill Rx or supplement maker solution.

12. Teach people to ignore bad science.  Here is the NYT headline: “Sleep Apnea Tied to Increased Cancer Risk.” Two new studies have found that people with sleep apnea, a common disorder that causes snoring, fatigue and dangerous pauses in breathing at night, have a higher risk of cancer. The new research marks the first time that sleep apnea has been linked to cancer in humans. https://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/05/20/sleep-apnea-tied-to-increased-cancer-risk/  The article is misleading and wrong. Why? OSA is associated with transient hypoxia during sleep. Most cancers are associated with high oxygen tensions. This is the key to understanding that the NYT science writers are morons.

13. Teach my tribe about how critical thinking and wisdom are linked.    Wisdom is knowledge applied.  The internet of wisdom is found by challenging everything you believe right now using nature’s laws. Wisdom is knowing what not to think about any longer……..

14. Teach people to read all the comments in BTC #6 if they think they understand the geopolitics between Biden, China, and Ukraine.

15. Continue to teach my tribe how to vaccinate themselves from the Dunning Kruger effect:  My cognitive bias is 100% toward nature’s wisdom. She is the only lady I will dance with now. I believe most “parachute packers” cease to look for further information when they are arrogant enough to believe that have all they need already. My advice is simple. At the end of every year, I write down and document my beliefs. Then I try to toss out the things that are no longer solidly supported. When you develop a habit of updating your knowledge or facts openly, it becomes a vaccine against the “illusion of knowledge.”

16. I’m looking forward to meeting and befriending new Kruse Longevity Center clients.  I’ve gotten some of your answers to your emails……..I am sending out emails to those who I need more information on if this opportunity is right or wise for you. Please get them back to me……..ASAP in 2021.  Some slots people asked for in October 2020 went un filled so they are open right now to anyone who executes rapidly.

17. To those who I let go of in 2020, I wish you the best. I really do.  Some people no longer deserve to a place in our futures.  Do not be afraid to trim.  You must realize that our mistrust of the future makes it hard to give up the past.  This includes friends and family.  If someone does not value you today, they do not deserve an invitation to your future.  New people I meet always give me hope.  It’s amazing how a little tomorrow can make up for a whole lot of yesterday.

18. Continue to teach my tribe why agreement is not needed nor is liking me your job, it is mine. Do you know that preaching to the choir affirms their beliefs, gives them strength?  What happens to their beliefs when you question their desire?

19. Get more of you to the Yucatan as your BTC balance rise.  YUCATAN MITOCHONDRIAL BENEFITS THAT ARE UNSEEN:  An environment with a higher magnetic field strength offers human tissues a massive upgrade because nnEMF and blue light are not as effective as destroying the morphology of a cell because of the higher flux in the Yucatan (3.4 vs 0.4 milligauss) due to the crust being closer to the magnetic dynamo at the surface of the Earth in this area. Then there is the benefit of the Karst effect on the water trapped in the crust for the last 65 million years to create DDW in the cenote system where it normally would not be located based upon the latitude of the crater.

20. Teach people that finding truth cannot be done by dumbing down data.  Truth cannot be brought down, rather the individual must make the effort to ascend to it. You cannot bring the mountain-top to the valley. If you would attain to the mountain-top you must pass through the valley, climb the steeps, unafraid of the dangerous precipices.

21. In 2014, 1 BTC bought you 2,000 ETH:  1 BTC today = $29K 2,000 ETH today = $1.5M The best time to buy ETH might have already past. Time and value are relative. This means there is an ideal time to buy BTC and there will be one for ETH in the future too.  In 2021, I expect to share this idea with my tribe.  Your future depends on what you do today.

22. Teach people more about respect for themselves.  Respect…You can’t demand It or command It. You have to earn it. Self-respect is the fruit of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself. Don’t lie to yourself. The person who lies to himself and listens to their own lie comes to a point that they cant distinguish the truth within them, or around them. This causes respect to decline in them and around them.

23. Teach yourself to put Windex on your own glass eyes:  Your imagination is everything when it comes to health. It is the preview of your life’s coming attractions.

24.  Teach you what Black Swan compassion really is:  Compassion is when a person sees a need in and for others and acts on it. The leader puts them self in the other’s shoes and realizes that the other person needs a new and better pair of shoes. Compassion is an action. Compassion involves a relationship. The constituent parts of love — the acts of kindness, compassion, empathy, generosity — should moves our focus on to other people and away from the kind of brooding from our own condition, behaviors, and situations that would otherwise drive us crazy. Remember, “an eye for an eye”, eventually leads the whole world blind.

25.  Teach you that asking for help is wise.  The best way for you to predict your future is to invent it. Begin that business plan first thing in the AM tomorrow.  If a window of opportunity appears to you, don’t ‘draw’ the blinds.  Let me me know if you need help. I love helping you help yourself.  It is my job, and I love it.

These wishes for you in 2021 are off the top of my mind this AM of 12/31/20.  Never have I wanted a year to end so quickly and I am very excited to see what 2021 has in store for my tribe.




To fully understand the relationship between BTC and ETH 2.0 I think you need to understand the construction of the game Monopoly.  How should you think about it now at the end of 2020?  BTC is the bank in Monopoly.  That allows cash to flow throughout the game.

Interestingly enough cash is important at the beginning and closer to the end of the game.  It is not as critical in the middle of the game.  In the middle of the game the distinct property locations on the board matter more.  This means that the board of Monopoly has an inherit axis of action as the picture below shows.

It turns out in Monopoly the most important space on the board is “Jail.”

ETH 2.0 simulates the cardboard that sits below the printed property locations you see above.  What simulates them in the crypto board being built today?  The DeFi apps that are being built right now will best simulate the locations of the properties in monopoly. Because these apps are being built we have no way to determine what the axis of the crypto-board will be in the future to determine its intrinsic Cantilion effect.  The axis of the Monopoly board is below.  It flows through go to Jail.  How you exit jail also matters to your success.  If your opponent owns a ton of property with three houses on them, staying in jail might be the wisest move you could make.  This is a counterintuitive move an expert player might make to win.

I will bet, once we know that axis of the crypto board of DeFi apps, those properties might be worth more than anything has ever been worth on Earth.  For example, Chance and community chest spots skew the axis of the board.  Understanding this effect changes the game theory for success.  What will do this for ETH 2.0?

If you understand my “Monopoly analogy” for the cryptospace well enough,  you will see that I currently believe BTC is the most important “property” to own early and in the later states in the developing crypto space game of value.  Monopoly is a game of chance because a roll of the dice is what allows us to move around the board.  It turns out that the orange and red properties have the most value on the Monopoly board because of how the axis of the board was set.

ETH 2.0 or the BTC chain might be the mover of people around the transaction chain of future money.  Today, BTC is the best property to own since we do not know the rules yet.  The axis of the board should control our actions.    ETH major value in the crypto world was in 2014 because that is when the cardboard of the game was built.  At that time if you bought one coin of BTC, you could have had 2000 ETH coins.  One BTC today is worth 25K and the 2000 ETH are worth 1.3 million now.

Since that time in 2014, ETH has not been as valuable as BTC has been.  On a relative basis right now ETH looks cheap to BTC and is a value play compared to BTC.  Understanding why that is the case is important because buying it right now might act as sinkhole for your crypto assets, much like the “jail space” does on the Monopoly board.  In Monopoly, mathematically we fully understand the effect of the jail space.  Right now no one understands how ETH 2.0 will skew the value axis locked within the BTC blockchain.  With game theory we can understand how the monopoly board axis operates to become better Monopoly players.  Do we know this about ETH 2.0 yet?

Right now we cannot tell what the axis of the crypto board is because the board is still being built.  One thing that is clear, is that the bank of value, BTC, is a must have already.  The macroeconomic game of life is simulated by the collection of all properties on top of the cardboard.  ETH 1.0 was the idea of cardboard.  ETH 2.0 will solidify the cardboard foundation to allow the DeFi game pieces and the properties on the board above to function well.

Right now we have no idea where those properties will be or how they will work in the large macroeconomic picture.  We do know that these crypto properties will be built and needed.  We do not know how they will effect the value of ETH, but we do know that the BTC blockchain will always act like the bank of value in the board game of Monopoly.  This is why in 2020 and 2021 it is easy to make the call that new people to crypto need to have at least one coin to play the economic game of life that will be rebuilt over the next decade.  The point of this blog is to get you to understand where ETHER fits into your current investment life, and how you should think about it going forward.  ETH is certain to be valuable down the road, but how long will one have to wait until the world unlocks that value for you to use?

The cost of capital buying BTC and ETH, for most of us is still a major impediment, so making the decision of where to put that capital to use today, before the system is fully built becomes an opportunity cost.  The goal is to maximize your value, and to do so, you have to understand how the crypto world and the board it will be played on will be built and evolve.


Anything deep down in the blockchain is mathematically, cryptographically, and just economically impossible to undo. This is why Central bankers fundamentally want no part of blockchain money. The landlords in history always wanted to control the banks to get the most leverage.  This is why monopolists want to control fiat money.  With BTC they are impotent to manipulate it, so this is why the adoption rate has been slow. That is why you should seek BTC right in 2020/2021 to store your value of every asset you own now. No government and no border can stop you from doing so now.

Politicians will soon seek to arrange the crypto property board that will be built upon BTC.  This means they likely will affect ETH 2.0 with regulations more so than they can regulate BTC.

Realize, politicians actions will likely set the axis of the crypto board.  This implies there is not just operational risks to the software being built out.  There are many other things that might effect the price swings of ETH.  This means understanding the macroeconomics of the “crypto-board” in the future will become critical in success of people who fail to buy and hold any BTC prior to 2020.  For those of you who cannot secure your BTC coin now, this blog will give you a lot to think about in the future, when you consider how to use fiat money to allocate to ETHER.

Politicians won’t help anyone.  They always enrich themselves by enabling bankers free reign over the public’s life.  That is the basis of the Cantilon effect.  Since politicians will not be able to affect BTC value they will really go after ETH 2.0 in my opinion to tilt the scales to their benefit.   How money flows in the future will be directly linked to how the properties are built on top of the BTC and ETH 2.0 blockchain.  I still believe the that BTC chains is worth far more than the ETH 2.0 chain today.  Nothing I have thought about has made me critically think any differently.  If you think I have missed something drop me a comment below.    If we want help most of the public in the future,  we need to limit the term of all politicians like we do with the president. Anyone who supports the old paradigm of banking needs to go during election day.  This is why we need a BTC Standard to become a huge voter issue in the next elections in 2022.  I think this will eventually happen.

The current one line pitch from crypto supporters for Ethereum is that it “will” act like the banking supercomputer of the world to become the financial internet of the world.  This belief is only possible when ETH 2.0 is fully built out and operational.  It also must be adopted as the standard for transactions on the BTC blockchain.  There are a lot of assumptions with this statement.  All come with risk to the value of ETHER over the next few years.  For this reason I do not expect to see ETHER fully given its proper value.  This makes ETHER investments speculative compared to BTC investments right now.  It does not mean longer term it is not very valuable.  With the promises and probabilities of ETH 2.0, the internet becomes very able to fully monetize DeFi apps because apps will and can send money back and forth to each other just like they can send information to and fro.  This forms the backbone of the money transfer economy of the world.

Is this thinking pure “folly”?

What might be the result be?

I see something different than most, with respect to ETH 2.0.

Old logic:  Cash used to a refuge from risk, but there has always been a price to pay. In the old days, the risk was low because fiat was backed by real value.  Today this is no longer true.   Would you sacrifice 98% of your opportunity to avoid the uncertainty of tomorrow?  New Logic based on critical thinking:  Volatility is Vitality due to an induced currency crisis of a lack of value.  For these reasons, Bitcoin is now hope for humanity.  What will ETH 2.0 do for BTC in the future?

BTC took “fiat money” and added a lot of value to it…….. conceptually.  It is time for you to think of ETH 2.0 as another concept…..It is built around the idea of what value is, and how it must constantly evolve.

If successful, ETH 2.0 will take something that already exists, namely BTC blockchain, and it will add something “Avante Garde” to it.  This will make ETH 2.0 fashionable again, it becomes very valuable and its price will rise fast.  When something becomes fashionable old can become new again.  People will flow to it eventually because neither crypto coins follow established rules.  As concepts, both coins can be thought of as “fearless sources of value” because they are removing the barriers to what is fashionable about value and money.

  • Most define money in simple terms.   Money is a medium of exchange; it allows people to obtain what they need to live.   What does it mean to live for a person?  Is that answer the same for all fiat holders?  Does Jeff Bezos and you live the same way?

In 2021 the cloud will be everywhere. Next year will see more devices and more organizations powered by the cloud.

In 2024,  ETH 2.0 will be laying next to the BTC blockchain to replace “the cloud”.  Right now the internet controls the BTC blockchain.  In 2024, ETH 2.0 will be the cloud that controls the BTC blockchain.

An easy signal for being right about #bitcoin in 2021 is the institutional interest. Now let us ask another question?  How much interest is there in Ethereum now?  Based on the institutional exchanges, there is minimal interest.  What does that imply…….a 2020/21 buy into ETH might be too early.  As in everything in the world, time is relative.  Timing matters in capital allocation.

In my opinion, the layer that sits upon and works best with the BTC blockchain is the most special layer.  It simulates the cardboard of the monopoly board.  It is just the cardboard without the famous map of real estate printed upon it.  The things printed on that piece of cardboard are the DeFi apps that are being built right now by the DeFi community.  BTC is the bank that is contained within the game of Monopoly.  I hope this helps you understand the difference between the two most valuable crypto assets in December of 2020.


Dr. Jack Kruse and Kruse Longevity Center wishes you a happy and wealthy 2021.


When I listened to this podcast I was moved to do this blog.  If you ever want to understand why you need to look at BTC very differently today than you look at your bank account and money in your wallet,  this is the best podcast I have heard to date that makes the case for your own paradigm shift.

The history of money is replete with “epistemological obstacles”—or unthought/unconscious structures that were immanent within the realm of the finance, such as principles of division.

In fact, the history of science, consisted in the formation and establishment of these epistemological obstacles, and then the subsequent tearing down of the obstacles. This latter stage is an epistemological rupture—where an unconscious obstacle to scientific thought is thoroughly ruptured or broken away from.  Today we are at the precipice with money.  BTC is that paradigm break.

BTC should cause a revolution in the way of your thinking.

Fiat money is the dominant paradigm today and it is active everywhere in society.  Money use has now caused enough significant anomalies within the current paradigm; our monetary discipline has been thrown into a state of crisis but the events orchestrated by Central bankers and politicians since 1971.

1971 marked the end of Bretton Woods and the gold standard.  1971 This could well be the year that marked the start of the digital age when the microprocessor was invented.

It was also the year that

  • 26th Amendment was codified in the constitution.
  • Border battles between India and Pakistan. …
  • Disney World Opens. …
  • Qatar. …
  • United States – Apollo 14 went to the moon
  • Soviet Union – First Space Station is launched
  • Mariner 9 becomes reality
  • 1971 marks the beginning of the end of money as we all know it.

BTC is causing a massive shift in how we view money and value.

That all began in 1971 as the link shows.  HYPERLINK

That data above show you why we need to remove our addiction to fiat money and debt.  That same addiction is present in medicine.  We need to remove our addiction to Big Pharma solution by becoming fully entangled with Nature.  To live this way requires a way to create value to give us what our biology requires.

No one sees what you see/even if they see it too. We all view events through the lens of our experience in life. Since no two lives are exactly the same that means it’s not possible that we interpret what we have just seen in the same way. Next time you’re friend/patient seems to be all wrong about an event remember these two lines, No one sees what you see/even if they see it too.  So it is with BTC.

The podcast above makes it clear you must begin to think differently about value.  I realized in 2016 that I had to extricate myself from neurosurgery.  I came upon BTC from a former member named Ameer Rosic, not as an idea to make money.  I came to the idea this could be a vehicle to outsource myself from my industry.  I was looking at a transition because my job was killing me literally and physically.  As saylor said in the podcast, neurosurgery was like carry a load up to base camp of Everest in a low oxygen environment to destroy my colony of mitochondria.  This is why the BTC series and the hypoxia series are fundamentally linked here on my patreon page.   It was asking me to work harder for less as I gave up time in the process.  For me, BTC was a necessity to live.  Each one of us will come to see and use BTC as a solution for a problem in our own life.  My advice to you is to use it to help yourself and use it soon.  Stop waiting for the the right time to act.  That time might never come.

Everything we do in life is creating everything that’s coming our way. Our thoughts and our words become things manifest in our lives. Each time my master, Mother Nature,  seems to send me to the right place at the right time and listen to the right people about how they saw BTC.  My paradigm shift took me four years.  I looked at BTC queerly in 2016.  I realize now why.  I never understood the power of it for my existence.  When I did, my thinking changed and evolved.

What changed? When we wait for the right time to act, you’ll never know when it’s already too late.  Entrepreneurs need to have a sense that they control their own destiny to chart their course.   Very few patients get this opportunity.  That is when I realized how health and wealth are linked fundamentally. That lesson was reinforced by many incidents in my life at that time.

It is my belief, that you will hardly find wrong people at right places. Choose to be at the right place in time and you will find the right people who will inspire you to make your life better.

As Apple got bigger and made more powerful machines, Jobs got smaller and weaker.  That was the result of technocracy abuse.  All the money in the world did not give him the sense to change his environment.  This makes him a sad historical figure.

Today, the BTC blockchain is the base value of money.  In the future many of the layers getting ready to be added to this money will change how we look at the block chain.  The BTC block chain is like the foundation of a sedimentary rock.  It is today what we see in the future of money but it will not look this way in 2, 4, or 6 years from now.  Be aware of that.  That means how we see it and how we react and change our investment philosophy.  Our ability to critically think and hold ideas that are contrary to our current beliefs will be mandatory.

A paradigm shift is an epistemological rupture in a part of society.  BTC will rupture your relationship with value and with money.  Hopefully it will change your life biologically as well.  That is my wish for you today on Christmas Eve 2020.

Stop Waiting for The Perfect Time. The Right time never comes. You can create it, right now with your action.  Will you be like Mike?


What is the result of the Fourth Turning?  It is a society where privacy becomes a luxury good.  Everything you considered a product since WW2, has now become a service that central planners will give you.


Government responses globally to Covid19 don’t make any sense, until you open your mind to consider if there’s another agenda at work here……The Great Facade is window dressing for the giving the banking industry cover for stealing all the value people have saved up since WW2.

All of you are apathetic.  Because of your inaction in 2020 I want to show you what your life will be in 2030.

“Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better”  The Great Reset came from the “Great Facade of 2020” and we are glad you bought the idea of letting us  Build Back Better.     It’s not some secret, conspiratorial plot for world domination worthy of only ridicule.  It’s happening, in plain sight and most of you are too apathetic to see it.


What did America get for its apathy?  Joe Biden.  How will the dominos fall around him to change the world?

Do not pity Joe Biden. He is going to make you wealthy in 2021 if you own any BTC.  He is going to destroy anything with value you have amassed up until this moment.   He is the dog that finally caught the bus and he is soon to be political roadkill. While he celebrates his victory in the Electoral College, powerful forces already are engaged to doom him and his presidency. His two central problems are that he has set the wrong expectations and that his policies will not work in the current domestic and international political, economic and military environment.

The only message in his “I’m-not-Trump” political campaign was that President Trump made a mess of domestic and foreign policy and that Biden would fix all of that. The deadly trap is that Trump did very well on many key measures and Biden inevitably will do much worse, creating a failed Biden presidency.  Biden was helped by the media on this account, but he won’t be able to be saved for 4 years of economic decay.

His day one issue of COVID-19 already is a loser. He wants to lock down the USA until May to stop viral spread.  That is not only pseudoscientific it is a prescription for economic calamity.  Researchers developed vaccines in record time, under Trump’s direction, and are rolling them out now.  Taking them is a biologic question for you now.  This blog is not about that question.  It is about the financial impacts of his macroeconomic plans.

One aspect of the vaccine that is important is how he uses employed physicians and the military to roll out his vax time table and if he is going to use the vax as a weapon to gain more freedoms from the public.  The complex issue of distribution now goes whollyto Biden. Any significant number of deaths among the vulnerable communities of nursing homes, the elderly in general, minorities, and those with pre-existing conditions will fall solely on Biden’s team. These stressors will cause them to fall back to lockdowns and masks which we know are poor options because of the economic damage they cause.  Similarly, sustained economic damage resulting from lockdowns will fall on Biden and Democratic officials.


The other Day One issue is Biden’s budget. He has proposed tax increases that will affect all income groups, with a disproportionate impact on high-income earners. Compounding that increase will be the “hidden tax” of an inevitable increase in inflation from the multitrillion-dollar COVID-19 relief bills. These combined tax increases will trigger investment capital flight, much as they did under former President Obama. The inflation will drive up both interest rates while the technocracy deflation will drive unemployment, and increase the wealth gap in spite of Biden’s tax policies.

Unfortunately, the huge COVID-19 spending and inflation preclude the Federal Reserve from the zero-interest rate policies that Janet Yellen used to float the Obama economy when she served as Fed chief. Her history is the beyond bullish for 2021.  The bottom line is that there is no budget or monetary policy solution that drives real economic growth. Cuts in national defense spending are inevitable in this environment, but even weakened national security cannot solve the budget problem. America has spent the milk money.  There is no other way to stimulate the American economy.

Trump delivered spectacular growth to the economy, record private-sector jobs and record low unemployment for Blacks, Hispanics and women. Real wages rose under Trump and the wealth gap got smaller. Even though the market has roared back after the COVID-19 hit and lockdowns in a K- recovery, it will be impossible to come near Trump’s record on any measure.  This is precisely why some CEO’s have now used their entire corporate treasuries to buy BTC at 100% rates.  I think it is time for regular folks to consider following this plan as well.

Biden’s tax policies and softened trade stance will make the situation dramatically worse.  This is very bullish for a massive BTC rally.  There will not be enough money even for the traditional Obama/Democratic “solution” of creating public works jobs to fudge the unemployment figures.  This is a staple of all democratic presidents.  There is simply no money left.

I also think the Georgia Senate runoffs might create another economic tsunami for Biden.  If the GOP somehow pulls off a win and controls the Senate, the Senate can refuse to raise the debt ceiling and this will crush the Federal Reserve quickly.   It eliminates the printing of money.

And no, the Green New Deal will not create enough “clean energy jobs” to offset this economic mess or decline in the oil and gas sectors. The green new deal will cost a lot more jobs than it makes and this bit of deflation will also sink the economy.  This is another bullish headwind for BTC.  The possibility of serious economic collapse is very real for Biden and his team. And it is all on Biden — it has nothing to do with Trump, who was spectacularly successful in economic policy, helping all Americans.

Biden also will be forced to disappoint the progressive, radical left of the Democratic Party. The handwriting is on the wall with his Cabinet and staff appointments, but it will be crystal clear in the budget. There is simply not money for radical/subsidized transition of America’s energy sector, huge new health care spending, or increased “social justice” programs (beyond the gigantic set of programs that already exist) or reparations.


Similarly, Biden will be forced to cut defense spending, probably shocking the wide set of defense contractors, left-leaning military/intelligence officers, and neocons who supported his campaign and aided and abetted treason.

Unfortunately, our international adversaries know all of this and have run the numbers. They know that Biden’s self-defeating economic policies under Obama, combined with his — and his major Wall Street backers’ — tilt toward China and a weakened military, will lead to a constriction of American influence in Asia, the Middle East and elsewhere.

Trump strengthened the U.S. economy and the military, constrained China, prevented North Korea from testing new nuclear weapons, slowed Iran’s nuclear program and terrorism, supported peace initiatives for Israel, restrained Russian expansion, strengthened NATO, discouraged Russia from using Venezuela as a forward nuclear base, created strategic energy independence (with record low carbon emissions) — i.e., made the world safer for America and democracies.

Biden’s return to bureaucratic diplomatic channels, destruction of energy independence, and weakened military will make the world dramatically more dangerous for America and sets the stage for the Bitcoin revolution in 2021.


Our enemies will test Biden early and firmly in 2021.  I expect a non deal with the UK and EU to create a banking crisis in the Bank of England.  If this occurs the Fed will have to bail out their ally because this domino could quickly lead to a global depression.  It took 32 months, two prime ministers, and nearly 30 votes in Parliament to extricate Britain from the European Union—and the hardest part of the negotiations started in January 2020 and they still are ongoing today!

The two sides have until the end of this year in 2020 to hammer out the terms of their future relationship. Because Britain is leaving the EU’s customs union, which allows the circulation of goods without duties, those talks will have to include a trade agreement. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he wants a quick solution, providing a tariff-free and quota-free exchange of goods. But EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has warned that a comprehensive deal is “basically impossible” to negotiate by year’s end.  If this deal falls through the Bank Of England Central bank is set to fail very quickly.  They already are using negative rates in several banks in the UK to stimulate and economy locked down by Johnson in March of 2020 due to The Great Facade called Covid.  Take a look here to see what a no deal on Brexit means for interest rates on January 1, 2021.  HYPERLINK

How likely is a deal?  Listen to this video:  HYPERLINK


China is already a Bitcoin power in mining and coin ownership.  They have done this as a hedge to a massive Federal Reserve debasement in our fiat currency.  Even the Chinese CCP is better prepared than most Americans.  They would love to crash the Fed to bring in a new Bretton Woods era where they control the global Swift currency.  The rest of the world feels the same way about the USA control of global currency.  Since Nixon dropped the gold standard of Bretton Woods, the USA today only makes up 25% of the world GDP but we control 75% of global transaction because the US dollar is the currency of choice.  This is not good for anyone but Americans.  So what will China do to push Biden?

China will up the pressure on the South China Sea and Taiwan.  They know the Hunter Biden scandal is real bad PR for the new president so they will use leverage to black mail him into a sweet deal for the CCP.  Biden won’t let his second son die publicly.  The American voter just elected a compromised leader and China will go hard after him.   Expect confrontations early with China.  Biden’s Wall Street backers will urge him to show patience with China to sustain their economic interests in Asia.  This will drive BTC even higher as the crisis deepens in the Fourth Turning.

Frankly, I’d guess the over/under on America’s softening support for Taiwan and reducing forces in the South China Sea to be two years. Biden will cave to their demands and the USA will lose naval power in that region.  Caving to the CCP worsens the economic decay and this is very bullish for BTC.  I expect Hunter’s dealings with the CCP will harpoon Biden’s integrity.  I bet this is when his medical/cognitive issues will be used as a play of sympathy.  I see the 25th  Amendment’s use somewhere in year two or three of Biden’s reign.  If Biden is forced out, he saves face for his family, but this is probably the biggest bullish sign for BTC.  Why?  Kamala is gasoline for a total Federal Reserve collapse because she is further left than Biden.  She will do things that end the Federal Reserve as we know it, and the industrial military complex will blame her instead of the Central Bank for the massive economic collapse.  Harris will become Henry Wallace circa 1944, Henry Truman circa 1945,  or Lee Harvey Oswald circa 1963 for the Deep State.   She is the perfect fall person for The climax of the Great Facade.


The same can be said for Russian expansion in Ukraine or the Baltics. Biden and Harris will likely have already pissed off the EU by bailing out the UK in their dealings with the EU.  This will lead to the next domino to drop in Russia.  With Biden’s charm offensive to our European Union allies, Russian incursions will be met with a weaker NATO and calls for “diplomacy,” much the same way Europeans sat back, restrained the U.S., and watched systematic genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina until the U.S. finally acted (“under the United Nations flag”) to stop it.  Expect Putin to be uber aggressive with Biden in Eastern bloc and in the middle East.  Russia will incite Iran and Jordan to go after Israel.  Israel best ally way Trump.  Trump calmed the entire middle East down and Putin was very very quiet while Trump was in charge.   “Red pilling” yourself with BTC immediately is the wisest decision you might ever make in your life before January 20th, 2021.


This blog gives you many of the domino’s I see in the macroeconomic world today on December 20th, 2020.

BTC take over will occur like a domino effect. Few see that today.  A series of small changes will lead to massive crisis and collapse and a new global banking system.  After all the time of neatly putting the pieces together for you here in this blog, one wrong move by any of the political and economic players, one moment of distraction by our enemies, and all of it comes falling down to ruin asset prices you spent a life time saving up. The domino effect will extend to every part of American life.

Most of my members and patrons will ignore these signs because of apathy.  While ignoring all those moments that have already happened in this Fourth Turning, all the situations when we wanted or should have done something in 2008-2020, to make a move.  Our leaders froze and kicked the can down the road until we elected a president with a cognitive disorder because we liked him better than the last guy.  This is exactly what the industrial military complex wanted.  They needed a figure head they could control and make the fall guy.  We deserve what is coming, in my view.  Our apathy and inaction made us comfortably numb and this allowed our American impulses take over; we put each of these macroeconomic dominos neatly one behind other.  We thought we were invincible since WW2 because America has been the King of the Hill.  All those soldiers who died in WW2 for the Bretton Woods agreement have died in vain because of the Federal Reserves actions from 1945 until today.  And, in my opinion, in 2021 is when it comes crashing down around us.  Any combination of these events will fuel a massive rise in BTC that most of you cannot fathom today.

A lot of you cared when you voted, just not enough cared.  That is how apathy operates in the USA.  All over the place, from the popular culture to the propaganda system, there is constant pressure to make people feel that they are helpless, that the only role they can have is to ratify decisions of incompetent bankers and politicians and to consume the propaganda the media feeds to the public.  The irony of American culture is this, American youth attributes much more importance to arriving at driver’s license age than at voting age.  Your way of life begins to end the moment you remain silent on topics that require you to speak up loudly about.

There is a toll to paid for apathy and inaction.  The refusal to take sides on great economic/political issues is itself a decision. It is a silent acquiescence to tyranny. The Tragedy of our time is that those who still believe in honesty lack fire and conviction, while those who believe in dishonesty are full of passionate conviction.  That is why the forces behind Biden campaign committed treason to get power.

So, as Biden takes office, Trump’s documented record in domestic and foreign policy creates a clear scale for direct comparison. Unfortunately for the country whose assets are based in fiat money, Biden appears destined to fall flat on his face when you look at the monopoly board all around him.  For those of you who have a BTC life raft, 2021 might be the greatest year of your life.  Welcome to the Fourth Turning climax.  Many dominos can begin the fall, and the ones that fall will determine how far and fast it all happens.  Do not think your real estate investments are safe at all now.  I have sold two homes in the last 90 days.  Why did I do it?

Are you folks aware that right now CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid are selling off their store real estate like it’s going out of style? Why are profitable major businesses dumping commercial real estate at record rates now. Do they know something you guys who own houses are ignore?  Look it up, they are selling off their real estate so they can be renters and finding either individuals or groups to buy the stores as investors/w leases.  Might you be too apathetic to look it up? Then ask yourself why this is happening now? Then maybe you’ll understand what the Fourth Turning is really all about.

Your house is part of you portfolio and it might be an anchor that causes your drowning in this crisis.

It is the apathetic person who saw all the signs in the coming crisis unfold on TV in 2020 with their own eyes, while the charitable person sees the immediate need of the public and writes a blog about why they need a BTC life raft.  I can present the material to you, but I cannot make you care.  Apathy is a real bitch in an economic crisis.  This is why people can be so close to a real answer, and never pull their own trigger to act on their behalf.



The question of the day now is where did the current fourth turning begin?  With Obama or Trump administration?

I think we entered it with the Bush administration in 2000.

What is the Fourth Turning?

A turning is a era or epoch.  Each one is associated with an identifiable mood or zeitgeist that tend to catch masses of people by surprise.

Turnings have “a circadian biology” like quality linked to them.

The First Turning is associated with a popular high that pervades the populace.  In this turning individualism is viewed as a negative and institutions become stronger and more powerful.  I believe the First Turning occurred in 1944-60’s. That was a time in US history characterized by  strong institutions, and society had a solid consensus of where it wanted to go. This is when man got to the moon beyond all expectations.  Using a seasonal analogy, the first turning is the spring time historically speaking.  The first Turning ended  with Kennedy’s death.  This era was defined by how the industrial military complex got rid of of Henry Wallace and Kennedy quietly below anyone’s radar when America was prospering economically because World War was good business and Bretton Woods established the US dollars as the boss of the SWIFT payment system globally.

The Second Turning is an awakening.  I believe this began they day Kennedy was killled by his own government.  This is when civic order comes under attack from a new values regime.  This defined the cultural revolutions we saw in the late 1960s and 70s.  The 1960s and 1970s – was the summer season, when people wanted to shed conformity. The Boomer generation came of age. We became a more individualized society, and shed civic responsibilities.

The Third Turning is the unraveling. The Thrid turning is autumnal season when the light of summer weakens the signs of change are present in the environment and leaves.  This occurred in the late 1980s to late 1990s.  This is when Institutions begin to weaken quickly and few expected it and individual strength increases in thinking.  This fall season opposes what occurs in the First Turning always.  Institutions become despised and untrusted, and there is “no faith” in civic organizations.  This occurred on Wall Street and in the banking industry.  It is also when medicine adopted algorithm care and began to employ physicians and embrace technology to lower costs of the aging boomers who were getting sicker faster than any generation before in human history.

The wise begin to think in this Autumn Turning.  This is when the executives at Blockbuster thought Netflix was stupid to challenge their business platforms. This is when Kodak executives said people would rather have physical pictures in their possession over digital copies of pictures.  They were sure of it.  I wonder how their shareholders feel about it now?

Not understanding and being totally out of touch is very dangerous for an investor or an executive.  I am telling you the same thing is true for a patient or for the people who live in the USA who have the Federal Reserve running their currency that controls the value of everything they hold near and dear to them.

This is the turn is when the comfortably numb miss the tell tale signs that massive change is afoot below their ability to sense it.  This is period of time when network effects on a platform work in stealth fashion behind the scenes to change the world as we know it rapidly in the future.  Jeff Bezos got this message early in the 2000s and built a perfect company to take full advantage of the coming Fourth Turning.  This is why in 2020 he is the richest man in the world.  He built the perfect company for those who are comfortably numb.

The Fourth Turning is birth of crisis becomes well known even to those who are asleep at their own wheel.  I think this began in 2000 with the Bush election fiasco in Florida.  This is when secular upheaval is the norm, and when the “values regime” propels the replacement of old civic order with a new one.  The beginning of this Turning was defined the Bush presidency because of 9/11 and making the Patriot Act law in 45 short days.  The damage of the Patriot act was buried in the euphoria of a country coming together against a common enemy. This can be described as the first inning of the “GREAT RESET.”  The 2008 financial crisis spanned both the Bush and Obama/Biden administration and with it came a weakened monetary policy of slowly debasing our currency to avoid a Great Depression.  The cycle should have ended with that depression but quantatative easing just allowed Washington DC politicians push the 4th Turning further down the road making the the coda to be even more explosive than most can imagine right now.  This Turning is marked by events that went on during the Obama/Biden/Trump administrations with the socialist movements of Black Lives matters and MoveOn.org.  You are in the midst of that tsunami now.

The Strauss–Howe generational theory, is also known as the Fourth Turning theory. It describes a theorized recurring generation cycle in American history and global history.  What I call a zeitgeist or the feeling of the times…..

On the surface it appears a generational persona unleashes a new era, called a turning which lasts around 20-25 years, in which a new social, political, and economic climate or mood persists.  They are part of a larger cyclical “saeculum” = a long human life, which usually spans between 80 and 100 years, although some saecula have lasted longer than that. The idea states that after every saeculum, a crisis recurs in American history, which is followed by a recovery.  This high is akin to a dopamine hit for the addicted. During this recovery, institutions and communitarian values are strong. Ultimately, succeeding generational archetypes attack and weaken institutions in the name of autonomy and individualism, which ultimately creates a tumultuous political environment that ripens conditions for another crisis.  I think the Bush administration and the 2008 bubble they created in the housing market has lead a massive pressure head within the Fourth Turning that grew larger under Obama/Biden Fed Policies. I think Trumps policies in the courts will ultimate help pop this winter bubble in this Fourth Turning.  His legacy to this “winter turning” will be his three SCOTUS appointments who will shape the court for 25 years. What they do and decide will have massive impacts on healthcare and currency value in my opinion.

The possible election of Biden will Steepen the slope for the change Trump began and will lead to a toppling of the US Federal Reserve using medical tyranny as its key weapon against “We The People”.

If there is any truth to this prediction above by Mr. McGleenon, it seems the time is “now” to add some air to your life raft.

Have you ever wondered why political parties always seem to favor public education over any other form of education?

Many people now in positions of power would like us to use the government’s “idea to educate the public”.   This is why Senator’s Warren and Sander’s want to cancel debt for those who have taken on debt to participate in public college education.  Educational paradigms are basically propaganda halls that espouse the philosophy to “dumb things down” for the masses.

A Black Swan Mitochondriac would never espouse this method of education because their critical thinking ability knows where it leads. Where does it lead you ask?  It isn’t a coincidence that governments everywhere want to educate children. Government education, in turn, is supposed to be evidence of the state’s goodness and its concern for our well-being. A ghostwriter who translates an innovator’s idea never fully gets the message because of their own lack of knowledge. An ignorant man’s report of what a wise man says can never be fully accurate because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand. … Conquering this fear is the beginning of wisdom. It turns out what they do not know is precisely what makes an innovator and innovator. And that is lost in translation, and when it is lost the reader never gets to the truth of the missing ingredients. The real explanation for the government’s blueprint is a lot less flattering. If the government’s propaganda can take root as children grow up, those kids will be no threat to the state apparatus. They’ll fasten the chains to their own ankles to become and remain obedient idiots. The innovator knows this and looks for people who do the hard work of escaping those chains to unlearn to relearn.


1. https://www.pdfdrive.com/the-fourth-turning-books.html



Did you know that arterial blood analysis indicates a frequent incidence of hypoxia in cases of hypothyroidism? 

Did you know that a greater longevity has been associated with higher TSH and lower TH levels?  The mechanisms underlying TSH/TH differences and longevity remain unknown. The HPT axis plays a pivotal role in growth, development and energy metabolism.

During illness, humans experience a fall in serum thyroid hormones termed the nonthyroidal illness syndrome. An inverse relationship between serum thyroxine (T4) and mortality in critically ill patients has previously been observed, but several controlled trials have reported no benefit or even worsened outcome with thyroid hormone supplementation. This has led to the hypothesis that the nonthyroidal illness syndrome is an adaptive process that promotes survival during life-threatening illness by reducing metabolic rate and energy cost.

This is all about Kleiber’s power law.  Longevity is always linked with a lower basal metabolic state. This means that hypothyroidism in some cases might be a protective mechanism for poor mitochondrial redox power.  In this way, hypothyroidism might be like cataract formation in a blue light toxic person:  It is protecting the retina from chronic light abuse.  

Kleiber Law states that larger animals have relatively slower metabolisms than small ones. A mouse must eat about a third of its body mass every day not to starve whereas a human can survive on only 2%. The relationship follows a power law: basal metabolic rate (R) is proportional to the ¾ power of an animal’s mass (M).

It turns out when we get ill, hypoxia is something our colony of mitochondria do by design to keep is alive until we change the environment to foster wellness.  

The hypoxia target gene TGF-β3 stimulates DIO3 transcription (deiodinase), this has caused reseachers to investigate hypoxia as a regulator of D3 gene expression.

Researchers have found that hypoxia induced expression of the D3 gene DIO3 by a hypoxia-inducible factor–dependent (HIF-dependent) pathway.

The crux of the issue is that thyroid hormone availability is under strict temporal, circadian timing, and tissue-specific control by these deiodinases. They react boldly to exogenous Iodine, chlorine, or bromine use.


Several tissues that express D3 are known to be hypoxic, including the normal tissues of the human fetus and the ischemic tissues of critically ill patients, but a molecular mechanism for this has not been established. Studies have shown that hypoxia increased D3 mRNA and activity in diverse cell types. Hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) is the central transcriptional mediator of the cellular response to low oxygen, and hypoxia mimetics such as desferrioxamine (DFO) and CoCl2 were also sufficient to induce D3, indicating a HIF-dependent mechanism. This D3 activity was sufficient to inhibit T3-stimulated metabolic rate in isolated cells and to induce anatomically specific reductions in tissue T3 content and action in an in vivo model of RV hypertrophy. This data reveals a role of D3 in the regulation of local as well as systemic thyroid status during hypoxic-ischemic illness.

D3 activity and mRNA were increased both by hypoxia and by hypoxia mimetics that increase HIF-1.

HIF-1α interacted specifically with the DIO3 promoter, indicating that DIO3 may be a direct transcriptional target of HIF-1. Endogenous D3 activity decreased T3-dependent oxygen consumption in both neuronal and hepatocyte cell lines, suggesting that hypoxia-induced D3 may reduce metabolic rate in hypoxic tissues. Using a rat model of cardiac failure due to RV hypertrophy, researchers found that HIF-1α and D3 proteins were induced specifically in the hypertrophic myocardium of the RV, creating an anatomically specific reduction in local T3 content and action. These results suggest a mechanism of metabolic regulation during hypoxic-ischemic injury in which HIF-1 reduces local thyroid hormone signaling through induction of D3.

Sensory nerve conduction was diminished in 6 of 11 hypothyroid patients and motor conduction in 6 of 15 was studied. Many cases of hypothyroidism are found because of peripheral neuropathy like symptoms.  Hypoxia symptoms are also present in many of these patients.

In distal segments of sensory nerves, the abnormality frequently appeared before clinical symptoms of polyneuropathy. Visual field defect was detected in 71% of patients suffering of primary hypothyroidism. The most common characteristic sensory change in hypothyroid patients was the defect in the central visual field. In this situation, most cases of visual field defect can be cured by thyroid hormone replacement therapy.

Using exogenous iodine to excess can cause clinical hypothyroidism.  The use of chloronated and brominated water or food stuffs can also cause it.


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BTC#4: BTC, SCOTUS, and the coming 4th and 6th Amendment battle

How will governments regulate the ownership of data in the future?  Will they protect your privacy and right to own things with value?   This may well be the most important political question of our era. Most of you do not realize it.  This is why in December 2018 I brought it up publicly in a podcast I did with Luke Storey at the 1:28 portion here:  hyperlink

If we cannot answer this question soon, our sociopolitical system might collapse.  The US Constitution says very little about money, but what it does say is powerful.  Here is all the Constitution says about the money power of the government. From Article I, Section 8, there is “Congress shall have Power…to coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin.” And from Section 10, “no state can coin money and specify what its denomination is.  Note, that BTC algorithm does not come from one of the 50 states.  This is the reason Satoshi identity will always remain a mystery in my opinion.

Might bitcoin be the answer to this 4th and 6th amendment issue and the value of money and solve two problems at once?

Social media giants have broken form by allowing censorship while this breaks Metcalfe’s law, they feel they have so much power they did it anyway breaking many constitutional amendments and they got away with it.  But could BTC platform flip the playing field on Twitter, FB, and Google at the Supreme Court level of governance?

I think there is a great chance this happens.

Your attention is also a currency in life. You need to spend it on moments, thoughts, and actions, and BTC because they hold the most value for happiness and success in life.

How, then, do we go forward from here, and how do we cope with the immense challenges of the information technological revolution?

Modern liberal ideology wants to allow the technocracy to decide this issue with increased use of AI algorithms.

Perhaps the very same scientists and entrepreneurs who disrupted the world in the first place could engineer some technological solution?

BTC offers a different option.  It offers up a libertarian idea that has no leader.  “We The People” created it and everyone who owns BTC is a stakeholder in this tectonic shift.  It is networked algorithm created by a global human community to limit the damage central banks have done to the public over the last 120 years.  It is a libertarian wet dream come true.

Choice is an illusion created between those using the power of algorithms against us and those without this power. The BTC idea offers a different option for the public.  BTC stores the value of choice, liberty, and money by design for those who buy BTC.

Algorithms are machine learning.   Machine learning is a thing-labeler where you explain your task with examples instead of detailed instructions.  That is the future of modern healthcare.

Most of you reading this do not understand the power in some of these ideas, YET.   I want to simplify it for you because time is now of the essence.  Algorithms make life comfortable and simple.  Don’t hate machine learning for making things simple. Levers are simple too.  The bigger the lever, the more it can radically change the world.  This is because they follow nature’s physical laws.  It turns out BTC does too.  BTC is also a lever to give you back what all the other algorithms have taken from you in healthcare.  It will even the playing field and neuter all the physicians on #MedTwitter who have a blue check.  Blue check physicians are soldiers in the army that is performing medical tyranny on the masses to benefit their employers.

Banks have a lot in common with  Big Healthcare and Big Pharma. This is another reason health and wealth are linked. Banks do not create money for the public good. They are businesses owned by private shareholders. Their purpose is to make a profit.  Hospitals and drug companies are in the same business and have the same purpose.  It is time you wake up.

Many healthcare businesses don’t realize that applied Machine Learning is a very different discipline from Machine Learning algorithms research.  What is that difference?

Imagine trying to start a restaurant by hiring folks who’ve been building microwave parts their whole lives but have never cooked a thing… what could possibly go wrong?

Medical algorithms are now constructed to control human behavior for the matrix that created it for profit.  Some of us no longer like the idea that we are no longer in control of our lives.  As a physician, it is a tyranny I cannot live with.

I personally see BTC forming the scaffolding for a global human community that WILL collectively own all the data and oversee the future development of life.  Value exists in BTC but transactional value will likely be built on the Etherium 2.0 network or something like it.

Many people think that the US Federal reserve is immune to creative destruction in this Web 3.0 economy.  The irony is so few of them understand that the actions of the Fed since 1971 have helped create the impetus for people to build the antidote to a central bank to liberate people from the chains of financial slavery we received from the Federal Reserve. What do I say to those people who think the government can shut down this movement?  Just because something worked in the past is no guarantee it will be successful in the future.  If it was the dinosaurs would still be running around ruling the Earth and they are not.  The KT asteroid was their kyrptonite and I think BTC will be the FED’s “cryptonite.”  Having tunnel vision is like looking through a microscope your whole life; you miss the whole picture. Sometimes you need to get lost in order to discover anything new.

Bitcoin is the separation of money and state, which idea was present during 1776, but politicians ruined it and gave it to banks/Fed in the early 20th century.  Separation of money and state is mandatory.  26th Amendment = stuff that BTC offers. BTC is a lot like Scalia, in this sense.  He was a strict constituionalist and followed the law.  A law is like a currency.  It is an agreement of trust between the people and government.   The founder’s idea in the constitution coded for this idea in their use of words.  The algorithm was in their epistemology.

When you read the Satoshi White paper your realize it is paper that mimics what the constitution aimed to do.  Constitutional law is the asset that people get in the transaction.  The Sastoshi white paper states exactly what BTC was built to do.  Be a true store of value to the people by eliminating any governmental interference.  The Consititution was written to give government boundaries on where it could infringe on people’s natural rights.  The white paper of Satoshi does the exact same thing but it has a singular focus:  VALUE.  The idea behind BTC is so good, that the libertarian party already has a better platform of ideas around value far before it has ever had a good candidate to win with.

Critical thinking is the enemy of leaders who want a compliant populace. F.A. Hayek once said: “I don’t believe that we should ever have a good money again, before we take the thing out of the hands of government. All we can do or hope for is by some sly, roundabout way, introduce something they (Fed) can’t stop.

Hayek was wise.  He knew ‘Emergencies’ have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have been eroded.

Hayek goes on to say, “A claim for equality of material position can be met only by a government with totalitarian powers.”  That describes today’s DNC and RNC.  Each party wants to control the narrative on what should constitute value for today’s Americans.  They do not have this right as it is not given to the government in the constitution.

“We must face the fact that the preservation of individual freedom is incompatible with a full satisfaction of our views of distributive justice.” – Hayek.

This is why I was very happy to see the last 3 justices placed on the SCOTUS.  I think the strict definition might be more fuel to the network effect for BTC adoption.  I think any 4th and 6th amendment case that limits government or social media power will limit totalitarian power and will support distributive justice for all people.  

A better world won’t come about simply because we use data; data is like an idea.  It has to be shaped by action.  When I was a resident I was told to go read as much neurosurgery as I could to learn.  Guess what I learned in my Intern year?  Forget trying to read so much.  Good learning requires action.  Residency strength was built around the principle of “see one, teach one, and then do one.”  Algorithms are software that gives data its form.  When you view data realistically, you begin to realize data (from an algorithm or book) has its dark underside because algorithms are the action that dulls the sword.  It fosters a non thinking action instead of allowing the surgeon to stay sharp and ready to meet an unpredictable action thereby fine tuning their skill to think critically at a moments notice.

Why does technology love data so much? Data is like paint on a paint brush. It can be manipulated by code to tell many different stories the author wants to pen. This mimics a virtual reality existence.  Many of those stories are tied to the goals of the person paying the people who are writing the code.  Most of them pay the coders to cheat people of some of their rights or money in some way.  It is a stealth way to cheat people.  It reminds me of how the Romans cheated their public.  It also reminds me how things ended.  In today’s technocracy change will come way faster than it did for Rome or the Romans.


Data Science is manipulating data via code in an algorithm, looking for patterns, and coming up with solutions to drive revenue, lower expenses, and thereby increase overall business profitability.  It mimics what the Romans did with the denarius.

I foresee the next wave of revenue growth in corporate America will come directly from Data Science’s algorithms to allow companies and the federal government to spend money they no longer have.  Cheating with code mimics what Caracalla did when he created the double denarius in 200 AD. Decades from now, Americans will look back at this time, when data science was at its infancy, and liken its societal impact to that of the Industrial and Technological Revolutions.  It will also be the inflection point of the failure of the republic the Constitution built in 1776.


The corporations that embrace data science will find their long-term, generational growth directly proportional to how effectively they incorporated data scientist teams into their strategic planning.  Company CEO’s who fund their treasuries with BTC will be the leaders who build the new economy while those who rely on data science and fiat currency will become the members of society who see an asteroid coming at them but refuse to understand the meaning.

But just as big data algorithms might extinguish liberty, they might simultaneously create the most unequal societies that ever existed. All wealth and power might be concentrated in the hands of a tiny elite, while most people will suffer not from exploitation, but from something far worse – irrelevance.

Defenders of human individuality stand guard against the tyranny of the collective, without realizing that human individuality is now threatened from the opposite direction. The individual will not be crushed by Big Brother; it will disintegrate from within. Today corporations and governments pay homage to our individuality, and promise to provide medicine, education and entertainment customized to our unique needs and wishes. But in order to do so, corporations and governments first need to break us up into biochemical subsystems, monitor these subsystems with ubiquitous sensors and decipher to work using powerful algorithms.  This is pure scientific reductionism and this is not the best way to help the public get well, because no matter how many parts you break the living system into, it will not get to the quantum level where light, water, and magnetism dominate chaos to allow for life.

The technocracy in medicine and politics are not good things for us.  They are advertising algorithms of Big Pharma and Food built for profit; they are not information algorithms designed to make us well or provide us truthful information. They are designed to dumb us down.

Optum is a company few of you know.  They deliver algorithms to healthcare companies to build profit.  It is a leading provider of information, data analytics, technology and clinical insights in the effort to improve overall health system performance.  At least, that is their marketing tagline for Wall Street.

THE ALGORITHM CARTEL is out there and very active under Obamacare!  My sense is the “Fourth turning’ began in 2008 with Obama. OptumServe has an extensive knowledge of diverse data sets, from medical claims and clinical data to genomic and electronic health record data to help federal agencies verify whether they have enough of a strong foundation for Artificial Intelligence algorithms to be built on to replace physicians.

Experian: Credit agency told to stop sharing data without consent COME ON, THE ALGO COMPANIES JUST IGNORE THIS AND KEEP ON TAKING AND MINING https://bbc.in/2JI94Kn  CODE WINS AGAIN.

United Healthcare Launches Concierge-Style Plan, Free Primary Care (AND THIS MODEL USES SEGMENTATION TO KEEP YOU AWAY FROM SEEING A DOCTOR IN PERSON AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, ALGORITHMS WILL MAKE IT HARD TO SEE THE PHYSICIAN IN PERSON.  They want to push patients to midlevel providers who will lower healthcare quality and make it cheaper.  This is what PA’s and NP utilization in ObamaCare are all about.  They hide the truth by telling insurees you’ll have “better access” to care.  What good is access to care if the care sucks and does not follow nature’s laws?

HOW UNITED HEALTHCARE PUTS YOU IN A SQUEEZE BOX FOR CARE:  Orange, California, Alignment Healthcare’s new virtual Medicare Advantage plan will leverage Alignment Healthcare’s concierge approach to both care and service ALGORITHMS are now ON PARADE- to provide a CODE HOSING for the USA!  This will be done below the insuree’s ability to see how this algorithm is operating to screw you.


Just because you can do something with an algorithm, doesn’t mean it’s a good use of anyone’s time. We humans tend to fall in love with what we have poured effort into… even if it is a pile of poisonous shit.

We did the same thing with Artificial Light and Screen Learning.  Never forget Obama/Biden got rid of the incandescent bulb in 2009 and made LED mainstream.  That one decision will force more people into using medical algorithms.  That one decision around light is like a butcher pushing meat into the sausage grinder.  Few see the connection…….you better.   

The more ways there are to slice the data, the more your analysis is a breeding ground for confirmation bias. The antidote is setting your decision criteria into the algorithm in advance. This is what bitcoin does for you.

As you get dumbed down, you will be convinced to take and be happy with UBI = Universal Basic Income by the government.  This is another control mechanism that will give you a false sense of security by trading for your liberty.  They will also continue the onslaught with trying to over turn the second amendment.  They need to disarm the critical thinkers remaining in this republic.

Folks, this might be your last chance to build your own life raft. After this, there is no turning back. You take the BTC blue pill — the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill — you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes that the algorithms will build for you after the great COVID Reset.  That reset is being done to keep the “wizard” behind the curtain.  The people who run the US Federal Reserve are the Deep State you’ve been hearing a lot about since 2016.