Circadian biology is so fundamental to sleep and metabolism but few people realize just how important it really is.  It is more important than your macro or micronutrients.  Most of you reading this really do not buy this because of the questions I get asked and all the comments I have seen made on FB, twitter, blogs, and internet forums.  The blogosphere is tied to macronutrient ratios.  It is a fact that our neolithic mind has burned into our conscious beliefs.  This post is about showing you why you might want to consider changing your perspective on things related to what you eat.  What we are designed to eat is the answer to where our ultimate health really lies.  When we choose to eat in spite of our biologic directives this is when illness, disease, or bad feelings tend to crop up and cause confusion to the patient.  The best way for you to solve this situation is to think.  I want you to think about the message your neolithic mind is capable of delivering to your paleolithic genome on a daily basis.  The reason we screw it up is that we fail to account for the effect of the mitochondrial genome’s effect on the rapidly changing epigenetic program that really is the master sculptor in biology.  Most of us are completely unaware of this biologic mismatch.  It is my belief that it underlies much of what currently ails most of mankind today.  The reason is quite simple…….melatonin controls the efficiency of autophagy and apoptosis in the human mitochondrial genome.  This gives the mechanism to just about every human chronic disease.  

oday, in the face of rampant heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases like celiac disease, multiple sclerosis, and thyroiditis, we have learned that America’s health crisis began with Tesla and the power grid in the during the last 19th century during the ‘Electric Power Wars’.  Scientists are now uncovering that the electric power grid and things plugged into it increase blood glucose without any added food source of carbohydrate.  This drives altered signaling in cells.  Today Ph.D. researchers are blaming food for the etiology of mitochondrial disease, but the science of light is showing us this is a misplaced notion.  The power grid and nnEMF increase blood sugar and need NO help from manmade foods to do so.  It turns out technology and progress have raised blood sugar faster than Snickers bar or any fruit eaten out of season could.  We are clueless to this reality and this is why no one is solving the diabetic mess.  Carbohydrates only exacerbate the mitochondrial heteroplasmy problem……….they do not cause it and they cannot solve the quantum etiology.  

The alteration of circadian rhythms is associated with a variety of mental and physical illnesses. Recent studies show a significant association between quantitative and qualitative sleep rhythm disturbances and increasing prevalence of obesity. Furthermore, reduced sleep quality and duration lead to decreased glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity, thus increasing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.  This was from the January 2019 issue of issue of Internist from the article ‘Importance of Sleep and Circadian Rhythm for Energy Metabolism’.  Even the paradigm is waking up to this science. 

My Black Swans have gotten the code from me long ago.  Now you are beginning to see where all the piees fit and why I have been very correct in saying light trumps food at all levels in all cases of human disease.  No one fully understands how light controls the matter in cells and it all begins with the leptin-melanopsin chromophore loops in man.   This idea is really the basis of most of the data in this book below.

When you read this book and re-read this blog you’ll see just how forward thinking my ideas have been for 15 years.  I made sense of Hollowich by knowing where to look for the missing pieces.  Melanopsin and leptin biology are two massive pieces.

We don’t have to go back very far in medical history to get to the time when rods and cones were believed to be the eye’s only photoreceptors.   Not only do we now know of others, melanopsin included, but we are learning they have functions that go far beyond vision.  For instance, the chief job of melanopsin is not to help us see images, but to act as a light sensor that provides ‘reflexive responses‘ to both the body and the brain, many of which have to do with circadian rhythms (melanopsin is the likely reason that I’ve suggested for 15 years sleeping in a room with zero light — not even a digital clock).  CNRS International (The Many Roles of Melanopsin) had this to say about this photo-optic protein.

“It has been shown to regulate a wide range of non-visual functions, such as the synchronization of the circadian rhythms and the sleep-wake cycle with the light-dark cycle.  Two main mechanisms regulate sleep: the circadian mechanism, which determines the optimal time for sleep, and the homeostatic system, which keeps track of how long the body is awake and asleep, and triggers ‘sleep pressure’ when the body suffers from sleep deprivation. Though light was known to influence the circadian mechanism via melanopsin, its effects on non-circadian processes were considered minor. Now, in a recent study, a team from CNRS reveals that light detection by melanopsin acts directly on non-circadian mechanisms and that circadian and non-circadian routes interact with one another.”

If you head over to my website or Patreon site and do a search on melanopsin, you’ll find articles like Reality #7: Blood & Chlorophyll Types and Food and Time #12: Is Adrenal Fatigue Due to an Altered Spectrum of Light? These blogs are so outside the box on how light is the driver to these diseases your head will hurt trying to make sense of all the concepts I’ve been trying to link together for you.  REVIEW THEM!  Listen to this statement I’ve made about melanopsin’s relationship between the brain (HYPOTHALAMUS), the eye, sunlight, leptin, and your body’s ability to heal.

Jack said, “The outer portion of the retina is where the photoreceptor melanopsin is loosely covalently bound to retinol.  Melanopsin/retinol controls the neural signaling along the central retinohypothalamic tract.  This tract connects the retina to the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) which controls the circadian mechanism.  This tract continues on and connects the retina and SCN to the leptin receptor in the hypothalamus.  The leptin system, in turn, controls all growth and metabolism of the organism and this system controls the circadian release of hormones from the pituitary gland using specific light frequency changes present in AM sunlight.  In December 2017 we have proof melanopsin/retinol are now in human skin, subcutaneous fat, and the arterioles of the skin.  I will remind you that the subcutaneous fat mass links to the leptin receptor in the hypothalamus too using leptin and adiponectin as fat hormones.   Melanopsin is the light chromophore for LEPTIN biology.  He who controls the frequency of sunlight via the eye and skin, calls the shots for the anterior pituitary hormones and its effect on human behavior and illness.”

When one types “circadian” into the MeSH portion of PubMed, you’ll find (gulp) over 100,000 studies.  To get an idea, however, of just how vast and important this field of study really is, allow me to show you some titles that were published within the beginnig of 2019:

  • Integration of Melatonin Related Redox Homeostasis, Aging and Circadian Rhythm (Rejuvenation Research)
  • Alterations of Circadian Rhythms and their Impact on Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular Diseases(Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition)
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  • Circadian Regulation of Endocrine Systems (Autonomic Neuroscience)
  • Melanopsin Retinal Ganglion Cells and Pupil: Clinical Implications for Neuro-Ophthalmology (Frontiers in Neurology)  


All the pieces of my thesis are coming to manifest folks. 

NOW WE HAVE THIS MASTERPIECE CITE below from the literature:  

DIABETES = MELANOPSIN DYSFUNCTION.  EVERYONE’s RISK IS N=1 depending on the redox state of their melanopsin leptin axis.  High sensitivity and interindividual variability in the response of the human circadian system to evening light are being elucidated in the literature.  This will have some interesting collateral effects for blue blocker glass makers if they understand the physics of light going forward.   It appears melanopsin is the reason why all of biology is N=1 game.  This is why zip code trumps the genetic code in a blue light world.





ALAN = Artifical Light at night

We should all listen to the voice of nature, for it holds treasures for you when you are afflicted by the Dunning Kruger effect.

I think we should do the same for our friends, family, and people we cross paths with on social media. It is good to help people you care about but it is wise to test those you don’t know with discomfort in posting. CHALLENGE THEM, and see how they react to the insult.

Doing nothing for others for who you think highly of, is really the undoing of ourselves. That is how you extend your reach and your dopamine network to find the right people in life. A good friendship is a state of being where I think we to learn that we need each other more than we want to admit. One of the most important things you can do in this life is to let people know they are not alone, initially when you come across them in real life or on social media.

My take home from social media interaction in this virtual reality is this: Every game in life is winnable between people if you change your mind about what the prize should be and your perspective about the players at the table. When you talk and people realize they are missing key pieces of data to the puzzle you did your job to cause discomfort, curiosity, and turned them from a voyeur to be interested in their own game.

Will they act to change their ignorance?  Do they have skin in their own GAME?

This is the test a Black Swan gives on social media. Who out there has skin in their own game?  It is your job to figure this out.  Only those who do should pack your parachute.   Most out there on the internet are low dopamine people who just want something for nothing while adding nothing to the transaction for you or themselves. I find out exactly what these people are after and I deal with them rapidly.  You should too.  The more 5G is turned on the more of these people will exist.  BE AWARE OF IT.  Light causes these topologic effects.  Ask a podcaster or blogger where they live before you comment how wise they appear to be.  I always do this, and I always plan my words carefully for the audience they have.

^^^^LIGHT, not food defines the defects in metabolism. This offends common sense of most. Be fully aware of it. These facts are one of my favorite ways to show people how “experts” are really no experts.

You need to sit back and see what their reaction to the discomfort was to assess how they think and monitor their reaction. This will tell you all you need to know about them at their present moment. This is the greatest effect of social media for the Black Swan.

It qualifies who you should spend time on and who you should ignore because their reactions disqualify themselves because they do not like how you said what you did to them. They have no idea what your intent is. Your job is to find out how they think to understand why they got ill. Then and only then can you help them. We should not waste time on people who only seek to waste our own time because they cannot even help themselves.

Our time is too valuable for the ignorant.

Blue light and nnEMF are an absolute killer for endogenous melatonin production as this link shows us all.  It liberates an aldehyde of Vitamin A which demolishes all human photoreceptors that DNA codes for that are designed to capture sunlight in a myriad of ways to program proteins to keep us healthy.  https://www.sciencealert.com/how-blue-wavelengths-light-affect-retinal-cell-tissues-eye-disease

Where you live and the fields in that area define the health you have.  If you are unwell in this area you have a duty to yourself to STOP lying to yourself, test and get skin in your own game.  Do not come online and ask others, more ignorant than yourself for advice on what they should do or hack. This is #mitochondriacwisdom

Game set and match.

Food cannot solve a quantum problem in your environment.   It is about time you realize it. If you do not.  Cancel your membership here.  You are not who I am looking for.



Reductionism will never illuminate the beauty of nature.  This is why water has hidden the secrets of life for so long.  The answers to what life can do are buried in the collisions of sunlight in water.   Aristotle once said, “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”. This is essentially the best definition of the disadvantage of the theory of scientific reductionism I can muster of the top of my head.

Water is the transformer of solar redox into a DC electric current.  DHA helps the transmutation of photons from the sun to a DC electric magnetic salt battery capable of imprinting memory magnetically as a disc drive does.  Water molecules are more than just made up of hydrogen and oxygen ions. These ions have electric charges and form dipoles. Water is not inert, its ions are dynamic, always rotating and vibrating. Due to the various bonds and kinks that from among water molecules, clusters of water can emit a multitude of electromagnetic frequencies depending on the number of water molecules and their bonds in the clusters. With different structures of water clusters, different electromagnetic frequencies are produced. This means that water can resonate at any virtually any frequency. How does it do this?

Water must first absorb ambient electromagnetic radiation to re-emit it. Sunlight can activate oxygen’s outermost electrons to higher energy levels and in 0.0000001 seconds, they return to ground level, emitting photons with a frequency of about 1,000,000,000,000,000 Hertz.

Water is, in fact, a repository for electromagnetic radiation.  It turns out that waters massive heat capacity make it able to absorb massive amounts of sunlight without any significant heating.

This is why December 22 has the lowest amount of sunlight but January 19 is usually the coldest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere.  Water absorbs light energy consistently and holds onto it and releases it later than we expect.

As it does this it builds its exclusion zone increasing its battery capacitor effect.  Water consists almost entirely of a type of elementary particle called a photon (a photon is a boson and bosons are the glue that holds matter together) and only a very small amount of water is actual matter and it is hypothesized that water is 974,600,000,000 parts photons to 1 part matter (hydrogen and oxygen) This is the physical basis of water massive heat capacity. Water is mostly photons and photons are the force carrier (messengers of information and energy) of the electromagnetic field.

This explains the power and queerness of liquid water.  Ice and water vapor are not as masterful as liquid water at doing these quantum mechanical things.  It turns out when you confine liquid water below 1.4 nm it exhibits magnetic memory extremely well.  This explains how electromagnetic information is propagated at the molecular level in microtubules, via water networks.  It should now make sense to you why all proteins in humans are hydrated with water made by our mitochondria.

That water is also special because it is deuterium depleted.  All biomolecules are dependent on water to operate. We are made up mostly of water, specifically structured, liquid crystalline water, which is imbued with a multitude of electromagnetic frequencies. We are always immersed in a plethora of natural and unnatural electromagnetic radiation in our environments, some beneficial, others harmful and it is constantly changing the liquid crystalline water in our bodies faster than we can think.

The ambient electromagnetic environment is literally changing the way living water behaves in our bodies to create health or to fuel disease on an attosecond level and you do not realize it by design.  If you did, it changes the reality of how it can operate. This has tremendous implications for biology and medicine in the coming 5G world.


1. The Memory Of Water by Wolfgang Ludwig