CPC #39 5G and ALAN



Human beings are creatures of routine. Even the most spontaneous among us stick to a lot of routines and habits in life.  Most habits discussed around health involve diet and exercise for most people.  For us, it is challenging to try different approaches to the problems in our life.

It turns out your light hygiene is the most important first thing to get correct.  Today most humans live indoors away from the sun.

Many, but not all people struggle over decades with health problems who only use diet and exercise solutions.  If you want different results than what you’re getting, you have to try different approaches.



Most people in healthcare are currently blaming the wrong things for chronic disease etiology.

What is the one you need to focus in on?

ALAN = Artifical Light at night

We should all listen to the voice of nature, for it holds treasures for you when you are afflicted by the Dunning Kruger effect.

I think we should do the same for our friends, family, and people we cross paths with on social media. It is good to help people you care about but it is wise to test those you don’t know with discomfort in posting. CHALLENGE THEM, and see how they react to the insult.



Doing nothing for others for who you think highly of, is really the undoing of ourselves. That is how you extend your reach and your dopamine network to find the right people in life. A good friendship is a state of being where I think we to learn that we need each other more than we want to admit. One of the most important things you can do in this life is to let people know they are not alone, initially when you come across them in real life or on social media.

My take home from social media interaction in this virtual reality is this: Every game in life is winnable between people if you change your mind about what the prize should be and your perspective about the players at the table. When you talk and people realize they are missing key pieces of data to the puzzle you did your job to cause discomfort, curiosity, and turned them from a voyeur to be interested in their own game.



Will they act to change their ignorance?  Do they have skin in their own GAME?

This is the test a Black Swan gives on social media. Who out there has skin in their own game?  It is your job to figure this out.  Only those who do should pack your parachute.   Most out there on the internet are low dopamine people who just want something for nothing while adding nothing to the transaction for you or themselves. I find out exactly what these people are after and I deal with them rapidly.  You should too.  The more 5G is turned on the more of these people will exist.  BE AWARE OF IT.  Light causes these topologic effects in cells.  Ask a podcaster or blogger where they live before you comment how wise they appear to be.  I always do this, and I always plan my words carefully for the audience they have.



^^^^LIGHT, not food defines the defects in metabolism.  Today, this idea offends common sense of most people who’ll read it.  Be fully aware of it.  These facts are one of my favorite ways to show people how “experts” are really no experts.

You need to sit back and see what their reaction to the discomfort was to assess how they think and monitor their reaction. This will tell you all you need to know about them at their present moment. This is the greatest effect of social media for the Black Swan.

It qualifies who you should spend time on and who you should ignore because their reactions disqualify themselves because they do not like how you said what you did to them.  They have no idea what your intent is.  Your job is to find out how they think to understand why they got ill. Then and only then can you help them.   We should not waste time on people who only seek to waste our own time because they cannot even help themselves.

Our time is too valuable for the ignorant.

Blue light and nnEMF are an absolute killer for endogenous melatonin production as this link shows us all.  It liberates an aldehyde of Vitamin A which demolishes all human photoreceptors that DNA codes for that are designed to capture sunlight in a myriad of ways to program proteins to keep us healthy.  Check this cite out below.


Where you live and the fields in that area define the health you have.  If you are unwell in this area you have a duty to yourself to STOP lying to yourself, test and get skin in your own game.  Do not come online and ask others, more ignorant than yourself for advice on what they should do or hack. This is #mitochondriacwisdom

Game set and match.

Food cannot solve a quantum problem in your environment.   It is about time you realize it. If you do not believe this.  Cancel your membership here on Patreon.  You are not who I am looking for.



Finnish free diver Johanna Nordblad explored an underwater world beneath the ice under cloudy skies (mimics red light days)  to help heal her tremendously damaged leg.  She found that the isolation the water brought to her the better her leg got.
This experience mimics what we find in modern manmade isolation tanks. 
Johanna used cold free diving to restore health in her bad leg. She got the message from nature that restoration of her free radical signaling in her damaged leg was the key mode in her recovery.
The first paper ever written on cold water revivals was in the 1990s. We learned that it could be effective in reperfusion injury due to a variety of insults man faces. I am here to tell you that most diseases come from or are made worse by the electromagnetic environment we choose to live in because of how changes the free radical signals a cell can make in the healing callus of injured tissue. In this way, free diving in the cold water mimics the reasons why an isolation float tank works so well in humans who have sustained injury, stress, or trauma. Both of these techniques lower the sensory inputs to mitochondria to decrease power consumption in the defective colony of mitochondria in the damaged areas of the body. These techniques help damaged cells to limit ROS/RNS to navigate a “better solution” to mitigate the situation these cell’s mitochondria are in.
No one sees this perspective EASILY, because they do not understand energy production in mitochondria and how it uses electron, proton, and photon spin numbers (OAM) to make the free radical signals from the matter in these damaged cells using light and altered oxygen tensions in the damaged region.
The incident EMF when we use this technique becomes very important to the healing that is possible in the cells.  This is also important during the damage and recovery phase of injury or repair.
This can be used in soft tissue injury or in nnEMF injury.  The mechanism is the same at the mitochondrial level as the picture shows.
I believe the key to understanding the mysteries around reperfusion injury and the stress response begins from the tone of the PVN in the brainstem.  This excitory response stimulate neurons to fire while the surrounding glial cells release Vitamin C to make the stress hormones on an acute basis. 

People do not seem to realize that neurons and astrocytes cells work together to coordinate the stress response to any stressful stimuli.

Consider this slide below. Most people have no idea how Vitamin C release changes the electrical character of neurons. This creates an oscillating field in the PVN to allow healing to occur in safe fashion. What happens when it Vitamin C is exhausted? The normal physiologic response is destroyed.


It also explains why all cases of trauma can be helped by using cold with solar frequencies. Red light is especially helpful in this arena. in the film below you’ll see a cloudy sky. A cloudy sky is a red light day to a Black Swan. If you restore the cells with the proper solar EMF input you become able to limit the damaging free radical signals. Once they are lessened and the normal free radical signals can be restored to lead to healing resolution. She found her Optimal prescription was cold and free diving under cloudy days.
People in biology have no idea that all free radicals have unpaired electrons and understanding the quantum spin state of those free radicals, and how controlling light and oxygen tensions in your healing phase is the MOST IMPORTANT key to the puzzle of how you can use nature to help you win your health back

Bright artificial light loaded with blue is equivalent to a stress response. This is mediated via the eye, skin pituitary gland, and pineal gland. The central retinal hypothalamic tract is activated by short wavelength blue light. Melanopsin is its main photoreceptor.

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. One cubic cm of skin has 6 million cells, 1 million blood vessels, 4 million nerve fibers, 100 sweat glands, 15 sebaceous glands, and 20-200 hair follicles. This shows you that the skin is set up as the largest sensory detector of the photoelectric effect from the environment. Sunlight induces biochemical and photochemical changes in the skin. Full spectrum sun produces calcitriol, histamine, and sulfhydryl-groups. It destroys by photolysis adrenaline, steroids, testosterone, estrogen, thyroid hormones, DNA, RNA. 1/10 of a mm below the skin surface thousands of chemicals in the blood have specific absorption bands for production and degradation from sun light. These chemicals are made from UV light through the RPE and central retinal pathways and they are monitored and controlled by daily exposure to sunlight based upon the latitude you exist on and your skin composition. Sunlight induces coordinated endocrine adaptation effects when the skin is exposed. Sunlight is capable of affecting the sympathetic and parasympathetic activity of the brainstem because of the coordination of the skin and brain chemistry via Vitamin A and D cycle via the PVN. Sunlight is a major circadian stimulus for the eye clock and the body clock in every cell of the body. The eye and skin coordinate the colors buried in light frequencies to adapt the hormonal system to the specific time and place where the body surfaces interact with the environment we allow. This is how the photoelectric effect in humans fundamentally works on a macroscopic basis.

Artificial light stimulates this tract day and night in our modern world. This is a huge problem for hormonal control and for recycling of rods and cones that control the eye clock in the SCN. The retinohypothalamic tracts directly project to the SCN. The SCN has the job of syncing all the other cellular peripheral circadian clocks in cells. The SCN has direct outflow connections to the pituitary and pineal gland to give it steering control. Few truly understand the power of a steering mechanism in the brain’s biology. Light controls the eye clocks steering mechanism of all of circadian biology and it controls life and death and wellness and illness generation. In this way, life is like a steering wheel in a car, it only takes one small move to change it’s entire direction. Light is that powerful a drug for humans.

So you like Sauna or a float tank????


WHAT DO ISOLATION FLOAT TANKS AND AUTISM HAVE IN COMMON? The first paper ever written on autism was in 1940 just after we began using radar and 50 years after we introduced the light bulb and 40 years after Tesla gave the world the AC power grid.

I am here to tell you that autism comes from the electromagnetic environment because it changes the free radical signals a cell can make in the germinal matrix of a developing brain.

In this way, it mimics the reasons why an isolation float tank works so well in humans.

FLOAT TANKS lower the sensory inputs to decrease power consumption in the defective colony of mitochondria in you. Autism is a brain trying to create its own version of a float tank in your skull to stimulate mitophagy by lowering sensory inputs. These kids brains are try to navigate the electromagnetic pollution their colony of mitochondria are sensing so they turn off the world to limit free radical damage.

No one sees this perspective because they do not understand energy production in mitochondria and how it uses electron, proton, and photon spin numbers to make matter from light.

The incident EMF in the cells is the key to understanding the mysteries around autism and why float tanks are one of the better 5G city hacks out there.

It also explains why autistic cases do best in Equatorial environments. It is here they can control their OAM of photons in them well.

If you restore the cells major EMF input to solar EMF the damaging free radical signal is lessened and the normal free radical signals are restored. People in biology have no idea that all free radicals have unpaired electrons and understanding the quantum spin state of those free radicals is the key to the puzzle of why autism is now explosive and why a 5G city will do the same to a non autistic brain.

If you float look for places that have installed UVA blacklights and or relights to their systems. This help you use the deuterium in your blood plasma while you are floating in the salt laden water to help rebuild your redox back quicker by limiting the free radical creation on your skin.

The salt of floating magnifies the UV effect because of the following:



CAN SAUNA help in a 5G world too?

Man made sauna is tough.  

You better learn how to hack the better sauna’s out there to make them safer in a 5G world. Hacking your Clearlight Infrared Sauna made simple: When you purchase one you’ll need to make a bunch of hacks to it to make is safer in a 5G blue lit world.

Disabling the WiFi is easy, when you open the top, and then the silver powerbox you follow the anntennae cable and unclip it from the circuit board. The bluetooth, that is a different story but it remains dormant unless you have other Bluetooth devices in the area that ping to try connect it it. Blue tooth is no human friend who has EHS.

Second, it is a good idea to place a metal mesh on the seat and by your feet, then run a cable outside to give you a grounding while in the Sauna. This helped. Make sure the holes in the mesh are smaller diameter for the 5G world.

Third, this was an amazing difference, you might install UVA blacklights in the unit. This help you use the deuterium in your blood plasma to help rebuild your redox back quicker. You can install tubes on either side, and behind your head. Be aware however if you use Mercury vapor bulbs do not drop or break the bulbs. If you use Fluorecents UVA, do not put it in close to proximity to you head because the cathod side of the bulbs emits Xrays!!! Keep it further from you if you can.

If you have an electrician, they can remove the AC ballast contained in the unit and connect it directly to the DC circuit board of the unit, that way the flicker and MF are altered. This is something I did with JOOV’s horrible design when I hacked it. The light we use at Kruse Longevity CENTER has solved this with its design but we are going to make it better in 2019.

For testing you can run a cable from the outside into the unit (thick cable).

Blue-light filter: the display screen has a super-duper bright light that has a horrible spectrum, it is a good idea install some red film on top of it (couple of layers) else put a lowbluelights.com sticker film on it.

If you want to add an ozone effect, on the wooden wall panels you can purchase and install Himalayan salt rock lamps (they sell them as facade panels for saunas), once the temp hits 60C, they begin to produce ozone. I am not a fan of this for most people, but it is mentioned if you want to try it.  They give off some nasty magnetic fields.  Not all of them do but many do.

Install a wine cork to plug up the temperature sensor. Ben Greenfield also did a post on how to rebuild the top layer of the sauna with insulating board in order to raise the heat further for his training. This increases your IRB light and the heat shock protein response.

Audio, use the stereo jack. You can add in 432Hz music for your listening.   I’d rather go quiet.  It is supposed to be sensory depriived after all.


Bulk water is a dipole, and dipoles have to remain with a neutral charge. Water becomes a liquid crystal when sunlight hits it. Crystals are capable of nonlinear functions. Liquid crystals really elevate the ability to use certain nonlinear processes like second harmonic generation (SHG). SHG in collagen is exciting science.

In the 1970’s G.H. Bardelmeyer found this electric ability in Achilles tendons of animals. He found the ability was tied to free proton water electricity generated from water and light.

This is why Achilles tears are always a sign of poor connections to the sun and Earth at some level. His results make sense in the recent observations made in experiments that proton superconduction occurs in nanospace confined water below 1.6 nm in microtubules, collagen and actin fibers.

Water at this scale does not act like modern fluid flow dynamics believes. I covered this in the May 2017 webinar. The most important discovery was that superfast quantum tunneling ioccurs in chiral water polymers.  This was key in understanding how ionic changes in the water by salt could affect its physical properties and this energy and information could be shared with out skin in a float tank.

Collagen is also chiral and it is your skin most abundant protein.  Around chiral collagen, water hydrates surround this molecule, and you can see how the body plan is built in animals and can be 100% light activated and controlled.  So adding light to the float water is a big deal.  Most float places add the wrong light…….blue.  They need to add UV and IR back.

Since quantum tunneling occurs in the chiral water collagen nanotubes in cells it implies that cells have the ability has almost instantaneous communication between cells and tissues throughout the body that exceeds the speed of light. This means we can improve the topology of our skin in a 5 G city if we use float tanks wisely.

This explains why living things seem to do things they should not be able to do. They are quantized from top to bottom. Second Harmonic Generation is one of the key nonlinear pathways life uses that dates back to when the sun’s light intensity got more bright from increased UV release.

Bright light is a key physical requirement for all nonlinear optical effects.  This is why small additions of UV light to float tanks is wise.

SHG in water and collagen allows cells to combine photons from the sun interacting with the coherent domain in EZ on the surfaces of collagen to form new photons with TWICE the energy and therefore has double the frequency while having half the wavelength.

This is how a cell creates a coherent light bio-photon field.  I think when we are in a float tank we are creating this field around us and it is acting like an artificial magnetic field to protect us further from 5G.  This might be a key to space travel if NASA was awake.  Many of the effects of space travel are blamed on a lack of gravity but float tanks minimize gravity effects by making us bouyant in the water while minimizing our ability to absorb nnEMF from the environment.  If the water is cooled the effect is greater on magnetic flux.  It might offer protection to astronauts in space if I am right about my own hacks.  I think the float water should be colder than the body temperature to gain the Carnot effect from our mitochondrial engines.

This is the field Popp and Gurwitsch found and it is detailed in Van Wijk’s “Light in Shaping Life”.

SHG in collagen is 100% dependent upon the hydration status of a cell.  I think outside the body in the float tank the amount of salt and light we use helps the effect.

Manmade blue light and all nnEMF cause intracellular dehydration, and this is why they directly alter the bio-photon release in eukaryotic cells to cause mitochondrial diseases that change the vibrations of things inside a cell.  This is a stressor that modern float tank designs have not eliminated yet.

That is why the Warburg redox shift really occurs in many diseases.  In a float tank you are selecting for beta-oxidation and turning off the stimulus to burn glucose as Nora Volow and Allen Frey showed us.

The effective thickness of the SHG shell is strongly dependent upon the ionic strength of the surrounding solution. 


Increasing the ionic strength decreases the SHG shell and limits the bio-photon field.  I believe it is also key to altering magnetic flux of the solution on our skin.   I figured this out from 12 years of mito-hacks done on myself.


They calm the PVN and raise vagal tone.

Vagal stimulation improves all of the following as shown in a pub med search: It turns on and amplifies neurogenesis, helping our brains sprout new brain cells. Rapidly turn off the stress, hyper-arousal, and fight/flight via the relaxation response. Sharpen our memories. Fight inflammatory disease. Help you resist high blood pressure. Block the hormone cortisol and other oxidizing agents that age and deteriorate the brain and body Block systemic (body-wide) inflammation which is a major factor in aging and poor health. Help us overcome depression and anxiety. Help us sleep better to regenerate the immune system to fight cancer as nature has built within us. Raise levels of human growth hormone.

You will often here growth hormone is a bad thing for cancers. Exogenous growth hormone is but not the growth hormone from your own pituitary gland. It helps us overcome insulin resistance and natural sunlight gives this the best massive boost. Dealing with insulin resistance with food is a futile battle if you are not getting full spectrum sunlight via your retina daily. Vagal stimulation can turn down allergic responses and immune response that overshoot because of poor signaling due to inflammation. Inflammation = protons and pH is a measure of the integrity of the proton gradients around your cells. This is why deuterium can be a poison or a panacea. The environmental context matters.


The lower the pH the lower the thickness and power contained within your exclusion zone of cell water. This lowers chances of getting stress, seizures, and tension/migraine headaches. Help spare and grow our mitochondria by stimulating autophagy and avoiding apoptosis; this is a key to maintaining optimal energy levels and not causing massive overexpression of our DNA and RNA machinery that occurs in cancer states. It gives you more time to affect the environmental changes mentioned above. These effects will affect our overall ability to live longer, healthier, and more energetic lives.

Use of isolation tanks in salted water (density change) with a combination of artificial UV and IR lights within the tub or its environment is a new consideration for a 5G hack. Humming and listening to running water in this state markedly stimulate several senses that the vagus nerve monitors. I have used some optical hacks with light via my eyes to augment these effects. I will be speaking about them in the June 2016 webinar.

This might be hard to pull off in your home unless you build your simulation area as I have. You can simulate it in a spa or hot tub. We tried to build that at Kruse Longevity Center bathroom.



Exercise to stimulate deep breathing occurs just by moving in cooler float water. Breathing stimulates cooling because of the effect of CO2 on our lung surface. This can vary depending on the person’s condition and V02 max as I laid out in my book. The best effect for exercise is when the exercise is done outside with as little as clothing on as possible.

Using a sensory deprivation tank with UV and IR light and cooler water with slight motions is a close second now in a 5G environment.

Photons can do several things at surfaces; they diffract, reflect or can be absorbed at surfaces depending upon the environment we are in.

Photons do not accumulate every or anywhere in us. Those that do get absorbed do so in a quantize fashion. What determines this process?  The optical density of the surface does.  In a float tank the salt in the water alters the optical relationship.

But this assumes the surrounding plasma matrix made by the mitochondria is optimized for the sun. In a float tank, is it not?

What happens to deuterium fractionation in our plasma as changes of the viscosity of the water on our skin changes at the same time?  Will altering the light in the tank make a difference in our free radical signaling?

Will this addition of environmental light change how light generated endogenously in us?

Will realty be the same for that cell, that tissue, that person?

Is this what disease/wellness really is?

Could we induce a time dilation effect using float tanks?

Molecules can absorb and store information and energy.  This energy and information can be re-emitted if it is not thermalized.

How it is re emitted depends upon the physical properties of the absorber. In floatation we will emit more red light if the water is cooler.

But light gravitates and this implies, even a massless beam of light changes what it can do in salted water with high viscosity and density.

Thus, photons interactions on the surfaces it hits produces more force on the surface in a float tank. Now I am going to make you think about that massive………April 2016 webinar

What does this imply for neutrino’s since they have a small mass but no charge?

Neutrino’s add to our mass to increase gravitation of light only if they can be harnessed in some way to conserve their momentum. Can cells do this?  No one knows but I think we can when we are suspended in float water overloaded with salt.

With regards to energy and momentum and why it is critical idea?

Think about a sailboat.  If the light around you is analogous to the wind and think that your skin/eye surfaces act as the boats sail.

Light can then be changed into many other forms of energy to be useful. Sort of a solar sail that brought along its own sunshine for its own energy source.

In short, falling light is fully capable of adding mass to a surface without weight to any surface. Float tanks all LIMIT gravity because of the salt they have.  It mimics this effect by altering the ionic density of water.  This is why we float in them.

The mass of the surface has to adjust to the momentum of the light frequency change by the total amount of energy/frequency pumped into this light.

When the system is in equilibrium only a portion of that change in energy is accounted for by the energy of the final photon/surface.

The rest of the change must be accounted for in the change in stress-energy state of the surface the light hit.

Life surface’s of cells, however, are not at equilibrium. The use non-linear optical interactions. Why? Our skin surface has multiple layers and within the surface there is multiple optical densities. This means non optical signaling is the key to unlocking how we retain or let go of light energy. Now, listen to the Sept 2015 webinar, the November and December 2015 webinars again carefully. The go listen to November 2017.

Float tanks might be a way to gain time back in a 5G city!!!

Animals who lower their heart and respiratory rate live longer according to metabolic scaling laws.  These things naturally occur when you float.  When the brain quiets down the EEG voltage lowers and this depolarized the mitochondrial membrane to increase mitophagy to preserve or improve physiologic function in stressed environments.

What is your skin’s function based upon what I wrote above?

Your skin acts like a two way mirror for light as the day varies. During daytime, our skin allows light to enter, by becoming transparent but won’t let it escape because our respiratory proteins are as condensed as they can be by large electric and magnetic fields that contain our light.

As this happens simultaneously, the atoms in the skin lattice bring the arterioles within microns of the surface to capture the UV frequencies with porphyrins and hemoglobin making our skin turn reddish. This gives the skin the ability to capture specific light frequencies to recycle and re-use them in novel ways using aromatic amino acids through out the body.

Strong UV light is always associated with higher O2 tensions because of the effect on plants and on NAD+ at cytochrome 1. This is why high altitude and an increase of UV light assimilation are linked and allow human life to thrive at elevation.

This is why the Sherpa’s appear to be superhuman. It is why snow turns pink at the poles when UV-A light hits algae in the snow to stimulate their photosynthetic machinery. It is why the Kenyan’s kill marathon’s and it is why the Masai rarely get malaria in Africa.  we covered this in Ben’s webinar from Uganda several years back.

At night, our cells become opaque, and out mitochondria allows small amounts of IR light to escape its matrix to create an EZ inside the cell around the mitochondria from within. If we cool the water in the float tank we can increase this effect.

Blue light from the power grid or nnEMF from our city environment interrupts this harmony. The more blue light you allow at night, the sicker we become, and the larger your mitochondria swell, ECT slows, and mitochondria lose their bio-electric charge, and the more light your cells begin to lose.  The same thing is true with 5G topology on our skin and eyes.



Floating works to offset these risks.

Health is a function of retaining light you captured from the sun during the day.

Illness is a function of losing light when your cells are opaque to incident light.


If you have a DIY cold tub, you can either have the ice in your bath, else build a CT DIY tank like Luke Story mentioned at his site.  He used an old ice freezer from Home Depot.   He has some posts on it.  I find the stepping stones and the use of old bathtubs, chest freezer, or an outside animal trough with cooling heat pump and ozonator helpful to create your tank.  You can cover it with a large tent or build a greenhouse around it with acoustic tiles.   If you can afford a clearlight sauna, then affording to built a good CT tank is really easy. You can also DIY it by installing infrared/UVA lights in the unit but not fully needed if you are doing yours outside.

Jeremy Thomley has some great pictures for the FireBox for it at his site.  I just posted some on my Instagram page.   You can find his work at mohawksteelco.com


What you will find is that being in Nature is easier and better. However, if you do have some rough calls and need a good boost during the winter, the above combo might be helpful.

One can also do an inverse with a Hot Tub (warm water) and wearing a CoolFatBurner.com Chest and Tummy effect. This allows you to use the Fornier effect in your tank.

CPC#38 5G and Vaccines. Might they be a deadly cocktail



This 5G story and vaccines are going collide when the 5G network goes live. Now the evidence of vaccine injury is told by zip codes which already have 5G operational. The clusters are present especially in Southern California and Northern New Jersey and around airports.  These areas are all 5G live now.

Not too long ago, lethal infections were feared in the Western world. Since that time, many countries have undergone a transformation from disease cesspools to much safer, healthier habitats. Starting in the mid-1800s, there was a steady drop in deaths from all infectious diseases, decreasing to relatively minor levels by the early 1900s.

The history of that transformation involves famine, poverty, filth, lost cures, eugenicist doctrine, individual freedoms versus state might, protests and arrests over vaccine refusal, and much more. Today, we are told that medical interventions increased our lifespan and single-handedly prevented masses of deaths. But is this really true?

Dissolving Illusions details facts and figures from long-overlooked medical journals, books, newspapers, and other sources. Using myth-shattering graphs, this book shows that vaccines, antibiotics, and other medical interventions are not responsible for the increase in lifespan and the decline in mortality from infectious diseases. If the medical profession could systematically misinterpret and ignore key historical information, the question must be asked, “What else is ignored and misinterpreted today?” Perhaps the best reason to know our history is so that the worst parts are never repeated. If you want to educate yourself on both parts of this story you’d be wise to start with Dr. Suzanne Humphries books on the subject.

After my own experiences in the healthcare system, (Hepatitis B vaccine we were forced to take in dental and medical school) and thoroughly examining both sides of the vaccination debate, it became clear to me that the issue of this “science” was not ‘settled long ago, and laid to rest’ as most of the medical profession says it is.

The history of vaccination is more complicated than most people understand. The anti-vaccine movement is HUNDREDS of years old. It heated up in the 1800s when parents in the UK became fed up with watching their healthy infants and children become ill or die shortly after the smallpox vaccinations (Edward Jenner) or get sick from smallpox anyway. Parents and doctors who refused smallpox vaccines risked losing their homes, their furniture, and their livelihoods if Judges ruled against them.

The smallpox vaccines were made from pus scraped off of diseased cows’ belly sores, contaminated with disease matter from a variety of animals and in some cases, humans. The smallpox vaccine history is probably not what you think it is.

Doctors and those administering vaccines are SUPPOSED to obtain “informed consent” before vaccinating. Informed consent is not possible because parents are not given all the information they would require in order to understand the most important issues.


As a physician, I believe it is my place to understand as much as I can about vaccine science and history and give people a more complete understanding from which to make their choices. If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Humphries work you can email her too @ drsuzannehumphries@gmail.com.

I believe the cocktail of 5G and vaccines will cause acute mitochondrial failure and this will lead to problems in neurogenesis and in the neuroimmune system.  I believe their will be misprrogramming of both systems in those afflicted with pre-existing mitochondrial heteroplasmy for any reason.  Technology abuse of the person or the parent germline is the number one cause in my own opinion.

So far, it has been far easier to blame the vaccine for the injury etiology but I have a deep sense this idea is misplaced.  I believe the epidemiology of many vaccine injury cases tell me that the environmental nnEMF is the KEY DRIVER of the problem.



You cannot change what you refuse to confront. This includes both sides on the debate. Removing bad habits, and poor environments is far more effective than removing organs. The world is not changed by your opinion, but it can be changed by our actions and the example we set. I think we need to reflect on this is someone we know and love is afflicted with this injury.

The best news I can give is that all mitochondrial injuries are reversible. Acute mitochondrial damage is cause by damage to iron related proteins in mitochondria. There are many of them. This destroys energy and information flux in the system. This is what leads to the phenotype of the vaccine injury and I believe the damage is dynamic. It can range from mild to severe impairment based upon how many iron lipid complexes are destroyed by the liberated retinal from melanopsin that occurs post injury. Here is a short list.



So how to we rebuild our colony of mitochondria post injury?

Can photoreceptors heal? Or are they permanently damaged? Can a person’s vaccine injuries be restored naturally?

Yes…….when autophagy and apoptosis return to the colony of mitochondria that were injured.

What controls this? Solar redox which controls the mitochondrial redox power via apoptosis and mitophagy.

Why? Autophagy/mitophagy and apoptosis ARE both controlled by melatonin levels and it is controlled by night and day circadian signals.

Without the sun you cannot make melatonin ( a photoreceptor listed above) the key photoreceptor to repair the heteroplasmy rate.



Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another. She is always congruent. We live in a world we did not create and cannot control. When will we begin to act this way regarding technology and its inherent risks?

So do you think it is the vaccine or the environment?  Is there data that show infection, sepsis and immune cell programming are all linked in some way we do not appreciate?



My opinion is that both are acting in unison to destroy several photoreceptor system in several regions of the cell that rely on these receptors for solar programming.  This creates the proper free radical signal needed for optimal function.




How do you see the world? …….what is your lens? That colors all your beliefs. The environment dictates outcomes. It is a mitochondriac credo. Does it scale to other parts of life too? You be the judge? I have yet to find one where it does not.

Let me controversial here for a moment before the lesson continues. California and Mississippi is also the state where vaccines are mandatory, the US also has the most (mandatory) vaccines; exemptions are hardly posible. This has driven parents nuts with kids injured by the vaccines according to their beliefs.

What they believe is plausible, based upon mitochondrial science,  but it is correct to the Black Swan perspective I am laying out here? You be the judge. Consider this before drawing your response from your curent ideology.

What happens when you give an immune mediated drug, like a vaccine to a kid who already has a melanopsin problem?

Might they react differently than kids did 50 years ago when we gave them fewer injections or when kids played outside without much electro-pollution? Most anti-vaxxers have no idea about melanopsin biology and its link to Vitamin A (retinal) They need too, in my opinion.

When a child has pre-existing melanopsin dysfunction (germ line, kid or adult), and it is unknown to all, it can ruin how your immune system works. Did you know that?  Why does it happen?

ANSWER:  The liberated Vitamin A from melanopsin becomes an aldehyde and it destroys many other photoreceptors with heme.  Diurnal mammals have a weaker covalent bond between melanopsin and Vitamin A than nocturnal mammals.  This is the MAIN reason why blue light and 5G might create a deadly mis with the current vaccine schedule.  . How much do anti-vaxxers talk about photoreceptor toxicity?  Not much.

Now the new persepctive to consider is this: Is the vaccine the real problem or might it be the photoreceptor damage you should be more concerned with?

My members are taught to always worry and repair the melanopsin dysfunction first. Why do I teach them this???? The non-ideologue will ask the proper question next, “What are the physiologic effects of Vitamin A in its aldehyde form especially in a 5G world?

That is what the wise person would ask now that 5G is live everywhere and people are getting more ill as time elapses.





I am challenging the future of learning @ Kruse Longevity Center.

I’ve begun to set my own course in what I think learning should be in January 2019.

We opened 2 weeks ago and now we are set to begin.

We learn throughout our lives. We learn to adapt to change. We learn to learn. Can we be inspired to learn and find pleasure in it? Can teachers nudge us to find that thrill? Who has nudged you to become better than you were yesterday?

And can technology help us in our endeavor, or does it limit our attention?

How much are we and our societies willing to invest in learning?

It is worth the time and money and who is paying?

By studying how our brains think, we try to understand how we learn today.

How will we learn in the future?

My center will be something that delves deeply into this aspect of healthcare. It is an untapped area of medicine in my opinion.

We train thinkers one on one in the flesh. Real thinkers are rare. We call them Black Swans. Why do we do this?

Black Swan’s question everything. Have you ever asked yourself why this is true? It’s the questions we can’t answer that teach us the most about life. They teach us how to think. Think well is the main credo of the Black Swan. If you give folks a rapid answer, all they gain is a little fact. Will they ever invest in thinking to come to understand how the answer was obtained? No, they will not. Never reinforce poor thinking in a student. Instead, challenge them with a phenomenal question and they’ll look for his own answers if they are Black Swan material.

Many Nobel Laureates have emphasized in their writings how important their teachers have been to their success.  Have you ever done this?  

How has a teacher inspired you to reach extraordinary amidst the ordinary you’ve settled for previously?  Leave me some comments below about who inspired you.

Here is a picture of our Open house at the end of December 2018.

The teachers who walked me through museums and taught me how to question things, and how to question things I was taught to believe were true but were not. How we think about our beliefs/truths & biases are what really sculpt the perspective of how we see the world. 

The people who taught me to question it all, is who inspired me never to settle for less in anything I do.


Sorry I have been away but I was at my member event in Mexico.  

Patients at high risk for this will have low B12 and low Vitamin D levels with trashed hormone panels.  They will have seen alternative health care people and told they have adrenal fatigue, leaky gut and MTHFR defects.  

Most of them will not have ever had a proper B12 work up.  Most will be told they don’t absorb B 12 very well or that they are vegan.  The reality is very different.  

Melanopsin dysfunction cause defects in B12, folate, retinol bonding protein, and leptin resistance.  The slide below shows you the effect of Vitamin A liberation on endogenous Vitamin C use in cells.  

These beliefs above can be proven not true with a work up. People afflicted by blue light and nnEMF work ups should reveal that they have low melatonin and cortisol levels associated with low B12 levels without serious anemia. They will appear to have a non circadian matched Vitamin D status when blood D levels are drawn. People forget Vitamin D and A protect one another from toxicity so it is a great measure to see the effect of tech on your cells.

When free retinol is running rampant in the blood plasma Vitamin D will drop in kind in the plasma and our cells. So will endogenous vitamin C levels in cells. This will be marked in RBC’s. The light emitted by the liberated Vitamin A from melanopsin will destroy the B12 endogenously. This will be due to immune activation of the light emission of Vitamin A allowing your body to destroys your B12 via the free retinol running wild from melanopsin dysfunction. Many of these patients will come in with this story and believe the half-truths peddled to them by functional medicine doctors they have been sold about their inability to absorb it. Food and pills cannot repair a quantum process.

In order to know you cannot absorb B12/folate it you must have an intrinsic factor work up for a megaloblastic anemia.  Most people with B12 these days do not have these symptoms, so the effects mentioned here become a new 5G marker for poor redox and blue light/nnEMF hazard for clinicians to understand well. 


Ketogenic templates affect both SVCT1 and SVCT2 receptors via the oxalate switch to control ascorbate levels to control catecholamines and neurotransmitter health. This is why humans really lost the enzyme to make Vitamin C endogenously because they are not designed to eat like a herbivore as they migrated out of Africa to more stressful colder climates. It also explains why animals with L haplotypes had to adapt to even higher ketogenic diets to make heat to survive cold. 

Humans do not produce endogenous Vitamin C due to a mutation in the GULO gene, which results in the inability to synthesize the gulonolactone oxidase protein.  But they get away with this process because they can repopulate the TCA cycle using oxalates during fat or protein burning.  Humans are excellent at this when they are in cooler environments because they are using their own fat and protein stores to do it. They do not find environmental carbohydrates growing as they went further north and south.

It turns our thiamine increases humans ability to make oxalate anions to make up substrates in the TCA cycle like oxaloacetate.  

When you get cold you become ketogenic by design and you are burning your own fat to make C02 and mitochondrial water and ENDOGENOUS plasma vitamin C from oxalates. Eating vitamin C does not happen in cold climates because it does not grow in the photosynthetic web of life. 

It is present in many kinds of seafood found in the seas. People forget we left our African crib by WATERWAYS. This is why we lost our ability to make Vitamin C. If we live on our own fat as we go we have a very small need for exogenous Vitamin C via food.  This is why SVCT 1 and 2 work the way they do.   When humans are heavily stressed this system will not work as well as Nature built it.  

The corollary is if our life becomes more then cold stressed we will deplete out endogenous mechanism and as a result, our cortisol and melatonin levels drop like rocks. Today we’ve built a world that drains our endogenous abilities because we have more light stress. Cold stress and seasonal light stress is all nature gave us to work with as we left Africa. That is why haplotypes and SNP’s and SAP’s varies in humans as we’ve migrated over the 200,000 years from Africa.  

All the pieces fit when you see them working in unison in your species. This is why 24/7 ketosis is not needed in many cases when the environment is based upon a varying solar frequency we see in seasons as we head away from the equator.  The system becomes impotent to react properly when you live in a blue-lit 5G nnEMF city. 

If one does this before the advent of blue light or nnEMF oxalate kidney stones were more likely. Today’s world makes getting oxalate stones less likely because we are using oxalates as our storehouses to convert into anionic TCA substrates to make metabolic water in our mitochondria to fix the deficits of the PVN and adrenal stressors we’ve built in our modern world.