This picture above marks my timestamp of where I began making tsunami waves in the kiddie pool of life 7 years ago on that TED stage. My advice is simple for you today. Never stop disrupting people to awaken them from their slumber. Nothing is better than elevating your fellow man from the mundane. TED may have banned my talk but they let the animal out of his cage that day and he is kicking ass and taking names even today.



Some of the most beautiful things I’ve experienced in medicine since 3/31/12 on that stage in Nashville in front of 3000 people came from the non-fatal mistakes humans made. Many thought I made an error that day by unleashing what I did. The talk was epic and very controversial. Within 3 weeks I had the medical boards and the federal government visiting me when the talk was delivered. Did it stop me? How have I lived for the last 7 years of my life? Hidding or kicking doors of the paradigm down to show you the wizard behind the curtain.

You must give two fucks in tracking down the truth for yourself and your flock in this life. I love unbridled chaos in my search for the truth. The truth is we all have a mission in life and the Black swans among you out there are going to get it done. Some of you are going to succumb to life because you refuse to embrace the chaos of change. You are not who I am looking for. This day in Nashville I set my course to look for my tribe.


We are ‘us’. ‘Us’ is a tribe. A tribe can be two Black Swans entangled for life and it can be a lot  more too I have found on this journey.   what have I found out about ‘US’?  ‘Us’ is a train rolling down the track 7 years later.  We are changing the world TOGETHER.  We do it slowly one Swan at a time.  We are effective.   We know we are not our current station in life.  We know there are other train stations for “us” to visit.   We are ‘us’–the sum of what we’ve done, what we want to do, and the tribe who we keep close.

I said things that last day of March in 2012 out of the passion of my new found beliefs buried deep in the heart of Mother Nature. It was one of my proudest days as a neurosurgeon. I jumped off the ledge of comfort and threw caution to the wind to change my life and the life of people I have entangled with since that fateful day in Nashville.



To this very day, I am still riding the thermals as I soar and spread the message of-of light water and magnetism. Before this TED talk, I blended into humankind and hid under the veil of comfort. I decided to stir the pot and create waves. I decided to rise up. So. today I ask you to rise from your present ashes. There is no comfort in a growth zone and no growth in a comfort zone! Grab a few straws and suck it the fuck up. Our life’s struggle creates a hunger in us. There is a strange comfort in knowing that no matter what just occurred, the sun will rise again tomorrow. That ends out hunger quickly when we trip up in life.



If you are new to me and the wisdom of nature I want your catepillar life to become a butterfly to ride the wind with me as you morph into a Black Swan.



Now go seize the day my Black Swans in training.  My tribe needs new misfits.




If you can read this, you are living. But many of have an existence without the ability to thrive. Have you ever noticed how as an adult, all the bright colors go out of your life? What makes you come alive? As an adult what makes you come of age once again? Most of the people I’ve spoken to about this over the last few weeks think love can do this best. I do not. I think your inner spirit is critical in coming of age once again as an adult. I think living a mundane existence allows us to become comfortably numb. I think our technology addiction locks us in to this state. It makes us easier to control and locks us in our inner cage.



Today reject that confinement. Open the door of your cage and let your inner animal out. Don’t worry if people think you’re crazy when you do this. We’re all designed to be uniquely wild, but that is no excuse to not live your own life. You have that kind of intoxicating insanity that lets other people dream outside of the lines and become who they’re destined to be. You need to shine this light upon them.

For those who are surviving and not thriving, scars are like the rings of a tree, reopened with each emotional seasonal our old self lives out.



There’s a point, in every life, when you have to choose whether to be like everybody else the rest of your life or to make a virtue of your peculiarities.  Many time this happens when we are young but more and more this process of growth is happening later in life because people forget to live their version of themselves when they were young.

I often think about my past self and imagine asking the young version of Jack, “Do you think we can be friends?”  When I am contemplative, I stare up into the sky, and remark to my imagination “Probably not, but we can pretend for awhile.”

My advice today on the vernal equinox is to put a block on your old way of living.  Stop trying to be less of who you are. Let this time in your life cut you open and drain all of the things that are holding you back from thriving.  Reject living to survive and seek to thrive.



I want to become the best version of myself for anyone who is going to someday walk into my life and need someone to care and love them beyond reason. To do this I know I have to begin to love myself and my life in ways my old self would have never considered.

Your personal creativity is the catalyst to the future self. Only you can decide how far you get to travel in this life. Therefore, you definitely owe it to your future self to be courageous and ambitious enough to strive and thrive without limitations. Your future self would surely thank your present self if you start to wisely invest your money in parts of your personality that is now bankrupt.

How do you know where to invest your time and money when you are in survival mode as an adult?



Give yourself permission to jump into something new today.  Do not worry if you have no plan.

Use divergent thinking to complete the inner trip to build your adult desire map.  If you want to reinvent yourself you need to do your thinking a new way.  You cannot use the methods you did in the past, because the new person you seek to emerge knows old thinking will only get a recycled version of your past self.

If you want to thrive, act, and do it soon and do it in a way you’ve never considered before.



Divergent thinking is the center of human creativity and most people believe we are born with it but I do not believe this. I believe we can teach people how to think more broadly by learning to examine things we do not believe or accept to see if they have merit or not. Divergent thinking can be acquired and developed skill when you get “skin in the game”. I now excuse people who sense life with tiny thinking. This brand of expansive thinking is a distinct form of higher-order thinking and it can be taught to all ages of autodidacts. “Divergents” always give themselves permission to see things differently than crowds. Misunderstanding vanish when you train yourself to ask, ‘What else might these things in my life mean to me? Could these things be manifesting because my mind and body are out of alignment with the best version of me that is buried within?



We’ve must reject comfort and embrace desires as we age.  The best way to get there is to use the rays of the sun.   Desire is a teacher for the divergent: When we immerse ourselves in it without guilt, shame, or clinging, it can show us something special about our own minds that allows us to embrace life fully for the first time.

To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves if we are looking to thrive.



Underneath our facades, we are wild and crazy in our own way, and we know it. Embrace it. Let the door on your cage swing open and let your animal out. Desire is the absurdity that holds open the infinity of possibility of what we are capable of. Few ever tap it.



In the depth of winter of our adulting, you must come of age and realize that there is in you an invincible summer.

“All in” for the new you only requires one thing……..NEW ACTIONS your old self would not approve of.  Diverge from your old being and embrace the discomfort of doing things in a new way.  Reject being comfortably numb. Begin to put skin in your own game for a change.





This was a pretty amazing special weekend at Kruse Longevity Center FOR ME. We had a visit and situation develop here this weekend that could have derailed our treatments but then quantum entanglement stepped onto the stage and things began to change very rapidly. It has made me reflect deeply as I slept last night. With sleep, an answer emerged from thin air. What might have been horrible pathway……..maybe the best thing to occur for me in quite some time.



When your purpose hits your passion you begin to hit targets you never saw when the problem emerged. This allows us to see things in a different light and it opens new doors in our mind to solve complex and tricky problems.



The hardest thing about the road not taken in your life is that you never know where it might have led.  Never allow decisions like these to hinder you.  It turns out Nature provides us some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost from time to time in life as we live out our dying days. Embrace that discomfort and eventually, your brain will solve for X.  The lesson is, learn to embrace the suck.  You might be surprised where it takes you in your imagination.  It may take you to the island of ideas you’ve never visited before where tools await you, to help you.



Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted in life. Nature always comes up with brilliant solutions for tricky problems, when she is given enough time and we do not interfere with her process.  It turns out the Black Swan learns that the hard lessons experience brings us is often the most valuable thing Nature has to offer us when we are on our own ledge or precipice



Will we accept the lesson no matter how bad it appears to our palate initially and let the process unfold?

Life is not a dress rehearsal.  We have to think and act to make it count.  

I am feeling blessed this AM because I gave chaos a chance to organize my thoughts.



Courage to make the hardest decisions in your life doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life. Embrace them.

If you always make the right decision, the safe decision,
the one most people make, you will be the same as everyone else. Refuse to be like the crowd and never settle for average when you can have extraordinary. If you do, you will pay a steep price called misery.

This is why I said in my banned Ted talk that Optimal health is a series of choices. As I slept last night I thought about what I said on that stage ten years ago to an audience or 2000 sleeping people to wake them up. It turns out reflecting on that talk as I slept gave me the answer I needed this AM. My hunger strike is over for my decision.

We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us. Today, I happen to like this reality.

Whatever you decide, don’t let it be because you don’t think you have a choice.

Do nothing, and nothing happens. Life is about decisions. You either make them or they’re made for you, but you can’t avoid them.



NOW GO LIGHT THE WORLD UP TODAY.  Your tribe is waiting for you to go all in.

CPC #43: Daylight Savings for What and for Whom?

Daylight Savings for What and for Whom?

This post comes from a discussion amongst two connected mammals about the recent daylight savings change.  It embodies what a Black Swan really thinks about the changing of light that harms us more than helps us.  It was created for corporate America.

Dick and Jack are engaged in banter at sunrise…………and the conversation begins

If Dick is correct, that sunlight fills the body via the eye to replenish our hourglass……..so why have we created Daylight Savings time?  Who the fuck that was a good idea?  Who is it really saving time for us, or for them?  It appears we are saving it for “the matrix”.  My clocks need more light,  not less light.  This light holiday steals light from our eyes and skin while we have to toil for the matrix when the sun burns bright.  Daylight savings time is our Black Hole Sun, holiday when it comes right down to it.

The clock creatures I reset in my other life need the light when they can access it to slow time down to regenerate their degenerate lives.  The innovation of the idea by the government was corrupt with a half truth to lead us lemmings to another cliff within the matrix.  Remember politics is the PR division of government, and government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.  It’s all about fucking control of lemmings. These fuckers know how the metronome works.  He who controls the light controls the battle.  You mentioned the good book recently, the one accurate thing in Genesis was let their be light.  So true, problem is God never gave us the owners manual of the rainbow.  We are left to decipher the code.  That is this metronome’s modus operandi for the world.

Daylight savings becomes the saving account for them and the shamans of the day that the matrix favors, and no one else.  So, now we come to a day where it will be dark when we awaken and dark when we come back to our hellholes. Stare at the dark too long and you will eventually see what isn’t there. This inhuman idea, created an inhuman place where the sun become white and blue and makes human monsters from us.  No wonder this innovation occurs around Halloween.  Is that ironic or contrived?  Modern life dictates that we work during the time the sun is out doing its magic dance to slow time down in us.  I understand now why Chris Cornell got motivated to write, “In my eyes, indisposed; In disguises no one knows, Hides the face, lies the snake; The sun in my disgrace
Boiling heat, summer stench; beneath the black the sky looks dead
Call my name through the cream; and I’ll hear you scream again.

I wonder how this light holiday affected his own suicide these days…………???

Daylight savings helps “the man” control the man in a way few observe. The idea behind it is that people should either be caressed or crushed. If you do them minor damage they will get their revenge and rage against the machine; but if you cripple ever so slowly below their perceptions,  then there is nothing they can do. The machine remains well oiled.  If you need to injure someone, do it in such a way that you do not have to fear their vengeance.  Brilliant design by the stealers of light.

“Here is a list of terrible things,
The jaws of sharks, a vultures wings
The rabid bite of the dogs of war,
The voice of one who went before,
But most of all the mirror’s gaze,”Which counts us out our numbered days.”

The take home Dick, for the creation of this light holiday was to steal the light of man no matter what box the matrix does with it.  The door in my head labeled 1523 is that light in this metaphor.  Only you know what this means to me.  Behind that door I had my light stolen for years in residency.  The matrix will take all your light if you allow them too.  Take all you can get and fill your cup until you vomit rainbows in drunken stupor.  This is how the metronome slows time…………………

Enjoy your trip to the mountains and share your rainbow with the lemmings you find there, they need it badly, as tomorrow is daylight savings for the Matrix.  Its open season on lemmings.

—-Your wing man, The Metronome Misfit