Every wave connects with everything in nature via resonance and so it is with life.    —- Dr. Jack Kruse

Is there something special about how the sun creates light that is critical for a mitochondriac in training to understand?  Do you know what it is?  If the blood plasma connected the sun with our mitochondria by way of hemoglobin, what is it about the sun’s light that makes it seem so cozy with our mitochondria?  Could the sun be an object that uses magnetohydrodynamic equations to communicate directly with mitochondria and use our blood plasma as its conduit?  It is a provocative idea for a conventional physicist and biologist.  The interesting thing is,  it explains many of the phenomena we see in life on this planet. The liquid plasma model of the Sun is a non-equilibrium approach to the problem of understanding how life came to be as it is. This idea supports the idea that the entire sun supports nuclear reactions and they are free to occur throughout the solar mass.  The Standard gaseous model believes the sun is a layers of gas that looks much like the layers of an onion and uses “thermal emission mechanism” to explain how white light is created with a continual spectrum by the sun.

This standard model has never been able to explain why the surface temperature of the sun is what it is, and why light emission on Earth always is associated with some condensed matter lattice state.  If the sun’s surface does acts like matter on Earth, and uses a lattice to emit light, we should expect that primary means of addressing internal heat transfer is based upon convection and conduction and not thermal emission.  Is there evidence that contradicts the standard gaseous model of the sun?  There is.  How would these ideas mesh with biology?  Is this new idea biologically plausible based upon what we know about the mitochondrial matrix?  I believe it is.  In fact, I believe bio-physics on Earth maybe the key for scientists to finally realize that creation of the sunlight might be the key in fully understanding the theory of evolution of all life on this planet.  It may explain why Margulis, Woese, and Bill Martin’s key questions of describing why life is, the way it is.

So what about this theory is key for the mitochondriac to know?  Today’s blog aims to discuss how this idea explains why the solar spectrum color palate is what it is, and why red light is the dominant form in solar light from sun up to sun down.  Might we finally figure out why all the key chromophores tied to energy production inside a cell are all red light chromophores?

Let us begin.

Inside stars like the sun, the extreme temperature rips atoms into their components: protons, neutrons and electrons. Under normal conditions, the mutual repulsion of individual protons ought to force them apart. Quantum-tunneling effects in the sun allow hot, high-speed protons to fuse into helium nuclei. This fusion reaction drives the sun’s radiance and provides all the light and energy that fuels life on Earth.

Hydrogen has many wave functions in our solar system as the picture above shows.  So why is it that certain wave functions are favored by the sun?  Is there some reason why one wave function leaves the rest in the dust?

The paradigm dominant in astronomy believes the sun uses a gaseous fusion model.  The paradigm of how the sun operates is not critically important to accept or deny for the mitochondriac in training.  The reason is simple.  Life only relies on the light that comes to the Earth to drive evolution.  So for the mitochondriac, the issue of who is right about the solar model is not material to the larger question, Why is life built as it is ?  Right now, with my understanding of light emission,  I don’t accept the Standard gaseous model of the sun. I want to share that bias with my readers.  I think a lattice has to be present to create and absorb light.  I believe this because that is the best evidence we have on Earth right now.

What is that evidence?

The evidence is in the evolutionary biology of the photosynthetic apparatus on Earth that uses sunlight to make energy for the enture food web and all domains of life.  When evolutionary biologists began to look at the photo-chemical reactions, at first, most scientists did not believe that all the reaction centers found in photosynthetic organisms today could possibly have a single common ancestor. It is true, all reaction centers harvest energy from light and lock it into compounds in a form that’s chemically useful to cells. To do this, the proteins pass electrons along a transfer chain of molecules in a membrane, as though skipping along a series of stepping stones. Each step releases energy that’s ultimately used down the line to make energy-carrier molecules for the cell.  In this way light excites electrons and then as the electron moves through out the living system it gives off its light to parts of the cell.  This is best represented by the Jablonski diagram below.

In photosynthesis, in terms of function and structure, the photosystem reaction centers fall into two categories that differ in almost every way. Photosystem I serves mainly to produce the energy carrier NADPH, whereas photosystem II makes ATP and splits water molecules. Their reaction centers use different light-absorbing pigments and soak up different portions of the spectrum of the sun. Electrons flow through their reaction centers differently. And the protein sequences for the reaction centers don’t seem to bear any relation to each other at first glance.  Remember photosynthesis showed up on Earth about 50 million years before mitochondria did.

Both types of photosystem come together in green plants, algae and cyanobacteria to perform a particularly complex form of photosynthesis.  This is called oxygenic photosynthesis; it produces energy (in the form of ATP and carbohydrates) as well as oxygen, a byproduct toxic to many cells. The remaining photosynthetic organisms, all of which are bacteria, use only one type of reaction center or the other.

So it seemed as though there were two evolutionary trees to follow, that was, until the crystal lattice structures of these reaction centers began to emerge in the early 1990’s.  This is when I got very interested in how the sun created its own spectrum of light.  I realized immediately that photosynthesis was ancient compared to mitochondrial respiration.  And if the photostem reactions used a lattice there might be a reason in the sun for doing so.  I knew that light photons were the force carrier for the electromangetic force, so this use of molecular resonance to control proteins was present 4.4 billion years ago before ANY LIFE had evolved.  In the 1990’s researchers began to see undeniable evidence that the reaction centers for photosystems I and II had a common origin.  Again they were tied to a lattice structure, and all lattice structures are loaded with electrons.  Photons interact with electrons via the photoelectric effect.   Specific working components of the lattice centers seemed to have undergone various substitutions during evolution, but the overall structural motif at their cores was highly conserved.  This told me the sun’s spectrum had to hold the key to this puzzle.  It turned out that big structural features were retained in bio-molecules, but sequence similarities were lost in the mists of time.  Then I realized why DNA and RNA only code for proteins.  They were antenna’s for the solar spectrum.

What else is special about crystalline lattices for a mitochondriac to know?

The mitochondriac credo is:  everything scales back to light, water, and magnetism……..

How does magnetism put its two cents into this solar and water story?

Did you know crystal are loaded with tons of electrons?  Do you know where crystals naturally form in the universe because of the laws of electromagnetism?  Crystals form along the lines of magnetic demarcation set forth by the magnetic field of an object.  The Earth has its own magnetic field, and the sun also has massive magnetic fields.  Moreover,  so do chloroplast photo-stems, because of the presence of water (magnetic dipole) and spinning ATPase head creates a magnetic demarcation in a cell.  These specific resonant frequencies in the crystals with these magnetic demarcation could draw light to these crystals by magnetic molecular resonance;  This resonance would result in an electromagnetic collision creates a standing wave or an electromechanical deflection in the crystal to record information about the incident light wave.  This wave forms along this magnetic demarcation lines, attenuating and collecting minerals of similar resonance created by the incident light EMF.  Crystals are able to amplify those harmonics in solar light waves and tune them in their crystalline lattice to use them.  Do you know what the harmonic of sunlight is?  It is discussed later in this blog.  You’re going to be in for a shock.  In this way, you then see how the Earth magnetic field was critical in “tuning crystals formed in chloroplast membranes, (and RBC’s, and mitochondria)  to create the photosynthetic cores on Earth.  These photosynthetic crystalline cores makes the ENTIRE food web on Earth.  

So do you still think food is foundational now?  

Or is the 3 leged stool of the “mitochondriac” more educational?  

Today, I think the sun creates and emits light using a lattice of condensed matter in the photosphere.  From here, the sun’s light brings life the energy it requires to run our cells and all biochemistry.  This is documented in the Jablonski diagram above.   I believe it is biologic plausible to say the sun might use an electric model to explain the temperature of the surface of the sun, and the continous light spectrum it emits. I believe this because of what we have uncovered about the photosynthetic machinery of the chloroplast mentioned above.  The interesting thing is, no matter the mechanism behind light creation in the sun, the actions of the atoms inside the sun is likely the same to create light.  Take a close look at the picture at the beginning of the blog now.  This lays the process out visually for you to see, and shows you all the abiotic atoms in the mix that help create light.

In the proton-proton fusion reaction, first two protons fuse. Usually the pair breaks apart again immediately, but once in a while one of the protons is transmuted into a neutron. The resulting proton-neutron pair is deuterium, a heavy type of hydrogen. Also, a positron and a neutrino are emitted.  I spoke about neutrino’s in my April 2016 webinar on my website.   When the positron encounters its antiparticle (an electron), the pair annihilates to form a gamma ray.

Then, another proton collides with the deuterium hydrogen nucleus, forming a helium-3 nucleus (two protons and a neutron) plus a gamma ray. Gamma rays eventually work their way up from the core of the sun and out into space in the form of a part of sunlight.  Deuterium is a also known as heavy hydrogen.  Deuterium is a key understanding in becoming a mitochondriac.  It is the point of this blog.  

The helium-3 nucleus collides with another one, creating a helium-4 nucleus, plus two extra protons.

Why do most humans get sleepy when the sun sets and awaken when it rises?

Have you ever been woken by someone turning on a light? Do you notice it’s harder to fall asleep when your television is on? If so, you have experienced a phenomenon present in all diurnal animals: Light helps to keep diurnal animals, those that are awake during the day and asleep at night, alert and awake throughout the daytime hours. This is true for humans, diurnal mammals and even many kinds of fish. But how exactly does light produce this effect on us?

Our bodies are set up to sense and respond to solar light in very unique ways because of the bio-molecules present in cells.  Sunlight has a diurnal foot print in the morning that differs from dusk.  That light fingerprint cause hydrated proteins in our eye, skin, and cells to vibrate in a specific way.  In this way we can think of the sun as a giant drum that creates light that hits proteins to make a sound or quantum vibration when it arrives above the horizon.  As the sun rises, the sun’s spectrum is continuously made, but its light varies diurnally on earth as the day evolves.  This variation means that the standing waves from the sun vary in cells crystals as the sun waves vary.  This diurnal variation is regular because of the physics of Earth make for a specific periodicity.  This specifificity is what sets all circadian signaling in our bodies.  All proteins that work in these cycles with sunlight are linked by the frequency of light that is dominant at that specific part of the day.  For example, when blue light rays are declining quickly in the 435-465nm range, evolution built an opsin called melanospin to be a detector for this specific frequency declining.  When light is sensed by cells in our retinas by melanopsin, signals are passed to the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), a part of the hypothalamus of the brain that integrates signals and serves as the master clock of the circadian rhythm.

Now in a previous blog I said, “Modern physics cannot figure out why the corona is as hot as it is, based upon Kirchoff’s law.  Why should you care?  Anything that affects how the sun makes light,  effects our understanding of how circadian mechanisms and epigenetic mechanisms works in living systems.  That is why this topic is not esoteric to a mitochondriac.”  

Why did I say it?  

If you look at the picture at the beginning of the blog you’ll notice something unusual about the atoms in the sun.  When hydrogen protons in the sun fuse they make deuterium.

Hydrogen is the simplest atom, which consists of one proton and one electron while deuterium is made up of one neutron, one proton, and one electron. Since the physical properties indicate that hydrogen and deuterium are very similar, one would expect their wavelengths to be very similar. Research has shown, the calculated data of the three of the visible wavelengths in the hydrogen spectrum to be 656.478 nm, 486.542 nm, and 434.415 nm. For deuterium the calculated wavelengths shift to 656.296 nm, 486.409 nm, and 434.295 nm respectively due to the additional mass in the neutron in the nucleus.

A normal atom, with equal numbers of protons and electrons, is electrically neutral. You get no electric shock by touching matter in its normal state. It is easy, however, to remove electrons from an atom and to electrically unbalance it, especially in the sun’s immense electrical and magnetic fields. The result of electron removal is a positively charged “ion.” In fact, all the electrons can be removed to reveal a bare nucleus. Hydrogen, with one electron and one proton, has but one ionization “state”  = the lone proton we call H+

Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen. This means it has a different atomic mass than the lighter version of hydrogen (H+).  Deuterons also have a different quantum spin number from H+.  This is big deal too.  The deuteron of hydrogen is made of a proton and a neutron slammed together in the solar mass.  This means deuterium is double the atomic weight of H+, or lighter hydrogen.  The charge of each of the atom’s isotopes are the same, but their masses vary, and are significantly different as are their frequencies of light they emit.  It has been found the spectral emission of deuterium to be 1.65%, 5.3%, and 2.5% for the wavelengths of red, blue, and violet respectively.

Now, to get to the heart of the matter, how does free-flying radiation interact with atoms to give us detailed information about stars and other celestial bodies?  The light send radiation fingerprints from a hot, incandescent solid through a gas of low density and we observe what happens in a lab. The electrons that surround an atom have a minimum energy below which they cannot go (a discovery of “quantum mechanics” in 1930’s). The electrons will naturally seek this lowest energy level. If you move the electrons outward, away from the nucleus, you give them more energy. However, electrons are very specific about what energies they will take on.  There are quantum rules for this in nature.   For any given atom or ion, only certain specific electron energies, that is, specific energy levels, are allowed.  We call this a quantized function. Electrons can be moved from one energy level to another by collisions among atoms or by absorption of photons. However, an electron in a specific level cannot absorb part of a photon, but must absorb all or none of it. As a result, only photons with particular energies, those that correspond to differences between the various energy levels, can be absorbed from the flow of passing radiation. This is the basis of how light can control atoms or molecules using their electrons. We call this molecular resonance.  Since photon energy corresponds to wavelength, only specific wavelengths (or colors) can be absorbed. And since the electron structures are different for each kind of atom or ion, the photon energies that each kind will absorb are also different. When we look at the spectrum from the hot source after it has gone through the low-density gas, we therefore see narrow gaps at particular wavelengths where the light is diminished or even gone altogether. Because of the way they appear, these gaps are called “absorption lines.” Each atom or ion has a unique set of absorption lines in our sun. Hydrogen has only four in the visual spectrum: at wavelengths of 6563 A in the red (called H-alpha), at 4861 A in the blue (H-beta), and at 4340 A (H-gamma) and 4101 A (H- delta) in the violet).  See below

Why am I asking you to pay deep attention to this?

Deuterium is destroyed in the interiors of stars faster than it is produced!!

In our sun (G class star), on the time scales of its creation, deuterium hardly exists at all.  In fact, in the corona/photoshpere of the sun, deuterium is almost non existent.  This occurs because of how the atoms collide by the solar fusion mechanism.  This means because deuterium is short lived in our sun, and it means it rarely gives off its light emission signature in the sun’s light.  This means its corresponding light would rarely reach Earth’s surface.  If it can’t reach Earth how could it control deuterium on Earth?  Remember light can control atoms or molecules it resonates with.  This is a nuclear magnetic effect.


Where is most deuterium on Earth found?  Look up.  It is found in sea water in the oceans.  This is also where life began.

So, if deuterium’s light emissions rarely could get to Earth, could atoms on the surface of Earth have used deuteriums’ light as the basis of redox chemistry with the energy from sunlight from our star?

The answer is NO.  By nature’s design, stars destroy deuterium nucleons faster than they are made.  What are the two things on Earth that living systems use to colllect light to drive reactions of biochemical pathways?   Chloroplasts and mitochondria.  One consumes water, and the other MAKES water.  Water is two part hydrogen and one part oxygen.  Now for a biology lesson.

What is the most ancient parts of cells in all 3 domains of life,  found in both chloroplasts and mitochondria?  ANSWER:  The ATPase was built before life was.  All the ATPase needed to function is an associated lipid membrane to separate protons and a source of protons under the power of red light to spin its rotary motor.  Then energy could be made form the sun on Earth.  It has already been established by science that the ATPase works at 100% efficiency in red light.  Look below.

Look at the first line of the slide above:  All evolutionary biologists know today, this statement is factual.  In fact, in 1978 we gave Mitchell a Noble Prize,  mainly because Mitchell’s science showed that proton gradients are ubiquitous in all three domains of life.  They are more ubiquitous than even DNA and RNA.  That is a huge statment.  Proton gradients are critical in energy production in all living things on this planet.  No question about it, protons are that big a deal to living systems.  Did Mitchell have it all right and perfectly worked out?  No.  Mitochondriacs know about the work of Dr. Gilbert Ling and why he had a big problem with Mitchell.   Mitchell’s ideas never incorporated how sunlight’s energy might also be stored in water’s lattice (EZ) to help augment the proton gradients.  This idea would help to explain the enzymatic flux in cells to satisfy the laws of thermodynamics.  This is why Ling was furious with science for 60 years.

With this idea, Mitchell’s work broke the second law of thermodynamics by 500% (Ling et al)  Mitchell ideas only focused on just one energy source, the proton gradients.  Ling pointed out that focusing in on one part did not explain the energy needed to run life in the 1960’s and was ignored.  His calculation of enzymatic flux showed something else had to be at play to explain the energy deficit.  We found out in 2000 (Preparta/Del Guidice), and in 2013 (Pollack et al.)  that sunlight can make a battery in water via charge separation and create a redox pile of electrons in coherent domains of water’s lattice. This mimics what scientist found out in the 1990’s about the photosyntheitc mechanism as well.  i will remind you now that the first step in photosynthesis is to charge separate water into H302 and H+.  H+ is the FOCUS of this blog.    What does this mean?  Sunlight burns water to make H+.  The H+ the sun makes depends upon the concentration of of hydrogen isotopes in the water the sun hits. Sea water has 155 parts per million of deuterons inside of it today.  Was this always true on Earth?  I do not believe it was.

Let us get to the proton gradients of Mitchell.

Now, 4.4 billion years ago when the sun began to shine, what was on the surface or mantle of Earth at that time?  What do we definitely know about Earth back then?    What were the thermodynamic givens?  We know the Earth had water then.  Was the water then the same as it is today?  We also know from sediments the Earth had a lot of CO2.

Sunlight releases photons.  Sunlight can shine in the bottom of an ocean because the heat from the oceans vents is still behind the power source of this heat.  Heat is a form of light.  Photons are the force carrier for the electromagnetic force.  Light controls charged particles.  This means that light is the ONLY thing that can control charged sub atomic particles in the universe.  What kind of light does our ‘G class star’ emit mostly again?  RED LIGHT.  Where does it come from?  H+.  When Hydrogen is ionized it loses it electron and become H+ and it glows red.

H+ = a single light hydrogen proton.  It is also positively charged.  This means that red light photons from the sun can control and program things with H+ in it. This is how nuclear and molecular resonance with light works.   Light is capable of controlling all things with charges including the larger bio-molecules found on a planet by using light frequency in the emission spectra of H+ from a near by star to energize electrons and protons in many ways.  I showed you in Reality 16 all the different ways it was possible, but here in Reality 18,  I am telling you how RED light controls H+ in all things, because ionized H+ is where all the red light is emitted from in the photosphere of the sun.

What are the implications for atoms on Earth then?  Did this single step inside a star dictate why the first complex life molecule had to work exclusively with H+ and not deuterium?  The molecular signals emitted from atoms or chemicals acquires its electromagnetic meaning only when light interacts with it in some way.  As I’ve mentioned several times now, light effects things with charges and with mass.  Electrons are negatively charged and are effected by the photoelectric effect.  What about protons?  They are positively charged.  What about deuterons?  They have the same charge as H+, but they have a massive increase in mass and spin.  This means they also have a different nuclear magnetic moment.    What does red light from the sun do to protons?  It can control them because of these differences in the hydrogen isotopes.

What element is dominant in the photosphere?  Light hydrogen is.  We call this H+, or protium. Please go right to 3:50 of the video below and watch it carefully before continuing.  


The above video shows you where 42% of the sun’s red light comes from.  It comes from H+ nucleons that get ionized in the photosphere of the sun’s corona to make the 42% of red light.  This means several key things to living things with a chloroplast of a mitochondria on Earth. One, it means that H+ in the corona is the source of our red light spectra from the sun on Earth.  2. Red light controls the behavior of H+ on Earth.  This means that the red light emitted from the sun can be used to control things with H+ in them at any distance away from the sun.  The mechanism that controls this reaction is molecular resoance which you learned about earlier in the series, called molecular resonance.

What two key things contain H+ in living systems?

Chloroplasts and mitochondria.

Anything else?


I’ve told my mitochondriacs in training everything about life comes back to light water and magnetism.  And now I am proving it to you.

When sunlight hits water what does it exclude?  Protons.  It separates H+ and deuterons from liquid sea water to make an exclusion zone doesn’t it?

Is the EZ of deuterons the same as the EZ from H+?  It is not.  Sadly Pollack has not re done his experiments using D20 over H20.  D20 viscosity is much higher than H20.  This increase in viscosity would make the ancient ATPase spin less fast to make less energy.  Before life existed the thermodynamics of energy would not have been favorable to use deuterons for this reason.

Red light is capable of moving things with mass.  Since deuterons are heavier than H+, red light would be able to move them less, thereby delivering less energy than H+.  These two thing created a great thermodynamic reason to use H+ over deuterium in the seas, even thought deuterium was very common in the ancient seas.  The primordial water on Earth is believed to come from comets and asteroids which has water with high deuterium content.

At this point I want to remind you about a comment I have made many times over the last few years in blogs, social media, and the forum.  I have told you that the sun and mitochondria are quite similar in many ways that are not always obvious.  The mechanism I just mentioned is WHAT I HAD in mind when I said it.  Our sun makes red light because the lattice in the corona FAVORS the creation of H+ over deuterium.  This means the sun’s continuous spectrum has a favorite isotope of hydrogen, and more importantly it can control it.  If it can harness it would it have chosen it naturally to build its own nano-ratotry machine to make energy from sunlight?

It turns out, it is the sole proton of hydrogen, stripped of its only electron, is what our star can control very well in wireless fashion using the red light of our star. This is the very same form of hydrogen we see in the mitochondrial matrix of eukaryotes and in chloroplasts.  Chloroplast consume water and sunlight while mitochondria make water and CO2.  (Slide Ve

rmont 2017)

What does this all imply to a mitochondriac?

It tells you this is where natural selection and conditions of existence really began on Earth. Did you know one of the first bio-molecules built on earth before life was the ATPase?  Check out Bill Martin’s work if you doubt me.  That ATPase is the 5th cytochrome of all mitochondria on this planet, FYI.  Did you know that this bio-molecule motor works best with H+ and red light?  Its efficiency has been measured at 100%.  Fact check that.    In fact, did you know that the ATPase and all the water that surrounds it in a cell are also red light chromophores?  Pollack showed us water absorbs from 270 nm all the way to 3300nm.  And it absorbs best in the 600- 3100 nm range.  Did you know 1535.8 nm light control protons best?  Mae Wan Ho published this.  Did you also know that the cytochrome adjacent and located just before the ATPase, called cytochrome c oxidase, is also a red light chromophore that also uses H+ exclusively?  It also has a specific UV and IR spectrum.

Today, we know 100% for sure that H+ is a key part of the photosphere of the sun.  We don’t yet realize a condensed lattice is likely where the red light is emitted but that is not the key for biology.  The production and presence of red light is.   This is why red light is now considered the best drug for humans by some of us.  Moreover, it appears the production of red light by our G class star might be the reason life selected “light hydrogen” use over deuterium on Earth.  My bet is that all the planets in the heliosphere of the sun would have to make the same choice because water and methane is where most planetary hydrogen is locked up.

Why?   Take a look at the picture at the top of the page again.

The main fusion reaction in the sun is the proton-proton chain reaction, which takes six protons and produces two protons, one alpha particle, two anti-electrons, and two electron neutrinos.  Here comes the key point of this entire blog entry:  .

The deuterium nucleus is only barely bound and can be destroyed immediately— dissociated into a proton and neutron — by absorbing a gamma ray with energy more than 2 MeV. This means that all of the sun’s “primordial” deuterium, formed in the first minutes after the Big Bang, was destroyed before the sun got hot enough to begin fusing atoms on its own. What this means is that essentially all of the deuterium in the sun exists ONLY as an intermediate step in the proton-proton fusion cycle.  This is why life is built the way it is.  

This was the question set forth in Nick Lane’s book, The Vital Question.

To be complete in this story:  tritium is another form of hydrogen made in the sun but it is naturally unstable, with a half-life of only 12 years. This means that any tritium in the sun (or anywhere else in the cosmos) has been mostly produced in the past few dozen years. On Earth, tritium is produced by cosmic rays interacting with stable matter. We see this in auroras in the ionosphere or in lightening storms.  In the sun, most of the tritium would come from neutron capture on deuterium nucleons.  This is  where I suppose the neutrons would have come from dissociated deuterium or nucleon-exchange or proton-knockout reactions on helium-3 and helium-4.

What is my proof in this conjecture?  What then are the mass fractions that make up the sun?


H+ is the dominate atom in our star as can be seen above.  When H+ is ionized by plasma it emits red light.  What does the solar spectra look like when it is broken down by a prism?

Note the dominant part of the solar spectra is RED light made by the H+ ion.

This blog tells you why the first step in controlling the thermodynamics on Earth was to use the most common element in the sun’s spectra.  It’s emitted photons acted as the controling arm of H+ on Earth.  When you look inside a chloroplast of mitochondria the evidence is everywhere when you observe what nature is telling us.

It also explains why we got natural selection and conditions of existence as the first steps in evolutionary change.  The problem is, it was not Darwin’s version…… is a quantum selection made by H+ light emission.

But what else does it mean?

The sun is the center of the quantum vibrations in our solar system and at 93 million miles from the sun, the Earth sits at the 3rd harmonic of the solar plasma in our planetary system.   The frequency of solar plasma at our distance is around 3 mHz (milli Hz).

Why did I mention that about the sun?

There is lots of interesting things to say about blood cells and fluid flow in humans.  There is a new field of electro hydrodynamics, where they study the geometrical structure of blood cells in our circulation, and electron flow might be the key to how the sun interacts with them.  I quote, “the 3rd lamellar spacing of RBC’s = 40.6 Å (the 3rd, core hydrophobic lipid layer is significantly smaller than the spacings above, and the electron density is almost constant in the hydrophobic membrane core. This density profile is well described by α-helical coiled-coil peptides, which are embedded in the cell membranes.” They go on, “hexagonal packing of the lipid tails are in the hydrophobic membrane core. The distance between two acyl tails has been determined, where q|| is the position of the corresponding correlation peak. We note that this area also includes the area of cholesterol molecules.   Where did this come from?  Right here:

What did that just mean for the mitochondriac in training?  It means I just showed you how we are supposed to connect with the sun.  The picture below illustrates the complex science for you.

STAY TUNED for more of how light of our star controlled the story of how protons control life on Earth.  I’ll end with this quote because who said it will continue the proton story and be critical for the November 2017 webinar for members:

Food and light are energy.

“We live by a small trickle of electricity from the sun.” The green of our garden, the algae in our water, the trees, grasses and herbs on our lands are the transforming agents that harvest the sun’s light via the process of photosynthesis. When we consume these foods, this stored sun energy is released into our bodies as electrons and protons; it is then transformed into ATP, adenosine triphosphate, the biological energy necessary for all cellular function.”

– Szent Gyorgyi


How do you combat burnout?  I changed how I helped people.  I once believed that it was my job to help anyone who asked for help.  That is the credo of medicine, at least that is what I was taught to believe.   I found this set of beliefs was the fastest way to ruining myself.  While it’s tempting to take on everyone who wants to work with you, doing so in reality,  limits your long-term success, and leads to burnout of the person doing the helping.  This is counterproductive because who is a healer good for if they are not good enough fro themselves?    I say this from personal experience.  In my first several years in practice, I turned no one down who wanted me to work with them or on them.   This habit is learned in medicine in residency;  I took this habit with me when I opened my web business too.  That was a mistake.  I learned that in neurosurgery and my web business when I did this, it was leading to same problem.  Burnout and frustration was the result. I soon realized I had to rethink how I was going to do things in both worlds I chose to participate in. I realized I didn’t enjoy working with everyone I worked with as a patient, and I found that I did not like every member of my website either,  when it began.  I also realized, more likely than not, they didn’t all like working with me either.  LOL.

This was when I decided to set some standards for myself around who I would take on as a patient and who I would continue to interact with on my web business.  I also decided on standards about who I wouldn’t deal with too!!  Both had to be adapted as time went on.  The first thing I did was cut my friend list on social media sites and I looked to see what the reaction was with my patients, family, and my website members.  Their reaction is what I was looking for to act.

I thought about my “ideal” patient, member, and friend. What was unique about their personality? What type of commitment did they display to me in life and online? Were they “coachable” and could I really help them? What type of attitude did they have about the relationship? How experienced were they with new learning?

Once I could clearly identify my ideal targets, I started qualifying potential connections based on the standards with which described that person.  I found out rather quickly when your’re hard to reach, those who really value your ideas work even harder to get to you.  Those people easily qualified themselves because they wanted to be students to learn and they had skin in the game. In my opinion, my prospective members need to pass more than the wallet test to work with me. Just because they can afford a service,  doesn’t imply you two will be a great match.

In fact, I learned those without a lot of means who sought me out the most are the targets I need to build out my network of change makers. I don’t do well with those who don’t commit, and follow the data or just refuse to alter their environment to meet nature’s requirements. I’m not a cheerleader. Mitochondriac’s need to have skin in the game.  I often see through others’ through their excuses.  Saying no to potential members and opportunities with them allowed me to stay available to ideal persons to work with who have the possibility of change.

I found when I began to cull my herd, it became awesome to look at my schedule every AM, and actually looking forward to seeing and spending time with each person on it that day!!  I found the same thing was true with my internet business.  People who are invested fully are a pleasure to spend time with.  I found the benefits of being exclusive and I did not have to be arrogant in accomplishing that goal.  It became clear to me that I was of better service to some people and not to others.  I now stay humble about that.




Functional laboratory testing in the areas of hormones, inflammatory markers, allergy testing and genomic assessment put the patient’s whole health scenario into the context of the presenting complaint, and enable Josh to offer more than just traditional osteopathy to clients who seek optimal health.

Who shall decide, when doctors disagree?  A mitochondriac uses data as their discipline.

Excellence in nature is a range of differences, and is never based upon a present moment of current belief.  Disagreement is part of the world of science.  I belive disagreement is “ an evolutionary revolution” that leads to scientific change.  It happens all the time in true scientific meetings and no one gets upset about the arguments.  Once they are done you go back and think about what each side says and you decide who is right.  In fact, I recorded a podcast this week with Kevin Cottrell that is not live yet where I talk about this aspect of science and disagreement and how it is 180 degrees opposite of what we find at bio-hacking and technology conferences or on social media. Many packs of the wild animals on social media contain the absurd rationale that disagreement must imply disrespect.  In science this is a foolish proposition..  Part of the reason I spoke about this in that podcast was because of what I heard in this podcast above earlier this week.  The two gentlemen in the podcast are good people and have their clients best interests at heart.  But when I listened to the podcast I had some serious disagreements with what I heard and I decided I had to use it to show people how what is not on the menu for discussion might be critical to the issues discussed.  This is a big deal for a mitochondriac in training.  It also ties into the proton education on this site this month.

I truly hate how social media is used now because it feeds the pack animal mentality.  Today, on social media, when someone is critical of someone else for any reason it creates a group think mentality where everyone has to pick and choose sides.  I actually had to leave a group on a social media site because of how “a little knowledge” in one area was expanded incorrectly, and was used to create a series of half truths and false narratives that lead to a war of words between two sides in a virtual room.  In science you have to be able to disagree, state your case, and post your cites and data on why you think as you do.  In this way, you can leave the audience to discover both sides of the argument and then dig into both sides to discover who is on the right track.  The audience can decide who makes the most sense.  In this way, the data become discipline for the mitochondriac.

In the past patreon blog, I told you to listen to a podcast about red light.  There was some issues in that podcast that did not jive with the reality of observations we’ve made in solar science and with some of the laws of physics that are no longer disputed.  That podcast was superficial in its wisdom,  and it was more like an informercial for a red light system from a manufacturer.  I never made a big deal about it because if people use the correct red light good things can happen.  Then it dawned on me listening to this podcast that maybe letting people off the hook without discussing the half turths is not wise.  Why do I say this?

I want to share another podcast with you that quite frankly dissappointed me. So disappointed that I won’t release my comments on this topic in public, but I want my members and patrons to learn a lesson about how a little information can grow into a half truth and go awry when you don’t have the details in place for proper context using this in a mitochondrial disease.

DETAILS REALLY  MATTER in quantum biology.   At the 13:30min window we hear that a hiberanting bear “does not get sunlight”. This is actually false. The 42% IR A light is stored in the ground and radiated to the bear’s red light chromophores as he sleeps. I’ll post a picture to show you how this happens below.

Hibernatiing animals make earthen dens.  Those dens are connected to Earth and that Earth is penetrated deeply by red light (as pic shows above) from the sun and that light energy is radiated to the animal direct. Hibernating animals do not wear clothing during their sleep as humans choose to do.  Plants also get red light chronically all night in the same way when the sun is set.  This is why rocks are hot at night in the dessert.  This slide above was used in my Vermont 2017 talk on Youtube.

Ketosis actually requires a chronic source of SOLAR red light in some way, because ketosis in nature and generates massive amounts of protons from fat stores and from water in the intracellular space (mito) and the extracellular space (water). The ‘interviewee’ and ‘interviewer’ do not seem to realize this,  nor how incredibly important this is.  As you hear later in the podcast somebody says, “details are not that important“.  He says people get lost in the details.  I disagree.  If we had details we would have never got saddled with the Standard American diet or statins, but we did get stuck with them because nobody bothered to look into the details.  Ketosis is not a fuel source from diet as most seem to believe.  This was parotted in the podcast.  It is a false narrative they repeated.  Ketosis should result from a fasting state, when an animals environment force it to live off its proton stores fromits  fat mass,  while connected to the Earth.  Moreover, the key part of the solar spectrum:  42% of the IR-A light.  Ketosis optimized REQUIRES the process of grounding brought up in these mammals when this occurs. They also forget modern humans do neither during their applications of ketosis in the modern world.  they are sold an idea of ketosis done by food……..not by living off their fat mass while being chronically connected to Earth and the sun as nature requires.   Man’s modern version and choices not wise for a ketotic metabolism. This is why I am no fan of exogenous ketones.  I was also disheartened not to hear why ketosis is really important from a bio-physical basis.  These guys both know why it is critical, but no mention of it for the listener who likely is clueless about it.  They may have glanced over it during their one on one discussion,  because they assumed each other knew it, but they are not talking to each other for their benefit.  They did the podcast FOR OTHERS LISTENING TO IT.  Those ears may not make the same assumptions they did.

Ketosis has a specific biologic purpose for a mitochondriac:  it recycles protons in the sugar backbones of DNA/RNA to keep them quiescient and less reactive to light radiations in certain seasons.  Ketosis is not optimal in all seasons with a varying light environment.

Electromagnetic radiation (light) is the primary cause of DNA mutation in all life forms because of what it does to protons at certain locations in the carbon backbone of glucose and ribose.  What happens to protons in certain carbons in 5 and 6 carbon sugars is the basis of  epigenetic in evolution.  Epigenetics was called “condition of  existence” by Darwin.  Darwin said, this was the most important part of his theory, but today all we here about is the nonsense of natural selections.  It turns out that the interaction of protons and light at specific locations in these sugars are the basis of natural selection.   Theory of Evolution, without this consideration, is missing a key factor, which remains underrepresented.  How light sculpts life is still in the darkness to most.

Since the dawn of time, life has been changing in form and function using the power of the sun.  The proton recycling in a cell is seminal in this change program. While other factors contribute to these changes, electromagnetic radiation from natural and (via man’s influence) unnatural sources has a much greater impact on DNA/RNA.  RNA in the exosome is the real actor in these changes.  Natural sources, such as our sun, planets, and other celestial bodies create these vibrational forces at the heart of natural evolutionary processes. Seasonal, regional, and cyclical variations in the force carrier photon is what has been affecting the precession and pulse frequency on this force changes nucleotide configuration and thus DNA/RNA arrangements.

At the 14:00 minute we hear another fallacy. The brain needs glucose as the primary fuel source. This is simply not true. Lactate is the primary fuel source of the cells in the CNS. This is well known in neuroscience and well published. The speaker also intimates that ketosis is the second choice fuel for the brain.  I believe he believes this and this is why he said it, but there is a massive amount of data that says this is not true.  I think that should have been disclosed and talked about.   A brain with low heteroplasmy rates does well on a glucose loaded diet.  But a brain with moderate to high heteroplasmy, performs poorly on it.  This nuance was not even mentioned in this podcast.  The listener is left to believe that maybe this was one of the detials the good doctor thought to be unimportant?

The second cytochrome in mammalian mitochondria produces LESS ROS so this lowers mt DNA heteroplasmy. From Nick Lane’s  books on mitochondrial biology (experiments) we know that complex one creates massive ROS and since mt DNA is adjacent to this complex most often and circular mtDNA has no repair mechanisms given to it by evolution, therefore,  there is no way anyone should believe that complex two input is better.  Clearly, this was also not believed or not known by the speaker.  The listener is left in the lurch.  Someone who has read Lane’s papers and books would know this.  Most of the people listening to the podcast don’t even know who Nick Lane is, much less what his data says.   This is really bad logic based upon what we know from both Dr’s Wallace and Lane work in this field. At the 16 minute window we hear something else that is a bit odd for someone who says they understand red light well. (credit: he says he is not a UV expert)

Chlorophyll fluorescence is light re-emitted by chlorophyll molecules during return from excited to non-excited states and used as indicator of photosynthetic energy conversion in higher plants, algae and bacteria. Excited chlorophyll dissipates the absorbed light energy by driving photosynthesis (photochemical energy conversion), as heat in non-photochemical quenching or by emission as fluorescence radiation. As these processes are complementary processes analysis of chlorophyll fluorescence is an important tool in plant research with a wide spectra of applications.

In experiment (diethyl ether fixation), chlorophyll a has approximate absorbance maxima of 430 nm (blue) and 662 nm (red), while chlorophyll b has approximate maxima of 453 nm (blue) and 642 nm (red). The absorption peaks of chlorophyll a are at 665 nm (red) and 465 nm (blue). Chlorophyll a fluoresces at 673 nm (maximum) and 726 nm.  Based upon the above numbers you can see plants don’t really like a ton of UV to grow. Chlorophyll A and B in chloroplasts are optimized for different light because of the light  and water environment of the plant.  Chlorophyll A is optimized for  blue green and red photons, but not UV. The reason is obvious. UV is so highly powered it dehydrates leaves and lowers photosynthetic yield in plants. This is why photosyntheis has 3 separate mechanisms in nature to control stomatal conductance, transpiration, and leaf angulation to incident light. Water in plants, is first structured by red light to give charge separation to create coherent domains (redox pile of electrons). The hexagonal structure of the coherent domains are where 270nm UV light helps plants by enlarging the EZ in their photo-systems. Photosynthesis chloroplasts consumes water, while mitochondria makes water.   These processes reverse one another, they do not mimic one anaother.

This is why this point is critical and it seems missed in this podcast when you carefully listen to the banter. Plants have 3 forms of photosynthesis. CAM, C3, and C4. All are different and most foods are C3 plants but it turns out animals eat a lot of C4 plants like grass. The difference in the photosynthesis pathways has massive implications for proton recycling in the animals who eat other animals. This is not even mentioned in the podcast. I was disheartened to hear a former clincian member of my site make these errors of omission. Red light sets up free motility of protons to go to specific places in the carbon backbone of TCA and PPP intermediates in our metabolic pathways to keep energy inside of the living system in a circular thermodynamic loop.  The podcast was opened with this concept.   This lowers entropy in the system and we do not have to dump back to the environment.  At 23 minute mark we hear that we should not get bogged down in the details of UV light. No mitochondriac should believe this, EVER. UV light is critical to mitochondrial physiology. At 24.50 we hear incorrect depth penetration mentioned by the interviewee.  He is supposed to be a red light expert and uses it on his own patients.  I cannot over emphasize this.  If you are going to put yourself out there as the “red light doc of Oz” then please familiarize yourelf with the published data on the depth of penetration of specific red frequencies in sunlight.  I do believe Josh is way ahead of most clinicians in Oz.   Dr. Tina Kuru data and research shows IR A and B can penetrate 10-30 cm and this should be obvious when one considers the body sizes and plans of mammals are varied.   All mammals  have their mitochondria buried deep inside their tissues.  Sunlight penetrates to those mitochondria. They mutilate the cold idea at the 29 minute mark. Not one mention about Cold Thermogenesis increases the electric charge on membranes to improve protons recycling and motion in a water based cell. Not bueno. At the 31:45 min, we hear,  “we don’t waste heat unless heteroplasmy rate is elevated.” The point was also not well laid out. Heat is absorbed by the massive heat capacity of water, only if mitochondria can create it.  We never heard that part.  Water made in mitochondria is able  to charge separate with IR and UV light.  IR light is heat from mitochondria and UV light is liberated from cells naturally.  These are the things that make a perfect circular thermodynamics amongst metabolic pathways.  Again, Josh may not think this matters to him or his patients, but you the listener, need to know what is on nature’s menu and decide for yoruself who is right.

The discussion on the dopamine networking was excellent, but I think people do want to know why it happens.  This is a detail that matters because it explains a lot of hemab behavior.  I was hoping they would talk about HRV and it being a light fingerprint and its linkage to glucose metabolism.  i was left ot believe this was another detail that did not matter to them?   I agree totally about the reliance on labs by the public. That is from the functional medicine guru’s. I did enjoy the interviewer’s style.  I really liked it, but he should have pressed on the issues I mentioned here.  My bet he was giving his guest etiquette.  In science, good questioning demolishes the formality of etiquette for the sake of truth.   The questions in the second half of the podcast were excellent. The discussion from 51 min on ward is superb. These two should do another podcast focused on movement and tensegrity functional patterns and their relation to energy flow.  They need to talk about how cell volumes, heteroplasmy, charge, and disease states are linked from an osteopathic perspective.  I might give you how they are linked to mitochondriac perspective soon enough.  Red light and proton details are huge when it comes to understand how mitochondria work with natural foods and man made ones.  More on that to come soon!


Red light is a powerful drug = Big Pharma

The time has to come think of red light as a powerful compound pharmacy.  Considering that red light in sunlight makes up 42% of our stars light should make you realize just how powerful starlight is for cells.  Irradiation with red light caused gene and noncoding RNA regulation for photoacceptor protection in the retina. If you listened to my Vermont 2017 youtube video you would realize just how powerful this effect is.  These finding may open a new challenge for photobiomodulation to displace big pharma as the go to pharmacy for humans.  The key with photobiomodulation is understanding the effect of frequency and power density on the red light chromophores in our cells.  Most do not have that sophistication.   You’ve got to know why.

I want you to watch this video carefully at the 3:56 minute point and realize what he says about hydrogen in the sun.  When hydrogen gas is ionized by electric plasma it makes RED LIGHT.  The hydrogen in the sun is special.  It is predominately a proton stripped of its electron and it is light hydrogen.


Please watch the video before continuing on in this series.  Hydrogen in the sun makes up the 42% of the red light that comes to Earth.


What the mitochondriac needs to realize is how the hydrogen in the sun’s photosphere is excited by solar plasma to glow red and the red light comes to Earth to connect with bio-molecules in our cells to communicate directly with other hydrogen protons in our mitochondria.  This wireless connection was detailed in last weeks blog.  This wireless connection is called molecular resonance.  The connection of the sun to our cells is most dramatic and critical in the red part of the spectrum.  This wireless control of light is how we control proton movements and gradients.

Proton gradients in life are more ancient and more ubiquitous than NUCLEIC acids, but you’d never know this if you were not informed of this by a mitochondriac teacher.  Watch the next video below at the 19:00: minute section to the 20:45 minute window to show you I am telling you something AXIOMATIC.  I want you to remember the slides Lane shows there considering what I have shown you above.


Watch it and go no further in your reading until you do.


LLLT is critical in sunlight to life because it is how cells control proton movements inside of cells wirelessly.

Today’s new data support the old conclusion that photobiomodulation is more pronounced in ill or otherwise stressed cells, as compared with healthy cells with plenty of oxygen available. The terminal enzyme of the mitochondrial respiratory chain and its electronic excitation by light with proper parameters causes retrograde light-sensitive cellular signaling events to transport the light signal from mitochondria to the nucleus to cause gene expression.  The gene expression events caused by irradiation have been  confirmed by experiment, and have been studied in more detail in recent years.  It also should shock no one that red light create more protons in water by charge separting water.  Bio-physics has proved that water is a red light chromophore.  Water makes up 99% of the molecules in a cell by volume because it is so small.  Pollack’s experiments have confirmed water is charge separated by light and that water absorbs best in the red range of the solar spectrum.

Listen to this podcast below.  It is a bit superficial, but when you are on the road to becoming a “mitochondriac” you need to understand the basics before the details of nature are revealed to your mindset. Listen below.


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Biology today is moving in the direction of bio-physics. The most interesting questions in biology are the same ones we see in physics. Much of what is understood in the field is based on the structure of molecules and the properties of molecules and how they react in light in relation to their atomic structure. If you understand this perspective, then biology ceases to remain a collection of disconnected facts.

Variable capacitors are used in conjunction with inductor coils in tuning circuits of radios, television sets, and a number of other devices that must isolate electromagnetic radiation of selected frequencies in the radio wave region. Therefore, it should be beyond obvious that light within parts of the electromagnetic spectrum is capable of effecting a resonant cavity without inducing temperature changes. This happens in cell antenna’s, UHF MRI superconducting helium magnetic cavities, on Earth by the solar plasma (Schumann) and inside of you! This is one of the core law’s in physics that breakdown in many modern uses of light. So you might asking yourself why does Kruse care about this seemingly esoteric topic so much? This topic relates to how light tunes bio-molecules in each one of us. It is among one of the most misunderstood aspects in biology and this will have to change in the coming transitional age of Quantum biology. A bio- molecule will absorb light at any number of frequencies depending on its size, properties, and what aspect of the molecule that is being photo-excited.

When light tunes a bio-molecules the production of a standing wave is then possible. The production of standing waves in living systems is the basis of circadian biology. Dr. Robaitalle’s point at the 6:45 minute point is not to be missed or understood. Kirchoff’s law cannot explain the emission of light from the lattice of graphite. Mitochondriac’s should immediately realize that water made in your mitochondria is special in many bio-physical ways. This makes living systems liquid crystalline and invokes many aspects of condense matter physics. All of these things occur in reality, yet, Kirchoff’s law, say it shouldn’t happen. This is why the video above needs to be relistened to several times for you to get the implications for life.

Moreover, I want you to realize that cosmology believes that Kirchoff law is tied to the current concept of how the sun operates.  Modern physics cannot figure out why the corona is as hot as it is (pictured above). based upon Kirchoff’s law.  Why should you care? Anything that affects the sun effects our understanding of how circadian mechanisms and epigenetic mechanisms works in living systems.  That is why this topic is not esoteric to a mitochondriac.  It might be obscure now, but in the coming blogs and November webinar of 2017 you will begin to see just how far reaching the implications of these ideas are for you all.


This instagram quote above is out there on my social media, but how many non Patrons really understand what it means?  Today you will begin too.

Sunlight programs bio-molecules using light frequency to energize electrons and protons in many ways. What are the implications for life? The molecular signals emitted from chemicals acquires an electromagnetic meaning when light, from any source,  pushes or pulls through a tissue. Power in light is coded by frequency so this is where the pulling and pushing force comes from. When light hits water it also changes its lattice and structure to make an exclusion zone the excludes all things including the sub-atomic sized proton. This makes cell water from a mitochondria a liquid crystal that has a higher viscosity to work with light’s ability to push and pull to do things inside a cell we do not visualize well. In essence, the molecules suspended and inside this liquid crystaline ocean inside us interact by co-resonance just like a radio transmitter and receiver do in your car. If you tune a radio receiver in your car to 106 FM (MHz), you are tuning into ‘biochemical station A’, that contains a special programming information.

This situation operates this way because electrons in the antenna’s of the reciever and the transmitter are oscillating at the same frequency as the radio waves traveling to and fro. People forget radio waves are a form of light. If your cells decided to change the tension pattern in the cell, by altering the size or quality of the exclusion zone (an EZ =coherent domain in water) , this is akin to changing the dial on your radio to 88 FM (MHz). This information on this channel would not be the same as it was on 106 FM. On this station the programming will give us new information about the systems in question in other parts of the cell. This idea clearly shows us that long range electromagnetic fields (from the sun) are fully capable of transmiting very complex messages between distant molecules or to molecules or organelles in the same cell with HIGH FIDELITY as long as their emission and absorption spectra match.  This is the basis of circadian biology.   Why does nnEMF and blue light harm/kill us if we live under its power chronically? It ruins the high fideltity connection in cells from the solar source to tune cells properly to perform the physiologic tasks required to live optimally. This is why energy and information are lost in cell with high heteroplasmy rates. Being a “solid state mitochondriac” is not that revolutionary when you have nature’s playbook to decipher the Rosetta Stone of life.

Let us consider the different frequencies of light in our sun to make the point clear in your mind now:  

For example, Infrared light generally matches the frequency of molecular vibrational transitions.  This is where water is acted upon.  Cytochrome c oxidase has 4 infrared resonant parts that frequencies of IR light can TUNE.  Going back to my radio example above, each one is like a special radio station playing a different tune of information a cell needs to live and operate.  The number of frequencies at which the molecule will absorb is therefore related to the number of atoms the molecule has, and how high you can excite it before the bonds break and the molecule dissociates.

Ultraviolet light generally matches the frequency of electronic transitions in bio-molecules, so the number of frequencies of absorption will depend on the number of electrons a molecule has and how high you can excite them before they become ionized.  This is why understanding the pi-electron cloud of DHA and all the chemicals in a lipid raft and exRNA exosome become massively important to the mitochondriac.

Different frequencies of light can also excite other aspects of a molecule, for instance radio waves can match nuclear spin state transitions to give NMR spectra.  RF affects nuclear spin which is huge effect in proton chemistry.  When one begins to realize that the main fuel source of life is the proton in the mitochondrial matrix you begin to realize quickly why proton gradients in cells are as UNIVERSAL as the genetic code.

The irony is that most do not realize that the ATPase which funnels these protons is older than life itself. This is why RF radiations can induce electrical changes on the surfaces of things that use protons to signal information and energy.  Life does this.  What about microwaves?  They can match rotational transitions in bio-molcules to give rotational spectra in biochemistry.  Moreover, those rotation transitions will affect the the hydration shells around proteins to change the dynamic flickering in the hydrogen bonding network in water.

Water makes up 99% of the molecules by volume in a cell.  Microwaves easily alter the molecular resonance of tissues and we ignore these non-thermal effects.  This is one of the biggest risks of technology.  Because many researchers believe Kirchhoff law they believe that only thermal effects of microwaves are toxic to living systems.  My example of the dynamic flickering of proton networks around DNA and RNA shows you what a powerful epigenetic signal this really is.  It effects all post-translational programs in cells that can induce molecular resonant changes.  I believe this is how light change DNA signaling.

A molecule has many different excited states, and therefore has many different frequencies of light that match the energy gaps between them. How many, and what those gaps are will depend on the particular molecule. One particular aspect of DNA chemistry we will discuss in the next few blogs is how the 2′ postion of glucose, and the 3′ and 5′ positions in ribose by a special property of hydrogen can change everything in a living system.  Have a listen to the video above to understand why Kirchoff’s law should no longer be considered a universal truth.  It has massive implications for much of what we believe is true in physics and biology today.

This is how important this topic is……..the solar plasma vibrations create oxygen for our mitochondria to use to make energy.  Sunlight provides specific frequencies of light that create a molecular resonant interaction in a chloroplast to liberate oxygen from water.  The collateral production of a DC electric current in this interaction is then used in ways you just cannot fathom but will soon learn about in the coming weeks.

Why ask why?

Before you read a word here make sure you watch the video first…………

Nature provides “a why” for things to live, and as such, living things can bear almost any how the Earth can throw at it.  So this raises the difficult question why don’t humans understand magnetism well?  When you have no framework of understanding of a topic, a question of why is fruitless.  This is counterintuitive to most and it is one fo the ways a skeptic undresses themselves by showing their ignorance.  Scientists are an interesting breed of people, they are creative, adventurers, critical, and pragmatic. This may not be the initial subset of people you would look to for inspiration. However, think for an instance of the motivation required to tackle the great intellectual challenges of our time. Scientists are driven by constant curiosity and inspired to find truth.  Physicians should be too, but the paradigm today is not about truth it is built around following evidence they believe to on the menu for health.  Magnetism rarely comes up as a topic for wellness in any office.  That is unfortunate.

No scientist was more interesiting than Feyman, in my opinion, because of how he understood nature.  Examining nature from his perspective is how I think about her laws.  “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

The “mitochondriac clinician” should be known by having chosen to clash with popular thinking and the limited imagination of fellow scientists, clinicians and the public if we are to ever advance our knowldege in biology.   It is not a popular place to be, but it is the position where ultimate truths will be revealed, in my opinion.  This situation does not bother me as a clianican today.  I realize my professions’ limitations currently, but I am driven to push the boundaries of what is possible for patients by understanding how magnetism affects our cells. The history of medical discovery has taught me to be patient.  For me it was once strange to realize that the history of medicine is littered with stories of extraordinary people who made novel discoveries by asking a question nobody else thought was worthwhile.  Moreover, with time, later the world usually seems to awaken to new realities in understanding,  and it then appears so easy and simple for anyone to accept.  The history of science has many stories like this.

What nature does not forbid…….most certainly will happen eventually.  That really is the story behind biologic evolution, but not too many see it my way yet. Our beliefs are still teethered to natural selection by convention.  It follows that in nature and human imagination, anything is possible, and this is why, in nature, there is no law except the law of nature that there is no law.

CHOICES:   It’s easier to fool people “using choice controls” than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.  Who comes up with diagnostic criteria anyway? The paradigm does in healthcare.  Who does this on social media?  In technology, it’s the tech industry.  If you control choice you control the game.  This is why FB has no dislike buttons.  In case you’re wondering why things built for profit use this ideology, all one needs to do is realize it is a giant sales funnel.   It’s a profiteering scam.

Whoever names the game by controlling choices and options, owns the game.  This is why the government wants control of healthcare too.

That’s why mitochondriacs focus on the most fundamental layers of physiologic function: light water and magnetism.  It is also why functional medicine practitioners focus on bio-chemical pathways:  It drives their profits through their testing and supplements.  This is how they make money.  It is time for you to realize that wake up call.   Now we have functional medicine types using healthcare and technology platforms to really control choice of their customers.  They are now using both together.

Consider the technology shell game they employ.  When using technology, we often focus optimistically on all the things it does for us with their products. But I want to show you where it might do the opposite effect on our biology.

Where does technology exploit our minds’ weaknesses?

I learned to think this way when I studied to become a magician as a kid after I saw a magic show at a birthday party. Magicians start by looking for blind spots, edges, vulnerabilities and limits of people’s perception, so they can influence what people do without them even realizing it. Once you know how to push people’s buttons, you can play them like a piano.

And this is exactly what product designers do to your mind. They play your psychological vulnerabilities (consciously and unconsciously) against you in the race to grab your attention.

I want to show you how they do it.

Hijack #1: If You Control the Menu, You Control the Choices

MEDICINE’S MENU FOCUSWhat is not on the menu but       

                                                                                       Should be?  MAGNETISM 

Great Option #1

Great Option #2

Great Option #3

Western functional medical culture is built around ideals of individual choice and freedom from the “constraints of allopathic medicine”.  I chuckle when I hear the profiteers speak this way.  They use the techniques far better than allopathic medicine does.   Millions of us fiercely defend our right to make “free” choices, while we ignore how those choices are manipulated upstream by menus we didn’t choose in the first place.  Is medicine’s menu the same one nature used to built wisdom in our cells?  Have you ever thought about health in this way?

This is exactly what magicians do to people.  Many people throughout history have mentioned that when you examine and look at quantum mechanics, it defines what magic really seems to be.  This is the science that forms the basis of reality and all nature and we ignore it.  Magnetism is part of nature’s magic used in every cell.  Using magic trick for your audience is way easier when your target audience has lowered dopamine level in their neural networks.  This is often why hospitals, offices, and casino’s favor artificial blue light frequencies to illuminate environments for the customers.  It makes people more docile and easier to control for the profiteer.  Blue light lowers magnetic flux in our mitochondria.  This is not how people understand magnetism, so that is why they do not understand the why of magnetic effects of different light frequencies on their mitochondria.  In a magic show, magicians give people the illusion of free choice, while architecting the menu so that they win, no matter what you choose. I can’t emphasize enough how deep this insight is when viewing how paradigms operate today.

When people are given a menu of choices, they rarely ask:

1. “what’s not on the menu?”

2. “why am I being given these options and not others?”

3. “do I know the menu provider’s goals?”

4. “is this menu empowering for my original need, or are the choices actually a distraction?” (e.g. an overwhelmingly choice of supplements for example)

For example, imagine you’re out with friends on a week day night and want to keep the conversation going. You open the “Yelp App” to find nearby recommendations and see a list of bars. The group turns into a huddle of faces staring down at their phones comparing bars. They scrutinize the photos of each, comparing cocktail drinks. Is this menu still relevant to the original desire of the group?

It’s not that bars aren’t a good choice, it’s that Yelp substituted the group’s original question (“where can we go to keep talking?”) with a different question (“what’s a bar with good photos of cocktails?”) all by shaping the menu.  This change went below your perceptual abilities because it was done over blue light and a network built of nnEMF.  Both are designed to lower magnetic flux in your mitochondria to lower ATP levels to get you to choose what is good for them and not good for you.  This lessens our ability to think well.  It is part of technology design.    

Think about the video above now.  Feyman had difficulty telling his interviewer why magnets do as they do.  In my example above, you all have had this experience to understand the framework.  None of you realized it was tied to magnetic flux in your mitochondria by the use of light frequencies.  

Will this change how you understand how aberrent light frequencies can affect your life?  

That is for you to decide.  

Let us go back to the Yelp App to make the point clear.  

Most people in our group example falls for the illusion that Yelp’s menu represents a complete set of choices for where to go. Is this like what happens in a doctors office or a hospital?  The ER?  In a grocery story?  At college?  I think it is.  The reality of this situation is that when people are looking down at their phones, they don’t see the park across the street with a band playing live music. They miss the pop-up gallery on the other side of the street serving crepes and coffee. Neither of those show up on Yelp’s menu.  What isn’t on your health menu where you spend you medical dollars?

There is a pardox of choice………only when we know there is other choices.  So what do healthcare and technology paradigms use in common to win?

They control the choices by controlling the menu.

The more choices technology or healthcare gives us in nearly every domain of our lives (information, events, places to go, friends, dating, jobs) — the more we assume that our phone is always the most empowering and useful menu to pick from. Is this really factual?  Is it based upon nature’s laws of engagement for cells?

The “most empowering” menu is different than the menu that has the most choices. Nature provides cells with all options.  In fact, it gives cells options they are not even optimized for, but they can use them if they change things.  This is what evolution is all about.  Nothing is off the table given the environment on Earth powered by sunlight.  But when we blindly surrender to the menus we’re given in the modern world, it’s easy to lose track of the difference in outcomes:

“Who needs their gallbladder removed” becomes a menu of the things published as evidence in a textbook

“Who’s free tonight to hang out?” becomes a menu of most recent people who texted us (who we could ping).

“What’s happening in the world?” becomes a menu of news feed stories from social media.

“Who needs a vaccine” becomes a menu or algorithm set in place by the CDC or government.

“Who’s single to go on a date?” becomes a menu of faces to swipe on Tinder (instead of local events with friends, or urban adventures nearby).

“I have to respond to this email.” becomes a menu of keys to type a response (instead of empowering ways to communicate with a person).

To every thing there Is a season, but with sunlight there is always some type of modulation that slightly varies its power to allow time to manifest. This is how nature creates a specific variety of frequencies (and magnetic flux) that our cells are rewarded by.  Innovation favors the connected life.  The functional medicine doctors will never get you to this level because it removes the variable rewards they need to thrive in their business.  This problem is not just one in allopathic medicine. I believe it is greater issue in functional medicine.  Why?  Their framework is less understood by the public than allopathic medicine so people rely on their menu of choices even more.  This is why the “bulletproof selection” menu is devastating to many.    What are some of those menu choices doing to us?  Sales of supplements and tests that give partial or variable successes are hugely powerful tools to those involved in the functional medicine business.

Why do they do this?   The functional medicine paradigm learned this from studying gaming.  They are in a game to try to usurp the power of allopathic medicine.  So they shrewdly went to look at how casino’s separate us best from the money in our wallets.

One major reason why is the #1 psychological ingredient in slot machines: intermittent variable rewards.

If you want to maximize addictiveness (a lowered dopamine effect), all functional medicine needed to do was study what technology designers did in casinos and in Apps we use.  Their business plans only need to link a user’s action (like pulling a lever) with a variable reward attached. If you don’t believe it just sign up for the emails of the “bulletproof executive” for a month and tell me if you do not see this post in every email you get.

The media world today is enveloping man in bullshit.  Some of the misinformation shared is intentionally designed to deceive, and some of it is mouthed by people too ignorant or frightened to distinguish natural truth from falsehood.

Having an open mind is critical in being a mitochondriac, but we all need to remember in today’s social media empire, having an open mind with no framework of natural understanding, will allow people with profit motives to come in and put many things in your head.  Be mindful of this.


Doctor = teacher who uses words, not prescriber. Empowering patients to be informed people and not blind sheep is a sign of a great teacher.

You can lead people to water, and though you can’t make them drink, you *can* give them the awareness that they’re’ thirsty.

80:20 2017 Quantum Health ‘Cook Book’

Eat like a king at sunrise, less at lunch, and dine like a pauper at dinner.  Why?

Nature loves to hide her secrets because quantum mechanics requires it due to the observer effect called the Quantum Zeno effect. This is why light is so mysterious to people who are not steeped in physics.  My friend Ricky is trying to make my ideas simple for anyone to understand so let us try his recipe to understand food and light better.

Imagine you’re trying to make a recipe up and you can choose between any ingredient that is:


With these ingredients, you can combine to make pretty much anything, there is no food that will not fall into one of these categories. All available from most supermarkets

Now imagine you’re trying to make hormones for health
whether you’re missing adrenaline, vitamin D, testosterone, estrogen. You can make or kick start any using the following ingredients

Infrared light
Colors of the rainbow
Ultraviolet (uva/uvb)
Low frequency radiation (the earth/grounding)

I’ve attached a couple of recipes to get you started

Melatonin production
Morning am sun light
Grounded to earth (barefoot)
Time best served: breakfast

Vitamin D protection
UVB rays
Time best served: lunch

All available from the sun and earth:  FREE.

What does the recipe look like?

Food is just data about sunlight’s travels around our planet codified by photosynthesis that your mitochondria deciphers. Don’t try to let food or exercise be the missing key in your life, or light will stop being your unmatched lock, that doesn’t let you merge on the path to optimal. Evolution succeeds because of its continuous random violent execution of its imperfect plan because the sun changes its frequencies this changing of the guard changes the geometry locally between the respiratory proteins in your mitochondria using energy in sunlight to alter energy and matter from light, rather than relying on genetic perfection executed precisely.

Bon appetite!!!