I want to share with you a hack I did in 2014.  I had a patient with a lot of spine issues who lived in Kenner, La close to the MSY airport.  She reported some really weird symptoms so I got the idea that her location might be the problem so I went to the airport with my gear and started testing.  The testing was nightmarish in 2014.  So I knew I could not put my biology at risk to test it further so I decided to become more wise in constructing this mito-hack.

I found massive RF pulses every few seconds correlated with the reading on my Cornet 88F meter.  I then linked it to the spinning radar head on the air traffic control tower.  I noticed that the tower in this airport was close to the long term parking garage.  So I went on the internet and started to look for car companies that reported after market radiation contamination in cars that affected their driveability due to electronic interference.

I found that GM, GMC and Buick had reported this in their after market data.   I found some press releases to dealerships about these issues.  This gave me an idea to illustrate a point about how bad it is to live in an around any kind of RF emitting device like an airport, a marine terminal, or a doppler radar of the local TV station.

I think working at an airport or living around one is one of the most toxic things a human can do after this hack. I found this out because of hack I did with a 2014 Cadillac. GM sent out a service warning about these cars driver information panels becoming deactivated by “ambient RF” and microwave radiation. So I rented a car and put it in MSY airport for a week twice and I found it really happened.  So I went out and bought a 2014 Cadilliac to use as a device to teach me what parts of my local environment might be emitting radiation to hurt me.  I went to Mexico twice after I got my car and left it in the long term parking garage at MSY airport after they installed new radar and a doppler tower there.  Both times the car had to be serviced at Cadillac of New Orleans for disruption of the unshielded motherboard. My service advisor was a guy named John Daigle.  He not only serviced my car twice for this but he told me he read the service alerts from GM about certain cars that had this issue and he suggested I call GM.  I did that. I asked GM if this affected the car’s electronics what might it be doing to people at the airport??………Radio silence.  I then called MSY airport and told them about what I found and guess what they told me?  They suggested I call the city about this.  I did.  What did I get?  Radio silence.  This is when I sent some information to TSA and to OSHA.  What have a recieved in the last few years?  Radio silence.  That is the power of the 1996 FCC law that allowed the government full access to radiate us without consent.


Airport scanners are microwave devices that can cause increase oscillations and losses of electrons at the surface areas they strike. When the electron is lost you can no longer capture sunlight well at surfaces As a result your vitamin D will lower and slowly but steadily you will see changes in your muscles skeleton and in your immune function. Microwaves disrupt cellular signaling by also altering surface level melatonin levels. The surface change then ruins mitochondrial function below and this alters biochemistry. Why did eukaryotes keep 3 proteins in their mitochondria? Because they contain all the electron and protons wires of Complexes 1, 3, 4 and 5! Why? Because they all share the same substrate and product: the membrane potential is maintained by them. Generally when this occurs we see people with altered adrenal stress indices and altered melatonin panels initially. Most members at my website know that melatonin levels control mitochondrial DNA dynamics and the genes that control the membrane potential. There are 13 genes that melatonin controls that all link to maintenance of the respiratory proteins and the charge possible in the inner mitochondrial membrane. That DNA controls the respiratory proteins in our mitochondria. Change in respiration changes the morphology of the mitochondria and at about 30% heteroplasmy rate the cell volume Increases by about 25%. Energy flows are linked to energy efficiency because just—1 angstrom increase in distance leads to a 10 times drop off in efficiency. So the cell is larger microscopically but the cell contains the same number of mitochondria = inefficiency = what obesity effectively is.

A CONTINUOUS change in mitochondrial energetics results in a DISCRETE nuclear epigenomic changes because charges change in a mitochondrion and in the cytosol of the cell.  More on that below.   It is the nuclear epigenomic changes RESPONDING to the RETROGRADE signaling that then creates the discrete phenotypes we call chronic diseases today. That why the SAME mito mutation can give totally different clinical phenotypes simply by changes in % heteroplasmy. SO if you have a skin condition or eye condition you should opt out 100% of the time.

SINGLE point mutation of the mitochondrial DNA is capable of giving a GENERALIZED neurological disease. So those with brain disorders should opt out or at least close their eyes in the scanner.
This defect doesn’t affect ATP levels in all of our cells, but it will affect the surface cells in a big way because of the change in charge.  But as energy demands are increased on our surfaces,  or by your daily activities around nnEMF sources, there is a massive rise in ROS from the cytochrome proteins!

The last cytochrome, the ATPase, keep us younger the more this spins. It ages us as it spins slower. Anything that slows electron tunneling speeds thru cytochromes 1, 3, and 4 automatically slows the spinning head of the ATPase. Anything that spins, creates a local magnetic field. It is well documented that melatonin protects macromolecules from oxidative damage in all subcellular compartments and has massive effects on cytochrome proteins before the ATPase. This is consistent with the protection by melatonin of lipids and proteins, as well as both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA. Melatonin achieves this widespread protection by means of its ubiquitous actions as a direct free radical scavenger and an indirect antioxidant. This is how it lowers heteroplasmy in mitochondria. Microwaves, and BLUE LIGHT destroy melatonin levels locally in cells and this is why your skin, eyes, and brain can age faster if you go through these machines when you fly often.  It is worse news if you live around airports.

What else should you know about RF radiation machines that screen our surfaces?  RF devices that pulse create massive electrical tensions on the surfaces of things.  The TSA uses this to screen us.  What else does it imply.

ELECTRICAL TENSION:  A sphere within a sphere can create electrical tension. Schumann taught us this in 1951, and yet we still don’t realize he was teaching us about how energy can or can’t flow from outside in or inside out. The Earth is a sphere surrounded by the ionosphere. That tension becomes a pulse wave for thing that live within both spheres. When the tension changes in the environment the pattern of signaling changes between things in a cell. Blue light and non EMF change the tension in that sphere to increase ubiquitination rates on all things that live upon its tectonic plates.  RF pulsations can ruin living things and this little airport hack should be one you do not forget.

Now how does electric charge scale to us?  RF induces massive electric currents on the surfaces of things.  This is why lightening spooks animals.  How does electric charge affect things with mass like animals and plants?  The mass of a body varies with the surface electric charge.  Since RF radiation induces massive surface charges we should have expected the illness crisis mankind has endured during our technologic revolution but we did not because we do not understand how the physics of cells is disorganized by nnEMF.  This implies that the addition or subtraction of light changes the charge of our surface which then directly impacts our cells and tissues below, and thusly affects our mitochondrion size and shape.  These fundamental physical facts show us why BMI is not a universal constant for fatness.  It is the reason why physicists wrongly assume ‘big G’ is also constant on Earth when it has been experimentally proven to vary already.  It is impossible for “big G” to be a physical constant because the mass of any body varies with the surface charge given to it, via the environment.  RF does this to things………….do not forget it.



How do you tap your inspiration?

Today is a special day on my Dr. Jack Kruse page.

I met a new friend this AM on Dumaine St, steps on the Missisippi River. Willie is just a dude who was interested in my process. I’m sitting here at 5:30 AM inNew Orleans waiting on the sun listening to this song below and thinking. I’ve got thinking block today…….and then a homeless guy comes up to me and says, “man why are you here right now.” I tell him I am waiting for the sun. I am waiting to be inspired. He looks at me and says,” I live outside 100% of the time and never thought to look at the sun.” I said to him, sit down. And I played this song linked below. I told him my mind was blank and I was waiting for first light to think of something to inspire my day at work today.

He sat down……and listened to the music play on my phone as I played it multiple times as we waited for the sun. At first light I began to text into my phone. He watched as the sun hit his face. He said, “Doc what are you writing right now? What got you to act?” I handed him my phone and said post it. He did. You’re reading this live. What did the sun say to me today through the clouds? The answers you seek are only as good as the questions we ask the universe. If your questions suck, and we focus on the wrong things, how good is the life we’ll get? If we want to change the world all we have to do is write our thoughts down and let it resonate with others. They do not need to be connected to you in any way to make a connection if thought is pure and true. When a thought or idea is makes an impact it leaves something in them. It is like radioactive fallout in an arable field. Certain things in us will grow and other cannot grow. An idea can be radioactive to change a plant into a growth that is something new that is good for us all. That is why I came here this AM on Dumaine St. To sit and wait for the sun with a homeless stranger, Willie, maybe to be changed in some way by the sun. For somebody who thinks they can make no impact in the world can see that it is not true just by observation…….it happens if we allow it. We can post it on social media and tell them all what we are doing while they all sleep, NOT waiting for sun.

That is why I came to step this AM before work today. To make a deep impact……even on someone who had no hope, to show them that it is possible. Willie, sometimes we don’t choose our path………it choose us. Nature is evil like that. When you believe in yourself , in your innate talents to do and to think, you know implicitly that anything is possible. Even the impossible becomes easy……..This internal fire is in my gut now as the sun peeks between the clouds this AM. As it grows my words get easier…….The sun becomes my internal drive and is the fire in my gut that cannot be extinguished by circumstance. No one can take it from us. We’ ve got to become fully invested and commit to these beliefs because I know assuredly in my heart we will meet success no matter what the world throws at us…….I want to be driven, motivated, ready, filled with passion, for good things, worthwhile things, things that make a positive difference in all lives. I want to add value to all living things no matter where they are right now. I want to them to sense the edge I live on in the light of the sun. It gives me this wisdom every morning I can breathe. My passion can ignite another pilot light. It can light many pilot lights. When our candle is lit there is no law I know of in physics that says sharing it diminshes the impact of that light one bit. So today, I decided to light my new friend Willie up, as he sat here on the steps of the River waiting with me to see what thoughts the sun put in my head to share with him.

Well, they flowed fast in me…….and I had tears in my eyes as they came to me and I did not know why. Willie just watched as I looked up many times to the sun as I typed this on my phone……..It’s time to talk to Willie over some breakfast now…..I know that from the reflection of the sun on the water as I see it now………and to tell him to come to the sun every day he lives outside to see this. To get this wisdom he has missed. She speaks to her creatures. Listen to the music nature brings even when life is shitting on you. There is good in nature if you wait for her. I had this song on my head as I walked in the dark to the pier this AM in the French Quarter and I had no idea why it was calling me……..until I saw the sun peek through the clouds as I waited for inspiration before work today. Sunrise at 6:48 AM. Post uploaded at 7 AM.  Here is the song that spoke to me this AM.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=56&v=N_zVS6ZHxR8


The story of mold and fungus and nnEMF

It has been well established in the literature that ELF electromagnetic fields and higher powered fields can stimulate microbial growth both Earth and in space. So why is it that this seems to fall well below most infectious disease experts radar? Could it be that the published data is just not well known because most of this data is published in bio-physics and in medical space journals? Today, on Earth the ionosphere has millions of times more radiation from man made devices and is more space like than it is native. Might this be why we see more mitochondrial diseases? Most microbes are prokaryotes or eukayotes with mitochondria. Is this why this occurs? Metabolism is the process by which cells convert relatively simple extracellular nutrients into energy and building blocks necessary for their growth and survival. In many cells stressed by nnEMF, metabolism is dramatically altered compared with normal cells. These alterations are known as the “Warburg redox shift”. One interesting facet, from a chemo-therapeutic point of view, is that, in a large number of cases, cells undergoing a Warburg effect exhibit a marked dependence upon glutamine and glucose, to the extent that these cells are referred to as being ‘glutamine or glucose addicted’. Glucose catabolism is not specific enough to tells us more about the source of this redox shift Warburg found, but it appears glutamine is very specific, and it points the finger of causation of aging and neolithic diseases at mitochondrial heteroplasmy rates. How so? Glutamine addiction arises from the need for extracellular glutamine to be consumed for anaplerotic input in the citric acid cycle, which accounts for the majority of the bioenergetic needs of normal (nontransformed) cells. The key gatekeeper of this input is the enzyme glutaminase.

The image above shows how your light environment choices give you the reality you experience. Hard for some to accept but that is why seasonal light changes the phenotypes of all animals and plants. Blue light, by itself outside of the other solar frequencies increases AMPk so does nnEMF of other types. Only type that does not? Solar EMF in the visible spectrum Why? Because incident light frequencies is what creates the free radical blueprint in mitochondria.  What light we design and live under, designs the diseases we get in the modern world because of the free radical signals created from the incident EMF.  Solar EMF’s do not act like nnEMF in a mitochondria.  It is really that simple.  And trying to understand this via food is never going to lead to success in a mold or fungal disease.  Changing the light environment youre in is the key mitochondriac maneuver initially.  The processes is quantized.

The primary function of the glutaminase enzymes is to catalyze the hydrolysis of l-glutamine to l-glutamate, the latter being generally unable to enter the mitochondria directly. As l-glutamate is formed it is converted to α-ketoglutarate by the enzyme glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH). This enzyme is controlled by calcium as a secondary messenger controller. Calcium flows in cells are well known to be afected by nnEMF due to their effects on VGCC as found in the labs of Dr. Martin Blank and Nora Volkow. This implies we do not have to have ionization of the nucelar DNA to get oncogenic transformation. It implies that a change in energy variance from the AMPk pathways maybe the key signal in a Warburg redox shift. How does GDH and nnEMF lead to a Warburg shift? Look at the picture above carefully.  The largest structural difference between eukaryotic and bacterial GDH is the light antenna on the molecule which has a helix-loop-helix conformation. Light is designed to hit the protein and the electromagnetic wave is changed to an electro-mechanical vibration in the hydration shell of the protein. That electro-mechanical wave created by this collision effects things suspended in the cytosol. A mitochondria is swimming in this “sea of water” it creates. Most molds are eukayotic so this is why they respond briskly to nnEMF.

Water inside a cell accepts this transduced light signal to make sense of the energy and information in light vibration that hits the protein. The size and shape of the protein are key to generating the right oscillation from the incident light wave being generated to effect the mitochondrial signal via ROS/RNS. This is how nnEMF can result in a pro-growth Warburg shift inside of cells.  The incident EMF is the key to the free radical signal created by cells and this is why living in a toxic nnEMF  is ALWAYS associated with mold and fungal diseases.  Instead of looking for defects in you and taking supplements and pills you need to consider mito-hacking your environment first and foremost to improve your redox potential in cells.  You must always redox before you detox.   We need to become aware of how the bio-physics of organisms links to the explosive growth of unusual microbial diseases in the modern world.

Nature does not reason with us. Nature is no democracy. Nature doesn’t sit down with you and start a discussion………you need to remember how you were made to exist within her frame work and if you do not, disease is the result! Simple. Mankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect in ways few understand. Almost any disease is curable.…… Just not every patient is because they refuse to alter their environment to suit their mitochondrial genome usually because they have a low dopamine level. Nature requires a ransom for living things that do not connect with her chronically that is paid in illness and disease. Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated today. Cells seek simplicity in a connection to the sun and Earth and not a connection to the complexity of technology. Once that happens we lose the ability to employ the massive capabilities of quantum mechanics in a cell.


Animals migrate so why can’t you listen to the nature of light as they do?  Might it be because you are conditioned to be a “zoo animal” by a paradigm of cultures and beliefs that have built what you think is an insurmountable amount of wants and needs due to a chronic low dopamine state?  Is the truth too harsh?  If so………change your life before the paradigm ruins your health.  Insanity in individuals is rare, but it is quite common in paradigms that create beliefs.

ENVIRONMENT REALITY:  As soon as Verizon/ATT/GOOGLE/MSFT upgrades their network in your area they do not need to notify anyone. As soon as the TV station install 5 G doppler radar you don’t know, but your mitochondria will.  Soon you’ll be sick with a mitochondrial disease that showed up out of know where.  The light they put around you is slowed down in you in different ways than sunlight is and creates a cornucopia of new free radicals that turn molecules in you into something new that cannot work in your cells.  That is why bent proteins are see in brain diseases.   As soon as your new neighbor moves in and is an electrical engineer or DJ and adds 12 routers from Comcast to your living area he does not tell you.  But guess what……….the alien light is there affecting your mitochondria, which create that cadre of free radicals,  whether you realize it or not.  Quantum reality of the modern world 101 as it relates to mold and fungus.

Given this design in our cells, no human being itself should be considered impaired innately when they have a mold or fungal illness, instead there are environmental short comings that cause the impairment of their immune system. Thus, it is incumbent on the on the clinician to recommend treatment of the environment their patient is in. People react to an inferior environment, way before their genome is altered or before their immune cells begin to work improperly. That is what the science of epigenetics and ubiquitin rates are telegraphing us, but the modern paradigm is not listening. You must if you are prone to mold and fungal illness


Sometimes our brains are on acid—literally. A main source of these temporary surges is the carbon dioxide that is constantly released by glucose metabolism in mitochondria as the brain breaks down glucose, which subsequently turns into acid which lowers the pH and decreases the size of the exclusion zone in cytosolic water also made by glucose metabolism in mitochondrion. Yet the chemistry in a healthy human brain tends to be relatively neutral with respect to pH, because standard processes including respiration—which expels carbon dioxide—help maintain CSF acid base balance. Any fleeting acidity spikes usually go unnoticed.  When CSF is alter your ability to think properly is also altered because the neocortex of the brain is adjacent to CSF in your head and it is the source of where cognition begins.


Functional medicine docs do not know enough about light to give expert advice to people with poor mitochondrial function. This is why they treat methylation defects with pills and not AM solar exposure.  This is why they advocate detox over redox and it is why the wise quantum clinician always advocates re-building the redox potential over detox methodology.

Clearing a mycotoxin/fungus does you no good if you cannot generate a redox potential because your environment is stealing your redox potential. I mentioned that in EMF 4 blog and reiterated it in EE12 blog and in Ubiquitination 21 blog. REDOX BEFORE YOU DETOX ALWAYS!!!!

Light is my scalpel……..always has been with respect to mold and fungal diseases. Too bad for the critics that left the building and could not wait for the full harvest of the ideas. Sun light, not food, nature not beliefs. Concepts not precepts. Reality trumps your perception of it.  Attention follows energy, and the absence of light in proteins tells the sun where to refill us to avoid degeneration from mold/fungus.





Theory of Relativity: Quantum biology perspective

Most people still struggle with the Theory of Relatvitity but here is an easy way to understand it.  Some people will say different view points but it is a relative perspective that drives things below our perception level.  Just take it in this video below:  Click on it.

This is how the world shows you reality is relative.  How does the little man see the world as a low heteroplasmy rate person?  How does the paradigm visualize the world in this video?  Which reality do you want?

Here is a link to the video: https://dms.licdn.com/playback/B56AQFi0ZS1O5ZqRA/fe85d2a6a0fe4300946ed840ef3b724f/feedshare-mp4_500/1479932728445-v0ch3x?e=1505145975&v=alpha&t=QP7ALcwmIRRr6vjBW5T0zdOk21Ln_LvFhzCyNaAK1Lg


It all comes back to light.  One of my good UK friends Ricky Sharpe recently said this to me.  His words were poetic to me because they tell us how light sculpts living things in ways we cannot fathom.  I decided to share them with you all here so you can see how his re-education has helped him overcome his food forward paradigm.  He is now a fully committed “Mitochondriac”.  I want each one of you to get to his level of understanding too.

Ricky said,  ‘We can close the curtain and pretend like it’s the week end now, we can pretend it all the time’ banana pancakes by Jack Johnson

Used to be a bit of a fan of Jack Johnson’s music but eventually found his albums a bit ‘samey’… some of his music is now on play lists on Amazon prime, so found myself listening to it this morning and finding it quite relevant to a few points I’ve found myself trying to make in response to questions I’ve been asked about
1. living in a bubble
2. No news or media
3. Seasonal eating, and bananas in particular (funny enough)

The jist of this song is not paying attention to time, living in the now, ignoring convention and being happier for it. Trying to un-programme domestication that are now so imbedded, we forget they’re even myths, like gold or fiat currency being valuable… all notions I subscribe to, but the point I find people asking me about more and more is why local and seasonal diets are so important, and I want to work it backwards this time

So let’s look at humans as one strand of mitochondrial DNA, developed in east Africa. we’re all black, we’re built to live in equatorial sunlight year around, eat what grows, which is predominantly sugar in the form of what now looks like pineapples, coconuts, bananas, etc
Our skin colour would rarely change as we have little seasons, it’s virtually a perpetual summer with little breaks.
The climate hardly moves outside of warm, very warm or hot
Food is not seasonal as such, we’d eat some meat and fish but we’d likely become lazy and pick fruit rather than hunt as it’s easier and less risky than foraging
We wouldn’t need to have any social changes through out the year like sleeping more or less depending on seasons
This probably happened for some hundreds of thousands of years

Very very recently in historical terms small bands of Homo sapiens venture north into Europe. A much more hostile environment. Much more seasonal
They didn’t know that their mitochondrial DNA had the ability to adapt, I guess they either ‘lucked out’ or something else happened for them to survive in the short term. Maybe they found some caves, already had the skill of lighting fires and managed through a couple of winters until they found their feet.
Long term, there were some huge, obvious changes.
The sun would now not be directly in the sky, but at an angle, meaning different rays of light reach their environment – even in the middle of summer.
This meant their skin would need to become paler in order to attract more sun, they would develop a new type of fat that created heat when it burned (brown fat) amongst many other biological changes needed to survive.
Homo sapiens effectively had to become better solar panels, attracting light that was now much weaker than before.

There would still be similar food in the form of berries, apples, and other things growing that contain the high sugar content they’re used to during the summer, but as winter approached they would need to adapt in a big way to survive, using whatever fishing skills they had, sea shore foraging, making broths, or any other way of utilising fats from animals, and learn to tap into fat stores in order to survive the winter months when food was extremely scarce. This was another world compared to East African, which would have looked like a haven compared to European winters, it makes you wonder what the attraction to move was.

Skills such as the ability to run from predators would be close to redundant, and instead, energy would now be used to create heat, and lots of it.
They would need to find a new level of efficiency in order to obtain energy and heat from food with much less energy coming directly from the sun, due to the reduction in quantum yield.

It’s a tall ask, but due to the unbelievable adaptive ability of mitochondrial DNA it worked, and lasted thousands of years, until the point that we have different types of humans that can be distinguished by their mitoDNA, with different inherent abilities all over the earth. Black, white, yellow, brown with a lot more going on under the hood

Whilst it can be said that food, heat and light all played a part in the adaptation, the key that links the whole process is light, because light determines the heat, and the food that grows
Light is the answer, light sends the signalling for the food to grow, for the heat and for our mitoDNA to know how to behave (the obvious example is triggering melanin in order to create a suntan, but this is the tip of the ice berg)

This looked as though it could last forever, and save for a natural disaster, it probably could have, until Edison invented the light bulb, we imported food, and installed central heating in our homes.

The homo sapien haven that is East African has been brought to Northern Europe and America artificially. We now have the food, light and heat that we left behind. Which would be a cool thing, if being comfortable was the start, middle and end of the story

Without swamping you in quantum biology, sunlight, and especially ultraviolet open up pathways to receive food at a cellular level.
So sitting in Tenerife in a uv index around 10 and eating a banana would not likely be traumatic for a person, or raise blood glucose levels.
Sitting inside in london in January having seen little to no sun, let alone UV and eating a banana, under artificial light rich in the blue end of the spectrum would be like putting petrol into a Diesel engine.
It’s incredibly important to eat the sun (meaning eat what the sun grows where you live: local and seasonal)

All that adaptation in order to survive in Northern Europe has meant Northern Europeans now have a hybrid system that needs to be respected.
We eat like Eskimos in the winter and Africans in the summer: this has been going on since we’ve been here
Fats and protein in the winter and sugars and carbs in the summer – impossible to deviate from
During the summer we store fat and during the winter we burn it off in order to create the heat we need.
The last 150 years have severely disturbed this process since the industrial revolution.

The reason I always pick on bananas, is that we’re told fruit is ‘healthy’ and ‘natural’, well it’s all down to context.
If you can pick it, then eat it. If it needs to take a plane ride to reach you, then don’t touch it
Now don’t get me wrong, I eat ice cream, I drink coffee, I do other things that I can get away with whilst staying above my tipping point for health. I might remove these one day if I ever get ill or don’t feel optimum, but the point of the banana is most people say things like ‘oh I eat really healthy, I only have a bananas for breakfast’ if you live in Northern Europe or America, you might as well have a bowl of ice cream instead, there is more fat and less sugar In ice cream and a snickers bar come to that

So there are two eating pathways we’ve developed: one for fat and one for sugar, I think they need some attention.

You see anyone that’s eaten a standard western diet for more than 5-10 years would have over loaded the sugar pathway, to the point that they’re Insulin resistant, contributing to conditions like diabetes and cancer
When these people then embark on a ketogenic diet, after a small dose of ‘keto flu’ they usually feel like a million dollars, even if it is in the summer when they require sugars.
This is purely because they’ve over done it for years and that pathway gets a much needed rest.
Fast forward a couple of years/seasons and then the body will require the fats in fat season (winter) and the sugars in sugar season (summer) if they are to be optimum. This is when and why keto fails to live up to it’s all purpose billing
Seasonal is how the hybrid system works, and we signed up for that the day we walked away from Africa.
It’s like buying a go kart and then deciding you want to go off road… you have the wrong gear in the wrong environment
If you want to eat sugar, have a high blue sun, eat bananas, and never be cold, you really need to consider moving closer to the equator

MitoDNA is so adaptable that you probably could move to the equator or tropics and eat a high sugar diet, and survive, even thrive, but living like it’s Africa in london and New York, in a perpetual summer, with blue light, tropical food and tropical heating is going to ramp up blood glucose, which will likely lead to diabetes, cancer and heart trauma
If light outside the visible spectrum is charging water, and blood is made up largely of water, then maybe you can see why heart attacks are more common in counties where living inside is the norm

The issue is, most of us, and certainly all millennials have never known anything other than an option of what food to eat, what temperature constitutes comfort, living indoors and whether we want to have lights on or be in darkness: this is so drastically taken for granted that even insinuating these 3 things might not be ‘ok’ probably makes me sound weird.

However, This is why we’re now more likely to die of eating too much than starvation. More likely to kill ourselves than be killed

Action is driven by emotion, emotion is driven by hormones, hormones are driven by cycles, and cycles are driven by sunlight
Sunlight is made up of infrared (A,B and C) visible light (the rainbow) and Ultraviolet (A,B and C)
This is all found in a range of huge range,of which blue is a tiny tiny part, yet between October and march blue light is the only unbalanced light most people see, this is why there are much higher rates of skin cancer and suicides away from the equator: now how does that fit in with UV rays being the enemy?

So the idea of mitigating artificial light, food and heating in the winter isn’t going to go down well with the masses, but eating these foreign foods, foreign heating and foreign light is just taking away the protection, the body armour, the resilience, the safety belt, the natural ability we’ve developed to fight off all that we’re now trying to cure with pharmaceuticals … it’s a dead end game from what I understand

It all comes back to light: every time…….

Ricky is a starfish.

Now I want to respond. I want to, my patrons to know exactly why I will NEVER DUMB nature down for any of you even when you beg me too.

Of course it comes back to light ALWAYS………but people are not interested in real truth just the stories of bullshit the get from the bulletproof hero’s in marketing.  I have no time for this nonsense.  You want it simplified…….????  Just watch this video at this URL to get a flavor of my ire of why I reject this nonsense:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMDTcMD6pOw

I won’t dumb nature down, ever for you or anyone else.  It won’t happen on my watch because I want to educate and elevate people and not keep them dumbed down.  I abhor the low dopamine mindset of modern man.  For those of you who wanted it dumbed down” go to another universe where the rules are more to your liking.  I am not sharing my wisdom here or anywhere else to become pleasing.  I am doing it to uncover where Optimal health really lies for you and you can take those morsels and do with them what you like.

Most people really don’t want the truth, they just want constant reassurance that what they believe is the truth.  My mouth is not a bakery.  I don’t sugarcoat anything.  If you ask me my opinion I’m going to tell you the truth, no matter what you want to hear.   There is a general difference between the physical and the social sciences that people ought to remember. In the social sciences, if you don’t like “it”, often you have at least some space to change “it”. Some wiggle room. eg. if you don’t like the language, you can change the language. If you don’t like the political system, you change the political system. There is nothing to measure it against how effective these things are, because the fact that people want them is itself the measure of their effectiveness.  Nature gives a rats ass about your wants needs and desires and that is how I teach her brand of science.  So it is important to remember that in the physical sciences, you DO have something to measure things against. I believe this is the sentiment a teacher ought to express to his students when teaching them about the physics of organisms in nature.  People sometimes seem to think that they can negotiate how they want the physical world to be like, or the rules we are going to use to measure it. The fact is, we can’t use what we ‘want’ there anymore. Whether it fits the world, if it’s accurate or not accurate, becomes the only matter of importance.  It is time you wake up to this reality and elevate your game to Nature’s rules.

Leadership is the activity of influencing people to cooperate toward some goal which they come to find desirable after they have been re-educated by nature.