QUESTION:  What is the CT time threshold at which the body induces pro-inflammatory cytokines to warm the body up, and CT starts to create the cause it was designed to resolve? With icing injuries, physical therapists assert this threshold can be around 15 minutes…does this correlate systemically?

ANSWER:  The key is understanding what controls the switch in wound healing.  It varies by season.  Most people have no idea the switch is electromagnetic that controls a macrophage protein that acts in the MAM of the mitochondria and the ER of the Golgi.  It is called MCP-1.  In tissue damage, the first signal is a loss of the DC electric current and activation of cGMP and this stimulates the INFLAMMATORY cascade to clear damage.  After a period of time determined by the electromagnetic signal, the same electromagnetic signal then uses a different second messenger to stop the inflammatory chemokine reaction and begin repair using cAMP.  The regeneration begins when the DC electric current in the tissue is restored and then mitophagy and autophagy drive the healing.  This is all increased by sunlight and cooling.  One of the best free health tips I can give ANYONE who wants to live a healthy and long life:

learn these 2 words – Autophagy and Apoptosis.

Learn what they mean, and then learn how you can manipulate your body to optimize these 2 crucial cellular functions through lifestyle. Then do it!

Think of your cells as a bunch of shiny Lamborghini cars. Built for optimal function.

Sometimes, your carburetor or your battery dies in your Lamborghini. When that happens, you certainly aren’t going to throw it out, are you? You just fix what is broken and replace the parts of the car that are not functioning well. And voila. Like brand new.


But sometimes the damage to your Lamborghini is beyond repair. The engine is ceased and unrepairable. The body is a disaster. The transmission is on its last leg. I this case it might be better just to trash it completely and get a new car by replacing it.


If autophagy and apoptosis are working well in your body, you will have optimally functioning cells, organs, and energy levels.  The electromagnetic signals in the ECT control this process especially at CCO = cytochrome 4.

Restoration of metabolism occurs when regeneration of the damaged tissue mitochondria begins repairs using information in light (OAM) to repair deficits and tumors can respond without drugs to sunlight because of how sunlight acts on kinases and CCO with NO from UVA light.  High dose IV Vitamin C with a quinone (Vitamin E or K) can remove deuterium to improve hydrogen flows to stimulate apoptosis.  This can be good for a leg wound but could be devasting if the injury is to the neck and stimulate ALS in the cervical cord.  This is an electromagnetic process whose signal is HIGH fidelity.  It is linked intimately linked to cytochrome c oxidase and the redox-driven unfolding of histidine residues of cardiolipin in the mitochondria of CCO via nitric oxide concentrations driven by UVA light.  Information quanta in photons electrons and protons controls this gating mechanism in cytochrome C oxidase via cAMP and/or cGMP response.    In particular, electromagnetic fields act on tissues by using light waves and calcium signaling to increase ROS, NO and pro-inflammatory cytokines production in macrophages and following this can contribute to the establishment of a switch toward the resolution of the inflammatory response, and thus wound healing.  Accordingly, EMFs induce anti-inflammatory cytokines and contribute to the down-regulation of pro-inflammatory ones. These events can be usurped by alien frequencies if introduced into the process of healing.

Sunlight and/or cold, are nature’s key EMF induction switch to create a specific amount of nitric oxide production during an injury.  This can be explained by the increase in the bioavailability of nitric oxide (NO) induced by exposure to EMFs in cell types involved in the reparative process. Indeed, it has been reported that EMFs activate the calcium-calmodulin switch (CaM) which leads to increased activity of eNOS production and bioavailable NO in the microcirculation. NOS works differently in hot and cold environments much like motor oil does as temperature varies in a car engine.

At this level, the NO is able to activate both guanylate cyclase (sGC) and adenylate cyclase (sAC) properly depending upon the seasonal EMF that activates eNOS.  This also implies getting outside in the sun or cold after a trauma-induced event may be a wise thing to do since it appears light activation of wound healing is a critical step.  This is why surgeons have found for years that wounds made earlier in the day heal much better than wounds created at night.  It is also why cooling a wound when indoors makes a ton of sense too.  The same mechanism was found to be in action when methylene blue was used in wound healing back in the 1930s.  MB acts like a mimetic of Vitamin C.  In fact, Szent Gyorgi wrote a paper about this in 1936 in Nature. Hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) is stabilized in fumarase-defective cells, but protection from apoptosis is a HIF-independent mechanism.  Activated tyrosine kinases and down-regulated phosphatases regulate cell survival at different levels depending upon the stimulus.  It turns out the members of the Bcl-2 family of small molecular weight proteins are affected by fumarate hydratase suppression by deuteration in the matrix of damaged mitochondria.  Pro- and antiapoptotic activities of Bcl-2 family members are regulated at either the transcriptional or posttranscriptional level by the information quanta in photons, electrons, and protons. Photons are special in wound healing.  Photons come from the family of bosons and they are the force carrier of the electromagnetic force.  So light can increase informational transfer if it can increase its own orbital angular moment in ways protons and electrons cannot.  How do we increase the orbital momentum of photons in sunlight captured in a healing tissue?  We can turn visible light frequencies into laser light using deuterium atoms in our blood.  This is why it has the highest concentration in our body at 150ppm.  How does it happen in life?  My Vermont 2018 video covers those details.  The fats in the skin adjacent to the blood vessels loaded with hemoglobin are suspended in blood plasma water and the light from the sun is fully capable of making a laser light the body can use to increase the OAM or light captured inside of us.  When deuterium in the skin arterioles is compressed by the pile driving action of UV light the nucleus of deuterium begins to emit a full spectrum of UV light to drive the photonics program of healing.  This is why sunlight and cold always help to heal.