When and how did you get orange pilled?    My experience was during the great financial crisis when one of my friends in the automobile business shared some experiences he was having with the government and his business.  They mirrored some of the things happening in medicine at the same time.

I got this from a good friend in Industry.  It encapsulates my emotions on our economy and America.  Under Obama I am worried that capitalism will fade and communism will flourish.  I am sickened at how he has handled the bailouts.  I also think his appointment of Geitner was and is criminal now that we know Geitner was responsible legally and morally for Lehman’s failure and in the end the cause of us having to bail out AIG.  I am disgusted with America.  The change we got was new shit from another cesspool.  I cant wait to vote again.  I wish it where tomorrow.  In two years Congress is going to look alot different.  You can bank on it.  And for those of you who have not googled the tirade that I saw live on CNBC of Rick Santelli a Chicago bond trader on the floor of the MERC please watch it here.  This is the largest transfer of wealth in mankind going on.  They blamed Bush for Iraq, well Congress spent 1000 Iraqs in a day for the benefit of bankers in 2008.  They have ruined our future with this spending.
This is an actual note GM sent out to their suppliers.

Dear Employees & Suppliers,

Congress and the current Administration will soon determine whether to provide immediate support to the domestic auto industry to help it through one of the most difficult economic times in our nation’s history. Your elected officials must hear from all of us now on why this support is critical to our continuing the progress we began prior to the global financial crisis………………….As an employee or supplier, you have a lot at stake and continue to be one of our most effective and passionate voices. I know GM can count on you to have your voice heard.

Thank you for your urgent action and ongoing support.

Troy Clarke
President General Motors North America

Response from: Gregory Knox, Pres.
Knox Machinery Company
Franklin, Ohio


In response to your request to contact legislators and ask for a bailout for the Big Three automakers please consider the following, and please pass my thoughts on to Troy Clark, President of General Motors North America.

Politicians and Management of the Big 3 are both infected with the same entitlement mentality that has spread like cancerous germs in UAW halls for the last countless decades, and whose plague is now sweeping this nation, awaiting our new “messiah”, Pres-elect Obama, to wave his magic wand and make all our problems go away, while at the same time allowing our once great nation to keep “living the dream”… Believe me folks, The dream is over!

This dream where we can ignore the consumer for years while management myopically focuses on its personal rewards packages at the same time that our factories have been filled with the worlds most overpaid, arrogant, ignorant and laziest entitlement minded “laborers” without paying the price for these atrocities…this dream where you still think the masses will line up to buy our products for ever and ever.

Don’t even think about telling me I’m wrong.  Don’t accuse me of not knowing of what I speak.  I have called on Ford, GM, Chrysler, TRW, Delphi, Kelsey Hayes, American Axle and countless other automotive OEM’s throughout the Midwest during the past 30 years and what I’ve seen over those years in these union shops can only be described as disgusting.

Troy Clarke, President of General Motors North America, states: “There is widespread sentiment throughout this country, and our government, and especially via the news media, that the current crisis is completely the result of bad management which it certainly is not.”

You’re right Mr. Clarke,  it’s not JUST management…how about the electricians who walk around the plants like lords in feudal times, making people wait on them for countless hours while they drag ass…so they can come in on the weekend and make double and triple time…for a job they easily could have done within their normal 40 hour work week.  How about the line workers who threaten newbies with all kinds of scare tactics…for putting out too many parts on a shift…and for being too productive

(We certainly must not expose those lazy bums who have been getting overpaid for decades for their horrific underproduction, must we?!?)

Do you folks really not know about this stuff?!?  How about this great sentiment abridged from Mr.  Clarke’s sad plea: “over the last few years …we have closed the quality and efficiency gaps with our competitors.”  What the hell has Detroit been doing for the last 40 years?!?  Did we really JUST wake up to the gaps in quality and efficiency between us and them?  The K car vs.  the Accord?  The Pinto vs.  the Civic?!?  Do I need to go on?  What a joke!

We are living through the inevitable outcome of the actions of the United States auto industry for decades.  It’s time to pay for your sins, Detroit.   (You need to fail with the banks right now, in my opinion)

Henry Ford had it right when he asked for a new monetary policy based on energy use in December of 1921.  Labor use is a form of currency.  It is a currency based upon energy use.  Labor is a proof of work function.  It mimics the laws of thermodynamics.  Henry Ford discussed how energy currency could be backed by energy measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh).   He also discussed with the New York Tribune that the currency would “be issued only to a certain definite amount and for a specific purpose.  He wanted to kick start this idea at the Muscle Shoals dam in Alabama.  The Muscle Shoals section of the Tennessee River is treacherous but it produces a lot of energy as the dam provides electrical power, flood control, and a water supply.  Ford realized he could use this energy source to build a more efficient currency.

It has always been understood that Henry Ford was well ahead of his time.  We need the Big three to remember the lesson Ford gave us in 1921.  Ford took shots at the banking cartel in 1921, which are basically the same financial institutions and family members running the world’s finances today. “It’s simply a case of thinking and calculating in terms different from those laid down to us by the international banking group to which we have grown so accustomed that we think there is no other desirable standard,” Ford stressed.

I attended an economic summit last week where brilliant economist, Alan Beaulieu, from the Institute of Trend Research, surprised the crowd when he said he would not have given the banks a penny of “bailout money”.  “Yes, he said, this would cause short term problems,” but despite what people like politicians and corporate magnates would have us believe, the sun would in fact rise the next day… and the following very important thing would happen…where there had been greedy and sloppy banks, new efficient ones would pop up…that is how a free market system works…it does work…if we would only let it work…”

But for some nondescript reason we are now deciding that the rest of the world is right and that capitalism doesn’t work – that we need the government to step in and “save us”…Save us my ass, Hell – we’re nationalizing…and unfortunately too many of our once fine nation’s citizens don’t even have a clue that this is what is really happening.  But, they sure can tell you the stats on their favorite sports teams…yeah – THAT’S really important, isn’t it…

Does it ever occur to ANYONE that the “competition” has been producing vehicles, EXTREMELY PROFITABLY, for decades in this country?…  How can that be???  Let’s see… Fuel efficient…  Listening to customers… Investing in the proper tooling and automation for the long haul…

Not being too complacent or arrogant to listen to Dr. W. Edwards Deming four decades ago when he taught that by adopting appropriate principles of management, organizations could increase quality and simultaneously reduce costs. Ever increased productivity through quality and intelligent planning… Treating vendors like strategic partners, rather than like “the enemy”… Efficient front and back offices… Non union environment…

Again, I could go on and on, but I really wouldn’t be telling anyone anything they really don’t already know down deep in their hearts.

I have six children, so I am not unfamiliar with the concept of wanting someone to bail you out of a mess that you have gotten yourself into – my children do this on a weekly, if not daily basis, as I did when I was their age.  I do for them what my parents did for me (one of their greatest gifts, by the way) – I make them stand on their own two feet and accept the consequences of their actions and work through it.  Radical concept, huh?… Am I there for them in the wings?  Of course – but only until such time as they need to be fully on their own as adults.

I don’t want to oversimplify a complex situation, but there certainly are unmistakable parallels here between the proper role of parenting and government.  Detroit and the United States need to pay for their sins.  Bad news people – it’s coming whether we like it or not. The newly elected Messiah really doesn’t have a magic wand big enough to “make it all go away.”  I laughed as I heard Obama “reeling it back in” almost immediately after the final vote count was tallied…”we really might not do it in a year…or in four…” Where the Hell was that kind of talk when he was RUNNING for office?

Stop trying to put off the inevitable folks … That house in Florida really isn’t worth $750,000… People who jump across a border really don’t deserve free health care benefits… That job driving that forklift for the Big 3 really isn’t worth $85,000 a year… We really shouldn’t allow Wal-Mart to stock their shelves with products acquired from a country (China) that unfairly manipulates their currency and has the most atrocious human rights infractions on the face of the globe…

That couple whose combined income is less than $50,000 really shouldn’t be living in that $485,000 home… Let the market correct itself folks – it will.  Yes it will be painful, but it’s gonna’ be painful either way, and the bright side of my proposal is that on the other side of it all, is a nation that appreciates what it has…and doesn’t live beyond its means…and gets back to basics…and redevelops the patriotic work ethic that made it the greatest nation in the history of the world…and probably turns back to God.

Sorry – don’t cut my head off, I’m just the messenger sharing with you the “bad news”. I hope you take it to heart.

Gregory J. Knox, President

Knox Machinery, Inc.

Franklin, Ohio 45005

I love Gregory J Knox and I wrote him a letter to tell him how I felt about his response.  If I ever need something he makes, I will buy it.

^^^^^That was posted on my FB page 2/21/2009.

Mr. Knox was my Satoshi before Satoshi existed.


Embrace the suck of adversity. Never be afraid of speaking wht you believe to be the current truth to your audience. Begin to step out of your shell and accept your success. Your reality is important to share with the world. You don’t need to write or speak well, you just need to “connect well” with your audience. Sometimes that audience will be your friends, family, or an audience of 50,000, or maybe just you and your doctor in an office.  Knox is a friend of mine who’s experiece during the financial crisis brought the real problems of America into a clearer focus for me.   

You need to learn to connect your ideas to them effectively to change your reality. I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel by how you connect with them. It is always a good day to be grateful for all of life , grateful for large blessings and small.

When we find our path, we must not be afraid of the unknown. Many adverse experiences in life pre condition our minds to be ready for a new way to adapt.  We need to have sufficient courage to endure our own mistakes or those our government makes.  Disappointment, defeat, and despair are the tools we must use to show us the proper trail to blaze. When we speak from the heart, people will begin to meet you where you are today. Today, begin to speak well because your tongue will learn to deliver the message of your heart.  That message will resonate to your audience and it may ready them for the coming storm.

Leave me a comment below about how you where orange pilled.


What would it look like to you?

Today’s inflation number came in at 8%.  That number is heavily maufactured.

Bitcoin inflation rate currently sitting at 1.7%, continues to follow its preprogrammed, fully predictable downwards trajectory. The Fiat inflation rate is now 8% if you follow fuzzy math. 1980 math says it is 17.5%
The average person isn’t smart enough to be scared enough to understand the implications of this lit fuse.

Global inflation rates:

🇺🇸 – 7.9%

🇷🇺 – 9.2%

🇧🇷 – 10.4%

🇦🇷 – 50.7%

🇹🇷 – 54.4%

🇻🇪 – 472%

Bitcoin is the escape hatch.



I expect a de-dollarization event sooner than most think. Some believe this is already happening in slow motion because the Federal Reserve can support the bid on treasuries all day long. They can buy all assets back and adding them to their balance sheet. Those who talk about kicking the can down the road while hoping for a long-drawn-out economic reset believe this scenario is playing out presently in markets in slow motion already.  Black Rock and Vanguard are doing the Fed’s dirty work now buying up assets.


What would it look like?

But what happens if a government like Russia or China become sick and tired of the Fed’s action to replace the failed Bretton Woods experiment?

The Fed’s Nightmare: The Big One

I’d like to remind you this is not a prediction.  It is just a thought experiment that shows that this outcome has a non-zero chance of occurring.  Moreover, it should be obvious that markets are not always continuous in how things trade.

Early one-morning news item “x” occurs.

News item ‘X’ might be:  People’s Bank of China has just announced that it has replaced a large percentage of its USD reserves with gold and bitcoins to pay Russia for oil and gas since the BIS has canceled the Russian Central bank’s accounts.

Realizing the negative implications the US stock indices are quickly down 4%.  Counterintuitively the 10-year yield is up and bonds are sold.  The dollar goes screaming higher as people look for liquidity.  The Fed open market desk intervenes but is overwhelmed.  Soon stocks are down 7% triggering the first circuit breaker 15-minute pause.

Meanwhile, gold is strongly bid and is up $50 per oz. while Bitcoin records its largest move in months.  The Fed comes on the tape saying it is prepared to provide whatever liquidity is needed including swap lines overseas and will do “whatever it takes”.  The market re-opens and is immediately down 15% triggering the second circuit breaker.  Fed is on the tape again mentioning that they will seek authorization to buy stocks as needed, in the hope to calm the market. I believe they will call it the “The Save America’s IRA Plan”.  75% of people below in the picture do not know or believe their life savings in retirement accounts are now at risk of evaporation.

The market re-opens and is immediately down 20% closing for the balance of the day.   It is now 11 am.  Meanwhile, gold is bid up to $120 per ounce, but there are few sellers.  Bitcoin is now up $40,000 per coin from its daily open.  The bond market continues to sell off as bondholders seek to raise cash with which to buy gold and Bitcoin.    Lots of commentators are on financial TV and media are flummoxed because they never saw the tsunami coming.  Some countries did.  They were initially mocked and now their citizens are laughing at Americans who are becoming more poor than the poorest people in El Salvador every minute.  We call those people: Lamar’s tribe.

These “financial experts” remain confused and seek to calm the masses on mass media.  But it is a long afternoon.   All afternoon bonds are relentlessly sold and gold and Bitcoin are relentlessly bid.  This is the largest wealth transfer in the history of humans happening at the speed limit of the Big Bang.  Those who are in the know understand what this is.  CURRENCY FAILURE.  Full stop.  Every government the USA bombed in the 20th centrury is now in better shape than the USA.  Most of them converted some of their Treasuries to Bitcoin and gold before the USA did.

No one should hope for this scenario above, it would be very bad even for people holding BTC and gold. Let’s hope for a gradual transition away from fiat. You don’t have wealth if there is nothing left to spend it on.  Peer to peer trade is now the way of the world in most cities.  Some of these cities have been doing it for years now.

Abject fear is felt by every financial asset holder in the world.  This is for all the marbles and the Fed’s credibility is gone.  The emperor is fucking naked and everyone agrees on it and can see it.   Overnight gold trades up $200 per ounce and Bitcoin is up to $100,000 per coin by morning.   The stock markets struggle to open and when they do they immediately plunge 20% and are closed again for the day.  Meanwhile, gold is now up over $400 per ounce at $2,300 and Bitcoin is trading at $200,000 per coin.

President Biden makes a Presidential address and announces the closing of the financial markets for 10 days.   Gold goes $10,000 bid, $100,000 offer, but none is really available. Gold becomes scarce.  Bitcoin trades through $400,000 per coin on its way to $2,000,000 per coin.  Every 10 minutes another Bitcoin block is produced like clockwork.  Nothing happening in global financial markets is affecting the operation of the Bitcoin network.  Many HODLers are smiling.

Only foreigners can buy it because the US banking system is closed.  ATMs are down.  Credit cards do not work.  Any commerce that is taking place is done via barter via peer-to-peer networks like Bitcoin.

One too many coins in the fuse box short all financial circuits.  The false assumption that the Fed could always save the system is utterly and completely destroyed.  Bitcoin and Gold have performed their role as “sovereign CDS”.

Now you are at a new world order where the people’s money sits on the throne as the global reserve currency.  If your network of friends and family have no hard assets they see their life passing before their eyes every day they wake up.

Millennials prepare to take care of their parents AND children at the same time. Municipal-sized communities band together to help sort out the most immediate needs. New leaders emerge on merit. 10 years later we are moving forward in prosperity.

^^^^^Millennials will be The Hero Generation of this Fourth Turning

Ok, but what comes days after? Full hyperbitcoinization? Confiscation attempt? Volatility for sure follows…Are you ready for it?  Do you have “hope” after this event?

Chaos will reign but those who know from chaos comes order will win.  Soon thereafter, a leader who understands sound money will emerge.  Problems will be solved, order returns and chaos retreats.  Certain environments will experience less chaos then others.  Zipcode will matter deeply.

The take home: Do not just react emotionally to this event…

Instead quickly feel that emotion, let it go, process and respond.  Those who act properly will limit the chaos they experience.  If you have the wrong people around you during this event they will affect your perception of it.

You must share your critical thinking skills before, during, and after this event to help you be a leader for your tribe.  Failures allow us to  realize our fullest self, and accomplish our biggest goals.

I’d tell you to compare this event and its failure to being “On Tilt”, a poker term which simply means not being able to think clearly after losing a big hand.

And that’s really a great analogy and we’ve all experienced it already, right?

Every time we encounter failures, it’s a natural tendency for us not to be in the best mental state.

Because emotions tend to overflow everything in failures.

But, what matters is how soon do we get ourselves recovered and learn from it to not let it happen again.

Those who are most wise will know to file the failure experience away, make it part of our identity, never go down that road again, and get back to what really matters in life.



How does the cell know what size and shape it should be? Many cells alter their shape to provide different functions, like microglia. Even more complex is the question as to how organs, limbs, and creatures know what size and shape they should be when they are growing. How do the cells know how and where to form an organ? How does the creature know how to rebuild a severed limb to the correct size, shape, and orientation?

Being locked up is one thing for a person, but to have no concept of what confinement on this planet means while being powered by the electric and magnetic fields of the sun is critical.  What might mean?  I believe what it might mean for life on this planet is an unbelievable myopia of the smrtest living creature evolution has created to date.  Those silly talking monkey just may remain wholly ignorant the power of Nature’s ability to sculpt life in terms of the physics of light.  If this can happen, they might live for thousands of years and dominate Earth for a short period of time while never having understood what drives life at its core.  Remaining ignorant of the power of light’s redox power might be a thousand year struggle that makes it unfathomable for a person of science to find the truth.

Man’s five senses are all electromagnetic sensors at some quantum level that are designed to capture the vastness and the immensity of information/energy our cosmos and confine it to the limited real estate of the sensory organs to understand all the complexity of the universe.  No one sees the symmetry of this confinement.

Every artist on this planet is a master of some aspect of confinement.  Even a writer, an author, a simple blogger can harness the vastness and the immensity of the cosmos and confine it to the limited pages of the paper or a computer screen. This perspective of nature makes it much easier for me to surrender my life to the being confined by nature in the best environments nature builds as time elapses during our species existence. What is the lesson it has taught me as a decentralized physician?  Anything not forbidden by nature will certainly happen; the question is for us to answer, is when, where, and how does the organization of life happen.  There are thousands of these same questions found in published science.  They include how do astrocytes and neurons know the exact networks they should form in our central and peripheral nervous system.  With respect to COVID, how do immune cells know how to travel through very complex differing 3D environments?   How did the sun, your city, and your choices around light and its electrical fields drive this process?

An equally difficult question has been addressed in the literature by redox power as to how the cell knows exactly what shape a coded sequence in a protein will take. Both cells and microbes alter the codes of their protein toxins that require extremely detailed and accurate shapes. In fact, modern science cannot calculate what shape a 400 amino acid coded sequence will be when it folds into a protein.  Is this what Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease really are?  Are they photoelectric diseases?  My forum has threads that provide answers to these questions.

It would take all the supercomputers together two thousand years to calculate the folding of one average protein. Yet, proteins assemble into the exact shape in a millisecond, helped by very complex chaperone molecules. Cells routinely edit their messenger RNA with alternative splicingto make a whole variety of shapes. How do cells know how to do this?  What is the information data cells use to do this?

Might it be the electric power you collect from the sun and Earth and store and transform in your mitochondrial DNA?

Could manufactured mRNA says from a COVID jab alter this process once a human complied with a government mandate?

Research now shows from many research labs:

Remember the 1951 paper I mentioned that Turing wrote on morphogenesis?  

Now we have more information he and Shannon were right that information and energy are linked at the most fundamental levels.  It turns out redox power links them.  

For all of these questions, it is hard to imagine the information of the 3D shape being inside one cell, or even a group of cells. It seems more likely that a field of information somehow guides these processes. Is this evidence for an electrical field of information forming 3D shapes of cells, organs and creatures, also, related to the influence of mind?

Recent research shows that electric potentials in non brain cells are a signal for creating patterns during development and during re building of organs. This information of different field potentials surrounding individual cells can give information for the developing organ.

Now, research from the laboratory of Dr. Michael Levin (the video above) is demonstrating new ways that cells signal with electricity and the great importance of electrical properties for individual cells and tissues. Electrical fields are a function of cellular redox potential.  The sun powers all the electric fields generated in a cell.

Levin’s papers on the topic describes how electrical gradients and fields are critical in the 3D function and shape of cells and organs. Professor Levin notes that cancer cells use electric gradients for many purposes. In fact, aberrations in electrical processes can lead to cancer. Differences in electrical potential in cells are important in determining whether a cancer metastasizes and electrical states in one cell can have effects on distant cells, triggering metastasis. These electrical potentials in one cell can signal other cells that trigger genetic networks and epigenetic effects.  Cancer does not come from DNA/RNA defects.  It comes from bad electrical signaling.

The electric state of a cell is determined by many complex factors, but it is clear redox power is the critical factor. What are some of the other factors that augment redox power? One is the opening and closing of ion channel proteins, which control the movement of charged particles (ions) across the cell membrane. Changes of the cells’ electrical potential via the activity of ion channels are shown to be able to suppress or trigger cancer. The chemical changes are always preceded by electrical changes in cells.  These electric changes are wholly tied to the redox state in that cell system.  This is how ALAN and abnormal electric and magnetic fields from technology lead to disease. Another factor is electrical synapses that transfer electricity from one cell to another via their membrane system.  That system is adjacent to the cell water.  Therefore, membrane integrity and water fidelity in cells should be factors of critical importance to redox potential and to health.

Differential ion channel activity in the body sets up specific patterns of voltage potential throughout tissues. During development, these electrical properties of cells determine what types of cells they become. This also explains how redox power links to tissue repair and to morphoology.  This is why Dr. Doug Wallace has found disease seems to vanish when redox power is reinstated in the mitochondrial colony in cells.

Different electrical properties of cells affect what type of cells are made from stem cells, how much reproduction goes on, where cells travel to and their shape and orientation. Electrical gradients and fields certainly affect travelling immune cells, stem cells, and all brain cells. They also exert profound effects on other somatic cell types during embryonic development and regenerative repair. Electrical properties are simultaneous with chemical metabolism using genetic network processing. They are critical for healing wounds and responding to infections. They determine the symmetry and shape of organs, cells, and the organelles in cells.  That size and shape change is fractally embedded in our proteins size and shape in systems.  All these changes are ciphers of redox changes and electrical state in a cell.  People forget electrical charge is conserved quantum mechanically.

Charge conservation is not like energy conservation ideas found in the laws of thermodynamics.  Energy cannot be created or destroyed.  Neither can charges.  But charge confirmation does not mean that individual positive and negative charges cannot be created or destroyed. Why?  Electric charge is ONLY carried by subatomic particles such as electrons and protons. Charged particles that carry electrical information and energy can be created and destroyed in elementary particle reactions.  It turns out varying redox potential allows for the alteration of electrons and protons inside of mitochondria and many other organelles in cells.  That electrical variation creates tipping points in cells.  Can you give us an example of this?

In animals electrical information generated in mitochondria is more crucial than genes. It is the electrical properties of the regions in tissues that form the two eyes that determine where the eyes will go in any organism. When this electrical property is altered, the eye forms in different places. This effect cannot be replicated outside of the head by any of the master eye genes man has discovered.  Redox power trumps genetic power.  If this idea offends you, that is a good.  Our older beliefs are slowing down innovation in medicine.

These electrical redox reactions dominate cell physiology.  Centralized MDs seem to be ignorant of this.  Decentralized mitochondrial physicians better know the implications of this to help you.

Redox potential is king for health. Why? It turns out, our electrical activity is driven by redox power and it can drive downstream genetic changes in the nucleus.  That nuclear change is preceded by electrical changes in membranes in cells.   For example, just changing the electrical gradient can dramatically change the cell’s behavior. Becker showed this in his experiments on salamanders and other animals. After an amputation, controlling the voltage potentials of wound cells causes the regrowth of a limb. The specification of the details appears to exist in the electrical field. At specific regions of the animal’s body, either a tail or limb grow due to the electrical signaling, which kickstarts a “build whatever goes here” program.  I mentioned this above when I spoke about where an eye grows in you.

What does this idea imply?

Altering the electric fields by altering redox power from mitochondria transforms energy in an organs. Since energy = information, we now can see how information flow is handled by biology. Redox change alters the information and the biological results cells can experience.

KEY POINT IN THE BLOG:   How do changes in electric fields by mitochondria change morphology? They do it by inside the cell, by altering many membranes that link the inner mitochondrial membranes to protein machinery. This connection extends to the nuclear membrane where RNA/DNA remain coiled in stillness. The nucleus becomes active with altered redox signaling. In this way, the mitochondria as an organelles becomes THE critical information center of the endoplasmic reticulum where proteins are assembled and morphology manifests phenotype. Electrical potentials and information fields in mitochondra exist to shape and sculpt living cells.  This is how redox power works to keep you well.

The electric field generation and variation trumps biochemistry. This is fundamentally why centralized medicine is failing the public. Centralized medicine focuses in on biochemistry and DNA gene changes instead of realing that the electric fields created in mitochondria control both of these things by altering electric signaling because cells use protein ion channels imbedded in mammalian membranes. DHA is an electrical fat that is designed to alter the ability of electrons and protons when the electrical potential of the membrane is altered by charge released by mitochondrial at the inner mitochondrial membrane.  This is why all mammalian membranes have massive amounts of DHA present in them. These proteins affect distant actions and are very involved in creating the overall gradients.

The physics of light control redox power and redox power controls the morphology of proteins. The size and shape of proteins determine the thermodynamic capabilities in a cell and this is what determines physiology and phenotype. Genes do not control this system. Light does by using electrical power to sculpt electrons and protons using charge variation.

Life exists at a tipping point of the redox potential.  At a certain electrical potential, life without the constrainment of disease becomes possible. Below such a level only life with disease becomes possible.  Below this level life is impossible and death is the likely probability.  All of this links back to charge conservation of the atoms in various parts of cells.

At cellular tipping points, information & energy transfer becomes electric and the it generates faster learning and is capable of  improving adaptation to an environment.  As redox power drops the opposite is more likely.  Human cellular redox power range is between -200mV and -400mV.

^^^^to get to -400mV the IMJ of the cristae need to align in perfect size and shape.  Optimized ATP production occurs at these levels.   All scientists and physicians are taught to believe and think of ATP is the only high energy molecular currency a cell has.  Ling was the first to show that the energy math of ATP hydrolysis could not explain the resting membrane potential that was measured in biochemistry labs in the 1950s.  Moreover, he showed mathematically, that the ATP hydrolysis rate could not explain the shortfall of the Na/K ATPase in Peter Mitchell’s chemiosmotic model.  The proposed ATPase energy calculations broke the second law of thermodynamics by a 5 fold margin!  Biochemical reactions of the hydrolysis of ATPase breaks the second law of thermodynamics.  It is hard to fathom how no one saw the fallacy of this core biochemical belief based upon the negative energy balance alone.

The hydrolysis of the high energy phosphate bond produces only -7.3 kcal/mol.  When you compare this value to the almost -60 kcal/mol of oxidized NADH at cytochrome one in the inner mitochondrial membrane,  it becomes clear the real power found in a cell is electronically induced and not driven by the hydrolysis of ATP.  Electronic induction is something a quantum cell does, not one that is taught in modern cell theory’s books.

Take a look at this eye-opening picture above that clearly shows where the power comes from that drives all biochemical reactions. It is electrical power of the redox state of cytochromes.  This came from National Center for Biotechnology Information, Copyright Exp Gerontol. 2010 March; 45(3): 173–179.)

What do the 2 pictures above say to a mitochondriac?

Electric power generation in our mitochondria is the key to a healthy long life.

Those two pictures represent all on needs to understand about what makes up the human biological redox energy scale. The highly reduced energy levels of NADPH, GSH, and NADH are used to power catabolism with molecular oxygen as the terminal electron acceptor. The step-wise electron transport in mitochondria is used to generate ATP. ATP in this scenario of power generation is a secondary and lower denomination of energy currency.

Since the reducing energies of NADH, NADPH and GSH are all incredibly massive as seen above on the left of the picture above, they can unilaterally provide the power and energy for a large number of reduction reactions in the cell including glycolysis, ATP generation, disulfide bond formation in numerous enzymes that allow for proper protein folding in all cells. This includes the brain, all the ABC transporters, all signaling molecules and all known transcription factors. The driving force for these reactions depends on the relative concentrations of the oxidized and reduced forms of each redox couple of NADPH, NADH, and glutathione.

Understanding these relationships mathematically then becomes the next step in understand redox power for the mitochondriac.  What math are we speaking of?

It is called a Pareto distribution or the Bradford power laws. The reason why people learn faster is because they become more attentive to detail and complexity to increase their understanding. Once the first few “survivors” get it, the rest follow by standard power law mathematics. Biology works on the same laws. Evolution used this design in our mitochondrial DNA for ultimate survival. The redox power of the cell varies in different environments.  It is that electrical variation that sculpts DNA/RNA.  The type of DNA expression, in turn, controlled how energy could be transformed to turn on or turn off parts of the DNA genome in the nucleus.  Ultimate survival, therefore is the result of a decentralized epigenetic phenomena of this biologic power law. If a few initially survive the “energy adversity” in the environment, mtDNA signaling can then change and sculpt mRNA and DNA to change the program of life to increase health and eventually survival.

Electric fields vary in environments.  The sun is the major thing that causes the variation.

And why shouldn’t this surprise anyone? Because this is precisely how plant life does things too! people always forget all food webs link to photosynthetic webs on Earth.  Mitochondrial biology reverse engineers the photosynthetic process.  The first step in photosynthesis uses the charge separation of water to create an electric redox power using sunlight to create a directional transfer of energy from the sun to water.

Once that program works, in a varying environment, the Bradford power laws state that the growth of surviving life can be explosive.  This helps explain the Cambrian explosion better than Darwin’s theories do.  This is precisely why evolution has sped up the evolution of life since that time.  This really is seen in the primate clade of mammals where humans have undergone the rapid development of our neolithic cortex in our brain at the expense of our paleolithic genes in our body. We are in the dark about these mathematical laws and their implications but they all control how energy/information is transformed in decentralize networks like Nature.

In one of many circular genetic processes found in complex life, the actions of the genetic machinery are controlled by electrical gradients and the elaborate signaling of the genetic networks create the electrical gradient. Patterning occurs by a continuous interplay of genetics and physics. This is a core principle in decentralized medicine. This is the basis of mitochondrial medicine.

For all you non believers, try searching PubMed for redox or glutathione and inflammation and see what links you find.  I got over 120,000 hits at the medical school library search I did in 2010.  You will notice 80% of those all link to nuclear factor-kappa beta (NF kappa beta).  It is no coincidence that NF kappa beta keeps showing up in the literature as a “redox-sensitive transcription factor” critical to immune and inflammatory responses in humans.  This defines a Paretto distribution.

That is the basis of redox signaling in cells.

If you go back and re-read all my early leptin blogs from years ago, you will see me constantly mention IL-6, NF kappa beta and TNF alpha with leptin.  Now you know why I began with those blogs.  All of these cytokines are activate the NRF2, KEAP1, and redox pathways in cells.  Redox potential is the key to a healthy life.

Understanding biochemistry alone is a losing proposition from a centralized MD or their patients. It is however great news for Big Pharma. They can take full advantage of the myopic view. Decentralized MDs know their patients improve with redox therapies. In fact, research shows that the electrical influences cannot be reduced to simple chemistry inside of a cell. This is why allopathic and functional medicine are paradigms that won’t offer disease reversals.  Both enrich the centralized controllers or ideas they push.

How do we know this?

Electrical gradients of individual cells and many cells contribute to the creation of the 3D shapes and functions of organs and creatures. Examples of this include the creation of the embryonic eye, the head, and the regeneration of limbs exactly to size. Becker showed us this in the 1960s and biology still has not recognized its critical lesson. We are looking in the wrong genome for health. Health begins with electrical field improvement. It will not improve with altercation of the RNA and DNA machinery.

Our colony of mitochondria are decentralized time machines.  Sunlight is the power source that creates more time in life for us.

Big Pharma knows this and they spend dollars studying the wrong things to keep customers and not reverse diseases. For movement of cells, when electrical and chemical gradients are in competition, the electrical gradient wins.  Big Pharma knows this and keeps centralized MDs from learning this in medical school curriculums. When you limit what MDs learn you create a paradigm of belief you can profit from.

OUR REBIRTH = “RENACER” at the 13 latitude

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