The solar-terrestrial environment is modulated by solar cycles which affect the global climate and all organisms in the biosphere. Interference patterns are the transducers of energy, which at its most fundamental is described as information. Earth functions like a planet-sized electrical capacitor or condenser, storing electrical potential.

The space between Earth and the ionosphere is a dissipative closed cavity between 50-375 miles that can sustain quasi-standing waves at wavelengths of planetary dimension. Electrical conductivity in the atmosphere is driven largely by cosmic rays that generate a torsion field. Conductivity increases exponentially with altitude because the lower atmosphere buffers collision frequency.

The ionosphere begins about 50 miles out from the Earth’s surface and extends out over 180 miles. It consists of charged particles. This highly dynamic region is constantly exposed to harsh full-spectrum ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. It breaks down molecules and atoms.This light excites the global electric current that surrounds the Earth.  Highly charged ions and free electrons, therefore, fill the ionospheric layers creating a “spectral power station” using sunlight.

Lightning radiates broadband EM fields that spread laterally into the cavity. Global thunderstorms excite the Schumann resonances, which can be observed around 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39, and 45 Hz. The resonant spectrum is a superposition of global lightning discharge. For these resonant values to change, the planet would have to change diameter.

The Schumann resonance (SR) modes, like other low-frequency modes, are able to leak into the ionosphere, particularly at night when the plasma density is lower in the ionosphere.  Using measurements from the Communications/Navigation Outage Forecasting System (C/NOFS) satellite, for the first time, Schumann resonance signatures have been detected well beyond the upper boundary of the cavity. These results offer new means for investigating atmospheric electricity, tropospheric-ionospheric coupling mechanisms related to lightning activity, and wave propagation in the ionosphere.

Such frequencies have wrapped earth’s life since its inception.  These waves have cradled all living things on Earth from inception. Normal daily variation ranges ± 0.5 Hertz. Driven by lightning, this primal SR pulse calibrates us and enhances our physical and mental well-being. That natural resonance helps us achieve our optimal brainwave states, but this atmosphere to human linkage is disrupted by the electrosmog of today’s technology.

The Schumann resonance couples us to the water made in our mitochondria to the Earth’s electromagnetic field to create coherent domains of water filled with electrons that move freely inside of a cell that acts to create quantum coherence islands in us. These islands create a sea of electrons that can move and carry light anywhere in the system.  Neither classical nor standard quantum theory predicts quantum coherence for water, largely because neither considers quantum fluctuations and interactions between matter and electromagnetic fields, This is the domain of quantum electrodynamic field theory.  How does it work?

When energy is absorbed from the field/environment, particles of matter will begin to oscillate between two electronic configurations, a ground state, and an excited state.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi had already highlighted the importance of water for life in the 1940s and proposed that organized water existing close to surfaces, such as found in cell membranes, is able to induce a very long-lasting electronic excitation via resonant transfer of the different molecular species present in liquid crystals like cell water, thereby activating them and enabling their mutual attraction for reactions to take place. Linus Pauling felt the hydrogen bond was the key to understanding what Szent-Gyorgi was trying to convey.  His idea was lost when he was discredited for his Vitamin C beliefs late in his life. The physics is settled now,  when electrons are added to surfaces they become more likely to capture photon energy due to the photoelectric effect.

This makes these surfaces more hydrophilic and they form a new structural zone in water that atomically forms in water. This structure essentially is a charge separating zone that surrounds everything inside a cell. Without the water being made in the mitochondrial matrix nothing inside a cell works. Why?

As water is missing so are its hydrogen bond numbers. As hydrogen bond numbers drop, statistically, then SNP, genes, and proteins cannot function as they should because they exclude everything larger than the size of a proton = the lightest isotope of hydrogen. Statistics = probability = quantum realm.

Light hydrogen, called protium,  is just a proton with its electron stripped out. It is the currency of the ATPase in mitochondria. The key to physiological functioning in a cell is linked to the bond angles in the hydrogen bonds between SNPs/SAPs/genes/proteins inside a cell.

Because the electronic zone excludes the proton’s positive charge, this zone has a large net negative charge as a battery would. Sunlight + coherent water becomes a battery for life. Without the battery, clocks/SNP/SAP/genes/proteins do not work. This is why you must fix the mitochondrial water creation mechanism to help people to health. This quantum dance forms the basis of your redox power. Quantum coherent water = water in its atomic construction. The hydrogen bonds are the pot of gold for health and the Schumann resonce is what keeps water’s hydrogen bonds at the ideal strength to support life

In particular, all particles coupled to the same wavelength of the fluctuations will oscillate in phase with the EM field of Earth and begin to exhibit quantum coherent behavior. This organizing principle is how the Schumann resonance made water on Earth quantum coherent before any life was present on Earth. How is this possible? Understanding the Lamb shift and what it does was key to making sense of why the Schumann resonance makes life possible on Earth.

The Schumann resonance is found in the RF range of the electromagnetic spectrum and they have the lowest energies, the longestest wavelengths, and the lowest frequencies.  Low frequency waves have massive effects on water’s behavior.

The Schumann resonance set the mathematics of the hydrogen bonding network in water.  Environments change redox power by varying the charge density of the hydrogen bonds in water that mitochondria create.

Water makes up 99% of molecules in every cell. Water is a very small molecule that has more hydrogen bonds in it than any other compound. Liquid water contains the densest hydrogen bonding of any solvent, with almost as many hydrogen bonds as there are covalent bonds in its structure found anywhere on Earth. Water’s hydrogen bond network changes at a pico and femtosecond level in any environment. Inside a cell, its atomic arrangement is controlled by electrostatic forces in a cell created by the redox power of the mitochondria in that cell. These hydrogen bonds can rapidly rearrange in response to changing conditions and environments

For example, animals are capable of sensing earthquakes before they occur because of changes in their environment that is transmitted to their CNS to protect themselves.  Pre-earthquakes environments seem to signal animals via the interruption of the Schumann resonce.  Prior to major earthquakes many changes in the environment have been documented. Though often subtle and fleeting, these changes are noticeable at the land surface, in water, in the air, and in the ionosphere.

The energy in the Schumann resonance comes from lightning that hits Earth. The power source of the lightning ultimately comes from the sun. The total energy in this system is the combination of the fluctuation of the Schumann resonance and the combination of the energy of excitation of the particles in water shifted from their ground state to the excited state. This is exactly how the Lamb shift was discovered in physics. Mathematics tells us that there has to be a critical number of particles in the coherent domains of water for which the total energy in the Schuman system will equal zero. At this point, a phase transition becomes possible in Nature due to the quantum field characteristics.

At this point, the coherent oscillations of the particles in the coherent domains in water no longer require any external supply of energy to maintain themselves. When this occurs the oscillations within water become sustained. A scientist named Emilio Del Giudice found that coherent domains can be easily excited by energy sources further, turning high entropy energy sources into low entropy energy sources.

Water was the medium where coherent domains could easily be built on Earth. The coherent low entropy energy could be buried in the water and this energy could enable selective coherent energy transfers to take place. As energy transfers occur, entropy has to flow by QFT.

When entropy flows time manifests. Recall all clocks are flow meters for entropy. cellular water = coherent domains in water that is low entropy. Low entropy water is critical to building accurate clocks on Earth. The relationship between surface water and EMF had to occur before life could exist.

Biological clocks are built as a flow meter for entropy inside of cells. Potassium ions orders water molecules by hydrogen bonding network cooperation. Entropy is a measure of the disorder or chaos in a system, and the more ions present in a solution the more disorder there will be. Solids have the most order and least entropy because of their atomic lattice.  The Schumann resonce provide atomic structure to water by its 7.83 HZ native EMF.  It is helped by terrestrial sunlight. These native EMFs hold the crystal lattice of the hydrogen bonded network in range for life. The water molecule is quite small but the hydrogen bonds inside water are even smaller and most important to accurate biological clocks = ideal periodicity.

Where did the Schumann come from? It begins with the solar plasma hitting the Earth’s magnetosphere

The EMF associated with the creation of the Schumann resonance was built by a small coherent domain in water. Terrestrial sunlight then excited these coherent domains in water to create exciting water which had more light photons buried into its molecular structure by lowering the entropy of the coherent domains in water. This is mediated via the atomic structure of the hydrogen bonding network.

The hydrogen bonds in water are the internet of the cell. When they go bad, so does your health.

This occurred by optimizing the hydrogen bonding network inside cells where mitochondria create water.  The addition of sunlight to these coherent domains in water excited them to create a sea of freed electrons. This is the basis of redox chemistry. Those freed electrons could then be used to excite areas adjacent to the coherent domains in water. The creation of free electrons was the first step on the journey of the creation of mitochondria to harvest the energy buried in these electrons.

Water within the Schumann resonance powered by sunlight became life’s first rudimentary mitochondrial blueprint. These freed electrons in water easily can transfer electrons to molecules in water adjacent to the water domains. This design made normal bulk water act like a redox pile full of electrons. Almost all of the reactions in a cell are due to these redox reactions.

Hydrogen bonds in cell water are natural networks hardened by the Schumann resonance to form a decentralized consensus mechanism in cells on how to use resources, when to reproduce, and what strategy best defends the organism.  It is the cornerstone of how life was orginally organized.

At the edges of the coherent domains in water, these electrons became able to induce very long-lasting electronic excitation of different molecules that were dissolved in this water. This was how membranes evolved. Usually, insulators, e.g., substances that do not conduct electricity, are good at both generating and holding, a surface charge. Pure water is actually an excellent insulator and does not conduct electricity. Water that would be considered “pure” would be distilled water (water condensed from steam) and deionized water (used in laboratories), although even water of this purity can contain ions. NaCl is always present in biological water. Both the Na and Cl ions are hydrophilic.

But in our real lives, we normally do not come across any pure water. Water in biology always has ions dissolved in it. The energy to perform these creations is how Nature built her evolutionary paradigm using quantum mechanics as her backstop.

As these coherent domains got larger, the energy density in the water became larger. Adding NaCl to cell water actually increases the density of coherent domains in water. These coherent domains became able to export their energy things adjacent to the coherent water domains because this ultimately stabilized the coherent domain that was built by the Schumann resonance in water.

The human body resonates at the same frequency as Mother Earth. So instead of only focusing on trying to save the earth, which operates in congruence to our vibrations, I think it is more important to be one with each other. If you really want to remedy the earth, we have to mend mankind. And to unite mankind, we heal the Earth. That is the only way. Mother Earth will exist with or without us. Yet if she is sick, it is because mankind is sick and separated because of how our species uses electromagnetic waves in our resonant cavity on Earth. And if our vibrations are bad, she reacts to it, as do all living creatures.


The earth and ionosphere generate a symphony of frequencies ranging from 0.01 hertz to 300 hertz, and some of the large resonances occurring in the earth’s field are in the same frequency range as those occurring in the human cardiovascular system, brain and autonomic nervous system. New data indicates that we may be more deeply interconnected with the earth’s field than previously imagined.

Electromagnetic waves are one of the basic forms of matter contained by space. Moreover, from MEG, EEG, and evoked potentials, we know they are being generated in the brain by the acceleration of charged particles in several mediums found in the brain. We know they are being generated by brain activity at the surface of the brain where it interfaces with the water in CSF. A neuron carries signals from one place to another by an “action potential” which propagates along its axon as an ionic current of one kind happens at each successive node of Ranvier to point rush sodium into the neuron axon via the cell membrane.

In turn, then ions of another kind flow back out of the nerve axon. The acceleration of such ions makes the synchronized firing of thalamic neurons act like an electromagnetic antenna, generating a complex electromagnetic wave in the brain that flows back to the front.

You might be shocked to know, that Becker always hypothesized that DC current came from the thalamus or the reticular activating system in the upper brainstem, but he had no experimental data on where it really came from. In the last 40 years, functional neurosurgery has found that thalamic neurons oscillate at 0-75 Hz, which is exactly where the Schumann oscillates harmonically.  This current seems to flow from the ionosphere to the brain and discharges into the Earth.  During earthquakes the flow of current reverses and this alters the global electric current in our ionosphere.  This data further connects the brain directly to the earth’s micro-electromagnetic pulsations. Here we see the form meeting function, yet again, in Nature.

Since electromagnetic waves, are composed of elemental photons for the eye to see and electrons from food to be transferred via water into our CSF for our median eminence to sense; they are a form of matter whose spread-out nature could give their intrinsic nature a spatial structure in space-time. There is an elemental bit of matter generated by active brains whose intrinsic nature could have enough spatial structure to account for complex phenomenal properties found in humans.

It is the electromagnetic energy being given off as a series of complex electrons and photons by a human brain that is not asleep that allows us to do the things we can do when we are awake.

This is all the more plausible when we consider that the brain, despite making up only a few percent of body weight, accounts for nearly 20% of the body’s total energy consumption and is surrounded by water in the form of CSF.

We live in the time of technology, where superficial wavelengths that disrupt the natural earth’s frequency. Wifi, cell phones, and an array of electronics are part of our everyday lives. It is also why our bio-electromagnetic waves are out of tune.  What we crave is a tech diet to recature health. With technology, our cells become out of tune from Earth’s electromagnetic pulse and this disrupts the biological clocks in our cells. For example, the frequency of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (what powers cell phones, tvs, radio etc) ranges from 30,000 Hz to 300 Billion Hz. That creates a significant amount of interference or noise for the 7.83 Hz that the earth radiates. No wonder so many find their health is out of tune and crave healing.


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What is the difference between a decentralized and centralized MD? Centralized MDs are told by their bosses to just treat the symptom of things and not reach for the cause.  Above was my TED talk that was banned over a decade ago because the decentralized ideas it contained were too controversial for the medical community at that time.  I am hoping showing it here lights a fuse in some of you to help you today.  

The people of today would rather stand next to a man with no substance but covered in gold, rather than the man with substance whose ideas contain the wisdom of gold. They’ll tell you they thirsted for wisdom, but when they hear how it comes from Nature exclusively you find that their interest in the truth was only a mirage.

Some minds are a desert you can die wandering in. It appears to the short-sighted, through their fog of misunderstanding taught to them by centralized healthcare.

The centralized power base in academic medicine tells them the sun is toxic = Nature is a monster to avoid. They’d rather physicians default to the prescription pad because studies have been done to show efficacy.  They rarely tell the public about the people creating those solutions and also fund the studies on efficacy.  It is a good gig if you can tolerate its implications.

9 truths every healer leader, no matter your title, need to embrace:

1. Not everyone who needs your help wants your help.

2. Not everyone who wants your help is ready for that help.  Early on you will find this idea incredulous.

3. You’re not here to help everyone you want to help. This lesson will come from friends and family most often.

4. You’re not here to help everyone who asks for (or will pay for) your help. You can help them but you cannot devote most of your time to them or you will burn out.

5. There are people you want to help who want your help and are also ready for that help.  These are the people you go all in for.  They make your professional life a joy.

6. There are people you really don’t want to help who you’ll still help.  Many times you’ll do it without them even knowing how you did it.  There will be no reward for you on this path, but you did what needed to be done.  I do this most frequently on social media.

7. You’ll help people you have no idea wanted, needed, or could use your help.

8. You’ll help people you will never meet or even hear of or know exist.  This one will astonish you over the years when they reach out to tell you what you did.

9. You actually have very little idea how many people you can, have already, or will help.  The reach of social media has changed this metric for leaders in healthcare.  

Your work, once you say “Yes” to the calling of being a healer,  is to focus on the healing you offer and to develop your skills, not on the “who.“

Only in and through engaging and practicing your craft do you develop awareness, discernment, and trust to align with who or what is a “yes,” and release who or what is a “no” or a “not right now.”


In my opinion, a good leader requires, first and foremost, a personal motivation that is genuinely centered on the success of those you lead.  Your vibe needs to resonate with your tribe.  There’s very little room for self-interest in real leadership. All too often, people aspire to leadership roles because they want to advance their own career, agenda, or power. If that is the underlying motivation, one’s leadership experience will be filled with frustration. They will inevitably begin to view their followers as obstacles, or worse, as tools to leverage for their own advancement. This is the antithesis of true leadership, but it exists all around us in healthcare.

At its core, leadership is about helping others. Those who give themselves over to the sincere desire to support the development, accomplishments, and well-being of others are ultimately the ones who find success in their own leadership, and who position themselves for expanded influence. Genuine leaders don’t have to demand the spotlight. They earn it through being worthy of others’ attention and appreciation.

Centralized medicine has become a luxury trade. We now trade human futures like pork bellies in healthcare.  I abhor this aspect of my profession. Today, centralized healthcare is selling bread at the price of jewels.  We need to decentralize our practices.  Patients need to embrace decentralization in their lives.

Few leaders in healthcare are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions that differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Become one of the few today who can to help others.  That is real leadership.


How does the sun’s photons sculpt cells?

The tensegrity of a cell is built by the collagen backbone that is hydrated and composed of adhesion proteins of the extracellular matrix.  The water around the adhesion molecules changes via electronic induction of an EMF leading to physiologic capabilities or pathological probabilities.

The properties of liquid water are very different from most other liquids, with many anomalies being identified. These properties are due partially to water being a very small and highly polar molecule, but mainly due to water’s capacity to form ordered tetrahedrally-placed cooperative intermolecular hydrogen bonding. In liquid water, clusters of water molecules are continually forming and dissociating due to changing environmental EMF’s.  

Water molecules oscillate between two electronic configurations in phase with a resonating solar EMFs and the Schumann resonance of Earth.  Those variations alter cell adhesion molecules to alter the tensegrity of the cell and can and do change the growth cycles in cells.  This changes information transfer in light photons inside of cells.

One especially important class of adhesive molecules is the integrins. Integrins are more than just mechanical links, however: They also relay signals both to and from mitochondria and proteins in cells. In this way, integrins play an important role in sensing the environment and controlling cell shape and motility.

What are the 4 cell adhesion molecules?

Adhesion molecules are cell surface proteins that mediate the interaction between cells, or between cells and the extracellular matrix (ECM). There are four families of adhesion molecules: immunoglobulin-like adhesion molecules, integrins, cadherins and selectins.

Which adhesive molecule is required for high fidelity cell to cell communication?


That types of adhesion molecules is sVCAM-1.

What is sVCAM-1?

Soluble Vascular Cell Adhesion Molecule-1 (sVCAM-1) is a well-known biomarker of endothelium dysfunction that is associated with hypertension and atherosclerosis in humans.  When we are solar deficient or Schuman deficiient we observe diseases associated with altered SVCAM-1

UVA = short wavelength light.  This means solar noon is a time when arterial transmission of light is greatest, and when energy transformation from foods should be lowest.  This is another reason eating during mid day is a bad idea.  The best light transfer in humans occurs during mid day when the sun is highest in the sky.  Most heart attacks in humans occur at pre dawn or dusk, when the NO system is most stressed.  This is why aspirin also has a circadian variance and works best when the NO is most stressed and endothelial activation is highest.

Many ​​reports in the literature have suggested that endothelial activation is an important process in pathogenesis of disease like infection/sepsis.  Peripheral artery disease seems to mimick an infectious process linked to low levels of nitric oxide in vessels due to a lack of solar redox. The association between biomarkers of endothelial cell activation and sepsis severity, organ dysfunction sequential organ failure assessment (SOFA) score, and death seems to be related to solar magnetic flux or excessive nnEMF exposure.

Kp = geomagnetic parameter.

The Kp value that is reported is the maximum fluctuation, which is the maximum positive and negative deviations of geomagnetic activity at a particular location that occur during the 3-hr window.  This varies greatly by latitude and population density due to the sun and nnEMF exposure of modern humans.  nnEMF affects the Schuman resonance production at various spots in the Earth’s ionsophere.  This reduces the fidelity of the signals that control these proteins.

These solar and geomagnetic data for locations on Earth can be obtained from spacecraft measurements and can be found on the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s OMNIWeb.


Many people do not know that bacteria and Archea undergo explosive growth in space where nnEMF dominates because the protective veil of the Earth’s magnetic field is weak. This fact become known when an America astronaut, Dave Wolf spent 4 months in space on MIR for NASA before the USA planned on building the ISS. When Wolf opened up the hatch where all the water and wiring were found he found the are filled with excessive microbial life. This shocked NASA and they knew this could mean pathological trouble for the astronauts of the space program if they were going to try to colonize space.  Little did they know that this situation should have helped medicine understand why mitochondrial function goes awry on Earth when it is pathologically subjected to nnEMF inside the magnetic shield of the Earth.  People think the solar system is a non dynamic system but this is a false belief.  The solar system is subject to massive nnEMF variation, and this variation changes the electronic configurations of things in water.  Earth has more water on it than any other body in the solar system.

This should have been a lesson to modern medicine for how chronic diseases manifest in modern humans on Earth. Confused? Let me explain some evolutionary history to you.  Why is this a critical piece of evidence in my Quilt document?

What is our mitochondria, fundamentally and where did we get it? It is a bacteria we stole into our cells around 600 million years ago at endosymbiosis. We controlled its growth on Earth by surrounding mitochondrion with water and adhesion molecules that limited its physiologic abilities to grow.

Evolution also deleted most of its genes to 37 in number. Only 13 of its genes remain which code for the proteins that make the respiratory proteins which tunnel electrons from food, magnetic flux, and the sun. After the eukaryotic cells absorbed the bacteria it surrounded it with water and cell membranes loaded with DHA that had electrons in it. Why did it do this?  A cell has to control the stowaway cells growth potential in order to force it to transform energy from electrons, protons, and photons.  Photons can only excite electrons and the charge density of light can liberate electrons to move in cells.

Bacteria are known to release 5000 times as much light than eukaryotic cells can.  Eukaryotic cells are built around the idea of retaining light.  Since mitochondria are of bacterial origin, they are built around the idea of liberating light.  I believe this is why the inner mitochondrial membrane has no DHA in it.   Mitochondria also create heat.  Heat is a form of IR light.

Heat and light do special things to water. As water absorbs heat, it stores this as potential energy by breaking hydrogen bonds in the crystalline structure of cell water without considerably increasing its kinetic energy.  While water behaves like most liquids at higher temperatures, as it’s cooled the hydrogen bonding starts to play a more important role in how it acts in cells.  Liquid water has many strange properties, due to crystalline hydrogen bonding networks.  For example, it has a high specific heat, high surface tension, high melting point, and high boiling point as a a consequence of its queer behavior with the varying charge density in the spectrum of light.

Each liquid water molecule is involved in about four hydrogen bonds with strengths considerably less than covalent bonds but considerably greater than the natural thermal energy. These hydrogen bonds are roughly tetrahedrally arranged (quasicrystal)  such that when strongly formed the local clustering expands, decreasing the density. Such low density structuring naturally occurs at low and supercooled temperatures and gives rise to many physical and chemical properties that evidence the particular uniqueness of liquid water. If aqueous hydrogen bonds were actually somewhat stronger then water would behave similar to a glass, whereas if they were weaker then water would be a gas and only exist as a liquid at sub-zero temperatures. The overall conclusion of the investigation of water is that water’s hydrogen bond strength is poised centrally within a narrow window of its suitability for life.

Heat shrinks water’s crystalline structure and creates an exclusion zone (EZ) in water that increases its net negative charge.  This increase in negative charge is the basis of redox control inside the cell. This charge density build up controls the size and shape of the mitochondria inside of cells to contrict its growth. This is why bacteria in space grow like mad. When they swell this is a stimulus to divide. Since our mitochondria used to be a bacteria we control its size and shape to use it as a powerhouse of quantum energy production. All frequencies of light affect cell water but UV and IR light build water into a battery by making something called the exclusion zone of water. It has a net negative charge and excludes protons from it. This EZ become a perfect battery to run the ATPase of the mitochondria as a quantum torque engine that operates on red light from the spectrum of hydrogen in the sun.

In space, we lose these effects in our own mitochondria and this is why astronauts get unusual medical conditions like optic nerve head swelling.  This finding changes the molecular adaptation in the central retinal pathways via neurotransmission switching between neuromedin S (NMS) & vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) neurons within the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), which, in turn, reorganizes the SCN-paraventricular nucleus (PVN) circuit that controls the clock mechanism of the eye.  The passage of entropy is they key physiologic purpose of the eye clock mechanism.

THE SUN’S ROLE in health and behavior  

The solar and geomagnetic activity exposures examined in the literature includes Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF), sunspot number (SSN), and the geomagnetic parameter, Kp index. IMF is a measure of the portion of the Sun’s magnetic field that is carried into interplanetary space due to solar wind and it has a 27 day periodicity, matching the length of time for a single solar rotation.

It is a good proxy measure for nnEMF ejected into system of planets by the sun. The total strength of the IMF is defined as the combined measurements of IMF strength from all directions; north-south, east-west, and towards-sun and away-from sun. When there are periods of increased solar activity there is an increased number of sunspots, larger total IMF values, shock waves in the interplanetary medium, solar energetic particle events (e.g., solar flares, coronal ejections, etc.), and geomagnetic disturbances.  This mimics what we see from 3G-5G towers on Earth.Sunspots are defined as temporary dark areas in the Sun’s photosphere where solar magnetic field concentrations interact with the Sun’s plasma, with the number of sunspots correlating to solar activity level. The number and size of sunspots describes the 11-year solar cycle periods. Kp index has been used to characterize global geomagnetic activity in Earth’s magnetic field, quantifying disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic field.

Endothelial activation and inflammatory biomarkers can be measured by the interquartile range (IQR) in studies.

IQR increases in SSN, IMF, and Kp have been associated with a significant, positive percent change in adhesion molecule changes such as sICAM-1 concentration.   ​​Similar to sICAM-1, IQR increases in SSN, IMF, and Kp index are also associated with a significant percent change in another adhesion molecule called sVCAM-1.  Its concentration also rises with nnEMF changes.  ​​

Circulating vascular adhesion molecule-1 (sVCAM-1) is a known marker of endothelial activation and dysfunction that rises in atherosclerosis causing a reduction of blood flow and oxygen to mitochondria leading to mitochondrial dysfunction and altered growth. It now appears obvious that elevated soluble plasma concentrations of adhesion molecules like sVCAM-1 is a marker of white matter lesions in the myelin of the brain.  These are linked to cerebral vascular diseases like MS and hypertension. Air and light pollution seem to raise these cell adhesion markers leading to disease.  Short-term exposures to particulate air pollution have been associated with higher levels of these biomarkers within populations of susceptible individuals such as asthmatic children, diabetics, and men with coronary heart disease.

SNPs and SAPs seem to have evovled with mtDNA evolution to deal with variations in solar weather and epigenetic control in animals.  Air and light pollution likely affect the functioning of SNP and SAPs in animals because of how they vary the the absorbtion of terrestrial sunlight. SNPs in miRNA-processing genes appear to modify associations between ambient pollution and sICAM-1 and sVCAM-1, which are correlates of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.  Many in centralized medicine remain unaware air pollution is more pronounced and deadly at higher latitudes on Earth.

High latitude communities frequently have severe air pollution problems. The usual situation is the release of moderate amounts of pollutants into an atmosphere with extremely poor dispersion. The poor dispersion is in turn a direct result of the high latitude solar radiation balance, which in winter is characterized by short days and low solar elevation.  The cause is poor sunlight to disperse particulate matter using the charge density of solar photons.  I spoke about this process yesterday in my Q & A with one of my physician members whose patients were suffering from these problems.

The effects of solar activity exposures on CRP blood measurements were positive but of lesser magnitude than the adhesion molecules. However, a significant effect on CRP elevation has been seen for Sun Spot Number in humans in space and on Earth.  SSN varies the amount of magnetic power delivered to the Earth.  The more magnetic flux that is delievered to Earth’s magnetosphere, the more changes in the Schumann resonance can be measured.  These things affect the alpha wave in EEG of living things on Earth.  The alpha waves connect humans to the Earth global electrical current that helps create the Schumann resonance.


In 1954 Von W. O. Schumann and H. Koenig reported reliable and predictable peaks of frequencies that were consistent with the model of an earth-ionospheric resonance. The possibility that the electrical components of the time-varying electrical potentials produced by the brain may occasionally overlap and become synchronous with ultra-low frequency (ULF) electromagnetic activity occurring within this resonant cavity was originally observed and reiterated by Koenig and his colleagues in their research. In their publication they noted qualitative congruencies between the waveforms of electroencephalographic activity recorded from the scalps of human subjects and patterns of naturally occurring electromagnetic activity (Type I and II signals) that are generated by global lightning, particularly in tropical regions close to the equator where lightning is observed year round.

This observation is now supported by additional quantifications showing that the space-time parameters of signals measured from both the earth-ionosphere and brain electrical activity are complimentary. In particular the Schumann resonances, which are traditionally defined by spectral peaks at approximately 8, 14, 20, 26, and 33 Hz, show remarkable consistency with electroencephalographic activity in terms of frequency and intensity; both exhibit average magnetic field intensities of about 1–2 picoTeslas and when the average cortical thickness of about 3 mm is accommodated both exhibit electric field intensities approaching .1 to 1 mV/m.

Alpha waves in humans are seen in the electroencephalogram (EEG) during a normal wakeful state where the subject is quietly resting. Beta EEG are present when a person is alert/attentive and thinking actively. Theta rhythm (Stage 1) of sleep is present during the transition from wakefulness to sleep.​​

SSN lowers the alpha waves in humans.  Alpha waves induce feelings of calm, increase creativity, and enhance your ability to absorb new information.  Lowered alpha waves create feelings of fear, doom, decreased creativity, and cause you not to be able to assimilate new data.  They make you less adaptable.

When SSN drop during solar minimums, alpha waves increase.  Too many alpha waves cause too much daydreaming, difficulty focusing, and being too relaxed when needing to be alert. Optimal alpha generation from the sun allow us to be relaxed at the appropriate times and optimized vagal parasympathetic outflow from the brainstem to calm the stress response in the CNS.  Solar weather variation is reflected in human EEG strips of normal healthy people. Solar weather variation leads to changes in health and behavior of low redox humans.

Solar weather variation also changes the Schuman resonance in Earth and this can be reflected in the alpha waves in the central nervous system of living organisms on Earth.  Geospace is the term that relates to the solar-terrestrial environment and the relevant space occupied by Earth and her fields. Schumann Resonances (SR), global electromagnetic resonances, excited by lightning, is one of the natural electromagnetic (EM) fields in our planetary environment. But resonances can be excited by any electromagnetic disturbance in the atmosphere. The fundamental SR mode roughly corresponds to a wave with a wavelength equal to the circumference of the Earth. Transverse resonance is predominantly a local phenomenon containing information on the local height and conductivity of the lower ionosphere and on nearby thunderstorm activity. Waves in the ultralow frequency (ULF) range ULF range (i.e.,below the first Schumann Resonance), will have wavelengths much larger than the circumference of the Earth.

ULF waves, at approximately 1 mHz to 1 Hz, play a major role in propagating energy throughout the magnetospheric system. At the lowest end of this frequency band, the wavelength of ULF waves is comparable to the entire magnetosphere. In this frequency range, the global structure of the magnetosphere can lead to global cavity resonances and waveguide modes. The structure of these modes is determined by the gradients in the Alfvén and fast mode speeds in the magnetospheric system.

The Schumann resonance is not the internally-generated resonant frequency of the planet Earth, which is 10 Hz as Tesla discovered.  It is electromagnetic oscillations-the Earth’s global electric circuit consisting of the frequencies that play through the ionospheric cavity (space between the ground and ionosphere) as waves in a plasma. The ionosphere is a highly-conductive region of cosmic plasma (Nikolaenko and Hayakwa,2014)

The solar-terrestrial environment is modulated by solar cycles which affect the global climate and all organisms in the biosphere.

Interference patterns are the transducers of energy, which at its most fundamental level is described as information. The Earth functions like a planet-sized electrical capacitor or condenser, storing electrical potential.  Human brains can access this system remotely.  Proof that it happens are found in our EEG. (Nikolaenko and Hayakwa,2014).

The space between Earth and the ionosphere is a dissipative closed cavity between 50-375 miles that can sustain quasi-standing waves at wave lengths of our planetary dimension.  Electrical conductivity in the atmosphere is driven largely by extraterrestrial cosmic rays that generate a torsion field around Earth.

Conductivity within the atmosphere increases exponentially with altitude because the lower atmosphere buffers collision frequency. The ionosphere begins about 50 miles out from the Earth’s surface and extends out over 180 miles.  It consists of charged particles encircling the planet.  This highly dynamic region of Earth is constantly exposed to harsh ultraviolet radiation from the Sun.  It breaks down molecules and atoms in the atmosphere. Highly charged ions and free electrons therefore fill the ionospheric layers creating a “spectral power station”.  Lightning radiates broadband EM fields that spread laterally into the cavity. Global thunderstorms excite the Schumann resonances, which can be observed around  7.83, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 Hz (Nikolaenko and Hayakwa,2014).

The resonant spectrum is a superposition of global lightning discharge. For these resonant values to change, the planet would have to change diameter.  This implies that the brain’s EMF is organized around the size of a planet.  It also implies that if life is found elsewhere, it will not operate the way it does on Earth.

The detection of Schumann resonances in the ionosphere calls for revisions to the existing models of extremely low frequency wave propagation in the surface-ionosphere cavity of Earth.  Such frequencies have wrapped earth’s life since its inception and allowed life to organize itelf around these waves.  This effect happens in water clusters.  Normal daily variation ranges of ± 0.5Hz is driven by lightning discharges which is linked to solar weather variation to create the primary Schumann resonance (SR) pulse. It calibrates our alpha waves in our CNS and enhances our physical and mental well-being.

Seasonal solar weather changes in day length (photoperiod) are also known to affect numerous physiological functions in the brain around light. The suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN)–paraventricular nucleus (PVN) axis plays a key role in processing photoperiod-related information of the sun and Earth. Seasonal variations in SCN and PVN neurotransmitter expression have been observed in numerous humans and animal models. However, the molecular mechanisms by which the SCN-PVN network responds to altered photoperiod still remain murky to centralized medicine.  This blog shows you the effect is mediated in changing our mitochondrial biology and methylation pattern of adhesion molecule biology inside cells bathed in water your mitochondria creates.


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The brain is like the rest of your body; if you don’t use it, it gets de-conditioned with too little stimulation. It also can be tired out by too much stress or activity from modern life. It needs different “kinds of stimulation or exercise” to increase its varied function and requires both rest and recovery time to consolidate its gains.

1. More data that shows I was right on with the leptin Rx on finding that sun exposure directly alters metabolism in mammals. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-020-2683-0

To optimize brain function you need to limit inflammation by lowering the deuterium content of water in your mitochondria and in CSF.  This implies you must become a water muse, first and foremost. The autonomic nervous system (ANS) regulation is a function of light and water properly activating one another to control magnetic flux in the spinning ATPase on the 5th cytochrome. Water chemistry is key in getting dissimilar bodies of water in the blood and CSF to transform energy properly.  The vagus nerve connects dissimilar “bodies of water” within the human body to make them work coherently to optimize physiologic function. They use the light in that environment to make a connection or allow a mitochondrial disconnection which disrupts energy flows.

2. Every mental disorder begins with circadian disruption. Clocks are flow meters of entropy. Anything that decreases periodicity of any molecular clock is capable of causing mental illness  https://www.nature.com/articles/s41398-022-02028-3

Cells are designed to be a repository of collectible wisdom from nature’s energy and information. That energy and data come to cells as and their energy and data are stored in water. Given our cellular design to capture and collected and decipher waves, no human being itself should be considered impaired innately, there are environmental that cause the impairment. Thus, it is incumbent on the clinician to recommend treatment for the environment their patient is in. People’s colony of mitochondrial DNA react to an inferior environment, way before their RNA/DNA genome is altered. That is what the science of epigenetics and ubiquitin biology are telegraphing us, but the modern paradigm is not listening to this data. You must, if you want to avoid the sausage grinder of centralized medicine.

3. Depression is a disease that has a big stigma attached to it.  This is the reason why many avoid physician care and default to religious leaders for guidance.

Physicians tend to opt for biochemical and Big Pharma answers for depression.  Religious leaders default to what they know best and tend to only seek the spiritual answers.  While this is admirable for some, it often ignores the fact that bio-physics has practical answers as well for this condition

A few of the most practical pieces of advice for the public when dealing with depression are as follows –

A. Eliminate blue light exposure after dark because of the action of melanopsin on Vitamin A, D, and chromophores in the body. The reason is that melatonin production is mediated by the specific frequencies of light we expose ourselves to. Quality of sleep is critical to our body’s natural healing processes.

Get blue-blocker glasses. I know it’s difficult for folks who have to be up late studying and preparing for messages, meetings, and events.  We advocate luciaeyes.com  Discount code is LIGHT20.

B. Turn wifi & cell phones off at night at least 3 hours before bed. Hormones and neurotransmitters regulate our mood and other biological functions. Leptin and melatonin need 2-4 hours of dark to operate under the cover of darkness.  The release of hormones and neurotransmitters is determined by endogenous as well as environmental voltage levels caused by electric fields at specific frequencies. Here’s some research to back this point up.

Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression—

LINK  https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26300312/

Again, Some of these things will be difficult for shift working folks… but people do still use ethernet cords to connect their computer to the internet.

C. See every sunrise and sunset the rest of your life and this will eliminate the need for man’s pills for symptoms.  Put your feet on the earth barefoot for 45-60min a day and get sunlight. It’s a natural antioxidant. We’re electrical beings. Wearing rubber on the bottom of our feet Blocks the subtle electric exchange between our body and the earth we’ve had for thousands of years. Sunlight is our most natural, efficient and healthiest source of Vitamin D.

When you get your downtime, don’t just sit in front of the TV/laptop or stay inside. Make yourself get outside away from man’s creation and immersed in Nature’s creation.

D. Stop eating highly processed and refined foods not built by photosynthetic webs. This allows deuterium to enter the mitochondrial regiosn where the TCA cycle is operation to ruin the thermodynamics of how life transforms energy.  It’s easy as a modern human to eat out all the time these days.  Stop snacking and consider how leptin works.  When the sun rises you eat like a King, lunch like a prince and dine as a pauper.  As the sun’s light ages every day your food intake should drop.   Using food fuels incorrectly with sunlight is what feeds mitochondrial disease epidemics. Eat more seafood when possible, as it’s our most natural, efficient, and healthiest source of DHA and EPA. Our body metabolizes seafood.  Humans are incapable of using DHA  in a processed supplement.

This is how change begins for those who choose to change their choices around the light they live under.  Avoid shift work and work at night inside under the power grid where things must be plugged into the power grid or connected to the Internet wirelessly.  The only wireless connection cells work well with is the sun, Schumann resonance, and our magnetic field of Earth.

4. Today’s melanopsin wisdom of the ‘blue light angels’:  Do you find it ironic or understandable that all three of the cast of the original Charlies  Angels on TV all came down with cancer considering they all lived a blue shifted life and spent their entire careers in Hollywood’s blue light?  Jaqualine Smith and Kate Jackson both came down with breast cancer and one of the actresses is already dead (Farrah Fawcett) from a form of anal cancer that is linked to low solar exposure and low Vitamin D levels.  She might be a real Angel now, but I cannot help but remind all the 50-year-olds out there that watched these three ladies real lives did not match the idyllic lives their stardom projected to the public.  They all lived in California (nnEMF that lowered their ability to make D3) and they all got sick early in their life from cancers linked to low Vitamin D levels.  Their story is a lesson in melanopsin wisdom.  Blue light is a serious toxin of modern living.


Here is a counterintuitive truth of nature.  Never be afraid to be confused. Nature is designed to beguile us.  In fact, we should try to remain permanently confused. In this state, anything is possible because we remain intensely curious and we seek to learn. Stay open, forever, so open it hurts, and then open up some more, until the day you die.  If you do you will live a full life because you’ll have spent every day learning.

With technology as our headwind, we can say for sure is that humanity is entering uncharted territory for healthcare risk.

Technophiles can continue to use that which they are accustomed to and addicted too.  I have no qualms with this.  My job as a physician educator is just to show the the other side of this coin.  Most physicians wont and cant discuss this with patients because they have no idea how the physics of technology affects the biophysics built into cells by nature.  So the easiest way to teach about the danger of technology is to show you how they conduct their research.  It is done slyly by industry to gain the results they want.  They learned this from the tobacco lobby and their legal teams who successfully got away with this for close to 80 years while the published research was conducted to misguide humans.  This allowed the money to continue to roll in from the addicted public.  Misinformation and doubt is the key in the wireless industry play book.  The younger the brain is the more risk is involved in technology use.

This is a very confusing topic for the lay public and especially for physicians because their knowledge is lacking in this area.  Some of us have re-educated ourselves and this is why we teach the public who want to learn. Lots of research has been done and some of the research is pretty inconclusive.  This helps Apple, Verizon, and Google by design.  The research is often this way by design when experiments are contrived. The wireless industry wants to keep you confused so you keep using their products so the cash flow rolls in.

Take the often cited Interphone Study linked here. There’s a slight conflict of interest in the study since 29% of it was funded by the wireless industry. The other problem with this study is that a lot of the research doesn’t look at those with high cell phone usage. That’s like doing a study on obesity looking a people that are slightly overweight. The interesting thing is that the parts of the study that did look at high cell phone users found a doubling and up to a quadrupling of tumors.

I also find it curious that it took 5 years to release the study after it was complete. Not because the science wasn’t clear. But due to the intense politics that took place between the members of the team, some of whom were from the mobile industry.

The conclusion of the study? Overall, no increase in risk of glioma or meningioma was observed with use of mobile phones. However taking a look at some of the actual findings in Appendix 2 showed there was a significant increase in brain cancer in those with high mobile phone usage.  In my own experience as neurosurgeon, I have a sense we are going to see a massive bloom in glioma very soon.

It takes about 20 years to see tumors from radiation explode and so far in my own experience this has begun.  There are many other surgeons now also reporting the same experience in their young heavy tech users.  So be careful folks when you put those phones up to your head.  You’ve been warned to use the precaution principle before you feed your addiction.  The NTP study published on November 1, 2018 has already showed us that the interphone study was highly flawed because of the methodology that the Mobile lobby added to the study design because they paid for the study.  Caveat emptor.