D3 will hold up against COVID variants, unlike what the big yellow bird is pushing on social media!

We are being trained to accept the opposite of the precautionary principle: doing things that are known to cause real harm right now in exchange for an unknown, unproven hypothetical benefit.

This is the dreadful virus of totalitarianism. The only antidotes are courage and truth.  You must not comply with any tyranny.

Respect yourself, by managing who you give your time to. Stop worrying about people who don’t even care about you. The basis of tyranny is found in who owns your time.

I warned my tribe last night during a Q & A that the leading edge of this new wave would begin and take hold in three countries.  You will see them lead the way toward more time theft.

Proof I am right and this is about stealing your time?

It’s only a few weeks

It’s only a test

It’s only a mask

It’s only an app

It’s only track & trace

It’s only until there is a vaccine

it’s only a passport

It’s only for “frontline workers”

It’s only a booster

it’s only a passport

It’s only a microchip

It’s only slavery.


To all Covid modelers and fearmongers:

“It does not matter who you are, or how smart you are, or what title you have, or how many of you there are, 𝗶𝗳 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗽𝗿𝗲𝗱𝗶𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗶𝘀 𝘄𝗿𝗼𝗻𝗴 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗻 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗵𝘆𝗽𝗼𝘁𝗵𝗲𝘀𝗶𝘀 𝗶𝘀 𝘄𝗿𝗼𝗻𝗴.”

—Richard Feynman

How best to handle any COVID variant the jab creates?

The sun.  It is better to create natural immunity with the sun, but if the sun is not strong where you are or you are unable to create enough Vitamin D because your environment is sub-optimal you can consider supplementation as the paper below shows.

Biology PSA:  Pathogens usually evolve to become less pathogenic over time not more regardless of whether man or nature made it.  The thing in the picture guarantees this too.

The concern I have is in papers like these:  New research has just  emerged showing significant increases in cardiovascular events following injections of experimental mRNA COVID jabs.

This is from the highest ranking cardiology journal so the results warrant our immediate attention if we were using the precaution principle.

“We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination”.  Caveat emptor folks.






“Bitcoin is the fastest growth of a digital network in the history of the world. Faster than Google or Facebook or Apple.”

Why is this true?  The basis of tyranny is found in who owns your time.  Bitcoin returns ownership of time to you.  How does it do this?

Bitcoin organizing principle is about time.  And that organizing principle is based around understanding how time relates to sunlight.  On the surface you might think this sounds esoteric but it is not.  It is a foundational idea buried in every decentralized network.

Nature and Bitcoin are the only two 100% decentralized networks.  Nature and Bitcoin are communication channels that act as clocks.

Everything can and should be thought of as a clock.  In fact, all communications channels are a form of a clock.

Tyranny today is carried out by ruining clocks.  When clocks are damaged there is no accurate time keeping.

How Uncle Jack?

If people let the government or “public health experts” decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, or when to do it, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under any tyranny.

In an emergency, governments can freeze all of your bank accounts and financial investments, declare all of your physical cash to be illegal (gold in 1933), and seize all of your real estate. They’ll fake an emergency to make it happen if they want to.

As for the “Masters of Public Health” of the CDC and , FDA with all their pre-eminence in science, one is a den of robbers of your time, and the other of pirates who have helped the government harm the public by stealing time and value you have amassed in life.

When you create longevity you create time, in biology. When you create time via any thermodynamic system,  you must have value in it to exist across space/time. How best to do this? Is this how are health and wealth linked? Mitochondriacs know that the circadian mechanism is the key to an optimal healthspan. Is this why a Black Swan mitochondriac knows that Bitcoin is the only way to optimize life’s ledgers?

To answer these questions, we will have to take a closer look at the concept of time itself and how living cells and Bitcoin handle time creation? The physics of organisms create time for cells. Cellular organization of atoms in the SCN creates time using sunlight from the environment. All life on Earth gets all its energy and information from the sun. Sunlight or the photons that make up the light that falls to Earth are timeless. Light photons never experience time.  With respect to Bitcoin, money that is used as a token is timeless, but money ledgers can never be timeless.

Bitcoin mimics what cells are doing with light.   How Uncle Jack?

The consume its energy and information and via the organization of its code it spits out order as value and time. This happens via a proof of work (PoW) consumption of energy. With energy consumption, Bitcoin creates a ledger of both value and time.

How Uncle Jack?

Bitcoin makes up its own time: block time — more commonly known as block height. Block height allows Bitcoin to keep track of things: cells and bitcoin are decentralized timepieces that track energy and information. Bitcoin & biology are two decentralized systems that use the PoW mechanism to power its clock; one is natural created by evolution and the other man made.

Bitcoin is an information ledger that acts as a monetary clock for time and value. Information has to act via the idea of entropy because of Claude Shannon’s work on information theory.  Because of Shannon, we now know all clocks are flow meters of how a system handles entropy.

His mathematics in his 1948 paper are a consequence of this idea I am presenting here. Quantum thermodynamics, disciplines concern the flow of information and energy, while providing the right language for describing clocks. All clocks in nature must work by proof of work to describe information/energy consumption. This is axiomatically true.  He used the equation below to show it.

When you truly get this perspective, it will occur to you that actually a clock is a thermal machine that creates the illusion of time.

Today, we have a country announcing that they are going to use one of Nature’s sources of energy, a volcano, to hook it up to the Bitcoin network to create a monetary clock to power the Treasury of a small country.  Essentially, El Salvador’s government is building the most powerful monetary clock in human history.

Claude Shannon showed that any communications channel — a cell, a telephone line, a radio band, a fiber-optic cable — could be characterized by two factors: bandwidth and noise. Bandwidth is the range of electronic, optical, or electromagnetic frequencies that can be used to transmit a signal; noise is anything that can disturb that signal.

Given a channel with particular bandwidth and noise characteristics, Shannon showed how to calculate the maximum rate at which data can be sent over it with zero error. He called that rate the channel capacity, but today, it’s just as often called the Shannon limit.

In a noisy channel, the only way to approach zero error is to add some redundancy to a transmission. For instance, if you were trying to transmit a message with only three bits, like 001, you could send it three times: 001001001. If an error crept in, and the receiver received 001011001 instead, they could be reasonably sure that the correct string was 001.

Any such method of adding extra information to a message so that errors can be corrected is referred to as an error-correcting code.

In biology, the noisier the channel (inflammation), the more information (sunlight) you need to add to compensate for errors signals. As codes get longer, however, the transmission rate goes down (aging): you need more bits to send the same fundamental message. So the ideal code would minimize the number of extra bits while maximizing the chance of correcting errors.

Like any conventional modern engine, a clock harnesses the flow of energy to do work, producing exhaust in the process. Engines use this energy to propel; and clocks use it to tick. The exhaust in living cells is codified in the CO2 and water appears via transformed atoms by mitochondrial components with the amount of heat generated. Entropy, in the form of energy or information — is the quantity whose incessant rise in the universe is closely associated with the created arrow of time.

A clock is anything that undergoes irreversible changes: changes in which energy spreads out among more particles or into a broader area. Energy tends to dissipate — and entropy, a measure of its dissipation, tends to increase — this gives time its direction.  Why?  Stated simply, there are far, far more ways for energy to be spread out than for it to be highly concentrated.

Since all clocks work by proof of work mechanism it should be blatantly obvious to you why you do not want your money to very be denominated by a “proof of stake” (PoS) coin. Proof of stake is an idea humans created to try to save energy and information.  In DeFi, PoS coins are being used to steal your time and value by those who market them.  DeFi coins are poor clocks.

It turns out that you cannot maintain value or time well if you do not consume energy because, as stated above, a money token is timeless, but money ledgers can never be timeless. If they are they lead to the double spend problem.

The ledger-like nature of all digital information is the root cause of the double-spend problem. Information never represents the state of the world directly. Further, the movement of information implies copying. Information exists in one place, and to “move” it, you have to copy it to another place and erase it at its origin. This problem doesn’t exist in the physical realm where money can exist. In the physical realm, we can actually move money things like tokens or coins from A to B. The informational realm doesn’t have this property. If you want to “move” information from list A to list B, you have to copy it from A to B. Copying information is what a monetary ledger does.

If anyone tells you that any PoS coin is suitable money, and tries to convince you that you should own it, they have just announced to you they are a charlatan or marketer.

Move on from their ideas because they have no fundamental understanding how time operates in the universe.


The basis of tyranny is found in who owns your time and how your value can be usurped.

Time is the most valuable asset we have.  How do you know when the government’s monetary clock timing system is faulty? Any money that can be debased via inflation loses it value over time.  Today, that is the money the government forces us to use as curency.  We call that system fiat paper money.

When time and value are being stolen for you, your choices should be obvious if you understand that money is a clock.  Everything can and should be thought of as a clock, especially our money.

The basis of modern tyranny is found in who really owns your time.  Bitcoin returns ownership of time to you.

Real Estate, gold, oil, bonds and equities are how humans have stored monetary energy.  Every one of these assets carries a monetary that we have defended with human lives.  Life is a measured by time or longevity.  The chain of custody of these assets are written in blood.  This is how these assets link directly to time of a human life.

Health and wealth are determined by its hardness.  How good a clock is health or wealth protected by?

You either own hard assets in life, or other people own your time and you’ll suffer from some form of tyranny. Today, the US dollar ticking is controlled by monetary policy of the Federal Reserve.  When a people, or country adopt Bitcoin is it possible we see a 100 years of change in a decade now?  I think that clock is now ticking in El Salvador.  (pic below)

The ability to see order in chaos is called creativity. Nature uses chaos within energy to create order.  A volcano is a perfect example of this idea.  Order can only be created from chaos when a system harnesses a clock mechanism to measure the flow of entropy in that system.  Living things grow briskly in the dirt around volcanos.   Nature’s creativity is evolution.  Money is a manufactured creation of how people can carry their value over time.  Paper money is a clock that leaks energy and value quickly.  Bitcoin is a money that does not leak value at all.

Bitcoin’s lifetime is categorized in epochs of time, which are sets of 210,000 blocks where the subsidy halves, and in turn miners generate fewer bitcoin for each block mined. This clock mechanism is written in stone.  It cannot be altered by a central controller.  This generates a supply pressure on the system, or an enforced scarcity which one could argue helps the price go up.

Even though the cycle theory respect to price is not confirmed, it is clear that history has rhymed with this so far, and every time after a halving event, bitcoin undergoes massive appreciation until it finds a new high.  Fiat money never goes up in value this way because it clock timing mechanism is controlled to devalue over time.

Right now we are in the middle of the exponential phase of the cycle, where in the next couple of months, if we follow the same trend as in the past, bitcoin could start ramping up and reaching values up to $100,000, because of how it times the flow of entropy.

Nature clock is much more complex.

Before there was the sea, the earth and the sky canopy.  Nature presented the same aspect throughout the world, which men called chaos: a raw, disorganized bulk of energy; nothing but an inert mass; a jumbled heap of matter.

Chaos is Nature’s substrate.

Nature’s umpire is her many clocks buried in cells.

And by each decision you make, more embroils the fray

Order reigns reality as the arbiter of how time appears to flow in that system

Uncertainity governs all when it comes to energy.

What is life from this perspective?

Nature wages an electromagnetic battle with matter in our cells to bring harmony out of chaos in the environment.

Your mitochondria is a clock that measure the flow of entropy in this electromagnetic battle.


LIFE’S BASICS:  Proteins, lipids, and water in us capture light from the sun

Life is basically about electric and magnetic fields and their interaction with the light we choose to live under.  If you live under man made light, your nucleic acids become hyper methylated and you age faster.  If you live under sunlight your methylation pattern is constrained and you can avoid healthcare for a longer time.

Think about tests done by your doctor in an EKG, EEG, and an EMG. All show the electrical and magnetic potential of our organ systems. Anything and everything electrical stems from the phenomena of charge. No one seems to have a clue why this relationship in nature exists, but physics tells us it is true. Atoms are made up of 3 parts: Protons have a positive charge, neutrons are neutral, and electrons have a negative charge. Here is the interesting part: Electrons have the equal and opposite charge of protons, but an electrons atomic mass is 1/1836th that of a proton.   This is a huge difference in mass while charge is essentially the same.  This means for living things, mass is an asymmetric factors compared to its charge.

This implies that the charge of things in a cell is the key variable related to the atomic mass inside of cells. Stated another way, atomic mass of the components inside a cells determines size and shape in protein living lattices.  The way the lattice is organized determines the life we get.  This is the quantum engineering that goes on in every cell of our body.  The physics of organisms is remarkable and links directly to our health.

This physical organization determines the how the speed of light can travel in our tissues.  The speed of light is varied when in a substance because it becomes encumbered by electrons.  This is why size and shape alter the thermodynamics of things made up of electrons and protons.  Light only interacts with electrons via the photoelectric effect.  Light does things to water in cells that transforms what protons can or cannot do.  Light carries information to affect electrons and protons in specific unique ways that happens simultaneously.  There is no time lag effect.

Light instantaneously interacts with light to create the fastest pathway through tissues.  This is tied to Fermat’s principle.  Light does not directly interact with protons or neutrons. Light affects things around them to do Mother Nature’s work.  These changes dictate what methyl groups do to the physiologic function of gene expression is us.  This changes the life we get and perceive.  This increases the distance that light must travel and it creates tiny delay in tissues.  Sometimes our parents make bad choices for us when we cannot make them for ourselves.  Digital baby-sitting comes with biological risks.

Mitochondria select and order electrons and protons by their quantum spin and they transfer information to the orbital angular momentum using light waves.  Light is made of photons and photons have a quantum spin number of one.  Photons are from the family of bosons and they are the force carrier of the electromagnetic force.  So light can increase informational transfer if it can increase its orbital angular moment in ways below our ability to observe them.  How do we increase the orbital momentum of sunlight?

One thing physics has confirmed by experiment now is that light seems to have an unlimited potential to carry orbital angular momenta (OAM).  This means light can carry massive amount of information but only a limited amount of energy.  The energy carrying capability of light is linked to the frequency.  The information is carries seems to related to its OAM.  We now know from quantum thermodynamic experiments that information can be transferred from the quantum spin number to OAM.  This means that the spin of electrons and protons are critical to a body gaining the massive information buried in sunlight.

We know how information transfer happens with electrons.  That occurs via the photoelectric effect.  How does information transfer happen with protons?  H+ and deuterium have different quantum spin numbers, so they have different abilities to transfer information in light waves.  H+ can transfer more information than deuterium can.  It appears this is why all mitochondria and chloroplasts favor H+ over deuterium.  The increased atomic mass of deuterium seems to put a limit on the information transferred.  It turns out that Claude Shannon’s work told us something important about life because of his work on information.  Information reduces entropy inside of cells by limiting the uncertainty of how atoms are arranged in cells.  When cells are programmed by sunlight, they are learning information.  This learning costs the cells energy.  This tells us that in a decentralized system proof of work limits uncertainty by reducing randomness in cells.

The bandwidth of sunlight creates the Shannon limit for cells in biology.  If you go outside the visible spectrum of sunlight you are introducing noise into the system and this create more randomness.  Randomness destroys order and this creates inflammation and inflammation creates aging.

The Shannon limit creates the capacity of a communication a “channel” can give.  This limit refers to the maximum rate of error-free data that can theoretically be transferred over “the channel” if the link is subject to random data transmission errors, for a particular noise level.  Channels in this sentence refers to cells in your body.  Cells have to be optimized to the visible spectrum of sunlight for light to operate properly.

This idea has massive implications for the living state.  It means information can be radically distilled to a simple essence, so that even the message can be ignored.

Just because the distance increases does not mean the path is longer in all cases.  That small delay creates a signal that denotes biologic time in a cell.  That delay is observed in the telomere length of a cell because of small changes made in protons in a methyl group that affects the protons that are hydrogen bonded to DNA/RNA.  What moves atoms or things made up of atoms?  Light is capable of this fundamental task and nothing else can this job.  How good is the light you choose for your healthspan every day?

MAIN TAKE AWAY:  How light is captured and travels in our tissues is how time manifests in biology.