Did you know AM sunlight has another hidden benefit?  It sulfates many chemicals in our body.  Why is this important?  Sulfur acts like a qubit to charge the human battery using sunlight FASTER to increase the capacitor effect in our cells by making the water in our blood act like a true plasma.  This plasma acts like Triple AAA who jumps your car when it is DEAD.

Sulfated Vitamin D3 is made from specific frequencies of sunlight in the AM that process has little to do with calcium homeostasis.  Most allopathic and functional medicine doctors focus on the effect of Vitamin D and calcium homeostasis.  The quntum clinicians goes way deeper than this.  

Chronic blue light and nnEMF exposure UNSuLFATE your blood and proteins in your body and this lowers the amount of light energy you can bury in water and the cells in your body.  This makes you energy inefficient and if it goes on long enough it will make you LEPTIN resistant.

Un-sulfated Vitamin D contains the ability to regulate calcium homeostasis in the blood. You should realize a low vitamin D level will cause you to absorb LESS calcium in your gut, not more.   It will also raise the amount of unsulfated LDL cholesterol in your blood while causing retinol binding protein to rise and your B2 (riboflavin) levels to fall off a cliff.  If this goes on long enough melatonin, serotonin, and NAD+/NADH level at cytochrome one also become markedly abnormal and this indirectly slows the methionine cycle.

When the methionine cycle slows down you become  NET COLLECTOR of heavy metals in your BODY.  This does not even mean your envirionment has to be filled with heavy metals.  It means you lose the ability to handle their clearance of them because you’ve lost control of sulfation.  5G and blue light are the REAL REASON so many are heavy metal toxic and no one appears to know it.


Sulfated Vitamin Dis created by best by AMsunlight when the color temperature of sunlight is below 6500K.  This is huge teaching point.  The picture below shows you how blue light varies diurnally.  Today’s blog it is about small alterations in your light environment lead to massive tissue level changes in you.  When you cannot use our sun’s plasma CORRECTLY to sulfate your lipids and proteins, you do not allow the atoms of sulfur or phosphorus to act like quibits to charge your quantum batteries.



Cholesterol and Vitamin D3 are nearly identical in chemical structure. Most people do not know this.  Sunlight naturally sulfates these things.  The only difference in both bio-molecules is a single double bond in the second ring of the cholesterol backbone. This gives Vitamin D3 one less hydrogen atomthan the closed ring of cholesterol. After reading Tensegrity 6 that should make you think a lot more carefully about atomic details.  One hydrogen is the only difference at the atomic scale. Here you will see the wisdom of Tensegrity 6 play its role. Hydrogen is the ultimate chameleon for the sulfation and differention of cholesterol and Vitamin D3.  What does it do?  Vitamin D3 is synthesized from cholesterol in the skin upon exposure to specific frequenciesof sunlight. When this happens and calcium is normal in the blood serum, both molecules remain sulfated by melatonin.  DON’T FORGET THIS MECHANISM. THIS HYDROGEN INTERACTION WITH and WITHIN THE SUN IS HUGE to maintain sulfation of lipids and proteins.  THIS is the basis of how a quantum dot battery is built in animals. 



Sulfated vitamin D3 is made from UVB and IR light and sulfated cholesterol in a very complicated quantum dance using sunlight.  When UVB and IRA light are present, blue light free radical signal within the terrestrial sun is ALWAYS tightly controlled by IRA light.  IRA light limits the free radical signal of the blue light hazard to control vessel vasodilation.  This means that melanopsin’s effect on the skin and eye arterioles MUST be tightly controlled.   At the same time this occurs UVA light has the effect of making melatonin, serotonin and NAD+ from tryptophan.  These proteins also are critical in the controlled process.  The controlled response of blue light in AM sun also interacts with other B vitamins.  ALL B vitamins are blue light chromophores.  Cytochrome two FADH2 is a classic blue light chromophore while cytochrome one NAD+ is a fluorophore protein that absorbs at 340nm.  Vitamin B2 riboflavin is critical in this quantum dance because it too is a blue light chromophore that needs to be programmed by controlled AM blue light in terrestrial sunlight to emit electrons to work properly in the methionine cycle and the methylation cycles.  B2 has three benzene like ring structures with nitrogen associated with them much like chlorophyll and hemoglobin do for activation of the pi electrons (HOMO and LOMO actions) which act to make it the perfect blue light photon trap.



When your skin produces cholesterol sulfate, your blood cells becomes sulfated, and this helps augment the DHA in the RBC to generate a net negative charge to repel the net negative charge in EZ water in the blood plasma.  This improves the flow, by improving laminar flow, and it increases the motion of blood in the arterioles and capillaries of the skin by proton motions caused by UV and IR light in the sun.  The blue light and UVA light act in unison to vasodialates blood vessels in your skin in different ways.  Blue light uses melanopsin to do this, while UVA light uses nitric oxide to this.  The reason this is done is to create an electric and magnetic field within the blood vessel to activate NO production from the glycocalyx of the arteriole wall and the arterial wall in controlled fashion.  The quanta of light controls this process.  These actions all work in concert to allow massive amounts of cholesterol to be bound to sulfate.  This makes cholesterol water soluable.  When this occurs cholesterol does not have to be tightly bound to LDL particles made from the liver.  As a result LDL cholesterol drops.  High LDL cholesterol is a marker for a quantum clinicians that sulfation is defective in patients.   If your liver doesn’t have to make so much LDL, the LDL goes down naturally.  At the same time your blood pressure also declines naturally because sunlight also controls the voltage gates on your RBCs, platelets, and WBC’s.  This controls how they act within your blood.  This determines the blood viscosity and its abilty to clot.  Clotting is effectively a quantum process.


Sulfation by sunlight is a highly specific and sensitive quantum process where every single color of light is playing a role in your physiology which tightly controls how all of the proteins and lipids in your blood undergosulfation and nitrosylation to act properly as the picture above shows.

 Sunlight like a natural calcium channel blocker in your skin.  5G and nnEMF raise your BP and cause clotting because blue light nd nnEMF interfere with calcium homeostasis in the cell as the picture below shows.   Calcium channel blockers act to lower blood pressure by increasing proton flows in blood vessels.




5G is going to ruin sulfation and nitrosylation of your skin, gut, and eye because it will affect surfaces first because of how these waves ruin the topology of these surfaces. It is a prediction I made about the engineered 5G RF portion of the wavefronts because of its pulse rate and polarization. Now we have more data why this prediction was made.



Sulfated-Nitrosylation is the covalent attachment of a nitric oxide group (-NO) to cysteine thiol within a protein to form an S-nitrosothiol (SNO). Sulfated-nitrosylation has diverse regulatory roles in bacteria in the microbiome, yeast, and plants and in all mammalian cells. This process is almost always associated with massive liberation of molecular hydrogen in the gut when this process occurs. The process of parsing H+ from deuterium in the microbiome controls the growth of species in the human gut because of the effect of deuterium to control the growth of the microbiome.

This process is run by three gasotransmitters thus operates as a fundamental mechanism for cellular signaling across phylogeny and accounts for the large part of NO bioactivity in the human gut. This would have been the topic I was going to speak about in Vermont 2019 but I changed plans and instead am heading to Munich Germany for Flowfest July 5-7, 2019.

How do you heal a gut in an electromagnetic polluted city using this basic science? Might it be wise to eat seasonal foods with nitrates (Epi-paleo Rx) and then get in the sun to boost your exercise performance?  Yes, it does.

Maximal nitrates and sulfur containing amino acids come from seasonal vegetables only grown in the SUN and not in artificial light of a warehouse. It also is found in meats made in many of the countries of Europe.

This is why charcuterie is a staple for me because nitrites added to meat are not damaging but quite helpful if you go outside. When you don’t go outside in the sun, that’s when you have problems with nitrates.  You can see this laid out in cite one below.

Sulfur groups come from the sulfur containing amino acids methionine/cysteine/homocysteine/taurine of animals foods and the hydrogen comes from the microbiome of the gut interaction with the sunlight stimulus made via the skin, eye, and gut as I laid out in my Vermont 2017 talk.



Our gut makes over a liter of hydrogen a day and some of this gas links up to the sulfur recycled from foods to make H2S in blood. H2S in blood is a gasotransmitter.  Sunlight determines the amount of hydrgoen your microbiome makes.  Humans average the creation of 1 liter of hydrogen a day by the microbiome that senses the sunlight.  This amount of hydrogen made is reduced if you gut does not sense the sun’s light.  the amount of hydrgeon and sulfated amino acids you consume determine how good your methionine cycle and methylation cycles will be in sulfation and nitrogen biology of your tissues.  IT HAS ZERO TO DO with your SNP and SAP profiles on your 23andme testing.  This is unknown in the functional medicine guru world because they have no understanding of how light controls the biochemical process.  This blog is the basis of what I was going to say in Vermont this year if I was invited back.  Since I am going to Poland and Germany instead you get the guts of the talk here on Patreon today.



H2S gas is made by the microbiome limits the power of NO made by UVA to vasodilate our arteriole and capillary beds in the skin, eye, and gut surfaces. H2S is also a huge substrate for sulfate (SO4) production in humans. Activated neutrophils in your blood under the power of sunlight can generate sulfate from H2S DIRECTLY using sulfur as a quantum dot while virtually all cells contain the enzymatic machinery to oxidize H2S to thiosulfate in a 3-step process in which sulfite is an intermediate substrate. Sulfite can also likely be generated from H2S via endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) which is why the post above is critical in understanding the microbiome.




The calcium efflux of 1G-5G networks and its associated blue light causes excess calcium directly in and around the cell and in its local environment. So with respect to RBCs (above), it also means that the creation of ALIEN electric and magnetic fields from 5G and not the sun will also affect the surface sulfation of the blood vessels.

Peroxiredoxins are the key peripheral circadian controller of RBCs that remove CpG Islands liberated from damaged mitochondria that cause hypermethyaltion and heavy metal accumulation in humans.  This comes from the nnEMF damage (RF mostly) which induces fragmented DNA and mtDNA that enter the blood when nnEMF is destroying cellular biology. Tight control of RBC circadian cycles links RBC antigen clearance on their surfaces to the innate immune system via a protein called complement protein number 4 (C4).

RBCs become more permeable to toxins in a 5G blue lit world in this case and as a result, the RBC ages faster and more antigens pass through the circulatory system.  The older a RBC become the less sulfated they are and the less sulfated your entire body becomes.  This drives METAL accumulation via the GUT.  This also drives biotoxin illness because C4 controls the antigen clearance of fungi, mold, and lyme.  This is really what happens in all mold and biotoxin disease. It is not the mold or toxin that is critical in this case, it is REMOVAL of the nnEMF field that is critical to get right. Most of the clinician out there never get this advice to their patients or the public.  This is why 5G RF causes leptin resistance in humans QUICKLY.   This is a TOPOLOGIC effect of the radiation.



All of these mechanisms of nnEMF field exposure alter melanopsin biology in the blood and arteries to a chaotic release of nitric oxide (NO) within cells and in arteries to cause disease when it occurs chronically and affects mitochondrial function when other frequencies of sunlight are subtracted from this photic dance.

The increase of nitric oxide and H2S is a chameleon event in the blood plasma. Endothelial nitric oxide synthetase has a quantum superposition effect on sulfur atoms in the skin, arteries, blood, and gut to protect us from dangerous nitrogenous groups in these antigens.

This means that any pulsed or polarized non-native man-made electromagnetic signal can have a variable non-linear effect on sulfation and nitrosylation pathways in any of these organs. 

I covered this topic in my epic February 2019 webinar Q & A because I planned on releasing this blog today.

It can result in therapeutic effects or detrimental effects in the blood plasma depending upon the nnEMF stimulus. This will lead to highly variable chaotic mitochondrial energy flux and fidelity signal dynamics. This is very damaging to the matrix and directly affects what biochemistry can or cannot occur. This is one reason why non-thermal electromagnetic fields (PEMF) are increasingly used in medical therapies, but they are being used without any proper understanding of how they truly operate.

Today the sellers and purveyors of these devices think and believe that their RF/microwaves effect is always beneficial therapeutically in a wildly variable world of surrounding nnEMF. THIS IS PURE FALLACY AND MARKETING BULLSHIT.

Moreover, they fail to realize that this eNOS switch in cells is very sensitive to any variable PEMF RF pulse. This is why PEMF devices need to be strictly avoided in a 5G world. Yes, that includes all the Oura rings and PEMF devices pushed by BEMER and Dr. Havas based upon the latest NTP study on RF radiations released on 11/1, 2018.

For example, if one is in an environment that fosters chronic nitric oxide release via chronic LIGHT STRESS implies there will be a relative lack of sulfation of the skin, arteries, and gut and RBC’s and this would favor the activation of the reactive nitrogen species of chemicals. This is particular devasting to the microbiome because NO and H2S work in unison to control the constitution of the microbiome under the power of terrestrial sunlight. Humans no longer live under terrestrial sunlight and this is why their microbiomes are being destroyed by the modern world and this changes their brains and arteries and ages their blood faster.

In fact, we now know that nitric oxide can also interact with the superoxide pulse (OO-) created in cytochrome one (NAD+/NADH) form altered mitochondrial function to create peroxynitrite (ONOO-) to do further damage. This is why people with gut and microbiome conditions relapse so often in toxic nnEMF environments loaded with blue light. Most of the doctors are not sophisticated enough yet to understand that things like SIBO and adrenal fatigue are adaptative and not pathologic symptoms tied to altered and highly variable EMF fields that their patients live in.

It has been found that when peroxynitrite breaks down, it creates reactive free radicals and oxidative stress within cells and this likely leads to many of the symptoms of Cardiovacular disease and neurodegeneration on longer timescales.

In this way, both atherosclerosis, CV, and neurodegeneration can be thought severe chronic adaptive mechanisms employed by cells who have developed an innate immune allergy to nnEMF.


In humans who have the MTHFR C667T polymorphism, all of the elevated homocysteine (sulfur containing amino acid) is concentrated among people who have poor riboflavin (B2) status. Blue light toxicity results in heavy metal collection because this slows down the methionine cycle naturally in humans. This is why understanding what free retinol does in a blue lit 5G world is uber critical. Blue light cause flavins to emit electrons when they are in solution.In humans, this causes a real problem in our blood and our arteries now that we found melanopsin is in out arterioles in 2014



  • Blue light induces liberated Vitamin A and this destroys riboflavin (B2). It is a flavin that is lowered by the blue light hazard because it emits electrons and it this causes it to become oxidized. When melanopsin dysfunction is present a wise thing to do is to eat liverwurst or pate for breakfast. The best source of riboflavin is liver, and humans rarely eat liver products any more. This is why foie gois is one of my favorite foods as my VIP members found out in Feb 2019 in Cancun especially when out at night in blue light. There are six possible combinations of the different MTHFR alleles, producing a continuous gradation of MTHFR activity from 100% of full activity in the best case to 25% of full activity in the worst. Roughly 15% or so of people fall into each one of the six combinations, leading to an even spread of MTHFR activity across the population. B2 and Mg+^2 help offset just about any MTHFR defect when we eat under the power full spectrum sun. If you are indoors the opposite happens. Many believe sunlight lowers B2 but it is blue light that really is the culprit. Flavins are all blue light chromophores that emit electrons so that is why modern man has a riboflavin problem that mimics melanopsin dysfunction. When B2 is low we should always look at retinol binding protein to see the blue light link to the blue light hazard to understand that the broken sulfation problem leads to a destroyed methionine cycle.  This is the wisdom I use when treating my patients at Kruse Longevity Farm.
  • 1.6 milligrams of riboflavin per day decreases homocysteine based on PEER literature but these papers were done in a non 5G world.  That amount is impotent today.  This is why methyaltion defects and metal accumulation is now RISING SO FAST in the public today as we went from a 1G to 5G world. The use of  riboflavin can decrease homocysteine and improve the methionine cycle to clear metals and improve methylation overnight.  This is  operational among people with the C677T MTHFR polymorphisms who also have poor riboflavin status who are afflicted with melanopsin dusfunction that is causing leptin resistance in their skin, eye, and gut surfaces topologically.


  • This was mentioned above.  This is why on recent webinars I mentioned eating liver and onions weekly solves for X and is something those with metal toxicty never get told. In them, 1.6 milligrams of riboflavin decreases homocysteine a whopping 40%!  If you live in a blue lit or nnEMF toxic world you need more of this activity in your life, NOT LESS.
  • Creation of inorganic sulfate is activated by ATP and ATP is made by the 4 red light chromophores that spin the ATPase at 100% efficiency when UVA light is inhibitng the electorn chain via its liberation of NO and H2S from UVA light,  so in this dance you can see how PBM/LLLT/SUNLIGHT with UVA light all act in unison to improve sulfation in humans who get outside and get their skin and eye in the game of nature.


The free radical gasotransmitters help control the flow of hydrogen and deuterium (H+/D) to help control sulfation in your body.  

How you ask?  Here is where the physics geeks get some juice. 

 Sulfite, wherever it is generated, can be acted upon by the ubiquitous enzyme, sulfite oxidase, to generate sulfate = SO4. Given the body’s constant need for SO4 to build heparan sulfate, to carry out phase II detoxification in the liver (metals), maintain proper blood viscosity (RBCs and EZ) to prevent clotting and make sure the 93% of water in the blood plasma maintains its proper optical refraction state (270nm), and many other quantum actions not appreciated by functional medicine, It become obvious that any reduction in sulfate availability necessitates a “work-around,” a compensatory shift by the body.   The gut provides the work around.

H2S produced in the gut microbiome via sulfur forming bacteria, symptomatic though it may be, will diffuse into the blood and a portion of it will ultimately be oxidized to sulfite and then sulfate, via these mechanisms just described above. Your microbiome is built to liberate hydrogen gas to sulfate your body.  That is its key purpose.  How many of these colonies you have is dependent on the sun you get or do not get.  That is what its main function is. So if you molecular hydrogen breath test is high all it means is you cannot absorb the hydrogen your gut biome makes. The amount of the hydrogen your micorbiome creates is QUANTIZED by the light your microbiome SENSES via your skin and blood compartments. That is how counterintuitive the gut really is.

There are many reasons that sulfate might be in short supply, but by far the most common one is a LACK of sun on your skin. Today the introduction of technology supersedes this cause in my opinion. Rest assured there are others that many of the functional docs will try to sell you CRAP for but they will never tell you about the sun because it is free.

The presence of strongly hydrated, kosmotropic anions like sulfate (SO4^2-) results in decreased 1H/2H exchange.  This suggests less free water, decreased protein solvation and increased protein stability is likely ongoing inside of you whereas increased 1H/2H exchange is found in the presence of weakly hydrated, chaotropic anions (for example, ClO4-), correlating with increased protein solvation and decreased protein thermal stability.

Sulfate is a well known kosmotrope in the Hofmeister series in humans and this means that it forms a gel like liquid crystalline structure inside of cells that is used in a variety of ways.  This is how bulk water in your blood plasma becomes a magnethydrodynamic plasma that wirelessly connects the sun to your mitochondria.  Your tissues become optimally sulfated when this process is not interfered with by man’s use of technology.  This is another topologic change that will damage man today and no one seems to know it.  Now you do.



The terms ‘kosmotrope’ (order-maker) and ‘chaotrope’ (disorder-maker) originally denoted solutes that stabilized, or destabilized respectively, proteinsand membranes; thus chaotropes unfold proteins, destabilize hydrophobic aggregates and increase the solubility of hydrophobes whereas kosmotropes stabilize proteins and hydrophobic aggregates in solution and reduce the solubility of hydrophobes. Sulfate stabiize proteins in our blood plasma when the sun hits our skin and eyes.


1. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1089860314004510 

2. https://people.csail.mit.edu/seneff/London2014/SeneffHeartDisease2014.pdf

3. http://www1.lsbu.ac.uk/water/hofmeister_series.html




As medical students, doctors had visions of one day caring for patients. These days, many of them find themselves forced to care more about paperwork done on computer screens.

Now, there is a new study is claiming that physician burnout is becoming a major problem, with doctors forced into doing too much paperwork, and too little of why they became doctors in the first place.

Some of you might say it’s talked about on social media, but the reality is it’s actually not talked about enough where doctors work.

This topic is why I changed my practice so fast. I saw the train coming via the blue light and nnEMF abuse. My wake up call was the amount of trauma call my hospital in Nashville was forcing me to take with no breaks or compensation. It was tantamount to slavery. Jeff Whitehorn, my CEO, pictured below is actually scolding me about why I should do trauma call for free and no pay to keep my hospital privileges. You cannot make this stuff up folks.



At my former hospital in Nashville, the CEO of the HCA TriStar Summit Medical Center, Jeff Whitehorn (above)  told me verbatim the exact same message that is in the video below on Pamela Wibel’s site.  I had to take my grievances to the medical executive board where my other physician collegues had to limit Mr. Whitehorn’s power over me to ruin my health.  The doctors who supported me in 2011 I will never forget.  But I will never forget what Whitehorn attempted to do to me and my family and I decided that day I would make him pay in ways that would hurt him most.  I took away his best profit lines and I decided to leave his hospital without any notice to hurt his profiteering at my expense in 2012.

It’s a modern day crisis because, at the end of the day, it affects the access for our patients.

Some physicians are actually giving up on medicine, at a time when there’s already a shortage of doctors in some areas of the United States.  The simple fact is clinician burnout harms patients.

Speaking to my medical school friends, almost none of them encourage their sons or daughters to go into the practice of medicine any longer.  The reason is obvious:  it’s mainly because the profession has changed.  When you go back about 10 or 20 years, you had more time to spend with your doctor and there was no computer teethered to the doctor patient relationship.

But, these days, doctors are likely busy with their EMR’s on phones, laptops,  insurance paperwork, keeping records electronically and seeing more patients, and that could mean they are tired because they are destroying their melatonin levels 24/7 everyday they work.

Our work environment in medicine defines CHRONIC light stress. It starts with the loss of paper charts to electronic medical records (EMRs) and only gets worse. Prescription now even have to be done electronically or the hospital loses revenue from the governments payoff to use EMRs.  Surgeons, ER, anesthesia have it worse because of call and shifts and the OR environment. The eye sees what the mind wants to see. We need to focus on the picture being built around us and not the pixels if we want to understand what is really going on to humans in the artifical tech world we’ve built. —-Mitochondriac Othello Principle.

A lack of good mental activity from a disconnection with nature destroys the good physical condition of a human being. The Epi-paleo Rx has not only changed my life, but saved it.

Just because you think it’s better & you want it, doesn’t mean it is. Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is timing that matters most.  when you life is built around chronic light stress you must change it as soon as YOU REALIZE It.   Time is not promised to anyone.  What you say is often less important than when you say it. Circadian timing is the insight, most doctors are devoid of these days.

There is a “revolution on the surface of the earth” called technology and it is causing a new evolution of free radical signals via nnEMF and magnetic fields from your environment changing the internal terroir in your mitochondria leading to diseases that appear to emerge from nowhere. The health care reality you obtain manifests from these collisons and creations.




Yet another possible explanation for why observations don’t match predictions is that humans aren’t very observant about the mosaics of light around us. Sunlight provides a small part of the spectrum of light that we are optimized too. Food is a mosaic of sunlight. That mosaics is the only piece that you need to reclaim your health. Living under parts of visible lights spectrum is as deadly as being irradiated by X-rays or gamma rays. The only difference is the timescale of your downard spiral because of the chronic light abuse you allow via your choices.

Beautiful mosaics are always made of broken or torn material. Your sight is made from broken down colors in light to bring you a unique reality. Your biology is also built around light mosaics too and you do not realize it.  In every sound, the hidden silence sleeps. Life is a series of adversities: It’s a strong wind tearing away from us all but the things that cannot be torn and ripped, so that we see ourselves as we are now.

Even food is also an electromagnetic mosaic of light but few humans realize it because of how they perceive food. They got this idea from food gurus.  Food is an electromagnetic barcode mosaic of seasonal power densities. We’re all mosaics of many things nature has designed to fall apart under the forces of nature so we do not come fully come undone. Pieces of light, love, history, stars; cemented together with love, music, and ideas.

The key is transforming the environmental energies/inforamtion to something different and new……….

We are all made up of broken pieces of sunlight and our colony of mitochondria was built by nature to collect the broken parts of the mosaic and make sense of the chaotic waveforms around us to give us a life of wellness.  Aberrant chronic light stress steals that gift.   Mitochondria are the glue that make life work……….that is what heteroplasmy is in a nutshell.  High heteroplasmy in your colony of mitochondria in your brain is where mental illness that surrounds suicide begins.  

People think they need a balanced diet of food. What they really need is a balanced diet of light in their environment. We not only “eat” sunlight–we can actually digest it and break it into its component frequencies to power specific neural processes. We also absorb it in our eyes, skin, gut, and lung.

It should makes sense because food is really just a proxy for light in a specific subset of life anyway. Light is primordial to life on earth, not food. Life had to be built from light. There was no other choice. Even food’s chemical bonds ultimately derive their energy from the sun and this is why they also contain an electromagnetic vibration.

There is no food we can’t eat, but the other side of that coin is just because you can eat any food, doesn’t mean you should. Food has a timing because it is an electromagnetic barcode for a seasons power density Humans might have survived from this flexibility, but optimal diet is not basic survival when you divorce circadian biology from photosynthetic process.

Sunlight is supposed to provide us a “balanced diet.” Artificial light is really highly-unbalanced “junk food.” Red and infrared light are more like “health food.” 380-nanometer light is a “superfood.” UV-light is like caffeine or “jet fuel” (can help or hurt depending on its mosaic).

Gamma rays and x-rays are always poisons. Radio-waves (nn-EMF) when present in excess, by interfering with magnetic perception, cellular signaling, and mitochondrial electron transport basically cause “light indigestion.” It is actually pretty interesting when you decide to really understand why people are now getting ill from aberrant light mosaics.

People can ignore it but they can’t really argue with it, can they?

“Minding your mitochondria” has much less to do with watching your macronutrient intake than it does with managing your frequency intake!


May 8, 2018 — One doctor commits suicide in the U.S. every day — the highest suicide rate of any profession. And the number of doctor suicides — 28 to 40 per 100,000 — is more than twice that of the general population, new research shows. The rate in the general population is 12.3 per 100,000.

Doctors who die by suicide often have untreated or undertreated depression” Screen use is tied to melanopsin damage and destroyed melatonin and dopamine = poor sleep and poor mood = SUICIDE.  How does it happen?  More on that below.

Our work environment defines light stress. Starts with the loss of paper charts to EMRs and only gets worse. Surgeons have it worse because of call and shifts and the OR environment.
Circadian rhythm dysfunction, melanopsin dysfunction, nnEMF rich environment, job stress, lack of family time and limited social life, working indoors, job beliefs and activities bury the sun from docs, most jobs are in large 4-5G cities which lead so low dopamine levels and suicidal inclinations from tech screen abuse.



Direct Physician Care revolt must largely come from two things:

1) taking orders from slave driver CEOs, and COOs, and distant managed care directors and their underlings who have no skin in patient care directly

2) entering more data into EHRs.

One primary physician friend of mine now reports he is up to 100 EHR “clicks” per patient in 2019.   Said another doc ”We’re not subordinates or clerks.”

We are being irradiated at record rates below our ability to understand what is going on so the government and companies can gain full control of medicine using a chronic light stress strategy.

Physician suicide is a collateral effect of these techniques.   5G will amplify the effect of blue light hazard via screens.  Nobody sees the game plan but the Black Swan Mitochondriac who was almost forced to live this way DOES.


The NY Post has done a recent story about physician burnout that misses the real target. Their take is suicides and mental illness and some EHR. The reporter fails to report the big impact of managed care and abuse of doctors by insurance company clerks. Most HMO nurses and medical directors belong in the abuser category because of how they force chronic light abuse on physicians.

It’s a light-based racket to gain control of doctors minds and behaviors. The ACGME, AHA, NRMP colluding to create a monopoly, prevent free-market reforms and then a business model based on ‘indentured servitude’ practices of sugarcane plantation slaves.  This is what modern medicine is becoming because of light abuse in medicine.  I went into great detail with Luke Storey on a recent podcast about how this happens and why it is all about control.  That interview is here:   PODCAST

Here is how our hospitals violate human rights of doctors—& patients—putting all our lives at risk. This isn’t burnout by the way. It is forced wellness modules & resilience workshops only perpetuate this abuse cycle. You must watch the video in Cite one below to understand how the blueprint is being used.

Who are you good for if you are not good enough for yourself doctors?  We have ALLOWED THIS TO happen to urselves.  Enough of this bullshit.

It is time to fight back collectively by refusing to work on the plantation by their rules.  I am building the Magna Carta of NEW RULES for doctors to be unleashed at Kruse Longevity Farm training in 2019.


http://www.idealmedicalcare.org/abused-foreign-doctors-enrich-us-hospitals-harm-americans/ …






and should have…………..

Since Popp clearly showed us all living cells emit ELF-UV…….this phenomena is called fluorescence.

This has huge implications when understanding how sunlight is being changed by the machinery inside of cells to do physiologic work.

Fluorescence is the emission of light by a substance that has absorbed light or other electromagnetic radiation. It is a form of luminescence. In most cases, the emitted light has a longer wavelength, and therefore lower energy, than the original absorbed radiation. This means atomic light emission is highly dependent upon how an atom can absorb light photons.

Absorbing highly powered UVC light would seem to make the most sense for biology since all living cells are known to emit ELF-UV light. Fluorescent bands center at wavelengths longer than the resonance line.

Fluorescence occurs when an atom or molecules relax through vibrational relaxation to its ground state after being electrically excited. The specific frequencies of excitation and emission are highly dependent on the molecule or atom. The energy loss is due to vibrational relaxation while in the excited state. Fluorescent bands center at wavelengths longer than the resonance line. This shift toward longer wavelengths is called a Stokes shift.

Excited states are short-lived with a lifetime at about 10^-8 seconds. Molecular structure and chemical environment affect whether or not a substance luminesces. When luminescence does occur, molecular structure and chemical environment determine the intensity of emission. Generally, molecules that fluoresce are conjugated systems.  What is a conjugated state?



The aromatic ring of the aromatic amino acids is an example of a conjugated system.  In chemistry, a conjugated system is a system of connected p orbitals with delocalized electrons in a molecule, which in general lowers the overall energy of the molecule and increases stability. It is conventionally represented as having alternating single and multiple bonds.

All aromatic amino acids are photon traps for sunlight.



Why do aromatic side chains all absorb UV light? Why is tryptophan the MOST absorptive of all the aromatic amino acids to UV light?  

Remember tryptophan makes melatonin and serotonin and NAD+.  

Molecules containing π-electrons or non-bonding electrons (n-electrons) can absorb the energy in the form of ultraviolet or visible light to excite these electrons to higher anti-bonding molecular orbitals. The more easily excited the electrons (i.e. lower energy gap between the HOMO and the LUMO), the longer the wavelength of light it can absorb. There are four possible types of transitions (π-π*, n-π*, σ-σ*, and n-σ*), and they can be ordered as follows: σ-σ* > n-σ* > π-π* > n-π*.”

Now let’s look at molecular configuration of tryptophan:



The aromatic rings are composed of pi bonds that absorb UV light. Amino acids like glycine, below, don’t have aromatic side chains and therefore do not absorb UV light particularly well.



You might say “yeah, but glycine has a pi bond right there, all amino acids do!” And you’re correct, but a single pi bond does not lend itself to UV absorption very well. A conjugated pi system is what gives tryptophan and your skin and eye it’s absorptive power.

Tryptophan is critical in quantum thermodynamics of life because melatonin controls mtDNA dynamics of autophagy and apoptosis.  Tryptophan is a non-polar aromatic amino acid and it is essential in humans, meaning the body cannot synthesize it.  It must be obtained from the diet and it only becomes physiologic when light programs proteins that have tryptophan in it. Tryptophan is also a precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin, the hormone melatonin, and vitamin B3.  Vitamin B3 is niacin.  Vitamin B3 is the key fluorophore protein that makes up the electron donor of cytochrome 1 in the NAD+/NADH couple.  Tryptophan is also unique in that is is only encoded by the SINGLE codon UGG making it an ideal crystal that can pulse in a variable way with differing powered electromagnetic waves.  The frequency of light creates different pulses and it appears these pulses are critical to mitochondrial biology.

Niacin and nicotinamide (B3) are both precursors of the coenzymes nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADP) in vivo. NAD+ converts to NADP+ by phosphorylation in the presence of the enzyme NAD+ kinase. NADP+ and NAD+ are coenzymes for many dehydrogenases, participating in many hydrogen transfer processes.  They do not work with the deuterium isotope of hydrogen either. NAD+ drops in mitochondrial disease states and in normal aging.  NAD+ is important in the catabolism of fat, carbohydrate, protein, and alcohol, as well as cell signaling and DNA repair, and NADP+ mostly in anabolism reactions such as fatty acid and cholesterol synthesis. High energy requirements (brain) or high turnover rate (gut, skin) organs are usually the most susceptible to their deficiency.  This makes damage to cytochrome one in either the gut, brain, and skin link to many other quantum processes in man.  This is very underappreciated in medicine today.  

You should remember all UV absorbing molecules all have conjugated ring systems. The ring’s pi electrons absorb the UV light and are stabilized by the surrounding ring. With more places to go, the electrons can be excited without breaking apart the bond. Without the conjugated system, the electrons simply have nowhere to go within the molecule. If they absorb the energy, they leave the orbital and break the bond and no controlled biochemistry could occur.

As you will learn in organic chemistry, molecules that are stable in high energy conformations react quicker and better.  It appears this is why life favors them.  Stability is largely based on surrounding atoms and their ability to stabilize electrons occupying high energy orbitals.

Conjugated double bond systems are great examples, as are electronegative atoms like fluorine and chlorine when substituted for hydrogen in organic molecules. They pull the electrons towards them and offer stability when an unstable electron arrangement occurs.

Electrons get excited by the light and move up to higher energy orbitals and threaten to destabilize the molecule, but the fluidity of the ring can compensate for that and keep the molecule from breaking apart due to light (photolysis). This allows Trp to absorb the energy and hold onto it long enough for your UV-Vis spectrophotometer to register the change in light.

UV and shorter wavelength light (x-rays, gamma rays in the spectrum of light) move electrons in and out of orbitals. UV acts on valence electrons, whereas x-rays and gamma rays have the power to act on core electrons.

A valence electron excited by UV will go to a higher energy orbital. Core electrons are excited by x-rays. Gamma rays can excite core electrons to the point of ejection, and high energy gamma rays can even annihilate the nucleus of an atom.

On the other side of the spectrum, infrared light causes atoms to vibrate as they absorb the energy and this vibration is what causes your food to cook in an oven.  Sunburn is a thermal injury to your skin from overdosing on IR-B and C light. In this case, the light energy of the infrared waves is converted to kinetic energy that is related to temperature rise.  IR-A is not capable of much thermal injury and this is why it is often called cool heat.  It also happens to be the most dominate ray of light in our sun’s light that falls to Earth.

Microwaves cause certain molecules to spin or vibrate, similarly converting light energy into kinetic energy and cooking your food. The water molecule likes to spin when absorbing microwaves and that is what cooks food in a microwave. The glass bowl doesn’t have atoms that can spin when exposed to microwaves, so it doesn’t heat up along with your food in the bowl.

Remember that electrons ONLY jump energy levels in a discreet manner (quanta), meaning that there must be a certain amount of energy in order for the electron to move to the next orbital. If the energy level of the light is too high or too low the jump won’t occur and the light won’t be absorbed. Electrons won’t just absorb some energy for a while and jump up when the threshold is reached, it’s an all or nothing thing. This is how certain wavelengths of light correspond to different electron jumps.

Fluorescence occurs when an atom or molecules relax through vibrational relaxation to its ground state after being electrically excited. The specific frequencies of excitation and emission are dependent on the molecule or atom.



A Jablonski diagram, pictured above and in the video,  is used to describe and graph the absorbance, non-radiative decay, and fluorescence of the system. The purple arrow above represents the absorption of light. The green arrow represents vibrational relaxation from singlet excited state, S2 to S1. This process is a non-radiative relaxation in which the excitation energy is dispersed as vibrations or heat to the solvent, and no photon is emitted. The yellow arrow represents fluorescence to the singlet ground state, called So in the picture above.

The fluorescence quantum yield ((\Phi\)) gives the efficiency of the fluorescence process.  What defines this?  It is the ratio of photons emitted to photons absorbed by the system that defines the quantum yield.

Phi is denoted by the symbol = Φ= # emitted photons divided by the # absorbed photons = quantum yield.

So anyone who lives in sunlight but cannot raise their Vitamin D level normally has a severe form of a quantum yield problem.  The same is true if their NAD+ remains low even when they are in the sun.  This tells us that some other light frequency around them is affecting their conjugated systems from absorbing UV light.  Many illnesses cause this situation and that is why doctors often remark that their patients Vitamin D levels do not appear to budge when inflammatory levels are high.  The reason for this in tissues because the absorption coefficient or optical density in their tissues has changed. Water’s optical density is known to shift when it is placed in light from Pollack’s work.

Maybe now you can see why all the aromatic amino acids absorb UV light close to 200nm of light which is deep in the UVC range.  It appears this is why nature’s most critical chemicals have aromatic amino acids in them.

There is a quantum twist here about the absorption spectrum active of aromatic amino acids on Earth.



Fluorescence rarely results from absorption of UV-radiation of wavelengths shorter than 250 nm because this type of radiation is sufficiently energetic to cause deactivation of the excited state by predissociation or dissociation. Most organic molecules have at least some bonds that can be ruptured by energies of this strength. Consequently, fluorescence due to sigma→ σ transitions is rarely observed in nature. Instead, such emission is confined to the less energetic π∗→π π∗→n and the π∗→n transition processes. Fluorescence commonly occurs from a transition from the lowest vibrational level of the first excited electronic state to one of the vibrational levels of the electronic ground state.

Quantum yield (Φ) is greater for π∗→π transition because these excited states show short average lifetimes (larger kf) and because deactivation processes that compete with fluorescence are not as likely to happen in nature. Molar absorptivity of π → π* transitions likelihood is 100-1000 fold greater. The average lifetime is 10^-7 to 10^-9 seconds for n, π* states, respectively.

If every photon absorbed results in a photon emitted. The maximum fluorescence quantum yield is 1.0, and compounds with quantum yields of 0.10 are still considered fluorescent. Another way to define the fluorescence quantum yield is by the excited state decay rates mentioned above and shown in the equations.



The picture above is a schematic of a typical filter fluorimeter that uses a source beam for fluorescence excitation and a pair of photomultiplier tubes as transducers. The source beam is split near the source into a reference beam and a sample beam. The reference beam is attenuated by the aperture disk so that its intensity is roughly the same as the fluorescence intensity. Both beams pass through the primary filter, with the reference beam being reflected the reference photomultiplier tube. The sample beam is focused on the sample by a pair of lenses and causes fluorescence emission. The emitted radiation passes through a second filter and then is focused on the sample photomultiplier tube. The electrical outputs from the two transducers are then processed by an analog to digital converter to compute the ratio of the sample to reference intensities, which can then be used for qualitative and quantitative analysis. To obtain an emission spectrum, the excitation monochromator is fixed and the emission monochromator varies. To obtain an excitation spectrum, the excitation monochromator varies while the emission monochromator is fixed.

Fluorescence spectroscopy can be used to measure the concentration of a compound because the fluorescence intensity is linearly proportional to the concentration of the fluorescent molecule. Fluorescent molecules can also be used as tags. For example, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) is a method of determining what genes are present in an organism’s genome. Single-stranded DNA encoding a gene of interest is covalently bonded to a fluorescent molecule and washed over the organism’s chromosome, binding to its complementary sequence.

The presence and placement of the gene in the organism then fluoresces when shined with ultraviolet light. Green fluorescence protein (GFP) is used in molecular biology to monitor the activity of proteins. The gene encoding GFP can be inserted next to a gene encoding a protein that will be studied. When the genes are expressed, the protein will be attached to GFP and can be identified in the cell by its fluorescence.

If cells emit ELF-UV light it means that cells must have built a novel way of creating a spectrum of UV light stronger than UVB and UVA light. That process was covered in the Vermont 2018 video. If you cannot create that light, based on all the fancy science above it shows you that fluorescences in your proteins will be ALTERED and physiology will change. This is especially true with respect to melatonin and NAD+ levels. Technology causes this effect in humans. This is why they cause diseases and increasing our aging with a chronic technology abuse.



What does “need” really mean to you? Is “need” oxygen when mankind is dying to breathe due to his circumstance? I’ve found it very hard to biohack the world lately. It’s hard to save the world when you find it hard to save yourself. Nothing undresses your passion more than something inside of you identifying a desire you never knew you possessed. To really change the world, we have to help people change the way they see things because you’ve learned to change how you look at the world. #5gReality



When we grow up, your elders and teachers instill in you the ways of the world. We’re supposed to learn the rules of engagement in the game of life to thrive. That is society’s blueprint. When I grew up on the streets of NYC I saw a different path, one that was not theirs, but my own.  The road less travelled is hard and lonely but it connect you back to the fundamentals. When you see crowds of millions around you in NYC rising before the sun, going to work in the subway, for other people who control the rules of society you begin to see the game they’ve set up for most of us. It is a mouse trap. Our best life is to live our life inside the world we see and imagine. Our mind is a furnace for change because we can sculpt change by what we choose to do. This is how real sculpting is performed.

The scope of any life really has no boundaries. Its borders are put there by our fears, beliefs, and dogma we inherited by learning and listening from our friends family and society. Inside, we have the innate ability to unlearn to relearn the blueprint. We control the punchlist on this project. We own the final say on this masterpiece. Life becomes a large possibility when you relaize everything around you is made up by a matrix of people with beliefs who are no smarter than you.

Once you tap that inner fire you can sculpt life because you can change it, with your ideas. Jason did that above in the video.  You can influence all outcomes the moment you understand that you can change they manner in which you think about any situation your find yourself in. No matter the situation, we can mold it, add to the mix, or stir it up. This maybe the most important lesson we teach oursleves. You beging to realize this is a lesson few people take to heart because it means you are going to have to embrace hardship, refuse cnformity, and begin to enjoy discomfort for the sake of curiosity. If you do not embrace the pain of adaptation you’ll never shake off this erroneous notion that life is like a snapshot. It is static, like a photo there and you’re just going to live in it 80 times around the sun and call it a life. Instead, the day you begin to sculpt your ideas in your imagination to do things your way, you refuse to embrace any conformity. You decide to change the way you do things compared to everyone else because you want to improve it, shild leaving your and mark upon it.

If you embrace that fact, what happens to your life? You realize you can choose and deliver yourself many types of masterpieces. Your furnace can adapt to most any situation, circumstance, or environment your dealt. Life your way, becomes easy because you understand how to leverage change to be your friend and not your foe. When you live by their rules, you’ll be told to wait your turn for advancement: to be accepted, to be promoted, to be selected … to somehow be “discovered” by the world others buld around us. Sculptors do not wait on creation because they know the value of time. They take things into their own hands because they know how to make the decisions to create greatness using the passion of curiosity.

Curiosity like common sense does not grow in everyone’s garden — a state of active interest or genuinely wanting to know more about something — allows you to embrace unfamiliar circumstances, giving you a greater opportunity to experience discovery and joy. We all want to be happy; according to the Dalai Lama, it is “the very purpose of our life.”

Yet despite the incredible advancement of modern-day technology and society, few of us are happy. If ignorance is truly bliss why aren’t more people happy? A 2013 Harris Poll found that only one in three Americans say they’re very happy. Happiness is linked to the amount and quality of sunlight we get and the people we spend our time with.

Perhaps this is because the majority of our time is spent in unsatisfying work, repetitive daily routines, associating with the wrong people, and at night passively watching a blue-lit flickering screen??

But we don’t have to settle for unhappy lives. We’re all capable of achieving happiness and more meaning in life if we adopt the right attitudes and behaviors and people we spend time with. Perhaps the most important attitude linked to happiness is curiosity. It helps us avoid bullshit beliefs of other people peddle here in this thread and elsewhere.

It always comes back to LIGHT, WATER, and MAGNETISM even when you think it does not.

Well done, Jason.  Well done.

February 2019 – ALS and 5G

February 2019 Webinar – ALS and 5G

Motor neuron disease (MND) describes a group of neurological disorders characterized by the selective loss of motor neurons. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), the most common subtype of MND, is characterized by a progressive degeneration of both upper and lower motor neurons, resulting in muscle atrophy, gradual paralysis, and death, usually resulting from respiratory failure. ALS has a worldwide prevalence of 4–6 in 100,000, with differences noted between populations.

ALS clinically overlaps with frontotemporal dementia (FTD). ALS seems linked to the cervical spinal cord barrier (CSCB) and FTD is tied to defects seen more with the blood brain barrier in the skull.  FTD is a common cause of dementia in adults under the age of 65 that is characterized by neurodegeneration of the frontal and temporal cortex.   Around 50% of ALS patients display evidence of frontal and temporal lobe dysfunction on detailed neuropsychological testing and up to 5–10% of ALS cases present with clinically diagnosed FTD.  Many people do not know about this linkage and I think this gives the Black swan some insight to what really maybe causing the defect.  Steve Gleason, a former special teams ace with the New Orleans Saints has ALS, and Hall of Fame TE, John Mackey died of FTD many years ago after multiple concussions in his career.  The link to trauma and continued electromagnetic damage to the enzymes and second messengers that control the resolution of the inflammatory and regeneration response might be the missing piece to this puzzle.  If I am right, we should see the incidence and prevalence of ALS rise primarly due to the chronic electromagnetic pollution that the modern world generates.

What are you saying Jack?

Could ALS be due to an “electromagnetic defect” in the control levers of the process keeping the injury repair pro-inflamamtory for too long? Might the EMF stimulus in the environment control this energy phase transition thermodynamically? It is now well known that environmental EMF’s are capable of blocking the phase transition of the inflammatory response to the anti-inflammatory pathways via calcium ion resonance changes.

Could this be why ALS is a mystery to medicine?  Does this mimic the story of the blind men and the elephant?

Is this why mitochondrial dysfunction has emerged as a common, early phenomenon in ALS literature?  The appearance of deficits in oxidative phosphorylation, calcium buffering and mitochondrial transport prior to the onset of disease symptoms in vivo in disease models suggests an important role for loss of mitochondrial integrity in the etiology of ALS.

I currently believe the stimulus for most cases appears to be a combination of mechanical trauma exacerbated by light stress from parts of the electromagnetic spectrum humans are not adapted to yet.

This preferentially destorys the motor neurons in the cervical cord which leads to Wallerian degeneration because the chronic stressor is never removed because no has thought about the combination effect on our colony of mitochondria.

Motor neurons have more mitochondrial density than the sensory neurons. Anatomically, their main cell bodies are also further from the motor neuron soma making repairs more tedious and energy costly from a circadian standpoint. The dorsal root ganglion (DRG) is very close to the sensory afferents in humans and it might be why ALS spares them.


It appears ALS is now being linked to electromagnetic pollution from the epidemiologic literature.

New analysis of data from more than 58,000 men and 6,500 women suggests it is the latter. Dr. Roel Vermeulen, at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, and his team found that people whose jobs exposed them to high levels of very low frequency magnetic fields were twice as likely to develop ALS as people who have never had this kind of occupational exposure.

Jobs with relatively high levels of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields include electric line installers, athletes, welders, sewing-machine operators, and aircraft pilots and first responders.  These are essentially jobs where all workers are placed in close proximity to appliances that use a lot of electricity on a chronic basis.  There are many more jobs that have this risk today in a 5G world and this is why I expect the numbers to rise for ALS.

Highlights of this disease:

Mitochondrial dysfunction is one of the earliest pathophysiological events in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

ALS-associated mutant proteins accumulate in mitochondria and cause mitochondrial damage.

ALS-associated mitochondrial dysfunction occurs at multiple levels in the nervous system.

ALS affects mitochondrial respiration and ATP production, calcium handling, dynamics, and apoptotic signalling of cytochrome 4 to lead to excessive destruction of motor neurons.

In the PNS, motor and sensory neurons have particularly long axons. But the primary synpse is different in each system in humans. The sensory side makes its initial synpase early compared to the motor neuron.  This means the motor axon is more at risk for energy deficits.   The mitochondria-associated membranes, therefore, represent extreme examples of how important the maintenance of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and mitochondrial functions can be to sustain high axonal metabolic demand.


Recent progress in the understanding of neurodegenerative diseases revealed that multiple molecular mechanisms contribute to pathological changes in neurons. A large fraction of these alterations can be linked to dysfunction in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and mitochondria, affecting metabolism and secretion of lipids and proteins, calcium homeostasis, and energy production.

Remarkably, these organelles are interacting with each other at specialized domains on the ER called mitochondria-associated membranes (MAMs). These membrane structures rely on the interaction of several complexes of proteins localized either at the mitochondria or at the ER interface and serve as an exchange platform of calcium, metabolites, and lipids, which are critical for the function of both organelles. In addition, recent evidence indicates that MAMs also play a role in the control of mitochondria dynamics and autophagy. MAMs thus start to emerge as a key element connecting many changes observed in all neurodegenerative diseases.

Neuronal function relies on synaptic transmission, which is based on the propagation of action potentials along axons and neurotransmitter release. As the majority of biosynthetic pathways take place in the neuron soma, axons and distal synaptic contacts need efficient axonal transport for the supply of organelles and vesicles. Axonal transport is driven by motor proteins, which consume substantial amounts of energy in the form of ATP or light energy in the exclusion zone.  

Sensory neurons and motoneurons have axons up to 1 meter in length. Their extreme dendrite/cell-body/axon polarization and their large soma make these neurons highly demanding in energy to function properly.

It was estimated that the anterograde transport of one vesicle along the 1 m long axon of a human motoneuron requires approximately 1.25 × 10^8 adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecules. This is an astronomical number and tells how important mitochondrial redox is in ALS.

High metabolic demand requires a tight coordination between the production of nitric oxide (NO), ATP, melanopsin dysfunction, protein secretion, organelle biogenesis, and degradation processes that avoid accumulation of defective components to coordinate injury, repair, and regeneration sequences properly.  It requires an intact circadian mechanism in the neurons and the circulation to clear the blood of small moleculare weight proteins that can lead to damage.  Trauma to mitochondria is known to liberate CpG Islands which alter methylation patterns in damaged tissues.

These ideas imply that long axons are therefore particularly vulnerable to conditions of suboptimal energy supply. The axons of the cortisospinal tract are quite long. The sensory afferents are not that long because they synapse early in the CNS.

The axonal compartment often degenerates first in diseases affecting long-projection neurons, such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and hereditary motor and sensory neuropathies (HMSNs) also known as Charcot–Marie–Tooth diseases (CMTs)

This leads me to believe that ALS always begins with a stressor stimulus of some type that become chronic by another mechanism to prolong the normal healing in the nerve cells to destroy regeneration of neuron function by severely altering ATP and EZ function in the spinal cord.

• Sensory neurons are situated in the dorsal root ganglion of the spinal nerve, whereas motor neurons are situated in the ventral root ganglion of the spinal cord.

• Sensory neurons follow afferent pathways while motor neurons follow efferent pathways.

• An average adult has about 10 million sensory neurons and half a million of motor neurons.

• Motor neurons are multipolar, and sensory neurons are unipolar = more synapses = more mitochondria = more energy requirements

• Sensory neuron has only afferent fiber and many proximal synapses on the soma, whereas motor neuron has efferent fibers with many distal synapses.  This is an energy drain on the motor neurons in a chronic trauma situation.

• Motor neurons do not generate commands to communicate with muscles, but receive from sensory neurons.


Could trauma cause a chronic colony of mitochondrial failure in the motor neurons of ALS patients?

Can that trauma be induced many ways?




Can the primary injury be a small incident or accident whose healing goes awry?

Can a job, like an NFL player, or athlete, a pilot,  a worker for a utility company, or a smart meter on a house be all it takes to start this process?

Could the trauma be induced by the aberrant use of the electromagnetic spectrum of light?

 THE ANSWER IS YES TOO ALL of them, in my opinion.

Mitochondrial ATP production depends on calcium concentration, which is controlled by the ER and that switch is calcium Calmodulin protein.


Injury to the cervical neuroforaminal stenosis spinal nerve is capable of interupting the piezoelectric and flexoelectric qualities of the collagen in the anterior and posterior longitudinal ligaments. This in turn, can electrostatically make the cervical blood brain barrier (BBB) more permeable than it should be. This leads to melanopsin dysfunction and alterations in Vitamin D and A in the blood plasma.  This is a clue that the RBC’s circadian cycle is off too leaving more CPG Islands in the blood to cause more melanopsin damage.

Having a lowered Vitamin D and A level makes this mechanism even more likely.  Melanopsin dysfunction is linked to lowering both Vitamin A and D via complex biophysical mechanisms.  This allows both good things, for regeneration from the initial trauma to get in to stimulate healing.  It also allows bad things, like CPG Islands and toxins (deuterium and proteins) to gain entrance the spinal cord to affect the metabolism of the motor neuron cells. Trauma can open the BBB of the head or the BSCB of the cervical spine to allow more DHA to enter for regeneration and repair but it could also let small proteins into the mitochondria of neurons and glial cells that lead to ALS.

Can peripheral nerve injury alters the blood–spinal cord barrier (BSCB) and change its functional and molecular integrity through a selective inflammatory pathway?  We saw this was true in the eye when the Bazan effect short and long loops where affected. Could the same type of mechanism be operational in the spinal cord?  I think so.

Peripheral nerve lesion triggers alterations in the spinal microenvironment that contribute to the pathogenesis of neuropathic pain. While neurons and glia have been implicated in these functional changes, it remains largely underexplored whether the blood–spinal cord barrier (BSCB) is also involved. The BSCB is an important component in the CNS/PNS homeostasis, and compromised BSCB has been associated with different pathologies affecting the spinal cord.

In cite one below, they demonstrated that a remote injury on the peripheral nerve in rats triggered a leakage of the BSCB, which was independent of spinal microglial activation. The increase of BSCB permeability to different size tracers, such as Evans Blue and sodium fluorescein, was restricted to the lumbar spinal cord and prominent for at least 4 weeks after injury. 

The spinal inflammatory reaction triggered by nerve injury was a key player in modulating BSCB permeability. The researchers identified MCP-1 as an endogenous trigger for the BSCB leakage. MCP-1 is a cytokine called monocyte chemoattractant protein 1 and also known as CCL2 in the literature.

BSCB permeability can also be impaired by circulating IL-1 in the plasma. This occurs in tisue healing in any trauma. In contrast, antiinflammatory cytokines TGF-1 and IL-10 were able to shut down the openings of the BSCB following nerve injury.

Peripheral nerve injury from many types of stimuli cause a decrease in tight junction and caveolae-associated proteins.

Interestingly, ZO-1 and occludin, but not caveolin-1, were rescued by TGF-1. Furthermore, their data provide direct evidence that disrupted BSCB following nerve injury contributed to the influx of inflammatory mediators and the recruitment of spinal blood borne monocytes/macrophages, which played a major role in the development of neuropathic pain.

Is this how whiplash causes pain too?  Is this how chronic pain syndromes develop too?  Peripheral neuropathy?  I think so.

Is it possible these could be the initial steps that lead to devastating diseases like ALS if the trauma is chronic? It was found in 2013 that nnEMF releases MCP-1.  It might not be a specualtion based on the data published already.

Recently, several reports have evaluated the effects of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on tissue repair. The problem with these reports is the recipe of the mechanism of action remains muddy because of poor methodology of the studies.

In particular, the data analysis supports an anti-inflammatory effect of EMFs by the modulation of cytokine profiles that drive the transition from a chronic pro-inflammatory state to an anti-inflammatory state of the healing process.

In particular, electromagnetic fields act on tissues by using light waves and calcium signaling to increasing ROS, NO and pro-inflammatory cytokines production in macrophages and following this can contribute to the establishment of “a switch” toward the resolution of the inflammatory response, and thus wound healing.

Accordingly, EMFs are capable of inducing anti-inflammatory cytokines and they contribute to the down-regulation of pro-inflammatory ones. These events can be usurped by alien frequencies if introduced into the process of healing.  This ruins the cooridination of the delicate electromagnetic process.



Sunlight, nature’s key EMF induces nitric oxide production during an injury. This can be explained by the increase in the bioavailability of nitric oxide (NO) induced by exposure to EMFs in celltypes involved in the reparative process. NO shuts off CCO and this stimulus get rid of bad matrix engines.  NO also shunts oxygen to better functioning mitochondria.  This clears damaged tissues.  I do not think medicine realizes how vital this function is in ALS.   Indeed, it has been reported that EMFs activate the calcium calmodulin switch (CaM) which leads to increased activity of eNOS production and bioavailable NO in the microcirculation.  This same switch is found in blood vessels where melanopsin resides!!!



At this microcirculation level, the NO is able to activate both guanylate cyclase (sGC) and adenylate cyclase (sAC) properly in the blood. This also implies getting outside and your skin in the game after a trauma induced event may be a wise thing to do since it appears light activation of wound healing is a critical step. It also helps us understand why so many concussed players are light sensitive. They have induced MELANOPSIN dysfunction and blue light exacerbates the issue.



This is why surgeons have found for years that wounds made earlier in the day heal much better than wounds created at night under fake light conditions. In fact, this is why surgeons do elective surgeries beginning so early in the AM.

Might this mean that we should expect more ALS in people who work 3rd shifts or people who rarely go out in the sun who have low Vitamin D and A levels in their blood? I believe so. I also think these people will have very low levels of ascorbate in their plasma too to create the neurohormones needed for wound repair. When there is mitochondrial damage cells increase their oxygen levels and this GENERATES excessive ROS which leads to damage. If the trauma is chronic the ROS never resolves = apoptosis of the motor neuron.




Motor neurons have more mitochondria than sensory neurons so they are more sensitive to repetive trauma.

Defective mitochondrial respiration disrupts ATP production quickest and shoudl effect neurons with higher mitochondrial density.  Is this why motor neurons are more effected in disruption of the spinal cords blood barrier to cause melanopsin damage to the vessels there?



Blue light is known to lower beta oxidation and lower ATP production. Blue light also is known to cause melanopsin dysfucntion when the blue light stimulus is chronic.  Melanopsin is now known to be in blood vessels since 2014.

Reductions in cellular respiration and ATP production are well documented in ALS. In post-mortem spinal cord of sporadic ALS patients the activity of all ETC complexes, complex I, II, III, and IV was found to be reduced. In addition, the activity of complexes I and IV were reported to be impaired in skeletal muscle while complex I activity and ATP levels were reduced in lymphocytes of sporadic ALS patients.

Counterintuitively, in fibroblasts obtained from skin biopsies of sporadic ALS patients the mitochondrial membrane potential (MMP) was increased compared to healthy controls.  Fibroblast repair occurs under the direction of red light which makes up 42% of sunlight.  There is no red light in indoor light.   I think the leaky MMP might be theresponse of a patient not having their skin in the game of nature enough when they suffer chronic repetitive injuries to the head and neck from trauma or light stress.  I believe ALS is a neural trauma that needs our skin in the game of sunlight quickly.  I think the motor neuron needs to off switch of sunlight to repair the colony defect in the matrix of motor neurons and cannot get enough because the environment is so toxic due to electromagnetic pollution destory normal wound healing.


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One of my friends on social media is Dr. Patel.  He is a great guy and I like him.  But the Dunning Kruger effect in functional medicine is blinding to him.  Let us examine this to teach a lesson in becoming a mitochondriac.

Here is a recent FB status:

Sachin Patel

1 hr · Mississauga, ON, Canada ·

“What makes the human brain an astonishing masterpiece is not its ability to interpret reality, communicate a message, or coordinate the function of trillions of cells simultaneously.

What makes the human brain truly remarkable is its ability to project reality, organize matter, and create circumstance.

What will you project, organize, and create today?”

When Dr. Patel posts about the superiority of functional medicine over other paradigms I don’t think he ever thinks about the quantum foundations of nature that I teach him and his flock.

He actually is now advocating selling supplements linked to theory genomic profile and calling them “youtrients” and passing this off as WISDOM of functional medicine.







Sachin Panda is Dr. Patel’s countryman.  They both hail from India, but there paths of understanding are very different.   Dr. Panda’s research and his current take on food and supplements is as far away from Dr. Patel perspecitve as the sun is from a distant galaxy.

I believe, belief and reality are bridged by real science.  Todays truths are just approximations of Nature’s truths because they are based upon the current state of science.  Using food and supplements to build wellness was a PAST idea whose time has come and gone.  Very few people in the functional medicine world seem to realize this because they do not read the work of Dr. Panda.


Most of the people in the functional medicine world business model cannot sustain a practice without selling supplements or over prescribing useless tests.  The test help support the idea that another supplement they can sell you. The story is always convincing to the person because they do not have a command over the science being espoused by the customer.  The functional medicine practioner often sells right into the biases and belief paradigm of the target audience because their group help build the idea that biochemistry is SOMEHOW foundation to getting well.

Nothing can further from the truth as I show in the TREATISE about Adrenal Fatigue. Have a listen to it before going further with the blog.  AUDIOPODCAST

To back up my point about why food and supplements are useless to a person before they repair their circadian mechanism I want you to listen to what Dr. Panda, a chronobiologist has to say about this here in his TED talk done in December of 2018.


What did Dr. Panda say in this talk that should offend the common beliefs of modern man?

He told us that new data is a game changer to the food and supplement paradigm::

1. Food does not matter to wellness as much as we think it does.

2.  It appears either does its caloric density or quality.

3. When you eat is critically important.

4. What you eat is almost immaterial too,  but counterintuitive to modern beliefs.

5. Your light environment is critical, because it sets your circadian mechanism,

Dr. Panda research reinforces the points I have been making for 15 years now about prescription drugs and supplements.   

He clearly explains why they can act as TOXINS based upon light and timing mismatches we create in our environment when they are taken incorrectly.

We should AVOID them until you know your EXACT proper circadian context in reference to your mitochondrial biology and circadian mechanism.

Those who prescribe drugs and sell you supplements, TODAY,  HAVE ZERO clue about these aspects of human biology.Currently, most of them are selling you things that MAKE you WORSE and they get a big advantage out of this.   That is good marketing, but it is not good medicine.

Dr. Sachin Panda said this ^^^^^ this week.  This is why I like the guy.  He knows full well there is a lot more to the story.  I want you to know that the data for that story is published and it exists but too few in the functional medicine world understand the butterfly effect it causes broken cells with bad mitochondria inside.  Black Swans do, and they share that information with all who listen and have an open mind about how this data should change how we approach food, supplements, and prescription drugs going forward.

This error in judgement has the ability to keep you unwell and feeding at their profit trough.  They will have plenty of new supplement and food gimmick ideas to sell to you.  that is how the SALES FUNNEL works in the altenrative world.  Ironically they rail against allopathic medicine and the use of Prescritpion drugs but their use of supplements carries the exact same risks for humanity.

This is true in allopathic, functional medicine, and the supplement world.


My response on Dr. Patel’s thread on FB months ago to this “Youtrients post” was thus:

I’ll disagree again on what makes our brain remarkable from a neurosurgical quantum perspective.  How does a “mitochondriac” see the brain???  What makes our brain special???? Humans evolved the attributes of a large brain and the ability to speak, in order to form intricate social networks that can use many aspects of technology. Our biggest attribute is the ability to THINK. This allows us to radically CHANGE the environment that we are “ideally adapted to”. It has allowed us to dominate all habitats on Earth and CREATE HAVOC in most of them.  The irony is that the smartest brains do not even realize how just changing the light in the environment blinds us to this REALITY.   The real human miracle of our minds is not that we can see the world as it is……but that we can see it as it is not, and then change it. If we think and act incorrectly, we can quickly recalibrate and overcome it.  What are the implications here?  You are not your brain.

Most of your thoughts and beliefs were given to you by some guru, education, or device run by a paradigm.  When we don’t know who we are fundamentally, we are prone to be who somebody else wants me to be.  Everyone sees the world differently. Your brain is bombarded by 10 million bits of information per second, your quantum computer in your skull only process 40 qubits of that data. Your brain filters the other millions of bits through your beliefs and your perspective. Most of us only see what we believe right now.


I used to believe much of what the allopathic and functional medicine paradigm do today, but then I stopped that.  New data informed me my brain was fooling me.  I did this myself for a time until I realized the data in chronobiology was AT ODDS with my old way of thinking.



Many believe the brain is our teacher.  I am a neurosurgeon, and I used to believe this was AXIOMATICALLY TRUE.  Today, new data I have read has changed this opinion too.  I no longer believe this is accurate.  Why?   A true teacher defends their pupils against their own personal influence.  Our cognitive biases and perceptions of the truth stands in our way in our journey to find the truth about wellness.  We must eliminate the unecessary old ideas to make way for the news ones.  We must follow the new data that trumps old ideas.



These ideas really teach us that quite often our own brain is our real enemy when we are trying to improve because of how it thinks, believes, and ACTS via our choices NOW.  It may not have are best interests at heart.  This is a counterintuitive truth bomb that I learned while studying quantum biology.

Here is our irony as a species: Man is the only creature intelligent enough to think themselves to death. In order to pursue greatness we first have to understand where our source of greatness lies.  Mitochondrial density in the brain and heart results in the quality of our thoughts.  But this ability is a two edged sword for a Black Swan. The truth only irritates those it enlightens. 



An expert problem solver for nature’s recipe’s must be endowed with two incompatible qualities – a restless imagination and a patient pertinacity. We must pursue these thoughts with vigor. I try never to be “irritated by the truth” but to engage my audience with enthusiasm and good cheer in the pursuit of authentic knowledge and genuine wisdom that only nature can provide us.



I don’t care what the truth turns out to be, I want to know nature’s truth and not man’s beliefs about their truths. I have no fears or reservations of where nature’s truths may lead me.  Humans are the only mammal that is capable of laughs or weeps; because we are the only animal that is struck with the difference between what things are, and what they ought to be.  

A leader who wants to lead the orchestra occasionally must turn his back on the crowd (and their beliefs at times).  Because of the human brain, humans mimic the universe in miniature, almost a caricature of nature’s full complexity.  The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance.  It is the illusion of knowledge we think we have right now.

Nature always trumps healthcare beliefs; when you know better – you do better. Everyone has talent because of their brain, but talent only allows us to hit targets we can see and understand. Talent is common.  What is rare is the courage to follow your talent to the dark places it takes us. This defines what genius is because it is extraordinary compared to talent.

Genius hits targets that no one else can even fathom really exists.  Why would any physician tell the public 15 years ago that food is immaterial but the circadian mechanism is.  Because that is THE REAL TARGET of the Black Swan.  The data lead me there.



In my opinion, there’s a fine line between genius and insanity. A chronic connection to nature erases this line.

I’ll end with a quote also from a famous Indian leader:  “Many people, especially the ignorant ones, want to punish you for speaking the truth for being correct, for being who you are.  Never apologize for being who you are, for being light years ahead of your time.  If you are right and you know it, speak your mind.  Even if you are a minority of one, the truth remains the truth.” –—  Mahatma Ghandhi




I have great affection for Dr. Patel, Dr. Mercola, and Mr. Asprey.  I just have no affinity or tolerance for spreading half truths to the public in exchange for $$$ about what really controls our ability to get well.  Never mistake my personal feelings about them when it comes to my professional duty to tease out the pathway for you my audience. I will always be relentless to uncover the truth for you because I know the answers lie in areas of nature wisdom that I am not familiar with yet.  I know nature blinds us for a deep quantum reason.  This is why I am always looking to hit targets no one else sees to get people better.