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The study below in the cite shows omega-3 levels are better predictors of risk for death than serum cholesterol

A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Lipidology looked at the value of measuring blood levels of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids to assess an individual’s risk for developing certain diseases. In this new report from Harris and colleagues, the “Omega-3 Index” (the EPA+DHA content of red blood cell membranes) was measured in 2500 participants in the Offspring cohort of the Framingham Heart Study. (This group is largely made up of the children of the original Framingham study which began in 1948.) The results showed that the risk for death from any cause was reduced by about 33% comparing the lowest Omega-3 Index participants to the highest.

An update on lipids and mitochondrial function: impact of dietary n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.


Review article:  Stanley WC, et al. Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care. 2012.

PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Recent evidence has linked n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) supplementation with dramatic alterations of mitochondrial phospholipid membranes and favorable changes in mitochondrial function. In the present review, we examine the novel effects of n-3 PUFA on mitochondria, with an emphasis on cardiac mitochondrial phospholipids.

RECENT FINDINGS: There is growing evidence that dietary n-3 PUFA, particularly docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), has profound effects on mitochondrial membrane phospholipid composition and mitochondrial function. Supplementation with n-3 PUFA increases membrane phospholipid DHA and depletes arachidonic acid, and can increase cardiolipin, a tetra-acyl phospholipid that is unique to mitochondrial and essential for optimal mitochondrial function. Recent studies show that supplementation with DHA decreases propensity for cardiac mitochondria to undergo permeability transition, a catastrophic event often leading to cell death. This finding provides a potential mechanism for the cardioprotective effect of DHA. Interestingly, other n-3 PUFAs that modify membrane composition to a lesser extent have substantially less of an effect on mitochondria and do not appear to directly protect the heart.

SUMMARY: Current data support a role for n-3 PUFA supplementation, particularly DHA, on mitochondria that are strongly associated with changes in mitochondrial phospholipid composition


Harris WS, Tintle N, Etherton MR, Vasan RS, The Omega-3 Index can serve as a marker of overall health in older Americans. Erythrocyte Long-Chain Omega-3 Fatty Acid Levels are Inversely Associated with Mortality and with Incident Cardiovascular Disease: the Framingham Heart Study, Journal of Clinical Lipidology (2018), doi: 10.1016/j.jacl.2018.02.010.



Even when the experts all agree, they may well be mistaken.  This is the case with photosynthesis.  How energy and information flows is not equal.


Is this why I drag my members to the Yucatan yearly?  yep.

What makes Yucatan special is the Chicxulub crater?  Information and energy transfer is optimized in the ATPase at this location even in a plasma filled with nnEMF.

I need to go back and retell you the story most of your forgot.  It is incredibly important to the black swan mitochondriac to fully comprehend why it is critical.

The Chicxulub crater  links humans to their ancient ATPase and may allow them to navigate the modern 5G ecosystem well.   What connects their ATPase to the crater is the biophysics of their matrix in their mitochondria.  I spoke about this deep connection in my book, The Epi-Paleo Rx.  I still do not believe most people understand how incredibly powerful this connection is for the mitochondriac.  The picture above is the skull of the dominant animal on Earth prior to that asteroid impact.  Go back above and take a look at the picture carefully.  Without that asteroid, nothing human would have ever been present on Earth.  Dinosaurs and humans are a mismatch of species.  When you see the power of the picture above it makes you realize that a single environmental change can take out the most powerful species at any time on Earth.  Today, modern humans are now facing their asteroid in technology.

You might have missed how this crater directly coupled life on Earth today with a huge environmental shift that occurred 65 million years ago.  The two major groups of life that survived this environmental event had excessive mitochondrial capacity in their body plans.  This was the key requirement for life to survive post-event.  Photosynthesis has two prongs.  It provided energy and information to living systems via electron, proton, and photon spin, as you have learned in this series.

Photosynthesis was disrupted for a long period of time so it meant that life had to live on the edge, predominantly using information, using this capacity to survive in some way.  Light normally flows from the sun to living things on Earth.  This flow of energy and direction can be altered by many factors.  Interestingly, information flow might differ. How so?  65 million years ago it was an out of this world factor that limited energy and infromation flows that change the trajectory of ALL evolution on Earth.  Today, it is a manmade factor that is disrupting energy and information flows from nature to living systems on Earth. Much like the unbelievable sotry fo the first sailing of the Titanic, modern people have no idea that technology is biology’s iceberg.  How could this be, you ask?

The Titanic sunk in 1912.  This is what our inner cities began to look like at the same time.



These wires are located between the Earth and sun and create their own waveforms. Are waves the keys to understanding information loss?

Remember from the earlier blogs in this series I showed you as we extract more information from a system more physiologic work can be done. The flip side of the coin is that if any information is lost, less physiologic work can be done and life becomes less complex and must adapt. That is the essence of what an extinction event is all about. This is why observing humans from 1900 with normal cognitive function being rapidly altered by our environments over the last 120 years to be more afflicted by things like Alzheimer’s and autism at different times of their life is a canary in the coalmine for the black swan mitochondriac. In 1912, Alzheimers was considered a disease of the older population. Today it is not. In 1912, autism was not even discovered. It took 3 more decades of nnEMF to show up in the medical literature in 1940. This disease afflicts the youngest humans from birth to their first few birthdays.



Technology is not always progressive leading to cutting-edge change in society. It is sold to us this way by the sellers of technology gear. This is how marketing work. As I showed in the last paragraph, long periods of stability in homo sapiens is now being interrupted by Black Swan occurrences in our environment that are now leading to a branching evolution and new trajectory in our species. This is evolution in motion by causing a change in information and energy flows in nature. The collateral effects can lead to a punctuated evolution in living systems by placing limitations of wisdom in our society and our valuation of information over understanding.





Do modern communications affect the information transfers in some way from the sun and Earth?  Yes they do.  How? They interrupt vibrations between the sun and Earth.  Remember all living systems are between those two thermodynamic objects.

Researchers have discovered a new role for protein vibrations in controlling the transformation of sunshine into useful energy and information in our cells.

Plants on land and algae in the sea soak up sunlight and transfer the energy using proteins holding colored pigments in cells. A pigment energized by a photon can pass that excitation energy and information in the light photon to another nearby pigment—like passing the baton between runners in a relay. By repeating this process the photon’s energy and information is carried to the reaction center where the energy can be used to produce oxygen and power plant growth.  The information can be transferred from the light photon to the orbital angular momentum of electrons, protons, and other light waves trapped within the organization of things in cells.  This is why cells are built to work far from equilibrium.  They can capture the information in light during the process of transferring energy.  Energy, charge, quantum spin, and orbital angular momentum are all conserved quantities in nature.  Your cells use each one in specific ways to harness the energy and information with high efficiency.

Scientists have long wondered how plants move this energy and information so quickly and efficiently across the large collections of pigments surrounding each reaction center.

In the study cited below, researchers focused on one photosynthetic protein known as PC645. Using computer simulations and experimental data, they found that PC645 controls where energy goes by tuning the vibrations of pigments to enhance energy transport along specific routes.  What they did not realize is that information transfer is the key controller of how that energy is transported and dissipated in a specific and sensitive way.

All proteins and lipids in you have a bar code built into their atomic arrangement that allow them to work with specific and sensitive vibrations.  This means the incoming light can offload its information in its orbital angular momentum to the quantum spin of electrons and protons in you without any time delay.  They key to the download speed is the atomic arrangement of the things in your cell.  That is the information your nucleic  acids provide to your cellular design.  That design varies within tissues.  Each tissues has a different zip code to work with information quanta transfers in cells.  The paper below only is dealing with energy transfer.  They do not realize that energy transfer is directed by information download first.   You can imagine these proteins using the vibrations of different pigments like traffic signals in your tissues that send excitations in one direction or another.  This mechanism has a name.  It is called anisotropy.

For example, when a ‘blue’ pigment is excited it could pass the excitation to a number of different neighboring pigments with similar energies. By controlling the vibrations, proteins can direct the ‘blue’ pigment to pass the excitation to a specific ‘red’ pigment thereby skipping over pigments with intermediate colors.

The unusual thing that occurs when you run the experiments in a lab, the excitation doesn’t step down an energy ladder. It jumps from the very highest rung to the very lowest rung and never touches anything in between. It makes you wonder—why does life do this? And more importantly, how does it happen?   It happens because information quanta is being transferred before energy is moved.  The ability to transfer information between quantum spin and OAM occurs faster than the transfer or energy on excitons between proteins.  The issue is the researchers never realized it because they never controlled for this effect.  Because they never control for it, they have no idea what is controlling the process.  Fodo researchers are making the same error in their papers when they fail to control for light frequencies when they perform studies on diets and biochemical pathways in a lab.  What occurs in a lab is not equivalent to what happens between the Earth and the sun.  This is why in Vermont in 2016 I said if Dr. Price was alive today he would be part of my misfits and not Sally Fallon’s tribe of food gurus.  Without understanding the details of biophysics you can never decipher the code of understanding of how nature operates.


Previously, researchers thought this could only be explained by quantum effects like entanglement. It turns out we now know this is not true.  It is also why I spent so much time highlighting that the TCA and urea cycle can only operate to burn fat and protein when they inner mitochondrial membrane are vibrating at 100Hz.  Vibronic coherence—the entanglement between electron and vibrational motion—was thought to be necessary for the fast jumps between very different energy levels. However, the new research cited below suggests that what is needed is not vibronic coherence, but a large band of vibrations that bridge the energy gap between two pigments.  That is precisely what your cells are expert in producing from their DNA.

From a material perspective, this kind of classical mechanism is more useful because it’s robust to reasonable levels of disorder (entropy) that current synthetic techniques can achieve.  I warned you this entropy thing was going to be a big deal in quantum thermodynamics.  We’ll have a full blog on that soon in this series.

Researchers have to pursue further research into the quantum thermodynamic principles that form biophysical abilities of life. In my opinion, quantum thermodynamics will eventually fully explain how biologists need to begin to study how photosynthetic proteins to control and enhance the energy and information transport necessary for efficient photosynthesis. When they do tap QT ideas they can begin to use these natural design principles to help develop new technology and solar energy materials that will not harm man.

One of the key challenges is that we need better tools to study the changing interface of quantum spin to orbital angular momentum that ocurs in cells. I’ve got a sense the computer might help us get there.  How is that for irony!  Computer simulation required 10 million CPU hours and more than two years of human time to study one protein they studied.  Lesson suspended now.


The atmosphere and water share a physical property by being anisotropic. You heard me use that term above.  What does this mean?  Anisotropy of an object or substance means it has a physical property that has a different value when measured in different directions. A simple example is wood, which is stronger along the grain than across it.

The atmosphere and water exhibit properties with different values when measured in different directions or perspectives.  Earth has an anisotropy at different zip codes. So does water all over the globe.  So does air in different locations.  This is what a geopathic stress zones are really all about.  The Yucatan peninsula, for mammals, is their “cradle of life” because of the biophysics of the ATPase built by our DNA.  These variances alone can alter the flow of energies and information quanta on Earth to living things.  That is what the property of anisotropy really is to the black swan.  This physical ability is born from the 3 D atomic relationships of the object in question to an energy source;  these arrangements can alter energy and information flows within and between living things.

Consider the ATPase in a mitochondria:

The Grotthuss mechanism occurs in humans  who use iodine from the marine food web to brings H+ closer together to transfer information rapidly.  This mechanism allows protons to tunnel from one water molecule to the next via hydrogen bonding.  It is the usual mechanism given for facilitated proton mobility. When hydrogen bonds are deuterated to high degree can information transfer occur from the quantum spin number of deuterium to its surrounding components in a cell?  No.  Chemical bonding slows infromation transfers.  This is why the KIE is an optical brake for information transfer.  H+ can freely move in an aqueous system like the matirx and it can rapidly transfer information in the TCA and urea cycles.

This process is very similar to that of auto-dissociation or electrolysis we see in photosynthesis; the mechanism causing the ions (H+, OH-) to initially separate because of sunlight.  People forget, charge separation of water happens as the first step in photosynthesis. Both processes increase with increasing temperature. This means that temperature favors the formation of H+ in an aqueous network. Isn’t it an interesting coincidence how mitochondria release heat by nature’s design to raise the temperature as we go away from the equator where sunlight is poor and deuterium depleted water is more common? The skeptics have left a lot on the bone for me to hammer them on this month on the Patreon blogs!!!!  I spoke about these concepts long ago without much detail here:

Why is DHA seafood H+ and sunlight all linked at the ATPase? BIOPHYSICS.

Matrix reality: One ton of ATP is turned over in 24 hours. In a marathon of 26 miles, you could turn over 60 kilograms of ATP as you run.  Running makes the ATPase Fo head spin faster.   When you consider that it takes a little over 3 hydrogen atoms (H+) to make one ATP in the ATPase, you can triple this number and then you can understand how important deuterium is to a living system. When you consider deuterium is designed to be plentiful in the blood plasma where RBC’s are, you begin to realize why RBC’s have NO mitochondria.  If they did they could not work with a deuterium fraction of 150 ppm around them.   The mammalian system in the matrix is designed to see a very much lower deuterium fractionation where an ATPase is located. Ask yourself why nature built us this way? Why is deuterium absent where mitochondria are plentiful? There is no paradox here. Where a mystery of nature exists,  a lack of human understanding persists.

Anisotropy enables for abrupt swings in the direction of flow of energy within its atomic lattice, in the atmosphere and in living tissue because of water.   Today, modern life and our atmosphere are changing rapidly in a similar situation.  Let us examine this queer physical ability.  After the KT event, the environment cooled tremendously for a long time because photosynthesis was disrupted.  This lead to massive changes in the flow of energy and information in the atmosphere to change our climate and killed off the dinosaurs.  Let us use a modern example to explain this further.

It is clear that most electromagnetic energies are capable of altered ubiquitin rates on Earth because of how the gases are changing in our atmosphere today.  C02 is rising as we use technology.  We have blamed the rise on many other things.  The thermodynamic process is linked to light’s power in quantized fashion.   The only way to increase light’s power is to increase its frequency.  We seem oblivious that light can increase its information power by just expanding its orbital angular momentum.  This is how a laser works.  It appears life is best adapted to the frequencies below the microwave range in the electromagnetic spectrum of light.  Might this be how cells build their own lasers to operate in cells?  I think so.  I will be talking about this in Vermont this year.  This is incredibly important concept.  Today, man is using the frequencies above visible light for communications without fully understanding the effect on ubiquitin marking. Anything distal to infrared rays seem to be a real problem of information transfer of sunlight to cells via photosynthesis.  It is clear to me now that the information quanta in the nnEMF photons is what is transferring the incorrect error messages to ubiquitin in our cells.  This leads to diseases.  When you visit the Yucatan, your ATPase can operate better, and over come many of the error messages that modern tech devices bring to our cells.  


Samuel M. Blau et al, Local protein solvation drives direct down-conversion in phycobiliprotein PC645 via incoherent vibronic transport, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2018).  DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1800370115




We have seen through the human genome project data that “gene theory” alone can not explain the complexity of human life when we have fewer genes than our ancestors, and yet, we have extraordinary physiologic traits never seen before in our primate tree.  Might there be another way to transfer information other than DNA?  This series has shown you that in fact, there is another method to go this.  That is the big implication of QT#1.

Might it be that the information in a proton be able to change DNA?  I believe it is .  WE know DNA has a massive array of proton tunneling taking place we just have no idea how it happens.  QT # 1 give you my idea of how I think it is happening every moment.

Darwinian biology describes phenomena that are a result of a myriad of interactions but have no particular dominant factor at play. Genetics is 180 degree opposite this paradigm today.  They believe there is a reductive pathway from a gene to cell to tissue to physiologic function to explain everything we observe in life, and then we have QED who says we can have “spooky action at a great distance” because of nonlocality,  quantum tunneling, etc. The organic chemists believe that there is no such action possible at a distance in chemistry. No wonder modern medicine is a mess!  We know energy and information about electrons and protons transfer and that input come from sunlight.  It is based on the core beliefs of these fields as well.  Your results are this way because of this thinking that science should be studied in special areas independent of a more global view. Medicine today, is like a giant game of telephone.  

When you were kid it was funny to see how the message was changed by a chain of people as the message passed to other people.  I have a sense our DNA and RNA gets those information transfers from protons.  The main different between these examples is today in medicine,  the message is seeing your health disappear as one person talks to another via a journal filled with RCT instead of using nature’s wisdom in proton quanta transfer.  

Instead of a reductive view, we need a top-down approach, to include all principles to come up with a 30,000 foot understanding of how life works using biology, chemistry, and physics.  The study of circadian biology is the best place for this to begin,  in my humble view, because this is where protons learn their lessons, from the teacher, the sun.

It is hard to repair this mechanism when you have no idea that the loss resonant energy transfer from the nnEMF  to electrons and protons is changing the messages from the Sun and Earth.  The mechanism is clearly found in QED theory to water is behind “the curtain” causing all neolithic disease.  If you scour the chronobiology literature every known disease has a link back to problems with the molecular clock at some level.  Sadly, no one is making these connections yet. But they are getting what I have been saying for 13 years.

I am in the process now of releasing my 5G hacks in the CPC blogs because 5G is now a reality in most USA cities in case you do not know it.  The Big carriers are now actively unleashing the network by testing its functionality in many cities.  In QT #1 and #2 you are seeing how it links to mitochondrial function by making sense of second law of thermodynamics in mitochondria.

For 150 years no one has questioned to see if science has missed something quite basic in this law.  Maxwell, wrote a letter to a friend who laid the case out clearly.  I am going to put some data on what I told you in QT #1.

Some people will find this science dense but it won’t be for those of you who have been keeping up with your reading to see how things are coming together.

Now, the question should be………..

Why is it that some mammals can live in freezing cold regions of Earth with little sunlight and modern humans worry about hypothermia in temperatures that are not even close to this cold?

What is the thermodynamic issue here?

THE ANSWER:  The foundations of “Quantum thermodynamics.”

What did I teach you about long ago about how polar bears and penguins repel cold temperatures so they can live in polar water? How did they do it?  Why do we struggle with it??   What do they both eat and where do they both live?  What is special about that environment?  Is there something special about these animals compared to us?  Do you sense an entanglement yet with these concepts? A food guru will struggle to see the gorgeous threads nature provide living quantum systems. A mitochondriac will begin to see something different.

The invisible threads nature weaved into electron and proton spin are the strongest ties in the Quilt of our lives.   Today this blog is about the foundations of thermodynamics in living systems.  How these new concepts link to the quantum spin states of electrons and protons in mitochondria are critical to get correct before we can see nature’s wisdom manifest in tissues.


The Standard Model of particle physics, tries to get at what exists in the universe (matter), the laws of thermodynamics only say what can and can’t be done with this matter. But one of the strangest things about the theory is that these rules seem subjective because the idea of dissipation of energy depends on the extent of our KNOWLDEGE.  Yes, you read that correctly.  What is possible thermodynamically in any system depends 100% on the extent of what we know about that system.

This implies that any study of the thermodynamics of quantum systems means you must accept that what you do not know is the single most important part of the equation.  This idea forces you to realize the Dunning Kruger (DK) effect is not some amorphous concept, but something that PHYSICALLY matters deeply in living systems.  DK is not a cognitive bias, it is actually a REAL physical thing.  I hinted at this in the Tensegrity 13 blog.

“Quantum thermodynamics” is a field in the making that will completely change how medicine is delivered globally, in my opinion.

The paradox hinting at the connection between thermodynamics and information, was put forth by James Clerq Maxwell in 1867 in a letter he wrote to a friend.  In this letter the concept of a “Maxwell demon” was born.  The demon concept he mentioned was a thought experiment that really was all about informtion transfer in the system and not about the transfer or transmutation of energy.  Most people lost that nuance until information theory in quantum computing was mentioned by Feynman in the 1960’s.   The ‘paradoxical demon‘ he came up with in this letter concerned the second law of thermodynamics — the rule that entropy always increases in systems.  Today, we now know that entropy can lead to self assembly and order.  This new idea is also rather shocking to the foundation of physics.  It challenges everything we know today about how heat operates.  The new data on entropy is beginning to make physics stop buying its own hype around classic interpretations of thermodynamics.


Ask better questions when you get new bits of information.  

Why do things organize they way they do?  Is it only chemical or electrostatic  interactions, or is there something else we’re missing??    Look at the picture of my rhubarb below.



What allows them to assume this pattern?  Is it a chemical bond?  Is it a hydrogen bond?  Is it electrostatics?  No, it is none of those things.  The pattern emergence come from the entropy I introduced into the system by way of the crafty knife cuts I put on all the pieces as I put them in the pot.


EMERGENCE — the phenomenon whereby simple objects give rise to surprising collective behaviors.  For example, consider the tetrahedra crystal;  it’s the simplest Platonic solid — the simplest three-dimensional shape.    When they arrange with one another based solely on entropy (randomness), meaning they have no direct physical interactions between them — they didn’t want to stick together; there’s no charges; there’s no nothing binding them but their shape.  Using entropy alone, the tetrahedra organize into a quasicrystal format — this really complex, ordered structure. Take a look at the picture above again.  That is a topologic organization.  Now I want to make you look back to another blog.  Go look at the first picture you see in the TIME #24 blog right now.  Do you see anything that is similar to the picture above?

Nature organizes living quantum systems using nothing but entropy.

Order in biology,  always emerges from DISORDER.

At its core, nature is asymmetric because of this design.

Mathematics actually now contains proofs that show this is true even though it is counterintuitive to logic and reason.  Logic and reason are not good enough to understand how nature operates, it appears.  It may show you why many of the things I post about seem to shock those people whose brains are filled with conventional ideas.  To see how order hides within chaos, imagine coloring number pairs in an infinite set according to this rule in this HYPERLINK 

People normally understand the law of increasing entropy as the tendency of things to get messier, but science and mathematics are now reporting that entropy leads to order in nature too.

The philosopher steeped in epistemology will say, “Jack, Why is that not a paradox thermodynamically?”


Maxwell wondered how a law of nature could depend on one’s knowledge — or ignorance — of the positions and velocities of molecules.  He realized that the Dunning Kruger effect could be at play behind dissipative structures long ago because of what he wrote in that letter.  Ilya Prigogine developed the concept and contributed to the theories of dissipative structures for which he won the 1977 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.  Maxwell is who gave Prigogine confidence to guess correctly to get that Prize.  Good science always begins with a good guess.  Maxwell sensed that the things we do not know now, might lead to massive changes in our beliefs down the road.  He wrote that in his letter to his friend about his ‘demons.

If the second law of thermodynamics depends subjectively on one’s information, in what sense is it true?  Maybe, it is not always absolute and maybe living quantum systems are the observable fact of his warnings from that letter?

Ludwig Boltzmann showed that energy disperses, and entropy increases, as a simple matter of statistics: There are many more ways for energy to be spread among the particles in a system than concentrated in a few, so as particles move around and interact, they naturally tend toward states in which their energy is increasingly shared.  Maxwell described his thought experiment in which “an enlightened being” — we later called Maxwell’s demon — uses its knowledge it acquired from the environment to lower entropy and appear to violate the second law from an energy perspective.

Maxwell theorized to do this, the “demon” had to know the positions and velocities of every molecule in a container of gas. By partitioning the container and opening and closing a small door between the two chambers, the demon lets only fast-moving molecules enter one side, while allowing only slow molecules to go the other way. The demon’s actions divide the gas into hot and cold, concentrating its energy and lowering its overall entropy. The once useless gas can now be put to work.  Paraphrasing his own words, this is how he believed life might finds a way to win.

He had no idea that quantum spin could share information to other conserved traits of nature.  If he had, he would have relaized that every electron and proton is a Maxwell demon.

Could it be that the real demon in our mitochondria is the a trap door that does this for deuterium and light hydrogen?

Today classic thermodynamic theory separates information and energy when it is taught to scientists and engineers.  This has not caught the attention of biology yet.  Information is now known to be a physical thing in quantum thermodynamics.

KEY POINT:  The more information the living system can acquire, the more work that system can extract from any living system. Does this mean that information and consciousness might be linked via an emergent property of matter?  Yes, I believe it does.  Now with the insights from information theory, we wouldn’t and cannot say entropy is a property of a system, but a property of an observer who describes a system.

This is very different from the past.  It implies information cannot be lost because like angular momentum and charge it is a conserved property in nature.

The present state of the universe preserves all information about the past.  Understanding entropy as a subjective measure allows the universe as a whole to evolve without ever losing any information.  They is understanding how the information is transferred.  Even as parts of the universe, such as coffee, engines and people, experience rising entropy as their quantum information dilutes, the global entropy of the universe stays forever zero satisfying the 2nd law at all times.



The relationship among information, energy and other “conserved quantities,”  can “change hands” but never be destroyed, took a new turn in 2017.  Two groups of researchers found that the quantum information describing the particles’ energy and quantum spin states can act as a kind of currency that enables trading between the reservoir’s energy and angular momentum supplies.  I covered this in the April 2018 webinar called QT #1.

This has a big implication for mitochondriacs because this organelle deals exclusively in the spin of electrons and protons and the energy and information they contain. 

The notion that conserved quantities in subatomic particles can be traded for one another in quantum systems is brand new to thermodynamic science and really helps us understand what mitochondria and chloroplasts are really up to inside living systems.  They are casino dealers of information about our environment.

This work suggested to me the need for a more complete thermodynamic theory had to exist within the framework of the second law that  would help explain life more fully.  This idea would describe not only the flow of energy and information, but also the interplay between all the conserved quantities in the universe in our cells.

Angular momentum and charge are two such conserved factors that continue to confuse scientists today.  If biology realized that the addition or subtraction of electrons and protons could change proteins they’d realize finally why we do not need DNA/RNA change to explain the human genome.  More complex animals can have less genes, but gain their complexity because they have systems in them that allow them to extract more information than lower animal forms.

For example,  consider the human brain compared to the chimpanzee brain.

Fundamental Brain Development

In mammals, the nervous system develops from ectoderm, the surface layer of the gastrula. Later in development, the mesoderm gives rise to the notochord, which releases the organizer proteins noggin and chordin. These proteins block the suppressive effects of bone morphogenetic protein (BMP), allowing the ectoderm to form the neural plate, then the neural tube, and eventually the ventricular system, where neurogenesis proceeds within the walls of the tube to form the CNS, including the brain and spinal cord (Butler & Hodos, 2005; Siegel & Sapru, 2015). The neural plate and neural tube are composed of a single layer of neuroepithelial cells, which can be considered as neural stem cells (NSCs) (Gotz & Huttner, 2005). After closure of the neural tube, neuroepithelial cells undergo asymmetric division to generate a daughter stem cell, plus a more differentiated cell, such as a radial glial (RG) cell or a neuron (Gotz & Huttner, 2005; Huttner & Brand, 1997). With the switch to neurogenesis, all neuroepithelial cells undergo a transformation and give rise to RG cells. RG cells are fate-restricted progenitors, which can either generate nascent neurons by symmetric division or undergo self-renewal by asymmetric division (Gotz & Huttner, 2005; Yao & Jin, 2014).

The epigenetic changes to cytosine in the human brain is all it took to change the chimp brain to homo.  Methylation adds 3 H+ atoms to every cytosine and this allows us to transfer massive amounts of information to the neurons in our frontal lobes.  This simple change is the largest difference between us and chimps and allows us to have less genes than they do.  Why is having less genes an advantage to humans?  It saves us in energy costs as Wallace has pointed out in his papers!  How does this happen?

5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5-hmC), a derivative of 5-methylcytosine (5-mC), is abundant in the brain. Methyl groups have 3H+ on each one. The rediscovery of 5-hmC in mammals demonstrates that covalent DNA modifications are more dynamic than previously believed. Is the reason why the brain, especially the frontal lobes and neocortex are loaded with H+ on cytosine residues and how these cells get more information during morphogenesis?

Yes it is.  How?

A protein called nogging mention in Quantum Biology #7 blog post 5 years ago is loaded with deuterium and this protein from our bone cells is used to control brain growth in humans.

Noggin has a very interesting protein structure that can modify human brain growth by altering cytosine.

Hydrogen/deuterium exchange in spaces or proteins can be monitored by mass spectrometry (HDX-MS). HDX-MS has recently emerged as a powerful method for characterizing protein conformational dynamics. The basis of this method is the fact that backbone amides in stable hydrogen-bonded structures (e.g., α-helices and β-sheets) are protected against exchange with the aqueous solvent like extracellular water from the blood plasma, lymph, or the interstitium.

All protein structures are dynamic, however, and eventually all of the protecting hydrogen bonds will transiently break as the protein—according to thermodynamic principles—cycles through partially unfolded states that correspond to excited free energy levels. As a result, all of the backbone amide groups in proteins will eventually become temporarily solvent-exposed and exchange-competent over time.

Consequently, a folded protein in D2O will gradually incorporate deuterium into its backbone amide hydrogen fractionation and this will change its physiologic abilities because H+ delivers more information than deuterium can.  Unfolded proteins react differently.  Deuterium however can cause matrix swelling to drive tissue proliferation compared to H+.  Since humans have a large amount of deuterium in their blood plasma this source can be tightly controlled to affect the ECF space to change the kinetics of the process. This process can be readily monitored by mass spectrometry. How is the process controlled? The optical swtich that is deuterium fractionation between the blood and matrix.



It seems to me, living quantum systems are experts in the information sharing side of the equation to organize matter in specific ways in mitochondria, while simultaneously minimizing chaos, while extracting massive amounts of information about the universe they exist in.

This means that Dr. Doug Wallace might be on “the wrong side” of understanding too.  It is not energy that is key to the black swan mitochondriac…… is information transfer that is MOST critical.

I think what Doug has found in the inter-mitochondrial junctions (IMJ) of mitochondria is not just tied to energy (see bottom right of pic below).    IMJ’s are electron dense structures.  IMJ’s are conserved across species, resistant to genetic disruption of cristae organization, dynamically modulated by mitochondrial bioenergetics, independent of known inter-mitochondrial tethering proteins mitofusins and are rapidly induced by the stable rapprochement of organelles via inducible synthetic linker technology.  The information from eleectrons protons and light appears to lead to the rearrangements in the cristae maybe the key to how energy is made.  Wallace has focused on the energy angle because that is all he can measure.  Information transfer from quantum spin to angular momentum is not easy to measure in living systems.  We know information transfer show macroscopic shape changes in matter.  The changing crystals in proteins, lipids, and water is critical to understanding how information alters physiologic function.



It should be obvious this new idea in quantum thermodynamics is massively important to a mitochondriac, but one has to be careful with this concept, because information does behave differently than other physical properties, like power, torque, and space-time.


Information transfer in light is buried in the controls in autophagy and apoptosis when they are coupled at a quantum level.

What couples them?  Harmonic oscillators in the circadian mechanism, is the answer.

The connection is built via light WIRELESSLY because photons also have a spin.  Few people seem to realize light has a quantum spin number too.  Photons have a quantum spin number of one but the key is light appears to have no limit on how high its angular momentum number can rise to transfer information.  This implies organizational power can be massively concentrated in light waves.   This is why coherent light (laser) appears to raise its OAM as a laser gets powered up.  Angular momentum was recognized as an important property of light after the pioneering works of J.H. Poynting and R.A. Beth showed that a circularly polarized light beam exerts a torque on objects with mass.



Mammalian mitochondria participate in inter-organelle communication. However, physical structures that enhance or enable interactions between mitochondria have not been defined. I believe light is the connecting fabric. Below you can see all the areas and spaces in which information can be carried.



When physicists have looked at light waves headed straight on to a target they have noticed that leading edge of the light wave can look very different. That difference likely carries different data from the environment to proteins, lipids, and water in cells. (pic below)



Bacteria also communicate with one another via bacterial quorum sensing and I believe mitochondria share data via photons in much the same way as bacteria do.


We get it from our surfaces.  The eye, skin, gut, and lung surfaces.

In my opinion, with time it will be proven surface quantum effects within the skin and gut is more important than biochemistry of these organs for humans.  The light these surfaces gain use the information to control biochemistry below their surfaces transferring the data from quantum spin numbers to orbital angular momentum of things in our cells. 

For example, sunlight increases the redox potential in our blood to affect the temperature, pressure and peroxiredoxins in RBC’s.

Peroxiredoxins are regulated by phosphorylation, redox status, acetylation, nitration, truncation and oligomerization states in the blood plasma.  This is why young animals blood help keeps older animals mitochondria younger in parabiosis studies.  The proton information is shared into the matrix and this changes what is possible physiologically.

Parabiosis and transfusion of young blood have strong anti-aging effects.  Parabiosis is the surgical union of two organisms resulting in the development of a single, shared circulatory system. When animals of different ages are conjoined (i.e. heterochronic parabiosis), blood-borne factors from the younger animal can often beneficially affect the older animal and recapitulate the youthful phenotype & function in target tissues.

Parabiosis experiments will not work without  CREB.  CREB is short for cAMP response element.  Cyclic AMP (cAMP) regulates the expression of many genes via a conserved gene promoter element.   CREB is that element.  CREB is a nuclear factor that is regulated by protein kinase A phosphorylation.  Inorganic phosphorus in the blood can interact with light and electrons to stimulate cAMP creation in blood.  CREB is stimulated by sunlight hitting our skin.  CREB is also critical in controling circadian cycles in animals.



These two systems are harmonic oscillators with one another that need to be properly coupled by protons and sunlight to work together. What connects these two oscillators in our body?  Water networks do in both organs. Why don’t we realize it? Sunlight makes the water in our cells and our arteries a liquid crystalline PLASMA.

What is the other plasma that links the sun to our blood in our eyes, skin, and gut?  The ionospheric skin of Earth.

This is the plasma right over your head literally and figuratively at all times.  You live within this plasma.  Changes to that plasma via geo-engineering can also affect the peroxiredoxins in our blood.  Peroxiredoxins are heme proteins that also react to red light from the sun.  They are ubiquitous in all forms of life and the key to understanding how the circadian mechanism works with proton spin and angula rmomentum in your tissues.  The levers that control how quantum spin of electrons and protons inside of you is controlled by the plasma in you and around you.  Sunlight powers the system and the biophysical lever of sunlight must traverse the plasma on Earth called the ionosphere to get to you to do its magic.


When sunlight and blood plasma interact another phase transition occurs to allow information and energy transfer.  This is how the blood plasma becomes another plasma in water.  I covered this in the Quantum biology blog series in detail.  I also followed it up in Tensegrity #13.  Bulk water is changed to a a liquid crystal.  It is called an exclusion zone.  What does it exclude?  Anything larger than a PROTON.  

It turns out, it excludes deuterium too because of this reason…….and this is how we get rid of deuterium and how we direct it to where it needs to be.  Might this fit Maxwell’s description above for the demon and the trap door?


The blood plasma is loaded with deuterium (pic above) yet the mitochondrial environment is devoid of it.  What is the trap door between these two areas?  Could it be sunlight and water that makes the EZ?  Does it use something else to accomplish this task?  Could this be why we have so many uncoupling proteins in the matrix?  Yes.

That EZ water is created inside cells and it fills the outer mitochondrial membrane space to be distributed to surround all proteins in us.   Our mitochondrial matrix and cytosol around the matrix makes DDW using H+ while avoiding deuterium to make this plasma;  this is how eukaryotes brought the sea to a land-based existence.  It needed to use the water cycle in the ionopshere to give it a boost by lowering the deuterium levels in rain compare to seawater.  Humans really used this to evolve from chimps because of how the environment changed in the East African Rift Zone 4-6 million years ago.  The change in sunlight and protons over 3 tectonic plates over a massive magnetic flux is what drove this process. If you look at the picture below imagine a human on top of the moutain and a chimp on the surface.  What changes would you see in protons in that case?



The liquid crystalline state = builds coherent water networks that provide millions of free electrons to drive biochemical pathways = exclusion zone water = excludes protons and deuterium = creates a bounty of them in blood = travels via ECF to delivery energy and information over the entrie animal instantaneously.


Liquid crystalline water possesses long-range orientational order by pointing all the molecules in the same direction. It also allows for a translational order that allows them to keep their position as they move. Think about my rhubarb cuts abive now.  Sunlight makes cuts in water because certain mosaics in light create crystalline hydrogen networks in water.  Not all are the same.  I talked about two state water in the Quantum biology blogs long ago.  Liquid crystals are mobile and flexible and highly responsive to the power density of EMF’s around them.  Our cells and tissues are optimized to solar EMF’s, not man made ones.  This is only one octave of 73 octaves in the entire light spectrum.   If we are afflicted by nnEMF the resultant free radical signals are not the same as they are when sun shines on our tissues.  Free radicals have one unpaired electron and protons are programmed as they are made.  Any time free radicals increase so does the amount of ELF-UV light a cell emits.  (See pg 74-95 in Van Wijk’s book)



This changes optical signaling in cells.  When signaling is changes quantum probabilities are altered.  This means energy and information is entangled and exchanged within the cell to build order.   This allows them to undergo rapid changes in orientation or phase transitions when energy is added or subtracted from the water and can be shared with the surfaces of proteins.  Remember all human proteins are hydrated or they cannot work. This is why cell water responds vigorously to electric or magnetic fields of ANY light radiations we experience in our environment.

Is this curious set of circumstances why water responds vigorously to temperature, pressure, pH, hydration, and concentrations of inorganic ions like phosphorus and iodine in tissues linked to the ECF????


I told you in the Tensegrity #6 blog hydrogen can also act as a group 7 halogen.  This means ‘light hydrogen’ can gain electrons to become a non metal.  When hydrogen does this in an aqueous environment, and when it is associated with iodine atoms, it forms an ionic liquid. Ionic liquids are now receiving special attention in science, owing to their unique properties such as high ionic conductivity, non-volatility and non-flammability.  This ability makes these fluids versatile alternatives to conventional solvent-based systems used to make batteries, fuel cells, and super capacitors that hold large charges.

Water is unique because it can be both an acceptor and a donor of hydrogen (H+). It means water can be a “switch hitter” in many biochemical reactions in cells.  This is why water is the universal solvent on Earth.

A biological cell is fundamentally a dissipative system by its very nature.  It is a playground for light rays.  A dissipative system is a thermodynamically open system which is operating far from thermodynamic equilibrium in an environment/plasma with which it constantly exchanges energy, information, and matter.  This implies when water is hit by sunlight and becomes an ionic plasma (EZ) that has the purpose to break symmetry in nature.  This singular act creates a metastable system in our tissues to react to all environmental possibilities/probabilities that the cell may face. Water is the molecule that allows a cell to break symmetry in nature.  When water is confined in microtubules (below 1.4nm), it is done this way in cells to maximize its ability to transfer energy and information to the surrounding neurons.  (OSF 3 blog)

All these things are vital in understanding the quantum thermodynamics of life.

Iodine-hydrogen bonding in aqueous environments are also quite helpful as heat-transfer fluids to move infrared energies within a system.  Iodine’s addition to iodide-based ionic liquids leads to extraordinarily efficient charge transport, vastly exceeding that expected for a standard viscous liquid crystalline system.  You saw above that turning water from a bulk fluid to a liquid crystalline structure is the key thermodynamic step life uses to capture energy and information in protons and electrons.  What you need to understand is that just touching a protein can lead to a thermodynamic change.

Where does the blood and matrix touch one another?

The TCA cycle and urea cycle are linked in the cytosol by fumerase.  This is right outside the cell membrane.   How is the infromation from H+ or deuterium transferred to mitochondria to alter the spin rate of both cycles?  All mitochondria rely on a stream of proteins to sustain their energy production. Nearly all their proteins are manufactured in the surrounding gel-like cytoplasm, and must be imported into the mitochondria to keep the powerhouse running.  This is where cytosolic fumerase exists.


In the blood plasma, deuterium is not a problem.  It is necessary for function as you’ll soon find out.  In the mitochondrial matirx it can be a real problem when oxygen is around.  The TCA cycle and urea cycle use oxygen as their terminal electron accpetor.  That is not true with other metabolic pathways.  When oxygen is low it acts as a metabolic controller of anions in the TCA and urea cycle.  This control area is called “Kreb’s Bicycle.”


Hydrogen and iodine form an ionic plasma within CSF of the human brain.  Deuterium and iodine form a very unusual bond because of the kinetic isotope effect between these two atoms.   The choroid plexus of the human brain is designed to add iodine to CSF.  CSF, you will recall is an ultra-filtrate of blood plasma and is made up of 99.3% water with 150ppm of deuterium.

Grotthuss was the first person to realize the correct concept for the charge transport in electrolytes using iodine as the transfer mechanism; and it still remains valid for the charge transport in water.  The Grotthuss mechanism allows for protons (H+) cable construction within an ionic fluid by using a current of  protons that use a “hopping mechanism.”  That “hopping mechanism” is referred to as quantum tunneling of protons.  Quantum tunneling of protons becomes more probable the smaller the mass of the cation is, and the proton is the lightest possible stable cation on Earth.

Deuterium is DOUBLE THE ATOMIC MASS of H+.

Iodine and iodides turbocharges H+ that are excluded in cell water;  this ability occurs by turning the sea of protons into a positively charged ionic plasma.  This is why the thyroid gland, choroid plexus, and intestinal gut lining all concentrate iodine and iodides and H+.  The mitochondrial matrix concentrates it 1,000 fold compared to the blood plasma.

What about the brain CSF?

When iodine meets water that has been charged separated by IR/UV light or by the hydrophilic proteins in the dura matter covering the brain’s neurocortex, we become able to exclude a massive amount of H+ in the CSF.

Since iodine/iodides become able to further condense the excluded H+ from the EZ.  This makes the hydrogen (H+) ions come closer together at the atomic level.  The H+ excluded is then used to make proton cables in water networks to make positive electric currents used for energy and information transfer in the brain.  Is this the brains biggest information collection scheme that fuels our instincts and subconscious with knowledge?

Is this why lions and hippos know what to do when they are born????

The brain specializes in both operations in every living thing on Earth with one.  The only difference is how efficient each brain is using these protons.   The exclusion zone (EZ) also excludes deuterium to the blood plasma,  because it is LARGER than H+. The more deuterium in the brain the less proton cabling can be formed in CSF.  This leads to cognitive haze and neurologic decline.  Remember, H+ is equivalent to a proton.  Deuterium is a proton and a neutron bonded together = larger atomic mass = loss of energy and information transfer via “quantum thermodynamics” 

Using the Grotthuss mechanism, iodine is able to move protons (H+) closer together than we would normally expect, to alter their hydrogen bonding network to allow them to form superconducting proton cables that act like a positively charge electric current.  The Grotthuss mechanism does not work properly with deuterium because of its larger atomic size.  Iodine condenses and makes the H+ cabling in water more likely by making hydrogen bonding networks in water more DENSE.  It cannot do this when deuterium is in the aqueous environment because of kinetic isotope effect.

The Grotthuss mechanism between iodine and H+ allows for charges to be transported not by the movement of protons, by the breaking and reformation of chemical bonds EASILY. Deuterium impedes the breaking and reformation of chemical bonds because of the kinetic isotope effect between iodine and deuterium.  This alters the hydrogen bonding networks in cell water.  As water is charge separated by UV/IR light or by hydrophilic substances, excess H+ ions are made adjacent to surfaces in cells like cell membranes and collagen. Gerald Pollack’s experiments have shown this actually occurs in nafion.   The excluded protons become capable of diffusing through the hydrogen bond network of water molecules (iodized CSF) through the formation or cleavage of covalent bonds.


Symmetry is broken by any phase transition in any chemical reaction.  This is also true in biochemistry.   Any time symmetry is broken, energy and information transfers, and the law that controls the proces is the second law of thermodynamics.  

This post is all about the “quantum thermodynamics” in a living system.  This occurs many times in biochemical reaction of cells when they are using hydrogen in specific parts of biochemical substrates.   The picture below shows you just how specific the movement of H+ and deuterium is controled in biochemical substrates of the TCA cycle.



The specificity of where deuterium can or should be is the ONLY reason why carbohydrates out of season are killers for our health span. Humans are omnivores and can eat carbohydrates when nature’s quality assurance programs built by chloroplasts and mitochondrion remain intact by the circadian mechanism.

You can see the Vitamin B5 need for fatty acids entering the cycle (acetyl Co A) Comparison of metabolic profile changes associated with:

1) natural deuterium depletion by low deuterium fatty acid oxidation. Avastin® and Glivec® exert similar effect and require intact mitochondria for efficacy (Red boxes #1)

2) low deuterium metabolic water recycling from the mitochondrial matrix during citrate, isocitrate and malate formation; the target of fumarate hydratase activation and hyperbaric oxygen treatment combined with a ketogenic diet (Red box #2).

Mitochondrial shuttles, such as the malate shuttle, pass low deuterium carrying fatty acid carbons to gluconeogenesis, where glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate becomes the source of extensive carbon exchange reactions for the non-oxidative pentose cycle to maintain low deuterium saturation in C3’-C5’ pentose sugar carbon positions in RNA and DNA  (Red box #3).

This ^^^^ is where cancers really come from.  Cancers are due to a loss of information in the system and this uncouples autophagy from apoptosis in mitochondria.  The May 2018 webinar is really going to make this concept ridiculous simple to understand.  This blog is not simple by design.  It is being written for the scientist critic.  I implore the non scientist to take your time getting these details down because they are critical to the remainder of the series. 

When too much deuterium is in the C3′-C5′ you can bet cancers will be following.  It appears from the data I have found over 13 years that if we can keep our deuterium levels below 135 ppm in the matrix and cytosol the chances of cancer drop dramatically.  The best way to follow that level is using the calcium index score I mentioned in CPC #23 blog.  The blood plasma fraction is unimportant in to this mechanism.  This area is not well studied, except in the history of the building of the MRI machine by Damadian.  If you want more information on it read this book below.  You also might want to read Damadian’s book about building the MRI machine.  It is eye opening for the mitochondriac.



These are the carbon sites are where DNA stability, radiation, and chemotherapy derived hydroxyl radical sensitivities that are regulated by hydrogen/deuterium fractionation methods.  This is due to primary and secondary intrinsic kinetic isotope effects in the anions in the TCA and urea cycle at the junction of Kreb’s bicycle where fumerase joins the urea and TCA cycles.  This process  is partially controlled by collective proton tunneling at fumerase.  The protons must be H+ that impart that wisdom to the mitochondria.

Besides the C3’–C5’ nucleic acid sugar backbone fragment, de novo nucleic acid base syntheses, hydrogen bonding and deuterium channeling into hydrogen bonds are controlled by the serine oxidation glycine cleavage single carbon cycle pathways [SOGC pathway mentioned in previous patreon blogs] (Red box #4).

Serine use is actually a better hack for oral melatonin use to improve sleep by improving autophagy if you understand this blog.  This is a critical link to make as the series goes on.

When tumor cells revert to the Warburg phenotype and reductive carboxylation-driven mitochondria, deuterium depletion in free (drinking) water becomes the only deuterium depleting mechanism for specific carbon sites in nucleic acid backbone sugars and the bases (Red box #5). This is the 5G mitochondrial pathways you should get facile with.


So the take home is that deuterium limits the breaks in symmetry in nature because it limits the movement of anionic substrates in both cycles by its actions at fumerase.  Why is this bad for nature?

Nature needs hydrogen to be constantly on the move in our mitochondria when oxygen is present to share data.  When the environment is pseudohypoxic or hypoxic it must use glycolysis and the PPP for biosynthesis (EMF4).  Protons cannot share information quanta when this occurs.  This means our tissues are not as wise as they could be.  They are in a state of suspended animation and growth is limited.  That leads to redox changes in our mitochondria to make sure growth is controlled.

As such, all breaks of symmetry in biochemistry require a transfer of energy and information by the laws of physics to satisfy the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Symmetry is also broken any time temperature rises or falls when electrons or protons are moving in any biochemical reactions. Don’t the uncoupling proteins play a huge role in temperature changes in the matrix of mitochondria?  Yes they do.  Is this the demons trap door?


Any transfer of energy has the potential to break symmetry and therefore to give rise to emergent properties in the protein polymers or products of these reactions.  This is really how evolution works. Darwin’s theory leaves a lot to be desired.

I think the entire universe is powered by water electricity (negative/positive) and I believe every cell is powered in the same way using the same quantum thermodynamic laws. Water is the universal electron and proton donor.   Why?

When you understand these concepts, you begin to see that proton and electron currents in water made by sunlight create currents inside of cells and over extracellular distances that are capable of delivering physical and chemical messages concerning the energy and information redox status of all parts of the cell. Redox has two sides to understand.  Prior to now, we have only focused on energy and ignored information.

Water networks communicate this information to lipid, proteins and DNA.



Life does not violate the second law of thermodynamics, but it utilizes the information quanta in electrons protons and photons.  It is this side of thermodynamics we fail to account for in mitochondrial biology today. 

Until recently, physicists were unable to use thermodynamics to explain why it should arise in the first place. In Schrödinger’s day, they could solve the equations of thermodynamics only for closed systems in equilibrium. In the 1960s, the Belgian physicist Ilya Prigogine made progress on predicting the behavior of open systems weakly driven by external energy sources. But the behavior of systems that are far from equilibrium (life), which are connected to the outside environment and strongly driven by external sources of energy, could not be predicted because we had no idea how information was being shared.

This situation changed in the late 1990s, due primarily to the work of Chris Jarzynski, now at the University of Maryland, and Gavin Crooks, now at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Jarzynski and Crooks showed that the entropy produced by a thermodynamic process, such as the cooling of a cup of coffee, corresponds to a simple ratio: the probability that the atoms will undergo that process divided by their probability of undergoing the reverse process (that is, spontaneously interacting in such a way that the coffee warms up). 

As entropy production increases, so does this ratio: A system’s behavior becomes more and more “irreversible.” The simple yet rigorous formula could in principle be applied to any thermodynamic process, no matter how fast or far from equilibrium it is at any time. Our understanding of far-from-equilibrium statistical mechanics greatly improved, and now some scientists have decided to apply the new knowledge of statistical physics to biology.  This will open the door widely to quantum biology.  It is why I am very optimistic about the future of medicine.  

Change is coming and no one seems to see what it will lead too for humans.  

Living quantum nanomachines inside of our cells appear to be able to do some unique things with respect to infromation quanta.  This occurs because living systems are sometimes able to extract the work much more quickly, giving them more power and range using information over energy flux.  This is what allows life to organize to do the things we observe it to do.  Life is capable of some amazing emergent properties, like consciousness.  The smaller our quantum nanomachines get, the more efficient they become in extracting information from the spin of electrons and protons.  This explains fundamentally why mitochondrial prefer H+ over the heavier deuterium isotope.  Deuterium is useful in the blood plasma for another reason I will reveal soon.

What the mitochondriac will like about quantum thermodynamics is that “you have these two fundamental quantities — energy and quantum information — and these two things meet together in living systems to bring the diversity we observe in reality.   How it happens is the story that will be built by quantum biologists, clinicians, thermodynamic specialists.  This is my new job description.

DNA is really a switchboard for sunlight cells trap. Interestingly, the code is self referencing and regions of it are co-dependent irreducably complex.  Maintaining the system far from equilibrium is what DHA from seafood does in the cell membrane structure of eukaryotes. In fact, living oyster reefs, have been shown to dissipate wave energy in the oceans.  It turns out their matter does the very same thing inside of our tissues.  This is why oysters are at the top of the list for mitochondriacs. The patterns in us, is built by the sun, and builds organization in us that is tied to entropy.  This entropy is what organizes what life is all about.

In today’s medical environment…….my science is alien because of how I look through the lens of reality, but the reasons supporting my beliefs are 100% native and natural to Earth, to humans in their native form………it offends the modern beliefs of science, however. It’s my particular way of looking at the world that offends others common sense because it’s typically not how we experience life to interpret science, and certainly not how we experience other selves. But it seems to me that you can also get an interesting thought out of this one, if you turn it the other way around, and ask if science, properly, is something you “look through”. So the scientific method has been effective because it excludes everything that is unobservable in terms of measurement and quantification. This is precisely what allowed the scientific revolution to take off long ago.  Today the revolution is a stalled paradigm because the things we cannot observe and measure are the things that are critical to disease reversals.


Sometimes we don’t choose our path. It chooses us…….and it then becomes our job to carry the message no matter how much it pisses off the ignorant. You only get mad because you now might realize you’ve been duped by “experts” for so long. You now know what the essence of the Dunning Kruger effect really is. I could care less what anyone thinks about me, I’d rather be their wake up call than everyone’s cup of tea.


J. H. Poynting, Proc. Roy. Soc. A82, 560 (1909).
R. A. Beth, Phys. Rev. 50, 115 (1936).


Electric fields control embryonic development and morphogenesis and wound healing through directing and enhancing cell migration and proliferation. They also control who gets heart disease and atherosclerosis. However, details pertaining to electric sensing of cells remain unclear to the paradigm if you read their literature. It is pretty clear cut in the bio-physical data. We need to eat saturated fat to maintain our coulomb electrostatic force in the mitochondrial matrix to maintain our redox potential. Being in the sun makes this easy. Many studies have reported involvement of different cell surface proteins, yet the identity of the electric field sensor is unknown to the paradigm. For my mitochondriac misfits it is linked to cholesterol, sphingolipids, DHA, and all the lipid rafts in our arteries. This is true in even in those with hypercholesterolemia. This slide below will seem out of place to some but after the next few blogs and webinar you will realize why it is tied to the CAC score for 5G. Sunlight increase inorganic Phosphorus in the blood and this is a key marker how a CAC goes wrong in people afflicted with a 5G environment. My members will be getting this data soon.



High cholesterol means nothing if there is no calcium in your arteries. properly charge ipid rafts in arteies make you resistant to heart disease. They act as the primary sensor to electric field-induced directional cell migration for morphogenesis, pathologic plaque formation, and sustained blood flow as we age. These nanodomains in lipid rafts respond to electric fields from sunlight as mobile complexes that polarize, coalesce, and partition membrane proteins and in turn activate intracellular signaling events to orient cell migration and keep our vessels patent and responsive to the nitric oxide effects of sunlight.



K2 is a vitamin that is a lipid and part of the lipid raft in arteries. Lipid rafts are electric field sensors in vessels. They are there to sense the electric fields of sunlight after they crash into RBC’s in the blood plasma. How does the blood plasma get closer to the skin surface? Sunlight stimulates the release of nitric oxide to bring the vessels closer to the skin for blood to be irradiated by sunlight. That is how it works. K2 is a vitamin made by the gut microbiome using light release from the prokaryotes there. Bacteria (prokaryotes) are well known to release 5000 times more ELF-UV light than our cells. You’ll be rewarded soon with where I think the ELF-UV signal comes from directly in the May 2018 webinar. Since K2 is made from aromatic amino acids these aromatic rings of this chemical made by symbionts in out gut capture the light released and create Vitamin K2.



This K2 is then ferried by more lipid carriers in blood that also are electric field sensors for sunlight for deposition in your arterial wall that wait for the sunlight stimulus to do their part in keeping you healthy in full spectrum sunlight. Tracking your plaque index is possible these days using Xray. I am not a fan of this test chronically but it is not a bad idea to do when you decide to initially become a mitochondriac one time to get a baseline assessment. There is another indirect assessment of vitamin K2 activity that gets straight to the heart of the calcium paradox that is tumping the lipidologists today. Coronary artery calcium scoring is a specialized type of ultra-fast X-ray (not fast enough for me) imaging that measures the presence and amount of calcium buildup in the arteries that supply blood and oxygen to your heart. If your main goal of K2 replacement with foods or supplementation is reducing your risk of heart attack, this might be an important test to take, to measure that risk. Sunlight exposure increases K2 creation by your microbiome.



Coronary artery calcium (CAC) scoring, also called calcium score or heart scan, is a technique that uses computed tomography (CT) scanning technology to quantify the volume and density of calcium in each of your coronary arteries. The calcium presence is calculated to give you a “score” or number that represents your arterial calcium burden in your arteries and this effects the amount of NO present to vasodialate our circulation in a mitochondrial stresses environment. In my view in 2018, this is the best test for heteroplasmy in your body.

Tom Petty could have used this blog before he died. Remember that arterial calcification is an active process mediated by bone-building cells present in bone marrow and this is connected to the blood plasma system to make connections globally in the body over hydrogen bonding networks in blood. (93% water by volume). K2 is a quinone that whose production in the gut is stimulated by sunlight exposure. This is why Vitamin K2 and UVA and IRA light exposure are tightly coupled to get proper arterial physiology. UVA light slows ECT via the NO effect and red light from IRA can affect the 4 red light chromophores in cyctochrome c oxidase to increase the spin rate of the Fo head of the ATPase to effect the spin rate tied to H+. The food guru and supplement makers have no idea that sunlight can slow ECT while speeding up ATPase hydrogen movement of H+. A lack of sunlight leads to a lack of Vitamin K2 production.

A lack of K2 causes calcium to accumulate, and NO to decline, within plaque in a consistent ratio, occupying about 20 percent of plaque volume. For that reason, the amount of arterial calcium detected with a heart scan reflects the buildup of atherosclerotic plaque and the higher stimulus from sunlight required to get the same effect if the local mitochondria heteroplasmy levels were LOWER.



In cardiac disease they are always elevated. Heart disease is related to a higher heteroplasmy rate. We know that in cardiac muscle there is a loss of alignment of the IMJ’s around lipid droplets in the heart. The bottom right corner of the slide shows how IMJ alignment marries to heart muscle power.


This CAC test cannot directly tell us that, but it indirectly implies physiologic power to the mitchondriac. Vitamin K2 deficiency isn’t the only factor contributing to heart disease, but undercarboxylated MGP (matrix gla protein) levels, a sure sign of K2 deficiency, do correlate to the severity of arterial calcification and the CAC score. I wrote about this in my K2 blogs on my old site. The new site is going live this month, in case you did not know The greater the degree of K2 deficiency, the greater your NO decline in your vessels, and the higher the calcium score will be. It also implies you heteroplasmy rate is rising and the amount of infromation you can harvest from sunlight has DECLINED.



A high CAC score on electron beam computed tomography— is a precise type of CT, discussed in this book below. It turns out to be a way better predictor of morbity and mortality than is age is because it is an indirect measure of heteroplasmy rates in your coronary bed and heart. We are only as strong as our weakest link in quantum biology. That means you are as old as your arteries and this test will tell you If you need more sunlight than your current environment could provide. This could lead you to migrating to abetter location to get healthier. For example, if you are a 60-year-old man with a low CAC score, there’s a good chance you’ll live to a ripe old age. On the flipside, if you are a 45-year-old man with a heavy calcium plaque burden, low NO levels, and higher heteroplasmy rates your more likely to become a “Tom Petty” heartbreak hotel situation. Heart disease is major killer of humans today because it is a circadian disease too! Most people die at dawn. Your are more likely to be one of the unfortunate souls who suffer a massive heart attack at age 50— if you don’t take action to prevent it by lowering your blue light life and nnEMF burdens. I believe the CAC is the best test for a 5G world. For my members I will be going into new tests to follow as 5G is live. For people who choose to become patients at the Kruse Longevity Center you will be on the absolute cutting edge of mitohacking.



5G reality: Sudden death from heart attack is much more highly correlated with arterial calcification than with altered cholesterol panels based upon the latest in the literature. Sudden death from a heart attack is going to be very common in a 5G world. You might not hear that in the office because the data is relatively new to most clinicians. The biggest advantage of CAC scoring is that it quantifies your risk of heart attack and is a decent indirect measure of heteroplasmy rate in the heart. It is a hack I did a long time ago and I thought I’d mention it here. A low score means low risk, a high score means a high risk. No other risk factor offers that kind of graded risk assessment currently. I want you all to remember that in a 5G world the best tests will change as we see the heterogenity in the 5G spectrum vary from zip code to zip code as I have covered in the member Q & A’s the last few months.





Ya’ don’t say? Seafood, because of DHA and iodine is the key to controlling how proton spin creates a library of information for your cells. In the Brain gut blog series, I made the case, using the massive research efforts of Dr’s Cunnane, Crawford, Tobias, and Kuipers that the human brain can not function well without a diet loaded with brain-specific nutrients that favor a specific form of hydrogen to deliver energy and information to cells via the Grotthuss mechanism. This is why kids who eat seafood sleep better and have better cognition.  HYPERLINK

An increased iodine requirement as a result of significant changes in human nutrition rather than a decreased environmental iodine supply is suggested to represent the main cause of the iodine deficiency disorders (IDD). The pathomechanism proposed is based on the fact that serum concentrations of thyroid hormones, especially of triiodothyronine (T3), are dependent on the amount of dietary carbohydrate. High-carbohydrate diets are associated with significantly higher serum T3 concentrations, low Vitamin A levels, because of their links to the seasonal sun power compared with very low-carbohydrate diets. If you are paying attention, this set of circumstances, it causes pregnenolone steal syndrome to occur naturally.

This is Mother Nature’s natural “birth control” for summertime after animals have delivered their young in the spring. This reduces their sex steroid hormones on a relative basis and allows them to focus on making sure their offspring survive. UV light is well known for reducing sex steroid hormones in the blood plasma. That is how it should work when you think about nature’s plan for offspring survival……..UV light is what turns off sex steroid hormones in blood plasma when the sun is strong (June 21) Why would nature do that? Because human babies are supposed to be born during the late spring and summer and lowering the father’s testosterone level fits the plans of nature on many levels.

Sunlight increases sulfated Vitamin D3, histamine, and sulfhydryl groups while lowering the biogenic amines by photolysis such as adrenalin, steroids, testosterone, estrogen, thyroid hormone, DNA, and RNA. Sunlight induces biochemical reactions via photolysis and it induces coordinated endocrine adaptation effects in the eye and the skin surfaces by way of our blood plasma. It affects the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. It is the stimulus for the circadian timing mechanism of the body clock via the central retinal pathways. All these effects are built into the electronics of your proteins under solar power and magnetic flux.This is why the vegan diet in modern humans is fraught with so much infertility in a blue-lit and nnEMF world. Nobody seems to make these basic links. This is why seafood is an antidote to modern technology risk factors. You have to stop listening to allopathic and functional medicine docs who tell you seafood is too toxic for any reason to eat. They do not know the science and their education of light is severely limited and lacking depth and context.

While our Paleolithic ancestors subsisted on a very low carbohydrate/high protein diet, the agricultural revolution about 10,000 years ago brought about a significant increase in dietary carbohydrate. These nutritional changes have increased T3 levels significantly while lowering Vitamin A levels. This sensitized humans to the effect of blue light because opsin biology and Vitamin A cycles are linked. Higher T3 levels are associated with an enhanced T3 production and an increased iodine requirement. The higher iodine requirement exceeds the availability of iodine from environmental sources in many regions of the world, resulting in the development of IDD

This directly implies from a physiologic standpoint, the brain specific nutrients are far more important than nutrient density recovered from a database because the hydrogen in these foods can carry more energy and information than hydrogens in higher carbohydrate foods.





To understand many of the details in this blog you will need to see the April 2018 webinar.


Why shouldn’t you take oral Vitamin D3 to replace the sunlight you are not getting?  Here is the black swan mitochondriac postion because of the information quanta:  Cholesterol sulfate is also synthesized in the skin by UV light exposure of the skin…….so if you do not get the UVA and UVB light frequencies in diurnal fashion, you get lack of sulfation in the skin and blood.  This affects all things in the skin and blood.  The picture below shows the effect.



Our power grid in the USA oscillates at 60 Hz and the EU works at 50Hz. Our inner mitochondrial membrane oscillates at 100Hz when cells are using the TCA cycle. The power grid is a modulated frequency. This means that the power grid can create an interference pattern in our skin and vessels. 5G has the unique ability to jump conduct to other conductors. Your blood plasma is a magnetohydrodynamic fluid conductor. This means that atherosclerosis in young people who use technology should be expected. (below)



When the oscillation pattern is lost deuterium enters the matrix and cytosol and this is not where it should be to an excess. The normal ratio for beta-oxidation function is 6600 H+ for every one deuterium isoform. When too much deuterium enters the matrix you get energy loss as the picture on the bottom right of slide shows from Wallace.  The cristae no longer align properly when deuterium bonds to the anions of the TCA cycle. This destroys energy flux.



Energy demand shows up in the fractal organization of mitochondria. Information quanta from sunlight to H+ ions are what allows it to occur = April 2018 webinar.  What are the details of this process? 

Cholesterol sulfate (CS) plays an important role in protection from athersoclerosis, asthma, and arthritis because at the same time sunlight makes CS and Vitamin D3 it makes profilaggrin.  This last biomolecule is a prohormone protects us from asthma and arthritis.  So in a 5G world we will see massive amounts of asthma and arthritis of all forms.  UVA light also makes nitric oxide from the vessel (NO) walls and it makes carbon monooxide (CO) too from the action of heme oxygenase in the UV portion of the day.  Heme oxygenase is an enzyme that catalyzes the degradation of heme.  Notably, because of their shared reactivity for metal centers, •NO and CO share many parallel adaptive biophysical signaling roles, including stimulation of vasodilation, inhibition of mitochondrial respiration, and inhibition of apoptosis (Dulak et al., 2008). Remember, that all cancer lines need to have apoptosis inhibited to become a cancer.  This is another reason why sunlight exposure is nature’s vaccine for cancer.

Heme itself is derived from hemoglobin, myoglobin, cytochrome proteins as well as a spectrum of other proteins ubiquitous in cells.  In the skin this is a big deal because the Auger effect is used to protect us from sunburns.    This denatures DNA as skin cells die as they come to the surface.  DNA in kerotinocytes acts to absorb excessive UV light to provide a natural sunscreen in the surface skin layers.  As this happens the mitochondria of these skin cells has heme present in the cytochrome proteins, catalase, and lipid peroxides as the mitochondria parts are recycled as the skin cell die.  Heme oxygenase (HO) has been shown to be important for attenuating the overall production of ROS and decrease ELF-UV light release.



Sunlight seems to be a stimulus that helps the turnover of older RBC’s that cannot hold a photo charge as well when the arterioles come closer to the skin surface. This produces biliverdin, ferrous iron, and carbon monoxide. CO aso slows electron change transport in many tissues. We normally associate this with pathology but here you see this is normal physiology in the skin under the power of sunlight.



Local NO release lowers blood pressure and this NO can slow ECT to lower apoptosis risk to cause tissue atrophy. This protects our stem cell supply but slowing the electron flow means we do not need as much food substrate for electrons. This is why solar exposure lowers our weight. It fully explains why obesity and low Vitamin D3 levels are linked. When UVA and IR-A light are present together ECT flow slows and the ATPase spin rate can continue because cytochrome 4 has 4 red chromophores that allow the ATPase to spin with a lack of electrons. This happens because IR-A light spins the ATPase Fo head by itself to make ATP without any help from the cytochromes. In fact, IR-A light makes the ATPase a 100% nano-quantum torque engine to move protons. Red light always moves things with mass.



This explains why sulfur is a healing agent in many studies, but it is also why no one realizes we need sunlight to get it to work with all these skin pathways. Taking the supplement D3 pills don’t work, and may cause serious collateral issues. What does this mean? Like vitamin D3 sulfate, cholesterol sulfate is also water-soluble, unlike cholesterol which is not water soluble. Cholesterol sulfate does not have to be packaged up inside LDL for delivery to the tissues. Unsulfated cholesterol does. This is huge physiologic burden for liver function and why arterial disease is high in a nnEMF world.



Remember, vitamin D3 is synthesized through a couple of simple steps from cholesterol, and its chemical structure is, as a consequence, nearly identical to that of cholesterol. If cholesterol is not sulfated by sunlight than neither will Vitamin D3. I believe these sulfated things (platletss/RBC’s/heparin etc) are the key anions needed to help transfer information quanta via a subatomic proton pathway to in the blood plasma. I believe sulfation is critical to augment a version of animal photosynthesis (PS) in our blood.

The phosphorus ion is critical in this process as a ‘qubit’ with sunlight in information transfer. In plant PS it is well-known that there is a one electron redox reaction where free electrons join ADP and Pi to make ATP. No metabolic pathway is needed in this light reaction in plants. In humans we know the coherent domains in the exclusion of water create 1 million free electrons. These electrons can make ATP in the circulatory system in similar fashion.



I think sulfated D3 is what keeps inorganic Phosphorus in the blood long enough to allow the reaction to occur especially in RBC’s which have no mitochondria to make a ton of ATP via glycolysis. People forget this pathway does not make a lot of ATP but what it does make, it makes very rapidly. They rely on carbon dioxide to react with carbonic anhydrase (bicarb) via glycolysis. This is why RBC’s live as obligate glycolytic cells (Warburg like) by design to keep deuterium in the blood plasma at high levels (150ppm). This keeps the deuterium away from the mitochondrial matrix and cytosol where it wrecks havoc because of its kinetic isotope effect.



Phosphate is also a key to making hydrogen (H+) by reacting to sunlight.  Hydrogen fuel cells use this mechanism of phosphorus photosynthesis and it is well known in many industries.

What is the evidence for it?

In Japan researchers found out the phosphorus and sulfur in the proteins of chicken eggs were found to be useful in making hydrogen.  It appears animals use this as well as plants.

Here is another interesting point about sunlight that is absent with D3 pills in humans: it has been determined that the sulfated form of vitamin D3 from solar exposure is strikingly ineffective for calcium transport in humans but very critical in resorbing phosphorus at the kidney to keep inorganic phosphorus in the blood plasma.  This phosphorus than joins with the ADP of RBC’s and makes ATP in the blood when the blood is brought to the surface to be irradiated by sunlight.  What causes the arterioles to rise to the surface?  UV-A light does this with NO release.

This is why I wrote the Time 11 blog (below) about the wisdom of not taking D3 when you are deficient in D3 by blood testing.  If you do take it you are going to put a ton of calcium into your coronary arteries and your arteries all over your body over time.  (Pic below) As NO declines with age this implies one needs more sunlight not less sunlight to avoid arterial disease and blood pressure issues.



Waveform interference from 5G and the waves made in the artery by sunlight become interfered with.  This leads to the picture below due to an alteration of charge of cholesterol sulfate in arteries, the skin, and in RBC’s.  These interactions than changes how deuterium works in the plasma.  It also decreases NO release which stops the vessels from coming to surface for solar irradiation which leads to calcific plaque formation.  These plaques can crumble and fall off the wall and cause an arteriole occlusion when the frequency from the skin surface is modulated for any reason.  This will be very altered in a 5G world because of how 5G changes topology.  5G waves can jump conduct to our circulatory system.

The AC frequency in the power grid is modulated so this can be the stimulus to affect a plaque in a peripheral artery to cause blockages and heart attacks. Above, you saw an Xray of a patient of mine who was an electric powerline worker who was just 44 years old.  You can see from the picture right infront of the lumbar spine is a calcified tube running from the heart to the legs which is the aorta.  This vessel is not supposed to have any calcium in it at this age.

The collateral damage for you to realize is that in a 5G world you won’t need to be a powerline worker to get this disease because 5G can jump conduct into your body and affect your skin and arteries while you have no idea this process is ongoing.  This is why checking your body voltage may be very wise when 5G gets to your zip code.  At the same time the public will suffer from osteopenia and/or osteoporosis because the calcium is being driven into the arteries and not the bone.  Physicians will have to know to look for it because they do not understand the quantum biology of the skin with 5G.  You now know more than they do.

This is why I NEVER advocate taking calcium supplements with oral vitamin D3 because oral D3 raises serum calcium and has little effect on plasma phosphorus levels.  This creates a dangerous risk for arteries and bones.  These small details are missed by most and certainly not well-known as the “primary” role of vitamin D3.

This is why you need to vet your experts carefully in the coming 5G world.  What used to be “low risk” in a 0-4G world may no longer be safe.  


Quantum Thermodynamics #1: INFORMATION QUANTA


Click Here to view April 2018 Webinar 

A healthy cell is unusual in that self-sacrifice is the rule in cell biology. In cancerous cells apoptosis is inhibited as a rule. What controls this process?   INFORMATION does.

Mitochondria are known to self-regulate their biology via two coupled pathways called autophagy and apoptosis. Apoptosis is self-sacrifice. All somatic cells are actually committed to die but they dedicate their existence to the survival and modification of the stem cells. Cancer cells also harvest the blood supply for its sole benefit.

AUGER EFFECT:  UV light does not break chemical bonds in DNA as the skin and eye doctors tell us. Instead, DNA is protected via the Auger effect, a process where ejected core electrons are replaced by electrons from a higher energy level, resulting in a release of energy (in this case, heat). Heat favors the formation of hydrogen bonds using H+ over D so the deuterium can be excluded by sunlight in the formation of exclusion zones to be eliminated by the body in many ways.

So this brings up an interesting angle to consider.  How does light interact with electrons precisely?  All cells release ELF-UV.  This seems queer until you understand the Auger effect.  Are their rules that govern this interaction?  Mitochondria select and order electrons and protons by spin and they transfer information to the orbital angular momentum using light waves.  Light is made of photons and photons have a quantum spin number of one.  Photons are from the family of bosons and they are the force carrier of the electromagnetic force.  So light can increase informational transfer if it can increase its orbital angular moment in some way.  How do we increase the orbital momentum of sunlight?  We can turn visible light frequencies into laser light.  Is this how it happens in life?  Yes, it is.  The fats in skin with hemoglobin and light are fully capable of making a laser light the body can use to increase the OAM or light captured inside of us.  One thing physics knows is that light seems to have an unlimited potential to carry orbital angular momenta.  This means light can carry massive amount of information but only a limited amount of energy.  The energy carrying capability is linked to the frequency of light. We now know from quantum thermodynamic experiments that information can be transferred from the quantum spin number to OAM.  This means that the spin of electrons and protons are critical to a body gaining the massive information buried in sunlight.  Now how does light interact with electrons and protons?  I have already taught you how this happens with electrons : that is the photoelectric effect.  How does it happen with protons?  H+ and deuterium have different quantum spin numbers, so they have different abilities to transfer information in light waves.  H+ can transfer more information than deuterium can.  Hence, this is another reason why H+ was selected by the ATPase in evolutionary design of cells.  The other thing to know is H+ is more lipid soluble to enter tissues that electrically active more easily.  Deuterium does not have this effect.  This means that H+ can enter tissues that are lipophilic.  It turns out human tend to bury their highest mitochondrial density in tissues that are lipophilic, namely the brain and heart.  In both organs they have the highest metabolic rate of any tissue in the human body.  I believe this is a function of their ability to have protons that can share the most information to other atoms in our cells.  Most of the tissues in our body are made of bosonic matter.  This is why I told you years ago that our tissues are a syncytium called a Bose-Einstein condensate.  It turns out those bosons in use are hungry for the information and energy that electrons and protons can provide them.  This is how life goes from abiotic to biotic in my opinion.  It is not from energy transfer.  I believe it is from massive information transfer that occurs between the quantum spin number or electrons and protons to other atoms that are organized in the zygote by the effect of deuterium.  Deuterium helps build the body plan in the zygote and helps it grow by altering mitochondrial energy and information flux tissue by tissue in amazing ways by its presence or absence at certain spots in biologic substrates.  I will have a blog this month to show you how it operates mechanistically in the retina.

How do we know how light transfers physical things like energy and information ?  We know this from the solar science done about the atomic spectra.  I told you in the first deuterium Patreon blog that deuterium is destroyed in the sun and that most of the red light in the sun comes from the H+ versions of hydrogen.  This light’s target is on all things with heme in them.  Cytochrome c oxidase has 4 of them.  That cytochrome is what controls the program of apoptosis.  This is half of the thermodynamic couple designed to get rid of poorly functioning mitochondria.  My belief is that apoptotic programs are directly related to a lack of information assimilation in the tissue in question.  I believe UV light controls the process of autophagy/mitophagy which is related to poorly functioning energy flux and slower ECT speeds are their hallmark.  These mitochondria are the ones studied by Wallace.  They have low NAD+, pseudohypoxia, higher space between the cytochromes lowering electron tunneling speeds leading to the term called heteroplasmy.  These power plants will eventually lose their ability to recycle unless UV light is restored to the system.  It has the highest energy density in the system to provide the energy flux in the system to speed up ECT flow and ROS/RNS free radical signals.  Free radicals are only produced via high energy reactions (mid-1930’s). This is likely why cells use the UV part of the spectrum to signal optically. Many of the early work on ELF-UV light showed it is only liberated when the optic heads are illuminated by light (pg 94). This links the process to my Vermont 2017 talk.

When this occurs cells begin to release ELF-UV light to the local atoms to try to make melatonin to improve mitophagy/autophagy.  ELF-UV needs oxygen radicals present to radiate light ( p.79 Van Wijk) This process can exist for a time in dysfunction but when enough information is lost with that tissue, a redox shift occurs and then the Warburg metabolism kicks in.  At this point, tissues lose the ability to recycle their mitochondria, so the only option left is to use apoptosis.  Cells and tissues “know” because of the light they contain that this is the last gasp maneuver.  But they do it waiting for the environment to return its source of energy and information from the sun.  Cells need all of the visible spectra to regain control of both autophagy and apoptosis.  They are the ultimate coupled system in a cell.  (Predator and Prey)

How does sunlight transfer energy/information?

Atomic spectra measure radiation absorbed or emitted by electrons “jumping” from one “state” to another, where a state is represented by quantum numbers with values called n, l, and m. The fourth number is S = spin.  This is the big one for this webinar.  Spin is how infromation is transferred from light to make atoms biotic.

These are called the 4 quantum numbers associated with every particle. There are quantum rules that govern these quantum transfers called the Transition rule.  I want to be clear here.  Energy and information are both transferred in packets called quanta.  Energy via the PE effect and information via quantum spin number and OAM.  It turns out OAM is another conserved property in nature, like energy and mass conservation that define the laws of thermodynamics.  Why do I mention it?  This is how life does what it does.  It appears to skirt the second law because cells are better at information transfer than they are at energy transfer.  They want to know more to become more.  They only need a baseline of energy to do this because they have perfected information transfer in their design which is codified in our RNA and DNA.

This energy and information transfer is not a continuous download. It is controlled by rules.  The so-called “Transition rule” limits what “jumps” are possible on Earth. In general, a quantum leap or “transition” is allowed only if all three numbers change simultaneously in the process.

There are exceptions to the rule is the Zeeman effect. This is because a transition will be able to cause the emission or absorption of electromagnetic radiation (photons have a spin number of 1) only if it involves a change in the electromagnetic dipole of the atom.

Why is the Zeeman effect special?  It deals with spectra of hydrogen.  Ya know where H+ and D come from?  Remember that the spinning ATPase makes a local magnetic field in the mitochondria.  This is critical for the Zeeman effect to happen.

The Zeeman Effect in hydrogen occurs when an external magnetic field is applied to hydrogen, and sharp spectral lines like the n = 3→ 2 transition of the hydrogen split seen in textbooks.  The 3 lines can be seen as multiple closely spaced lines with higher resolution.  Bohr did not have this power when he made the original of atomic theory and quantum mechanics.

This was first observed by Pieter Zeeman, when he relaized this splitting was attributed to the interaction between the magnetic field and the magnetic dipole moment associated with the orbital angular momentum in protons.

In the absence of the magnetic field, the hydrogen energies depended only upon the principal quantum number n, and the emissions tended to occur at a single wavelength.  This was easily measured with a spectroscope.

This is another reason why H+ was favored over deuterium in the quantum evolutionary construction of the matrix.  H+ has the ability to transfer more light information to them, this is how protons transfer information from the sunlight to the Bose Einstein Condensate of atoms in the rest of your body.  Sunlight animates atoms with information.  The energy flux is not the key.  The energy flux is needed to keep ECT flowing in most tissues.  You will note that not even that is needed in some tissues like RBC’s.  Why?  They have no mitochondrial so they do not use the TCA cycle.



RBC’s like deuterium and this is why our blood plasma is jammed with them (above). Deuterium and hydrogen can be used to generate ELF-UV to signal mitosis or growth in a controlled fashion when melatonin is controlling autophagy and apoptosis. When it is not deuterium can be usurped by a Warburg shift to cause cancer by liberating massive amounts of UV light from cells (Van wijk/ Popp).

How does this happen?

When deuterium or H+ have a voltage placed across them they can emit UV radiation. This becomes easier when they are under a pressure gradient. So how does this process work in you? RBC’s are loaded with Fe porphyrins called hemoglobin that acts like a dye laser. They also absorb massive amounts of light. The absobtion spectra of hemoglobin is from 250- 600 nm and the cut off is SHARP.



Since RBC are swimming in a blood which is made up of 93% water there is a ton of deuterium present. The RBC’s are light ferry and their oxygen payloads are delivered to mitochondria. The mitochondria are fed a constant source of electrons from foods or recycled FFA’s, amino acids, or glucose from gluconeogenesis. These electrons have a quantum spin that carries information of the sun when they were programmed. They are also in the excited state by the very same photons. This is done by the frequencies of light photons. This imparts a power to each electron and allows each electron to be sorted by the information and energy programs in the cytochrome proteins. The mitochondria has several dehydrogenases that pull hydrogen from foods or substrates delivered to the matrix for metabolic recycling. These hydrogens harvested from foods tend not to be deuterium because we know there is a tight specificity where deuterium is in the TCA cycle substrates as the picture below shows



The blood is a magnetohydrodynamic plasma which contains both versions of hydrogen and in many different chemicals. Most of the H+ is incorparated into hydrogen bonding networks of water and can anywhere in the body via the blood lymph or syncytium/interstitium to touch every last bit of collagen in the body.  Here these protons can share the information they contain.  This is how the tensegrity system gains information from sunlight.

Since sunlight forms an exclusion zone using H+, deuterium is excluded and its concentration in the blood rises.  Irradiated blood comes closer to the surface because of the electric and magnetic fields in light and these waves have many effects.  Releasing NO is one effect, but creating a pressure within the vessels also effects building a charge in all the blood products and cholesterol in the arteries.  The charge really build because all these things tend to be sulfated. (picture below)

As the zeta potential of the blood is raised by solar irradiation the blood heat up and this physocally effects deuterium more than H+.  Since RBC’s are highly charged on their surface a voltage is developed that discharges to the anions or anodes in blood.  This effect causes both hydrogen and deuterium to emit UV light.

Since most of the H+ is in EZ form of water it leaves the deuterium exposed in the blood to emit this light perferentially.  I have always believed this is why Pollack found that when the EZ forms in water its viscosity and is absorption spectrum changes.  It begins to absorb light at 270 nm.  This is deep in the short wave UV spectrum.  Not much sunlight gets to Earth in this range, yet water and hemoglobin absorb this light.  This looks unusual until you understand what makes UV light inside of us in this range.

When you compare H+ and deuterium emission it turns out deuterium is more capable of emitting a continuous and and more powerful light source of UV light.  Hydrogen-1 provides a very similar UV spectrum to deuterium.  In fact, both isotopes have been used in UV spectroscopes. However, scopes using deuterium have a longer life span and an emissivity (intensity) at the far end of their UV range which is three to five times that of an ordinary hydrogen.  This is why hemoglobin has strong peaks in the 250-300 nm range even thought this type of light is not often present in sunlight even in equatorial regions.  This was my clue that deuterium in the blood is why hemoglobin and the EZ used UV-C light from 250-280nm.  Deuterium is fully capable of creating a continuos spectrum in this range.  Remember blood plasma has 150 ppm of deuterium.  This tells you something deep about the quantum biologic systems.



The emission UV light from deuterium does not work like it does in excited electrons when they fall back to the ground state and give off a light photon.  That process in electrons is called atomic emission, where excited electrons emit radiation. Instead, deuterium uses an unusual molecular emission process, where radiative decay of excited states in molecular deuterium, causes the effect the UV light emission.


Blood does not glow under UV light, but it reacts with a chemical (luminol) that does fluoresce, so it can be detected after this reaction using ultraviolet light at a crime scene.  The interesting thing is that chlorophyll does fluoresce!

Chlorophyll makes plants green, but it fluoresces a blood red color under UV light.   This is how plants gain information for their protons in leaves. IF you want to check this out for yourself grind some spinach or swiss chard in a small amount of alcohol (e.g., vodka or Everclear) and pour it through a coffee filter to get chlorophyll extract (you keep the part that stays on the filter, not the liquid). You can see the red glow using a black light or even a strong fluorescent bulb, from your house, which (you guessed it) gives off some ultraviolet light.

Deuterium is the UV optical switch in blood that control melatonin levels in tissues to control mitophagy and apoptosis programs in mitochondria.  These two self regulating programs must be controlled for a good healthy life.  If control is lost in this mechanism from either the energy or information side of the equation disease is the result.   Mitophagy controls the quality and quantity of the water in the cytosol. This is why the cybrid studies I mentioned in TIme 4, 9, and 19 gave the results they did.  Cytosolic water must be free of deuterium.  Matrix and cytosolic water are where H+ is needed to impart information to light hydrogen as it is pulled from the anions in the TCA cycle and urea cycles.  Water links both of these cycle via fumerase at a place called Kreb’s bicycle.  This means water in the periphery of blood is a lot different composition inside mitochondria and this water creates a different size and shape of its crystalline form to changes cell water.  You blood plasma must have higher deuterium concentration by design.

Protonicity or proton conduction in water networks is how tissues gain the ability to know things via the information quanta passed to the orbital angular momentum of H+.  This is how energy and information are transferred from the sun to our atoms. We are made up of lots of atoms mostly considered bosons that collect light information. That is what life is a really at our core.

When the familiar red solar spectral line of the hydrogen spectrum is examined at very high resolution, it is found to be a closely-spaced doublet. This splitting is called fine structure and was one of the first experimental evidence for electron spin.  The small splitting of the spectral line is attributed to an interaction between the electron spin S and the orbital angular momentum L. It is called the spin-orbit interaction.

The familiar red H-alpha line of hydrogen is a single line according to the Bohr theory. The straight application of the Schrodinger equation to the hydrogen atom gives the same result. If you calculate the wavelength of this line using the energy expression from the Bohr theory, you get 656.11 nm for hydrogen, treating the nucleus as a fixed center. If you use the reduced mass, you get 656.47 nm for hydrogen and 656.29 nm for deuterium. The difference between the hydrogen and deuterium lines is about 0.2 nm and the splitting of each of them is about 0.016 nm, corresponding to an energy difference of about 0.000045 eV.

This corresponds to an internal magnetic field on the electron of about 0.4 Tesla.  Why is this detail important?  It is directly in the middle of the Earth magnetic field strength.  Remember that H+ and D both have unique magnetic moments because they have different quantum spin numbers.

The magnetic field magnitude at Earth’s surface ranges from 25 to 65 microteslas (0.25 to 0.65 gauss). Roughly speaking it is the field of a magnetic dipole currently tilted at an angle of about 11 degrees with respect to Earth’s rotational axis.  It is as if there were a bar magnet placed at that angle at the center of the Earth with respect to our protons.

Does anyone want to guess where magnetic strength is strongest on Earth?  The Yucatan peninsula. Does anyone want to guess why?  Does anyone want to guess why I recommend everyone sick go there now?  Illness is a lack of information redox in your cells.  You have been thinking this was all about energy flux because that is what the laws of thermodynamics suggested based upon a CLASSICAL interpretation of them.  Since 1960, that has fallen by the wayside.   You’ve now been introduced to really how the second law allows your cells to gain information how to stay far from equilibrium to do the things life does.  Nature will astound you when you see her magic.

You need to go the Earth’s library where more information can be transferred from the sun and Earth to your cells to fix any problem you have in the Yucatan.

Lesson over.  You’ve just been introduced to Quantum Thermodynamics of life.