How much do you know about hydrogen? I know I have taught you a lot about here recently, but do you think you’ve tied it all together to really understand how it all links to sunlight?

Bright light always induces stress and swelling and that small swelling stress stimulus is needed for life to awaken but the dose makes the toxin with respect to blue light. Blue light induces this stimulus by allowing more deuterium into the tissue irradiated with it to create some molecular crowding to stimulate growth. The red light limits the molecular swelling if it is present to control swelling and create regeneration by lowering the amount of deuterium within the cytosol and matrix. AM light provides this stimulus to awaken us and then red light regenerates the thickening of the retinal tissues so there is no excessive growth generated in the central retinal pathways, hypothalamus, the leptin receptor, and eventually the subcutaneous fat mass. Full spectrum sunlight contains the antidote of blue light just as seafood contains the antidote for heavy metals by having high levels of selenium to help improve the semiconductive electric currents in the lipid rafts of cell membranes. The AM blue light is designed by nature to create a quantized amount of swelling to stresses the anterior pituitary to make adrenalin, noradrenalin, cortisol, alpha MSH, beta endorphin, TSH, estrogen, and prolactin. UVA light is the light stimulus that turns off the optical deuterium switch to limit molecular crowding and curb the pro-growth stance of blue light. When you use fake light with a blue color temp of technology of 5700K, the light stress provides a chronic pro growth stimulus that never can be moderated because technology contains no UV or IR light to blanche the effects of blue light on deuterium. In this way deuterium is an optical switch that promotes growth. When it loses its solar light controls it becomes what causes the Warburg shift in oncogenesis.

Deuterium has a different magnetic moment than a proton. The ATPase is the magnet they work with. The magnetic moment of a magnet is a quantity that determines the torque it will experience in an external magnetic field. The Earth provides that external field. Deuterium has a large increase to its magnetic moment because of the addition neutron to the proton. The ATPase is a nano electromechanical torque magnet that exclusive works with the light hydrogen proton in the ATPase.

The ATPase is 100% quantum mechanical efficient torque engine with red light (600-3100nm). The measured magnetic moment and QED theory taken together, yield the most precise measured value of the fine structure constant in nature. Electrons are the mustang’s of life. They are constantly are mobile when life is present. Protons are corralled horses controlled by the sun. We obtain the action of life when we multiply energy by time. They are the actors of life whereas the relatively static proteins are the stage the drama of life begins. Life needed a conductor and quantum mechanics provided star light as that conductor that make proteins electronic conductors who use proton recycling to power complex nano machines in cells. The movement of electrons is key to life because it powers proton recycling and deuterium depleted matrix water makes proteins become carbon based semiconductors. Without deuterium depleted matrix water proteins are insulators and the atoms become inanimate. Life is animated. There are many ways of knocking electrons out of atoms. UV light is the most accessible to life. The simplest is to rub two surfaces together, but life chose to use sun light to do it for a specific reason. It is close to a free lunch as one could get on a planet being bombarded by light for 4.6 billion years by some version of sunlight. Sometimes we just fall into things that we don’t even seek to understand and nature uses it. These are the things that make life interesting. Electrons, in living things, are something I just fell into. And it caused me to understand how life used the asymmetries in protons in glycolysis, the PPP, and the TCA cycle to make water from sunlight to reverse photosynthesis and create the sea inside of every cell to make complex life possible.

Today, I am going to do just that. Watch the video above before proceeding.



Why won’t a biochemist ever solve cancer?   (they subtract bio-physics from the equation of life and think this will explain it)

Light in the lab is not the same as sunlight. To get the answer you need to know this fact.  So all studies on deuterium depletion effects and H+ fractionation must be done under sunlight to see the true effect in glycolysis, TCA, and the PPP. This is why metabolic ward studies will never equal what Weston A. Price observed in nature.  It is why WAP and Schweitzer never saw cancer in the indigenious people they studied.  They can never be equivalent.  Is this why they never observed cancer?  Is it why we are seeing cancer in modern man grow like mad?    Yep.

Physics has proven millions of times in their experiments that the structure of mass determines the frequency it can resonate and this frequency dictates structure of plasmoid instabilities and the type of light that will work with it and what frequencies won’t. Biologists, specifically biochemists refuse to realize that this process is what drives biochemistry. Light from the sun has the ability to act in non linear fashion. what does non linear mean? It means a small stimulus leads to seismic changes. How can we disprove bio-chemists ideas right here in this thread? If you add one methyl group with it 3 hydrogens to the right cytosine of RNA or DNA it COMPLETELY CHANGES its bio-chemical and physiologic abilities. That is defines a non linear change. It is well past time we all realize this. Life is fundamentally bio-physical and not bio chemical because the manner in which bio chemistry works is when small things change, like the ratio of H+ to deuterium massive changes occur inside the TCA cycle.

This is why cancer occurs. It is a biophysical change inside the matirx which alters the pH and temperature of the water the matrix makes and this ruins the kinetics of the TCA to not allow it to function as cycle. It becomes a linear pathway and that pathway is what the Warburg shift describes to a T.

So I want to stop now an ask a question you have all heard before.  Why does the Warburg shift favor glucose and glutamine when both bio-molecules are non essential to humans?

We can live perfectly fine without sugar and glutamine.  In case you don’t know, glutamine is a non essential amino acid. Thus even if you eat none your body will produce what it needs from other sources.  So it raises a really good question that bio-chemists, who have never figured out why the Warburg shift happens.  Why does a broken TCA cycle want glucose and glutamine exclusively in a cancer state??

What is it about glutamine and glucose that is seemingly so critical in a cancer state?

This question of being “non essential” was critical in me asking the right questions of why young people were getting brain cancer in the early 2000’s at exponetial rates.  Remaining curious is why it is critcal to understand why cancer cells make specific food sources essential when your mitochondria have high heteroplasmy rates. I found the answer was simple.  In a cancer state we need a reliable vast new proton source that can be added into a broken metabolism to fix the problem of making DDW in the matrix.

So how did I figure all this out?

Let us tackle the glutamine issue first.  Cancer needs glutamine to recycle TCA intermediates when the TCA cycle is filled with intermediates that are loaded with deuterium.  This turns the cycle into a pathway.  It can no longer operate as a cycle.  When a cycle breaks it means allosteric and enzyme control is gone.  This is why ROS and RNS signaling looks so biazarre in an cancer state.  So the cell has to make glucose and glutamine 100% essential in those states where TCA intermediates have the wrong isotope in them.   That is why glutamine and glucose metabolism is up-regulated in a Warburg shift.  It also explains why AMPk pathways are raised in cancer, because it only goes up when ATP levels drop.  They drop because too many protons are deuterated and this slows electron chain transport from NADH to oxygen.  The result is simple, NAD+ drops, ATPase spin rates slow, the magnetic field of the ATPase slows and since oxygen is paramagentic is is no longer drawn to the ATPase.  This causes a pseudohypoxia or hypoxic state.  When hypoxia is chronic the cell has two choices.  Default to the more ancient system of metabolism that used to control hydrogen flows in its H+ state under the power of photosynthesis.  Glucose and glutamine.

Glutamine enters the TCA cycle before the fumerase step so it can repar and fix the TCA proximal intermediates via alpha keto glutarate step.  Remember in this state,  the cycle is no longer a cycle because of the kinetic isotope effect of deuterium on how it makes bond strengths between TCA intermediates 6-8 times stronger.  This effects the way the enzyme kinetics are in a cell.

So if you’re staying with me you probably are beginning to see why glucose is up regulated too now aren’t you?



If you aren’t making the connection because you’re bad at science I will give you a boost.  Glucose has 6 carbons and it is a ring.  It becomes two 3 carbon linear molecules called pyruvate.  Look above.  See where it enters the matrix of the mitochondria?  In the beginning.  It can only get in if NAD+ is HIGH.  Don’t forget this.  That is cytochrome 1 of the inner mitochondrial membrane because a low NAD+ means a LOSS of membrane potential or redox inside the matrix.  Now, what did I say about this in the Decemeber webinar of 2017?  Yep………..you’re getting wise by being a Patron or member.

Now ask yourself this:  Why does it take cells ten enzymatic steps to cleave 6 carbon sugar into two 3 carbon pyruvates when it appears way easier to do in a lab with a lot less steps?  Then I asked yourself why does it take 9 enzymatic steps to remove two CO2 molecules in the TCA cycle?   Ya’ think it has anything to do with the fact that the mitochondrial matrix reverses the photosynthetic reactions that take CO2 and H20 and make glucose?  Take a look at this picture from my Vermont 2017 video on youtube.  You think I had this all planned for to explain to all in step by step fashion?  Yep.



So how does nature provide water for the photosynthetic web folks?  How does rain form that falls on our head on Earth at different latitudes?  Is the information in hydrogen movements somehow tied to the sun and water cycles in ways that bio-chemists are clueless about?  Yep.



Now I want you to stop and watch the video below before proceding to blow your mind in explaining why the Warburg effect is seen in cancer states.


A cancer biochemist recently asked me at a conference,  “what would cause the tumor to prefer glutamine over glucose if both can provide TCA intermediates? That’s something I have never been able to figure out.”

My answer was simple.  I told him it was due to the heteroplasmy rate in the matrix and the simultaneous oxygen deficit in tissues.

He looked perplexed.  He then followed up by asking, “I was wondering based upon your hypothesis why do only certain cells develop into a metastatic biomass?   If deuterium accumulation is the problem how does it selectively create biomass?   In other words,  it seems as if this would become a systemic problem.”

I went on to explain that mitochondrial origins are bacterial, so when the broken matrix sustains enough deuterium damage,  and cannot be taken out by mitophagy by a SO pulse at cytochrome 1,  mitochondria regain ability to move from the cells in the cytoarchitecture of the tissue to find a new oxygen source and a new source of H+.

They become a damaged bacteria looking for a better environment.  They look to leave and migrate from their current local environment in their host looking for a new terminal electron acceptor to survive and make energy.That is what metastasis is.

This is why in metastatic brain cancer, mets always go to grey white junction in the neocortex where the best mitochondrial density is located and where oxygen tension are huge because this is where blood eneters the brain.   I reminded him about some basic anatomy of the brain.  Arteries feed in from the subarachnoid space into the substance of the brain.  So this means oxygen delivery in the brain is unique.  Oxygenated blood enters brain via the surface.  All cancers are hypoxic and look for new oxygen sources.   Neovascularization is rare in the brain except in grade 4 gliomas which are deadly.  Those glioma’s are called glioblastoma multiforman.

Every tissue has a variable metabolic rate and heteroplasmy rate.  The brain has a massive metabolic rate and normally has to run on a low heteroplasmy rate.  If heteroplasmy spikes for any reason neurologic function in that area will manifest.  This is what headache, tinnitus, and myopia are all.

In brain cancer the second heteroplasmy spikes thermodynamics are no longer maintained.  The brain can only tolerate a 4 minute insult.   So when the brain’s TCA cycle is altered it is a big deal for physiologic function.  This is why the brain’s mitochondria must control deuterium fractionation to maintain their super metabolic rates.   Glutamine enters TCA before fumerase step so it helps repair the hydrogen source to the proximal intermediates of the TCA cycle via alpha keto glutarate.  We must remember that deuterium has an massive increase in bonding strength so the TCA can no longer cycle or turn forward.  Deuterium turns the cycle to linear biochemical pathway,  so complex enzyme kinetics controlling hydrogen recycling are destroyed.

So neurons and glial cells need ways to get hydrogen substrate from glucose and glutamine because pyruvate cannot get in to them in the matrix as electrons on the electron chain transport system slows down.  At this point his eyes got big.  He realized immediately that just knowing bio-chemistry was not enough.  You need to understand both bio-physics and the biochemistry to make sense of the Warburg shift.




ROS is a result of the cycle becoming a linear pathway and not a cycle. There is too much oxygen available and not enough hydrogen present to complete reactions.  When too much oxygen is present and not enough hydrogen present ROS results.  You get a lot of free radicals because the reactions kinetics are no longer controlled by sunlight and oxygen at each end of the redox chain.

When this happens amount of oxygen needed is no longer control by light frequencies at NADH.  People forget NADH is a fluorophore protein that absorbs light at 340nm. This step is quantized by the sun. So ROS is not really pathonmemonic of cancer.   It is proof that the matrix intermediates are dysfunctional.   Just thinking reductively about ROS will never lead you to the right cause of the matrix dysfunction.

I want to remind you about what occurs in diabetes.  What makes diabetes and cancer the same, yet different?  Diabetics have no free radical  superoxide (SO) burst.  This burst is what stimulate mitochondrial apoptosis which can take out defective mitochondria.   It occurs at cytochrome one where NAD+/NADH couple reside.

It is why most diabetics get fatter too, because their mitochondrial matrix cannot perform beta oxidation of their subcutaneous fat at night when they sleep.  They tend to have mitochondria with pseudohypoxia and not frank hypoxia.  The reason is simple.  The amount of damage to the TCA hydrogen recycling determines how much oxygen is present or not in the matrix.  Cancer is a hypoxic state and diabetes is a pseudohypoxic state.  SO is a free radical that we need to get rid of bad mitochondria.  Neither disease has enough of it.  All free radicals have unpaired electrons.  Cancer can or cannot have ROS or RNS depending upon oxygen supply to the tissue.

This explains why DM and CA are linked to a dynamic deuterium effect that can or cannot flow into cells.  See deuterium is not always bad, it just appears to be this way when you do not understand how it works to make the metabolic rate of a tissue.

Diabetics have a lot of deuteration of the TCA cycle, but not enough to get to the cancer state.  Small superoxide bursts lead to seismic changes in tissues.  This defines a non linear effect.  UV light is the only frequency from the sun that can participate in non linear effect and the NADH cannot be recycled when the TCA cycle is gunked up with deuterium.  This is why NAD+ is always lowered in diabetes, aging, cancer, and any disease.  This was found in David Sinclair’s paper in December of 2013.    This is why ROS is all over place in different cancers.  They all have variable defects of TCA dysfunction.  Normally NADH light (340nm) is THE non linear stimulus in mitochondrial matrix to create DDW.  This is why Dr. Doug Wallace has always found heteroplastic mitochondria seem to have water trapped in the matrix when he has examined it under electron microscope.

Normal ROS creation is only controlled when its quantized by the incident light at cytochrome 1 the NADH/NAD+ couple. It’s quantized only when ECT electrons and TCA protons are moving freely in the DDW crystalline water made in the matrix under the power of frequencies in sunlight.

Most biochemists are at a loss to explain hydrogen motions in a matrix and why they are key to understanding brain cancer.  Today, I am going to solve for X and show you why being a clinician and understanding both bio-physics and bio-chemistry is a must in understanding the biology of any cancer.


I need you to become inspired to look into the conformational change of the in biochemical pathways and in any receptors in any cells due to hydrogen and to deuterium fractions they contain (H+/D ratio).  These changes change how bio-chemical pathways can or cannot function when the matrix can no longer recycle protons in the matrix.  Remember Dr. Doug Wallace has taught us all that 85-90% of chronic diseases are mitochondrial, so what I am going to explain to you will explain most of those diseases as well.  Yep, it is that big folks.

You have to begin to ask yourself to what degree does the amount of H+ and deuterium alter function and the exchange of H+ in glycolysis, TCA cycle, and in the PPP.  When you do,  it turns out, deuterium affects the observation of interactions/reactions that all biochemists take for granted.  It uncovers their Dunning Kruger effect of bio-chemists for you all to see and why I have disdain in my heart for them.

The ATPase needs a chronic and fast source of H+ all the time to run the ATPase at 100% efficiency.  Red light is the incident light source that pushes the protons between 600nm and 1600nm.  It turns out 1538.5 nm is really important frequency for that proton electric current Becker found long ago to drive regeneration in mammals.  It was confirmed by Del Guidice and Preparta in 2000.





I saw a massive increase in glioma’s at the end of my residency at LSU.  So I asked a buch of bio-chemists why this might happen.  Here is how the story unfolded.

Glutamine import and metabolism through the TCA cycle has been shown to persist under hypoxia/pseudohypoxic conditions.  This told me that glutamine has to be important in a cancer state when it was clearly not important in a state where oxygen tensions were high.  Remember what I have already taught you as members of jackkruse.com, namely that, low NAD+ = pseudohypoxia = Leptin resistance.

The bigger key for understanding this dicussion is that glutamine contributes significantly to citrate carbons in the TCA cycle pictured above.  Why is this a big deal to us mitochondriacs?  Why do biochemist food guru’s whiff on this insight?

One has to look at glycolysis differently if you are a mitochondriac or quantum biologist like we are. If you look at what happens to hydrogen’s only in glycolysis, from glucose to pyruvic acid conversion in glycolysis,  before the TCA cycle entry as acetyl CoA,  you will see the real function of the linkage to glycolysis and the TCA cycle in a living system.

Glycolysis is a “primer catalyst” (H+ exclusivity)  reaction acting as a more “ancient dehydrogenase mechanism” to remove hydrogen atoms from specific carbons in glucose.  It appears nature is particular.  Living cells will chose to oxidize these dehydrated carbons once pyruvate enters the TCA later in the TCA cycle.  This is conserved in the TCA cycle when acetyl Co is formed in the matrix.  This tells us black swan mitochorndriacs that  glycolysis is the older evolutionary system compared to the TCA cycle.  When life was less complex it could live off a linear pathway.  Now it cannot.  It also means the TCA cycle is a new generation hydrogen furnace.

It is why the TCA cycle is a much more complex dehydrogenating conveyer belt,  built into a cyclic format in the matrix instead of the older bacterial version of glycolysis that was in the cytoplasm and was a linear strand of bio chemical reactions. Stop.  Where did a mitochondria come from?  Bacteria.  Thanks Lynn Marguilis.  Mitochondriac lesson well learned.

This linkage is lost on most bio-chemists because of how they were taught.  Remember all doctos learn bio-chemistry from them in medicial school so this is why most doctors are clueless about this too.

The specificity of carbon oxidation position is related to hydrogen position in glucose. Here we see the relativity of size and positon impact the thermodynamics of the cell.  This tells the quantum clinician and the astute biologist to pay attention to why nature is using all these crazy steps to control enzyme kinetics in the matirx.  It does not make sense unless you understand evolution.  Nature is doing this quantum dance very carefully for a deep reason.  If you are wise and a mitochondriac, you might learn something new about bio-chemistry that you never realized before.   I did that day back in the late 1990’s.

The bio-physics of this hydrogen quantum dance underpins the pathways’ machinations (why there is so many enzymatic steps) and those moves are important for reasons that underpin the bio-chemists Dunning Kruger effect to fail to account for it in living cells.   In fact, if you look close at these reactions you’ll see that enolase removes a H20 molecule from glucose in glycolysis.  This is how a mitochondria reverses the photosynthetic reaction that consumes water in making glucose from CO2 and water.

This means the biochemist better understand the sun well too, or their algorithms will not make any sense if you just follow the substrates alone.  That is all bio-chemists do.  Most do not understand this nuance.  I began to understand why young people were getting gliomas at faster rates that day.  It took the literature 15 years later to prove my insights correct.  See the study below.



This is why ALL cancers are always linked to poor solar exposure too in tissues.  Sunlight’s frequencies are why this specificity matters in cancer. Sunlight uses non linear frequencies (UV/IR) to dictate the movement in hydrogen in bio-molecules using a molecular resonance mechanism I taught you in previous patreon blogs. This is why I am so interested in the physics of sunlight. Bio-chemists miss this quantum nuance and that is why they think pathways and substrates are all that matter. Not true.

How do I know I am correct? Well it links to this paper here. Under glucose deprivation in human cells are all pseudohypoxic to a degree.  They then use glutamine to derived fumarate, malate, and citrate.  They ARE significantly increased in these cases.

We know this from isotopic studies on carbon 13 flow in pathways.  This isotope thing is a big deal folks.   The Carbon 13 labeling patterns has demonstrated that glutamine is fully capable of generating an alternative energy-pathway in cells with a matrix that can no longer make DDW by using a  glutaminolysis pathway involving a glucose-independent TCA cycle.

This is why the Warburg shift likes glutamine so much.  It is a key source of new H+ for the TCA intermediates that are all deuterated by chronic blue light exposure via the eyes.  Glutamine acts like methylene blue does in a matrix.  It is capable of switching out heavy hydrogen for light hydrogen like Szent Gyorgi found back in the 1930’s. It lightens the load of the matrix of deuterium.

Erlenmeyer, Schoenauer, and Stillmann confirmed the vitamin C proton observations of Szent Gyorgi when they found in 1936 that during the establishment of the equilibrium reaction below:

Succinate + methylene blue = fumarate + leucomethylene blue

under the influence of deuterated succinic dehydrogenase, an exchange of the carbon – bound hydrogens of the succinate also takes place. In this way the “heavy” succinate gradually becomes “lighter.”  The same thing was found in malate and fumarate too.   This was the key old paper that told me the movement of hydrogen has to be specific and controlled by sunlight if we are to avoid oncogenesis.

Methylene blue (MB) performs best under red light frequencies when it is tested in the lab.  It does even better in sunlight.  Why is that?  Sunlight is 42% red and this red light is the only light in the spectrum of the sun that is capable pf penetrating human tissue deeply to get to every mitochondria where hydrogen exists.  Red light in the sun goes from 600nm-3100nm but our eye only sees 600-1000nm.  Our mitochondria senses all red frequencies everywhere to control the flow of protons in cell water.

Glacial melt water has something in common with matrix water.  It is how nature allows cells to control protons  by making protons do something that the sun cannot control. Remember the photoelectric effect only allows light and electrons to work in unison.  So cells decided to use DDW to make their EZ in the matrix the strongest it could be on Earth.  Deuterium in water diminishes the size of the EZ.   This is why, in my opinion, the matrix and chloroplast favor it. Gerry Pollack has never done this experiments to prove there is a difference in bulk and DDW,  but others have done INS experiments that lead me to this conclusion.

If the EZ with deuterium is capable of excluding protons……..it really would exclude deuterium and this explains why life is the way it is. This is why the ATPase is prejudiced to the use of H+.  Moreover, it explains  why deuterium fractionation can be used as an optical switch to control growth and metabolism in the retina or open the door to mitochondrial diseases.  Deuterium inflows radically alter the metabolic rate of tissues by causing small swellings in the mPTP pore.  This area is normally protected by the EZ of the MINOS.



Methylene Blue is capable of performing substrate-level phosphorylation (SLP) by removing deuterium from the TCA intermediates and results in the production of ATP independent from the ATP synthase (ATPase).  This means that MB can function outside the TCA cycle to lighten the hydrogen load when the matrix is weigh down with deuterium.  Too bad oncologist do not know this, huh?

Bio-chemists never ask the simplest questions when they are faced with a clinical dilemna because they don’t observe nature well and they do not see or treat patients.  DOCTORS DO. Have I told you that Albert Szent Gyorgi was a DOCTOR of MEDICINE?  Below is a picture of someone who has no clue how to use MB correctly to repair these defects because his mouth should not be blue.  Refuse to be ‘bullet proof’ and become a black swan mitochondriac instead.  You’ll be a lot more wise.  Most supplements and manufactured fats are all deuterium bombs.     



Bio-chemists and many bulletproof bio-hackers rely too much on what other idiots have told them without looking why something really happens. Clinicians like myself do not do this because we see patients who have disease we cannot explain based upon what we were taught and we learned that when you do not know something you have to ask better question to figure it out.  You must tap your curiosity to satisfy your curiosity’s hunger.  When we want to understand  why brain cancer is on the rise all of a sudden out of the ‘blue’,  we ask questions of the bio-chemists teaching us.  So I went to find a few of these guys in the medical school and I asked some questions.

I am a neurosurgeon who treats gliomas. These are horrible diseases for patients and surgeons.   One thing I learned in medical school and residency is that glioma incidence in young people is rising fast. I ask why, and nobody seemed to know why. Then I found out these new glioma tumors are mostly spontaneous cases without any associated genetic defects.  I found that curiosu consider oncology believes most cancer are caused by gene defects.   I asked why. Nobody knew. Then I found out many of these de-novo gliomas all have links to other weird causes of familial cancer syndromes. I asked the bio chemists why this was the case and they did not know.

Then I went to the hospital and talked to the pathologists who did autopsy’s on these patients once they died.. I asked the pathologists why this set of circumstances was occuring in gliomas,  and it was clear nobody had any answers for me. I asked why isn’t anyone studying this? I got blank looks from all the PhD’s.  Bio-chemists only study what they can get $$$$ for and apparently none of them thought that these hydrogen movements in gliomas I found was big deal.  I guess most of them thought it would be a tough sell to the NIH?



So in 2000, I opened up a bio-chemistry book and began to look for a pattern to explain this curious set of circumstances in brain cancer in young people. I found big clues in how hydrogen moved in glycolysis. What was the thing that caught my eye about this?  Why does it take cells ten enzymatic steps to cleave 6 carbon sugar into two 3 carbon pyruvate when it appears way easier to do in a lab with a lot less steps? Then I asked why does it take 9 enzymatic steps to remove two CO2’s of molecules in the TCA cycle? That is when I realized why Szent Gyorgi and Pauling where so transfixxed on hydrogen biology and vitamin C in the 1930’s.

So I went and carefully read all their papers. I found my answer. The reason this was happening was a light effect.  It was quantized,  and it was tied to H+ movement, caused by solar frequencies that humans were no longer getting routinely.



I then found out that mutations of genes involved in the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle such as fumarate hydratase, succinate dehydrogenase or isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 or 2 are causally linked to familial cancer syndromes (Bensaad et al., 2006) or spontaneous low grade gliomas and acute myelogenous leukemia (Dang et al., 2010). Then I answered my own question about why I was seeing milennials with spontaneous low grade gliomas.

I realized the environment we have built for modern humans today is not what it was in the 1930’s any longer. It is now like it is in a bio-chemsts lab, blue lit and filled with RF and microwaves. I went read about bio-physics of RF and microwaves on hydrogen and it was here I learned that RF radically effects H+ motions called precession in bio-chemical pathways. See, we neurosurgeons use MRI a lot, so I knew a lot about MRI’s already. In MRI image generation, we use pulsed RF frequencies to change the precession of hydrogen atoms in tissues to get images of the CNS.  Most tumors show up on T 1 imaging by having an altered signal.  The relaxing signal is different than regular tissues.  I asked the radiologist why and they did not know.  I figured it out by reading their literature.  Deuterium is alters T1 imaging because of the kinetic isotope effect shields 96 H+ protons from this effect and this ruins our ability to see normal water protons.  This is what we see in degenerative disc diseases cases on T1 imaging.  This was how I figured it out.  I started to notice all my patients had altered water content in their discs and complaining of muscular back pain.  I realized that all patient with back pain were patients loaded with deuterium and this was causing imaging artifacts.




All fake foods made in a lab are made using hydrogenation.  The process in a lab has no photosynthetic controls.  Hydrogenation refers to the treatment of substances with molecular hydrogen (H2), adding pairs of hydrogen atoms to compounds (generally unsaturated compounds). These usually require a catalyst for the reaction to occur under normal conditions of temperature and pressure in a lab. Most hydrogenation reactions use gaseous hydrogen as the hydrogen source, but mitochondria and cells clearly have developed alternative sources do this as I am laying out very carefully. The reverse of hydrogenation, where hydrogen is removed from the compounds, is known as dehydrogenation. This is what cells to do foods as I showed you above in glycolysis.  How cells do it is specific.  Industry does it way different.  Hydrogenation differs from protonation or hydride addition because in hydrogenation the products have the same charge as the reactants.

Hydrogenation reactions generally require three components: the substrate, the hydrogen source, and a catalyst. The same is true in a mitochodria or in a lab.  How it occurs is the difference.  In a lab of a big food company, the reaction is carried out at varying temperatures and pressures depending on the catalyst and substrate used. The hydrogenation of an alkene produces an alkane. The addition of hydrogen to compounds happens in a syn- addition fashion, adding to the same face of the compound and entering from the least hindered side. Generally, alkenes will convert to alkanes, alkynes to alkenes, aldehydes and ketones to alcohols, esters to secondary alcohols, and amides to amines via hydrogenation reactions.

The TCA cycle uses some of these reactions as the picture above showed.

Catalysts of Hydrogenation must be controlled by the matrix

Generally, hydrogenation reactions in a Bog Food lab will not occur between hydrogen and organic compounds below 480 degrees Celsius without metal catalysts.  Mitochondria have iron and molybdenum (Mo) on the inner mitochondrial membrane.  The use of Mo on this membrane is a remnant from its bacterial origins.  I’ve written a whole blog on Mo fo rthis reason.  It is a special transition metal.  This is why the inner mitochondrial membrane, from and evolutionary perspective,  is very different than  the outer mitochondrial membrane which resembles a classic eukaryotic membrane which has no molybedenum in it.  I’m surprised Nick Lane has not figured that one out yet to be truthful.   Mo has a ton of electrons in it to help act as a catalyst at low pressures and low temperatures.  In a Big Food lab catalysts are responsible for binding the H2 gas molecule.  They do not screen their gas source for dueterium content.  I’ve asked them.   The catalysts they use facilitate the reaction between the hydrogen and the substrate (usually LA) used by the food company to create food. Platinum, palladium, rhodium, and ruthenium are known to be active catalysts which can operate at lower temperatures and pressures. In big food industry I found research is ongoing to procure non-precious metal catalysts which can produce similar activity at lower temperatures and pressures. They don’t seem to know about Molybdenum at all when I asked.  It works at one atmosphere and body temperatures really well.  It however, also doesn’t work as well in space,  and this is why astronauts are getting sick as they enter space too long.  They all come back with mitochondrial changes in their retina which I detailed in my Vermont 2017 talk.   In space, their matrix cannot perform these hydrogen proton recycling reactions either as they can on Earth and NASA appears to be unaware of it.

Nickel-based catalysts, such as Raney nickel, have been developed, but still require high temperatures and pressures and these won’t work in space and they are too expensive for industry to make money from their cheap fake foods.  All fake foods allow for a ton of deuterium to be added to their carbons.  This is why fake food and GMO foods are to be avoided by mitochondriacs who understand that proton recycling is the key thing to get right in a matrix.



Heterogeneous Catalysis: The hydrogenation of ethylene (C2H4) on a solid support is an example of heterogeneous catalysis.

Catalysts can be divided into two categories: homogeneous or heterogeneous catalysts. Homogeneous catalysts are soluble in the solvent that contains the unsaturated substrate.  In the fake food industry they use polyunsaturated fats as their substrate.  Photosynthesis is a lot more discriminating in controlling hydrogen movement in the process as she makes her substrates for metabolism for oxidation in the matrix.  This is why the matrix has so many unusual steps for glycolysis and for the TCA cycle.



Heterogeneous catalysts are found more commonly in industry, and are not soluble in the solvent containing the substrate. Often, heterogeneous catalysts are metal-based and are attached to supports based on carbon or oxide. The choice of support for these materials is important, as the supports can affect the activity of the catalysts and this is what affects ligher hydrogen or deuterium additions to the process. Hydrogen gas is the most common source of hydrogen used and is commercially available.  Cells use hydrogen from the bio-molecules of glucose and fat as their source of hydrogen.  All of these sources are processed by PHOTOSYNTHESIS!!!  Those three pathways are called C3, C4, and CAM pathways and all of them have variable amounts of deuterium fractions in them as previous blogs have laid out.  The TCA cycle is in charge of sorting through all these fractionations as this blog is laying out.

Hydrogenation is an exothermic reaction, releasing about 25 kcal/mol in the hydrogenation of vegetable oils and fatty acids in a lab. For heterogenous catalysts, the Horiuti-Polanyi mechanism explains how hydrogenation occurs. First, the unsaturated bond binds to the catalyst, followed by H2 dissociation into atomic hydrogen onto the catalyst. This is where deuterium can be added to the fake food.  Food compaies do not fractionate their hydrogen gas because they have no idea nature does it in the water cycle that is one of the main substrates of photosynthesis because it consumes rain water which is deuterium depleted by nature.

In industry, then one atom of hydrogen attaches to the substrate in a reversible step, followed by the addition of a second atom, rendering the hydrogenation process irreversible in the lab.  In the mitochondrial matrix, photosynthetic hydrogenation is reversible to C02 and DDW.

In the fake food industry for homogeneous catalysis, the metal binds to hydrogen and deuterium to give a dihydride complex via oxidative addition. The metal binds the substrate and then transfers one of the hydrogen atoms from the metal to the substrate via migratory insertion. Deuterium is far more reactive and this results in incomplete hydrogenation.  This is a big problem for the final food product because it makes trans-fats which are not naturally found in eukaryotic membranes.  Transfats do not work well with DHA in the lipid rafts electrically.   Hydrogenation is important in processing vegetable oils because most vegetable oils are derived from polyunsaturated fatty acids of C3 plants.  Partial hydrogenation reduces most, but not all, of the carbon-carbon double bonds, making them better for sale and consumption. The degree of saturation of fats changes important physical properties such as the melting range of the oils to create foods that last for ever on a shelf in a supermarket; an example of this is how liquid vegetable oils become semi-solid at various temperatures.



Incomplete hydrogenation of the double bonds in big food industry has health implications because of it deuteration; some double bonds can isomerize from the cis to the trans state. This isomerization occurs because the trans configuration has lower energy state than the cis configuration.  This appears to be why nature spends so many steps on the processing of hydrogen in nature. The trans isomers have been implicated in contributing to pathological blood circulatory disorders like atherosclerosis and heart disease.  The higher the deuterium fractionation in the fats the more wind up in arteries and more calcium build up occurs.  This makes blood vessel less reactive to UVA light close to the surface of the skin and as a result the vessels make less nitric oxide (NO).  Because the vessels make less NO, there is less vasodilation and as a result the blood pressure of patients rise.  Most people with high deuterium fractionation in their tissues have high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and fatty liver with many deuterate triglycerides (TG) in their blood.  The TG’s cannot be filtered by the liver’s ATPase because of doubled atomic mass so this is why visceral fatty liver develops.  The cause of metabolic syndrome is a high deuterium fractionation usually above 130 ppm on breath testing.  Here is a link that shows how electromagnetic fields lead to calcified vessels.



VIDEO OF SOMEBODY ELSE ASKING THE SAME QUESTIONS, but not understanding how it all fits together.


Microwaves are well know to vibrate and rotate the bonds in water and this causes heat release and oscillations of water. Mitochondria make water and they sit in the water they make. This means they way they move is affected by microwaves and this stops them from burning fat properly in the TCA. Then I relaized why everybody was getting fat before they got cancer. This is how microwave oven work, they jiggle the water in food to heat it. It turns our cell phones do the same thing in our brain when we put it up to our head. Then I read Frey and Addey work out of UCLA in the 1960’s that showed microwaves and RF cause upregulation of AMPk and blood brain barrier leakiness. This was repeated by Volkow in 2011. I realized immediately why technology was causing gliomas. It ruined how glycolysis and glutamine were feeding TCA intermediates and this in turn ruined hydrogen movements in cells. You feeling me now patrons?






Biological Nanomechanics: ATP Synthesis and Deuterium Depletion



This video above is my house in Mississippi today at the 28th latitude.  I am in New Orleans about 100 miles away.  My dog is doing what little mammals should in snow:  He is performing cold thermogenesis in these falling protons to improve how his biologic semiconductors will be made and work on this rocky planet when the sun refuses to shine.  UVA/UVB depelete us deuterium and so does cold.  This is why both are healthy for humans who are designed to deuterium deplete themselves post puberty by nature’s laws.  Falling snow is just a collections of a mix of protons, both H+ and deuterium that fall from clouds in a certain way, as they are precessing (spinning) in a certain quantum dance to help life below.  Few people realize how this information is coded for in their mitochondria and chloroplast crystals on Earth but somebody on a podcast is going to get that wake up call today.



I’m sitting here this Friday December 7, 2017 not able to go to work because we have snow by my practice.



People in the deep south have no experience with the snow so everything shut down.



We have no snow plows, sand, salt, or driving experience in snow.  Here is my wife’s video of the winter wonderland I missed this AM.


Some of us transplanted “yankees” do know how to navigate snow but today my practice had to close because everyone is afraid to drive in the white stuff.  That white stuff is falling protons that are precessing.  Few people look at snow as I do.  I am getting ready to do a podcast this afternoon with two people who have been persistent in trying to get me on, but to be frank with you, I have not wanted to talk to them because the message they share i incomplete.  The irony?  Their podcast is called the Ultimate Health Podcast.  Most of their beliefs they share with people quite frankly are wrong because they focus on FOOD.  I just listened to their latest podcast with “a cardiac surgeon Dr. Grundy” to see what their angle would be with him since he has sold himself as the lectin guru in his books.  I’ve read them all and his story is incorrect and imcomplete because he does not understand why lectins are really a deuterium story in disguise.

I’ve never wrote a post before a podcast but today I am because I want to show all my black swan mitochondriacs another example of what the Dunning Kruger effect is in real time.  I listened to a podcast that ANGERED me this AM.  I got angry because the guest had a lot of good things to say (85%) but then whiffed on the most important things for living a healthy life.  When you believe and say that evolution stopped at lectins…………you have announced you stopped thinking at the wrong level of her recipes.

Lectins are 100% a deuterium story tied to chloroplasts and mitochondrial processing of hydrogen

Here is a link to show you from 1975!!!!

After listening to the hosts fall over “this expert” for an hour I’ve decided to write my thoughts down about this episode.  Moreover, I am crafting quite the podcast episode for them that they are due to schedule with me today at 2PM EST from Canada.  I plan to hit them like a ton of bricks with real facts, not just the ones that confirm their biases.  Edited post podcast now:  It is over and was 2 hours of an air raid.  They said maybe 5 things in two hours as I gave a dissertation lecture on deuterium.  



Today’s mitochondriac black swan lesson:  I am going on a podcast today that quite frankly needs to be set straight in the dissemination of information.  I won’t post this until those hosts are done with me.  I do not want them influenced by what I am going to say about a recent guest they fell all over.  Those half truths some might feel was good enough.  I don’t.  No Black swan mitochondria cwould be OK with a half truth.  Half truths always lead to full lies by policiy makers.  So what is the lesson?  All moving charges are affected by the wave function of electromagnetic radiation. Since light is a form of electromagnetic radiation, this mechanism has a sensitive and specific quantum controlling lever for substrates of biochemistry in cells.

Every human cell has 100,000 chemical reactions occurring per second. It seems like an incredible task until you realize the one octave of the electromagnetic spectrum that falls to Earth to interact with our cells has

8,683,317,618,811,886,495,518,194,401,280,000,000 different frequencies of light between 250nm-700nm.  This is the sun’s solar spectrum as it hits the Earth’s two living crystals:  chloroplasts and mitochondria.



One frequency of light can control the individual atoms in a protein to program them with redox information. It turns out how light interacts with electrons and protons is the key to this story. How red light controls protons is more important. Red light cannot control deuterium. Therefore deuterium operates like an optical switch in our proteins, water, and lipid rafts in our cells. Hydrogen’s 3 dimensional location in our hydrated semiconductors is quantized to sunlight frequencies. If the placement is wrong, physiology cannot procede like should on Earth. This creates an alternative reality we call illness today. Blue light via your eye or excessive nnEMF make you like a fruit eating lectin bomb. Why? They allow our body to collect deuterium in places it should not be. This is why sunlight entering your eye was the topic of my Vermont 2017 webinar and why it is critical to get right.



Understand the nuances in those processes are the domain of a black swan mitochondriac.  Moreover, the atoms that make up the amino acids, that also make up proteins with their triplet code have unique deuterium footprints built into metabolic pathways to give cells an optical code to work with sun and craft movements of things in cells using the solar spectrum to control the flow hydrogen, carbon and oxygen in biochemical pathways in ways no one realizes.  These movements are all quantized and specific for life on Earth. It cannot work in any other environment, like space, where the physics of light is different.  This is why space harms humans when we go there and why humans become very “fruit like” in space.  Space is an alien nnEMF environment that makes our mitochondrial matrix like a gooey candy that Gundry spoke about in his podcast with Marni and Jesse.  Astronauts become deuterium bombs in a few short months and return to Earth with massive mitochondrial diseases.  This is why Scott Kelly health on Earth has been so altered since his return.



The same is true for humans who live on Earth who are addicted to technology.  I just covered that in the Align podcast.  Nobody realizes the implications for mankind now.  You might.  The atoms become proteins and lipids (lipid rafts in cell membranes where sun interacts with them) in a sea of water made by our matrix which must be deuterium depleted to work with sunlight via molecular resonance.  This optical information in hydrogen’s lighest isotope can be controlled by other frequences in the red spectrum of the sun to precisely determine the last two folds in proteins.



Those folds are called tertiary and quaternary folds. These last two folds occur in an organelle called the rough endoplasmic reticulum that is physically connected to the outer-mitochondrial membrane to transfer this information optically and by vibration to the ribosome which makes these proteins and its folds. Here, deuterium and hydrogen movement are quantized to build the crystalline structure we need to operate in sunlight using H20 and not D20.



This stoichiometry and atomic construction is what determines the quantized  protein phenotype.  This is how a biologic semiconductor that is hydrated (matrix water) is built by nature.  The ultimate physiologic function in a cell is wholly controlled by this process.  So you might ask, “what frequency of light control protons in glycolysis and the TCA cycle in both chloroplasts and mitochondria to do a specific quantum dance?  1538.5 nm is the short answer.  Protonicity is the synchronicity that living system require for proton programming in every cell because of the chloroplasts and mitochondria construction by nature.

When people think they understand lectins in plants a mitochondriac shows them just how much is off their menu.  This defines the Dunning Kruger effect.  The Dunning Kruger effect of all paradigms can be stated as follows:  When you cannot persuade smart people to implement wise ideas of nature into their own life policies and alogorithms will be implemented badly by professions and governments badly to the detriment of living systems on Earth.  This lack of awareness of nature is a viral illness in modern man.  When these policies and algorithms are implemented poorly by the ignorant, the public will be harmed because those idiots in power have no idea what they are missing when they made the rules.

(Insert:  functional medicine, paleo, lectin meme’s, supplement makers, and movement charlatans)  I have no time for nonsense.



I teach black swan mitochondriacs nature’s mechanics at an extreme detailed level and I do not care if you do not like the complexity nor how I do it.  When I am done, you’ll be more aware of why I did it my way.  Then you’ll understand what character really is.  When you know something few others do, they awaken finally to your message, and then they realized for the first time in their life how you watch over them when they were killing themselves with modern man’s beliefs.   That defines integrity the integrity of a mitochondriac.  When you know better, you choose better, and then your tribe dominates.



Deuterium lesson #2 today: What should you do in Toronto, Canada right now on Dec 7, 2017?  You should eat animal fat and protein of animals living under the sun eating deuterium laced C3 grasses and drink the water from the interior of continent that comes from glacial melt water.  If you do you can obtain optimal because the picture of this re-wilded human below is what happens without you trying to do too much or reading Dr. Grundy’s book on lectins.  Wild humans do not need to learn to eat.  They need to follow nature’s rules for our species.

A few years ago at a web site called zerocarbzen where a family had posted testimonials about the benefits of eating meat only……..”eat meat drink water” was the groups man motto.   They removed the testimonial because of the threats from vegans and vegetarians. Before the removal of the families story,  I downloaded some pictures of the family, I safely tucked the photos away on an old hard drive.   I dug them out today for this post. I did manage to locate one photo of the wife and mother in her fourties who ate pastured meat grown under the power of photosynthesis for only 17 years while drinking DDW from glacial melt water in Toronto and she never really knew why it worked.  Now all of you do.   Here she was then.  I wonder when our Ultimate Health podcasters will awaken???



Why did it all work?  The answer is below for the curious.  Ask yourself something a biochemist never does. 



Answer:  You must process your hydrogen atoms from foods to get them isotopically pure,  and put them in specific locations on glucose, proteins,  and fats to make sure they wind up in the right places on proteins and lipids in your hydrated (from matrix water) semi-conductors to work under our sun to make life occur.  Simple.



Class is dismissed.






The Bio-Physics of Cancer

This blog is the written and audio version of Dr. Kruse’s Optimal Klub Members December 2017 Webinar: The Bio-Physics of Cancer


Throughout the history of oncology research, in both the conventional and alternative cancer research realms, there has been a cause and effect relationship that has been largely ignored. The ability of a cell to divide, whether it be a malignant or non-malignant cell, is highly dependent on cell volume, as well as membrane potential. The collagen tensegrity system is piezo and flexoelectric and releases and absorbs light from the sun diurnally, and this is why cell volume and cancer are related; so when you lose energy and charge in a cell, the cell, mitochondria and nuclear membrane all enlarges. The temporal sequence of the enlargement is what differs. Mitochondrial morphology is one of the earliest changes because of changes in how electrons and protons are used in the matrix.

This is why I call the sun the vaccine for cancer on Earth, and why EVERY paper that looks at Vitamin D3 levels links it to cancer risk and low melatonin levels. If you watch the Vermont 2017 video, then you will see why AM light keeps you far from the cancer state. The volume change is quantized to light frequency and charge of the cells in question. This biggest key is the deuterium fractionation in the cell over all. Where this fraction occurs is also huge.

So when a cell loses energy it can become oncogenic because it enlarges. Our body uses obesity as its defense mechanism in this case. Before it destroys the mitochondria it expands our fatness in the SQ region to store protons and CO2 for later use in TCA cycle, DNA/RNA and in our mitochondrial matrix. Your mitochondria are worthless if there is no light H+ in its matrix. This is the key metric to understanding the bio-physics of the cancer state. The H+ has to be able to make the kind of water than can tunnel out of the matrix to make water and fit into the proton channel in the ATPase. The saved fat in that SQ space is in the protium state and deuterium depleted. This is why animal fat is an excellent source for other animals to eat with a mitochondrial disease. Animal fats are around 110 ppm while DHA family of PUFA’s is the lowest at 101-105 ppm. The reason DHA is so depleted is because seafaring algae and plankton fats have the best deuterium fractionations below 110 ppm.

What about neuro-degeneration? Same story. When an organism is exposed to too much of the wrong frequencies of light, or too little of the right light, electrons build up in the transfer chain in mitochondria. If oxygen is around in this living system when the poor light is present, this buildup can lead to a harmfully reactive oxygen state. If nitrogen is around it can increase RNS. The cancer state is different because it is always associated with an oxygen poor state. So let us put this together. Size is related to charge (redox) and energy state in a cell because of photon frequency controls size and shape. That is the key idea to get. So when the brain expands due to energy loss, CSF water decreases, and your water battery drops at a macroscopic level. This is associated with a drop in DHA or the quality of protons in your DHA in your brain because your ubiquitination rates are increased by nnEMF exposure ( in the case blue light over nnEMF) but likely both are at play. This implies you need a “zip code” change to regain the light frequencies that control this system in this case. Adjuvants are ketosis, carotid cooling, and AM sunrise experiences chronically is needed to radically affect proton spin (H+), CO2 and O2 in your brain’s mitochondria.


Cells that are cycling (dividing), progress through the following phases: G1 (Gap 1) – this is the phase where the cell is preparing for the next phase, which is the S phase, or DNA Synthesis phase. Once DNA synthesis is complete, the cell enters the G2 phase (G 2), where it prepares to enter the final phase, called the M phase, or mitosis. During mitosis, the cell divides into 2 cells. The cell volume is at its smallest at G1, and gradually increases its volume until it reaches its largest volume in the M phase. This should be intuitive, because the cell must become large enough to divide and then support two cells.

Throughout the cell cycle, the cell is constantly monitoring the volume by way of water networks. these networks are directly tied to the mitochondrial matrix ability or inability to make DDW. If the cell does not reach the desired volumes, the cell will be unable to progress to the next phase of the cell cycle.

There is a G1/S transition “checkpoint,” which commonly causes the cell to arrest at this intermediate stage, if adequate volume is not reached. When a cell is arrested due to inadequate volume, there are two possible ensuing events: either the cell will leave the cycle and enter G0 step, and become a dormant, non-cycling cell, or the cell will be recognized as non-viable, and undergo mitochondrial-induced programmed cell death (apoptosis).

It will also increase eNOS to increase albumin in our plasma and the Na /H+ transporter in cell membranes. Cancer cells up-regulate sodium/hydrogen exchangers (Na+/H+ exchangers) because they are looking for light hydrogen in other pathways than the TCA matrix source. This means the cancer state is intimately tied to the inability to generate light hydrogen from the TCA intermediates.

The Na+/H+ exchanger is a membrane-bound protein that transports 1 molecule of Na+ into the cell while effluxing 1 molecule of H+. Water passively follows Na+ (modern belief). Because cancer cells over-express the Na+/H+ exchanger, the cells rapidly pump sodium into their cells.

Water (non structured from the ECF) passively follows the sodium, causing the cancer cells to swell. The oncology folks believes this happens because of the Na/H+ transporter, but it is really due to the loss of the net negative charge from a reduction in the amount of exclusion of water (EZ). Recall that sunlight in the UV and IR range build the largest EZ and the size of the EZ directly effects the Coulomb charge. That Coulomb charge is a synonym for your redox potential in the cell.

Biologic researchers fail to realize that charge is also a quantized property in nature. All cancer cell lines are known to have a lower membrane potential. What they don’t realize is that the membrane potential is lowered because of the lack of EZ production from water in the mtrix of mitochondria by proton recycling in two key steps. A loss of charge can occur from the ECF fraction of water (F- and Br- dielectric blockade), but in healthy mitochondria this is a very small amount. This is why heteroplasmy matters deeply to a mitochondriac. If your mitochondria are in decent shape you will never recycle protons from the ECF. This is why the water you drink in a low heteroplasmy state is not a huge factor. When heteroplasmy rises because of aging or disease then it is a massive factor. The reason will become clear soon.

The result of the loss of net negative charge changes the surface area charge and by the laws of physics the cell MUST get larger. The cell continues to swell as it progresses through the cell cycle, until it reaches the critical volume, at which it divides because cell volume is the stimulus to cell division. So it should be clear that the Na+/H+ exchanger plays a critical role in cancer cell swelling. It is the loss of light and charge of the EZ that causes a cell to swell in cancer states and this is why cancer proliferates and leads to Warburg shifts in mitochondria. When this occurs you can bet the cell is filled with deuterium. The mitochondrial matrix makes deuterium depleted water normally. This type of water makes the ideal liquid crystalline EZ to get the perfect viscosity to run the ATPase spin rates with the 42% of sunlight. Any increase of deuterium ruins this crystalline aspect and this lowers the ATPase spin rate and this is what causes the pseudohypoxia associated with all cancers.

As a result, cellular charge changes in all membranes and cancer manifests because the charge in the blood plasma is what stimulate the liver to make less protein (albumin) and the liver begins to focus on glucose metabolism and the oxidative branch of the PPP to rid the body of deuterium in 5 and 6 carbon sugars that make up every cell membrane in your body and all RNA and DNA.

Albumin is the main carrier protein, produced in the liver, which exerts the large majority of oncotic pressure in the blood stream. Oncotic pressure is a form of osmotic pressure that pulls water from the ECF into the circulatory system. As cancer patients progress in their disease, and become malnourished, their albumin levels fall. They are also usually dehydrated. As their albumin levels fall, the oncotic pressure falls, and water will start to leak out of the bloodstream, causing swelling in the extremities and soft tissue.

Hypoalbuminemia (low albumin levels) is an independent risk factor for death from cancer. Many people do not know this and clinicians have no clue about the links back to protons. Albumin is also a large negatively charged particle that attracts the positively charged sodium (Na+) ion. So as albumin falls, both water and sodium will leave the bloodstream. Low albumin levels, allowing sodium to leave the blood vessels, will cause hyponatremia (low sodium levels).

Hyponatremia is also an independent risk factor for death from cancer too. Low salt labs values are sure sign of high heteroplasmy rate and poor mitochondrial energy. This is why why salt addition might be a great little hack for those who live in a blue light nnEMF toxic world. As a matter of fact, hyponatremia has been shown to be an independent risk factor for death of all causes.


The Vicious Cycle of Cancer: As the cancer patient progresses through their disease, net negative charge is lost everywhere in the body. In nature, all things made of any mass tend to have balanced charges in order to exist.

What happens when the main albumin decreases in the bloodstream. Water and sodium will then passively leak out of the vessels, into the extra-cellular space. Cancer cells, through their over-expression of the Na+/H+ exchangers, will pull the Na+ into their cells, allowing water to passively follow, resulting in cancer cell swelling.

Cancer cell swelling alters the volume relationships inside cells and this allows the cancer cell to progress through the cell cycle, ultimately causing cell division. The ever-increasing tumor burden will cause the patient to deteriorate, and their albumin production will fall. The cycle continues……This is also why exercise helps some cancer patients with decent mitochondria in other tissues. Exercise controls cell volumes by increasing charge in cell membranes to control cell volume.

Why is cancer associated with inflammation? Isn’t inflammation a high pH? yes, and pH is a hydrogen log scale. When our H+ fractionation is more deuterium what happens in tissues? Temperature rises. Why is that the case? Is it because of deuterium? Yes. The added mass of the deuterium requires more energy input from mitochondria to offset the excess neutron mass. Recall that that neutron alters bonding strenght. If the bonds are too strong you need more energy to break them to move things in the TCA cycle in the matrix. Can we see this happening to patients on MRI scans? Yes, we can if we know what to look for. Food cannot salvage a cancer state but food that is deuterium depleted is adjuvant just like chemotherapy acts.

Remember, without food you can live without food for 30 days because of the fat mass under your skin, but you cannot live without water for 7 days. 75% of our body is water that has two version of hydrogen’s in it that vary because of how well mitochondria work. Those two isotopes are H+ and deuterium. People do not realize that neutrons also have a nuclear spin number and neutrons are scattered by light due to their nuclear spin, which causes incoherent scattering!!!!

This means that tissues with a lot of neutrons will have different imaging characteristics than those without neutrons. Coherent elastic scattering gives important information about structure of anatomy while incoherent inelastic gives us information about the internal dynamics inside a cell (bio-chemistry details).

Inelastic scattering experiments in biology are rare up to this point, but this will be a critical part of biology’s future, because of the effect of deuterium on diagnosis using light. INS studies are complementary to IR or Raman spectroscopy too. In the coming age of quantum cancer therpaies this will become critical for physicians to understand.

Today, clinicians do not realize the type of water molecules strongly affect protein fluctuations and protein structure fluctuates thermally. Warmer tissues have more deuterium and are associated with NRF2 activation and cancer states. When thermal changes are present proteins mis-fold in cells. This is how protein mis-folding occurs in cells because of random nnEMF in all neurodegenerative cases.

INS experiments have taught is that hydration with H+ suppresses the harmonic motions of protein in both time and space. Deuterated water alters these harmonics and changes the bio-physics locally around proteins.

This can create a signal for protein replacement by increasing ubiquitin marking. Normally proteins hydration shells should be deuterium free. This water cannot have deuterium for cell physiology and mitochondrial physiology to work optimally. This means getting your water deuterium depleted is way more important than getting the food right when you have cancer. The metabolic machinations of the hydrogen movements in TCA intermediates, glycerol, glycogen, ribose, and glucose is the real job of metabolic pathways in mitochondria because of changes in inelastic scattering. In fact, that is their primary importance to the mitochondriac.

That is the macroscopic view of cancer generation. What does it look like at the small quantum scale?

How would you expect nature build a cell to respond? Might there be a mechanism tied to excessive ELF-UV release tearing through a plasma to some how regenerate us? Why did Popp find all cancer lines release massive amount of light from their cells? Why are mitochondria at this time all running on glucose? Did you know that when high energy photons are traveling through hot and sparse plasma (just like the interstellar medium or deuterium loaded water) they normally get redshifted without scattering light. Did you know that? Mother Nature did…….because she operates by charge and frequency at all times. Even when someone has cancer there is bail outs to help reverse the process because all of Nature is quantized. She knew that red shifted ELF-UV light could be a bail out to increase the red activation of water. This only works if the water is deuterium depleted!!!!!

We make our DDW in mitochondrial matrix. This means the first step in any reversal should be to focus in on proton recycling. When we have too much deuterium inside of us when we are leaking massive light back to the environment in any cancer state. Why?

Fumerase and isocitrate de-hydrogenase control the spin of the TCA.

Most biochemists also don’t seem to know how water is added to TCA intermediates to get into RNA and DNA. Nor do they know about the effects of red and NIR light on nitric oxide (NO) at cytochrome c oxidase or the ATPase spin rate in helping to drive the ECT and the TCA forward either. Few realize the spin rate is quantized to the amount of oxygen a mitochondria needs in this process. The addition of UV-A light makes the forward progress more likely too. This is why cytochrome 1 (NADH/NAD+) is a flurophore chromophore. It absorbs light best from foods and blood sources at 340nm. Fumerase’s main function is to add water to TCA intermediates aconitase and citrate synthetase. The TCA cycle procede foward in do this when UV and IR light and a large EZ is present from the matrix. The tCA cycle occurs in the mitochondrial matrix exclusively.

The hydrogen isotope type is the catalytic controller for succinate and fumarate in the TCA. Nature requires that it must be made of light hydrogen if the cycle is to move forward to reduce oxygen. When it moves the other way, bad things called diseases manifest.

The TCA cycle normally consumes two water molecules per turn in mammals. The first step is by aconitase and the second by the enzyme called fumerase. The second step is the key for the mitochondriac.

This proton is the key for NADPH synthesis for RNA and DNA base creation and for cell membrane creation (DHA) which drives the epigenetic programming that is possible with incident light. Carbohydrates do not have as much hydrogen as saturated fats, so if a diet has more carbs in it, it is more likely to allow a backward flow in the TCA when two conditions are met according to the bio-physics. One, if the light environment changes from the solar spectrum, or there is too much deuterium present in the matrix or the cell.

Saturated fat has the highest amount of hydrogen in them and they are highly depleted of deuterium (110ppm). Kenneth Mellanby was an ornithologist who showed in 1942 that 100 grams of fat makes 110 grams of water for our hydrogen furnace in the matrix when he studied desert animals in 1942.

Mellanby studied desert snakes and noted that they had to have massive lungs and fat stores to make enough water so they did not have to drink water in these environments. This adaptation is why snakes, camels, and desert birds do not have to drink water in the desert to survive. Their mitochondria makes all the water they need if they consume fats from their prey or diet. Camels figured out how to do using fats in plants. This is why the camel humps are 100% fat. Plant fats are around 101-110 ppm.

If you add an good oxygen source to this fat you can make a ton of water in your matrix because of the mechanism Mellanby uncovered in desert animals. This also points out why humans can benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy when they have mitochondrial disease, poor lungs, or are obese with sleep apnea. In humans deuterium usually winds up in the liver and cannot escape because of the ATPase channel size. We can see this fat on CT and MRI. To get rid of visceral and subcutaneous fat with defective mitochondrial you can use an exogenous oxygen boost (cold/UV light) to stimulate the burning of fat to make mitochondrial water. Cold stimulates urination and we can eliminate excess deuterium this way as well.

UV light is know stimulator of the oxygen cycle in the atmosphere from ozone and this atmospheric reaction can stimulate venous O2 in animals in the desert. The desert scape normally has a ton of UV light. This is also why snakes light direct sun exposure. It not only raises their temperature, but its main effect is to help oxygenate their body like a hyperbaric machine does on humans.

Mellanby found the enlarged lungs could help desert animals make matrix water from the fat they consumed. It turns out desert snakes have larger lungs and live in high UV environments. This is why light frequencies, altitude, and proton recycling are fundamental bio-physical mechanisms that drive bio-chemical pathways in mitochondria. Note, it is not the bio-chemistry that controls forward flow in the TCA cycle. It is light frequencies and the resultaant charges that do!!!!

This is why diabetics, folks with sleep apnea, and the obese have low superoxide burst. They do not have enough oxygen capacity in their lungs or their hemoglobin to burn their excessive fat loaded with deuterium when they are not in direct solar light. The situation get worse in fake light. If they are in artificial light the oxygen tensions go even lower and pseudohypoxia and low NAD+ result. If these things go low, long enough enough, oncogenesis results.

Nothing stimulates pseudohypoxia like blue light. To make the point clear why biochemistry is a secondary effect to light reactions consider the following. What is the key difference between two rats, one who is alive and the other which is dead?? The dead rat and a live one both have the same bio-chemicals in their bodies, but the key difference in both is how light energy and protons are able to act in both. The biochemical pathways are identical and it that points out why just understanding the bio-chem is immaterial to a clinician.


The hydrogen at cytochrome 1 in the NADH/NAD+ couple is carried all the way to cytochrome 4 to make matrix water. So the NAD+/H connection is the key reaction in the TCA cycle in mitochondria. The hydrogen’s are taken from the metabolites of the TCA intermediates in health. The most interesting step of the TCA cycle is that not all carbons spots are oxidized in the turns of the cycle and water is consumed by these steps while oxygen is being reduced. Mammals use water for reductive synthesis very differently than desert animals.

In fact, when mammals cannot use water in this way, cancer is much more likely because the TCA cycle flow reverses, ROS changes, and the cell leaks ELF-UV light. Moreover, the cell has to rely on a hydrogen supply from other sources. It’s only choice is from foods and water that makes up the ECF space.

Mutations of fumerase is a classic example in renal cell cancers. Fumerase (Szent Gyorgi) main function is to add water to TCA intermediates. Hydrogen type is the catalytic controller for succinate and fumarate in the TCA and it must be made of light hydrogen. The cycle consumes two water molecules per turn in mammals. The first by aconitase and the second by fumerase. The second step is the key is the key for CANCER. Why?

This proton is the key for NADPH synthesis for RNA/DNA synthesis and cell membrane turnover (DHA). Cells become unable to use TCA intermediates when fumerase or isocitrate dehydrogenase have enzyme defects (deuterium stops flow because bonding energy is too high compared to H+) The matrix must limit dueterium in them to recycle hydrogen fast enough to turn the TCA forward to reduce oxygen. This make heteroplasmy a quantum problem tied to sticky enymes. You don’t need a gene defect to cause cancer. This is why we are not solving cancer. We have no idea that a gene defect is uneeccasry because we seem to have forgot that all enzymes work via proton tunneling!!! If the protons are deuterium they work a lot more slowly because they have increased bond strenght. This means to break the bond a cell needs more energy added to overcome the isotope effect in the TCA. This is why cancer cells emit more ELF-UV light. They are trying to overcome the bonding strength and rid the matrix of deuterium.

The fractionation of deuterium affects the circular flow or energy flux of the TCA cycle because of the excessive kinetic isotope effect. This tells us the direction of flow in the TCA cycle is associated with wellness or illness in the mitochondrial matrix.

The weight of hydrogen in NADH is also a big key in understanding how the kinetic actions in the ATPase pumps work with the movements of hydrogen in TCA intermediates. This explains fully why Warburg found what he did.

The more deuterium cells have in the matrix and NADH, the more altered energy production is in the matrix and the less brisk is proton recycling. this occurs simultaneously at one time. Cells cannot recycle mitochondrial matrix water, and when this occurs and they must use other areas to get a source of light hydrogen.

When hydrogen recycling is broken in the matrix, TCA intermediates increase slowly over decades, as the cycle slows further with time, pyruvate cannot get into the mitochondria and no substrates can be oxidized in mitochondria at ALL. This is what really happens in a Warburg shift at a quantum level.


What also happens simultaneously in the cytosol is the key to cancer: the cells NADPH pool begins to have its deuterium levels rise. This is really bad news for RNA/DNA bases that are made by the PPP that use NADPH as its main reducing bio-molecule (EMF4).

The desaturates enzymes (fumerase and isocitrate dehydrogenase) inside of mitochondria are the main deuterium depleters in mammalian matrix. When they fail, volumes change in mitochondria, heavy water gets trapped in the matrix, and heteroplasmy manifests as size increases in the mitochondria.

We often will see fat in the liver, and that fat is loaded with deuterium of we use MRI to see it. Tissue energy production drops like a rock, and this means oxygen levels must also drop as a consequence. This is why pseudohypoxia and low NAD+ levels were found in Sinclair’s 2013 paper.

Why does ketosis help in any heteroplastic state? 90% of Acetyl Co-A comes from fats in the TCA cycle. We know this because of data we have from stable isotope studies that prove it. It’s been shown that ketogenic diets can deplete the TCA intermediates down to 110ppm IF WE CAN USE THEM IN DEFECTIVE MITOCHONDRIA. Not all cancer patients can. This is why ketosis is an adjuvant and not a cure for all cancers.

Different TCA metabolites build up inside the mitochondrial matrix and those metabolites are associated with different cancers because bonding energies change in many biochemical pathways as a collateral effect. This is not a gene issue……it is a deuterium issue. Where deuterium winds up acts as sticky glue in bio-chemical pathways and this tells us how proton dysfunction leads to energy loss and oncogenesis. Protons must be recycled in mitochondrial matrix to reverse a cancer state. They are massively important as the initial steps of oncogenesis before the nuclear genome is turned on, to allow the NADPH pool to exert its deleterious effects on RNA and DNA.

The goal of mitochondria is to have a low deuterium content so that NADPH creates DNA with way more hydrogen in it than deuterium. The amount of oxygen in a cell is stochastically linked to where hydrogen recycling comes from in a cell. So when oxygen tensions are proper in tissues, ROS will remain stable, and hydrogen will be pulled into the NADPH pool from the mitochondrial TCA intermediates. The Ferrari will purr.


The TCA intermediates have a base fractionation rate of 120 ppm of deuterium which is fine for RNA/DNA stability. What happens when deuterium gets in RNA and DNA? They become sticky because of the increased bonding energies of deuterium. The methyl groups become impossible to move epigenetically using light frequencies in a cell. This is why cells increase ELF-UV light release in cancer. They are adding energy to the bonds to BREAK THEM!!!! (FUNCTIONAL MED FAIL)

When deuterium enters the methyl groups on RNA and DNA it alters methylation kinetics because of the kinetic isotope effect of deuterium, The presence of deuterium in nucleic acids affect DNA methyltransferase enzymes and the repair enzymes for DNA. Its presence also increase aneuploidy because chromosomes cannot pull apart as they should due to the amount of deuterium in the 3’ and 5’ positions that increased bonding strength. Aneuploidy is always associated with cancer.

This means the next step in oncogenesis is deuteration of RNA/DNA. This happens before methylation defects. So how does deuterium get into DNA? When oxygen drops, cells stop using protons from TCA intermediates for their hydrogen source. Cells also stop using TCA for hydrogen harvesting when they have to use the serine oxidation glycine cleavage system. The serine glycine cleavage system is a back up system for H+ harvesting. It is made up of an H-protein, a protein that carries the amino-methyl intermediate and then hydrogen through the prosthetic lipoyl moiety, and a L-protein, a common lipo-amide dehydrogenase like lignoceric acid. Lignoceric acid is a fatty acid that makes up the lipid rafts of all eukaryotic cell membranes including the nuclear membrane. It controls the size and shape of the the nuclear membranes!!!! And here we are back to the link to size and thermodynamics.

When cells can no longer harvest H+ from the matrix they default to free water in a cell which is made up from the ECF and carbohydrate metabolism to get water. Both places have a much higher deuterium content than the matrix. The third fail safe to gain hydrogen is via the pentose phosphate pathway (PPP: EMF4 blog) because of its link to sugar metabolism.

This one is the fastest go to for heteroplastic mitochondria because the hydrogen source is deep, but it has the highest amount of deuterium in a cell. In fact, the anticancer drug Gleevac blocks this pathway to cure some blood cancers. Note I SAID CURE. If you fix the hydrogen problem cancer is curable.

Gleevac blocks the ability of a cell to harness bad hydrogen from the oxidative branches of the PPP and then the last bailout is water we drink. If we are wise we make sure our water is always deuterium depleted below the 120ppm if possible. It is not possible in all locations. This is why Australia and New Zealand really have a cancer problem and why I’ve been adamant about drinking better water there. Now you know why 100%!!!!

So why is the Warburg shift associated with glucose? Is glucose really bad or is it really a deuterium story? Cells have to default to glucose when a cell cannot get its light hydrogen from the beta oxidation of fats due to a defective matrix filled with deuterium. All a cell has left to use is glycolysis, the PPP, and SOGC pathways or ECF water. In a cancer state it is the ONLY source for light hydrogen to fix the issue.

All four fail safes are loaded with deuterium compared to the matrix. The mammalian matrix runs at 110-120ppm. This explains why DDW works in cancers because it adds in DDW water via the oxidative branches of the PPP to offset the loss of hydrogen harvesting in the matrix. Eating fats can make the matrix situation worse when you understand all these details. It shows you why I am a stickler for details now.

Deuterium’s isotope effect causes DNA to be a heavy sticky mess because the deuterium content increases bonding energies. Deuterium will not let go of enzymes to do their job in the matrix!!!! This means we lose the ability to recycle DDW water!!

It also means that all cell membranes are going to be loaded with deuterium too. They become quite sticky as a result. This affects the lipid rafts where DHA controls the lipid cytosocial architecture in how they operate with incident light frequencies. Why? NADPH is also the main reducing element in making cell membrane fats!!!!!

The deuterium content ruins optical signaling with ELF-UV because deuterium massive increases bonding energies anywhere it is located in a CELL!!!!! So you might begin to see why this proton thing is a BIG DEAL!

It also explains why cancer states are associated with more ELF-UV light release when our deuterium fractions are up. The cell knows it needs more light power to overcome the bonding strength of deuterium in the cell membranes. Deuterium also make chromatin sticky and it blocks normal functioning of unwinding DNA for coding and protein translation. It ruins everything a cell needs to do in running through the cell cycle. This is why tje growth switch stays ON and why cancer manifests.


Nuclear lipid microdomains (NLMs) are critically different in cancer and normal cells. Cerebrosides are the common name for a group of glycosphingolipids called monoglycosylceramides which are important components in animal muscle, nerve cell membranes, and the eukaryotic nuclear membrane. Monogalactosylceramide is the largest single component of the myelin sheath of nerves (think MS now). Deuterium is the main cause of sticky AQA 4 gates in neurons and this is why myelination is broken. You cannot make myelin when deuterium is sticking all the pathway enzymes together. Sphingomyelin is a cerebroside and make up the largest FA in myelin and nerves. When both have a ton of deuterium in them disease result where the deuterium is.

Lignoceric acid is another FA that is in many cerebrosides in the nuclear membrane. In fact, lignoceric acid makes lignocerate which maintains aneuploidy and makes 30% of the structural lipids of the nuclear membrane and controls the size and shape of the nucleus.

Research has shown that NLMs lose saturated very-long-chain fatty acid (FA; C24:0) called sphingomyelin series of FA’s in cancer cells and become enriched in long-chain FA (C16:0) sphingomyelin series of FA’s. These lipids all need to be deuterium depleted to work properly photo-electrically.

Chromatin relies on the nuclear membrane lipid raft for proper photo-electric operation. Lipid microdomains are localized in the inner nuclear membrane and are considered the main lipid platforms for active chromatin anchoring in humans. Lignoceric acid and DHA are fatty acids in these locations which are critical in these lipid rafts. DHA is a depelted marine PUFA that controls how these rafts are built.

The amount of deuterium in these membranes is also linked to the mitochondrial matrix proton recycling network. It turns out DDW has been shown to result in deuterium depleted lignoceric acid in the nuclear membrane in cancer too. This change has been associated with a decrease in size of the nuclear membrane. This decrease in size is a thermodynamic

changes that explains to us why DDW improves matrix proton recycling via the oxidative branch of the PPP and ECF water. When this occurs, by itself, guess what the research has shown? Tumorigenicity of tumors DROPS dramatically. Still think cancer is a genetic disease or a mitochondrial one?

Stimuli such as surgery, deuterium fractionation, vitamin D3 status, DNA duplication, RNA synthesis, or glucocorticoid drugs influence their gene expression because of the amount or lack of deuterium in the receptors that control the down stream effects.


Here is proof positive your function docs don’t get it.

Methylation defects can go both ways and cause cancer research. So if deuterium increases the bond strength of methyl groups you can easily see how this epigenetic program links it to cancer. Cancer-associated DNA hypomethylation is as prevalent as cancer-linked hypermethylation, but these two types of epigenetic abnormalities usually seem to affect different DNA sequences. If your methyl groups have deuterium in different spots (CH4) it will effect how tumor genes and suppressors can or cannot function. It has nothing to do with the gene more often then not.

Much more of the human genome is generally subject to undermethylation rather than overmethylation in cancer. Genomic hypermethylation in cancer has been observed most often in CpG (cytosine is made by the PPP) islands in gene regions.

In contrast, very frequent hypomethylation is seen in both highly and moderately repeated DNA sequences in cancer, including heterochromatic DNA repeats, dispersed retrotransposons, and endogenous retroviral elements. Also, unique sequences, including transcription control sequences, are often subject to cancer-associated undermethylation.

The high frequency of cancer-linked DNA hypomethylation, the nature of the affected sequences, and the absence of associations with DNA hypermethylation are consistent with an independent role for DNA under-methylation in cancer formation or tumor progression. Increased karyotypic instability and activation of tumor-promoting genes by cis or trans effects, that might include altered heterochromatin-euchromatin interactions, may be important consequences of DNA hypomethylation which favor oncogenesis. All of them are ruined by deuterium increased binding capabilities.

So why is blue light associated with cancer and deuterium fractionation?

Yes blue light is everyone’s big issue. Why? Blue light has less energy in its photons than UV light does. It cannot separate deuterium from TCA intermediates as well due to the lack of power. It also turns out NADH is a fluorophore molecule in cytochrome one that best absorbs 340nm light. What is the light detector of NADH? FADH2 in cytochrome two. What are all flavins responsive to in mammals? blue light frequencies. Riboflavin is the base of all flavins and it acts like a cryptochrome. Guess what it is really bad news? All cryptochromes that control circadian biology are run by flavin proteins in them. So this is how blue light ruins your cytochromes. This also allows more deuterium in the NADPH pool for RNA/DNA synthesis via the PPP for creation of the nuclear bases. The bases need the correct amount of light hydrogen in them to run our epigenetic programs. Remember in photosynthesis water is consumed and not made. D20 in water consumed in plant foods like carbohydrates by photosynthesis means more sunlight exposure is required to break the bonds deuterium forms inside of cells. The kinetic isotope effect of deuterium cause it to form STRONGER bonds not weaker ones. Blue light is incapable of breaking those bonds so it allows more deuterium to remain in NADPH, cell water, and in our cell membranes. So deuterium acts like an optical switch for this reason. Cells appear to want less deuterium to run mitochondrial metabolism smoothly with good flux. We know that Blue light also releases cytochrome C in position 4 to cause mitochondrial swelling. It also destroys DHA levels and melatonin in cell membranes lowering your ability to load sulfated cholesterol with electrons. The hydrogen atoms in NADPH is needed to recycle cell membranes to so deuterium can affect this replacement cycle as well if there is too much deuterium present there. It turns out with normal oxygenation levels, then and only then, NADPH proton recycling goes through the mitochondrial matrix and this is a cells anticancer move. Pseudohypoxia cause more deuterium in the NADPH pool. Blue light hazards also LOWERS your melatonin levels in your brain’s mitochondrion which raised heteroplasmy rates and allows more deuterium inside the mitochondria. It also makes your gut microbiome more simplified because it destroy the anoxic environment it needs to communicate with cytochrome one. Remember your mitochondria used to be a bacteria and it is designed to communicate with cytochrome 1 via the NADH and NAD+ levels. So when cytochrome 1 is broken and it is in most blue light toxic people. (insert Mr. Moore) you get increased blue light toxicity. Nothing matter when you live in a microwaved blue lighted world. This is why Mr. Moore and many others using ketosis are failing………..and you need to understand why he is. I am just the dude with the flashlight showing you why they might be dead wrong.

That is the basics of cancer bio-physics.

Is there another switch in this story that links the entire mechanism to nnEMF? Yes. Calcium. Alterations in calcium ionic resonance is why nnEMF from blue light, RF, and microwaves cause cancer. How you ask?

There is a growing consensus that the various forms of cell death (necrosis, apoptosis and autophagy) are not separated by strict boundaries, but rather share molecular effectors and signaling routes. Among the latter, a clear role is played by calcium (Ca2+), the ubiquitous second messenger involved in the control of a broad variety of physiological events. Fine tuning of intracellular Ca2+ homeostasis by anti- and pro-apoptotic proteins shapes the Ca2+ signal to which mitochondria and other cellular effectors are exposed, and hence the efficiency of various cell death inducers. Calcium controls all the voltage gates on the surfaces of cells. This means it is the switch that controls charge on the surface of a cell. It also means this where voltage drop leads to cell volume expansion. When this occurs system wide in a human changes are immediately produced in the blood plasma and this is what simples the microbiome using light frequencies to build up fat mass to protect the human stem cell line. This is why the obesity paradox exists and it is why obesity seems to be linked with most cancers.

Sunlight is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor and a natural calcium channel blocker. This…….this is why SUNLIGHT is cancer’s ideal vaccine because it raises our charge by exciting electrons and making a larger EZ to increase the net negative charge; hence, this is why D3 levels and a low albumen level are linked to oncogenic risk. The ability to harvest the information and energy in the subatomic particles in our tissues and water eventually decays back to ground state. If you do not have the ability in your cells, plasma, or tissues to capture the red shifted energy you lose it to the environment and entropy rises all tissues and their mitochondria swell and this = high heteroplasmy.

Your tissues has a time window to capture this energy and altering your environment is the SMARTEST move you need to make in this time window. This is why the circadian mechanism exists and is primordial. Circadian cycles are linked to the red shifting of light release in our hot plasma of our cells loaded with heteroplastic mitochondria. That is why red giants are the longest lived stars and why those with the longest healthy longevity are sun worshippers.

That is the basic bio-physics of cancer risk.

Still afraid of the sun? Still think genes are the cause of cancer??



Tensegrity 2 blog post by Jack Kruse MD


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What is a natural elixir for excess deuterium?  How about a deuterium depleting soup made of plant fats and animal fats in a crock pot?  Photosynthetic organisms show a discrimination against deuterium during autotrophic metabolism. The hydrogen in metabolic products of photosynthesis is depleted in deuterium (Bokhoven and Theefiwcn 1956; Schiegl and Vogel 1970).

This soup is taken from my unpublished mito-hacking book to offset the effects of glyphosate toxicity in the food supply. It also works for GMO foods and nnEMF toxicity when our tissues are afflicted by the hydroxyl free radical.  Glyphosate increases the amount of deuterium in our tissues.   Because glyphosate affects the chiral chemistry of glycine it can affect the the TCA intermediates proton recyclingeffect that normally occurs.  Many people do not know that there is a fail safe back up system that helps lighten hydrogen TCA intermediates using a serine glycine

High deuterium fractionation in tissues generally correaltes with high heteroplasmy rates which means more illness and shorter longevity.  This is why the soup is called survivor soup.

Bone broth stock is critical in those with those with high heteroplasmy rates. Guess why? Proton spin. H+ has a spin of 1/2 and deuterium (D) has a spin of 1.  The serine glycine cleavage system is a back up system for H+ harvesting H+ from animals bones and broth when the 2 key steps in the matrix cannot make water via the TCA cycle. This cleavage fail safe is made up of an H-protein, a protein that carries the amino-methyl intermediate and then LIGHT hydrogen through the prosthetic lipoyl moiety, and a L-protein, a common lipo-amide dehydrogenase like lignoceric acid. Lignoceric acid is a fatty acid that makes up the lipid rafts of all eukaryotic cell membranes including the nuclear membrane. This fatty acid controls the size and shape of the the nuclear membranes and every cell membrane in humans. If you can shrink the size and shape =  you can lower your heteroplasmy rate by removing deuterium water from the matrix.  See pic below.

So how can we offset this cause of increased heteroplasmy and get rid of the deuterium trapped in the matrix as the picture above shows?  A special deuterium depleting soup made with grass fed bones and Kettle and Fire base beef stock is where I begin.  We source our bovine bones from a grass fed farm and I roast the bones with the collagen intact on the bone for about 15-30 minutes.

I get the crock pot out and fill it with things that are deuterium depleted that I have laying around the house or that are left over from my cooking.

For veggies I use these organic types.  If I turn the soup into a gumbo we add cauliflower in rice format to act as the rice replacement.

I usually pre cook the brussel sprouts and mushrooms in fat to load them with fat before they go in for their soak.  For the base I use ghee or bacon grease in the autumn and winter, and Nutiva coconut oil or palm oil in the summer.  I also am a fan of Kasandrinos olive oil as a change up in the months with stronger sunlight.  The polyphenols in olive oil is beneficial in proton recycling as well that mimic the Vitamin C effect.  I always add spicy peppers and paprika because they are in high vitamin C content to augment the proton recycling effect in the matrix that Szent gyorgi found in the 1930’s.   Kale and tomatoes have quite a bit of Vitamin C and I have thrown in citrus into the mix if I have a lemon or lime laying around.  I’ll add carrots or shellfish exosketeons too to help the solar callus if it is summer time.

The seasonal changes to survivor soup:

Why do I use coconut oil during summer and not in winter?  In winter, why should we consider using ghee or butter instead of coconut or palm oil?  From biochemistry we know that fatty acid metabolism of MCTs in coconut oil produce far too low an input (current) to the ETC as FADH2 and a great deal as NADH, with an almost glucose like FADH2:NADH ratio.  The lower electron current, means lower force or voltage within the inner mitochondrial membrane.  Lower flow simulates a longer respiratory chain, pseudohypoxia, and a low NAD+.  This MARRIES to the relative pseudohypoxia from carbohydrates we see in summer months.  UV light increases temperature and oxygen tensions in the atmosphere because UV light cleaves ozone into O2 and singlet oxygen.  This offsets the electrical deficits from the plant fats.  The plant fats are highly saturated which means the hydrogen are made of the light isotope of hydrogen.  I have found Nutiva’s coconut oil is an excellent fat source that is deuterium depleted and helps the matrix. As a result, lowered electron delivery from cytochrome 1 to O2 distally in the cristae can be balanced seasonally.  Using coconut oil and its large supply of MCT’s is not helpful for developing physiological insulin resistance.  This is what you might get in a high fat hack in the wrong season (winter), using CO only sans carbs and no UV/IR light, is severe hypoglycemia with pseudohypoxia.  This is why coconut oil is a summertime or tropical fat because it is designed to be available when high glucose/fructose fruits are available that drive the glucose levels higher.  Fruits are very high in deuterium content and this is why plants are filled with a lot of water and their fats are highly saturated.  These help the matrix offset the deuterium effect in the TCA cycle in the sugars.  The fats nature provides is linked to the light cycles (photosynthesis) present within the location that coconuts can grow naturally.  When we eat things outside of these natural laws built into photosynthesis, the results are chaos or inflammation. This is why glycolysis and the TCA cycle have so many enzymatic steps in them.  Living systems must control the isotope of hydrogen in them and this is why the steps exist.  This soup takes advantage of this reality.

Your body has no interest in storing MCT’s in coconut oil, so it dumps them to liver metabolism rapidly for use to make matrix DDW.  This type of water will not be trapped in the liver to cause fatty liver dieases and drive inflammation higher.  Nature is a wise architect when it comes to marrying seasons to the sun and the fats in plants and animals.

No matter the season,  I also add mushrooms onions and garlic because of their Vitamin D3 content and their ability to soak up the base fats to get more deuterium depletion and less liquid fat as it cooks down.  The mushrooms are always cooked in the deuterium depleted fat before going into the crock pot.  If I want a more liquid soup to use as a stock for sauce that I make for my meals I add more Kettle and Fire beef stock or add in left over Malbec wine from the Mendoza region of Argentina because of the water and environments those grapes growing.  The meat I use is leftovers. I make sure it is grass fed beef or pastured pork or duck.  I have added in seafood to this soup if I have left over oysters, shrimp, lobster or crab or I want to make a gumbo like soup.  This is not uncommon in New Orleans because we are partial here to gumbo and this soup can be made thick or thin depending upon what you want to do with it.  This is tied to your taste and what you have available, so there are no hard and fast rules with this soup except that the ingredients are all deuterium depleted.   This soup recipe is really built to your taste.

I always add some herbs and spices:   Tumeric, black pepper, cilantro, sage, basil, thyme, oregano, parsley.  If I am using more asian ingredients I go chinese five spice and more ginger.  Tumeric always is used liberally and it gives the soup its yellow/orange color.  Everything is done to your taste.

About 4 times a year I will make a cream of mushroom soup and reserve it for this soup. The mushroom soup is made with raw grass fed cream and a variety of mushrooms I have available.   I usually add a pint of the creamed mushroom soup to the Kettle and Fire beef stock if I want a creamy version of sauce.  If I want a thinner one I do not add the cream of mushroom soup and add in more wine and Kettle and Fire stock.  I then I add the bones and cook it down for 12-24 hours.  I then remove the bones and add in the meat I decide to use.

I use this survivor soup hack because of serine glycine interconversion helps augment more light hydrogen into TCA intermediates and removes some light hydrogen. The glycine cleavage system, refuels one-carbon metabolism; a complex cyclic metabolic network based on chemical reactions of folate compounds.  Folate is also loaded with hydrogen that must be deuterium depleted to work in methyaltion pathways for dopamine, glutathione, and DNA/RNA.  Most manufactured folate does not have the photosynthetic protection the matrix needs to make DDW.  The one carbon pathway is an important back up is key because it can help in substrate subsitition for oxidation.

Eukaryotic cells compartmentalize biochemical processes in different organelles, often relying on metabolic cycles to shuttle reducing equivalents across intracellular membranes. NADPH serves as the electron carrier for the maintenance of redox homeostasis and reductive biosynthesis created in the oxidative branch in the pentose phosphate pathway.

Inside mitochondria there is a separate cytosolic and mitochondrial pools of NADPH providing reducing power in each respective location. This cellular organization is critical for numerous functions (DNA/RNA) but complicates analysis of metabolic pathways using standard bio-chemical methods. By tracing hydrogen with deuterium in compartmentalized reactions that use NADPH as a cofactor, including the production of 2-hydroxyglutarate by mutant iso-citrate dehydrogenase enzymes, we can observe metabolic pathway activity in these distinct cellular compartments and see how they effect DNA as the picture above shows.  When deuterium is in the wrong place in DNA/RNA it makes it more vulnerable to the hydroxyl free radical that is made by blue light and nnEMF in the environment.  This is why technology causes use to be net deuterium collectors and leads to many diseases.

Using isotopes to label atoms a system was developed to determine the direction of serine/glycine interconversion within the mitochondria and cytosol.  This pathway is critical in autoimmune states and cancer states.  I believe this pathway can keep our tissue fractionations of deuterium below 130 ppm and this essentially eliminates the risk of these diseases.   This pathway is one that highlights the ability of this soup to resolve problems with matrix water that is compartmentalized in intact cells.  The serine glycine interconversion is one of the fail safe systems built into eukaryotic cells to help add back DDW water to the TCA intermediates when there is a deuterium isotope effect causing disease.  Deuterium increased the bond strengths between the individual substrates in the TCA cycle to massively alter the kinetics.  When this occurs the cycle is no longer controlled properly and the enzyme kinetics are very chaotic and this make the cycle behave more like a linear bio-chemical pathway whose reaction speeds are massively slowed.   This is why the simple mito-hack of chronically using fatty marrow, plant fats, bacon grease, and bone broth of grass fed animals can help mitochondrial function in higher heteroplasmy rates tolower them and make you a healthy survivor!!!




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If you get easily offended do not watch the video above.  If you want to learn about relativity in education watch the video and then read my comments below.

My lesson for you today:  Now I will warn you all that you might not like the tone or epistemology of this lesson but for the first time I have found somebody who is more aggressive in his tone about teaching them I usually am.  I will also admit I learned something about delievery from this guy that I might need to use and some other things that I might avoid.  Nonetheless let me give you a primer on why this guy is correct.

On all schools are WiFi antennas.  Wifi has frequencies that allow the neocortex to absorb nnEMF because of how it opens the BBB and allows glucose and glutamine in to recycle protons from deuterium and increases the AMPk pathway.  (Volkow 2011)

Why is this really a video on quantum mechanics and not a mad man’s rant?  Because behind all the passion and creative use of adjectives he is explaining how the Quantum Zeno effect operates on parents below their percetions level of why their kids are fat and have ADHD.

When you leave a kid for ten hours a day in a RF microwave oven at high nnEMF levels because you voted for school board members to replace books with laptops, iPads/ iPhones/ and you stopped letting kids go outside in the sun for recess because their grades were dropping,  while you continued to fill them up with processed food loaded with deuterium that made your work/home schedule easier because you were too tired to cook and buy real food and water.


And then you compound it by giving your kid’s unmyelinated brain a phone, and let them play video games as you microwave dinner……….under your new LED lights from your recent kitchen remodel…………..then you begin to understand why I say in podcasts giving your kid technology and sending them to school is akin to knocking the shit out of them in a Walmart.

You thought I was joking when I said it in a podcast.  In reality, what is in the video above is what I want to say to people on podcasts but……….I am not so sure it would be as well received.  Many people consider my messages as being too “aggressive.”  Am I really?  If you compare the video above to my message it helps explain relativity to you as well.

If you cannot help yourself or your family……..and you do not get this message, there is nothing I teach you here is gonna work.

Last point:  Fasting works to lower deuterium and this “snake diet guy” doesn’t know it………..and it does not matter because he has figured out what snakes, lions, and hippo’s in the wild have.  Ya’ don’t need to know QED or the Zeno effect to get the results.  Just change the environment ASAP.  And if you cannot homeschool the kid to protect them from WiFry……………then have them fast a lot, do CT when they get home and take the damn phone/ipad and video games away.    I hope some of you remember this as you go out to buy your kids tech gear this month.  Because this video above is deadly accurate.  He just leaves out the science.  Today’s lesson is inserting it.

He mentions a modern childhood disease called ADHD in the video so let us talk about it.  What he says about it is correct.

Giving your kids deuterium laced drugs because you gave them deuterium laced foods and provided them a environment that blocked them from removing deuterium which demolished their sleep cycles.  ADHD is  a deuterium disease that cause heteroplasmy to rise and can bring kids close to psychotic.   Snake man was wrong about why it happens because he clearly does not know WiFi causes deuterium collection in the brain and blocks CSF clearance at the same time.

ADHD is a deuterium collection problem in the neocortex and CSF.  We capture too much in the neocortex because of the event/environment we allow and we clear too little in CSF due to altered sleep cycles (which sequentially remove it) and the net effect is too much deuterium in neocortical grey and this causes the symptoms.  So what is the move for greatness with ADHD?  When we see sunrises with our shoes off daily guess what improves?  Sleep does, because the clearance of deuterium in the 4 sleep cycles and REM improves.  What does the sleep cycle get rid of for us?  Deuterium.

We sleep to clear deuterium from CSF………watch the video in the cites below.  It won’t be as colorful as the one above.

Now to further the quantum lesson.  Fasting increases our ability to recycle protons from the TCA intermediates to lighten the load of the heavier hydrogen.  That is really what fasting does.  It does the same thing that red light in the sun does, cold does, or MB does.  The guy in the video has no clue about the physics but he got it right.


Do parent cause this by feeding their kid deuterium bombs and buying them tech gear.  Yep

Does modern education re-enforce bad environments at home?   Yep

Sometimes our brains are on acid—literally when we fed kids manufactured foods and put them in blue light and nnEMF. ADHD is one example of this modern creation school born disease. A main source of these temporary surges is the carbon dioxide that is constantly released by glucose metabolism in mitochondria as the brain breaks down glucose, which subsequently turns into acid (protons) which lowers the pH and decreases the size of the exclusion zone in cytosolic water also made by glucose metabolism in mitochondrion. Yet the chemistry in a healthy human brain tends to be relatively neutral with respect to pH, because standard processes including respiration—which expels carbon dioxide—to help maintain CSF acid base balance. Ya’ can’t do this well in a modern school under LED lights and with a cell tower on the roof to run all the laptops while you send dorito’s in their linch.  The problem is deuterium cannot be eliminated like H+ can naturally in the brain because of its doubled size and its altered proton spin that stop enzyme flux!!!!

Note I said flux……….not ‘fucks’ as the video above did.  You can decide which method makes the point better.

Physics tells us any fleeting acidity spikes usually go unnoticed with respect to deuterium on labs and MRI because of its kinetic isotope effect so no one realizes there is a deep problem when they cannot perceive the effect on how the test is carried out in the medical office. If their testing uses a detector that cannot find the effect will we ever be able to see the effect?   Nope.

Absence of evidence on a lab test or imaging test does not imply something is not wrong.  Why?  No medical tests are looking for quantum level distrubances in the TCA cycle are they?  Is this why Dr. Kruse is not on the functional medicine bandwagon of testing you til you’re broke?  Yep.

Now is there a way we could see these quantum effects of bad parenting and schooling? Yep.  The paradigm  could find it if they knew how to use inelastic scattering protocols on MRI as I do.

So what if most of the protons had a 1 spin like deuterium does, ya think it would matter???? H+ has spin number of 1/2. How important is deuterium/H+ ratio in mitochondrial diseases??? Mitochondria process 1500 hydrogen molecules per second in the ATPase in the spinning Fo head. Ya think the size of that isotope won’t slow down the spin rate of the Fo head of the ATPase in the neo-cortex of the kid???  You really think it has no effect on how circuits in the brain work? Deuterium is the proxy for heteroplasmy rate in mitochondria in the brain in this example.  Moreover,  it has a massive effect on that spin rate in the Fo head.   It is akin to putting super glue into the gears of a Ferrari engine. Would the car go 220 miles per hour in that case?  That is what school today can do to your kid.  Got it?   That is how I teach my members to be a black swan mitochondriac. By the way…..all nnEMF causes you to collect to deuterium in your brain and CSF. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/are-some-psychiatric-disorders-a-ph-problem/?sf110742011=1

Class dismissed.  And I don’t care if you disliked the delivery.  Just remember……..there are many ways to deliver a message.  When you tell me my methods are too aggressive remember the video above.  Because this is what I really want to say.

This is how recess should look.