It is difficult to get modern humans to understand something when THEIR addiction to its use depends on THEM not understanding it.

This blog is about that very issue.  Does technology create an altered immune state in modern humans that lead them open to a myriad of diseases?


Did you know that taking exogenous melatonin thins your retina and makes you fatter, yet endogenous melatonin production seems to help us maintain leptin sensitivity?  Ask your food gurus and your supplement sellers why this is the case before you ever give them a cent.

Pinealectomy induces circadian arrhythmia and has interesting effects on adipose tissue biology.  Did you know that blue light/nnEMF exposure through the eye and skin mimics the physiologic effects of the removal of the pineal gland?

Why is this important in the modern world?

Doctors are IMPOTENT to explain the rise of diabetics who are SKINNY.  Those diabetics who are skinny break the rules doctors are taught in med school and residency because educators of doctors have always believed diabetes was only caused by eating too many carbohydrates.  What did they not know?  Imbibing technology screen blue light and nnEMF is EQUIVALENT to eating carbs 24/7, but the damage it causes to your mitochondria and adipocytes is radically different because of how nnEMF/blue light DEMOLISH melatonin production in the pineal gland.  THAT is the key mode of creating a skinny diabetic.  Skinny diabetics are also more prone to cataract formation, myopia, and AMD.  Did you know that?  Have you ever thought to ask yourself why that might be?  It is because thin diabetics are hypoxic.

Skinny diabetics are also very hypoxic and they tend to get massive amounts of peripheral artery diseases and intracranial artery diseases that lead to early CABG, stroke, dementia, and melanopsin damage to the retina.  This leads to cataracts and AMD too.  All these diseases are spiking today.    What is the fundamental driver of this process?  A chronic mix of low melatonin production, low NO production, and chronic thiamine deficiency acting all at once.

Adipocytes isolated from pinealectomized animals in cite one below all exhibited lower glucose uptake, higher glucose oxidation, and lower de novo lipogenesis.  Collectively, these results suggest frank MASSIVE melatonin deficiency, that has long-lasting impacts on adipocyte biology which manifest as failure to conserve energy.  You need melatonin to have a normal fat mass.  It turns out blue light and nnEMF via CHRONIC overexposure of your eyes/skin can chronically cause you to massively lose fat while becoming a metabolic train wreck and push you to an early death.

Clinicians need to pay attention to different metrics in tech abusers.

In those people we should see an intial period where blue light fattened the patient follwed by some time elapse, when mitochondrial failure occurs.  What should we be looking for as clinicians in these patients?  Their glucose and insulin levels in the fed and fasted states usually aren not affected, but glucocorticoids on hormone panels are dramatically chronically elevated.  Cortisol levels usually become very abnormal and then leptin levels plummet in chronic fashion to a significantly greater degree when the patient screen time is excessive.  This is a different picture than one sees in acute leptin resistance.

Why is this mechanism important for clinicians to understand?  When leptin levels drop adiocytes atrophy and a very thin phenotype occurs.

The chronic fall in leptin became interesting to me because it should have predicted patients would have an enhanced energy conservation because they were thin, but this isn’t what happened because their fat cells were non functional.  Glucocorticoids usually rise at night when the circadian mechanism is intact, after melatonin peaks at 2AM.  When the circadian mechanism is chronically disrupted,  melatonin levels crater in the night,  and this seems to exacerbate the increase in glucocorticoids we see.  Blue light and nnEMF also boost insulin levels and blood glucose.  Why is this a problem for creation of the skinny diabetic?

Insulin alone has little direct effect on leptin secretion in mammals, but glucocorticoids are super- stimulatory to blood glucose release, and this is enhanced by insulin production.  This is often why in history taking we often find skinny diabetics used to be heavier in their life before they became more metabolic derranged.  It also explains why skinny diabetic go undiagnosed longer than obese diabetics.  Doctors are not taught to look for these signs in normal to slightly elevated BMI cases.  This should change in a tech abusing world.

As a result, light, and melatonin as light’s protein proxy, appears to negatively regulate this hormonal axis and boost the anabolic potential of adipocytes. This makes fats cells store fat. It appears the levels of melatonin in the central retinal pathways and the skin hypothalamic axis predict who will go on to become a skinny diabetic. This infographic is critical to understand this very complex light phenomena.

Interestingly, the slide on melatonin creation by AM UVA/UVB exposure points out why both type 1 and 2 diabetics show a latitude effect in their disease course (see below two figures).


NAD+ drops with SIRT1 and UCP-2 mechanism in mitochondrial becomes radically permeable just as RBC become super permeable to lactate as you learned in Hypoxia #5 blog.


UCP2 controls the carburetor mix of fuel in the matrix, namely, oxygen & hydrogen mix (from stored fat or from hydrogen in foods) in mitochondria and deuterium leakage in a circadian/seasonal manner to stimulate growth & ELF-UV release = broken UCP2 leads to cancer generation.  When UCP-2 is leaky eukaryotic cells leak massive quantities of ELF-UV.  Functional UCP2 lowers mitochondrial heteroplasmy by controlling how much deuterium enters the TCA cycle to control the anions it moves. UCP2 does this by varying the light released and reduced ROS from cytochrome II to stimulate ketogenic substrates in TCA = based on temperature & light signals from the light environment you choose to live under and not simply by what you eat.  This is the food guru fallacy. This also points out why food cannot solve quantum diseases.  Think cancer generation.

To achieve optimal ketosis you need to be fasting & be in daily solar red light whilst barefoot grounding to program proton spin = this properly recycles the hydrogens in DNA/RNA backbones to make seasonally responsive to light variations and DNA expression. If you eat carbs out of season or expose yourself to nnEMFs/ALAN over the winter you will increase blood glucose levels and turn off fat burning because of the effects of insulin. UCP function depends on leptin sensitivity = light/dark.  Taking exogenous melatonin ACTS to increases blood glucose/AMPk/ and makes UCP-2 non functional.  This maybe why skinny diabetics have poor outcomes with cancers, cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

These people will be at risk for many infectious diseases in the modern world.

Today’s parting thought:

The Earth is recovering……….

– Air pollution is slowing down

– Water pollution is clearing up

– Natural wildlife returning home

Coronavirus is Earth’s vaccine

We’re the virus.

Mother Nature is teaching us what karma is when we use parts of the electromagnetic sptrum she told us not to use.

Humans should be mentally preparing themselves for this to be a marathon, not a sprint. Mother Nature has been aiming to beat our asses and now she has them.





Due to the increased bandwidth demands and the scarcity of microwave frequency allocations, the wireless communications industry is beginning to focus on higher, previously unallocated portions of the spectrum in the millimeter wave frequencies from 40GHz to 300GHz.  This is the range of 5 and 6 G communications in the world today.

Due to the high levels of atmospheric RF energy absorption, the millimeter wave region of the RF spectrum is not usable in the long haul, wireless communications segments. However, for short haul, “last mile” segments, the expanded RF data bandwidth available in the millimeter wave region makes it ideal for interference-free, fiber speed connectivity.

At the millimeter wave frequency of 60GHz, the absorption is very high, with 98 percent of the transmitted energy absorbed by atmospheric oxygen. This is the oxygen plants make and mitochondria need for respiration. Oxygen is brought to the mitochondria by our blood which has hemoglobin. 60GHz RF signaling is capable of causing an inability to hemoglobin and oxygen reacting properly all the time. This implies that hypoxia or a pseudohypoxia could exist in people around these frequencies. This also implies that 40-80GHZ is where thiamine deficiency will be at its maximum for causing mitochondrial heteroplasmy.  This is why I believe 5G is an extinction possible event.  Much like an asteroid, the damage is hidden from most experts perspectives now.  But today we are seeing massive changes in people in 5G cities.  Most of them have varying degrees of thiamine deficiency and resultant mitochondrial damage.

Please remeber what oxygen does in your mitochondria. It accepts the electrons from food that have had all of their light removed from them and that stolen light is added to the respiratory proteins electrons and the electrons of free radicals so that the light maybe shared all over your body to ionize other proteins to action. This is how life works at the most fundamental levels.

What is life really?

Life is built around the complexity of how light powers electrons. Life is all about ionization. Ionization is the process by which an atom or a molecule in a cell acquires a negative or positive charge by gaining or losing electrons. This often in conjunction with other chemical changes from the action of electron movements and alterations in their charge. Light excites or powers electrons to do some unusual things that cells depend upon. This is how the physiology or the work of living gets done.

While oxygen absorption at 60GHz severely limits range, it also eliminates interference between same frequency terminals. 5G spans 3 GHz -90 GHz in the electromagnetic spectrum. A 60GHz communications system must overcome the effects of oxygen absorption because of the effects it will have on the living. When someone asks you why 5G is different than any other ediction of network power I want you to remember this blog and I want you to tell them why nature never used this part of the spectrum naturally. It is because this part of the spectrum make life imcompatible with her recipes.

So let us make this real simple in picture format so you get what it means when the cornerstone reactions are altered by 60GHz millimeter waves.

When more oxygen in cells is present and not able to be used all hell breaks loose. This is why I predicted all the diseases we are seeing in ER’s now. Sadly, few doctors understand cell biology at this levels so the diseases like POTS/EHS/CFS/LYME/AUTOIMMUNITY/CANCER go treated incorrectly. This why these diseases are exploding. The more we use technology the worse this will get.

What else happens in the mitochondrion when more oxygen is not used? Thiamine gets depleted and then this equation becomes critical to understand.

Pyruvate cannot be used so it is turned into lactate. Lactate is not what you think either. Lactate rises because thiamine is absent. In particular, metabolites, like lactate are emerging in the literature as active players in driving immunosuppression. This is why cancer and autoimmunity are exploding in places where technology is used. Lactate is a potent signaling molecule that promotes stabilization of hypoxia inhibitory factor alpha (HIF-α) & this increases vascular EGF expression and angiogenesis. Lactate is massively taken up by damaged RBC’s by nnEMF. When Pyruvate cannot be used because thiamine is absent lactate rises and at the same time NAD+ drops like a rock. What is the effect of redox potential when that happens? See below.

Why do I use peripheral blood smears at Kruse Longevity Center to detect how bad your exposure to nnEMF really are?

How and why does this happen? So far my 2019 Farm members know this answer because they visited me and I showed most of them their bad RBC’s and explained to them what it meant to their lives.

Now this blog post explains to you what I really am doing at Kruse Longevity Center.

What are your RBC’s in your blood?

This is Nature’s Wifi systems of how life operates with the sun and your colony of mitochondria.

A more GEEKIER version of this idea is now here:

The effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) upon genes, proteins and enzyme kinetics on a molecular level have been recognized and investigated in the literature. This is information few clinicians read and this is why they remain clueless about where our modern diseases begin fundamentally.

The mechanisms responsible for these EMF-induced effects and not fully understood by modern medicine and have been the subject of ignorant debate in academia and on the internet. This is especially true in functional medicine. When you understand that nnEMF makes RBC’s more permeable to things in foods and supplements you become acutely aware of how bad an idea it is to recommend exogenous chemicals to people who are living in a 2G-5G city. Lactate become even more permeable to RBC’s ruining their morphology and it also ruins mitochondrial size and shape (IMJ’s of mitochondria below) effecting energy production by lowering the redox power.


It is thought that the effects of EMF are diverse and dependent on the strength, frequency, and duration of the EMF exposures because this is the belief of physics.  That belief does not go far enough for Black Swan clinicians like me.   Why do I say this?  Most American cities are now using 3GHz – 25GHz frequencies right now.  What does this range do to us?

The EMF microwave effects in GHz frequencies have been studied recently and it was reported that multiple 18 GHz EMF exposures, with specific energy absorption rate (SAR) values between approximately 3.0 and 5.0 kW kg−1, induced permeabilization of live bacterial cells and yeast.   Y’all remember where your mitochondria came from huh?  

It is an ancient bacteria/archea.  This means that mitochondrial permeability is also at risk at these lower power densities.  Do you understand yet why my ideas seem counterintuitive to allopathic and functional medicine paradigms?  That is why the next meme was made.

My understanding of the situation goes way deeper than their knowledge base because of the biophysics at play.  This blog is your playbook to hand to any skeptic who thinks this is hyperbole.  IT IS OUR MODERN REALITY.

Recent data has shown in the lab bacteria uptake high molecular weight chemicals in alien fields.  The uptake of high molecular weight dextran (150 kDa) and silica nanoparticles (23.5 and 46.3 nm in diameter) was shown for several cell types, including the prokaryotic organisms Branhamella catarrhalis, Escherichia coli, Kocuria rosea, Planococcus maritimus, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Streptomyces griseus, and a unicellular eukaryotic yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.  


^^^^^ALL modern diseases have a mitochondrial basis. Why?

How is your colony of mitochondria supposed to operate?

If you are following this blog well this next meme should be uber-intuitive.

Why are doctors impotent in helping the public today?

They continue to look in the nuclear genome for modern disease answers and I am saying it loud and clear they won’t find any cures in RNA or DNA.

They will find it in the mitochondrial genome and biology. Mitochondria were stolen to operate within the visible range of light with oxygen. That is how evolution built them.

So what happens to the air we breath on Earth when we used 5G?

At 60GHz, the extremely high atmospheric absorption level is due primarily to the molecular composition of the atmosphere. For millimeter waves, the primary absorption molecules are H2O, O2, CO2, and O3. Since the presence of O2 is fairly consistent at ground level, its effect on 60GHz radio propagation is easily modeled for margin budgeting purposes.

What might some of the collateral damage effects be in a 60GHz system on humans?

We should expect nitric oxide (NO) and thiamine depletion. This means cardiovascular disease and brain diseases should begin to kill humans at unprecedented levels.  That began in the 1940’s when we started using radar.  Why?

This can occur via reaction with oxy-Hemoglobin (Hb), leading to nonfunctional and toxic metHb. Once this occurs we should expect to see closely-linked hypertension develop in humans. So far no one has tested 5G for this effect. If this frequency of 5G is used biology better get ready to genetically engineer the Hb in order to slow down its reaction with NO.

Besides NO, the deoxy and especially the met forms of Hb also interact with reactive oxygen species (ROS) such as superoxide (O2•-) or hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). These processes yield ferryl (Fe^IV) Hb. This nasty molecule is a highly oxidizing species which not only degrades the Hb peptide and heme proteins but also amplifies the stress response by attacking other biomolecules and accidentally generating others (e.g., prostaglandins). This liberation of prostaglandins also causes deuterium to be released from the cell membrane in a stress response. When deuterium is unleashed from the cell membranes adjacent to the mitochondria it is capable of ruining Kreb’s bicycle kinetics as my previosu blog series have showed. I would remind you that cytochrome C oxidase is a heme protein too. This means apoptosis would be completely destroyed by a 5G 60GHz wave. The May 2018 webinar explains what this means and now you know why I predicted a massive amplification of cancer autoimmune conditions in cities using this technology. This is a small example of what 5G is capable of doing to your mitochondrial biology at a 60GHz frequency.

It turns out at Kruse Longevity Center I have found several novel ways to offset these 5G risks for some of clients. In 2020, expect more interesting changes to come out of my center at Destin.