Stay healthy or you’ll become a slave of the “health industry.” Make yourself healthy or you’ll remain a slave of the same industry. Medically assisted populations are medically controlled populations. You know what to do.  Get into Nature and embrace the sun and grounding and control your risks of COVID using your own immune mechanisms.  That is the story of a Black Swan mitochondriac.

Injustice can be committed by doing and saying nothing. When a paradigm argues for a mandatory treatment, you think might be harmful, do you speak up? So, you’re chilling at home watching TV. Great, not doing anything wrong there really but also by not doing something that is helping you towards your goals is actually detrimental. Or an injustice as Marcus Aurelius would put it.

By being lazy, you’re doing yourself an injustice and an injustice to the goals you have. You’re disrespecting yourself.  If you do not value yourself who else do you value?

Let’s say you’ve set a goal to lose a bit of weight but you keep skipping the gym classes you said you were going to go to. Yes, you’re not exactly going backwards by sitting at home but you’re doing an injustice to your future self.

Life isn’t easy, it’s not supposed to be. If life is easy, you’re definitely only living at 40% of what you’re actually capable of. It can be hard to decide what to do sometimes but doing nothing shouldn’t be an option. Doing nothing is an injustice to your future self.

When you know something isn’t right you need to speak up regardless of the consequences.

Time for some changes.

In retrospect, medical school was a pernicious attempt to cripple my mind and break my spirit. The failures of chronic disease management opened me up to change.  That was the day I decided to remove my shackles and come out of the cave.


I think if you have a serious medical comorbidity and you are in the high risk group getting the jab is a good decision on the risk benefit curve.  Those people need to be in the experimental group for COVID.  But the “allegory of the cave” points out why being in the other group is very important as well.  Why is the control group important to medical science?

When and if  this mRNA paradigm fails (exiting the cave) we will need plasma from the unvaxxed to treat variants.  The argument of where the variants may not be settled scientifically, but scientists do know that when a jab is not as efficient as it was sold to be, they will need convalescent plasma to fight variants.   Many of us realize if you’re vaxxed you can’t donate antibody plasma anymore = potential serious problem that only the unjabbed can solve for the public.

The allegory of the cave told by Plato forces us to ask, what is real? Is truth, like time, relative? I think truth and time are relative. Neither are absolute, but always relative to perspective and belief.

The scientific establishment has always had a tendency “to turn into a church, enforcing obedience to the latest dogma and expelling heretics and blasphemers.” This tendency was previously kept in check by the fragmented nature of the scientific enterprise:

1. In the age of social media, however, “the space for heterodoxy is evaporating.” So those who believe in science as philosophy are increasingly estranged from science as an institution. It’s sure to be a costly divorce.

2. People can’t distinguish pattern from context. Orthodoxy can corrupt science as easily as religion when homodoxy degrades to orthodoxy and orthodoxy degrades to ideology and dogma. People who say they “believe in science” have no idea how the methodology works.

3. “The spirit of uncertainty in science is an attitude toward the metaphysical questions that is quite different from the certainty and faith that is demanded in religion. (Feynman)”. If you turn Science into God it is because you want to annihilate the human spirit.

4. Modern science now suffers from scientism which has become its own religion.   So many public health officials are creating “guidelines” blindly without doing ANY of their own research.  Moreover many clinicians have to follow these bad policies and it is destroying lives in many untold ways.

5.  The allegory of the cave has a deep lesson for humans who are going through COVID.  What you believe is coloring the world you and the truth you believe.  If people think politics and Hollywood and the medical field has been hijacked… Wait until people learn how the entire scientific community has been hijacked through dogma since 1911. Creating an Idiocracy where people now accept ideas that are mutually exclusive to reality.

6.  Why do people have a right to be skeptical of science and gov’t?

A. Cutter Incident of the polio vax in 1950 (above).

B. This —> Pandemrix Incident of 2009  https://www.bmj.com/content/362/bmj.k3948

People who think the gov’t and science are always altruistic will never question authority.  They are happy to be shackled to the wall in the cave.  There are others who want to break free of the shackles and see what exists outside the cave.  Those who come back into the cave to share what they found won’t be treated well.  https://www.studiobinder.com/blog/platos-allegory-of-the-cave/

C.  The gov’t and its agencies just announced that use of the PCR test is pseudoscientific this weekend.  That latest move alone should get the slaves in the cave to question their belief system.  Will it?  I can’t believe that Michael Mina was wrong about PCR testing. Not Eric Ding too?! Shocking!  The entire narrative of a pandemic was built on the PCR test and now it just went up in smoke.  But now the FDA will use a new PCR that I bet will have lowered cycle thresholds for the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated to prove efficacy.  The aftermarket data out of Israel is showing that the durability of the vaccine is not what Big Pharma said it was.

My bet is the new test will be used on vaccinated people and the cycles threshold will be very low to show vaccine efficacy.

7.  NFL Politics: the art of using euphemisms, lies, emotionalism, and fear-mongering to dupe average people into accepting–or even demanding–their own enslavement.  https://www.outkick.com/steelers-among-nfls-least-vaccinated-will-have-players-wear-bracelets-during-practice/

This move by the Steelers is a fascist move to mark players just as the Nazi’s did to Jews in the 1940’s.  Yet no one here questions the activity.  Might it be you are still in the cave?  Do they care about protecting players or their profit stream?  The NFL mandates vaccines by decree but cannot mandate a QB with 22 sexual assaults away (Desean Watson). The rules aren’t just. They just fit the business model.  https://www.foxnews.com/sports/deshaun-watson-texans-training-camp-sexual-misconduct-lawsuits-reports  This isn’t about science.  It is about money. power, and control of minds.

8. The durability of the Pfizer vaccine is not very long.  This new data blows holes in how the media has reported scientific results that gov’t leader like Fauci helped craft to reduce vax hesitancy.  https://www.timesofisrael.com/hmo-those-who-inoculated-early-twice-as-likely-to-catch-covid-as-later-adopters/

This will eventually lead to vaccine passports and social scores and loss of rights.


9.  NOBODY is accounting for natural immunity from having Covid.  All those so called positive PCR test built the foundation for natural cell mediated immunity.


America deserves better than its current military leadership, says Josiah Lippincott a former Marine.


“On July 22, Major General Patrick Donahoe, the Commanding General of Fort Benning, reported from his official Twitter account that he was seeing a “surge” in ICU visits among young soldiers due to Covid. He reported that he would mandate the vaccine if he had the power to do so.

I replied, pointing out that the DOD has lost a total of 26 out of over 2 million personnel in the last year and a half to the virus. In the fourth quarter of 2020, there was a 25 percent surge in suicides across all services. In those three months alone, 26 additional service members took their lives compared to the prior year.

The military’s response to the Coronavirus is almost certainly to blame for the rise in suicide. I exited the service in May of 2020, having had plenty of time to witness these policies firsthand. Deployed troops returning home were forced to quarantine for weeks at a time. Masks were required in all public spaces on base. Gyms were shut down. Commanding officers dramatically reduced liberty limits to within only a few miles of base. Those, like me, who were stationed in Camp Pendleton, were prohibited from traveling just 30 minutes south to San Diego during our off hours.

In light of these draconian policies, it is no wonder that troops experienced a surge in psychological illness and suicidal ideation. Turning barracks into prisons is a recipe for problems. Nor did the catastrophic “outbreaks” of Covid materialize. Virtually all servicemembers known to be infected with the virus recover. The handful of Covid related deaths are sad, but they never rose to the level of a crisis. On average, nearly a thousand military personnel die because of training accidents, suicide, and illness every year.

General Donahoe accused me of engaging in “false equivalency” and of downplaying the vaccine, arguing that it was the path to “normalcy.” As the return of mask mandates for both the vaccinated and unvaccinated in cities like Los Angeles attest, this is clearly not true. The real path to normalcy is for military leadership to adjust their risk tolerance. Treating healthy people like biohazards over an illness that has killed two dozen personnel in a force of millions is insane. Those preventative policies have  consequences, too; the surge in depression and suicide among the young is real.

Preventative measures make matters worse. One need only look at the case of Michigan and Sweden. Both territories have an equal population. Yet, Michigan suffered 50 percent more deaths from Covid despite implementing lockdowns, school closures, and mask mandates while Sweden did not. General Donahoe simply brushed these facts aside, deciding instead to call me a member of the “disinformation tinfoil hat team” for pointing them out.

He also tweeted at the university where I am a student, Hillsdale College, and told them to “come get your boy” for questioning the military’s quarantine and lockdown policies. General Donahoe, apparently, thinks the private sector is just like the military, where criticism can be stopped, and careers ended, with a mere snap of the fingers. As the thread attracted more attention, one commenter asked the General “how many wars he’d won.” The General responded by accusing the questioner of “shilling for Putin.” When I asked if Putin was the reason America had lost in Afghanistan, the General blocked me.

My interaction with the General serves as a microcosm of the American military’s cultural rot. Here we have a two-star General who spends his days on social media hyping a vaccine for an illness that poses minimal risk to his troops. When pressed on why America can’t win wars and why he embraces policies that treat healthy people like biohazards, his first response is to accuse his critics of treachery and then block them from view.

This is what $693 billion a year buys you: unbridled arrogance from the leaders of a military that can’t win against third world tribesmen armed with small arms and homemade explosives. A significant portion of our military leaders, like General Donahoe, are totally detached from reality. They face no consequences for losing wars or losing troops to preventable suicides. Many of them don’t really command anything at all. They are so ensconced in layers of bureaucrats, staff, operations and logistics shops, briefs, intelligence reports, public affairs officials, and aides that there is usually no danger of the public uncovering their true character, lack of leadership, or empty careers.

Twitter, for all its many flaws, provides a direct line into the thought process and values of the military’s elite class. Too often, the minds of our great and courageous “warriors” are filled with nothing more than anodyne policy statements, automatic deference to other members of the elite expert class, and received wisdom from the mouths of MSNBC hosts. A painful lesson for patriotic citizens, perhaps, but a necessary one.

As these leaders spend their days scrolling twitter in the twilight of their careers, waiting to secure their pensions and post-retirement defense contractor gigs, they deserve to feel some heat from the people they allegedly serve. Getting “ratio’d” is, for many of them, the worst consequence they’ll ever face for overseeing institutional failure. Still, that discomfort isn’t nothing. Feeling some modicum of pain for the lives lost and the money wasted under their command is a good thing.

The American people need to demand more from their leaders. They need these heroic defenders of freedom to account for their lost wars, failed policies, and ideological radicalism. Twitter gives the people the perfect avenue to do so.

Americans are beginning to realize that their military leaders are failing them. Even if politicians fail to demand better of them, we can and should still make our opinion known. Our generals are, far too often, soft, coddled elites and unthinking ideologues. It is time for the American people to start cyberbullying their generals.”

Josiah Lippincott is former Marine officer and current student at the Van Andel School of Statesmanship at Hillsdale College. He is a 2020 alumnus of the Claremont Institute’s Publius Fellowship.








The short answer is they are not.  This post is a scientific post of why they are not linked.  The outcome that supply and demand are not linked to price is found in the picture above from live on-chain data.  Nicholas however, did not believe the on-chain data was accurate.  This is when I decided to go deeper for the answer.  This post was created because of a conversation that occurred on ClubHouse between a gentleman name Nicholas and myself in Crypto N Coffee.

Wisdom is knowledge applied.

The internet of wisdom is found by challenging everything you believe right now using nature’s laws.

Wisdom is knowing what not to think about any longer……..

Are humans wise? We have named ourselves Homo sapiens—‘wise person’. It is clear that as a species we have taken control over the environmental and biological future of Earth. Maybe Homo dominatus—which translates as ‘dominant person’ or ‘tyrannical ape’—would be more apt???

Wisdom and knowledge are not synonyms. Knowledge/data is fundamentally useless until it is connected by nature’s blueprint to become crystallized into a coherent organization.

Whatever matter actually does itself, ironically doesn’t matter. Matter needs light to tell it what to do. It is the information linking matter which is primordial. Water = alphabet magnetism = circuit board, light is the photo-electric current that carries the information and energy matter requires.

Wisdom and knowledge are not synonyms. Those who seek wisdom must seek many truths to gain insight. They must be tenacious. Knowledge is a part of ignorance that man arranges and classify. Knowledge has the shelf life, like fish do in a market.

Common sense is that supply and demand have to be linked to price.  Is this true based on what we know today?

It is not.

It is not sustainable and does not always lead to truth. If knowledge is information, wisdom is the understanding and application of that knowledge and insight is the awareness of the underlying essence of a truth.

Sadly we can gain a lifetime of knowledge, yet never see the wisdom in it. We can be wise but still miss the deeper meaning of facts. Today, Bitcoin price is a good example of this.


Because it is, this explains why its supply and demand are not linked to price.  Sounds very counterintuitive doesn’t it?


Dr. Melvin Vopson of the University of Portsmouth, in the UK, has a hypothesis he calls the mass-energy-information equivalence. It states that information is the fundamental building block of the universe, and it has mass. This accounts for the missing mass within galaxies, thus eliminating the hypothesis of dark matter entirely.  Not only does his paper explain why dark matter is a bad idea, it also explains why price is not always coupled to supply and demand.


In 1933, Swiss astronomer Fritz Zwicky, while observing the motion of galaxies in the Coma Cluster, began wondering what kept them together. There wasn’t enough mass to keep the galaxies from flying apart. Zwicky proposed that some kind of dark matter provided cohesion. But since he had no evidence, his theory was quickly dismissed by conventional science of his day.

Then, in 1968, astronomer Vera Rubin made a similar discovery. She was studying the Andromeda Galaxy at Kitt Peak Observatory in the mountains of southern Arizona when she came across something that puzzled her. Rubin was examining Andromeda’s rotation curve, or the speed at which the stars around the center rotate, and realized that the stars on the outer edges moved at the exact same rate as those at the interior, violating Newton’s laws of motion. This meant there was more matter in the galaxy than was detectable. Her punch card readouts are today considered the first evidence of the existence of dark matter in astrophysics.


The bitcoin network is a peer-to-peer payment network that operates on a cryptographic protocol. Users send and receive bitcoins, the units of currency, by broadcasting digitally signed messages to the network using bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet software. Transactions are recorded into a distributed, replicated public database known as the blockchain, with consensus achieved by a proof-of-work system called mining. PoW systems requires energy input and when a transaction is submitted to the Bitcoin network, the information is passed on through all Bitcoin nodes—all computers connected to other computers in the blockchain—at the same time (through the blockchain).

In this way, BTC functions much like a public ledger, accounting for economic transactions and providing a way to verify that all Bitcoin users have been equipped with the same information. Everyone can download a copy of the blockchain and use it to trace the path of Bitcoins from one Bitcoin transaction to another. (It should be noted that although there is a record of every Bitcoin transaction ever made, they are linked to a specific Bitcoin address, rather than a personally-identifying name or email. For this reason, Bitcoin is considered pseudonymous.

Proof of Work blockchains codifies that an information transfer has happened. In 1961, Landauer first identified the link between thermodynamics and information theory by postulating that the logical irreversibility of a computational process implies physical irreversibility. His idea indicates that information is a physical quantity in digital systems, his idea demonstrated the link between information theory and thermodynamics.

The goal of a blockchain is to allow digital information to be recorded and distributed to every participant, but never edited.

If the blockchain is editted information is destroyed. Rolf Landauer paper predicted that erasing even one bit of information would release a tiny amount of heat.  His theory has been experimentally validated many times.  It is OPERATIONAL in the digital world and BTC code is part of the digitial world.  What are the thermodynamic implications of Landauer’s paper for Bitcoin price?

A loss of heat = lowered hashrate = lowered price.  This is why the recent Chinese miner re-deployment has affected price without having any on chain affect to supply.  I tweeted this pic below out to the creator of the Crypto N coffee room.  I decided to make this blog post after researching the topic of how information loss could affect price without affecting demand.  Landauer’s paper proves why Nicholas conventional advice is not operational for Bitcoin.

When heat is lost as energy, mass must also be lost from the network according to Vopson recent paper extending Landauer’s idea from 1961. As mass is lost, the lever of BTC effect on other financial instruments would decrease. The loss of mass shows up in Bitcoin by a loss in price.  This likely would affect the price until information loss from the hash rate change stabilized.  The hash rate is equivalent to the metabolic rate of the digital algorithm that is BTC.  In this way, it mimics what a lowered T3 hormone level does in human thyroid.


PoW is fundamentally more decentralized and censorship-resistant than PoS because of how it handles information. With PoW, cheap energy is the strongest determining factor in participating in transaction selection. With PoS, wealth is the determining factor. Cheap energy is far more distributed than wealth but energy networks must always preserve information to keep this relationship intact.  When the hashrate drops, information is lost in PoW Bitcoin blockchain.  This decouples price from supply and demand.

Decentralization links chaos and order ONLY when information is conserved. 

Nature is a 100% decentralized energy network.  The burden of performance NEVER ENDS within this organizing principle.

Is BTC like Nature?

Only when information on its blockchain is conserved by the network by a healthy hash rate. This implies within Bitcoin supply and demand are not linked.

As an analogy, If Proof of Work blockchains are Troy, Hashrate is its Trojan Horse.

Game theory vs information theory.

Both disciplines have a far-reaching impact on modern science and society: Information theory underpins the creation and the engineering of the digital age; game theory informs economics and social sciences. Bitcoiners believe that BTC is all about game theory. It is not.



To be clear, the idea that information is an essential building block of the universe isn’t new. Classical Information Theory was first posited by Claude Shannon, the “father of the digital age” in the mid-20th century. The mathematician and engineer, well-known in scientific circles—but not so much outside of them, had a stroke of genius back in 1940. He realized that Boolean algebra coincided perfectly with telephone switching circuits. Soon, he proved that mathematics could be employed to design electrical systems.

Shannon wrote about the code algorithm concept in a 1948 paper entitled “A Mathematical Theory of Communication.” For the first time ever, he explored the idea of quantifying the previously qualitative concept of communication, transforming it from nebulous to numerical. He used the thermodynamics of light as his backbone idea in the paper.  Shannon did this by connecting the well-established measures of probability (statistics = quantum probabilities) and entropy (thermodynamics = transformation of energy) to a new measure of communication, called information. Once Shannon connected these dots mathematically, it opened the door to signal processing, compression, and converting messages into an algorithm code to transmit them digitally.

Shannon was hired at Bell Labs to figure out how to transfer information over a system of wires. He wrote the bible on using mathematics to set up communication systems, thereby laying the foundation for the digital age. Shannon was also the first to define one unit of information as a “bit.”

There was perhaps no greater proponent of information theory than another unsung paragon of science, physicist John Wheeler. Wheeler was part of the Manhattan Project, worked out the “S-Matrix” with Niels Bohr and helped Einstein develop a unified theory of physics. In his later years, he proclaimed, “Everything is information.” Then he went about exploring connections between quantum mechanics and information theory.

He also coined the phrase “it from bit” or that every particle in the universe emanates from the information locked inside it. At the Santa Fe Institute in 1989, Wheeler announced that everything, from particles to forces to the fabric of spacetime itself “… derives its function, its meaning, its very existence entirely … from the apparatus-elicited answers to yes-or-no questions, binary choices, bits.”

Wheeler’s ideas have been expanded recently by Vopson who says:

If there is no dark matter in the universe than information must carry mass in the world.

Vopson, mentioned above, took Wheeler’s notion one step further and it explains why demand and supply are divorced from price in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

His paper says that not only is information the essential unit of the universe but also that it is energy and it has to have mass. To support this claim, he unifies and coordinates special relativity with the Landauer Principle. That principle is named after Rolf Landauer who I mentioned above.   Because, Landauer predicted that erasing even one bit of information would release a tiny amount of heat, a figure which he calculated. Landauer said this proves information is more than just a mathematical quantity. This connects information directly to energy.  PoW is an energy consuming blockchain. Through experimental testing over the years, the Landauer Principle has held up.  Now we can see this effect in Bitcoin’s price action as Chinese miners have been banned.

Landauer first identified the link between thermodynamics and information by postulating that logical irreversibility of a computational process implies physical irreversibility. This indicates that information is truly physical and demonstrates a hard scientific link between information theory and thermodynamics.  

Remember BTC code is all about being a ledger of information.  This means VOPSON’s new ideas link to Bitcoin.  

If information is energy, Information, once created has to “finite and quantifiable mass.” to satisfy the mass equivalence equation of Einstein (E=mc^2) It so far applies only to digital systems, but could very well apply to analogue and biological ones too, and even quantum or relativistic-moving systems.   Bitcoin’s ecosystem is one such digital system.  I’m sorry to break it to you Nicholas,  but science has definitive proof that price can be independent of supply and demand when information is lost for some reason.  I’d like to thank Nicholas for tickling my curiosity to find the answer why price is not linked to supply and demand in Bitcoin.  This blog scientifically explains it.

New data must be assimilated to form new ideas.

This blog shows you wisdom and knowledge are not synonyms. Those who seek wisdom must seek many truths to gain insight. They must be tenacious. Knowledge is a part of ignorance that man arranges and classify. Knowledge has the shelf life, like fish do in a market. It is not sustainable and does not always lead to truth. If knowledge is information, wisdom is the understanding and application of that knowledge and insight is the awareness of the underlying essence of a truth.

Sadly we can gain a lifetime of knowledge, yet never see the wisdom in it. We can be wise but still miss the deeper meaning of new facts on our old ideas. Today’s blog is a good example of this using Bitcoin price as an example.

There are many who know things among us on ClubHouse,  but they maybe lacking in wisdom because they have not added in new data that changes what we used to believe. Your mentors should be filled with wisdom because they will be the connectors of life.

Their insight will be indefatigable for you. Not even ‘father time’ can destroy the natural truth of Mother Nature.

Creativity, which is the evocative visual storytelling of Nature’s recipes, come at a price. Consider becoming a member of my tribe at KruseatDestin.com to find out how much time you have to sacrifice for your technologic addictions.  Once you do all my Patreon blogs are included in that entanglement.  I want to take your health game to new levels.  Are you ready?






This blog contains the mechanism to why I think the COVID vaccine is causing damage to those who get it.  It is not what the anti-vaxxers think.  The mechanism is 100% mitochondrial in nature.  Let us get to it.

Growing evidence suggests that people with cancer and other conditions that challenge their immune systems may be incubators of mutant viruses.   How?

Did you know that damage to DNA in a cellular organelle called the mitochondrion triggers an immune response in the nucleus? Mechanistic insights into this process shed light on how organelles communicate.

Mitochondria are membrane-bound organelles that act as hubs of metabolism and of innate immune signaling in cells. Each mitochondrion contains several copies of the mitochondrial genome (mtDNA), which can be damaged by extrinsic environmental stressors or intrinsic genetic mutations. This can cause degradation of the mtDNA, reducing the total number of mtDNA copies in the organelle and so leading to mitochondrial dysfunction. In addition, healthy mitochondrial function relies heavily on the crosstalk between mitochondria and the nucleus. Writing in Nature, Tigano et al. uncover a mechanism by which cells sense toxic mtDNA damage to initiate an immune response in the nucleus.

Conditions of acute stress, such as viral infection or irradiation, can lead to the activation of pro-death (apoptotic) pathways in the cell. Mitochondria have a key role in these pathways. Pore-forming proteins called BAK and BAX accumulate on the mitochondrial membrane, leading to the release of cell-death factors from the organelle into the cell’s cytosolic fluid through a process called mitochondrial herniation. In some instances, cell-death factors are not activated, in which case mitochondrial contents such as DNA and RNA are instead released into the cytosol. The accumulation of cytosolic mtDNA and mtRNA initiates a potent antiviral response. But precisely which aspects of mitochondrial dysfunction lead to the extrusion and accumulation of this mitochondrial material has been unclear.

Tigano et al. set out to examine one form of stress: cleavage of mitochondrial DNA. The group manipulated mammalian cells using ‘molecular scissors’ constructs called mitochondria-targeted TALENs (mTLNs), which generate double-strand breaks (DSBs) in mtDNA. They used RNA sequencing to analyze changes in gene expression in cells treated with mTLNs, and found an increased transcription of nuclear genes involved in the innate immune response; these included interferon-response genes, which are typically involved in combating viral infections. The authors also found that the transcription factor STAT1 was modified by phosphate groups and relocated to the nucleus — a key part of the interferon response.

Breaks in mtDNA that occur through other means, such as treatment with toxic, DNA-damaging agents or errors in replication, often lead to compromised organelle function. But Tigano and colleagues found that the mTLN treatment reduced the number of mtDNAs by only around 60%, which did not seem to have an immediate impact on mitochondrial function. The group observed no changes in key indicators of normal mitochondrial function, such as morphology, the gradient of protons (H+ ions) across the membrane, and the generation of reactive oxygen species. These data indicate that mitochondrial DNA cleavage is a key trigger of antiviral responses.

Next, Tigano et al. set out to identify the signaling molecules that relay the message of mtDNA instability to the nucleus. Although the mTLN-treated cells had intact mitochondrial function and were not apoptotic, the group showed that BAK–BAX pores did form on the membrane, consistent with mitochondrial herniation. The authors found that mtRNA — but not mtDNA — accumulated in the cytosol of these cells. The mtRNA molecules were detected by an RNA-sensing protein called RIG-I, which is better known as a sensor of viral RNA in the cytosol.

Working with its adaptor protein on the mitochondrial outer membrane, dubbed mitochondrial antiviral signaling (MAVS), RIG-I triggers a signaling pathway that activates interferon-response genes in the nucleus. These findings point to a framework by which cells engage mitochondrial signaling molecules in immune-surveillance mechanisms (Fig. 1).

Figure 1 | Communicating damage between organelles. Tigano and colleagues report a mechanism by which damage to DNA in an organelle called the mitochondrion is communicated to the nucleus. The group induced mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) breaks, either by using ‘molecular scissors’ constructs called mitochondria-targeted TALENs (mTLNs) or through ionizing radiation. These treatments trigger the release of mtRNA into the cell’s cytosol through pores comprising BAK and BAX proteins. Two proteins — the cytosolic RNA sensor RIG-I, acting with its adaptor protein MAVS — sense the mtRNA, triggering signaling pathways that lead to the upregulation of genes involved in an immune response called the interferon response (dashed lines indicate an indirect effect). In addition, the transcription factor STAT1 is phosphorylated (P), and moves to the nucleus, where it might have a role in activating interferon-response genes.

DNA-damaging agents such as radiation, which is used to treat cancer, elicit a systemic immune response that is thought to be driven by DNA damage in the nucleus. Tigano and colleagues found that radiation depleted mtDNA numbers by 40% and elicited the same immune response as mTLNs, suggesting that DSBs occur in mtDNA as well as in nuclear DNA following irradiation. Strikingly, induction of the interferon response during irradiation was nearly completely abrogated in cells lacking mtDNA. This observation indicates that mtDNA damage caused by radiation can be a driver of interferon responses. Of note, the induction of several other innate immune responses still occurred in cells lacking mtDNA, suggesting that depletion of mtDNA specifically impairs the interferon response.

The study highlights an immunostimulatory role for mitochondrial RNA. However, questions remain. For instance, mtRNA molecules are highly unstable in nature — how are mtRNAs stabilized so that they accumulate in the cytosol, as was observed in the current study? Another avenue for further investigation is the factors that stimulate the formation of BAK–BAX pores following mtDNA breaks. It would be of broad interest to study whether drugs that inhibit this pore formation can suppress an inflammatory immune response. The discovery of a mechanism by which cells recognize self-RNAs from mitochondria to initiate an immune response also raises the question of whether this pathway might be involved in autoimmune disease. Finally, it would be exciting to explore whether artificially induced mtDNA damage could be used to increase the efficacy of targeted immunotherapies for cancer.


Short answer……….yep.

Recall from above, mitochondria are membrane-bound organelles that act as hubs of metabolism and of innate immune signaling in cells.  Tigano’s paper give us the mechanism of how mRNA engineering in the vaccines can go awry.

The current mRNA jab trials with emergency approval selected a dose that was too high, too far up on the sigmoidal dose-response curve – so we should expect a higher incidence of adverse events. The second mRNA problem is that the spike protein is the actual active agent causing damage, in terms of eliciting an immune response. This is the cytokine storm problem that causes the side effects of clotting and of heart failure due to mitochondrial damage.  What causes the decreased energy transformation in the patient with side effects?  The genetically modified spike protein.  Therefore, the range and severity of adverse events potentially attributable to the level of expressed spike protein may reflect patient-to-patient differences due to their individual mitochondrial redox variability in genetic transfer efficiency and subsequent spike expression.

You might want to read this after the blog is assimilated as well.  The perspective will fill out your understanding of what is really going on with censorship in science today.  HYPERLINK

Natural genetic modification by the immune system to a pathogen is done with finesse and precision by our cell-mediated and innate immune arms themselves, without damaging the mitochondrial genome. In contrast, artificial genetic modification done in the laboratory by genetic engineers is crude, imprecise, uncontrollable, and ends up scrambling and damaging the mitochondrial genome with totally unpredictable effects on safety based upon what was translated from the mRNA. It also interferes inevitably with the natural genetic modification process, and that is ultimately why artificial genetic modification is inherently hazardous.

What can the average citizen do to get involved in the genetically modified vaccine debate?

Take it upon yourself to understand the science behind genetic engineering, expose the lies and half-truths you’ve been told; that’s how to learn real science, and it is fun. That is why you sign up here to be my patron.  Don’t be intimidated by the ‘experts’.  They are paid to shill for Big Pharma.

Life is simply to understand when you understand its wiring diagram.

Our colony of mitochondria is the primary producers of the body’s energy, mutations in their DNA alters the myriad of energy transformations that lead to size and shape changes inside of cells because altered energy levels cause the DNA to change their transcription of proteins and it is these small changes inside of cells that cause most human disease.

The idea is simple but has alluded modern medicine because of their Dunning Kruger moment of never realizing that the physics of organisms is all about energy transformations.

Space tells matter how to move and matter tells space how to curve and light follows this curve in space. Nature uses a science so queer to innovate living things which always causes outrage in physicians because it offends the common sense of the history medicine.

Waves do not describe a ‘real’ microworld but waves provide us ‘knowledge’ of how energy is traveling through spacetime and that is useful for making predictions in Nature

Humans who abuse technology perceive their world like they have an exemption from the competition of natural selection. They don’t. This paper in the hyperlink below explains it simply.

All of nature is a battlefield.

Life is just a series of wave forms that collides with matter after space has moved it.

Life is just the history we pay attention too, the rest is just the packaging. Change your focus and awareness you change your life.

Well, well the mainstream is catching up and Dr. Wallace getting his due. Now, when they realize the link between light, circadian biology, and mitochondrial function, then they can talk about the prevention/reversal of chronic disease.  HYPERLINK


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