Here is a thought experiment for you all to ponder………….designed to not to give you answers…….designed to make you think better.


The Robinhood’s app, today, is boosting random ‘redditors’ ability to transform the energy in money at the expense of hedge fund alpha right now. Hedge funds time to react has collapsed faster than they could adapt.  

This means the momentum of monetary energy is capable of creating ripples in the space/time existence of hedge fund managers.  Might this be another powerful example of how DeFi will force changes in the reality we all experience? Is this another reason for hedge funds might have to use BTC as a Treasury hedge to gain more time back to make more money = alpha while compressing time? 

This issues with Redittors, GME/AMC, hedge funds, and Robinhood show that Web 1.0 and 2.0 are centralized.  We need a decentralized web.  If we had this Parler could not have been shut down.  Today, Robinhood shut down to lock out the Reddittors.

The public has an experienced history with the barons of Wall Street.  Time is never what it seems to be with them.  The Street never seems to lose in this casino game.  Is regular Joe is getting more pissed as time elapses and ready for the revolution of money to begin?

So what happened?  Citadel is an investor in Melvin Capital, which got run over by Wall Street Bets on the sub Reddit. Citadel Hedge fund is also Robinhood’s biggest customer.  Robinhood was never what it pretended to be. It built its business on selling Wall Street Bets order flow to the hedge fund Citadel. In the moment of truth, we learned which customer it cares about the most.  It was not the little guy.

Robinhood shut down Wall Street Bets to benefit their customer and destroy a market play.

Wall Street Bets did to the hedge fund suits what the suits have been doing to Main street Joe’s for a century. Then one call to Reddit, one call to Discord, one call to Robinhood…  It there anyone out there who still doesn’t think the system is rigged against the little guys?

When the Dow Jones falls below 5%, the market stops trading. Conversely there is no 5% cut off when the market gains. That’s not a free market. That’s an SEC safety net (aka socialism) for the rich.

Should we assuming that the next time a hedge fund starts to make too much money shorting and destroying a business, that they will be de-platformed from their Blomberg terminal and throttled by their prime broker in the name of orderly markets and consumer protection?  That will never happen until all DeFi applications are DECENTRALIZED!

The TIME HAS COME and this is the perfect storm for change.

Ask yourself, is true reality timeless?

For 500 years “time” has been paradoxical for physicists.

The distinction between the past, present and the future is an illusion, this comes from very well-understood physics, in Einstein’s case general theory of relativity.  Is this true?  Is it wise to believe time is a fixed constant?

Wells Fargo executives robbed their own customers in their mortgage scams, but let’s continue talking about some redditors shorting actions on GME/AMC. Shorting is how one collapses time in the stock market.  When a price rises quickly time vanishes and value is stolen.   It appears, from this perspective, reality is really a fucking illusion.

If you’re feeling rattled about learning that the stock market is a scam from the GME/AMC situation, wait until I tell you that money and time are illusions to, according to the laws of physics.

The GME and AMC show you fiat can only exist if time and value are illusions.

Is this this true?

Value is an illusion buried in the trust that makes a currency.  What about time?

The paradigm says, time is but an illusion created by beings with limited perception of what reality is all about.  Few people realize time is a concept that defines the past and future.  Time has no place in the present, hence it might be an illusion of the human brain to make sense of the chaos we sense.

Wall Street has forgotten their own axioms when it comes to time.   We should never make one customer our total priority when all you are to them is an option.  With respect to time, I think we get what we deserve.

When the Fed prints money and steals time and money from you, remember:  Currency fluctuations, inflation, and paper hike. You may not control all the events that happen to you by the Fed, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.  This is where BTC enters the equation.  We all need to choose wisely how to limit the effect of fiat on our lives.  Will this decision affect time in our life?   Understand how BTC controls the flow of value and time in your world.  Be brave now: and issue a letter to all your clients that you are hiking the prices. Most clients will respect you for it, and those who don’t were never going to value you appropriately either.  They are just like the Fed.

Pricing is actually a pretty simple and straight forward thing. Customers will not pay literally a penny more than the true value of the product you serve.  You know you’re priced right when your customers complain—but buy anyway.

What I ‘charge’ today has nothing to do with yesterday or tomorrow. It has to do with ‘now’!

The present moment is where time is timeless.

Price is what you pay. The value of time is what you get in the transaction.  I just completed my first crypto brainstorming session this week with a small group of people who wanted to to pick my brain to sample my value to expand the space time in their life they experience.  That made time and value tangible to them.

Today, forget the prices of things and cherish the value of people.

Others value your time exactly as you do. If you value it, so will other people.

If you don’t have a plan for your week before it begins, you’ve planned to fail.

Leaders who value their time always start with a plan for the week before it begins.

Always have a plan for your week before other people plan it for you.

Spend 80% of your time with people who give you 80% of your results and stand back and be amazed at what happens.  I use the filter of social media to figure out who that 20% is.

Regardless, if you haven’t decided ahead of time the kinds of people you’ll brainstorm with, you’re sunk.

The laws of nature are timeless, but the concept of time and value are not.  If the physical laws of Nature can change in time, then there’s nothing beyond time.

So what do I have to say about time now?  Time is real.  Based on the best evidence we have, and everything which appears real and everything which is true is real or true in a moment, which is one of a succession of moments. That’s what we experience. And the question should be in this case: Is that the structure of nature? Does nature exist in a series of moments, one after the other? Is that what’s really real about the world? Or is that, as Einstein said, an illusion, and there is some timeless picture which is the truer picture?

I think the present moment is built for BTC.  I think fiat is in our past. Why does time confabulate with our ability to reason?  I personally believe we are missing a historical dimension to physics and this is why time confounds us. As such, I believe, perhaps laws of nature change as the environment change.


I think this is why what has happened to GME and AMC has happened.  I think the General Motors recent bankruptcy was the wormhole that opened this can or worms.  GM’s bankruptcy seemed to suspend time because of how it changed the rules of how bankruptcy were supposed to work.  When GM’s death was put off it was as if time was suspended, and in th bankruptcy procedings, equity stakes were kept alive for the sake of “time”…………and the reason why TIME was dilated in this way followed no laws; it was done for the survival of pensions for those whose employment for GM had long expired.  The laws were changed to preserve the TIME and value of past workers.  The lesson?  When value collapses in pensions, so does time.  This is why it is now time for a new version of people’s money.

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