Vermont is going be epic.

I have waited about ten years to unleash the ideas that are coming in this talk.

I can promise you long term members and new Patrons will be astounded by the quantum biology built into the human skin.

Last year in Vermont I decided to use the story of my wife to show the audience how obesity really begins in the eye. The talk began with the mass equivalence equation E=mc^2 and ended with a picture of her at the end of her transformation.



This was her after in May 2017 below




The paper that showed my insights to the quantum biology at work in the eye to cause obesity was publish in 2017.  I had these ideas since 2003 from my work in reviewing the world wide literature.


Last year I laid the entire case out for the eye in modern disease epidemics and this year will add more meat to the bone.  For a review of last years event have a review of the video on YouTube.

I won’t disappoint this year on Saturday June 2.   I know where the pieces fit because I have seen them fall apart in me, my wife, my kids and thousands of patients.  Now I am going to show you how to put them back together using the wisdom of nature.



Today’s mitochondriac wisdom being poured into my Vermont presentation as we speak: Truths are approximations. All of them are,  because they are relative to the physics of the present moment.



Consider coming to Vermont and getting new data on how your skin really operates with your eye and mitochondria to build your optimal life. The name of the talk is “skin in the game.” My talk will focus on the poetry of nature in your skin.


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