CPC #49: Mondini’s dysplasia and Tinnitus

  • Mondini dysplasia can cause chronic tinnitus. This defect comes from a defect in the Fibonacci sequences during embryogenesis and can lead to defects in melanosis that can profoundly affect hearing and tinnitus generation in the dysplastic brain.
  • The Fibonacci numbers form a sequence of numbers defined by a relationship mathematically.  What this means, in English, is that it is a sequence of numbers whose relationship is this: after the first two numbers, each proceeding number is the sum of the previous two numbers. For example 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233…..and so on. Quite simple, really.
  • Fibonacci numbers are not purely artifact, they are also found in nature in an uncurling fern, the branching of trees, and leaflets of the pineapple. The Fibonacci sequence also describes the “golden spiral,” which is when a “golden rectangle” is subdivided in smaller and smaller golden rectangles —the result being a predictable spiral.
  • Fibonacci numbers have an interesting property. When you divide one number in the sequence by the number preceding it, you are left with a number very close to 1.618. This number is called the “golden ratio,” and rectangle whose sides is equal to the golden ratio is known as a “golden rectangle.”
  • One example of a biological structure in the mammalian body which is very close to a “golden spiral” is the cochlea.  You can see that spiral below in blue.

  • The Mondini malformation and Mondini defect is an abnormality of the inner ear that is associated with sensorineural hearing loss and tinnitus. This deformity was first described in 1791 by Mondini after examining the inner ear of a deaf boy. The Mondini dysplasia describes a cochlea with incomplete partitioning and a reduced number of turns, an enlarged vestibular aqueduct, and a dilated vestibule. A normal cochlea has two and a half turns, a cochlea with Mondini dysplasia has one and a half turns; the basal turn being normally formed with a dilated or cystic apical turn to the cochlear. The hearing loss can deteriorate over time either gradually or in a step-wise fashion and it can lead to debilitating tinnitus as hearing is destroyed. Destroying the ear with deafness operations might actually make the tinnitus worse. Cochlea implants might be a better way to deal with dysplastic auditory cortex.

About one in five people experience tinnitus, the perception of a sound—often described as ringing—that isn’t really there. Tinnitus brain mapping has revealed just how different tinnitus is from normal representations of sounds in the brain.

Perhaps the most remarkable finding from the brain mapping experiments was that activity directly linked to tinnitus was very extensive and spanned a large proportion of the part of the brain that researchers measured from during brain surgery. This tells us that tinnitus is really not a peripheral disease but a sensory processing disorder.

Only a few groups in the world have the expertise and collaborative infrastructure to conduct these neurosurgical experiments. It is possible because patients who require invasive brain mapping in preparation for epilepsy surgery also volunteer to participate in research studies. The University of Iowa has the ability to do this because of their epilepsy program.

It is such a rarity that a person requiring invasive electrode monitoring for epilepsy also has tinnitus. Some people do not have epilepsy but have been found to have other neurovascular abnormalities that might the cause of the tinnitus.

Iowa’s epilepsy team puts a recording platform into the patient’s brain for clinical purposes and they can modify it without changing the risk of the surgery. This allows them to understand functions in the brain in a way that is impossible to do with any other approach.

Iowa researchers contrasted brain activity during periods when tinnitus was relatively stronger and weaker. They found the expected tinnitus-linked brain activity, but they report that the unusual activity extended far beyond circumscribed auditory cortical regions to encompass almost all of the auditory cortex, along with other parts of the brain.

The sheer amount of the brain across which the tinnitus network is present suggests that tinnitus may not simply ‘fill in the gap’ left by hearing damage, but also actively infiltrates beyond this into wider brain systems based on the findings of this paper below.

These new insights should help to inform treatments such as neurofeedback or optogenetic therapies, where patients learn to control their “brainwaves,” or electromagnetic brain stimulation.

A better understanding of the brain patterns associated with tinnitus may also help point toward new photobiomodulation approaches to treatment.

The team included the University of Iowa researchers Hiroyuki Oya, Gander, Sedley, and Howard and Christopher Kovach, Kirill Nourski, and Hiroto Kawasaki, as well as Timothy Griffiths at Newcastle University. The research was supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health and the Wellcome Trust and Medical Research Council in the U.K.

Tinnitus appears to be a sensory processing disorder whose causes are multiple but all lead to a sensory processing disorder in the thalamus and auditory cortex.  Mondini’s dysplasia is one of many things that cause this cortical dysfunction in the auditory part of the brain.




DO TINNITUS, PD, and AD all RELATE TO blue light and nnEMF via hypoxia?

In the human ear, there are melanocytes present in the hearing mechanism which are cells that form melanin. Melanin is a UV light-absorbing pigment that can be made from tyrosine or phenylalanine. You can see from the picture above that the action spectra of light from both aromatic amino acids is 220-300nm light which is deep in the UV range. This implies the light frequencies are somehow linked to how and what we hear. Tinnitus is a warning symptom that your nnEMF environment is sub-optimal. The question is for the inquiring mind, is why did evolution put this photochemical in our hearing apparatus?

Might melanin be how we tune into our environment first before sound affects us?

Remember light travels way faster than sound so from a physics standpoint using light for the afferent sensory reflex loop makes a lot of quantum mechanical sense. It just offends your doctor’s common sense. That is a good thing for a Black Swan. We ask questions few people do.

In this system, full-spectrum solar light is critical because it contains the 200-400 nm light tyrosine/phenylalanine that needs to create melanin. Melanocytes make melanin from aromatic amino acids (tyrosine) that all have hexagonal rings of carbon that absorb UV light from 220 nm to 300 nm. For this mechanism to tune properly, you first need AM balanced light in the visible spectrum that has no UV light present. The dose of the blue light present is stimulatory to the pituitary gland but this pro-growth stimulus is always protected and balanced by the 42% of IR-A present early in the AM. The next light that shows up diurnally in solar exposure is UV-A light in the AM. when it shows up varies based upon your latitude. This explains why tinnitus is rare inside the tropics where light is more stable. I expect this will change as people inside the tropics begins to use technology from the US. This will ruin their afferent reflex loops.

Melanosomes in the ear pay attention to UV light’s arrival by having melanin’s electrons become excited by the sun rays. To activate the system the ear pinna and external auditory canal need the full day spectrum solar light to develop naturally. This includes IR-A, UV-A, and UV-B based upon your latitude and altitude.

The human ear effectively “measures” the light radiation environment you allow via your choices and helps fine tune your hearing by reacting with the photon traps in tyrosine and phenylalanine with the formation of melanin as hearing protectors. If the radiation environment is disturbed (by man-made light), limited or no melanin is formed in the pinna or in the external auditory canal.

Without this initial stimulus, human hearing becomes affected and our hearing becomes susceptible to an improper energy transformation.

People forget that when light collides with melanin the electromagnetic wave becomes and electro-mechanical wave or an electromechanical wave called a phonon/soliton. What is the target of this phonon or soliton? Look at the picture below. Is there a pigmented vascular layer in the inner ear? Yes, there is. Why do we have light pigments in our cochlea? And why do we have melanin in our pinna and our ear canal? These are questions Black Swans ask themselves to understand why their hearing is altered.

Those phonons are targeting pigmented cells in the body of the cochlea by a process of chemiexcitation. If solar light is absent and man-made light dominant in your environment the transformation these light waves into mechanical-acoustic signals (phonons/solitons) is disturbed. This is how tinnitus begins quantum mechanically in my opinion. The afferent reflex arc is disrupted by nnEMF light waves sensed on the external ear and in our ear canals.

Melanin is a pigmented polymer with a known role in dermal solar protection. In vertebrates, melanogenesis has been reported in leukocyte population of cells suggesting a potential role in innate immunity. An altered innate immune response is one of the first things ENT surgeons should suspect in people with tinnitus but few do because they do not know about this link.

The presence of melanin in the inner ear was established more than a century ago, but the exact biological function of the pigment in the labyrinth has yet to be determined in medical textbooks. This is why tinnitus remains a mystery for docs and their patients afflicted with it.

Special attention should be drawn to the composition of melanin. Melanin is a biological reservoir for divalent ions like calcium and as an ion exchanger, as well as an intracellular buffering system for calcium. nnEMF alters the resonance frequency of this atom. nnEMF also alters voltage-gated channels that control calcium flow. This explains why melanin and nnEMF are likely linked to the symptom of tinnitus. It should be pointed out to the non learned that melanin is capable of binding ototoxic drugs. Finally, morphological responses of melanocytes happen when local disturbance of Ca++. Below you can see how calcium is quantized to the light that affects the afferent loop in this reflex.

One last link of Ca2+ release to another ear disease is Meniere’s disease which is often linked to tinnitus.  An altered level of melanin or an imbalance of its functioning can create an imbalanced Ca2+ homeostasis in the inner ear.   This has been demonstrated using  endolymphatic hydrops (EH) as an animal model for Meniere’s disease. These models have shown us that there is a  possibility of a receptor-mediated Ca2+ transport across the pigmented epithelial layer, especially the light cells, and the presence of a ‘chemical signal’ as an initiating modulating factor in the disturbance of Ca2+ homeostasis.  It appears light tunes the cochela using calcium as the electromechanical lever.  It is pointed out numerous times in the PEER reviewed literature that melanin is capable of binding calcium and may act as a buffering system in hearing and in balance.

Quantum mechanics rarely extends to molecular medicine. Recently, the pigment melanin was found to be susceptible to chemiexcitation, in which an electron is chemically excited to a high-energy molecular orbital. In invertebrates, chemiexcitation causes bioluminescence; in mammals, a higher-energy process involving melanin transfers energy to RNA and DNA and mtDNA without using photons.  This can create lethal and mutagenic cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers that can cause many diseases. This process is initiated by the free radicals NO and O2-. Their formation can be triggered by nnEMF light and/or inflammation. Several chronic diseases share two properties: inflammation generates these radicals across the tissue, and the diseased cells lie near melanin. I have said for 15 years that that nonquantized chemiexcitation may be an upstream event in numerous human diseases that lead to mitochondrial damage.


Nuclear DNA repair of UV pyrimidine dimers in Chinese hamster ovary cells (CHO cells) is very selective with preferential repair of only sequences containing actively transcribed genomic regions. In essence, the literature over the last 30 years has shown very little repair mechanisms of these dimers in the entire mitochondrial genome of any animal tested.  Nuclear DNA repair mechanisms are quite rapid and very accurate.  Direct nuclear DNA action is likely not the mechanism that leads to disease.  Research has shown, even actively transcribed areas in mtDNA do not appear to be repaired in mitochondrial DNA. This data is in agreement with that previously reported in HeLa cells and in yeast  where a lack of repair of pyrimidine dimers in mitochondrial DNA was also observed.

The chemiexcitation path to diseases is a new quantum mechanical idea. It has long been known that photons of ultraviolet radiation from sunlight can be directly absorbed by DNA, where they excite DNA bases. If two excited pyrimidines (thymine or cytosine) are adjacent in RNA, DNA or mtDNA, a double bond forms automatically by the action of light. UV light can do this but it blue light is also quite capable of doing this as well.  When blue light creates ROS and RNS it opens thymine or cytosine to form two single bonds between the bases and makes a cyclobutane pyrimidine dimer (CPD); this [2+2] cycloaddition reaction can only happen if the bases are in an excited state by light.  Sunlight normally can lead to cell death via apoptosis.  It can also stimulate NK cells to take out the altered cell filled with mitochondrial disease and viral loads.  Alien light does not stimulate immunosurveillance in the same “quantized way” that sunlight does and this can lead to cancers or other mitochondrial disease.  This is often associated with co-morbid hypoxia in the cell.   Immunological surveillance is a monitoring process of the immune system to detect and destroy virally infected and neoplastically transformed cells in the body.  This is why altered melanosis is linked to both viral illness and cancers.

The CPD disrupts base pairing and distorts the DNA helix, leading to cell death or – when DNA replicates – a C→T mutation. Mutations in oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes are required for disease generation like cancer. Chemiexcitation instead excites the DNA bases long after light exposure has ended because of how melanin operates with light. In this situation, light radiation serves to activate enzymes that synthesize the radicals NO• and O2•−for hours afterward. These radicals form peroxynitrite, which oxidizes melanin or its monomer DHICA (5,6-dihydroxyindole-2-carboxylic acid) and allows ambient O2 to create a dioxetane on the melanin. The dioextane moiety, is a strained 4-atom ring containing –C–O–O–C–, is unusual in being able to release large amounts of energy in a single reaction, creating long-lived, high-energy, electronically excited triplet states (denoted by * below).

This triplet energy can transfer to RNA/DNA/mtDNA, resulting in a CPD without the involvement of photons. Thereafter, an unrepaired CPD would again result in mutations or cell death. The same radicals are formed during normal cellular inflammation from nnEMF damage, creates the same end product can be created by enzymes like horseradish peroxidase (HRP), prompting the idea that chemiexcitation can occur in internal organs leading to a myriad of diseases that today have no explanation of what causes them. This mechanism is likely why RF and microwave radiation damaged the ears and brains in people stationed in the Cuban embassy a couple of years ago when and Electromagnetic device was aimed at our emabassy to cause damage to US citizens.

Human mitochondria have their own DNA, which is double- stranded, circular and contains —16,569 base pairs. The mitochondrial genome has been sequenced in its entirety and consists of genes that code for 13 subunits of the respiratory chain complexes, 22 tRNAs and two rRNAs. Until recently, the only mitochondrial DNA defect that appeared to be of significance was that of a mutation in one of the mitochondrial ribosomal RNA genes which conferred chloramphenicol resistance. However, within the past 30 years defects in the mitochondrial genome have been described in a number of human diseases. The initial description by Holt et al. of deleted mitochondrial DNA in patients with mitochondrial diseases has been confirmed by  numerous studies which found that mitochondrial deletions occurred in > 90 % of cases with Kearns—Sayre syndrome. Additionally, mitochondrial point mutations have been associated with Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy, Pearson’s syndrome, autism, T2D, and some cases of chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia. Accumulations of mutations in mitochondrial DNA have also been reported in the brains of patients with Parkinsonism and Alzheimers disease. These findings suggest that mitochondrial DNA defects are of biological importance in modern medicine.  It makes you wonder why medicine keeps ignoring these links.

What does all this imply?  If you live at a high latitude, with poor sunlight, have too much nnEMF in your life that causes hypoxia, or you live in a large city with many people addicted to technology, you are at risk for hearing loss and tinnitus.  It also might be a precursor symptom to macula degeneration and neurodegeneration in the brain.  Anywhere melanin is located, chemiexcitation can cause mtDNA damage and cause a hum in your ears.


Chemical excitation of electrons: A dark path to melanoma.Premi S, Brash DE.DNA Repair (Amst). 2016 Aug;44:169-177. doi: 10.1016/j.dnarep.2016.05.023. Epub 2016 Jun 1.PMID: 27262612


Do you know the purpose of the unusual construction of the mitochondrial membranes? Did you know that the inner mitochondrial membrane is the ONLY membrane in humans that is DEVOID of DHA? Do you know why the membranes in the mitochondria are built by Nature to be extremely hydrophobic? Do you know that these membranes can carry voltages close to 30 million volts because of this build-out? Do you know that one of these membranes actually makes water from food? Did you know that the atomic construction of this water also has to be specifically depleted of a certain isotope? Do you know why all these things exist in your mitochondria?

The answer might shock you. Uncle Jack is going to tell you that all these things occurred 650 million years ago to suspend the laws of physics to allow nature to do things not even gods could fathom. Nature figured out how to use nanoscale spaces to suspend physics to build the possibility of life.

Did you know when a thin layer of water is squeezed between two hydrophobic surfaces, the laws of classical physics break down? Well, I have been teaching my members this since my epic April 2016 webinar on what life really is up too. Now you have more data I am on the right track and the paradigm and all my critics remain myopic.


So Nature built cells to have the ability to suspend what we should expect to give us the most improbable answer why life really exists and happens. She figured out how to suspend her own laws using things she built. How is that for counterintuitive?

That is why I teach Black Swans how to think. Black Swans are rare. They go deeper to find wisdom than others would. I call these people Black Swan mitochondriacs. Humans that actually take the time, to read, research, and read about science that on the surface seems superfluous, but is foundational to our health on the submolecular quantum level.

Nature does not employ any “balanced protocol” in her usage. She is all about unbalancing the scales to favor the tasks that cells need to accomplish. NEVER FORGET IT.

And anyone who says otherwise will have to explain this new finding.

People who have open minds to accept new data that blows your paradigm of beliefs apart.

Why do living things prefer the lighter isotope of hydrogen than the heavier version of hydrogen called deuterium?

Heavier things make quantum mechanics “less probable”.

In the early 1980s, researchers first noted an unexpected effect when two hydrophobic surfaces were slowly brought together in water. At some point, the two surfaces would suddenly jump into contact—like two magnets being brought together.  No one knew why or how it happened.

Part of this research challenge was to realize that the hydrophobic interaction is unique to liquid water.   No other solvents are capable of this effect.  Living things are most made of water.    Your colony of mitochondria make water.

The smaller an object/atom is, the less strictly it is governed by the laws of classical physics, and the more it is subject to quantum effects. A tiny hydrogen atom is a quantum object—sometimes behaving like a particle, sometimes more like a wave. Deuterium, twice as heavy as hydrogen, is less subject to quantum effects. The consequence is that D2O is less destabilized than H2O when squeezed between two hydrophobic surfaces and the hydrogen bonds between water molecules get broken. It turns out life wants to shapeshift water’s hydrogen bonds with light to create the magic that life uses.

When mitochondria are non optimal they are making less water and they become hypoxic. This changes the delta psi or the electric charge on its membranes and this lowers the redox potential. We can see this effect via our endogenous glutathione levels on testing. This lowers the probability of these quantum nuclear effects in water making illness more likely over health.

This tells us that this effect is important in creating the living state.  This new research work shows how quantum nuclear effects in water become substantial on the nanoscale.  that is the scale your cells operate in.

Nature is capable of a lot more than we believe.


“Nuclear Quantum Effects in Hydrophobic Nanoconfinement” by Buddha Ratna Shrestha, Sreekiran Pillai, Adriano Santana, Stephen H. Donaldson Jr., Tod A. Pascal and Himanshu Mishra, 31 July 2019, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters.
DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpclett.9b01835





When a wise person speaks he understands fully the intent of the words, but what the ignorant person hears is subject to their present set of knowledge. There is an inherent disconnect. There is always a loss of information and energy transfer in this case which is why social media is not the ideal place to explain yourself in order to teach.

This requires the student to have skin in the game to understand things well and it is best done in person. Where misunderstanding dwells, misuse will not be far behind in the under-educated mind. It is far safer and wiser for the quantum biologist to remain on the solid ground of the physics of light and eschew the shifting sands of philosophic extrapolations found in modern physics. The ignorant among us can know things, but the point of life is to understand how all things link back to the fabric of nature and life.

Life also has another surprise for those with natural wisdom: When we talk sense to a fool they often try to label you foolish only because of their own ignorance. If your audience is not wise this can lead to meme creation and control of many other lean minds. The goal is to make the curious wise with nature’s wisdom quickly to overcome the wasteful inertia of a paradigm’s core beliefs. This is why I am allergic to a closed mind who buries curiosity. What is the core message for a curious mind? Just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean or imply that the truth is not being delivered to you. Your wisdom myopia does not trump the deep truths buried in nature’s laws. There is a science of light out there to understand, and to bring it to biology is to brighten everyone’s perspectives. Today, biology is in the dark ages of understanding how light works with and within cells and innovates life from abiotic atoms.

This must change if medicine is to advance. An age in science is called dark, not because the light fails to shine, but because people refuse to see what is already published in the literature but still have yet to understand how it links back to life. Their educational myopia allows them to remain in the dark because they continue to misunderstand the implications of this data.


How is fear like a plague when politics gets in the way of people’s lives?

In September 1923, the Great Kanto earthquake devastated large parts of Tokyo, mostly owing to firestorms.

Rumors spread, and were often repeated in the mainstream press, accusing Koreans, a despised and poor minority, of planning to take advantage of the disaster by starting a violent rebellion. Japanese vigilantes, armed with swords, bamboo spears, and even guns, then set upon anyone who sounded or looked Korean. The media always stokes fires to grow.

Up to 6,000 people were murdered as police looked on and sometimes took part. The media was complicit in those murders, but you’ll never read that in a history book.

This was not some uniquely Japanese phenomenon. Mobs massacring unpopular minorities remain all too common. When Hindus started killing Muslims in Delhi recently, the Indian police were as passive, or as culpable, as the Japanese authorities were in 1923.

One need not go far back in European or American history to find similar, or even worse, cases of lynching and mass murder.

The medium is the message.  Social media allows everyone to be the press today, but none of them do the the bidding of ‘We The People’.  The goal of the free press by the founders was to protect the people from the tyranny of government by getting to the truth.  Content is fire today, and social media is the gas that the media is using to try to change society to an agenda their supporters want.  The media no longer is free.  They are chained to those who pay for their ads.  The INDUSTRIAL part of the industrial military complex.

CONGRESS is doing the bidding of the corrupt NAIAD/FDA/CDC by using the pandemic crisis to incite hatred.  That hatred has collateral effects that Senators and Congress people should have anticipated.  They did not.  In the beginning, those non linear collateral effects should have been considered to lead to deadly consequences.

Now they have.

Conspiracy theories can become lethal when stoked by politicians or media.  Both of stocked those fears.  

The panic that often occurs during a health crisis or in the aftermath of a natural disaster can — and has — led to spasms of irrational violence.  

Politicians will always hide behind the idea of intent, when what they should concern themselves with is the ultimate effect of their actions.  

So, as WE THE PEOPLE have seen this unfold maybe now you can see how “Antifa and Black Lives Matter” groups have gone from after thoughts to  current events.  

Who are these groups using to meet their agenda? 

Answer?  The media and  Mr. George Floyd, Mr. Jacob Blake, and Kyle Rittenhouse.  What are the facts we know at this point?    Floyd and Blake  forced his way into a woman’s home and pointed a gun at her stomach. Jacob Blake was wanted for domestic abuse and was terrorizing a woman when the cops were called. In the Me Too era it’s odd how the Left is making martyrs out of violent men who prey on women, don’t you think?

Rittenhouse was working as a lifeguard in Kenosha the day of shooting.  He went to clean vandalism at school after work.  He was not looking to kill people.  He was looking to protect his town from Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists.  Moreover,  The FBI has said  he did not carry his rifle across state lines.  The media has been silent on this.  The videos out there clearly show he shot two people in self defense.  That story is going uncovered by the media that supports Mr. Biden and Harris.  Have you asked yourself why this is the case?

You can’t raise money for Kyle Rittenhouse on GoFundMe — but they raised $2 million for this guy below.  You can’t defend Kyle Rittenhouse on Facebook — but you can defend this guy below

The politicians and media who let this genie out of the bottle, now can do little to contain it.  

This is why Mr. Biden and CNN’s Don Lemon are now trying to reign in looters and rioters. 

They are afraid of what pollsters are saying because their fortunes in November are now at risk.  This is the real prize for the politicians.  It is not about science or a pandemic.

We know what they are afraid of now……..and we know the cost they were willing to inflict on “WE THE PEOPLE” to get what they want…………..

 So what are you afraid of today?

For some people it’s heights. For others, it might be fear of illness or failure. For me, it’s wasting time, and people who focus on words over actions.

If you’re not running into the things that scare you, you aren’t really living, are you?

People often shy away from the things that make them nervous, because unless you’re afraid of showering, it seems a little like masochism to force yourself to face unnecessary things that can make you so unhappy. But consistently avoiding things that make us uncomfortable leaves us standing still in a world that is constantly moving. It doesn’t keep us safe; it keeps us behind the eight ball.

What is the evolutionary purpose of fear? Like GPS, our fears are our mind’s way of letting us know that we are at the edge of our comfort zone. Do you stay in that zone, or do you challenge the status quo daily?

It’s the risks we take, the times when something is hard but we march forward anyway, that adds spice to our lives and gives our memoirs the flavor a life needs.

Why should you look at your fears in the eye and smile? Nothing causes more consternation in a group of hypocrites than one honest person. Confidence is what we get when we take fear, face it, and replace it with something more useful.

“Courage is not the absence of fear; it’s having fear, but pushing through it.” This quote falls a little short of the point I want to make in this blog. This is not about supporting the left or right in this elections. Both parties are wings on the same bird. The media is mocking the bird by helping those who are abusing the people.

These ideas are not presented to sway you or scare you. They are being made to stoke your courage to speak up and no longer be silent. If you have been following my Twitter feed lately you’ll see that I am no longer remaining silent because of fear. You should chase after your fears because when your courageous act is complete, when you’ve pushed your deep-seated fears aside and chased after opportunity, at that moment you’ll truly be unstoppable.

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” —Marie Curie

It is time for “WE THE PEOPLE” to understand out government is at war with its people now.

Always remember: it wasn’t the rioting, looting, burned out buildings or dead bodies in the streets that made Democrats pump the brakes a little on BLM-

It was the polls finally turning against them. Nothing matters to the liberals but power. Nothing will break the left’s will to resist but another “shocking” victory in November, in my humble opinion.  Your beliefs might vary.


Did you know that melanopsin damage in the skin fat eyes or in your arteries is capable of causing anemia? How could this happen? Recent research has shown that depletion of mito-Super Oxide Dismutase, which acts as free radical in our mitochondria, inhibited succinate dehydrogenase activity leading to succinate accumulation in our colony of mitochondria. This also lowers the amount of light hydrogen isotope created from foodstuffs that is needed to reduce NAD+ to NADH at cytochrome one. The dual act seems to prevent nuclear DNA demethylation and inhibited red blood cell-like maturation from HEL cells. RBC maturation is a process dependent on DNA demethylation.

This appears how anemia of chronic disease occurs.   Anemia of chronic disease refers to having low levels of red blood cells as a result of how the presence of chronic diseases  (autoimmune diseases in which the body’s immune system attacks joints and/or body organs) or other chronic illnesses associated with low mitochondrial energy production.  People forget the first step of heme synthesis begins in the mitochondrial matrix so any level of mitochondrial damage limits heme synthesis for proteins.

Two hundred-billion red blood cells are renewed in our body every single day. These erythrocytes (also known as RBCs) are generated from bi-potent megakaryocyte-erythroid progenitor cells during a maturation process called erythropoiesis. Hypoxia stimulates erythropoiesis. Erythropoiesis is controlled very tightly and defects in the key elements of this step-wise maturation can lead to life-threatening conditions such as severe anemia or myeloproliferative disease. Transcriptional RNA interference-dependent and translational regulations are part of the core mechanisms required for proper erythropoiesis. Recently, an mRNA modification called N6-methyladenosine (m6A) has been found to control the expansion and self-renewal of hematopoietic stem cells.

In recent years, methylation at the N6 position of adenine (m6A) has gained the attention of RNA biologists because it seems control traffic in protein synthesis inside the cell. This implies that hypoxia is one of the key environmental signals to increase protein synthesis, mTOR, and uncontrolled growth in cells. The process of increased protein synthesis is controlled by the process of ubiquitination. Ubiquitination is controlled by the circadian mechanism in the human body. This links the amount of nnEMF, blue light exposure, or a lack of sun light to alterations in protein metabolism.

These are the foundational changes that support cancer generation when there is a chronic hypoxic stress stimulus.  Succinate accumulation in the TCA cycle in the mitochondrial matrix links mitochondrial MnSOD depletion to aberrant nuclear DNA methylation and these processes altered cell fates.  This is how alterations in energy production in mitochondrial causes an altered metabolism and can lead to diseases. 

Succinate accumulation is associated with increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) production due to an altered metabolism.  In the brain increased levels of succinate precedes neuronal injury, and plays a critical role in neurologic disease like epilepsy.  Epilepsy is also associated with hypoxia.

The production of ROS/mitochondrial ROS is associated with defects of mitochondria. For example, the production of ROS may be partly due to a defect in mitochondria that leads to altered energy consumption and energy dyshomeostasis.   There are many sources of mitochondrial ROS, including complex I (NADH dehydrogenase), complex II (succinate dehydrogenase, SDH), and complex III (coenzyme Q-cytochrome C reductase) of the electron transport chain (ETC).

Related studies have also indicated that the ROS signaling may be mainly derived from reverse electron transport (RET) to the ETC at complex I. Inhibition of complex I of the ETC induces mitochondrial ROS, oxidative damage, and increased neuronal loss

Messenger RNA is a flexible toolbox that plays a key role in the dynamic regulation of gene expression. RNA modifications variegate the message conveyed by the mRNA. Similar to DNA and histone modifications, mRNA modifications are reversible and play a key role in the regulation of molecular events.

Many people have asked me how chronic exposure to nnEMF or blue light can lead to cancer and a loss of control of this process is the answer to that question.

This is why when my members hire me to become their doctor at my Center in Destin their peripheral blood smear is one of the key things I look for that tell me about possible diseases that will be a problem for them in the future is they do not change the environments they allow.


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The current state of what we know about C-19 on 8/11/20

Present knowledge:  London, UK, hospital staff COVID19 antibody #seroprevalence is very high, with 34.7% for those with direct patient contact, and 22.6% for those with no patient contact. London’s general population is at 17.5%.

This is how Herd Immunity is achieved…


The higher percentages are likely due to density with high-touch high viral load, which is expected in hospitals. This is similar to what was seen in Mumbai’s slums, Australian cruises and prisons across the globe.

There is growing evidence that T-cell immunity allows populations to reach herd immunity once only 10-20% are infected with SARS-CoV-2.

This would explain why a highly transmissible virus in densely populated areas peaked at 10-20% infected regardless of lockdowns or masks.

The pervasive misconception is that we have zero immunity against COVID-19. Based on this flawed understanding, epidemiologists projected that herd immunity is not reached until 60-70% are infected.

This is almost certainly wrong.

Of course, the media ignores this research. While antibodies against COVID-19 may only last months, T cell immunity can remain protective for years.


Role of vitamin D in immunity during C19 is critical to get right.  Going outside in the sun is more wise than taking a Vitamin D pill.

A. Vitamin D is a major precursor for activation of T-cell (for any disease)

B. Vitamin D controls cytokines storm in COVID that causes blood clot & vascular damage of the organs like kidneys, heart, brain, and ultimately death.


1. Review @SpringerOpen provides detailed insight on the role of Vitamin D in building immunity by modulating monocytes, dendritic cells, T and B cells.  https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/5584_2018_246

2. Scientists  @uni_copenhagen have discovered that Vitamin D is crucial to activating our immune defenses & w/out sufficient intake of the vitamin, T cells will not be able to react to and fight off serious infections in the body. LINK: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/03/100307215534.htm

3. In this ancillary study of a randomized controlled trial, authors found that short term HIGH-dose vitamin D3 significantly reduced CD4 T-cell activation compared to low-dose vitamin D3, providing human evidence that vitamin D can influence cell-mediated immunity. LINK: https://academic.oup.com/jcem/article/101/2/533/2810779

In a study of 23 people who survived SARS in 2003, every single one had memory T cells that recognized the SARS virus 17 years later. (Nature) https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-020-2550-z


Moreover, blood samples from all 23 individuals showed “robust cross-reactivity” against SARS-CoV-2.

This can be called crossover immunity.

Crossover immunity is not limited to just people who were infected with SARS years ago though. In the same study, in 37 persons with no history of SARS or COVID-19 (negative serology and/or samples taken before COVID-19), over 50% had SARS-CoV-2 specific T cells.

This is not surprising because there are at least 4 strains of coronaviruses that cause the “common cold”. The above study is not the only one to show this level of cross-reactivity.

In a study from April 2020, in 68 healthy donors never exposed to COVID-19, 34% had T cells that reacted to SARS-CoV-2. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.04.17.20061440v1

This finding was confirmed in yet another study published in Cell in June 2020 showing that 40-60% of unexposed individuals had T cell recognition of SARS-CoV-2.

The authors hypothesized that crossover immunity came from “common cold” coronaviruses. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0092867420306103?via%3Dihub

Crossover immunity may explain why so many young and middle-aged individuals are asymptomatic even when testing positive for coronavirus. This is why a positive test should not be alarmist with this RNA virus.

It is likely that their T cells recognized the virus and mounted an immune response before even mild symptoms surfaced. What does this mean?  This is how natural herd immunity without a vaccine occurs in Nature.  This is not a narrative that is being pushed in the media or medical circles right now.  You need to understand why.

All those runny noses from the common cold prepared our T cells to fight COVID-19.

Although it has been ominously called the “novel-coronavirus”, SARS-CoV-2 is yet another coronavirus with many similarities in structure to the common cold coronaviruses. Why are the elderly hit so hard by COVID-19 though?

Indeed the strain of coronavirus that we faced in 2020 is more lethal than those in the past, specifically in the elderly and immunocompromised…With an understanding of T cell immunity, it makes sense that the elderly are more affected by COVID-19.

It is well known that persons in advanced age and/or who are immunocompromised lose T cells. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2020-06-cell-immunity-elderly.html

Let’s get back to herd immunity via T cells.

If ~50% of people had T cell immunity prior to SARS-CoV-2, then that leaves 50% of the population susceptible.

In the regions hit hardest by COVID-19, serology studies show new cases and deaths peaked at around 10-20% infected. Adding the 50% who already had T cell immunity from common cold viruses to the newly infected 10-20% equals about 60-70% immunity.

Not coincidentally, 60-70% is the percentage epidemiologists project is necessary for herd immunity with a respiratory virus. It is likely that many of the hardest hit regions of the world (e.g. Lombardy, NYC, Madrid, London, Stockholm) are now at herd immunity.

Lockdowns & mask ordinances (mostly coming after the peak) likely had little effect, with the exception of perhaps prolonging the spread. Sweden is an example of what herd immunity looks like without lockdowns or masks.

Based on serology testing, ~20% of Stockholm was infected by April.

Deaths peaked in Sweden in April.

Today, the pandemic is over in Sweden with zero deaths per day and subsiding new infections. Lockdown advocates will challenge this thesis and point to Indian slums and areas in Peru that reached much higher infection prevalence.

However, malnourishment is rampant in these very poor regions…And it is well known that T cell function is reduced in the malnourished. This research on T cell immunity is largely being ignored by the mainstream media, possibly due to political and pharmaceutical interests.

Hint: Assuming $35 per vaccine dose (Moderna’s price), vaccinating just the USA alone will result in a revenue of ~$10 billion annually. Considering that the coronavirus vaccine industry has the potential to be the biggest profit maker big pharma has ever seen, it is not surprising that we are seeing an overly aggressive push for lockdowns and masks until there is a vaccine—no matter the cost to the public or governments.

A recent paper out in Cell needs to be highlighted.  

COVID-19, hijacks proteins in host cells that serve as master regulators of key cellular processes. These regulators are called kinases.  Sunlight has a massive effect on kinases involved with C-19 and this is why the class of viruses are considered seasonal RNA viruses.  By doing so, the virus is able to rewire the cell’s internal circuitry to promote its own spread and survival when the solar redox is poor to activate the kinase pathways in the body. But the reliance of the virus on host-cell proteins may also prove to be its Achilles’ heel, as these same proteins can be easily targeted with existing drugs that are cheap and off patent.  These are drugs that Big Pharma does not want anyone to know about because they want everyone believing the narrative the vaccine is the ONLY acceptable way out of this pandemic.


In a study published June 28, 2020, in Cell, the researchers found that when SARS-CoV-2 infects cells, it assumes control over a family of enzymes known as kinases. Under normal circumstances, kinases serve as master regulators of metabolism, growth, movement, repair and other important cellular functions. Kinases work by attaching tiny chemical tags to proteins through a process known as phosphorylation. This is how sunlight sculpts matter in your cells to alter your immunity and keep you safe.  Once attached, these tags act as switches that turn proteins on or off, which keeps the complex machinery of the cell running smoothly.

When a cell is commandeered by SARS-CoV-2, however, these same kinases behave in ways that disrupt normal cell function and transform the host cell into a virus factory. Cell division comes to a halt, inflammation pathways are activated, and the cell even begins to produce tentacle-like structures known as filopodia, which protrude from the cell’s surface and may serve as molecular highways that help the virus spread rapidly to neighboring cells.

This dependence of SARS-CoV-2 on kinases was revealed in experiments in which the researchers counted and catalogued all the proteins found in both infected and uninfected cells. Though they observed no significant differences in the total amount of protein found in each group, the scientists noticed huge disparities in phosphorylation levels – a clear sign that SARS-CoV-2 was changing kinase behavior in infected cells.

This work is being coordinated at UCSF in California. It is being done at UCSF’s Quantitative Biosciences Institute (QBI). Soon after COVID-19 emerged as a threat to global health, QBI Director Nevan Krogan, PhD, assembled a crew comprised of dozens of UCSF scientists representing a broad range of scientific disciplines in an effort to address the pandemic from as many perspectives as possible. The QBI Coronavirus Research Group (QCRG), as the cross-disciplinary team is now known, includes a number of scientists with expertise in kinases, as well as the drugs that can be used to disable them.  These drugs work against cancers.  You might be shocked to learn that hydroxychloroquine is one of these drugs.  You might begin to understand why the media and Big Pharma want to limit its use.  The media number one advertiser is Big Pharma.

For example, Dr Fauci’s NIH branch has placed a blockade in effect on Chlorquine in this cancer paper.  Ask yourself why he would do this?  Check the status on this article….EMBARGO….to be released at a later date…once you find a copy and read it….you understand why it’s been delayed….crooks against any good science that will limit the patent power for a new vaccine that Dr. Fauci and his Gates cabal will benefit from for sure.  It is a good paper to review for a Black Swan. Chloroquine (CQ) a drug closely related to hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) interfers with phosphorylation of extracellular signal-regulated kinases (ERK)1/2 and the ERK-activating kinases mitogen-activating protein/ERK kinase (MEK)1/2.  This decreases TNF which controls all the inflammatory pathways in the body that control mitochondrial autophagy.

At pharmacological concentrations,  CQ and HCQ have significant effects on tissue homeostasis, targeting diverse signaling pathways in mammalian cells. A key target pathway is autophagy, which regulates macromolecule turnover in the cell. It also recycles defective mitochondrial from direct C19 attack.  In addition to affecting cellular metabolism and bioenergetic flow equilibrium as I laid out in my July 2020 lecture here on Patreon, autophagy plays a pivotal role at the interface between inflammation and cancer progression. Chloroquines consequently have critical effects in tissue metabolic activity and importantly, in key functions of the immune system.  This is the major reason why these antibotic drugs work in viral diseases.  Dr. Fauci knew this information in 2005 as seen above.  Do you still trust the CV task force leader?



Innate cellular immunity involves nonspecific cells like Natural Killer T cells. They are activated anytime we get exposed to a viral pathogen, known to us or not. They are like a sniper that is told to kill anyone that looks like they don’t belong, as in virally infected cells. They are not specific to any virus or family of viruses.

Adaptive cellular immunity mainly involves the TNF pathways that deal with CD4 and CD8 T cells. These are produced anytime you have a particular virus. They are like a Mafia hit man who is contracted to kill someone and everyone related to that person, so a Coronavirus or any of its cousins. More specific than the NK T cells but nonspecific enough to take out infected cells of a family of viruses if the individual has good cellular immune function. They also provide longer lasting immunity than antibodies for most respiratory viruses.

The humoral immune response involves the production of antibodies (Immunoglobulins IgM, IgG) by B cells that are activated by the cellular immune response if the threat is bad enough. Think about these antibodies like an assassin with an individual target, like Jason Bourne getting a photo of his target and going after that specific person. Antibodies are like a lock and key in their response, very specific to that particular virus and even that particular strain of virus. They do not often offer cross reactive defense to other mutations or related viruses in the family.
THIS is why I have been focused on helping myself, my family, and my friends improve the innate and adaptive cellular immune response, antibodies are fine but less predictable and don’t always last for this type of virus. Also the T Cell immunity offers defense against the future viral threats that we may face, I suspect there will be more.

That is a basic immune system lesson to use when you get confused! And remember Sunlight properly shapes life and health, how’s it shaping yours?  Artificial light improperly shapes your immune system and sets your up for mitochondrial damage making a C19 infection more likely.  Is that what you want now?





Is having a relatively stable magnetic field critical maintenance of you free radical pulses at night while you sleep that helps you regenerate? This is why the magnetico sleep pad can help people when they live in an electro-polluted home or city.

Life on earth is sustained in a relatively narrow range of environmental factors and magnetic flux is one of these characteristics. Human have known about the magnetic field of the earth for several hundred years but only recently were we educated about its true complexity and how that complexity links to why humans have haplotype variation in out mitochondrial DNA.

The magnetic strength of our environment can be sensed by many animals and humans have proved this field exists by our use of specially designed instruments to measure these effects.

Earth has a varying magnetic field, is not static, but more stable under darkness when the sun is set. The poles of the planet move daily with light and dark, and their is a cyclic variation in their magnitude at a circadian rate. On larger scale magnetic poles can reverse and this has coincided with massive changes in life on Earth.

Our blood is a magnetohydrodynamic fluid that senses these changes via periredoxins. Magnetohydrodynamic factors arise in our bodies in part from the resonant cavity that formed between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. This cavity produces low frequency micropulsations between 0.01-20Hz but are most common at 7.83 Hz to 10 Hz. Transient solar storms alter these fields and so do lightening dischages do as well. Lightning produces RF energy in the kilocycle range which propagates along the lines of force of the magnetic field of Earth mimicking meridians on the surfaces of animals who also have their own magnetic registers due to the free radicals their mitochondria create.

As lightning bounces along these force lines between the hemisphere waves are created within the resonant cavity and they effect all living things on Earth. This occurs because the energy of the bolts of lightning is capable of ionizing atoms in that resonant cavity to affect valence electrons and often times electrons of deeper shells in atoms to change the structure of living things on Earth. Ultimately, these changes, I believe are what drive evolutionary change on Earth. As a result of these actions of magnetism, large electrical currents are generated within the Earth and the the atmosphere. The currents in the Earth are called telluric currents and the ones in the atmosphere we call the Schumann resonance.

Grounding concerns itself with telluric currents. The size and shape of the Van Allen belts above Earth have direct effects on the micropulsations of the Schumann resonance. In fact, fluctuations in the large currents flowing in the Van Allen belts is generated by the time variances found in the magnetic field on Earth. This along with the collision of the solar wind on the magnetosphere of Earth produce high magnetic currents in equatorial regions of the ionosphere which link to living things in these regions by having mitochondria which favor a tightly coupled mtDNA haplotype (L0, L1, L2, L3)

It is these magnetic currents that couple with the telluric currents in earth below that create a magnetic signature that helps format free radicals in cells using oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur. They do this because this coupling effect results in massive DC electrical currents that discharge at the 7-10Hz frequency from the resonant cavity of the ionosphere. The discharge of these currents no only produces these micropulsations, but they create heat, UV light, and shock waves which all would have contributed to chemical reactions in living things. This is how abiotic forces affect atoms in cells to alter life.

This is why nature is counterintuitive to common sense. We are just not aware enough of how magnetic forces alter things below our ability to sense them. For example, in 1828 in Berlin humand found out that from the work of Friedrich Wohler that ammonium cyanate could be transformed into to urea by heat alone. Urea and its cycle is critical to living things. Because of magnetic forces on Earth, the heat they liberated could have taken deadly ammonium cyanate in the primitive Earth’s environment made by Ulrey like mechanisms and transformed it into a chemical life depends upon millions of years later. Heat from a magnetic transformation is capable of rearranging the atoms of a molecule into a different compound, yet still remain in possession of all the original atoms, but the new compound was something useful to the slow building up of life forms. These insights should tell you just how complex the threads of nature are when she spun out a life form on Earth.

This tells the student of life that the electromagnetic environment of the Earth is complex and diverse but operates on a direct current of electric flow. These currents are inter related to many other factors that continually vary giving living thing the opportunity to vary its form as the environmental energies vary. Our understanding of this science remains rudimentary even today.

Hardly 30 years later Friedrich Kekule in Ghent figured out how nature used methane to build hydrocarbons that could capture light to use them as chromophores. Chromophores are melatonin, T3, T4, NAD+, and leptin to name a few.

Kekule realized that benzene was a hydrocarbon that was essentially deficient in hydrogen per unit of carbon, to wit: C6H6. He realized how benzene was formed when he saw the curling of smoke emitted from his pipe and got a ‘vision” of gamboling carbon compounds on early earth atmosphere, where the crbone of methane just grabbed its own tail to create a hexagon. This simple idea changed the world. When Kekule realized that a fourth valence could be absorbed intramolecularly, the door to modern chemistry flew wide open for man. This one thought experiment is truly where Big Pharma was invented. I bet no one ever took you down this path before! He called these compounds aromatic hydrocarbons because most of them have distinct odors. They set off our sense of smell. They also are the ideal photon traps to capture different frequencies of light to tickle our retina. Nature seemed to do this experiment 4 billion years before Kekule and built life around these properties. I believe it is where our sense of smell and sight began too.

From this description above it should be obvious that man made electropollution would have an effect on these magnetic effects life depends upon. It should be obvious that things made from urea and aromatic amino acids must somehow link to how life transforms energy.

Then you should remember that tryptophan is an aromatic amino acid that forms melatonin and melatonin controls the only two change programs mitochondria use, namely autophagy and apoptosis. Now hopefully you can finally see how magnetism links to your haplotype, your melatonin levels, and free radical Rosetta blueprint.

Melatonin is made in the daylight but operates under the cover at night when MAGNETIC fields are larger than electric fields.  If you do not understand magnetism, you’ll never understand how melatonin does what it can.  It should now begin to become more clear why a magnetico pad might be able to improve your sleep.

When we sleep gas exchange changes.  As CO2 levels rise, you get less and less oxygen in each breath. This can cause you to feel sleepy, tired, or less focused because dissolved CO2 affects magnetic effects in your body.  It also cools you.  This is why body temperature changes at night and why melatonin rises as our core temps falls 2-4 degrees F to operate.

Typically, carbon dioxide levels rise during the night when people are sleeping, especially if the door and windows are closed. This is not true when they sleep outdoors.  Sleeping indoors creates pseudohypoxia.  This is where the magnetico effect helps.  Most of us sleep inside.  This creates a huge aging problem in our colony of mitochondria over time.   Unfortunately, poor air quality can hinder restful sleep and optimum health in many homes because no one engineers oxygen and CO2 levels to vary with the Earth daily magnetic fluctuations.

How does this biologic effect link to geomagnetism?

From the did you know file?  Global cooling seems to be associated with increases in geomagnetic field intensity whereas global warming is associated with decreased geomagnetic field intensity. This happens because CO2 gas solubility changes with a varying magnetic field.   Today we see evidence of decreased geomagnetic field power on Earth,  which is another factor climatologists never seem to account for a rising CO2.  Remember CO2 is also made in mitochondria from the oxidation of foods.  This magnetic effect on CO2 solubility likely plays a larger role in mitochondria than scientist thinks,  because magnetic effects are magnified at smaller scales based upon how the electromagnetic force changes strength at small scales.  Recall too that CO2 itself, can act as a free radical.   It has an unpair electron!!!

So what is CO2 up to in cells?  What is it capable of if more CO2 is buried in us when we are around alien magnetic fields from tech devices?   We cannot sleep as well, is the short answer.  This is why a magnetico pad can help with nnEMF and hypoxia at the fundamental level.

When mitochondrial oxygen consumption slows, the production of CO2 also slows and it drops.  This means CO2 levels on a chemistry 7 blood test is a great proxy for the magnetic flux present in your colony of mitochondria.  As mitochondria become less active and CO2 drops,  DNA becomes more unstable and susceptible to alien magnetic fields that can pull nucleic acids apart more easily and lead to diseases.  Low CO2 levels is something I pay attention too as we trend labs for our Farm clients.

Can a magnetico pad help hypoxia from technology because it boosts magnetic field power when we sleep on it?

Carbon dioxide interacts both with reactive nitrogen species and reactive oxygen species. In the presence of superoxide, NO reacts to form peroxynitrite that reacts with CO2 to give nitrosoperoxycarbonate. This compound rearranges to nitrocarbonate which is prone to further reactions. In an aqueous environment, the most probable reaction is hydrolysis producing carbonate and nitrate. Thus the net effect of CO2 is scavenging of peroxynitrite and prevention of nitration and oxidative damage. This is why a drop in CO2 on labs concerns me.

However, in a nonpolar environment of membranes, nitrocarbonate undergoes other reactions leading to nitration of proteins and oxidative damage. When NO reacts with oxygen in the absence of superoxide, a nitrating species N2O3 is formed. CO2 interacts with N2O3 to produce a nitrosyl compound that, under physiological pH, is hydrolyzed to nitrous and carbonic acid. In this way, CO2 also prevents nitration reactions. CO2 protects superoxide dismutase against oxidative damage induced by hydrogen peroxide. However, in this reaction carbonate radicals are formed which can propagate the oxidative damage. It was found that hypercapnia in vivo protects against the damaging effects of ischemia or hypoxia. Several mechanisms have been suggested to explain the protective role of CO2 in vivo. The most significant appears to be the stabilization of the iron-transferrin complex which prevents the involvement of iron ions in the initiation of free radical reactions.  This shields free iron from magnetic fields and limits damage.

The answer is a magnetico pad makes sense in a world filled with nnEMF as the Earth’s magnetic field strength declines.  It also makes sense if you sleep indoors chronically.

Discount code for the magnetico is KRUSE15 for Patreon members.




I decided to take a lecture by Dr. Doug Wallace and break it down piece by piece to have attendees understand fully what the science of mitochondrial medicine is implying.  I have been employing this technique in my personal training and mentorship of my clients at KruseatDestin.com and I decided to do this live for a group of 75 in July 2020.

Have a listen and tell me if you thought this was a good way to communicate science in the future.

Thanks for watching and this is synopsis of the implications of this lecture below.

The human body contains of many different organs and tissues but every one of these is made of cells and all of these cells have a similar basic structure and function.
Here I have drawn a human with the most important organs for my explanation. This is not to scale. This is the brain, the eyes, the skin, and the inside is a cell.

Every cell has a cell membrane that is semi-permeable meaning that it lets certain things in and out of the cell-like water, nutrients, and waste products.

Every cell has a cell nucleus that contains the DNA in the chromosomes. DNA codes for proteins that are made in the cell.

Every cell, except red blood cells, contains mitochondria. Mitochondria are the energy-producing part of the cell. They take the food you eat to make energy for the organs and the body to function. The number of mitochondria in a cell depends on the metabolic function of the cell. High energy consuming organs like the heart and brain have many thousands of mitochondria per cell. Whereas a fat cell has far fewer mitochondria. Here I have just drawn one.

The health of your body depends on the energy your mitochondria can make. Tissues that get diseased have poorly functioning mitochondria. So if you have a skin disease or diabetes or heart disease or brain disease it means the mitochondria in those organs are not working.

Therefore understanding how a mitochondria functions are fundamental to reversing or preventing diseases of just about any kind even genetic diseases.

Inside the mitochondria, there is an electron transport chain that consists of 5 cytochromes.

All food is broken down into subatomic particles called electrons and protons. Electrons have a negative charge and protons have a positive charge. The mitochondrial electron transport chain separates the positive and negative charged particles across the inner mitochondrial membrane and the electrons are used to make ATP, CO2, and a special kind of water called deuterium depleted water (DDW).

The ATP and DDW are used in the cell for metabolic functions. CO2 is a waste product that is breathed out.

The ability of your mitochondria to collect and separate electrons and protons and make ATP, CO2 and DDW is called the REDOX which is short for the chemical reactions of reduction and oxidation that the mitochondria perform. When mitochondria are functioning well they make lots of ATP and DDW that your cells and organs use to keep all the metabolic processes in the body functioning appropriately to avoid disease.

The most important organs for mitochondrial function are the skin, the eyes, the brain. Inside the brain, there is a small region called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) that is the master clock controller of all circadian rhythms in the body. Circadian rhythms are biological processes in the body that have a 24-hour cycle. In humans, this is the daily wake, sleep cycle.

There are approximately 37.2 trillion cells in the human body and the proper function of each one depends on the master clock controller to make sure they act at the appropriate time of the day or night. When cells get disconnected from the master clock controller mitochondria can no longer work as well and this lowers their REDOX meaning they make less ATP & DDW. In order for the master clock to control the daily sleep/wake circadian rhythms of 37.2 trillion cells, it must get signals from the environment to tell what time of the day or night it is. The environment is the sun, the earth, the food, and water.

Sunlight is absorbed through the eyes and skin and tells the master clock what time of the day it is. From the very first light of the day, before sunrise, photoreceptors in the skin begin to detect the rising sun. This releases hormones that start to wake you up.

As the sun rises there are different frequencies of sunlight and these varying frequencies are specific signals to the SCN for hormone release to wake the body from unconscious sleep to conscious wakefulness and movement.

Early morning UVA and IRA sunlight in the eyes and skin makes melatonin. Melatonin is the sleep hormone and the hormone that protects mitochondrial function and circadian rhythms. Melatonin is released at night time after 4 hours of darkness. Melatonin is turned down or even off by any light exposure after sunset.

Early morning sunlight makes dopamine that is needed for proper mental health, learning, and memory. UVB sunlight on the skin makes vitamin D from cholesterol that is needed for immune function.

Sunlight makes vitamin B12. UV sunlight stimulates red blood cell synthesis. UV sunlight on the skin increases venous oxygen. Sunlight on the skin lowers blood pressure.

Early morning sunlight increases melanin in the eyes, skin, and hair. The more melanin you have the more sunlight energy you can collect.

During the daylight, humans eat food that is broken down into electrons and protons in the mitochondrial electron transport chain to make ATP, DDW, and CO2. The mitochondria supply the energy for the daily movement and functions of the body.

Sunlight has specific frequencies of visible light – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and humans detect and use these frequencies for specific cellular signaling, hormone and neurotransmitter production.

These frequencies vary in intensity throughout the day and this is the signal that the master clock uses to control every cell in the body via hormones that are released at different times of the day.

Every gene in the human genome has a clock gene in front of it and these are controlled by the light and absence of light detected by the SCN.

At sunset, there are photoreceptors in the eyes and skin that detect the waning sunlight and then the absence of light on the eyes and skin is also a signal to the master clock to prepare for sleep by releasing hormones.

During sleep cells undergo cellular growth and metabolism that grows new cells, recycles the components of some cells, and replaces other cells.

Growing new cells such as building up muscle cells to respond to exercise. Some cells in the body are replaced regularly like skin and gut cells. Others, like brain and heart cells, have their components recycled.

Cellular recycling is called autophagy and cellular removal is called apoptosis. Mitochondria also undergo recycling and replacement called mitophagy.

These are all controlled by mitochondria based on the circadian rhythms dictated by the master clock controller. That is the sunlight and darkness signals detected by the eyes and skin.

Sleep at night time during darkness is the most important daily health activity. The only way that photons from sunlight can interact with humans is via electrons. Electrons collect and carry photons and release them at particular times and places in the cell.

Photons carry information about the time of the day and the season to mitochondria and mitochondria vary their functions in daily and seasonal patterns.

For a human cell to collect electrons it needs docosohexanoic acid (DHA) in the cell membranes. DHA is an electron-rich omega 3 fatty acid that is obtained from marine foods and not burned as energy but is rather used in cell membranes.

DHA is particularly abundant in the eye and brain cells because these cells collect and transform a lot of light. Seafood also contains the iodine and selenium cells need to assimilate DHA into cell membranes. Seafood must be eaten regularly.

DHA in cell membranes turns sunlight into a DC electric current that cells use for growth and metabolism.

Human cells also contain water and this water is not just sloshing around. Inside the cell and the blood plasma and cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) it has specific crystalline molecular structure and function that allows it to behave like a battery to collect and separate electrons and protons to form an exclusion zone (EZ) that acts like a battery. EZ water absorbs sunlight and the electrons in water collect photons to deliver them to the mitochondria.

All food is broken down into electrons and protons and is fed through the mitochondrial electron transport chain. Carbohydrates typically grow in summer or tropical climates and this food carries photons on its electrons that tell the mitochondria what season it is.
Electrons from carbohydrates are fed through cytochrome I of the ETC and the photons these electrons carry tell the mitochondria that it is summertime. In the summertime, mitochondria replace and recycle themselves = mitophagy. This is important to keep mitochondrial REDOX working well.

In winter carbohydrates do not typically grow and the human diet is naturally animal fats. Electrons from animal fats go to cytochrome II and carry lower frequency photons from the winter sunlight. Mitochondrial release different signaling molecules (reactive oxygen species = ROS) in summer and winter.

The circadian clocks of the SCN, cells, mitochondria and all the genes need these light signals on the eyes and skin to match the food signals to keep the body functioning in a globally controlled system.

The important message is that humans, just like wild animals, should eat what grows naturally in the environment they live in so the signals from the electrons and photons in the food they eat matches the sunlight and temperature detected by the eyes and skin. This enables the SCN to coordinate circadian rhythms for every cell in the body.

Humans are also meant to be barefoot on the earth daily where the 7.83 Hz magnetic field tunes all the electromagnetic atoms in the body. The magnetic field is created by sunlight hitting the earth and it varies daily and seasonally.

The magnetic field is stronger at night time when sunlight is absent. The earth is also a source of free electrons that can be collected when animals like humans are barefoot on the earth. Grounding to the earth lowers blood pressure.

Humans evolved on the east African rift naked and barefoot eating marine food. This is the natural diet and lifestyle for humans. Humans later migrated to colder places around the globe where the sunlight is weaker. In these places, humans evolved adaptations to weaker sunlight and low vitamin D by changing mitochondrial function to make more heat and lighter eyes, skin, and hair.

Humans no longer live in the natural environment they evolved in. Humans these days live 90% of their lives indoors, disconnected from the earth and the sun, and the seasonal temperature variations.

Humans these days are bathed in artificial light 24 hours a day and nonnative electromagnetic frequencies from communications and the power grid. The artificial electric and magnetic fields are detected by cells and this changes gene expression. Nonnative EMFs increase blood glucose levels to cause diabetes and chronic kidney disease. Nonnative EMFs interfere with heart and brain electrical rhythms. Non-native EMFs caused cancer and mental illness.

Artificial light does not resemble sunlight at all as it does not have the appropriate combination of frequencies of light and has very high levels of blue and green. Blue and green light in sunlight are only available at certain times of the day and come with the other frequencies. Blue and green promote wakefulness and their absence promotes sleep.
Humans no longer experience darkness after sunset and this has serious consequences for sleep, circadian rhythms, hormones, and control of cellular metabolism in every cell of the body.

Mitochondria lose control of autophagy and apoptosis and this leads to cellular dysfunction and diseases.

Without sunlight and darkness hormones can not be made and released at the appropriate times of the day and night. This causes insomnia and daytime sleepiness that reduces health and well being.

Humans no longer eat seasonal local naturally grown foods. They eat artificially grown foods that do not contain the appropriate energy and information from natural seasonal photosynthesis.

Carbohydrate electrons carrying blue light photons are eaten year-round and this uncouples circadian rhythms. There is a constant summertime environmental signal from lighting, air-conditioning, and clothing in the modern human lifestyle and this changes the epigenetic gene expression leading to diseases.

Humans don’t eat enough seafood and they eat a lot of processed carbohydrates, grain-fed animals, and vegetable oils. Grain-fed animals have high levels of omega 6 in their fats. Vegetable oils are very high in omega 6 fats that compete with DHA for a place in cell membranes. Combined with a lack of DHA from the diet this seriously compromises cellular function.

Humans no longer eat seasonal local naturally grown foods. They eat artificially grown foods that do not contain the appropriate energy and information from natural seasonal photosynthesis.

Carbohydrate electrons carrying blue light photons are eaten year-round and this uncouples circadian rhythms. There is a constant summertime environmental signal from lighting, air-conditioning, and clothing in the modern human lifestyle and this changes the epigenetic gene expression leading to diseases.

Humans don’t eat enough seafood and they eat a lot of processed carbohydrates, grain-fed animals, and vegetable oils. Grain-fed animals have high levels of omega 6 in their fats. Vegetable oils are very high in omega 6 fats that compete with DHA for a place in cell membranes. Combined with a lack of DHA from the diet this seriously compromises cellular function.

Cell membranes that lack DHA can’t efficiently collect electrons and photons and turn sunlight into a DC electric current. This reduces the REDOX of the mitochondria decreasing the ATP and DDW that cells need and leads to inflammatory signals and cellular dehydration.
Non-native EMFs also cause cellular dehydration that decreases the battery capacity of EZ water in the body further compromising the number of electrons and photons and protons that can be delivered to mitochondria.

Humans these days drink fluoridated water and consume brominated foods. These chemicals decrease the battery capacity of water in the body and increase cellular dehydration no matter how much water you drink.

Dehydrated skin cells can not produce vitamin D even if they are exposed to UVB sunlight. Combined with a lack of sunlight exposure humans these days live with chronically low vitamin D that causes cancer, autoimmunity, mental illness, and neurodegeneration.

Lack of sunlight exposure decreases the production of melanin in the eyes, skin, and hair and this decreases the efficiency of the body to use sunlight to create energy.

People sleep during the day and are awake most of the night. Daytime sleep and fragmented sleep are not regenerative and do not allow cells to undergo proper autophagy, apoptosis or mitophagy.

Cells that can not perform autophagy will collect misfolded proteins that lead to autoimmunity and neurodegeneration.

Cells that can not perform apoptosis will develop cancer.

This leaves the body with poorly functioning cells and mitochondria that are disconnected from the SCN and the circadian clocks. Mitochondria develop mutations in their DNA and this reduces the REDOX possible in cells.

Poorly functioning mitochondria can be passed on to offspring by mothers. This leads to poor health and childhood diseases.

All of these unnatural environmental signals uncouple circadian rhythms and lead to epigenetic changes in how DNA is expressed.

Humans are now suffering unprecedented levels of chronic epigenetic diseases in younger and younger people. We have drastically changed our environment and lifestyle. To reverse or prevent epigenetic diseases we need to return to our natural environment.

Hat tip to Roger and Richelle Jones for posting this summary of my work.


C19 is an unprecedent phenomenon because it has fostered an unscientific thinking epidemic in the public fueled by the media. It is truly shocking what is happening in the media – science is being utterly trashed and rehashed to create junk news narratives to control people with fear.

People fear things they don’t understand. Today’s blog is designed for you to understand things better to show you there is nothing to fear if your redox levels are good before you come in contact with C19.

Higher ROS levels are also linked to higher levels of viral infection and replication.

What heme protein in your blood controls ROS levels as a defense? CATALASE.

Researchers have tested the use of stabilized catalase to regulate the level of ROS in virally infected cells. ROS are oxygen metabolites that are potent oxidants, mostly generated by the electron transport chain in the mitochondria and cytochrome P450, but also via oxidase enzymes found in many cells, especially endothelium and phagocytes.

Typically, the process of ROS generation begins with superoxide anions, which being unstable are rapidly converted to H2O2 or hydrogen peroxide, via superoxide dismutase (SOD3). H202 is known to cause feedback regulation of some of the dehydrogenases on the respiratory chain.

H202 may be converted to oxygen and water through the enzyme catalase, or to HOCl via myeloperoxidase (MPO), or to water through glutathione/glutathione peroxidase complex (GSH/GPX).

Whenever antioxidant enzymes are deficient, or if ROS are produced in excessive amounts, H2O2 may accumulate in the tissues, causing oxidative protein damage and producing more ROS. Thus, it is important to get rid of this chemical when it is present in large amounts.

The ROS is part of the body’s weaponry against infections, and also an essential part of the body’s signaling mechanism. Its generation is essential to recruiting leukocytes to wounds, to modulate the immune response. Thus, it is needful to mitigate the excessive production of ROS rather than suppress them altogether. This could also restore immune function to normal.

The antioxidant catalase is the most abundant and effective enzyme to break down H2O2 in our blood plasma. It is commonly found in the liver, red cells, and the alveolar cells of the lung. It is able to decompose 107 molecules of H2O2 within a second. However the problem is that this enzyme is highly unstable to topologic effects.

5G is another type of man made light wave that causes problems at surfaces.

When skin is altered topologically can you make Vitamin D normally?

Vitamin D is absolutely necessary for people’s lives. Without it, we can’t live. It’s critical to activate T-cells as this hyperlink shows: https://tinyurl.com/gsrc53x

The Sun allows us to create vitamin D via our skin surface and is thus the best vaccine against C19.

Anyone who is injured by c19 has betrayed or a naive immune system. This may be viral, bacterial,  fungal/mycotoxin, irritated bowel, urinary tract disease, metabolic disease, MS, leprous, malnutrition, sepsis, celiac disease, urinary tract infection, and or frequent infections.

Light breaks a lot of human assumptions in science.

Full-spectrum terrestrial with UVA and UVB de-magnetizes (or de-gausses) the blood plasma which has a myriad of collateral effects. It improves T cell function in the adaptive immune response to limit cytotoxic storms so common in C19 cases in those with low Vitamin D levels in ICUs.

Did you know sunlight alters catalase levels seasonally which affects the free radical H2O2 in your blood plasma to work optimally?

CATALASE: is a heme containing enzyme that mitochondria use to control oxygen using water as its medium.  Recall all heme proteins are destroyed by melanopsin damage and C19.

Heme containing enzymes (catalase and peroxidase):

Catalase catalyzes the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide to give water and oxygen.

2H2O2 → 2H2O + O2

Peroxidase (POD): Peroxidase catalyzes the dehydrogenation of a large number of organic compounds such as phenols, aromatic amines, hydroquinones.

C19 sepsis creates phenols.  Short-term exposure to high levels of phenol is known to cause irritation of the respiratory tract.  Phenols are oxidized by peroxides to hydroquinones.  Hydroquinone cause a lose of melanin in the skin. Melanin is made from tyrosine which is a phenol in humans.  This disables absorption of UV light and is common in vitiligo and people who do not have a solar callus from proper sun exposure.


Yes, hypoxia from a LACK of sunlight destroys these chemicals in your body.  Do you still think avoiding the sun is wise arm with this new knowledge?

Biogenic amines are also destroyed by a lack of sunlight induced hypoxia.  A biogenic substance with one or more amine groups.

Some prominent examples of biogenic monoamines include:

Monoamine neurotransmitters

Trace amines (endogenous amines that activate the human TAAR1 receptor)


Other biogenic monoamines

  • Trimethylamine
  • Trimethylamine N-oxide
  • Indoleamines
    • Melatonin :  BIGGIE HERE FOLKS!
    • 6-Hydroxymelatonin
    • N-Acetylserotonin
    • Sun exposure resulted in a seasonal variation of the catalase activity in stratum corneum, with low activities in summer and higher activities in winter for the same person, whereas superoxide dismutase activity in stratum corneum did not seem to vary in those conditions. Exposure of human skin to broadband ultraviolet-A resulted in a dose-dependent deactivation of the catalase activity in stratum corneum within 24 h, whereas exposure to ultraviolet-B had no effect.

Why is this important? WHEN catalase is added to hydrogen peroxide, there is an initial rapid evolution of oxygen and this affects local mitochondrial function. This effect lasts for about two minutes, depending on the peroxide free radical concentration. After this, oxygen is given off at a steady rate which slowly decreases in the course of an hour. This is one way UV light increases venous oxygen tensions in humans. We actually can breath through our skins. This can help hypoxia of disease as we see in C19.   It turns out natural sunlight exposure also keeps our blood chemistry around a pH of 7.  This creates the most oxygen from the interaction of catalase and H2O2.  I often use exogenous hydrogen peroxide directly on the brain when I feel hypoxia is a problem for the brain.  I also know that the use of hydrogen peroxide on the neocortex has the chance to stimulate the production of melatonin in the hypoxic brain to lead to quicker recoveries as I laid above.  Often this occurs during trauma surgery or brain tumor surgery.

Yes, hypoxia just from a LACK of sunlight destroys these chemicals in your body made from tyrosine like melanin, thyroid hormones, estradiol, norepinephrine, Vitamin K2, and dopamine.  Do you still think avoiding the sun is wise now that you know better?

WHY DO C19 patients struggle to heal wounds and clot blood?  

The key is understanding the lack of wound healing in C19 is knowing that the switch that controls healing and regeneration is 100% electromagnetic because of light.  A lack of sunlight causes a lack of healing.

During day the DC current flows negative to positive in tissues. Light via your eye, causes the pineal to release serotonin. During night time a lack of light via your eye causes you pineal to release melatonin. This is an electrical phenomena done by the electric and magnetic portions of light in their waves. Your CNS is most negative tissue in your body. During night time the current reverses direction and the DC current disappears. This is likely due to the affect of adensine and magnesium changes in the matrix of mitochondria to help us regeenrate. Most people have no idea the switch is electromagnetic (presence or absence of light does it) that controls a macrophage protein that acts in the MAM of the mitochondria and the ER of the Golgi. It is called MCP-1. In tissue damage, the first signal is a loss of the DC electric current and activation of cGMP and this stimulates the INFLAMMATORY cascade to clear damage. After a period of time determined by the electromagnetic signal, the same electromagnetic signal then uses a different second messenger to stop the inflammatory chemokine reaction and begin repair using cAMP. The regeneration begins when the DC electric current in the tissue is restored and then mitophagy and autophagy drive the healing. This is all increased by sunlight and cooling. One of the best free health tips I can give ANYONE who wants to live a healthy and long life:

learn these 2 words – Autophagy and Apoptosis.  Melatonin levels control these two change programs in cells.  Given what you learned above, you might be seeing why this is critical now.  

Learn what they mean, and then learn how you can manipulate your body to optimize these 2 crucial cellular functions through lifestyle. Then do it!

Think of your cells as a bunch of shiny Lamborghini cars. Built for optimal function.

Sometimes, your carburetor or your battery dies in your Lamborghini. When that happens, you certainly aren’t going to throw it out, are you? You just fix what is broken and replace the parts of the car that are not functioning well. And voila. Like brand new.


But sometimes the damage to your Lamborghini is beyond repair. The engine is ceased and unrepairable. The body is a disaster. The transmission is on its last leg. I this case it might be better just to trash it completely and get a new car by replacing it.


If autophagy and apoptosis are working well in your body, you will have optimally functioning cells, organs, and energy levels. The electromagnetic signals in the ECT control this process especially at CCO = cytochrome 4.  Restoration of metabolism occurs when regeneration of the damaged tissue mitochondria begins repairs using information in light called orbital angular momentum (OAM) to repair deficits and tumors can respond without drugs to sunlight because of how sunlight acts on kinases and Cytochrome C oxidase (red light) with nitric oxide (NO) from UVA light.  (see Cite below)

SCIENCE GEEKS:  Energy and information in the living state are normally coupled and quantized by light and oxygen levels. Once apoptosis control is lost, we also lose control of beta oxidation and protein metabolism is lost. This is how adding exogenous substrates (blue light for solar light)  can ruin a coupled feedback loop to lead to disease.  a lowered Vitamin D level is a clue to the ICU doc that this has occurred and you better take it into account.

In E = mc^2, Energy represents information and energy and we know this from physics and information theory. Both energy and information are transferred in quanta. They are not continuous.

The hydrogen isotope isoforms (deuterium) inside the matrix and cytosol are affected by the physiology of fumerase. This is impacted by red light exposure on the hydration cell of magnesium ions in the matrix that is gel like because of the effect of magnesium on the viscosity of the environment.  The more Mg2+ the more gel like the matrix is and the better energy is made by the cristae which all line up perfectly as this picture shows.  Magnesium in the matrix hydrates it to form a gel which controls the size and shape and arrangement of the cristae to allow it to oscillate at 100Hz.  That is optimal beta oxidation as Meagan McManus showed.

The matrix isoforms stops the TCA cycle from performing its cycle because of the kinetic isotope effect of deuterium. In the cytosol, the urea cycle also uses fumaerase to add water in amino acid metabolism. This is why protein metabolism is a problem in some cancers. It is also why fat burning can be issue as well. If water recycling is broken in the TCA cycle and urea cycle, because of a defect in fumarate hydratase you only can use glucose to build substrates. When fumarate hydratase is defective fumarate rises and AMPK is activated to increase glucose metabolism to keep ECT functioning for cancer cell’s energy flux.

Restoration of metabolism repairs information deficits and tumors respond without drugs. High dose IV Vitamin C with a quinone (Vitamin E or K) can remove deuterium to improve hydrogen flows to stimulate apoptosis and re-establish the ability of T cells to get rid of cancer cells or viral cells. This process is linked to the function of cytochrome c oxidase under the power of the infrared part of the spectrum of terrestrial sunlight by controlling the unfolding of histidine residues of cardiolipin. Red light moves things with mass, and it alters the protons in the hydrogen bonds to stimulate the energy of activation of performing this task at the speed of light with little need of ATP.   Information quanta in the light affects the proton conduction to control this gating mechanism in cytochrome C oxidase.

The same thing is true or methylene blue and Szent Gyorgi wrote a paper about this in 1936 in Nature. Hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) is stabilized in fumarase-defective cells, but protection from apoptosis is a HIF-independent mechanism. Activated kinases regulate cell survival at different levels. Few realize sunlight activates kinases.  It turns out the members of the Bcl-2 family are affected by fumerate hydratase suppression by deuteration. Pro- and antiapoptotic activities of Bcl-2 family members are regulated at either the transcriptional or posttranscriptional level by the information quanta in electrons and protons.


Proteins released from the mitochondria actually trigger apoptosis and the decision to commit suicide has now been traced directly back to the mitochondria. The ECS are another lipo-protein molecule system that are important in controlling apoptosis. Cannabinoids are a class of chemical that is well known to inhibit mitochondrial respiration.

The ECS system is also stimulated by early AM sunlight to improve mitochondrial function via apoptosis.

Cellular disorganization always manifests in hypoxic diseases like C-19 before death; illness comes before death in most living sequences unless we are talking acute trauma. This points out why the information side of the tissue organization via the free radical signalling is as important as energy flux in a cell to maintain wellness.  When hypoxia manifests is amplifies the COX-2 enzyme in cells.  This amplification is due to the liberation of many deuterium atoms from the polyunsaturated lipids in the mitochondrial membranes.  Deuterium bring energy production in the matrix to a screeching halt because of its kinetic isotope effect on all TCA intermediates.  Solar exposure stabilizes cell membranes.

Research has shown us that the type-1 cannabinoid receptor (CB1) is present at the membranes of mitochondria (mtCB1), because it directly controls cellular respiration and energy production. How does it do this? It controls the flow of deuterium from the PUFA’s used to build the two membranes inside of mitochondria. Through activation of mtCB1 receptors, endogenous endocannabinoids decrease cyclic AMP concentration which is the base substrate needed for ATP production.  It also lowers  protein kinase A activity, complex I enzymatic activity (NAD+) and respiration in neuronal mitochondria. This means CB1 receptors SLOW ECT transport and lower ATPase spin rate = lowered ATP content = mitochondria swell = loss of energy.  These signals all favor apoptosis signaling in mitochondria. Since deuterium slows energy flux in mitochondria is appears the ECS and deuterium control mechanism are deeply linked in quantized fashion by sunlight. When the ECS system loses control of the ability to oxygenate PUFA’s all hell begins to break lose inside the matrix.  This is why devastating hypoxia develops in ICU patients with C19.

Apoptosis normally destroys ECT in failing mitochondria. AM solar exposure increases both autophagy and apoptosis efficiency in mammalian cells. The release of the mitochondrial proteins and deuterium from failing mitochondrial membranes is the key sign of a failing powerhouse. It is a “quantum spin symptom” to the cell hierarchy that a brownout was under way so it was time to abort this mitochondria.  Quantum spin problems are synonyms for the free radical pulses made in mitochondria.


Solar exposure also improves the rheology of RBC and platelets to improve the laminar flow of blood and limit clotting. Both of these cells are without DNA because DNA is magnetic, so Nature made sure these two cell lines would not react to the magnetic effects of sunlight to harm us. Sunlight lowers blood pressure because it increases the free radical NO to dilate our arteriole beds. It is also a calcium channel blocker so it lowers blood pressure. Calcium dehydrates proteins and alters the aromatic amino acid mix in cells, to make neurohumoral chemicals that help optimize our physiology. Since sunlight exposure also thins out the blood, now you can understand why people with low Vitamin D 20(OH) tests have clotting disorders that seem to confound the conventional wisdom found of doctors in ICUs. Those patients have done worse with C-19 because of this lack of basic knowledge of why a lack of sun is among the greatest risk factors for C19 morbidity and mortality.

Most do not know that T cells are inherently magnetic because of the amount of ferritin they contain. This is why they become magnetized to pathogens EMF signals they react too. This locks them into their target pathogen and fever results and this leads to better killing of the invader. UV solar exposure unlocks their magnetic grip and allows the cells to limit the cytotoxic damage of the host. Note, most C19 deaths have been tied to cytotoxic storms being uncontrolled. Note that most deaths with C19 are linked to lowered Vitamin D levels. Note vitamin D is only made from UV light exposure.

Are you seeing a trend that a lack of UV light in your life might be a huge unrecognized problem?

Can T-cells work well on a planet with competing for magnetic field signals from tech gear?

Why are so many C-19 SARSCoV2 studies focusing on humoral immunity and neutralizing antibodies when B-cell antibody production is not crucial to overcome COVID19? It is the strong cytotoxic T-cell responses that bode well for long-term immunity. See when you ask the wrong questions you are destined to create the wrong answers for the unknowing public. This is what most people in public health have done with C-19. This is why they are advocating for a coronavirus vaccine. None of them tell you in human history there has never been ONE SUCCESSFUL human coronavirus vaccine.

Ask yourself why? Can they ever give you correct advice if they are looking at the wrong variables?

When clinical decisions become politicized, it’s politics as usual that gets amplified not the science buried in clinical medicine.

Again, de-magnetizing your blood via sunlight improves the fidelity of the Innate and Adaptive Cellular Immune systems. Moreover, this is the answer you should be seeking to C-19 and any other viral pathogens, known and unknown. How do we improve this arm of the immune system? Proper solar exposure = optimized T regulator cells function for the win!! Most of your T-cells are found in the skin in humans right where the sun hits it. This is why your skin needs to be in the game of Nature.  Share this wisdom.


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