Inflation didn’t start yesterday.  This “tyranny of time” began long ago in 1971.

This Transitory Inflation™ started a few months after the financial markets began their recovery from the COVID crash. That was in March 2020… soon we’ll be in 2022.

Not only are prices unlikely to ever come down but it is clear that we need to be prepared to live in a high inflation environment potentially for the years to come. I’ve told my tribe I believe it will be 25 years of steady decay of the value of money due to the debt levels and money printing.  This is why a steady diet of building your “sats” is critical good solid advice.

So how do you preserve the purchasing power of your cash when inflation is so high?

The textbook answer to that is simply: play it safe, park your cash in some safe government bonds and wait for things to settle down.  That was what conventional wisdom was most of my life.  No longer.  That is how you become a financial slave today.  The destruction of the economy is what the state is aiming for.  They want you to rely on them, instead of them working for you.  That is tyranny.

But how is that working out in practice? If we judge that by the real bond yields around the world it doesn’t work at all.  For example, how much interest does your bank now pay on deposits?

See for yourself below from my friends at Ecoimetrics.

Countries with the “safest” debt do not offer yields attractive enough to compensate for inflation. And most countries with a positive real yield have other kinds of monetary issues.  Right now any money put in a bank has a negative yield.  That means you are paying the bank to hold your money!

So you can’t really expect to survive an inflationary period unscathed if you only rely on the fixed income market. If you think equities & real estate are the answer wrong again.  Their prices are rising with money that is worth less every minute because of money printing.  The USD has lost over 40% of its value in 2 years.  This is why homes that used to cost 250,000 now sell for 500K.  The money is being devalued.  The same thing is true with your stock prices.  This fools people because most people suck at math and have low financial IQs.

If you think you’ll be fine doing nothing then think again. Compounding is a strong force and under some not-so-crazy scenarios you can see the loss in purchasing power can be material.

Inflation is the theft of your power to buy things over time.

In an emergency, governments can freeze all of your bank accounts and financial investments, declare all of your physical cash to be illegal, and seize all of your real estate. They’ll fake an emergency to make it happen if they want to.  FDR did it in the last debt cycle in 1933 by executive order.  Biden is quite fond of decrees and mandates that steal your time.

Inflation is time theft and when you view it this way you should be angrier because time is the most valuable asset in the cosmos.

Time obliterates the fiction of opinion and confirms the decisions of Mother Nature. This is why governments & Central bankers try to steal time using inflation and debasement.

AI and robots will be the next wave of thievery for banks and corporations.  You’d be wise to cut the cord to most institutions soon.  Why?

Data Science is now used to cheat people of their money using code.  This is how time is being stolen in centralized medicine.  Few physicians, nurses, or healthcare professionals realize it.  It is the focus of my monthly Bitcoin lessons for physicians at my Center.  The goal of a few is to exploit the majority using data. Defenders of human individuality stand guard against the tyranny of the collective.   Blue light is another form of time tyranny that steal time from our colony of mitochondria.  This was also given to us by our government.  How ironic, or was it by design?

Robots and Artificial intelligence cannot take your job if you are already retired because you understood how to use Bitcoin in the recent past to shrink time while expanding your accounts so that retirement began early. This is how decentralized people fight tyranny. We are wiser than the tyrants who aim to control us. We own our time and our value and we will not surrender it to any corrupt politician or bureaucrat.  We insulate ourselves with an asset growing annually at 230% a year for 13 years. That means one hour plugged into the Bitcoin monetary network equals 7 years in the equity markets.  You can make up a lot of time when you understand the value of your time.

The dreadful virus of totalitarianism. The only antidotes are courage and truth

I lost two good medical friends last year when I told them this very thing was going on in the hospital they were at in the Gulf South.  None of them believed me and they tried to vilify me on Facebook.  Who is laughing now?  They have had their time stolen and one was forced to retire.  It wasn’t my conspiracy theory, it was the truth. HYPERLINK

Respect yourself, by managing whom you give your time to.  If you are not good enough for yourself who in the hell are you good to?  Stop worrying about people who don’t even care about you.  The basis of tyranny is found in who owns your time.

Time tyranny has many forms. Your job is to recognize all of them.  If you do not you’ll be helping your captures put your own handcuffs on as Australians have done.

How are governments and corporations doing this to us?  They are using the digital world to craft reality for people.  This is the danger of a technocracy.  They act by policy, decree, or mandate to limit the public’s ability to perceive.  They shrink their worldview to only what Big Brother deems critical.  When you do this you limit the range of discussion and you control the narrative.  Limit the words, pictures, videos in the discourse.  As soon as my buddy Jack left Twitter, they changed the terms of service that very day.  He left Twitter to build a life around Bitcoin.  He has removed the handcuffs of tyranny that his board gave him.  He made his choice.  He is fully decentralized now with Square.  That is a sign for you to assimilate. If you do not challenge the narrative, you have chosen it. That is called acquiescence in Black Swan parlance, and it sits on the road to compliance and time loss.  Do Not Comply with any tyranny you find.  If you do acquiesce it gives people the sense that there’s “free-thinking” going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.

Whoever owns your time creates your tyranny. Medical tyranny is an obscenity for this Black Swan mitochondriac. Obscenity is not synonymous with pornography, as most pornography is not legally obscene based on the SCOTUS reviews of First Amendment precedence. Medical obscenity is always legally obscene and this is why you mustn’t comply with it. It is never legal or constitutional as the fifth circuit just ruled recently. Mandates are becoming illegal every day now.   Becoming unmanageable for government and corporations is not an act of civil disobedience, it becomes a patriotic thing all should do. Not complying means you reserve your time.

We should remain curious and seek the right answers and reject narrative that enslave us.  We have been warned about this by many a wise man.

Not complying with Eat Lancet is exactly how a Black Swan mitochondriac reserves time biologically. By reserving your time for yourself, you extinguish the forces of tyranny in your life.

Cash isn’t a safe investment today. It will be taxed by inflation. Inflation is also a clock. It is a clock that measures the flow of time the government steals from taxpayers using monetary policy. Bitcoin is an “all-weather portfolio” because it reserves your time for you.


The new Bitcoin “volcano” bond in El Salvador is going to be an interesting new way for institutions to gain BTC exposure. Inflation fighting for the next two DECADES will make these El Salvador BTC bonds Uber irresistible to institutions and to Black Swans worldwide.

Last week El Salvador unveiled its plan to create a “Bitcoin City”. The city will be constructed near the Conchagua volcano, and use the geothermal energy from the volcano to mine Bitcoin. They are plugging their Treasury into Nature.  Nature is also a decentralized network.  The archetype of decentralized networks is that they are the most energy-efficient networks in the cosmos.  The city will have residential and commercial areas, services, entertainment, restaurants, and an airport. El Salvador also announced its plan to raise $1 billion via a “Bitcoin Bond”. Half of the funds will be used to buy Bitcoin, while the other half will be used to fund energy and Bitcoin mining infrastructure. El Salvador also announced they “bought the dip” last week and purchased an additional 100 Bitcoin during the selloff. They are closing in on 1000 coins on their Treasury.  The volcano keeps adding money to the National Treasury daily.  This is their president’s plan to avoid inflation for their country.  His people regain time by doing this.  Soon these people will have more time and money than you because of these actions.

Other countries are paying attention.

Bitcoin fintech companies continue to see large influxes of capital. Binance is currently in talks with sovereign wealth funds about taking a stake in the company.  This is an indirect way to hedge inflation for a nation-state. CZ, their CEO, believes an investment from a sovereign wealth fund would help improve his “perception and relationships” with various governments. I call this the nation-state network effect.  The Bitcoin mining company Bitdeer announced it will be going public via a SPAC. The company will be valued at around $4 billion, and it will list on the Nasdaq.  I expect everyone to be drawn to BTC because of inflation.

Bitcoin adoption continued overseas even in countries stealing rights from their taxpayer. An Australian retirement fund, Rest Super, which has $46.8 billion in assets and 1.8 million members, announced it will be investing in Bitcoin. Their CIO told its members that the company views digital assets as an “important part” of its portfolio moving forward. Additionally, Japan is taking a significant step towards developing its own digital currency, as a consortium made up of 70 Japanese firms just announced they plan to launch a yen-based cryptocurrency in 2022.

A life lived under the spell of monetary inflation is a life consumed by slow decay.  A synonym of this concept is called slavery.  Slavery is a form of time tyranny.  Many professions like MINE have become prisons.  This is why physicians are burning out.  Remove your handcuffs and become fully decentralized.  Become unmanageable for time tyrants!

Are you off zero yet?

If not why not?

Do you like wasting your most valuable asset?


D3 will hold up against COVID variants, unlike what the big yellow bird is pushing on social media!

We are being trained to accept the opposite of the precautionary principle: doing things that are known to cause real harm right now in exchange for an unknown, unproven hypothetical benefit.

This is the dreadful virus of totalitarianism. The only antidotes are courage and truth.  You must not comply with any tyranny.

Respect yourself, by managing who you give your time to. Stop worrying about people who don’t even care about you. The basis of tyranny is found in who owns your time.

I warned my tribe last night during a Q & A that the leading edge of this new wave would begin and take hold in three countries.  You will see them lead the way toward more time theft.

Proof I am right and this is about stealing your time?

It’s only a few weeks

It’s only a test

It’s only a mask

It’s only an app

It’s only track & trace

It’s only until there is a vaccine

it’s only a passport

It’s only for “frontline workers”

It’s only a booster

it’s only a passport

It’s only a microchip

It’s only slavery.


To all Covid modelers and fearmongers:

“It does not matter who you are, or how smart you are, or what title you have, or how many of you there are, 𝗶𝗳 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗽𝗿𝗲𝗱𝗶𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗶𝘀 𝘄𝗿𝗼𝗻𝗴 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗻 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗵𝘆𝗽𝗼𝘁𝗵𝗲𝘀𝗶𝘀 𝗶𝘀 𝘄𝗿𝗼𝗻𝗴.”

—Richard Feynman

How best to handle any COVID variant the jab creates?

The sun.  It is better to create natural immunity with the sun, but if the sun is not strong where you are or you are unable to create enough Vitamin D because your environment is sub-optimal you can consider supplementation as the paper below shows.

Biology PSA:  Pathogens usually evolve to become less pathogenic over time not more regardless of whether man or nature made it.  The thing in the picture guarantees this too.

The concern I have is in papers like these:  New research has just  emerged showing significant increases in cardiovascular events following injections of experimental mRNA COVID jabs.

This is from the highest ranking cardiology journal so the results warrant our immediate attention if we were using the precaution principle.

“We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination”.  Caveat emptor folks.



“Bitcoin is the fastest growth of a digital network in the history of the world. Faster than Google or Facebook or Apple.”

Why is this true?  The basis of tyranny is found in who owns your time.  Bitcoin returns ownership of time to you.  How does it do this?

Bitcoin organizing principle is about time.  And that organizing principle is based around understanding how time relates to sunlight.  On the surface you might think this sounds esoteric but it is not.  It is a foundational idea buried in every decentralized network.

Nature and Bitcoin are the only two 100% decentralized networks.  Nature and Bitcoin are communication channels that act as clocks.

Everything can and should be thought of as a clock.  In fact, all communications channels are a form of a clock.

Tyranny today is carried out by ruining clocks.  When clocks are damaged there is no accurate time keeping.

How Uncle Jack?

If people let the government or “public health experts” decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, or when to do it, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under any tyranny.

In an emergency, governments can freeze all of your bank accounts and financial investments, declare all of your physical cash to be illegal (gold in 1933), and seize all of your real estate. They’ll fake an emergency to make it happen if they want to.

As for the “Masters of Public Health” of the CDC and , FDA with all their pre-eminence in science, one is a den of robbers of your time, and the other of pirates who have helped the government harm the public by stealing time and value you have amassed in life.

When you create longevity you create time, in biology. When you create time via any thermodynamic system,  you must have value in it to exist across space/time. How best to do this? Is this how are health and wealth linked? Mitochondriacs know that the circadian mechanism is the key to an optimal healthspan. Is this why a Black Swan mitochondriac knows that Bitcoin is the only way to optimize life’s ledgers?

To answer these questions, we will have to take a closer look at the concept of time itself and how living cells and Bitcoin handle time creation? The physics of organisms create time for cells. Cellular organization of atoms in the SCN creates time using sunlight from the environment. All life on Earth gets all its energy and information from the sun. Sunlight or the photons that make up the light that falls to Earth are timeless. Light photons never experience time.  With respect to Bitcoin, money that is used as a token is timeless, but money ledgers can never be timeless.

Bitcoin mimics what cells are doing with light.   How Uncle Jack?

The consume its energy and information and via the organization of its code it spits out order as value and time. This happens via a proof of work (PoW) consumption of energy. With energy consumption, Bitcoin creates a ledger of both value and time.

How Uncle Jack?

Bitcoin makes up its own time: block time — more commonly known as block height. Block height allows Bitcoin to keep track of things: cells and bitcoin are decentralized timepieces that track energy and information. Bitcoin & biology are two decentralized systems that use the PoW mechanism to power its clock; one is natural created by evolution and the other man made.

Bitcoin is an information ledger that acts as a monetary clock for time and value. Information has to act via the idea of entropy because of Claude Shannon’s work on information theory.  Because of Shannon, we now know all clocks are flow meters of how a system handles entropy.

His mathematics in his 1948 paper are a consequence of this idea I am presenting here. Quantum thermodynamics, disciplines concern the flow of information and energy, while providing the right language for describing clocks. All clocks in nature must work by proof of work to describe information/energy consumption. This is axiomatically true.  He used the equation below to show it.

When you truly get this perspective, it will occur to you that actually a clock is a thermal machine that creates the illusion of time.

Today, we have a country announcing that they are going to use one of Nature’s sources of energy, a volcano, to hook it up to the Bitcoin network to create a monetary clock to power the Treasury of a small country.  Essentially, El Salvador’s government is building the most powerful monetary clock in human history.

Claude Shannon showed that any communications channel — a cell, a telephone line, a radio band, a fiber-optic cable — could be characterized by two factors: bandwidth and noise. Bandwidth is the range of electronic, optical, or electromagnetic frequencies that can be used to transmit a signal; noise is anything that can disturb that signal.

Given a channel with particular bandwidth and noise characteristics, Shannon showed how to calculate the maximum rate at which data can be sent over it with zero error. He called that rate the channel capacity, but today, it’s just as often called the Shannon limit.

In a noisy channel, the only way to approach zero error is to add some redundancy to a transmission. For instance, if you were trying to transmit a message with only three bits, like 001, you could send it three times: 001001001. If an error crept in, and the receiver received 001011001 instead, they could be reasonably sure that the correct string was 001.

Any such method of adding extra information to a message so that errors can be corrected is referred to as an error-correcting code.

In biology, the noisier the channel (inflammation), the more information (sunlight) you need to add to compensate for errors signals. As codes get longer, however, the transmission rate goes down (aging): you need more bits to send the same fundamental message. So the ideal code would minimize the number of extra bits while maximizing the chance of correcting errors.

Like any conventional modern engine, a clock harnesses the flow of energy to do work, producing exhaust in the process. Engines use this energy to propel; and clocks use it to tick. The exhaust in living cells is codified in the CO2 and water appears via transformed atoms by mitochondrial components with the amount of heat generated. Entropy, in the form of energy or information — is the quantity whose incessant rise in the universe is closely associated with the created arrow of time.

A clock is anything that undergoes irreversible changes: changes in which energy spreads out among more particles or into a broader area. Energy tends to dissipate — and entropy, a measure of its dissipation, tends to increase — this gives time its direction.  Why?  Stated simply, there are far, far more ways for energy to be spread out than for it to be highly concentrated.

Since all clocks work by proof of work mechanism it should be blatantly obvious to you why you do not want your money to very be denominated by a “proof of stake” (PoS) coin. Proof of stake is an idea humans created to try to save energy and information.  In DeFi, PoS coins are being used to steal your time and value by those who market them.  DeFi coins are poor clocks.

It turns out that you cannot maintain value or time well if you do not consume energy because, as stated above, a money token is timeless, but money ledgers can never be timeless. If they are they lead to the double spend problem.

The ledger-like nature of all digital information is the root cause of the double-spend problem. Information never represents the state of the world directly. Further, the movement of information implies copying. Information exists in one place, and to “move” it, you have to copy it to another place and erase it at its origin. This problem doesn’t exist in the physical realm where money can exist. In the physical realm, we can actually move money things like tokens or coins from A to B. The informational realm doesn’t have this property. If you want to “move” information from list A to list B, you have to copy it from A to B. Copying information is what a monetary ledger does.

If anyone tells you that any PoS coin is suitable money, and tries to convince you that you should own it, they have just announced to you they are a charlatan or marketer.

Move on from their ideas because they have no fundamental understanding how time operates in the universe.


The basis of tyranny is found in who owns your time and how your value can be usurped.

Time is the most valuable asset we have.  How do you know when the government’s monetary clock timing system is faulty? Any money that can be debased via inflation loses it value over time.  Today, that is the money the government forces us to use as curency.  We call that system fiat paper money.

When time and value are being stolen for you, your choices should be obvious if you understand that money is a clock.  Everything can and should be thought of as a clock, especially our money.

The basis of modern tyranny is found in who really owns your time.  Bitcoin returns ownership of time to you.

Real Estate, gold, oil, bonds and equities are how humans have stored monetary energy.  Every one of these assets carries a monetary that we have defended with human lives.  Life is a measured by time or longevity.  The chain of custody of these assets are written in blood.  This is how these assets link directly to time of a human life.

Health and wealth are determined by its hardness.  How good a clock is health or wealth protected by?

You either own hard assets in life, or other people own your time and you’ll suffer from some form of tyranny. Today, the US dollar ticking is controlled by monetary policy of the Federal Reserve.  When a people, or country adopt Bitcoin is it possible we see a 100 years of change in a decade now?  I think that clock is now ticking in El Salvador.  (pic below)

The ability to see order in chaos is called creativity. Nature uses chaos within energy to create order.  A volcano is a perfect example of this idea.  Order can only be created from chaos when a system harnesses a clock mechanism to measure the flow of entropy in that system.  Living things grow briskly in the dirt around volcanos.   Nature’s creativity is evolution.  Money is a manufactured creation of how people can carry their value over time.  Paper money is a clock that leaks energy and value quickly.  Bitcoin is a money that does not leak value at all.

Bitcoin’s lifetime is categorized in epochs of time, which are sets of 210,000 blocks where the subsidy halves, and in turn miners generate fewer bitcoin for each block mined. This clock mechanism is written in stone.  It cannot be altered by a central controller.  This generates a supply pressure on the system, or an enforced scarcity which one could argue helps the price go up.

Even though the cycle theory respect to price is not confirmed, it is clear that history has rhymed with this so far, and every time after a halving event, bitcoin undergoes massive appreciation until it finds a new high.  Fiat money never goes up in value this way because it clock timing mechanism is controlled to devalue over time.

Right now we are in the middle of the exponential phase of the cycle, where in the next couple of months, if we follow the same trend as in the past, bitcoin could start ramping up and reaching values up to $100,000, because of how it times the flow of entropy.

Nature clock is much more complex.

Before there was the sea, the earth and the sky canopy.  Nature presented the same aspect throughout the world, which men called chaos: a raw, disorganized bulk of energy; nothing but an inert mass; a jumbled heap of matter.

Chaos is Nature’s substrate.

Nature’s umpire is her many clocks buried in cells.

And by each decision you make, more embroils the fray

Order reigns reality as the arbiter of how time appears to flow in that system

Uncertainity governs all when it comes to energy.

What is life from this perspective?

Nature wages an electromagnetic battle with matter in our cells to bring harmony out of chaos in the environment.

Your mitochondria is a clock that measure the flow of entropy in this electromagnetic battle.


LIFE’S BASICS:  Proteins, lipids, and water in us capture light from the sun

Life is basically about electric and magnetic fields and their interaction with the light we choose to live under.  If you live under man made light, your nucleic acids become hyper methylated and you age faster.  If you live under sunlight your methylation pattern is constrained and you can avoid healthcare for a longer time.

Think about tests done by your doctor in an EKG, EEG, and an EMG. All show the electrical and magnetic potential of our organ systems. Anything and everything electrical stems from the phenomena of charge. No one seems to have a clue why this relationship in nature exists, but physics tells us it is true. Atoms are made up of 3 parts: Protons have a positive charge, neutrons are neutral, and electrons have a negative charge. Here is the interesting part: Electrons have the equal and opposite charge of protons, but an electrons atomic mass is 1/1836th that of a proton.   This is a huge difference in mass while charge is essentially the same.  This means for living things, mass is an asymmetric factors compared to its charge.

This implies that the charge of things in a cell is the key variable related to the atomic mass inside of cells. Stated another way, atomic mass of the components inside a cells determines size and shape in protein living lattices.  The way the lattice is organized determines the life we get.  This is the quantum engineering that goes on in every cell of our body.  The physics of organisms is remarkable and links directly to our health.

This physical organization determines the how the speed of light can travel in our tissues.  The speed of light is varied when in a substance because it becomes encumbered by electrons.  This is why size and shape alter the thermodynamics of things made up of electrons and protons.  Light only interacts with electrons via the photoelectric effect.  Light does things to water in cells that transforms what protons can or cannot do.  Light carries information to affect electrons and protons in specific unique ways that happens simultaneously.  There is no time lag effect.

Light instantaneously interacts with light to create the fastest pathway through tissues.  This is tied to Fermat’s principle.  Light does not directly interact with protons or neutrons. Light affects things around them to do Mother Nature’s work.  These changes dictate what methyl groups do to the physiologic function of gene expression is us.  This changes the life we get and perceive.  This increases the distance that light must travel and it creates tiny delay in tissues.  Sometimes our parents make bad choices for us when we cannot make them for ourselves.  Digital baby-sitting comes with biological risks.

Mitochondria select and order electrons and protons by their quantum spin and they transfer information to the orbital angular momentum using light waves.  Light is made of photons and photons have a quantum spin number of one.  Photons are from the family of bosons and they are the force carrier of the electromagnetic force.  So light can increase informational transfer if it can increase its orbital angular moment in ways below our ability to observe them.  How do we increase the orbital momentum of sunlight?

One thing physics has confirmed by experiment now is that light seems to have an unlimited potential to carry orbital angular momenta (OAM).  This means light can carry massive amount of information but only a limited amount of energy.  The energy carrying capability of light is linked to the frequency.  The information is carries seems to related to its OAM.  We now know from quantum thermodynamic experiments that information can be transferred from the quantum spin number to OAM.  This means that the spin of electrons and protons are critical to a body gaining the massive information buried in sunlight.

We know how information transfer happens with electrons.  That occurs via the photoelectric effect.  How does information transfer happen with protons?  H+ and deuterium have different quantum spin numbers, so they have different abilities to transfer information in light waves.  H+ can transfer more information than deuterium can.  It appears this is why all mitochondria and chloroplasts favor H+ over deuterium.  The increased atomic mass of deuterium seems to put a limit on the information transferred.  It turns out that Claude Shannon’s work told us something important about life because of his work on information.  Information reduces entropy inside of cells by limiting the uncertainty of how atoms are arranged in cells.  When cells are programmed by sunlight, they are learning information.  This learning costs the cells energy.  This tells us that in a decentralized system proof of work limits uncertainty by reducing randomness in cells.

The bandwidth of sunlight creates the Shannon limit for cells in biology.  If you go outside the visible spectrum of sunlight you are introducing noise into the system and this create more randomness.  Randomness destroys order and this creates inflammation and inflammation creates aging.

The Shannon limit creates the capacity of a communication a “channel” can give.  This limit refers to the maximum rate of error-free data that can theoretically be transferred over “the channel” if the link is subject to random data transmission errors, for a particular noise level.  Channels in this sentence refers to cells in your body.  Cells have to be optimized to the visible spectrum of sunlight for light to operate properly.

This idea has massive implications for the living state.  It means information can be radically distilled to a simple essence, so that even the message can be ignored.

Just because the distance increases does not mean the path is longer in all cases.  That small delay creates a signal that denotes biologic time in a cell.  That delay is observed in the telomere length of a cell because of small changes made in protons in a methyl group that affects the protons that are hydrogen bonded to DNA/RNA.  What moves atoms or things made up of atoms?  Light is capable of this fundamental task and nothing else can this job.  How good is the light you choose for your healthspan every day?

MAIN TAKE AWAY:  How light is captured and travels in our tissues is how time manifests in biology.



Where did the idea of Bitcoin really begin?  It began when people started to realize the problem of Monarchs and money at the dawn of the 20th Century.


Queen Victoria dies in 1901 while 8 of her children sit on Eoropean thrones at the time of her death. When Victoria dies, her eldest son, King Edward the 7th is made King of England. He had the longest wait in British history to become King. He is old and was a good King, according to English history books,  but dies 9 years later. He has two sons.

One son became a huge problem for the people of the world.

In 1910 the crown is passed to his son, King George the fifth. George was married to someone Victoria had chosen for him before she died. He was very conservative and boring. He liked to stamp collect and shoot.   This is what Royal Historian want you to believe.  

During his reign the wealth effect catches up to Britain under Bank of England rules. 

The UK are the richest country in the world but contain the poorest people in the world who become disenfranchised by the the policies of the Bank of England and the East African Trading company. (CANTILLON EFFECT)

This inequality explodes into labor strikes. The sufferjet movement becomes powerful at the same time.  The public is becoming disenfranchised by the economic world order of the Monarchy globally.  

On June 4th of 1913 at the Epsom Derby, King George V witnessed a self sacrifice of a sufferjet. An English teacher named Emily Wilding Davidson makes a game changing act of political activism. In front of King George’s box seats and 500,000 people, she stepped in front of the King’s horse during the race and was killed. 

She sacrified herself for her beliefs. She sought change to the economic system for women.

King George became aware for the first time that the Royals control over the people was becoming tenuous because of the economic disparity in the country. He immediately changes “the Royal” protocols because of this public incident. They begin to engage with the public to become more approachable. Their Crown’s history with the USA was a painful remainder to this modern King George that the people had the real power in a constitutional monarchy.

They might have begun to smile more more but was it enough?  …..they even went into coal mines to meet their servants where they were. This made them more popular. But the Monarchy was forced to give up more Royal control to Parliment during this time. 

Power at this time was transferred to the House of Lords. George the V did this to control social strife that was developing before WW1. Could he convince the other monarchs of Europe to do Royalty differently to keep the social peace?

Because of Victoria’s matchmaking, George V is a cousin to Kaiser Wilhelm in Germany and Czar Nicolas of Russia.

George and Nicolas were very close when kids and they could pass for identical twins. Wilhelm wass the odd cousin out. He became the autocrat because of his isolation. Nicolas, a Romanoff royal,  believes he is devine and is also an autocrat. Nicolas sets up the Duma in Russia to quell protests, but Nicolas has veto power. It was a token gesture and the public is enraged further.

At this time, the Czar is more concerned about his child Nicolas who is deathly sick from hemophilia. This disease, ironically came from Victoria genes!  Karma has a way of getting you back.  Nicolas was married to Victoria’s grand daughter.  the Czar ignores the social problems of the people in Russia.  

Civil unrest is spreading all over Europe due to cental banking wealth effects in the populace. This is a real problem is in the Austro Hungarian Empire which is the only European empire that remained untouched by Queen Victoria’s blood. This Empire never shared her ideas of peace; in1908 they annexed Bosnia. This imperialsim caused social tensions with its neighbors in Serbia. On June the 28th 1914 Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand who was the heir to the Austro Hungarian Empire is asasinated by Serbian Nationalists.  This begins WW1.

Austria Hungary wants to attack neighboring Serbia and Germany offers its help them. Germany was itching for war under Wilhelm 2 because he was using his banking empire to build the world best military.  He wanted to go to War with his English cousin who ostracized him as a kid with a disability from birth from his English mother.  She forced Germans to allow English doctors tend to her pregnancy which botched his birth.  

Czar Nicolas shares a border with Serbia and had committed to protecting them in previous years but he put his army at stand down during this time because of his ties to Wilhelm 2nd as his cousin. It turns out the imperial expansion of control and money over came the family ties of all three cousins.

This situation pitted Germany and Russia against one another and George V did not want to chose sides between his cousins. Because the UK is a constitutional monarchy the UK parliment did have to choose sides. Britain was worried about the military might of Germany and they sided with Nicolas and Russia.  Nicolas had a large army because at the time Russia had 160 million people inside its borders.

13 yrs after Queen Victoria’s death in 1901, 3 of her grand children, who were cousins cause WW1. This was a war with no real purpose for the people of Europe. It was a war of cousins who had a beef with one another and 25 million people died for this “royal feud”.

It ended with the central bankers of the winning side trying to cripple Wilhelm financially with the Treaty of Versailles to make sure the German War machine would not return.  Hitler’s rise proved how bad the treaty was.  That Treaty was crafted by bankers.  That added fuel to a smoldering society that lead to WW2.  

The anti-German feelings in the UK grew very fast at this time and this created a massive PR problem for the royal family of King George V.

His family sir name was inherited from Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert, was Saxe-Coberg Gotha. He was of German decent.  Gotha was also the name of a bomber that Germany was using to kill Brits in WW1. This was a political nightmare for George.

To side step being linked to the enemy, George the 5th decides to change the sir name of the Royal family to Windsor. Windsor is the ancient Citadel of the Normans and William the Conquerer that had a rounded castle wall.   This name is usurped by the Royal family to preserve their power as a monarchy. This change is a lot like Facebook taking the name Meta that is occurring today.

Changing your naming rights is just political paperwork of propaganda. It is political cosmetic surgery for the monarchy. You might look different to the public, but it doesn’t change the nature of a thing. 

You are still an enemy of “We The People”.

And the proof of that truth came from the sons of Geroge 5th who were very problematic in WW2 for the Allied powers.

Wilhelm the second had always felt inferior to his cousins because of his birth injury (left arm brachial plexus injury) and his inferiority complex. He turns over power to two Generals during WW1.  Big mistake.

Russia sends a massive amounts of people in an army but all of them are ill equipped soldiers because they were farmers!!   This was a conscripted army. Nicolas took no orders from Generals, only from God because he was an autocratic royal,  and he sent millions of people into battle to die and starve. This would be his undoing in a war his country technically won.

Nicolas autocratic rule back fires on him during WW1.  This leads to the Bolseveik  Revolution in 1917 by soldiers in the Russian army (Lenin). They turn their guns on the men giving them orders. People begin to take control over their own destiny. Lenin leads it. He did not stop until the Romanoffs were dethroned. Lenin became the new alternative to monarchy which was communism. It was from this power transfer came Churchills hatred of communism. This is why he hated Stalin in WW2.  That hatred along with Truman, the Industrial military Manchurian candidates choice in 1944 lead to the Cold War.  It allowed FDR promise to Stalin at Yalta to be broken by the UK and USA.

The UK and Russia both have simultaneous unrest in their countries during WW1. Could King George allow Czar Nicolas exile in the UK? How would the British people feel about this? The world already disliked Nicolas because of his autocratic rule.

The British Parliment, specifically Churchill, feared that if refuge was given to the Russian autocrat that communist ideas could infiltrate the public in the UK to overthrow the government in the UK.

In early 1917. Lenin forced the Czar to abdicate the throne and he was sent to Siberia. Britain did not offer the Romanoffs exile. It was blamed on the Prime minister but a letter from the Kings secretary to the British government shows that it was George who made the call to leave Nicolas in Siberia.  Lenin has the Romanoff’s murdered in Siberia.  This stunned the Royals in the UK.  The people revolted to overthrow a monarch.  King George the 5th saw the world changing fast and he adapted faster to save his own Monarchy.  He gave the people political power back in Parliment but kept control using money of the Central Bank of England.

In Nov 1918 Germany surrenders bring WW1 to end. The settlement of WW1 at Versailes contained the seeds of destruction that set the stage for WW2

The Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, and the Rise of the Dollar as an International Currency, 1914-1939  

Many bitcoiner’s think the gold standard was great. It was not great in Europe under Queen Victoria.  Most Monarchs were destroyed under the gold standard at the time. 55% of them were eliminated.  It was why Queen Victoria tried to use love and her matchmaking to diminish the risk of war.  The gold standard, which had held from the 1870s until the start of WW1. That system had led to a form of globalization that benefited the wealthy, but impoverished the majority and ultimately destabilized both the financial and political systems as I laid out above.

What happened at Versailles?

John Maynard Keynes was hired by the Royal Family and the Prime Minister of Britain to advise them on the Treaty of Versailles.

US president Woodrow Wilson’s airy dismissal of Keynes’s proposals at the conference incensed him. The deliberations at Versailles had also inflamed Keynes’s animosity towards the British prime minister, David Lloyd George, and French premier Georges Clemenceau.  The reason Keynes turned on the heads of government in the UK and France were simple.  Keynes perspective was built around protecting the global elite monarchs economic power after the War.  Keynes was George the 5th guy in Paris.

George the V had to protect the finances of the Royal family and Keyes was his guy.  The UK is a constitutional monarchy and during WW1 George the V had to cede power to Parliment, the Prime Minister and House of Lords to save the Royal family from the same fate as Nicolas in Russia.  George the 5th was pragmatic.

In December 1919, John Maynard Keynes published a blistering attack on the Treaty of Versailles, signed in June that same year. The treaty’s terms helped to end the First World War, but no one liked the Treaty at all. Everyone knew it was a document at best that would provide a 20 year peace for Europe.  Keynes’s The Economic Consequences of the Peace  contained parts of his days “Economic Reset of 1919”. It revealed a plan in it the bankers of the world would pave the way to another World war.  Keynes in 1919, is history’s version of Klaus Schwab and Henry Kissinger in 1971.

By the 1930s, Keynes had become one of the most influential economists in history and that influence helped cause WW2.

Keynes’s critiques — not least of the era’s international financial system, was his hatred of the gold standard.  In his book, Keynes called for a new international economic order to replace the gold standard.  Keyes had a a radical new monetary theory at that day that unfortunately influenced many.  How do you know this viewpoint is the viewpoint of Monarchs?  Because his theories did not care about the chronic effect it had on people.  This is exactly what brought down the autocratic Monarchs in Germany and Russia in WW1.  George the V was wise to give up political power, but he never surrendered the economic power he had.

Because of Keynes’s defeat in Versailles, the gold standard — representing private financial governance of markets in debt of The Federal Reserve, exchange rates and interest rates — was restored.  This lead to the replacement of the crown sterling as the global reserve currency of the world by the US dollar.  Who’s presidency created the Fed?  Woodrow Wilson.  Wilson was Keynes main nemesis in Versailles.

While Keynes ideas were shot down in the Treaty, they were eventually adopted by world governments in the 20th century later who became very liberal and progressive like England was under King George V.  The effects they caused were not beneficial because it was built around an even softer fiat money post 1971 with use of debt financing in government bonds.  This has created the current debt cycle of the world today.

Yesterday’s Keynesians are today’s MMT and UBI people.  They support the Old World economic order of Monarchs.  Today’s monarachs will be found in the Roster of the WEF and at DAVOS.

The key to this history lesson in this blog  is to understand what happened in WW1 and in the Treaty of Versailles, is now rearing its ugly head again.  Since 1971 we have lived in an Keynesian framework.   Keynes’s classic study and monetary theories, and the poor effects of Roosevelt’s New Deal, have survived. Maybe now you can see why EO 6102 by FDR was instituted in 1933 to steal gold from Americans for 40 years.

He was trying to give the US what Keynes wanted to give the world in the Treaty of Versailles. Keynesians will tell you they are good policies.  History will report that they lead the US people into WW2, and every other war of the 20th and 21st century.  Roosevelt and Keynes economics fueled the growth of a new King in the USA.  It was the Industrial military complex of the 1940s-50s.  They got into power by replacing FDR’s VICE PRESIDENT of three terms with Harry S Truman.  They became the new monarchy of the 20th century.  they convinced Truman to expand the military into intelligence by creating the NSA and CIA in 1947 during his presidency.   Today the Industrial military complex are still helping the Queen of England’s family to restore the OLD WORLD ORDER.  That order is found in WEF and BIS policies of 2021.

What do modern day Keynesian’s want?    They are embodied in the Green New Deal. The US policy platform, proposed this year by Democrats in Congress, is as global in scope as Keynes’s scheme and similarly aims to bring society down through crisis to bring all of Keynes ideas to a world government. Modern Keynsians are communists who want you to believe this time around, that the COVID crisis, climate crisis, and the energy crisis are the greatest security threat ever to face humanity: that will lead to Earth-systems breakdown.  They want you the public to accept that their policies can save you and Earth.  Now they want you to put the handcuffs on your own arms so they can enslave you.  This New world order will bring you back to a time when Monarchs ruled the world and you will serve at their pleasure.  

Welcome to the Great Reset…….it is a reset back to a time where Kings and Queens controlled people.  The New boss is the same as the old boss.  



The culture war in America has gotten worse—and that spells trouble for the future of the American democratic repulic experiment.

No matter how detailed and solid your strategy is, if the people executing it don’t nurture the appropriate culture, your projects will fail. Democracy, in my view, is an agreement that we will not kill each other over our differences, but instead we’ll talk through those differences. Culture wars always precede shooting wars. They don’t necessarily lead to a shooting war, but you never have a shooting war without a culture war prior to it, because culture provides the justifications for violence. Right now our government appears to have pulled out of Afghanistan after a 20 year war we lost. Now it appears the governments executive and legistative branches are pointing the guns of the industrial military complex that support the hegeminy of the US dollar directly at the citizens of the USA to creating an economic war. This war will be waged with monetary policy and propaganda to create a culture war designed to divide the citizenry along ideologic lines. Divided their economic power can be usurped to pay off the debt central bankers created to fund wars we should have never fought. Wars brought on by bad culture in the military created since the cold war. 50 years of loose monetary policy has allowed government to create a huge debt that has to be remediated  This created inflation which debases the value of the currency. This is how a banker is allowed to legally steal from the taxpayer without the need for legistation from Congress.

Yesterday, Kraft Heinz CEO says consumers need to prepare for “permanent” increase in food prices. Why should the taxpayer heed this warning? 4 to 5 investment companies now own 90% of all goods sold in the US because of Congressional law making. It has allowed corporations to abuse customers economically by making sure the shareholders of the corporations are close to the money printer of the Federal Reserve. This is legalized counterfeiting and rackateering. The public could boycott, but it wouldn’t do a thing to them because of how Congress allowed corporations to alienate the rights of the citizen over the last 50 years. These divisions are the result of culture differences that our government created when it was infiltrated in 1971 by Henry Kissinger and the WEF.

Culture isn’t about comfy chairs and happy hours at the office. Rather, it’s more about the ways your people act in critical situations, how they manage pressure and respond to various challenges, and how they treat patients, partners, and customers, and each other.

No matter how strong your strategic plan is, its efficacy will be held back by members of your team if they don’t share the proper belief system or culture. Medicine is part art and part science. Culture is the arts elevated to a set of beliefs. This link to beliefs is important, because if your vision is not based on what is right or good for most it will be rejected. If your belief system does not follow the scientific method you will not get proper buy in. Today modern medicine and government have a big culture problem.  Today’s mandate have a familiar feel.

Culture is the name for what people are interested in, their thoughts, their models, the books they read, the papers they study and the speeches they hear. Every country, every community are strongly tied together by an intricate tapestry of individual values, norms and a specific history, so to understand their culture is to understand them. Speaking to a person in a way which is sensitive to their own distinct, unique culture enables a brand to not only elicit the intended emotional response through branded communications, but also shows that the brand can be trusted to understand their consumer.

Culture and its impact on the communities it was born of is a beautiful, multifaceted entity which gives strength, identity and purpose to its people. In a world that politicizes everything, there’s a sense that political culture is both the root cause of the problems we face and, ultimately, the solution. But the larger argument I want you to consider is that politics is an artifact of culture. It’s a reflection: Culture underwrites our politics.

Culture can have a negative conotation when it is used as propganda. You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them, and they will change. This is exactly what the government run education system did in the last 50 years with policy. This has had massive implications in medicine. Most young physicians have no idea how to read or navigate the medical literature properly because of the influence to corporations who create and craft information to suit their goals. Algorithms have been used to craft culture changes.

If taxpayers aren’t passionate about a ’governments vision, they won’t be enthusiastic about executing the plan of its leaders, and then your strategy stands no chance of success. The actions of the founders and executives speak louder than their words in the process of culture creation.

Vaccine mandates and monetary policy have destroyed the culture the founding fathers created in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. I believe this has been done with intent by those in leadership positions who are unelected and work for corporations to benefits profiteers over the citizenry. The culture of being a citiizen is to speak up. All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent when the public is being abused by a form of tyranny. Within the Declaration of Indepence we can see the Culture of the United States in Thomas Jefferson’s writing when he said, “When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government” The 50 years of monetry policy by the Federal Reserve since removing the gold standard shows how little regard the Beltway has for the citizens. The same can be said about the vaccine mandates. We need to be reminded that Biden’s mandate is an Executive Order and not a LAW. It means it government propaganda and it should be treated as a presse release.  2019, 2020, and 2021 have become Orwell’s 1984 in real life. Thomas Jefferson once noted, “Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of the day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers too plainly proves a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing us to slavery.” Today we are on the precipice of change by tyranny and force. We must evolve our culture in the USA by how we vote. The government you elect is the government you deserve.

The culture of our founding documents has been usurped because 100 years of government has been using propaganda against the voters. Within the propaganda they have created is the narrative of fear. They have enlisted the media into the army to fight against the citzenry. When a government uses fear against its own people it is PROPAGANDA and not statesmanship. Jefferson warned us that when governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny. We have a big culture problem today in the USA.

Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always. Changing a culture takes courage.  The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history of their culture. That is precisely what media has done for elected government. Orwell warned us in 1984, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” The first amendemnt of the constitution was put in place to maintain out culture of not being silent and always questioning our leaders. Modern governments learned from warmongering that controlling media propaganda was key to success. Why?

Edward Bernays taught the world in his 1928 book, Propaganda, that thought can be used to corrupt language, and language can therefore corrupt thought. The consequence of this linkage is that the media is the most powerful entity on Earth because it should protect the culture of our founding documents. Malcolm X taught us that the media has the power to make the innocent guilty and the make the guilty innocent. This ability is powerful because it can be used to control the minds of the citizenry. The press is so powerful in its image making role, that it can make the criminal look like he is the victim and make the victim look like criminal. Because of this power, the government, especially the intelligence arms of the industrial military complex have sought for years to usurp this power to use in war. Today they are using it against the taxpayers and citizens of the USA. If you do not realize what they are doing, newspapers & websites will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and lovign the people who are doing the oppressing. January 6th, 2021 reminds me of this situation.


Usurping the power of the media is the goal of criminal politicians. It is used to keep you unaware of what they are really doing. This defines the Dunning Kruger effect of some of the citizenry. Orwell told us “Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.” In his book, 1984. Power comes in tearing human minds to pieces and putting those minds and their beliefs together again in new shapes to form the culture of the tyrants choosing.

Culture certainly influences politics. For example, recent research has shown America and France, people who wanted a tighter culture—because they feel threatened—were supportive of politicians with a strong conviction. The threat in both countries is not an exogenous threat. It comes from within the beaucracy that decades of elected tyrants have created to change the culture of the citizenry. Politics can also change culture. We’ve already seen how politicians both now and in history can exaggerate and amplify threats (Hitler/Biden) to tighten cultures. It works—at least for some time—because it taps into a deep evolutionary principle that when there is threat, people want strong rules and autocratic leaders. The problem with this, if the threat is manufactured by propaganda and not real, it sets up the conditions for fascism and tyranny to develop into the void. Media was protected in the Constitution to protect this from happening, but today politicians now use media to control the minds of their voting blocks using propaganda. So the relationship between culture and politics can go in either direction. We saw this culture struggle this week in Joe Rogan’s podcast with Sanjay Gupta when they discussed how CNN was used by Biden to push the agenda to get the US to vaccine mandates over safer drugs to treat COVID.

Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.  VIDEO

The influence of culture on politics is profound because culutre wires the world. Culture mimics the electric power grid. It distributes power to the citizens quickly. Marshall McLuhan warned us the medium of how we communicate affects our culture.  The medium is the message is an expression coined by McLuhan in the 1960s that is often interpreted to mean that the forms and methods (the “media”) used to communicate information have a significant impact on the messages they deliver. This includes the meanings and other perceptions about those messages.  The technology of communication and discourse, today has fueled the cultural divide because they’ve accentuated polarization. How? The extraordinary advances in social media have stochastically expanded ways in which commincation increases anonymity, which fuels the extremism of rhetoric. This happens because on social media platforms there is an absence of any kind of accountability in our public speech. Social networks allow users to take what is already a shallow discourse in Tweets using slogans and hashtags, and make it even more difficult to find any kind of depth of discourse.

How do you compromise when that becomes the dominant form of discourse?


Well-being is a crucial ideal for any society and it is increased when the culture of a society is it’s greatest wealth. “Tight” cultures have strict norms and punishments, while “loose” cultures, are more permissive of things that are several standard deviations from the mean of society. This distinction in culture stiffness helps us to understand differences across nations, social classes, organizations, friends and families. Tight and loose cultures are actually compatible—each of their strengths is the other’s liability. In this way, they balance one another if the media if there is freedom of the press from corporate or government control. Tight cultures have a lot of order; they have less crime, more uniformity and more self-control. Loose cultures can be disorganized and have a suite of self-regulation problems. But loose cultures corner the market on openness. They’re more open to different people (immigrants, minorities, the stigmatized), different ideas and change—issues that tight cultures struggle with. Moreover, many complex tasks require both tight and loose cultural elements. Take organizational innovation. It requires looseness to come up with cutting-edge ideas but it requires tightness to implement them and scale them up. The same thing is true is government. When leaders destroy the fabric of culture as the last few presidents have done since 1971 when they removed the dollar from the gold standard, the erosion of culture began and it allows in the creep of fascism and tyranny we have seen with Biden’s mandate.  I have always believed that COVID was a compliance test for an economic reset.

If I could draw a parallel to Biden’s mandate, it reminds me of the history found during the Civil War. There was a culture war for 30 years prior to the Civil War. The Civil War was—without question—about slavery and the status of Black men and women. In that culture war, the good guys won but at a massive cost. It cost the country the loss of economic power, because 4 out of 10 Southern males died in that war. 1 out of 10 Northern males died in this war . With that history lesson reminder think about the butterfly effect of a culture war: The case of Dred Scott resulted. Dred Scott v. Sandford, was a decade-long fight for freedom by a Black enslaved man named Dred Scott. The case persisted through several courts and ultimately reached the U.S. Supreme Court, whose decision incensed abolitionists, gave momentum to the anti-slavery movement and served as a stepping stone to the Civil War.

The Dred Scott case and today’s vaccine mandate has a lot in common, in my view.

Dred Scott was an attempt to impose a consensus by law; it took the Civil War and the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to overturn Dred Scott at the SCOTUS. And yet that was also an imposition of solidarity by law and by force. The failures of Reconstruction and the emergence of Jim Crow and “Black Codes” and all of that was proof that politics couldn’t solve culture in the 1860s so I do not believe poltics will solve the currenct economic culture war. Politics couldn’t solve the cultural tensions, and so what we ended up with was a 100 year struggle for civil rights.

The best leaders are those that are “ambidextrous”—they can find synergies between tight and loose cultural elements. American leadership in the Executive and Legislative branches have been impotent in these skills sets.


Every culture has its sins. Sin is an old-fashioned word, that refers to that which is, ultimately, profane and cannot be permitted, must not be allowed. Understanding those things that underwrite politics helps us understand why this persists the way it does, why it inflames the passions that we see today in society.

Can we have a stable republic without discussing an economic compromise? No, I don’t believe so.

Part of our problem is that we have politicized everything. And yet politics becomes a proxy for cultural positions that simply won’t brook any kind of dissent or argument. The very idea of treating your opponents with civility is a betrayal. How can you be civil to people who threaten your very existence? It highlights the point that culture is hegemonic: like the USD. You can compromise with politics and policy, but if politics and policy are a proxy for culture, there’s just no way compromise will be found.

The question about culture is this: What is it that animates our passions? I don’t know how one can imagine individual and collective identity—and the things that make life meaningful and purposeful—as somehow peripheral or as “distractions.” Culture, by its very nature, is hegemonic. It seeks to colonize; it seeks to envelop in its totality. The root of the word “culture” is Latin: “cultus.” It’s about what is sacred to us. And what is sacred to us tends to be universalizing. The very nature of the sacred is that it is special; it can’t be broached. Culture wars have been created to allow government to take advantage of us.

Only “We The People” Can put a stop to it. That is what happened at the Berlin Wall when it fell. People stayed there and demanded that governments remove the wall and it happened. The voice of the people is always heard during culture changes. I’ve been a physician long enough to remember a time when real science guided the narrative, not the other way around. Today the cultur war in medicine doesn’t operate like this. Those were good times. People’s beliefs and behaviors are the “butterfly effect” when the bubble of a culture war is popped. I think Bitcoin is the pin to pop this current bubble by the people who own it.


1. “Rule Makers, Rule Breakers: How Tight and Loose Cultures Wire the World”, by Michele Gelfand

2. “Culture Wars” 1991 by James Davison Hunter

3. Jack Kruse with Tucson Bitcoin:  VIDEO


Organisms follow the cycle of the day, even at the cellular level, creating an internal clock. Humans’ biology will follow this circadian rhythm even when external stimuli like light or temperature changes don’t occur. Researchers have now used a fruit fly model to identify a role for a gene called neurofibromin (NF1) in the regulation of the circadian rhythm. Mutations in Nf1 were believed to be the cause the disease neurofibromatosis, which leads to tumor growth in the nervous system. Paradoxically, sleep disturbances are also known to be a symptom of neurofibromatosis.

The Nf1 gene expression fluctuates according to the sleep-wake phases of the organism: its expression increases when the are awake and stimulates growth, while it decreases during their sleep.  Neurofibromatosis (NF) causes tumors to grow on nerves.

There are two main types of NF, as well as a third and very rare type called schwannomatosis.

Neurofibromatosis type I

NF type 1 is the most common type of neurofibromatosis, NF1 and can cause a wide range of symptoms that can impact skin pigmentation (melanin), the nervous system, bones, and normal development.  Tissue tied to the neuroectoderm seem to have alter circadian clock mechanism that lead to disease manifestation.

One of the first signs of NF1 are cafe-au-lait macules (CALMs), or cafe-au-lait spots. These are darkened areas of skin that resemble birthmarks. In some cases, they are present at birth. In other cases, they may appear during childhood or puberty. While harmless, having six or more CALMs can be a sign of NF1. Freckles in the underarms or groin are another skin pigmentation abnormality seen in people with NF1. Like CALMs, freckles are not harmful.

Neurofibromas are another common manifestation of NF1. These are benign tumors that form on the nerves. Most occur near the surface of the body and can be felt as lumps underneath the skin. Others occur deeper within the body. Neurofibromas may put pressure on nerves, causing symptoms like pain, numbness, and tingling. People with NF1 can also develop benign tumors in the eyes and along the optic nerve, which can impair vision.

Lisch nodules. These are deposits of pigment in the iris of the eye called melanotic hamartomas. They are associated with NF1 and do not cause any problems or symptoms.  You can view them here.

Glioma. This is a type of nerve tumor that occurs in the glial cells in the brain and spinal cord. Gliomas are more common in people with NF1, particularly optic pathway gliomas (OPGs), which occur in the nerves that connect the eyes and brain. OPGs can cause visual impairment.  You can view images here.

Plexiform neurofibromas are larger tumors that affect multiple nerves and lead to disfigurement. While the majority of tumors that develop as a result of NF1 are benign, people with NF1 are at an increased risk of several types of cancer, including leukemia, brain tumors, breast cancer, malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors, and others.  This implies that all these disease must also be related to circadian clock dysfunction at some level.  I have had an extensive experience with all of these tumors in my career.  Many often forget that nnEMF light blue light liberate Vitamin A (retinol) to cause many sleep disturbances.  It appears that the free retinol might have larger implications for the clock mechanisms in neuroectodermal derivatives.

Other signs and symptoms associated with NF1 include scoliosis (lateral curvature of the spine), a larger than normal head circumference, smaller stature, bone abnormalities, early or late onset of puberty, high blood pressure, and learning disabilities.  The disfigurement can be quite shocking in these disease due to the damage to the clock mechanism.

NF1 symptoms and the severity of those symptoms can vary greatly from person to person.  The paper below is hinting to us that the amount of dysfunction of the clock mechanism is key to the expression of the disease.

Neurofibromatosis type 2
Neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2) is caused by a mutation of the gene neurofibromin 2. As with NF1, the mutation that causes NF2 can be spontaneous or inherited. Whereas the onset of NF1 symptoms are observable at birth or during early childhood, NF2 usually has a later onset—the first symptoms typically appear during puberty or early adulthood. People with NF2 also have CALMs, but typically fewer CALMs than people with NF1.

People with NF2 develop tumors called vestibular schwannomas on cranial nerve #8. These benign tumors form on one or both auditory nerves, which connect the ears to the brain. These tumors can impact the functioning of the auditory nerves, causing hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and problems with balance.

Tumors may also form along other nerves, which can result in a variety of neurological symptoms—impaired speech, muscle weakness, pain, numbness, facial drop, difficulty swallowing, headaches, seizures, and problems with vision, including cataracts.  This also implies all these associated disease are affected by circadian clock dysfunction.

This rare type of neurofibromatosis is caused by mutations to the tumor suppressing genes SMARCB1 and LZTR1.  The benign tumors that occur with schwannomatosis are called schwannomas. These are the same type of tumor that occur with NF2. However, with schwannomatosis, these tumors do not involve the auditory nerves. Instead, these tumors develop on the peripheral nerves, brain, and/or along the spinal cord. Depending on the nerves that are impacted, symptoms can include chronic pain, numbness, and loss of muscle. Onset typically occurs during early adulthood.  These tumors are seen by neurosurgeon.

What did the researchers find out about this disease recently?

The researchers determined that the NF1 gene in the animals they studied had chronically low Nf1 expression levels had aberrant sleep cycles. These animals were totally dysregulated and had many more sleep phases than they should have had.  This told the researchers that this disease had to be related to a defective clock mechanism and not a defective gene.

Recall that excessive blue light exposure and nnEMF at night alter calcium flows and free radicals in cells. (above)

In the new research cited below the scientists analyzed gene expression in neurons that are part of a region of the zebrafish brain that’s involved in learning and sleep, known as mushroom bodies because of their shape.

This was done for both healthy, normal fruit flies and flies with a dysregulated sleep-wake cycle.

Neurons in the mushroom bodies are activated by calcium release, and the NF1 protein is known to be upstream of that process in research animals. When the protein of the NF1 gene is expressed, neurons in the mushroom body are more active, promoting wakefulness during the daytime. The expression level is reduced at night.  The absence of light and a lower temperature (melatonin) turn off the expression of the protein from the NF1 gene.  This implies the gene always stays on and leads to the disease phenotype.  Most physicians were taught in medical school that neurofibromatosis is a strict genetic disease with no circadian cause.  We now know it is light and dark and temperature in the brain that lead to this disease and has little to do with a defective gene.  This is a torpedo to neo-Darwinist beliefs.

In humans, the NF1 protein suppresses tumor growth in the nervous system (by regulating the activity of the p21 oncoprotein Ras). Mutations in the Nf1 gene have been believed to be the cause neurofibromatosis but now we have to question this belief.  This explains the range of symptoms that can include sleep disturbances and growth of tumors in nerve sheaths all over the body.



Since the 19th century, light was known to be a wave of electric and magnetic fields. In the early 20th century, the physics revolution known as quantum mechanics included the alternative description of light as a collection of particles called photons. Roy Glauber of Harvard University realized that with the invention of the laser and the detectors capable of sensing a single photon, a complete quantum theory of light was needed. One single photon can control many atoms. His theory, published in 1963, explained that photons are not entirely independent objects and that detecting a photon from a light beam affects the probability of detecting another photon. His theory marked the birth of the field of quantum optics, which led to a wide range of advances, such as a type of optics-based cryptography that has already been used for some bank transactions. Glauber shared the 2005 Nobel Prize in physics for his work. My bet is that Glauber’s work will revolutionize neuroscience and medicine one day. Light and atoms are the fundamental building blocks life uses to organize in a circadian fashion. Light and atomic interactions build the illusion of biologic time in your brain.

You have optical lattice clocks in your eyes connected directly to your brain.

Darker days and brighter nights makes these clocks tell your brain the wrong time. When your brain can’t tell time correctly, lifetime speeds up for you and healthspan contracts. These effects should make you ask one question.


Everything can and should be thought of as a clock.

Garbage announces the days with its worsening smell. Wrinkles mark the years. You can actually tell time by measuring how cold your coffee has gotten on your coffee table.

Quantum thermodynamics, disciplines concern the flow of information and energy, while providing the right language for describing clocks. All clocks work by proof of work to describe information/energy consumption. When you truly get this perspective, it will occur to you that actually a clock is a thermal machine that creates the illusion of time. Like an engine, a clock harnesses the flow of energy to do work, producing exhaust in the process. Engines use this energy to propel; and clocks use it to tick. The exhust in cells is codified in the CO2 and water created with the amount of heat generated. Entropy, in the form of energy or information — is the quantity whose incessant rise in the universe is closely associated with the arrow of time.

A clock is anything that undergoes irreversible changes: changes in which energy spreads out among more particles or into a broader area. Energy tends to dissipate — and entropy, a measure of its dissipation, tends to increase — simply because there are far, far more ways for energy to be spread out than for it to be highly concentrated. This numerical asymmetry, and the curious fact that energy started out ultra-concentrated at the beginning of the universe, are why energy now moves toward increasingly dispersed arrangements, one cooling coffee cup at a time.

Coffee doesn’t make a great clock for cells. As with most irreversible processes, its interactions with the surrounding air happen stochastically (probability based). This means you have to average over long stretches of time, encompassing many random collisions between coffee and air molecules, in order to accurately estimate a time interval. This is why we don’t refer to coffee, or garbage or wrinkles, as clocks.

We reserve the name clock, a clock thermodynamicists would realized, for objects whose timekeeping ability is enhanced by periodicity: some mechanism that spaces out the intervals between the moments when irreversible processes occur. A good clock doesn’t just change. It ticks. Biological clocks use light and dark to increase the fidelity of the tick tock ticking.

The more regular the ticks, the more accurate the clock. The greater a clock’s accuracy, the more energy it dissipates and the more entropy it produces in the course of ticking.  This is a key point you should read several times. 

The implication of this idea is that a clock is a flow meter for entropy.

An ideal clock — is one that ticks with perfect periodicity — it would burn an infinite amount of energy/information and produce infinite entropy, which isn’t possible on Earth. Thus, the accuracy of clocks is fundamentally limited.  Mother Nature knew this 3.8 billion years ago.  So how did she adapt?  She uses the smallest units available to begin construction of her clocks, atoms.

The most simple clock is a quantum system consisting of three atoms. A “hot” atom connects to a heat source, a “cold” atom couples to the surrounding environment, and a third atom that’s linked to both of the others “ticks” by undergoing excitations and decays. Energy enters the system from the heat source (sun), driving the ticks, and entropy is produced when waste energy gets released into the environment. Thermodynamic researchers have calculated that the ticks of this three-atom clock become more regular the more entropy the clock produces. This means that sunlight makes your circadian clocks more accurate daily because it is the heat source for the clocks in you.  This is the main relationship between clock accuracy and entropy.

In 1948 Claude Shannon paper showed that entropy also inversely tracks with information.This is found in his equation below.  This means that the less information you have about a data set, the higher its entropy is. In precise terms, entropy is a measure of the number of possible arrangements that a system of particles can be in.  This is important in understanding how Nature engineered your clocks.

These possibilities grow when energy/information are spread more evenly among more particles, which is why entropy rises as energy/information disperses. Shannon showed us why there is any limit on a clock’s entropy production should naturally correspond to a limit of information that can pass from the sun to our cells.

The Shannon limit or Shannon capacity of a communication channel (Sun-RBCs) refers to the maximum rate of error-free data that can theoretically be transferred over the channel if the link is subject to random data transmission errors, for a particular noise level.

CO, NO, DNA methylation patterns are examples of noise your cells have to deal with daily.  More on this later.  This “noise” ruins their ability to decipher the circadian messages/levers in sunlight that control the proteins and lipids in your cells to pull off the things living things can.

Mother Nature realized 4 billion years ago how to create a better biologic clock. She took the 3 atom clock and improved it by adding atomic complexity to work with light from the sun 93 million years away from Earth. She expanded on their three-atom clock model by adding complexity to its mechanism — essentially extra hot and cold atoms connected to the ticking atom that was driven by sunlight.

This idea showed that this additional complexity enables a clock to “concentrate the probability” of a tick happening into narrower and narrower windows of time, thereby increasing the regularity and accuracy of the clock. The use of tryptophan and methionine use in cells were critical to the circadian clock mechanism in cells. The primordial state of life was always sleep and we evolved wakefulness as our clock timing mechanism got more complex.

Mother Nature added aromatic amino acids to cells whose electrons could be excited by light to stimulate the mitochondrial membrane to vibrate. NAD+ is made by tryptophan.  So is melatonin.   This idea is used in MRI when we use pulsed RF to alter proton spin to create an image. It can also be simulated in a lab with white noise — a random mix of radio frequencies. The frequencies created that resonated with the membrane can drive its vibrations. The noise of the RF can simulate a heat source, and the vibrations in membranes can mimic the ticks of a clock. The manner in which the inner mitochondrial membrane vibrates alters is frequency to consume or stored energy and information.  We can tell from the energy/information dissipation in the circuit itself how much the entropy changes.  As entropy varies we vary how we experience time in reality.

The mitochondrial heteroplasmy rate in an organ is a function of the entropy level in the clock timing mechanism.

The speed of evolutionary change of light sources humans live under has far out stripped the ability of our clock genes to catch up.  Today’s use of artificial light and nnEMF is what is causing all modern disease epidemics.  Understanding the quantum engineering is critical in understanding this perspective.

If you understand the link of energy and information to the entropy equations of Boltzman and Shannon, there should be a linear relationship between entropy production and accuracy in clocks.

This idea is buried in the entropy equations of Boltzman (above) and Shannon (below) which are close to identical. No one seems to realize how fundamental these relationships are. The circadian clock mechanism is what creates the illusion of time in our brain at the suprachiasmatic nucleus.

The regularity of the inner mitochondrial membrane clock’s vibrations should directly be tracked with how much energy entered the system at cytochrome one (Tryptophan present in ctochrome 1 = NAD+/NADH couple) and how much entropy it produced with the oscillation in the inner mitochondrial membrane. 100 Hz correlates with optimized fat burning in the heat engine of the mitochondria. This is when the clock timing mechanism operates well.

Time will appears to pass slower when this occurs and helathspan should be the phenotype humans experience. Anything that lowers the oscillation rate on the inner mitochondrial membrane will lower healthsapn and longevity because the thermodynamics of the clock mechanism is not optimized. The SCN can recalibrate the clock daily to increase its ability to tell time properly, with respect to entropy creation and or flow if the skin and eye see the sun as it rises every day to recalibrate the clock.   Why?

The human circadian timing system is not exactly 24 hours because when life evolved on Earth an Earth day was shorter than it is today, Mother Nature built the clocks to be adaptable to light exposure, therefore, it needs to be entrained every day at sunrise and sunset.  Because the amount of daylight is linked to the distance of the moon from Earth, and it varies as well, lunar cycles also help fine tune circadian clock function in amazing ways.

The findings suggest that the thermodynamic equations that science has now derived may hold universally for timekeeping devices.


In general, SunLIGHT properly entrains the central circadian clock and FOOD entrains peripheral clocks in humans. This is a 30,000 foot view of how the system works in you. Artificial light ruins both clock timing mechanisms in the body. That’s why we try to get a big breakfast and go outdoors in the morning as the Leptin Rx prescribes.

Behavioral rhythms your exhibit in your life are driven by molecular rhythms that link directly to how your circadian clock is built.  This means they are adaptable if you alter light in your life to benefit the clock mechanism.

The human circadian timing system is not exactly 24 hours, therefore, it needs to be entrained every day. This is why never missing a sunrise is paramount.  Environmental light is the most important zeitgeber for setting the central pacemaker, the SCN. This is why seeing the sunrise is the smartest thing one should do to limit DNA methylation problems from building up in your organs. This alters how your cells account for entropy flow.

Sunlight also controls the epigenetic modifications to your clock mechanism and directly affects your health span and aging. Several biomarkers of healthy aging have been proposed in recent years, including the epigenetic clocks, based on DNA methylation (DNAm) measures, which are getting increasingly accurate in predicting the individual biological age. The recently developed “next-generation clock” DNAmGrimAge outperforms “first-generation clocks” (SCN) in predicting longevity and the onset of many age-related pathological conditions and diseases. Additionally, the total number of stochastic epigenetic mutations (SEMs), also known as the epigenetic mutation load (EML), has been proposed as a complementary DNAm-based biomarker of healthy aging. The more DNA methylation you have in tissues the more quickly you will get sick and age faster.

The reason this happens is that DNA methyaltion alters the expression dynamics of gene products on your X and Y chromosomes.

The epigenetic mutation load (EML) your tissues carry is key to understand how Nature built your clock timing mechanism. A higher EML has been associated with age-related pathological conditions like X chromosome activation skewing. Chromatin marking is controlled by the circadian clock in humans.  BMAL1 is a clock gene and HSF1 is a heat shock protein.  Both get optimized by sunlight exposure. HSF1 is an important transcription factor for induction of NAT1 in human cells and is required for androgen activation of the NAT1 promoter.  This is why Neil Armstrong had life long problems with his testosterone levels when he returned from the moon and it is why so many women struggle with sex hormone problems in their lives when they are filled with methylation problems from alien light.  This is how we inactivate the X chromosome to limit disease and create time.  See the second line in the slide below.

In humans and other mammals, female cells carry two X-chromosomes, whereas male cells carry a single X and Y-chromosome. The X chromosome in humans follows the inheritance patterns in mitochondria.  

Biologically male people always inherit their X chromosome from their mother. This is not true in females because they have two copies of the X chromosome, one from each parent.  The human X chromosome is about three times larger than the Y chromosome, containing about 900 genes, while the Y chromosome has about 55 genes. Female mammals have two X chromosomes in every cell. However, one of the X chromosomes is inactivated.  Inactivation is done randomly and the offspring female can inherit her dominant X chromosome from either parent.

To achieve an equal expression level of X-linked genes in both sexes, a dosage compensation mechanism evolved, which results in transcriptional silencing of one X-chromosome in females. X chromosome inactivation (XCI) is random with respect to the parental origin of the X, occurs early during embryonic development, and is then “stably maintained” through a near infinite number of cell divisions. DNA methylation alters this “delicate stability” pattern in the X chromosomes.In essence, excessive DNA methylation seems to cause us to lose the ability to properly silence the genes on the X chromosome and this seems to lead to diseases of aging in humans.

In multicellular organisms like humans, specificity of cell types is maintained by mitotically heritable differences in gene expression, which are in part regulated by epigenetic mechanisms. These include RNA-based mechanisms, histone modifications, and DNA methylation. DNA methylation can only happen on cytosine residues on DNA.

The full range of epigenetic marks in humans is currently unknown but is potentially enormous, considering that the diploid human epigenome contains >10^8 Cytosines (of which >10^7 are CpGs) and >10^8 histone tails that can all potentially vary clock gene expression. Aberrant DNA methylation patterns have been linked to genomic instability and increased mutation rates in humans. If you recall when I mentioned Scott Kelly’s trip into space he came back with massive amount of DNA methylation patterns which predicted he would face more diseases early and die earlier. His recent biography appears to bear this out.

NASA knows this is a huge risk to astronauts going into orbit.  The moon is more damaging and likely why the USA has not been back since 1971.  I believe they are trying to figure out a way to hack this problem to get humans to explore Mars.

If you are understanding this blog well, you can now see how nnEMF destroys the clocks built in you, to cause disease.

Interestingly, altered DNA methylation seems to be involved in the pathogenesis of other age-related diseases in humans, such as cardiovascular, neurological and metabolic disorders, and autoimmune diseases.

A fundamental biological property of epigenetic, and in particular DNAm modifications, is the potential reversibility of the effect, raising questions about the possible slowdown of epigenetic aging by modifying one’s lifestyle by using sunlight, darkness, and food timing.

Daytime sunlight optimizes endogenous carbon monoxide (CO) levels created from the turnover of bilirubin in RBCs which should be getting irradiated just below your skin surface assuming your skin is in the game. What if your skin is not in the game? Endogenous CO disrupts the clocks in your body further and their timing mechanism is off allowing for more entropy in the circulatory system. Babies born with jaundice are more subject to diseases of aging associated with the activated X chromosome.

When this happens arteries lose more nitric oxide and Heart Rate variability becomes more ordered and less chaotic. Blood flow hydrodynamics is non laminar and more turbulant. The charges in the arterial wall, cell membranes of the RBCs, and the proteins in the blood all are lowered. This change in charge makes the blood more viscous, it loses its thixotrophic qualities, and it loses its magnetohydrodynamic power to be recharged by sunlight in subsequent days.

As this persists, the amount of adenosine created in the blood and body is reduced and this destroys sleep cycles and creates brain fog due to sluggish flow of blood into the brain.

Feedback of metabolic signals, such as the mitochondrial redox state, NAD+/NADH ratios, AMPK pathways, and adenosine/AMP/ADP ratios, or heme production, modulate circadian rhythms and thereby optimize energy utilization across the 24-hour cycle.

Recall that the first step in creation of heme begins inside the mitochondria. This links the circadian cycle to redox power present in the mitochondrial colony in an organ. Heme degradation from your RBC or from mitochondrial cytochromes occurs on a circadian cycle and produces CO. CO prevents Clock/Bmal1 circadian genes from binding to DNA. Proper CO production limits DNA methyaltion patterns. Inhibiting this process throws off numerous other circadian rhythms in the liver which lead to circadian disruption there (Leptin resistance part Deux)

Something critical to be reminded of now that you understand how clocks work using quantum thermodynamically:  An endogenous ligand of Rev-erb gene in humans is heme (the iron-binding element in red blood cells and cytochromes). Heme is degraded into bilirubin. Bilirubin is what make babies jaundiced when they are born to mothers who have epigenetic circadian mismatches. Elevated levels of bilirubin cause jaundice and can destroy brain function in infnts because this is where their clock mechanisms are. The infant clocks are more sensitive to the flow of entropy than the adult brain. A treatment now espoused for neonatal jaundice is exposure to blue light. We used to use artificial UV light to treat jaundice in the 1950s.

Blue light is a major regulator of circadian rhythms and Rev-erb is an executive-level player in this game. The primary mechanisms of blue light appear unrelated in these two models (melanopsin activation vs. bilirubin photoisomerization), but seem intertwined, because heme activates Rev-erb.

Recently published papers also demonstrate that DNA methylation patterns are not static and they naturally change with aging in a complex manner. The biological meaning of these changes remain to be elucidated although many authors in the literature suggest that aging-associated epigenetic modifications may play a central role in the development of several age-related diseases. I happen to believe this presently.  I believe optimizing your light and dark signals with sunlight is the best treatment one can do presently because of how your clock is built by Nature.

The human clock genes are complicated, but now that you understand the quantum physics of clocks you can understand why they control the life you live from a 30,000 foot level.

If you want to understand how you can help yourself sign up for the free Virtual EMF summit to begin tomorrow on 9/30/2021 at hhtps://


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Today we say Happy birthday, spacetime! Hermann Minkowski addressed the 80th Assembly of German Natural Scientists and Physicians on this day in 1908. What is special about this birthday?

Einstein’s theory of special relativity is set in a four-dimensional spacetime. This was a radical reformulation created by Minkowski. His opening lines in 1908 were:

The implications of Minkowski ideas were this: In Newton’s world, time was absolute. This meant that cause and effect had to be linked. With Minkowski’s reformultion we came out of the cave Plato told us about in his allegory. We began to realize that cause and effect was the shadow cast on the wall that most believed because they were educated in a Newtonian world.

Einstein has a feeling for the central order of things. He detected it in the simplicity of natural laws. We may take it that he felt this simplicity very strongly and directly during his discovery of the theory of relativity. In this reformulation we realize that time is relative to the situation present in the environment. It also implies that spacetime tells matter how to move; matter tells spacetime how to curve. This insight only makes sense when you realize time is not absolute but relative. It means your perspective colors the world you see and believe in. When you realize time is relative it also means cause and effect are illusions our beliefs create for us in life. Time relativity means that anytime you think you see cause and effect you really are seeing things that are more probable than not, and this is why relaity manifests.

Einstein came along and took space and time out of the realm of stationary things and put them in the realm of relativity—giving the onlooker dominion over time and space, because time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live.

When two things occur successively we call them cause and effect if we believe one event made the other one happen. If we think one event is the response to the other, we call it a reaction. If we feel that the two incidents are not related, we call it a mere coincidence. If we think someone deserved what happened, we call it retribution or reward, depending on whether the event was negative or positive for the recipient. If we cannot find a reason for the two events’ occurring simultaneously or in close proximity, we call it an accident. Therefore, how we explain coincidences depends on how we see the world. Is everything connected, so that events create resonances like ripples across a net? Or do things merely co-occur and we give meaning to these co-occurrences based on our belief system? My answer is: It’s all in how you think about the world.


Opinions from MDs about COVID are relative too. Few realize it. A physician paid by the system is educated to see the world through the lenses of Big Pharma perspective. Big Pharma curriculum built their world view in science. A centralize physician will perceive COVID from the Big Pharma perspective = victimhood view = fear. This is the Newtonian viewpoint of COVID. Where cause and effect are linked. A decentralized MD , who has divorced themself from the Big Pharma perspective knows that everything Is relative to your perspective. They will see COVID as thievery of time and freedom, which is the warrior view, and they will reject tyranny at every level they sense it to exist. Your job, as the patient, is to choose who view aligns with your perspective and not that of Big Pharma or your government. Choose wisely folks.

Language is also relative. Words and ideas mean different things to those who believe in cause and effect versus those who believe in probabilities that Einstein theory reveled to modern man.  Today’s narrative are built by language that has collapsed into itself and is no longer capable of communicating its truth from its deep and systematic abuse. Public man has so throughly destroyed his ability to speak truth that nothing he says can be believed anymore. It is the end of public discourse. Those in Big Pharma and government are using the Newtonian world to build your world view of COVID to create obedient idiots who see COVID through the victim mentality. Change that.


BTC #33:HOW DOES BITCOIN, HEALTH, AND 9/11 all link together?

On 9/11, Americans gripped by both fear and patriotic fervor surrendered more of their freedoms to an expanded surveillance state.  This set the stage for passing the PAtriot act in 45 days.  That act gives the ability for the gov’t to do KYC/AML on every American.  It also set the stage for the medical tyranny we are facing right now.  People are handing over freedoms for security for a disease that is not a problem for most competent immune systems.

Does the surrender in Afghanistan have something to do with all this too?  Yes, the executive branch is deeply involved in all of this.


The industrial-military complex does not work for “We The People”.  It serves at the discretion of who controls the military in a democratic public.

We mobilized the might of our military and marshaled the courage of some of our best men and women to launch the War on Terror in 2001 in Afghanistan. And only now as the last American servicemember – Maj. Gen. Chris Donahue, commanding officer of the Army’s famed 82nd Airborne Division – has departed Kabul, Afghanistan on 30 August 2021, may we begin to truly count the cost of 9/11.

In his seminal briefing, “Patterns of Conflict”, US Air Force Colonel John Boyd outlined in exhaustive detail the importance of the moral domain of war. And though many of Boyd’s concepts – especially those of maneuver warfare and mission command – have been adopted by our armed forces, it would seem that the enemies who struck with such precision and devastation on 9/11 adopted and applied a different domain of insights from Boyd. What they learned is that the goal of any asymmetric or guerilla campaign against a larger foe must be to disrupt and degrade the moral authority that permits a war-making entity to expend blood and treasure on behalf of a constituency.

Clinton policies gutted US manufacturing and hel fund the technocracy need for regime change.  Bush began this war on terror and 9/11 was his fuel.  Obama/Biden continued it, and Trump wanted it OVER as soon as he assume office.  This made Trump an enemy of the BIS, WEF, and the central bankers globally. He was going off his own script and not the one set in motion by Henry Kissinger in  It made him a target for regime change using the manipulation of search engines.  This idea was born in 1928 and has been used US presidents before in the 1924 elections.  Few people know about these links.

In the United States, it is an elected civilian (the President of the United States) who is constitutionally designated as the Commander in Chief of our armed forces. However, it is Congress, the legislative body representing the people and states, which holds sole constitutional authority to declare war. Thus, the moral authority to commit our nation to war rests in a deliberative process of the president requesting such permission from the citizens and states of the Union.

)n 9/11/2001 did President George W. Bush and the 107th Congress formally launch the “Global War on Terror” – a novel and risible commitment of US forces to free the world from some nebulous synthesis of entities, tactics, and ideologies, rather than a specific entity or formal coalition of enemy forces.

It was on that moral level – the perceived righteousness of the United States in committing acts of war – that Osama bin Laden intended to undermine America’s strength by “breaking the fear of this false god and destroying the myth of American invincibility.” Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and its global infrastructure of overt and covert supporters wanted to strike a blow that could make the beating heart of America’s moral strength bleed, setting us on a path to ruin that would release our grip on the Muslim world. And…the violent and horrific stratagem worked, albeit in a different way. Though bin Laden did not anticipate the US doubling down on violence by launching a punitive expedition in Afghanistan (rather than withdrawing from international affairs and licking our wounds), the attempt to destroy America’s moral authority globally instead ultimately shattered the moral certitude and cohesion of our body politic.

John Boyd wrote how technological advancements in the tools of war had a recursive impact on doctrine and could be used to sculpt the nature of future conflicts.  These ideas were based on the work of Kurt Lewin of Harvard University.  Lewin is known as one of the modern pioneers of socialorganizational, and applied psychology in the United States. He was exiled from the land of his birth, Germany, and came to the USA at the end of the last debt cycle and was hired by the British company, TAVISTOCK to work on behalf of a group of 300 members of the global elite banking families from Europe.  His goal was to slowly destroy institutions in the USA that provided strength to the executive branch of the USA and its Constitution.  The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust is a shell corporation of the British empire.  Their facade on social media is to be called specialists in mental health trust based in north London. The propaganda around the says that the Trust specializes in talking therapies.  It is a front for the bankers of the British Empire who ruled the world before WW2.  They used drugs to control their empire.

Lewin was hired by Tavistock to use Edward Bernays’s work to overthrow what the US won in WW2 from the British government.  The global elite learned from Hitler’s rise to power that the media can be best understood as a propaganda tool, an opinion-making machine, not beholden to party politics to be used for regime change.

Bernays applied the lessons of WWI for the purpose of “regimenting the public mind every bit as much as an army regiment their bodies.  The Central bankers supported Hitler’s war machine because they saw a way to great profits, but they never thought he would succeed.  They learned just how wrong they were.  This is why so many central bankers who were Jewish seem to have supported Hitler’s war efforts.  They never took him seriously, so they felt he was an easy mark that could be controlled by debt.

Hitler hired Goebels to study Bernays’s work in the 1930s. Bernays, in turn, taught Goebels and Hitler how America was built after WW1.  WW1 destroyed Weimar Germany.  Bernays, helped Calvin Coolidge take over the US and Congress using propaganda well.  He even used Bernays’s ideas to win the 1924 election.  Bernays said, “With the printing press and the newspaper, the railroad, the telephone, telegraph, radio, and airplanes, ideas can be spread rapidly and even instantaneously over the whole of America. …Instead of a mind, [print and] universal literacy has given the man rubber stamps, rubber stamps inked with advertising slogans, with editorials, with published scientific data, with the trivialities of the tabloids and the platitudes of history, but quite innocent of original thought. Each man’s rubber stamps are the duplicates of millions of others”.

The world of the late 20th century was built by corporate interests who rapidly scaled the world economy in both technology and connectivity, making it easier for non-state entities (WEF/BIS) to rapidly deploy novel or unconventional attacks against more powerful targets (USA) below their ability to detect it,  by focusing on agility and “collapsing the enemy internally”. This technocratic use of corporations could be used to perform a coup d’etat on the US government from within.  This new form of asymmetric warfare was termed Fourth Generation Warfare (4GW), reflecting a departure from previous generations of warfare.  These ideas were all created by the idea of Bernays and Lewin.


There are invisible rulers who control the destinies of millions. It is not generally realized to what extent the words and actions of our most influential public men are dictated by shrewd persons operating behind the scenes.

Politicians had to use corporations through corporate governance and this would be enforced via unsaid power contained in the Pentagon.  The executive branch of government had to be controlled by central bankers to make this all happen.  That began in 1971 when Henry Kissinger and his BIS cohorts convinced the executive branch to create the Nixon shock.  The executive branch built a huge alliance over 50 years by favoring corporations who play ball with administrations with favorable repayment in fiat dollars.

Kissinger knew how the executive branch could be manipulated because he was the head of the Dept. of State under Nixon, before ruining Nixon’s presidency with 4th generation warfare subversion.

What became most important to Kissinger, the extent to which our thoughts and habits are modified by authorities.  His first attempt in doing this was to convince Alexander Haig to get Nixon to resign his presidency when the evidence against him was circumstantial  Haig was successful because he was taught how to employ Bernays and Lewin’s ideas to those in the republican congress at that time.  Bernays and Lewin taught Kissinger that no serious sociologist any longer believes that the voice of the people expresses any divine or specially wise and lofty idea. The voice of the people expresses the mind of the people, and that mind is made up for it by the group leaders.  Haig went right after the group of leaders in Congress that formed Nixon’s best supporters.  He flipped them to get rid of Nixon so Kissinger could get Gerald Ford in the executive branch.  He would be a president that Kissinger could manipulate at will.

Ford was heavily influenced in the Warren Commission by Kurt Lewin’s teachings.  Everyone on the Warren commission was chosen because they all were educated politically by a 1945 paper entitled, “Conduct, Knowledge, and Acceptance of New Values.  It was written by Lewin.  In this paper, Lewin describes “re-education” as a correction of “divergence from the norm or from the reality of objective facts” toward a “closer contact with reality”. It turns out that just like today’s “fact-checkers”, Lewin equated “objective facts” with the opinions of his employer. The evidence is quite strong that Kurt Lewin’s work on group dynamics was embraced during and after WWII by the US government. This was how the Warren Commission bought the company line of the industrial-military complex of what happened to JFK in November of 1963.

In fact, you might be surprised to learn in a remarkably short time after WW2 he established the Harvard psychology clinic, National Training Laboratories, and was very active at Stanford, MIT, Cornell, Duke, and other universities.  These places were and have become think tanks for treasonists ever since.  Lyndon B. Johnson, a treasonist took over the presidency once he helped kill JFK.  Right after JFK was killed, Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski was installed as a counselor to President Lyndon B. Johnson from 1966 to 1968.  He was a political scientist trained by Bernays and Lewin at Harvard.  He later became President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor from 1977 to 1981.  His daughter now works on NBC and she also was taught how to manipulate the mind using the medium of the media.

From the time Brzezinski left Harvard in 1960 to accept a tenured position at Columbia, he made it his mission to nurture and facilitate that sophistication. For Zbig, his nickname, New York offered a specific advantage over Cambridge: It provided a portal into elite political circles. As it had for Kissinger, the then-still-influential Council on Foreign Relations provided a venue that enabled Brzezinski to curry favor with the globally rich and powerful, and to establish his bona fides as a statesman to watch. Henry Kissinger’s patron was NY politician Nelson Rockefeller; Zbig’s patron was Nelson’s brother David Rockefeller.  Both men were grandsons to the Robber Barron John D. Rockefeller.  He founded Standard Oil which was broken up by Teddy Roosevelt in 1911.  The remnants of Standard oil became Big Pharma based in New Jersey.

TREASONISTS learned from Kissinger how to use a free society’s freedom and openness, its greatest strengths, against it. They can move freely within our society while actively working to subvert it. They use our democratic rights not only to penetrate but also to defend themselves. If we treat them within our laws, they gain many protections; if we simply shoot them down, the television news can easily make them appear to be the victims. Terrorists can effectively wage their form of warfare while being protected by the society they are attacking. If we are forced to set aside our own system of legal protections to deal with terrorists, the terrorists win another sort of victory.  Kissinger learned all of this by studying how Hitler’s Germany failed in its goals.  He and Klaus Schwab figured out how to improve on the fascist game plan to slowly overcome a superpower to benefit the people whose interests they worked to protect, the BIS.


In a 1949 letter to George Orwell, Aldous Huxley wrote: “Within the next generation, I believe that world’s rulers will discover that infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons and that lust for power, can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging and kicking them into obedience”.

Fast forward another 30 years. Huxley was right, instead of the Orwellian future as a prison, the future arrived in the form of Huxleyan reality TV. Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Polish architect I mentioned above of several recent US administrations, wrote in 1971, just 22 years later after Huxley’s letter: “[Today] in the technetronic society, individual citizens are easily within reach of magnetic and attractive personalities through the massive increase of newspapers and latest communication technology [which can] manipulate emotions and control reason. In the future, we shall have the means to manipulate the behavior and intellectual functioning of all people through environmental and biochemical manipulation of the brain”.  His daughter does this daily now on TV for the BIS she works for.

Media is supported by advertising.  Who is the pays for TV time?  Big Pharma now uses TV ads to change minds via marketing which is legalized marketing.  See a trend here yet?

The Pfizer board member said, “natural immunity” needs to be included in policy discussions. So why hasn’t it been? Because it has never been about health. It is political science, not biological science.  It is political science of Bernays, Lewin, and Brzezinski on display today.  The medium is the message used by the treasonists to do the job of the BIS to create a one world government they control financially.

Can we ask yet why over 200 million Americans have been jabbed and daily cases right now are 300% higher than they were a year ago when there were ZERO people vaccinated?

The annual flu vax has < a 50% efficacy according to the CDC data. An Ebola vax has just been released by Merck after 10 years of research and trials.  An HIV Vax is nowhere in sight after nearly 40 years of research.  Why is there a belief on the left that an efficacious C19 vax is right around the corner?  They knew the vax would be leaky because Big Pharma controlled the creation of the jab and lead to a chronic emergency where they could continue to shrink American freedoms to water down the laws that are supposed to protect us.  Right now the SCOTUS is our only protection.  Right now the liberals in the USA who usurped the voters in November want to stack the court.  GUESS WHY?

Anything they can do to take the redox power out of the Constitution will allow them to continue the WEF plan for an economic reset.  It will render the laws of the USA no longer a problem.  Surveillance capitalism effectively restores a financial monarchy system for the people who control the BIS.

THE USA GOV’T IS INFILTRATED BY THE WEF PEOPLE OF THE COMMITTEE OF 300 taught by Bernays and Lewin how to overthrow a regime without a war using propaganda.  Our main allies still have some hope.  Israel vaxxed everyone, but they are not going the step Biden and Harris are pushing in the USA.

Kurt Lewin, the Harvard professor was installed by the committee of 300 to poison our trusted institutions.  Why did he do this?  His handlers at the BIS read the work of Edward Bernays when they began to fund the rise of Nazi Germany via their banking circles in the 1930s.

“Propaganda”, was an influential book written by Edward L. Bernays in 1928, incorporated the literature from social science and psychological manipulation into an examination of the techniques of public communication.  Lewin became an expert in his ideas and this was added to Britain’s TAVISTOCK corporation who worked for the monarch who controlled the British empire and the banking institution called the East Indian Trading Company.  This company was the real central bank of the British Monarchs for hundreds of years.  They were imperialists who controlled the world until they lost everything in the WW2 debt cycle.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in a democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, and our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of…. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind.”


The Rockefeller brothers realized they could use Kissinger and Schwab to use propaganda to manipulate the American mind by infiltrating the Executive Branch to take over the United States without a war if they facilitated the end of a debt cycle before they did it.  They could use their banking empire to fund the plan.  The Rockefeller’s put Kissinger in the GOP party and Zbig in with the democrats to faciltate destruction of both institutions.

That is to say, Kissinger, Schwab, Zbig were taught by the BIS bankers in the 1960s to realize the most effective way to attack the United States is not by direct invasion, but by exploiting the natural processes of how a diverse republic reconciles issues of conflict through cultural and political debate. One strategy especially utilized is that of nudging ideologues or agent provocateurs from within the citizenry to agitate for divisive policies or actions, or to commit espionage on a grand scale.  Using social media as the medium was the plan from the outset.  The BIS saw how Hitler’s propaganda machine got the public in Germany to support fascism without any problems in the 1930s

Bernays was always quick to mention – he developed an approach he dubbed “the engineering of consent.” He provided leaders the means to “control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing about it.” To do so, it was necessary to appeal not to the rational part of the mind, but the unconscious.  This ideology is now codified in WEF teachings from DAVOS.

Kissinger & Brzezinski got into American politics because of one of the families linked to the BIS.  Their plants taught both of them that the “Nation state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force: International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concept of the nation-state. The fiction of sovereignty is clearly no longer compatible with reality. The time has come for a common effort to shape a new framework for international politics. Emerging global consciousness is forcing the abandonment of preoccupations with national supremacy and accentuating global interdependence”.  Bitcoin solve this problem and this is why the banking empire abhors Bitcoin.

Never forget that Biden was Obama’s VP.  On November 7th, 2012, the day of the US presidential election that year, Google CEO Eric Schmidt was working hard inside Barack Obama’s election headquarters at directing the power of Google’s mighty technology machines to sway the results Mr. Obama’s way after the disastrous Financial collapse of 2008. While it is hard to tell what impact Eric Schmidt’s effort had on the election outcome, the fact is that within two months, on January 2nd, 2013, the US government dropped its ongoing antitrust lawsuit against Google. Two weeks later, the Google News website markedly changed the composition of its news sources in favor of the established news media.  There are no coincidences in life.  This is the work of Bernays and Lewin inside a technocracy at work destroying the foundation of American government.

What just happened in 2020 in November?

Google has the power to “flip upwards of 25 % of national elections in the world” says Harvard psychologist book Robert Epstein.   In controlled experiments, Epstein’s group showed in 2016 that manipulated search results could change the voting preferences of over 50% of potential voters. This was shocking to researchers who expected the results to be in the 2% range.  I’d suggest you read his 2016 book, “The New Mind Control’.  it is a treatise on the work of Bernays and Lewin in modern form.  No coincidence that he works at Harvard either.  I also think this is why Biden was chosen by “The Party”.  He too is controllable.  His VP was selected so search engines could be manipulated with deniable plausibility as well.

Biden and Harris are TRAITORS who work on behalf of the remnants of TAVISTOCK and the BIS families.  Kissinger and Schwab were ‘their’ St. John the Baptist in American politics.  They created the path to this economic reset over 50 years ago.  The reset is being done using the work of Bernays, Lewin, and Brezezinski today.  All 3 were political scientists by training in the 20th century.  They are working for the one-world government people who control the BIS.  People forget Biden enter politics in 1973 and he became great friends with Henry Kissinger.  Kissinger was schooled by Lewin and Bernays in Europe after the war during reconstruction.  Kissinger became his handler and he was promised much for playing along with Kissinger friends at DAVOS.  Kissinger used Ariel Sharon in Israel to do the same things there he began in the Nixon administration.  He used the techniques laid out in Bernays book from 1928.  Propaganda was a very useful tool to the Nazi’s as Goebels told the world at the Nuremberg trials.  The problem was the Nazis did not follow the teachings of Bernays perfectly.  Kissinger, Schwab, and the BIS decided to do it in Bernays’s way.

Not all governments are gone yet.

Israeli Ministry of Health recorded saying “There is no medical or epidemiological justification for the Covid passport (“green pass”), it is only intended to pressure the unvaccinated to vaccinate.”

The people at BIS/WEF have to destroy the control group in their agenda 21 plan to make the experimental vaxxed group look better. Plain and simple. When you add in the increased payments from CMS to hospitals for the covid diagnosis you see the reason for their plan.  Doctors have been placed in the position to have to listen to their handlers in the healthcare system to do the job of vaxxing the world or their jobs and payments vanish.

Not enough pro-vaccine people are questioning why doctors and nurses are refusing the vaccine but yet won’t speak up against it.

The answer is simple.  98% of doctors are now employed by healthcare organizations that get paid by government agencies. Decentralized MDs like me speak out but I am an endangered species in health care today.

The fourth turning is upon us again at the end of a debt cycle, but this 4th turning’s debt cycle is different than the last one of WW2. We have no central ethos upon which to find equilibrium. Once, that ethos was the spirit of Hope in 1945, but it seems too few people carry that flame in their hearts these days.  Now we have a divided populace fighting over who should have freedoms based on who took a jab.

The wolves are circling within and without, defining our new reality through dialectic and drafting all souls into the conflict whether they choose to care or not. China or a US-led Anglosphere? Corporatocratic authoritarianism or fascistic traditionalism? And thus we each find ourselves locating our place in this age of the Long Defeat.  The US military, the best-equipped army in human history has not won one war since WW2.  That tells you conventional warfare is impotent to solve our current problems.  Our enemies are using asymmetric warfare against us.

They are using government decrees of states they control to push this plan. At the Federal level, this helps the plan of the central bankers to remove all cash and go to a CBDC to complete the total control of the world population averting the protections in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

This explains the government’s decision by countries all over the globe made on Ivermectin.  Anyone who uses it protects the control group so they can be studied and prove what world gov’ts were willing to do to end this current debt cycle by maintaining control of the system built by the BIS families.

This is both interesting and not surprising when you think about it from the WEF/BIS perspective.  The government-controlled NIH was usurped long ago by the BIS/WEF handlers (Fauci) and tried to hide the identity of the ivermectin panel members, but ultimately failed, uncovering massive conflicts of interest by more than a few members. Pharmageddon continues on U.S citizens.  Now, Australia’s TGA Bans GPs from Prescribing Ivermectin—Cites Interruption with Vaccination as Clear Factor.

As I’ve said many times during this compliance test, the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth is about 6 months when it comes to media reporting.  The media is complicit in this entire plan because all are owned by 6 corporations controlled by the BIS/WEF members.

2021 irony: It was funny how Biden/Harris were so quick to call Trump a fascist, now Biden, a true fascist who is in gov’t/corp partnership with big pharma, monitoring/censoring speech in partnership with big tech, and “won” with the help from Google, Twitter’s board, Facebook, mainstream media controlled by the BIS, and Zuckerberg/Schmidt/Bezos centralized vote counts. Biden is a fascist who has committed treason. 

Our freedoms are dying because we remain obedient to tyranny created within our governance over 50 years.  Where is the resurrection when you need one?  Where is it when the population is filled with nihilists who think hope has been extinguished?

A resurrection can manifest from civil disobedience of internal tyranny.  Begin now, if you value your freedom and the truth over security.