Magnetism is everywhere if you look for it. In biology, few look for magnetism and that is why they do not understand it. Most biologists know oxygen is critical for life, and since it is paramagnetic and drawn to magnetic fields you’d think this would make them understand why oxygen is drawn to the terminus of the respiratory proteins where the ATPase spins at a fantastic rate to generate a magnetic field. That one observation should change all of what we believe, but so far it has not made its proper mark. Any place life has mitochondria we are able to measure huge magnetic fields with SQUID’s, MEG, and EEG’s. We know this, but we don’t know what it means.

We detect magnetic fields everywhere, even in the “empty” depths of intergalactic space too. Magnetic fields cannot exist without causative electric currents. We learned this from Faraday and Ampere experiments. In fact, as you will soon in this series certain diets have topologic effects related to their topologic charge. This is why the vegan diet does not operate well at high latitudes. It ruins the topology of the semiconductors in our cells. This means less information can be stored in our tissues when we make poor choices. SERIOUS? Yep.

The gif above illustrates clearly how a two-dimensional surface can be created in a 3 D world.  Might that be what our brain does by resolving waveforms from our environment?  To create a wave, using the above picture, it appears we only need a motion in 2 dimensions and not three.  Light can be polarized by a single plane of water in the same fashion.  Polarized light can be bent using the Faraday effect.  This effect is an optical magnetic non-linear effect of light.  DeBroglie was hinting at this wave mechanics of all matter in his Ph.D. thesis, for which he later won the Nobel Prize.  The problem for physics back then, was Bohr’s version of quantum mechanics largely ignores DeBroglie’s work.  I think that was a mistake, and it belies why monopoles have been harder for us to find in nature.  I have a sense of the 2016 Nobel Prize things may change.  I recently posted on FB and on the forum that the EPR paradox was recently resolved in Einstein’s favor over Bohr.  This means the pilto wave theory of reality is most likely true.  I have been betting on that fact for 12 years.  Now I can report to you it is no longer a prediction.  It is a fact.

That Copenhagen mistake might be why we have not found monopoles naturally.  To get a hologram, having a transient monopole show up in the brain would be awfully helpful.  Today, we have found transient monopoles in the lab transiently in “spin ice” and graphene.   Naturally occurring magnetic monopoles actually may be found on many surfaces inside of topologic insulators as a 2-D version of matter,  that acts in the third dimension only when sunlight hits it.  I’ve got a deep sense this is true in mitochondria, and the cell membranes that link to it.  My May 2018 webinar should really get you think when you read this post.  That is why I am posting this.

The Faraday effect generates massive magnetic fields. Why am I so interested in this effect is because I think it may be the basis of why mitochondria can be organelles in a cell that harbor and hide transient magnetic monopole formation in cells. The Faraday effect is an optical magnetic effect that occurs in most optically transparent dielectric materials.  You can see it if you get a piece of calcite.  It also occurs in liquid crystals like water.  Normal tap water has a dielectric constant of 78 but EZ water inside a cell has a dielectric constant of 160. During the daytime when the sun is out cells are made transparent by UV light exposure and the presence of the DC electric current in cells. For the Faraday effect’s magnetic/optical properties to manifest a local magnetic field must influence the crystal or liquid crystal dielectric under the influence of this magnetic field. The Faraday effect causes a rotation of the plane of polarization within a media/tissue which is linearly proportional to the component of the magnetic field in the direction of propagation.  Now we have scientist uploading holograms into the human brain.  If they can do this, what does it imply?  It means the optical magnetic effect I mentioned above has to be active in our cells.

Monopoles would be very helpful in making a hologram and operating it.  That gif above is a hologram in case you did not realize it.

The gif above is a big clue to how a monopole can exist on a 2D surface. Spin ice has been shown to be a transient magnetic monopole already.  Welcome to the world of topologic insulators! My members got a webinar on TI’s long ago and Time 24 was about topologic insulators.  I have done webinars on this topic already.  You might want to review them.  Soon I believe researchers will learn how our brain uses this pic above to make memories to recreate reality and time.  When we get evidence that we can upload memories to the brain you know we are getting close to a breakthrough in quantum biology.  If you look at the cite below you’ll see we are in fact now there.

”Spin ice,” a solid material made of the elements dysprosium (Dy), titanium (Ti), and oxygen (O). The basic building block of these materials is a pair of tetrahedral groupings, with (typically) two Dy atoms (each of which acts like a tiny dipole magnet of its own) pointing out of each tetrahedron and two pointing in. This is analogous to the orientation of hydrogen atoms in water ice, hence the name “spin ice.”  So might EZ water be capable of making a transient monopole using non-linear optics of light?  I think so.  Ice and EZ water have identical structures with one difference:  EZ excludes protons and spin ice does not.


THE MAGNETIC MONOPOLE PAYOFF:  WHAT COULD THEY DO FOR US?       If the monopoles are found to transiently exist in our cells in some way they can be used and controlled and manipulated like electric charges can be used in semiconductors.  This finding is going to open a new era for the modern technology and biology.  Why?   It is predicted that its immediate impact of finding a monopole would allow semiconductor engineers to innovate huge gains in memory storage devices to save time and store more information about the system that utilizes it.  It means it is the library where all the information quanta from sunlight are stored in a cell.  I believe mitochondrial DNA and the nuclear DNA are both topologic insulators that communicate as I laid out in the Quantum Thermodynamic #5 post (May 2018 webinar).

Might this memory storage be where unconscious and consciousness playgrounds begin and interact?  I believe so.  The power in a monopole would massively expand basic semiconductors range of abilities in living systems to coordinate complex tasks using different parts the electromagnetic spectrum that today we cannot control.  It sounds a lot like what life’s semiconductors inside of the cell can already do,  does it not?  Now look at the cite below.  It is happening right before your eyes.  It looks like the predictions I made in the Time 24 blog are coming true already.  It is a great time to be a mitochondriac in training folks!!!


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2. https://jackkruse.com/time-24-physics-finally-caught-nature/



Cancer/apoptosis: How does the body eliminated huge numbers of cells once they are no longer needed? Apoptosis is cell suicide.  It was also known that a family of proteins named Bcl-2 could stop a cell from committing suicide and it seems all cancer cells block apoptosis to grow. Bcl-2 has to be given instructions.  
What small changes alter proteins like Bcl-2? Electrons and protons that have their quantum spin and the angular orbital momentum changed by light from the sun. This is how evolution really operates and has very little to do with natural selection. This is how sunlight acts as nature vaccine for cancer. The energy and information additions and subtractions are the key to how genes are changed epigenetically.  They do this through their impact on mitochondria. 
Proteins released from the mitochondria actually trigger apoptosis and the decision to commit suicide has now been traced directly back to the mitochondria. The ECS is another lipoprotein molecule system that is important in controlling apoptosis. Cannabinoids are a class of chemical that is well known to inhibit mitochondrial respiration.  When mito respiration fails, ECT slows initially, and apoptosis becomes more probable on a quantum basis.  This is why ECS has some unrealized benefits in cancer therapy. Cancer cells have to have excellent ECT to eliminate any possibility of apoptosis to remain immortal. At the same time, this occurs, COX-2 amplification on the outer and inner mitochondrial membranes occurs in cancer.  For those of you who don’t know the COX enzymes are what NSAID drugs act upon. We have two main isoforms of COX. COX and COX-2 receptors. Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) catalyzes the oxygenation of arachidonic acid (AA) and endocannabinoid substrates in cell membranes, placing the enzyme at a unique junction between the eicosanoid and endocannabinoid signaling pathways in cells. COX-2 works in a substrate-selective manner, with its binding in mitochondrial membranes being capable of inhibiting the oxygenation of endocannabinoids, but not AA. The underlying mechanism responsible for this substrate-selective inhibition has remained elusive for researchers only because they have not studied water well enough. This mechanism is why people with cancer seem to get therapeutic benefits from using exogenous cannabinoids. They help get rid of bad mitochondria via apoptosis.  
WHAT IS COX-2 up too in our cells? 
WHAT IS COX-2 up too in our cells? 
The COX-2 enzyme is inducible.  This means something has to be present for it to be amplified in a cell.  What controls the amplification of COX-2?  See picture below.  
COX-2 is an enzyme drastically inhibited by light hydrogen.  In fact, many papers have shown the use of deuterium depleted water reduces the amount of COX-2 activation in most cancer cell lines. This information is buried in this book below.   
What do they COX enzymes do? I believe the excess oxygen that angiogenesis factors bring to cancer cells is to oxygenate the polyunsaturated fats in mammalian cell membranes. These are the places in mammalian cells that naturally contain more deuterium BY DESIGN.  Mammalian cell membranes NEED deuterium to maintain their strong chemical binding to separate the inside world from the outside world.  This is why the KIE of deuterium is useful. 
This deuterium location is normally quiet because it is contained in cell membranes.  It is not harmful when it is in our cell membranes because of its stability from its natural strong kinetic isotope effect of D to O, C, N atoms in our membranes.   The situation is changed when deuterium is liberated from the PUFA’s in cell membranes.  Loss of control of this physiologic function causes havoc.  What controls this process? Modulation of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is the controller of cell membrane damage.  Circadian biology controls the physiologic function of the ECS.   
When ECS control is lost, it causes a higher fractionation of deuterium to get into the cytosol and matrix compartments of mitochondria because of the proximity of where these membranes are in mammals. This process of destruction is tightly controlled normally by autophagy and apoptosis to make sure no deuterium leaks out where it should not be!  
In fact, the inner mitochondrial membrane is the one membrane in us that has no protective DHA in it. It is loaded with evolutionary older PUFA lipids because of its bacterial origins. This deuterium is then used to generate the pathologic ELF-UV signals via a unique nuclear reaction in the matrix of the mitochondria. I will be discussing this process in detail in Vermont in June 2018.
The ECS system is also stimulated by early AM sunlight to improve its physiologic ability. Cancer is a disease who’s key feature is cellular disorganization. Cellular disorganization always manifests in diseases before death; illness comes before death in most living sequences unless we are talking acute trauma. This points out why the information side of the organization is as important as energy flux in a cell to maintain wellness. Research has shown us that the type-1 cannabinoid receptor (CB1) is present at the membranes of mitochondria (mtCB1) because it directly controls cellular respiration and energy production. How does it do this? It controls the flow of deuterium from the PUFA’s used to build the two membranes inside of mitochondria. 
Through activation of mtCB1 receptors, endogenous endocannabinoids decreased cyclic AMP concentration, protein kinase A activity, complex I enzymatic activity and respiration in neuronal mitochondria. This means CB1 receptors SLOW ECT transport and lower ATPase spin rate. These signals normally all favor apoptosis signaling in mitochondria to tightly control cell membrane turnover and the recycling of deuterium safely.  Deuterium is like a hazardous waste in mitochondrial biology.  Apoptosis and autophagy were innovated by evolution to make sure it could not wreak havoc on cells.   Since deuterium slows energy flux in mitochondria is appears the ECS and deuterium are deeply linked in a quantized fashion. When the ECS system loses control of the ability to oxygenate PUFA’s all hell begins to break loose inside the matrix.  
It appears the mtCB-1 receptors simulate the effect of adenosine levels to induce sleep. Recall that sleep is when old power plants are recycled or replaced. This is why cancer is always associated with poor sleep too.
Cancer cells must have an intact ECT to operate their immortality programs. It is the key to how cancer manifests and sustains itself.  Apoptosis normally destroys ECT in failing mitochondria. AM solar exposure increases both autophagy and apoptosis efficiency in mammalian cells. The release of the mitochondrial proteins and deuterium from failing mitochondrial membranes is the key sign of a failing powerhouse. It is a “quantum spin symptom” to the cell hierarchy that a brownout was underway so it was time to abort this mitochondrion. 
But brownouts aren’t inevitable in cells; the Bcl-2 proteins, like emergency workers called to the scene of an imminent disaster, can resuscitate the metabolic function of the mitochondria and keep things from getting to that point. To work they need the information buried in electrons and protons to gain the most physiologic work to maintain adequate control of apoptosis and autophagy.
Oxygen controls the free radical production in the matrix. This cellular control lever is found in the free radical signals and the quantum spin numbers of particles in the matrix.  The suicide signal, in turn, would never be released if information transfer was not initially degraded by a poorly functioning Bcl-2 and ECS system.  This implies that metabolic enzymes aren’t merely supplying energy from food, they are actually involved in information transfer. This tells you medicine really does not understand the real purpose of metabolism fully.  That is what the QT series is all about.
Why does the lack of sunlight on the skin and eyes fuel this process?  
Sunlight (UVA) increases nitric oxide in blood vessels.  NO inhibits electron chain transport.  NO inhibits the flow of electrons into cytochrome 4 cardiolipin complex.  This action of nitric oxide guarantees that apoptosis will be maintained and this is one of the best ways to inhibit oncogenesis.  The older we get the less NO we make from the collision of UVA light with our tissues and arteries in the skin and eye.  This is the reason why cancer incidence rises as we age as the picture below shows.  This also shows why a calcium index store gives us a ton of information about how good our control of apoptosis really is.  Medicine and researchers just do not seem to put Noble Prize-winning research on NO with the oncologic literature on cancer cell metabolism.
Growth factors from the endothelial cells keep cells alive by giving them permission to eat and move electrons in ECT while pumping protons. Without that permission granted via ECT function, a cell soon faced an energy/information crisis, and the mitochondria released their death signals.
Cancer cells are on the other side of the coin—cancer cells are resistant to suicide. They no longer seem to care about the information or instructions from other cells, they just care about the energy from ECT movement to sustain their growth. Could it be that cancer manifests when energy is maintained but information is lost? I believe this is a breakdown in quantum thermodynamics in a cell.
When researchers mutated the enzyme pyruvate kinase it illuminated a key finding that showed cells were trying to regain information back to construct things a cell needs. Glucose in cancer is not being used for energy, it is being used for information. Much of the glucose is being shunted into biochemical pathways used to build new molecules in the purine and pyrimidine bases via the PPP. What growing cancer needs most of all from its food, the research suggested is more spare parts—raw materials for making new DNA, membranes, and proteins. These are the information semiconductors inside cells. They all work when the water around them is present.
Fumarase deficiency or breakdown protects cells from apoptotic death. This is how the pathologic Warburg shift manifests. When fumerase control is lost the cell does everything it can to increase ECT speeds and the best way to do it is to increase oxygen delivery to itself. Oxygen pulls electrons through ECT because of its electronegativity. Prior to the pathologic Warburg shift, oxygen levels are kept low because apoptosis is under the tight control of Cytochrome 4/cardiolipin complex. This complex uses nitric oxide from blood vessels to create the apoptotic signal in cells.  When NO biology is lost due to a lack of solar exposure humans are well on their way to cancer.  This is why I call sun nature’s vaccine for cancer.  Fumerase normally adds water to TCA intermediates and is linked to total body water turnover and metabolic rate. Inside that water molecule is hydrogen carrying massive amounts of information that the matrix needs to operate properly within the TCA and urea cycle. 
Fumarase knockdown protects cells from apoptosis by activating AMPk. Non-native EMF causes activation of AMPk pathways (Frey/Volkow). Cancer cells need a complete inhibition of apoptosis to grow constantly. They have a zero tolerance for cell suicide. Cancer is fundamental, a disease where energy flux is maintained initially, but information is lost chronically to a great degree. The more information that a system extracts from electrons protons and photons, the more physiologic work it can provide a cell. This is the cardinal feature of this series.  
Energy and information are normally coupled and quantized by sunlight and oxygen levels.  Nitric oxide is the critical signaling molecule that carries information quanta.  This mechanism is boosted by red light because as ECT spped slows, the ATPase can still spin and move protons because the ATPase has been shown to become 100% efficient under the power of red light in the solar spectrum.   Once apoptosis is gone control of beta-oxidation and protein metabolism is lost. This is how a coupled feedback loop is lost. In E = mc^2, Energy represents information and energy and we know this from physics and information theory. Both energy and information are transferred in quanta.
They are not continuous. 
The hydrogen isoforms (deuterium) inside the matrix and cytosol are affected by fumerase. The matrix isoforms stop the TCA cycle from performing its cycle because of the kinetic isotope effect of deuterium. In the cytosol, the urea cycle also uses fumarase to add water in amino acid metabolism. This is why protein metabolism is a problem in some cancers. It is also why fat burning can be an issue as well. If water recycling is broken in the TCA cycle and urea cycle, because of a defect in fumarate hydratase you only can use glucose to build substrates. When fumarate hydratase is defective fumarate rises and AMPK is activated to increase glucose metabolism to keep ECT functioning for cancer cell’s energy flux.
Restoration of metabolism in the TCA and urea cycle repair information deficits and tumors respond without drugs. High dose Vitamin C with a quinone (Vitamin E or K) can remove deuterium to improve hydrogen flows to stimulate apoptosis. This process is linked to cytochrome c oxidase and the unfolding of histidine residues of cardiolipin. Information quanta in electrons and protons control this gating mechanism in cytochrome C oxidase. 
The same thing is true for methylene blue and Szent Gyorgi wrote a paper about this in 1936 in Nature. He had no idea what proteins controlled the process.  Today we know Hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) is stabilized in fumarase-defective cells, but protection from apoptosis is a HIF-independent mechanism.  That mechanism is controlled by nitric oxide levels in blood from UVA sunlight exposure.  Research has shown activated kinases regulate cell survival at different levels in cells. It turns out the members of the Bcl-2 family are affected by fumarate hydratase suppression by deuteration. Pro- and antiapoptotic activities of Bcl-2 family members are now known to regulate this process at either the transcriptional or posttranscriptional level by the information quanta in electrons and protons. Nitric oxide is a free radical signal made by sunlight that helps facilitate the wisdom in tissues.  I wonder when oncologists will wake up to the REALLY OLD BRILLIANT research of Szent Gyorgi and Somlyai?  When will they link it to the 1992 Nobel Prize on mitochondrial effects of nitric oxide?   
The takeaway from this webinar should be crystal clear: our bodies eliminate unwanted cells by starving them to death by slowing and stopping ECT to cause cell suicide.  Sunlight with UVA exposure of the blood plasma increases NO in blod which directly regulates apoptosis.  NO DECREASES ECT FLOW and speed.  Eating fat increases ECT speed when oxygen is brought to cells with oncogenic potential.  This should make you realize why I have warned loudly that feeding a cancer patient huge amounts of fat to sustain cancer cells is as bad a decision as feeding them sugar.  Both increase ECT speeds when oxygen is plentiful and NO is absent.  This point is lost on LCHF researchers. Ketosis can only work in cancer when it is married to recapture solar light in the UV range to gain information back in the system to rebuild apoptosis using UVA light.  Red light helps improve the efficiency of autophagy. Cancer can be cured when apoptosis is restored. Sunlight and DDW are two critical parts of this story.  
What type of light we design and live under, designs the diseases we get in the modern world. This was the core message of my Vermont 2017 video on Youtube. No,w this link below has the proof I am correct in my assessments made in this webinar.