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Patients at high risk for this will have low B12 and low Vitamin D levels with trashed hormone panels.  They will have seen alternative health care people and told they have adrenal fatigue, leaky gut and MTHFR defects.  

Most of them will not have ever had a proper B12 work up.  Most will be told they don’t absorb B 12 very well or that they are vegan.  The reality is very different.  

Melanopsin dysfunction cause defects in B12, folate, retinol bonding protein, and leptin resistance.  The slide below shows you the effect of Vitamin A liberation on endogenous Vitamin C use in cells.  

These beliefs above can be proven not true with a work up. People afflicted by blue light and nnEMF work ups should reveal that they have low melatonin and cortisol levels associated with low B12 levels without serious anemia. They will appear to have a non circadian matched Vitamin D status when blood D levels are drawn. People forget Vitamin D and A protect one another from toxicity so it is a great measure to see the effect of tech on your cells.

When free retinol is running rampant in the blood plasma Vitamin D will drop in kind in the plasma and our cells. So will endogenous vitamin C levels in cells. This will be marked in RBC’s. The light emitted by the liberated Vitamin A from melanopsin will destroy the B12 endogenously. This will be due to immune activation of the light emission of Vitamin A allowing your body to destroys your B12 via the free retinol running wild from melanopsin dysfunction. Many of these patients will come in with this story and believe the half-truths peddled to them by functional medicine doctors they have been sold about their inability to absorb it. Food and pills cannot repair a quantum process.

In order to know you cannot absorb B12/folate it you must have an intrinsic factor work up for a megaloblastic anemia.  Most people with B12 these days do not have these symptoms, so the effects mentioned here become a new 5G marker for poor redox and blue light/nnEMF hazard for clinicians to understand well. 


Ketogenic templates affect both SVCT1 and SVCT2 receptors via the oxalate switch to control ascorbate levels to control catecholamines and neurotransmitter health. This is why humans really lost the enzyme to make Vitamin C endogenously because they are not designed to eat like a herbivore as they migrated out of Africa to more stressful colder climates. It also explains why animals with L haplotypes had to adapt to even higher ketogenic diets to make heat to survive cold. 

Humans do not produce endogenous Vitamin C due to a mutation in the GULO gene, which results in the inability to synthesize the gulonolactone oxidase protein.  But they get away with this process because they can repopulate the TCA cycle using oxalates during fat or protein burning.  Humans are excellent at this when they are in cooler environments because they are using their own fat and protein stores to do it. They do not find environmental carbohydrates growing as they went further north and south.

It turns our thiamine increases humans ability to make oxalate anions to make up substrates in the TCA cycle like oxaloacetate.  

When you get cold you become ketogenic by design and you are burning your own fat to make C02 and mitochondrial water and ENDOGENOUS plasma vitamin C from oxalates. Eating vitamin C does not happen in cold climates because it does not grow in the photosynthetic web of life. 

It is present in many kinds of seafood found in the seas. People forget we left our African crib by WATERWAYS. This is why we lost our ability to make Vitamin C. If we live on our own fat as we go we have a very small need for exogenous Vitamin C via food.  This is why SVCT 1 and 2 work the way they do.   When humans are heavily stressed this system will not work as well as Nature built it.  

The corollary is if our life becomes more then cold stressed we will deplete out endogenous mechanism and as a result, our cortisol and melatonin levels drop like rocks. Today we’ve built a world that drains our endogenous abilities because we have more light stress. Cold stress and seasonal light stress is all nature gave us to work with as we left Africa. That is why haplotypes and SNP’s and SAP’s varies in humans as we’ve migrated over the 200,000 years from Africa.  

All the pieces fit when you see them working in unison in your species. This is why 24/7 ketosis is not needed in many cases when the environment is based upon a varying solar frequency we see in seasons as we head away from the equator.  The system becomes impotent to react properly when you live in a blue-lit 5G nnEMF city. 

If one does this before the advent of blue light or nnEMF oxalate kidney stones were more likely. Today’s world makes getting oxalate stones less likely because we are using oxalates as our storehouses to convert into anionic TCA substrates to make metabolic water in our mitochondria to fix the deficits of the PVN and adrenal stressors we’ve built in our modern world.  

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